Monday, November 30, 2015

Proof It's A Lie

Anti-gun fools keep saying increased numbers of “concealed carriers” on the street with their guns won't make a bit of difference in stopping armed criminals from doing their crimes. Why then, am I reading so many stories in the “alternative media” (not the liberal media) about “concealed carriers” preventing armed robberies by shooting (sometimes killing) the robbers? Without even searching for such stories, I've run across THREE, just this morning. One that possibly stopped a mass killing, another that stopped a bank robbery by killing the robber. Another was the story of a mother who wanted that shooter charged for shooting her son, who had a store clerk on his knees with a gun at his head, and probably would have killed him if the shooter had, as his family says, “walked on out of the store,” leaving that clerk to his death. (Bearing Arms)

Family Goes One Better

It's common for the families of armed robbers who get shot by somebody they're robbing, or by a “concealed carrier” in the vicinity to try and “justify” the robber, saying he's “just a misunderstood kid trying to get his life back on track,” and demand charges be filed against the shooter. But in this case, the family is threatening to kill the shooter. But the cops aren't going after the family members making the threats. There IS a law against making “terrorist threats” that can be used to “take these people down” before they try and carry out the threats, if the cops would just use it. I'd advise those family members who came into the store and made the threats not to come into the store again, period. The shooter will be on full alert, and will shoot first, if they do. They are fully ready, and any attempt to carry out their threats will result in another death in the family. And they will have it coming. (Bearing Arms)

Sunday, November 29, 2015

"They Shoulda Killed Him"

That's what some fools are saying, now that the killer in Colorado Springs, CO has been caught. They think the only reason he's still alive is because he's WHITE. Now if that doesn't dis[play unmitigated RACISM, I don't know what does. They THINK they're “exposing” racism, and they are—their own. People like that find racism everywhere. All of it about white people hating blacks. But really, it is black people hating whites, and being very OPEN about it. The killings in Colorado Springs were NOT about racism, no matter how the black racist fools think it was. They were about “killing babies.” The shooter was heard to say, “No more baby parts.”

Which amply illustrates his reasoning, though as a “pro-life” person myself, I fail to see why killing people to make a statement about people who kill babies says anything coherent. The baby killers at Planned Parenthood should be IMPRISONED, not killed by a “mad shooter.” Liberals try to impute the same thoughts on ALL pro-life people because they don't agree with us. Did he get his guns legally? Or did he get them at a gun store after passing a background check and getting his name on a “gun owners list?” How does that stop him from getting a gun, either way? Of course, if there had been somebody there legally carrying a gun, things might have been WAY different. (Bearing Arms)

Do Gun Laws Work?

Obviously not. But apparently not so obviously to the gun-grabbers. If they did, there would not have been TWO “major shooting incidents” in the last month in Colorado, which has expanded background checks and a ban in high-capacity magazines. Neither of which even slowed the shooters down. At least in one case, when people with guns arrived (finally) and shot the shooter to death. In the other case, they talked him into surrendering (liberal fools think it's because he was WHITE), so they could spend a lot of money to convict him of murder.

But it was the guns in the hands of the COPS that stopped his shooting spree in both cases.,Although the men with guns arrived too late for several people, who are now dead. It's really funny. Gov. “Hassenfeffer” (Hickenlooper) signed those laws after the Aurora, CO theater shooting, and they were SUPPOSED to stop such things from happening. But they didn't. They never do. So why do they keep passing those laws? Because they're incompetent, that's why. They don't have any idea of what to do, so they flail about, passing USELESS laws, HOPING against hope, SOMETHING will work. (Breitbart)

Saturday, November 28, 2015

As Usual: Blame the Gun

Obama wasted no time today blaming the shootings in Colorado Springs on the “easy availability of guns. Then demanding more “Gun control.” Which means he wants to make even more of the USELESS kind of laws the anti-gun fools have been making, forever. Gun buyback programs, Registering guns and building a “master list” of “legal” gun owners; more “gun-free zones,” and all the other useless laws that do NOTHING to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and crazies, now also Islamic terrorists, too. Anybody with any intelligence knows these things don't work, that the new laws need to concentrate on CRIMINALS, and their black market in guns. You aren't going to accomplish ANYTHING with the current crop of laws, except to DISARM honest people and make them defenseless. (Town Hall)

But Not Muslims

The same people who want to make a list of gun owners (the legal kind) are objecting strenuously to a list of “Syrian refugees,” who mostly are probably coming here to kill Americans. I don't know what's with Obama. This is the biggest “invasion” since the thousands of unaccompanied kids that came in through the Southern border. It's a “Trojan Horse,” and will be the death of many of us if it isn't stopped. But I think I do know what's with him. Everything he does benefits the Muslims and thus, the Muslim terrorists. I think he's a Muslim “fellow traveler,” and is no kind of a Christian. He has been a traitor to this country since long before he was elected the first time, and he remains a traitor to this day. (Hot Air)

Friday, November 27, 2015

Obama "Infecting" the Nation

The Sate of Virginia, which is now run by former Democrat National Committee boss Terry McAuliffe is going to emulate Obama by “bypassing” their legislature, making “anti-gun” regulations, not backed by laws passed in the legislature. The law in Virginia tells them where guns are not allowed to be carried (which is, in itself a violation of the “make no law” provision in the Constitution). But at least, it was passed by the legislature, illegal though it may be. McAuliffe wants to add places “administratively,” which is even MORE illegal. All this is possible because the Founders didn't think to specify a PUNISHMENT for a politician trying to “bypass” the Constitution other than a reversal, which usually comes long after the damage has been done. Current politicians should MAKE such a provision, but they never will, so they can make their own unconstitutional laws. (Liberty Alliance)

Tight Gun Control Works

Doesn't it? Then how have 440 people died in 2,703 shootings in Chicago, which has some of the tightest gun control laws in the country? Which proves—again--that laws will not EVER keep people who are bent on violent crime from getting their guns. It will only PROMOTE the black market in guns that exists, right under their noses. Criminals themselves will freely tell you that they never buy their guns legally, which keeps their guns out of the notice of the “authorities,” until they use them for violent purposes. Mass shooters will also tell you they stay away from places where there might be guns to oppose them and specifically pick out “gun-free zones” where they can be pretty sure there will be no guns there to defend people. Known mass shooters have TOLD us this. We keep telling the anti-gun fools this, and PROVING it, but they're not listening. Their minds are made up, so we can't “confuse them with facts.” (Breitbart)

Thursday, November 26, 2015

"Turn In Your Guns!"

That's the theme in the white House today. Obama says, “How about you turn in your guns?” The “Grumpy Cat” says, in return, “How about you suck my fuzzy balls?” That seems to me a response that is long overdue to Obama's exhortations to Americans to disarm themselves and leave the field open to holders of ILLEGAL guns in the hands of criminals, who don't bother to “register” their guns, OR even let the politicians know they have them. It amazes me that our (liberal) politicians are so STUPID as to believe that if HONEST people are disarmed, it will stop ILLEGALLY-armed criminals from having guns. All that does is amply PROVE the INCOMPETENCE of those politicians, who truly BELIEVE a LAW will stop criminals from having, and using their guns to victimize honest people. (Hot Air)

Killing A Fetus A Crime?

As long as it is done by a criminal in the commission of another crime, such as murder of the mother. Forget the fact that Planned Parenthood murders babies every day. That makes it “legal, according to liberal politicians. I've always maintained that ABORTION is, itself, a crime. The crime of MURDER of a helpless infant before he/she even gets a chance at life. I guess it's murder or not, depending on how the politicians look at the case where an unborn child got murdered. In Indianapolis, three men, who called themselves, “The Kill Gang,” murdered a pregnant pastor's wife after hiding and waiting for her husband to leave for work. All have been apprehended, after one of them shot her and watched her bleed almost to death. But apparently, they became bored, and left. She, and her baby died the next day. Notice that all three are black. If cops had caught them and maybe killed one of them, liberals would have gone bananas, while their parents would have criticized the cops for killing one or more of them. That's how it is, today. No longer can they be called “The Kill Gang.” They will henceforth be called “prisoners” waiting (I hope) for their death penalties to be carried out. If she had had her own gun, the result might have been different.(Fox 2)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Bypassing the Constitution

Obama is now demanding Republican cooperation on a new law to stop (Islamic) terrorists already in the country from buying guns. Notice, he still won't call them ISLAMIC terrorists, while using them to “”get around” the Constitution. Then he will just define everybody who wants to buy a gun legally as a “domestic terrorist.” Lost in the din is the fact that terrorists don't buy guns legally so, as usual, those laws will only apply to honest, law-abiding Americans. This is a typical liberal attempt to allow him to “bypass” the Constitution by putting in place impossible descriptions of “domestic terrorists” so he can ban them from buying a gun, “administratively.” They're now saying the NRA wants terrorists to be able to buy guns, which is a standard “gun-grabber” LIE. What NRA wants is to allow honest, law-abiding Americans to buy guns to PROTECT themselves against terrorists AND other kinds of criminals, including the ones carrying badges. (Buzz Flash)

Responsible Gun Carriers

There is one danger I can see from so many honest people carrying guns. That is lack of training in responsible gun-handling. If a law were made to ensure proper training for ALL “concealed carriers,” I would support it, happily. One recent example is a woman who fired a shot at an unarmed fleeing purse-grabber, who had snatched the purse of am 84-year-old woman at a Texas Wal-Mart (a gun-free zone). He had no gun, was running from SIX other shoppers, who were bent on apprehending him. She fired a shot “over his head,” but in a trajectory that could have hit someone as much as ¼ mile away. He was no longer a threat to anybody at the time she fired, and, indeed, was “fleeing for his life” from six people who had already “roughed him up.” IF she even had a “carry permit,” she should have had some training in when to, and when NOT to use that gun without endangering innocent people, including those trying to apprehend that purse snatcher. Fortunately, nobody was injured by her irresponsible (in this case) shooting, but that would not always be so. (Bearing Arms)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Israel: "No Gun Problem"

They do have a “knife problem.” Palestinians are going around killing people with knives. If they “handle the problem” the same way our politicians handle the gun problem here, they'll ban carrying knives, hoping that'll stop those murderous Palestinians (some as young as 13) from using knives to create violence. They will do NOTHING about the Palestinians, who whine about ANYTHING Israelis do to stop their atrocities. Notice, it was “men with guns” who put a stop to the killers mostly, AFTER they killed someone. In Israel, most everybody is armed, since everybody is considered part of their army (which is similar to that here, when the Constitution was written, though all that has changed, now, with the creation of ORGANIZED militias.

So the killers have to “sneak up on” their victims before they can get their guns out and KILL them. Notice, not much that is EFFECTIVE is done about Palestinians, who are Islamic terrorists, who are doing the only thing they know how to do, KILL those who disagree with them. In any case, it appears that here, the politicians think the way to self-defense is to make yourself DEFENSELESS, so the killers won't “feel threatened,” and therefore won't hurt people. A forlorn hope, but one they will not turn loose of. (Town Hall)

Gun Buyback "A Success"

Boy, oh boy! Got 20 guns off the streets. Most of them were old, rusted relics that probably would blow up in the shooter's hand if they ever were fired, but that doesn't matter to Cincinnati gun-grabbers. They can tout “success!” They got some guns “off the street!” Never mind at the same time they were buying all those old, useless guns, 50 (or more) guns were being sold to criminals out of the trunks of the cars owned by other criminals in a back alley, somewhere. Guns they will not even KNOW about, because criminals don't register their guns, NOR submit to “background checks.” Many of them were bought with money gained from selling those old relic guns to the “buyback” fools. But they never think about that. (WCPO)

Monday, November 23, 2015

They're Doin' It Again

Washington, DC lawmakers aren't intelligent enough to know why their murder rate is so high. Police chief Kathy Lanier actually SAID what the cause was, the influx of ILLEGAL arms. But predictably, she didn't even realize the futility of banning guns for “law-abiding people.” Amazingly (maybe not, since most DC residents are lawmakers, most of whom are liberals) 51% of the DC population want a return to the UNCONSTITUTIONAL gun bans that were struck down by the courts. The DC fools want to reinstate the gun bans that were struck down by the Supreme Court, even though they are UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The fact that most DC residents are government employees is significant. These people are the “prime movers” in “gun control,” anyway. Which shows their complete stupidity. (Town Hall)

New Anti-Gun Poll

The results only depend on the questions you ask and the ignorance of the people you “cherry pick” to ask them. Recently, MoveOn commissioned a poll by a polling outfit KNOWN for the polls they take that are are guaranteed to please the liberals. MoveOn, you know, is fully financed by George Soros, who is known as “Public Enemy #1, because what he is best known for is financing whatever will cause chaos in the United States. This poll “proves once again that if you ask the right individuals the right twisted questions, you can, indeed, get the answers you want.” One of their “findings” is that, “the NRA is completely out of touch with gun owners on gun safety issues such as background checks.” Their “report” elaborated by saying that “nearly one-third of NRA members believe the organization has lost it's way.” Those are just two of the “questionable findings” of this poll. In fact, most are outright LIES. This is how they “back up” their lies in promoting their gun-grabbing operations. Read the linked article for more (America's First Freedom)

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Best Gun Salesman Ever

Barack Hussein Obama. It's a distinction he wishes he didn't have. But everything he does to limit gun sales in America seems to have the effect of doing just the opposite. He hates that, but he doesn't know how to reverse the trend, so he keeps on doing the things that sell guns, hoping that will change. One of the things he will NOT accept is that his every effort to make Americans defenseless against criminals and our enemies just is NOT working. That he is working AGAINST the interests of a MAJORITY of Americans just doesn't dawn on him. He isn't that intelligent. He's stupid, in fact. It's a good thing we have the first amendment, or I'd be in prison for saying that. You know, telling the truth, when he doesn't like it. He's trying to make telling the truth about Muslims against the law, as a starter, but he's having a hard time of it, since we DO have that pesky First Amendment. He also hates the Second Amendment, which stops him from just BANNING guns, and he thinks that's awful! (Second Amendment Insider)

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

OPEN MOUTH, INSERT FOOT: Moms Against Guns (or some such) proved again they know NOTHING about guns, or the illicit gun market, when they tried to take advantage of the Paris killings to promote gun control. They inadvertently showed how the kind of gun laws they promote DON'T WORK. France has some of the tightest gun laws anywhere. But somehow guns still find their way in. As I have pointed out, many times. Moms are like most anti-gun fools. They know NOTHING about guns, or the gun business. They blame the guns when a crime occurs using a gun, but ignore crimes that use other kinds of weapons, or no weapons at all. Meanwhile, many of them carry their own guns, or hire people to carry their guns for them. The Pope is one of the most recent to become a “gun-hater,” and he is surrounded by as many as 12 gun-toting security men, and wants more. (The Right to Bear)

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Wrong End Of the Telescope

The New York Daily News, like most other liberal outfits is “looking through the wrong end of the telescope” when it comes to guns. Islamic terrorists don't go down to the local gun store and buy their guns legally, after passing the “anal exam” required of gun purchasers today. They get them the same place as do home-grown CRIMINALS. Those criminals don't care who they sell their illegal guns to, or for what purpose. All they care about is the inflated prices they charge for them. Meanwhile, our laws prevent law-abiding Americans from getting guns easily, the liberal lies notwithstanding.

They say the NRA is a “terrorist organization”: because they support our constitutional RIGHT to own and use guns, for self-defense. What kind of damned fools ARE they? They can't see beyond their faces. When the Islamic terrorists finish invading this country disguised as “refugees,” many will bring their guns with them. Others will get them from other terrorists who smuggled them in for that specific purpose. Like that ambulance full of guns and explosives they found in Belgium, outside a soccer stadium. Our “gun laws” mean NOTHING to them. They LAUGH at them. Maybe we need to start getting guns the same way they do so we can kill them when they come to kill us. (National Review)

"Widely Discredited?"

Gimme a BREAK! Anti-gun fools say John Lott is a “widely discredited pro-gun “researcher (without saying HOW he has been “discredited”).” In their DREAMS! He's only “discredited” in their fevered imaginations!” His basic contention that more guns in the hands of responsible, law-abiding people will do more to reduce gun violence than anything else has been PROVED, time and time again by it HAPPENING. But those anti-gun fools refuse to recognize it so they can still maintain (falsely) that he has been “discredited.” Like global warming adherents, these idiots have nothing REAL they can say about Lott's research, so they lie about it, citing “discreditation” where none exists. One fool wants crooks to know there are no guns in his house, so they won't come in with guns when they rob him. How STUPID is THAT? They'll take that as an OPEN INVITATION to come to his house and rob him, being pretty sure there won't be any guns but THEIRS there, so they can do what they want. The site linked looks like a bunch of anti-gun fools, so take anything they say with a huge “grain of salt.” They even cite some “studies” that they carefully “cherry picked” to show what they wanted. I'm waiting for them to try and “shut up” those who disagree with them, as global warming fools (Like Sec. of State Kerry) is trying to do with his global warming “deniers.”. (The Trace)

Friday, November 20, 2015

Gun Sales Soar

The anti-gun fools decry it, but after the atrocities in Paris, gun sales all over are soaring. Law abiding people are getting their own guns so they can defend themselves against the things that happened there, when they come here, as Obama is making possible. He's even PAYING the passage of hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists who are coming her for one purpose: to kill as many “unbelievers” as possible, and screw as many things up as they can. Meanwhile, they screw little boys and chain them to beds to keep them around so they can screw them some more. It's a “cultural thing,” with them, and, at least in other countries, our people are told to ignore their screams BECAUSE screwing children (male and female) is a “cultural thing” with them. “Honor killings” in America will increase, as Muslim men rape more Muslim women and then their parents KILL them for “dishonoring” their family with sex (forced) outside of marriage. (Breitbart)

They Really Hate NRA

The gun-grabbers splatter spittle over all in range whenever the NRA is mentioned. Sometimes brain matter too, as their heads explode. Which means the NRA is very effective in doing it's job, even though it has had a few “backsliding moments” upon occasion. One such “backsliding moment” was one time a few years ago when they approved of one of the gun-grabbers' laws. But they have done more good works than that, of late, so I may rejoin them. The gun-grabbers FEAR them, which is a “good thing,” and is why their accomplices in the liberal media are going “OPEN” in their effort to destroy them. They're even trying to get NRA designated as a “terrorist organization.” How stupid is THAT? The NRA has never gone around beheading people, or raping people, men, women, children of both sexes, and killing people in wholesale fashion, as REAL terrorists do. They merely fight for our Second Amendment right to self defense, and to own, carry, and use the means to self defense, a gun. If that makes them terrorists, I guess they're guilty. At least of the gun-grabbers' ignorant DEFINITION of terrorists, that is. (Bearing Arms)

Thursday, November 19, 2015

One Intelligent Politician

There's at least ONE intelligent politician in Australia after they, in effect, BANNED GUNS there, and violent crime soared. Australian Senator David Leyonhjelm says, “Australia has become a nation of victims” as he warns America against making similar laws. Of course, he probably doesn't understand the effect of our Second amendment, since Australia doesn't have a “Second Amendment.” As long as we still HAVE the Second Amendment, our politicians have to at least give “lip service” to it, while trying everything they can to get around it. Things like banning certain kinds of bullets, placing an inflated tax on each bullet sold, making them largely unaffordable. Forcing people to pass long, involved “tests” to be even ALLOWED to buy a gun, and using all kinds of scams to allow them to take guns away from people. Nobody has tried to repeal the Second Amendment (yet), but I've been hearing "chatter" about doing it. (Breitbart)

Why Keep Doing It?

Why do politicians all over keep making the same mistakes, over and over, regarding gun control? In st. Louis, they're “talking” about gun control and saving up money for a “gun buy-back program.” Such programs have proven, time and time again they do NOTHING to reduce the number of (ILLEGAL) guns out there, yet ignorant politicians keep doing it, over and over, while savvy crooks bring in old, unusable guns to sell so they can use the money to buy better guns. “Gun-free zones” are an OPEN INVITATION to people who want to shoot up various places, ALL of which are “gun-free zones.”

Signs, telling people no guns are allowed are about as stupid as posting a sign on a sheep pasture saying, “No Wolves allowed.” But they ignore the proof it doesn't work, and keep on doing it.. The very idea that a LAW saying they can't be armed will NOT keep criminals from getting their guns. It only keeps guns out of the hands of many HONEST people, while the CRIMINALS ignore those laws. But they keep making those useless laws. You try and pound reason into their thick skulls, buy they seem IMPERVIOUS to reason. They just want to take guns away from as many law-abiding people as possible, while IGNORING the illegal guns. (Fox 2 Now)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I Thought They Were Okay

When I saw the New York Daily News actually PUBLISH a photo of the aftermath of the Paris killings, I thought they were different than most. But I was wrong. They are now saying we need to designate the NRA as a “terrorist organization” because they don't agree with the gun freedom the NRA stands for. I probably should have looked at them more carefully before I said that. That's a typical liberal scam. Declare your opponents as “enemies” and thus get rid of them as critics of YOUR opinions forever—IF anybody but New York liberals believe your horse manure. The NRA is the loudest proponent of our Second amendment rights. They're NOT “terrorists.” Only in the minds of ignorant liberals. (Conservative Byte)

Anti-Gun Fools

What's WRONG with those fools who try and take away our right to self-defense and to own and use the means to that, the gun? Can they really believe the way to self defense is to DISARM ourselves? Are they really that STUPID? Do they really believe making a LAW against carrying a gun will stop criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists from carrying, and using their ILLEGALLY-gotten guns? Can they really be so STUPID as to believe if a potential shooter sees a “gun-free zone” sign, he'll take his gun back home before entering? Such idiocy is DISPROVED daily by all the shootings in the parking lots of Wal-Marts and in schools, everywhere—which are ALL “gun-free zones.” Can they really ignore criminals frankly telling us they STAY AWAY from places where they might meet guns when they come to shoot the place up, and favor “gun-free zones” because they can be pretty sure there won't be any guns there, in the hands of people who can kill them before they can kill many people? How these fools can gain so much traction, I don't know. I guess there just a lot of STUPID people out there in liberal land. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

"Gun Lobby Childish"

The anti-gun lobby people have nothing real to say about gun control without lying. Of course, that never stopped them. But calling people names is cheap, and they're good at that. Now they say “The gun lobby is childish and illogical.” But what's illogical about wanting to defend yourself against the ILLEGAL guns held by criminals and Islamic terrorists? What's illogical about realizing that a SIGN saying “No guns Allowed” will actually stop a criminal or other miscreant from bringing his gun into any given area? That's like posting a “No Wolves” sign on a sheep flock and expecting wolves to stay away. No: the wolves will FLOCK there because of the “easy pickings.”. So who are the REAL “childish” and “illogical” ones? (Sun Current)

"They're Just Children!"

That's what liberals (or whatever they're called in Israel) will say as one of two “peaceful” Muslim children, aged 11 and 14, started stabbing an armed security officer on a subway (they were taught well by their parents, who were taught well by the local Imam). After being stabbed several times, he finally drew his gun and ordered them to drop the knives. When one boy didn't, he shot him in the leg to avoid killing him. But that won't protect him from the ire of liberals, who only see that he shot a kid. Never mind kids with knives can kill just as quickly as adults. Liberals are among the worse enemies we have. The only reason the liberal media will report this is because of HIS gun. Without that, they're just not interested. (Conservative Tribune)

Monday, November 16, 2015

False "Gun Violence Epidemic"

Liberals like to push the idea that we're suffering a “gun violence epidemic.” Only problem is, this “epidemic” is a fantasy, and comes from their “fantasy world.” Like the “racial incidents” that sparked the “demonstrations” at that Missouri college, the cries of a “gun violence epidemic” are false. The numbers just don't support the IMAGINARY “gun violence epidemic.” In 1994, there were 2,336 murders. By 2013, that number has dropped to 14,196. A whopping 39% drop! More specifically, according to the Department of Justice, the number of firearm-related homicides declined from 18,253 in 1993 to 11,101 in 2011.

How can they say we're in a “firearms epidemic? They LIE a lot to prove their point. They can't do anything else, except close their suitcase and go away, which they aren't going to do. They're not that INTELLIGENT. The biggest cause of this misinformation is the liberal media, which continues to print stories they think will “prove the narrative,” but which do not. And they ignore stories that go AGAINST the narrative. The numbers on the signs in the linked article are either phony or are “cherry-picked” to prove their point. We need to start getting the facts right. (Daily Signal)

We're All On the "Front Lines"

That's what it's come to. We're all on the “front lines” in the war against Islamic terrorism. It has come to France, big time. And it will soon come here, for real. After 9/11, George Bush's policies managed to mostly keep the Muslim extremists from having a BIG attack like the World Trade Center. But Obama has been steadily undermining his policies, and importing Muslim terrorists by the hundreds of thousands, calling them “refugees” and even paying their passage. Making laws that do nothing but benefit Muslims. It was those “refugees” who “shot France in the back,” in Paris, and it's only a matter of time before they do something similar here, under Obama's sponsorship. So we need to get ready. We need to get guns any way we can, legal or illegal, and train ourselves to effectively fight to the death, if necessary. And when the Islamic terrorists “come out of the woodwork” like roaches and attack us, KILL them, to a man. Death, ours and theirs, is the only thing they understand. Obama is doing everything he can to help them. He is POISON to America. (Bearing Arms)

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Get A Gun NOW!

If you can legally buy a gun, do it. If you can't do it legally, do it, anyway. Be ready. Obama is importing hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists for the Muslim “invasion” of the United States. It's only a matter of time before they stage an atrocity in America like the one in Paris, where they murdered about 150 innocent people, using only six men. Two more went elsewhere and did their own killing. If many Parisians had been armed, their attack would have been a lot less successful, especially if these people had been properly trained.

I think one of the THREE terrorists who invaded that concert hall died immediately because ONE MAN, a motorcycle gang member, had a gun, and shot back. The other two probably killed him after he killed the third attacker, but if there was more than one gun in the hands of the attendees, maybe it would have gone differently. Islamic terrorists don't pick on armed military men as a rule—they die quickly of they do—they go for “soft targets." Groups of unsuspecting, mostly not armed civilians who just aren't ready to fight back. We need to change that, and create more TRAINED, and armed people to oppose them.

They usually fail if they attack somebody in Israel, because just about everybody is armed, and TRAINED there. We need to be trained and armed, likewise. All of us. I'm 78, but I will be armed, and I was trained, many years ago, in the military. It's a 'WAR, people! And we need to be ready to fight it, right here on Main street. It's not like any other war in memory, after the American Revolution. They're INVADING us, in secret, with Obama's help, in the guise of a “refugee movement" that contains no women, children, or old people. Just young, military age men. (Bearing Arms)

They Want Us Defenseless

In Greensboro, SC, the cops have asked citizens to “turn in their guns,” and most citizens did just that. Which means when the Islamic terrorists that Obama has scheduled to go to Greensboro arrive, they'll know that most of the citizens will NOT be armed, so they can do what they want to them. Look for Greensboro to have the most casualties due to Islamic terrorist atrocities, right along with any other city that does something similar. Why they want to make us completely defenseless, I don't know. Unless they WANT the Islamic terrorists to win. If so, they're doing Obama's bidding. Obama says one of his frustrations is his inability to make laws to take our guns away and make us defenseless against Islamic terrorists and criminals, (some of which will be wearing badges). (The Blaze)

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Government of the Stupid

By the stupid, and FOR the stupid. Obama and his government are living in a “dream world.” Like “Alice in Wonderland.” He recently said, “The terrorists are not gaining ground in Iraq , Afghanistan, or Syria.” He said it without using the term, “:Islamic terrorists.” He refuses to even SAY those words.. Meanwhile, they're spreading over the Middle East like a “:plague of locusts,” destroying everything in their path. Raping, beheading little girls and adults, taking over towns and wreaking havoc everywhere they go.

A “PRIVILEGE, NOT A RIGHT”: That's what Colorado springs, Colorado's council member Bill Murray (no, not that one!) said. Somebody needs to give him a refresher course on the Constitution. It clearly states that owning and carrying a gun IS a”right,” not a “privilege.” and the Constitution is the BASIS for ALL our laws. This statement shows his complete IGNORANCE of the Constitution, and should be grounds to vote him out of office in the next election, or even in a RECALL election. Why do we (not me) keep electing these FOOLS?

ISLAMIC TERRORIST “REFUGEES”: We keep saying most of the Syrian “refugees” are Islamic terrorists, and liberals, led by Obama, say we're wrong. Then six “Syrian refugees” (Muslims all) murder 150 or more innocent civilians who were just trying to enjoy a concert in France. One of them has been FOUND to be a Syrian “refugee," and you can count on the rest to be, too. Watch for even more atrocities to be committed in America soon by Syrian “refugees” as Obama successfully uses OUR money to pay their way here.

ONLY SMART GUNS”: That's what New Jersey Democrat (of course) State Senator Loretta Weinberg wants for New Jersey gun dealers. The current law says three years after the first “smart gun” is sold, they must sell ONLY “smart guns” thereafter. Pro-gun people have been able to get around that by talking gun dealers into NOT selling even one. Her law wants to stop that and force them to carry and sell them, right now, even though they are NOT reliable. She'll have a hard time getting her new law past the Republican governor, but a lot of time and money will be spent on it.

WORLD WAR THREE”: The French president now realizes that we ARE “at war” with Islamic terrorists, and so announced to the world, after the second Paris attacks, the first one being on that satire magazine, where they “only” killed 11 innocent people because they published a PICTURE of “the prophet.” (I would capitalize the word. "prophet,” but I don't think he's worth it). Maybe Obama will get the picture one of these days, but I doubt it. He isn't intelligent enough.

IT AIN'T POLITICS, STUPID! An idiot on Facebook told me this morning that the only reason people wanted to get rid of Obama was because of politics. I got a clue for him. It AIN'T politics! It's Obama's stupidity in refusing to even NAME the enemy in this World War 3 that France has finally realized we're in. As long as that fool in the White House won't even NAME the enemy for what he is, we'll never win this war. It's people like that who keep this fool in office, and will be responsible for every death they cause.

Selling "Smart Guns"

In New Jersey, State Senator Loretta Weinberg (whose face you can almost see above the microphones as she announces her bill) wants to pass a bill FORCING gun stores to push “smart guns” onto their customers, even though they might not want them. The current law is such that it could be “gotten around” by pro-gun people, and her new one stiffens that. This in spite of the fact that those guns take 12 SECONDS to be able to fire, and two or three misfires in one magazine are common (according to a a NRA test-firing of one). Weinberg is a Democrat, of course. What else, in New Jersey? The governor being a Republican is an anomaly. Why do people like Weinberg want to FORCE their ideas on people who don't want them? Because they think they're “God,” and “know what's best for everybody” and nobody should oppose them. (The Right to Bear)

Myopic Gun-Grabber

Quick to turn the atrocities in Paris to his advantage, former (thank God) NY Mayor Bloomberg says the killings are “gun violence.” Of COURSE they are. Guns were used. But the use of guns is not as important as the fact they were Islamic terrorism. Islamic terrorists NEVER get their guns legally. When they come in from outside the country, they bring their guns with them, or have other Islamic terrorists smuggle them in. What Earthy good would the kind of gun laws Bloomberg wants to pass do to keep these ignorant bastards from getting their guns? The very attempt to connect the Paris atrocities to his favorite hobby is ludicrous, and effectively shows his IGNORANCE. Ignorance he shares with EVERYBODY who favors taking guns away from law-abiding people. (Hot Air)

Friday, November 13, 2015

Need for Background Checks

The grandfather of a man who spent three tours in the military fighting Islamic terrorists,  and came home in good shape, who died from a gunshot fired by somebody he didn't know after coming home, is now saying that's “evidence of a need for background checks.” as if that would have stopped his grandson from becoming the victim of a fool with a gun. That fool probably PASSED a background check when he bought his gun and maybe because he hadn't yet demonstrated his lack of good sense before (IF he bought it legally—did anybody check?). Most “mass shooters” passed background checks because they hadn't previously shown their predilection for violence or they got them illegally. Others passed them due to the INCOMPETENCE of the people giving them. Like that fool at Ft. Hood, who made no secret of his wish to kill people, but nobody noticed. (News 3)

Lott Testifies About Guns

Texas recently followed a trend found in eleven states to stop colleges from banning guns on their campuses and passed a similar law. Texas college “authorities” will howl, and whine about “gun crimes running rampant” on campus. But that's a MYTH. Every single mass shooting that ever happened successfully (but 2) happened in a “gun-free zone.” It's inescapable fact that, where honest, reliable people are allowed to carry their guns, violent crime goes DOWN. That's an inescapable fact the “gun-grabbers” don't want you to know, and they deny it to their dying day. Michigan is now considering becoming the twelfth state to do so, and Lott testified in support of the law. One of the points he made in his testimony is that “gun-free zones” ATTRACT killers. They say so themselves. One such killer actually TOLD a questioner that he SEEKED OUT “gun-free zones” and stayed away from places where there might be other people with their own guns, who can stop him. In Indianapolis some time ago some fool tried it in a GUN store, fergawdsake! It took a “non-leak casket” in which to bury him with all the bullet holes in him. He looked so much like Swiss cheese, that one guy tried to eat him (joke). (Gun Watch)

Thursday, November 12, 2015

It's Fear of Government

The government works HARD to take away our right to self defense by BANNING the use of guns by law-abiding people (who don't work for the government) while ignoring all the guns illegally in the hands of criminals. They don't do much of ANYTHING to stop the traffic in ILLEGAL guns while taking them away from honest, law-abiding people who DO obey laws, even if they're STUPID laws. Most people don't think about it, but “way down deep,” they buy guns because they fear their government. A gun isn't much protection against government agents, who have MANY guns and don't hesitate to use them. But they don't think of that. They see enough cases of government agents (federal and state) raiding people because of trifles, trampling all over their rights, and sometimes KILLING them so they can “confiscate” (steal) their property and they want at least a CHANCE to fight back. I still remember the ranch owner who was raided and KILLED by a sheriff who just wanted his land for a new office building for himself and later bought the ranch for a “sweet price” from his widow. (Quartz)

The "Australian Myth"

Hillary Clinton has lauded Australia, where semi-automatic handguns are BANNED, as a “country with reasonable, good sense gun laws.”But ARE they “good sense” or “reasonable?” a recent SPIKE in gun sales there to CRIMINALS (misreported by their “yellow journalist” media) seems to put the LIE to that. It is well known that violent crime INCREASED by about 300% after they BANNED semi-automatic handguns after a well-known slaughter. One of the reasons for the increase in “gun crime” is that the very POSSESSION of certain guns is, itself, a “gun crime,” and is described as such. Another reason is that the semi-automatic gun is the favorite weapon of the “criminal class.” Crime, generally, is GOING DOWN in many areas of America where “wiser heads” have made laws making it easier for honest, law-abiding people to own and carry their guns for self-defense. But people like Hillary think that's a “bad thing,” despite the reduction in crime because of it, which they deny. (Cogito Ergo Geek)

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Another Wrong Premise:

I just wrote about a wrong premise fueling the anti-gun fools actions, and now here is another. Ayn Rand, the Objectivist philosopher, said, “If you see a contradiction, check your premises,” The contradiction in the linked story is that Americans don't have the right to express their religious beliefs in a public place, because of the Constitution. That involves a MISREADING of the clause in the Constitution. The the Constitution merely states, in the “Establishment Clause, “ “The Congress shall make NO LAW regarding the ESTABLISHMENT of religion, or prohibiting the free expression thereof.” The City council did both in banning this cross from a cemetery and were defeated in the next election because of it. You don't want to mess with Iowans. This situation highlights the way politicians MISREAD the Constitution in many ways, making unconstitutional laws—until they're “called to account.” Unfortunately, by then, the damage has already been done. They do it in their basic premise on gun control, that a LAW will make a CRIMINAL, who obeys NO laws, refrain from using his gun to victimize people. that's in addition to misreading the Amendment, itself, to put a non-existent limitation on owning a gun. (Freedom Outpost)

Don't Mess With Mom!

This mother was a combat medic in a military organization. She was at home nursing her child when some criminals broke into her house and shot her, twice. Then she decided is was “my turn” and shot the hell out of them. They didn't know she was a combat medic with the National Guard, and more importantly, she was armed and knew how to use her gun. One or the robbers later turned himself in, and the other is still running. /the one who turned himself in probably told the cops to “keep that crazy woman away from me!” Too bad she wasn't a better shot (or didn't shoot to kill). She could have eliminated the “careers” of two robbers. The story doesn't say if either of the robbers was injured. Arrests are eminent, according to the cops in East Charlotte, NC. She came through surgery okay, and she and her child are okay. This proves again that an armed populace can make a BIG difference in cutting violent crime. If this woman had not been armed, she would be dead, and her baby, too. Of course, the gun-grabbing fools will deny it to their “dying day,” which hopefully, will come soon, at the hands of a criminal, using his ILLEGAL gun. (Conservative Tribune)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

"It's the Guns, Dammit!"

“Sigh! Another week hearing gunshots from all around Chicago! Chicago has some of the tightest 'gun laws' in the nation! where do they GET their guns? Guns are ILLEGAL in Chicago, for the most part” So how do so many Chicagoans wind up shooting each other? “What? You say criminals don't obey laws, so how can you expect to stop gun violence by passing a law? That's what those pro-gun idiots say. We'll keep passing the same kind of laws and hope it'll be different. Meanwhile, gun violence in Chicago will continue to be high and we'll wonder why. You say where law-abiding citizens are allowed to carry their own guns crime goes down? Don't be a fool! That's just an anomaly. We gotta find another way. Hmmmmm. Maybe if we designed a “gun spotter” so we could detect the guns while they're in people's pockets and take them away.” That's how the gun-grabbers think. It NEVER works, but they keep doing it, anyway. We need to fire those fools that do this and get some intelligent politicians in there. (Town Hall)

Getting Around the Constitution

Democrat Nadya Valesquez, A KNOWN socialist, introduced (with 12 others) a bill that, if it becomes law, will tax each gun sold (except that sold to government agencies) in the United States $100.00. The gun grabbers know they can't just BAN guns, so they want to make them unaffordable to the average American. They've also been trying to make laws to tax each BULLET, or eliminate ammunition altogether. Bullets don't have constitutional protection, but without them, guns are USELESS. Anything to “get around” the Constitution. They've suffered defeat every time they try to “get rid of guns” for the law-abiding citizen, so they try to make laws all around the edges to make guns useless. Using a “loophole” in constitutional law to defeat the constitutional protections on owning and using guns for self protection. One of the co-sponsors of the bill is Kieth Ellison, a Muslim saboteur in Congress. Notice that all the supporters are Democrats. (Freedom Outpost)

Monday, November 9, 2015

Incompetence In Office

It is being said that Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and Police Chief George turner are mentally deficient, since they seem to believe that guns, which are inanimate objects, have an “evil soul.” Inanimate objects don't HAVE “souls,” evil or otherwise, as such highly placed people ought to be intelligent enough to know. As this article says, neither man seems to have the intelligence or ability of logical thought to realize that guns don't have “souls,” evil or otherwise. Recently a law was made to require police agencies to return stolen and confiscated guns to their rightful owners or sell them at auction to wholesalers, who will in turn sell them to retailers, who will sell them, presumably, to law-abiding people. They have been “foot-dragging” ever since, thinking to do so would increase crime. Since the law didn't provide punishment for disobeying the law, they probably won't be punished. Though the mayor could be defeated in the next election, and the police chief fired by the new mayor. They are apparently unaware that gun ownership and carrying among the law-abiding REDUCES violent crime, everywhere it has been done. Considering that the Democrats (of which Reed is one) say Americans are racist, how many black elected politicians we have, especially in the south , is surprising. (Bearing Arms)

The "Anti-Rights Bigots"

That's what the “gun-grabbers” are. They don't like us having guns, so they want to take them away from us. It's typical liberalism. Find something YOU don't like, make a law to stop ANYBODY from doing it, because YOU don't like it. Put that together with their wish to make us DEPENDENT upon the government for everything, INCLUDING protection, and you have a typical liberal. Evil exists. There's evidence of that every day. The “gun-grabbing bigots” think the evil is in the gun. It is NOT. It is in the CRIMINALS who hold the guns, most of whom get their guns ILLEGALLY, from other criminals in a back alley somewhere. Then they go out and rob somebody, and in some cases, KILL them. Now THAT'S evil. It would be just as evil if they did it with a knife—or even their bare hands. Should they make laws to “cut off the hands” of people because those hands can kill? I say things like this over and over, but the gun-grabbing bigots never get it. Like most bigots, it's like a religion to them. If you speak against their “religion,” they howl, reject the premise, and continue on with their damfoolishness. Meanwhile, too many HONEST people who DO obey laws die because they're defenseless against illegally-armed criminals. It's all about POWER. Liberals think all power should rest with the government. An armed populace weakens that power. (Ammoland)

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Wrong Basic Premise

There are a lot of contradictions in the theories maintained by the gun-grabbing bigots. Ayn Rand said, “If a contradiction exists, check your premises.” She is completely right, and the premises on which the gun-grabbing bigots rely are ALL contributing to contradictions. Their basic premise is that CRIMINALS (who obey NO laws) will turn right around and eschew the use of guns because of a LAW that says they can't be armed. That is ABSURD! It's an absurdity to even THINK that a CRIMINAL will obey ANY law. Their “profession” RELIES on violating the law. So to think a LAW will prevent their carrying a gun is STUPID. Yes, stupid. Ignorance is simply a lack of information. Stupidity is knowing that information, yet proceeding on your erroneous course, anyway. I get very tired of repeating this over and over and watching while gun-grabbing bigots ignore it, and get honest, law-abiding people killed. (Just common sense)

Liberals Are Scared

They lost a big one in Maine. Under a new law, more honest people will now be legally carrying their guns and be able to repulse the victimization of criminals with their own guns. The liberals say they're afraid crime will go up if more honest people are allowed to carry guns. But what they're really afraid of is that the crime rate will go DOWN, thus proving their fondest ideas a lie. Wherever honest people have been allowed to carry guns before, crime has PREDICTABLY gone down as honest citizens “kill off” the ILLEGALLY-armed criminals who try to victimize them. Of course, we have been SAYING this, all along, and the anti-gun fools have been calling US liars—all the time BECOMING liars when the results become known. One thing they forget (or ignore) is that LOTS of criminals already have guns, and they ARE committing crimes on defenseless citizens. Allowing honest, law-abiding citizens to be armed in self-defense is NOT going to cause an INCREASE in crime. On the contrary, it will cause a steep DECREASE. But they'll never admit that. They don't have the intelligence. (Second Amendment Insider)

Saturday, November 7, 2015

"Guns Shock and Sicken Me"

I've run this before. But it's so good for illustrating the kind of people who are responsible for making the USELESS gun laws there are now, it rates running again so we won't forget. That’s what a Washington State Senator admitted during a hearing there. During the hearing, State Senator Jeannie Darneille of Tacoma frankly revealed what lies behind much of the support for I-594 and other gun control measures across the country. As captured by a video of the hearing, the senator told those assembled, ‘I am not a person who handles guns. I don’t own guns. I don’t…they shock me, quite frankly.’ ” And these fools are the ones who make laws that keep us from being able to defend ourselves against ILLEGAL guns. To a human being, guns are not frightening unless they’re in the hand of a criminal, aimed at you. Lying on a table with no human hand upon them, they’re like a rock; completely unable to harm anybody. But not to such as Sen. Darnelle. She really believes we can completely eliminate guns from existence by making a law. The fact we can’t is lost on her and people like her. Thus we get more and more laws that disarm us, but not the criminals and crazies who like to shoot up schools. (Daily Caller)

Typical Democrat Delusion

As usual, a Democrat will; blame everything BUT what it IS, for their failures. In Virginia, he solicited out-of-state anti-gun fools to infuse millions of dollars into the election so he could get the ONE seat he needed to pass legislation to make his citizens (the honest ones who OBEY laws) defenseless against the ILLEGAL guns in the hands of criminals and Islamic terrorists. Michael Bloomberg (former NY mayor) contributed $730,000.00. Their anti-gun stance caused a pro-Republican backlash that swamped them. Now McAuliffe is pretending he didn't base his entire election strategy on fighting the NRA, which won, BIG. I don't know what he actually basses it on—he doesn't say. Only that his anti-gun stance didn't cause it. Like most Democrats, he is good at self-delusion. (Bearing Arms)

Friday, November 6, 2015

Promoting Gun Sales

The best gun salespeople out there continue to be the anti-gun fools who want to confiscate our guns, contrary to their wishes. The more they whine about “gun control” and confiscating weapons, the more guns are bought, most of which are hidden so the cops CAN'T “come and get them” when the liberals in out government make a decree allowing it. The more they push for gun control, the more people learn that ”gun control” is hitting what you aim at. The more they agitate for something the American people are DETERMINED to keep, the more guns get sold. They hate that, but that's the inevitable result, when you're pushing something that a majority of the people are AGAINST. The more they push their insane ideas, the harder intelligent human beings push back. (Bearing Arms)

"It's the Media, Stupid!"

Now the media reporting on gun killings and suicides is responsible for the increase (really?) of the incidence of same. It's the usual case of liberals twisting things out of shape to “prove” their incomprehensible stupidities. Media REPORTS such things. They don't CAUSE it. But the anti-gun fools are too stupid to know that. They'll grab onto ANYTHING they think will advance their agenda to make all Americans defenseless against ANYBODY holding an ILLEGAL gun. Why anybody but the government would support making us defenseless is incomprehensible to me. I know why the government wants to do it: they don't want to meet guns in the hands of their future “victims” when THEY come to loot our property and money. (PLOS One)

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Guns Are "Porn" Now?

The anti-gun fools will try anything. Now they're trying to say gun magazines are “porn” and are trying to get them banned from newsstands. In Atlanta, CBS criticized Wal-Mart, Kroger, and Publix stores for having “gun porn” on their shelves. Anti-gun fools will take up any stupidity in pursuit of their agenda to make Americans defenseless against criminals and soon the Islamic terrorists that Obama is importing by the thousands, soon millions, so they can bring their violence, raping, beheading, and child sex here. As in other places, they will want to shoot and kill everybody who is not their kind of Muslim, while screwing little boys and keeping them chained to their beds as “sex slaves,” which is a “cultural thing" with them. Meanwhile, if we let the anti-gun fools have their way, they'll kill us for disagreeing with them on ANYTHING. That's how they have so frightened our politicians that Muslim wishes are supported always, in opposition to what real Americans want. Either that or they're with THEM. (Breitbart)

Anti-Gun Fools Lose Again!

Bloomberg and McAuliffe are the biggest anti-gun fools in the country (outside of Obama, the Clintons and many other liberals) and they lost BIG in Virginia where they thought they had a comfortable majority. Republicans retained their majority in their legislature, which they thought would guarantee their every effort to steal guns from Americans. It's not surprising that Al, uh, Sharpton is in favor of gun control. All criminals are in favor of gun control because they know that means fewer guns in the hands of their intended victims (honest people who OBEY laws) to be used against them. Bloomberg hoped to reverse recent losses in gun control, and McAuliffe made additional gun control measures the centerpiece of his own campaign efforts. Both lost, BIG. Bloomberg pumped millions into the Virginia race, and they lost, anyway. Maybe one day they'll figure out that they're going against the wishes of a majority of Americans. But I'm not holding my breath. Turning blue doesn't appeal to me. Like most liberals don't CARE about what the people want. It's what THEY want that counts, to them. (Breitbart)

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Again and Again

Anti-gun fools like to say confidently that people who carry concealed NEVER accomplish anything to stop ILLEGALLY-armed criminals from doing their dirty work. And they're wrong, as usual. Why then, do we hear about such occurrences almost on a daily basis, somewhere? (If we read anything but the liberal media, that is). Like this case in Reading, PA, where three thugs tried to hold up a meat market. What a surprise they got when two employees drew their own guns and shot two of them, one of which died on the scene, and the other died later. The third one “took off for the tall timber,” and is probably STILL running. I predict violent crime will go down in Reading, with TWO violent criminals violently dead. The third one will probably not try it again (if, indeed, he has stopped running, far away from reading), because it is too dangerous. And other potential armed robbers likewise. Killing off all the armed criminals is an excellent way to reduce violent crime. They don't obey laws, but if they're dead, they have to. And the fewer armed criminals, the less violent crime. (Bearing Arms)

Ignoring "No-Gun Zones"

I've always said that “gun-free zones” do NOTHING to stop fools from bringing their guns into them to do their “dirty work.” In this case, TWO people ignored the “gun-free zone” in a hospital in Darby, PA. One, a mental patient, ignored it because he wanted to kill a bunch of people. The other, a doctor who worked there, ignored it because he knew there could be a person like that patient, who doesn't care about their “no gun policy”signs and he wanted to be able to defend himself, and others. True to his expectations, that patient brought a SHOTGUN into the hospital, which IS a “gun-free zone,” killed his caseworker, and almost killed this doctor—but he only grazed him, while the doctor shot him and seriously wounded him, ending his shooting spree. The doctor was right to ignore the “no-gun zone” signs, and is probably still alive because of it. It's too bad his aim wasn't better, so nobody would have to deal with this particular fool again. I hope the doctor doesn't get fired for “ignoring policy.” But as I say, “better fired than dead.” (Bearing Arms)

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Second Revolution?

A fact that most people do not know, because it isn't taught in schools, or even discussed in the liberal media is that the first American Revolution STARTED over the demand by the British that the colonists “turn in their guns.” The colonists were so incensed, they revolted. And they won, even though they only had a “rag-tag army” against the full might of the British army. Our incompetent politicians forget that, too, or never learned it, if they came up through a school system run by liberals. They're working as hard as they can, against STIFF opposition, to DISARM AMERICA. They lose at every turn, because this country DEMANDS to be able to defend itself. The Supreme Court is about to decide whether or not to take up Chicago's BAN on semi-automatic firearms. If they do, and find it to be unconstitutional (which it IS), it'll be okay. Business as usual. But if it upholds it, it may start the SECOND American Revolution. America is great, in part, BECAUSE Americans cannot be disarmed, as they have in foreign countries, which have no Second Amendment. (Bearing Arms)

As I Predicted

The family of the dead robber killed while trying to rob a small convenience store in Chicago is demanding the killer be charged with murder “because he shot too many times.” They're even suggesting the robbery might have even been a “Halloween prank gone wrong.” Chicago officials, ruling right, for once, say it didn't matter whether or not the robber's gun was real, he was brandishing it like it was, and it was a “good shooting.” They didn't take up a perfect opportunity to punish the man who stopped the robbery. Ordinarily, I'd expect such anti-gun fools to jump at the chance to make this into a crime on his part. Good on them! Chicago is a strange place for a “concealed carrier” to be so instrumental in stopping a robbery, due to Chicago's usual attempts to be as much of an obstacle to self-defense as they have usually been. The reason I gave for the family's attempt to make the shooter look bad was wrong, but the attempt was exactly right according to my prediction. Families never think their “boy” is a determined killer. His holding what even LOOKED like a gun in this case, proves it. (Daily Caller)

Monday, November 2, 2015

"It Doesn't Happen?"

That's what anti-gun fanatics say about concealed carriers stopping crime, hoping to make us think getting their own guns for self-defense is futile. Why then, do we see stories of exactly that happening every day in the news? Only in news media sources not a member of the liberal media, of course. They refuse to report such cases because they are counter to their “agenda” to disarm all Americans (for what reason I can't fathom). It happened again in Chicago, which has some of the tightest “gun laws” in the nation. A criminal gunman entered a convenience store to rob it and was killed by a legally-armed “concealed carrier” who was also in the store. One of the worst fears of those anti-gun fanatics is for people to discover their lies about this and other things related to “gun control.”

They think (rightly) that if a majority of people find out about their lies, they will know their entire campaign to keep us from defending ourselves is in danger when we learn the truth. Concealed carry is increasing in Illinois, in spite of the best efforts of incompetent Mayor Emanuel and (inept) Police Commissioner Gary McCarthy, whose answers to gun violence are always centered on the GUN, which is only a TOOL the criminals use to victimize us. Another of their fears is that we will take up use of the same tool to oppose them. (I expect the crime numbers in Illinois to go down precipitously in the future due to this, as being an armed robber becomes a more dangerous job, and more of them are killed). And for that not to be reported in the liberal; media. (Bearing Arms)

Media Strangely Silent

Three people were shot and killed in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and it's being “played up” by the liberal media as “yet another vicious mass killing.” Meanwhile, FIFTEEN people were shot and killed in Chicago since last weekend. But the liberal media are “strangely silent” about it. Maybe because it's “routine” in the city with some of the tightest “gun laws" in the nation. I'm sure the shooting statistics in other cities with tight “gun laws” were just as high. But the liberal media never reports it, because it doesn't advance their agenda to disarm ALL Americans and make them helpless against all the ILLEGALLY-ARMED criminals, who prey on them every day. This is probably one of the best illustrations of how the liberal media “tailors” the news to their agenda. Most of them failed to report the story of the “concealed carry” man who foiled a Chicago convenience robbery by killing the robber. That also doesn't advance their agenda. (Allen West)

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Crushing Gun Control

To crush the gun control argument is simple, but only to people capable of using logic, facts, and reason. Liberals, by definition, have no idea what those are. In fact, some of them deny the very existence of logic and reason. They should be capable of using rational thought. If you offer logic and reason, and the person hesitates, even for a second, in agreeing, even though he/she may “give lip service” finally, to agreement, stop talking. Walk away. There is no reason to proceed, because none of your arguments will have any effect. According to the author of the article linked here, it would be like trying to teach a pig to ride a bicycle. It wastes your time, and irritates the pig. The logical fact is that the “gun control” usually practiced these days ignores the fact that current “gun control laws” literally only disarm the law-abiding people, since the criminals, by definition, don't OBEY laws. Gun control is tantamount to civilian disarmament, because it doesn't affect anybody else. Their gun control laws will NEVER stop a criminal from obtaining, and using a gun in the commission of a crime because he/she does not obey laws in the beginning.; Ask a gun control fool if a person has the right to self-defense. If he/she hesitates, even for a split second, before answering, walk away. Even if he/she says, “yes,” he/she's lying to you. And, since those people know nothing of logic or fact, and have no ability for rational thought, there's no use in pursuing it with this person. There are several other points, but I'll leave that to the author of this article. (Shooting Wire)

Their Worst Fear

The worst fear of the average strong-arm robber is to find out (too late, usually) that his intended victim has a gun, too. Usually as he realizes that he is about to DIE while the bullets penetrate his body. Criminals are the most ardent supporters of those supposed “gun laws” that keep law-abiding citizens unarmed, and “easy targets” for ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. They'll even tell you that, themselves. When Terrell Owens was confronted by an illegally-armed criminal, he pulled out his own gun and “went to work.” The “bad guy said, “Oh Sh-t, he's got his own gun!” Owens was uninjured in the attack,. The robber wasn't. He left a trail of blood as he ran to his (probably stolen) Mercedes-Benz SUV and disappeared from the scene. He was later found at a local hospital, having been shot in the butt. Too bad Owens didn't have better aim—or didn't use it. We could have dispensed with at least one armed criminal. As it is, he will probably continue his criminal life after he gets out of prison, many years in the future—unless he's then too old to do it. Potential mass shooters likewise choose “gun-free zones” in which to do their dirty work without opposition from an armed defender. They will be the first to tell you that, if you can get to them before somebody kills them when they arrive with their own guns. (Bearing Arms)