Friday, August 21, 2015

Blaming Someone Else

Baltimore, MD's failed mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake hasn't a clue that her “dissing” the police department in Baltimore l;ed to more than 200 new deaths there. That “throwing her police department under the bus” didn't “empower” criminals to kill more. She cites similar increases in other cities (who also have very tight “gun laws”), thinking we will buy that excuse. Meanwhile, she and her “state's attorney” are still trying to prosecute six cops for the death of Freddie Grey, who accidentally killed HIMSELF while trying to incriminate the cops. Like most of the Democrats running those cities, they ALL blame everything but what's at fault, the “gun laws” that merely DISARM honest people while doing NOTHING to disarm criminals, who don't obey ANY laws. They just will not admit that it is their policies that lead to those murders, committed by those in the “drug culture” they have created, mostly, while they kill each other, sometimes blaming the cops. (Bearing Arms)

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