Monday, August 31, 2015

1,000 Knife Attacks A Month

Great Britain has effectively BANNED guns. Often, even the COPS are not armed. So the criminals are killing with abandon, using KNIVES! Which proves my thesis that if guns are not easily available, criminals will still find a way to kill if that is their objective. In London, they're discovering that. Will the politicians take notice and return to sanity? Doubtful. If there's one thing that personifies politicians, it's that they NEVER learn from current events. They maintain their damnedfool notions in spite of hell. They'll keep their gun restrictions, and now they'll want to ban KNIVES! That knives have many uses BEYOND killing will mean nothing to them. in their narrow view, all they see is the TOOL, not the perpetrator of the crime. They'll think if they can just “keep knives out of the hands of criminals,” they can reduce crime. They're wrong, but they'll never know that. They're too stupid. (London Evening Standard)

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