Sunday, September 30, 2007

74-Year Old Beats Thug

A thug approached a 74-year-old man near his car, threatening him with a two-by-four. He demanded the man's wallet. The "old man" wasn't amused. He grabbed the two-by-four and used it on the thug. So the thug ran away as fast as he could. Attaboy, gramps! This thug probably won't be bragging to his friends about his exploits soon. Getting a "butt-kicking" by an old man won't add to his "street cred" very much. This old guy did okay, considering his age. But he could have done a lot better if e had had a "Runt" 300,000 volt stun gun that looks like a pager or a stun gun made to look like a cell-phone. Or even a pen-style pepper spray. A little application of one of these items would have allowed the cops to apprehend this man and give him a free home for a few years. Grampa was a "tough old bird, but most people this age aren't able to take on a young thug and win, at least not without a little help. Personal Defense Consultants stand ready to give you all the help you need, no matter what your age. They have over 500 items that can "make the difference" when you meet a thug who thinks he's approaching an "easy mark." Give such people a big surprise. Be prepared when danger strikes. If he has a gun, forget it. I don't care if you have a Howitzer in your back pocket. Don't reach for it. But if he has anything less (and only about 17% of such thugs are armed with a gun) you can come out on top. I'm 70 years old and can hardly walk. But for a short time, I can give such a thug more than he can handle with the implements I carry routinely .

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Stun Gun Whips Rottweiler

Without even touching him, a delivery man "bluffed out" an attacking Rottweiler. This guy had been carrying a "Stun Master 775 (775,000 volts) stun gun for a long time, since he regularly came in contact with mean dogs. This one was "squared up," ready to attack. The man squeezed the button a couple of times and let it "crackle." The dog lowered his head in defeat and ran away. This deliveryman had used it before when several thugs were about to attack him. Like with the dog, just a couple of "crackles" sent the thugs on their way. In both cases, he handled a dangerous situation without touching anybody or anything with his stun gun. Such stories are becoming more and more prevalent as more and more and more such products are being sold to willing buyers. This story came from a blog belonging to a friend of mine.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Handguns Not Usually Used in Violent Crimes

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics Crime Data Brief, "Handgun crimes accounted for about 13% of all violent crimes." I've always said, if the "bad guy" has a gun pointed at you, I don't care if you have a Howitzer in your pocket. Don't reach for it. But if he has anything less than a gun, a stun gun or pepper spray gives you a chance to disable him long enough for you to get away. But don't stand around admiring your work. Get out of there -- now, before he recovers.

Government Denies Right to Self-Defense

No, not our government. The government of South Africa. Watching such actions in other countries is very instructive for us, as our own government works hard to deny us the same right, even though it is constitutionally protected. "Is self-defence a right or a privilege? [In South Africa apparently, it is not a right. -RT] The present South African government seems to think that self-defence is a privilege for the few, not a right of all. The new Firearm Control Act (FCA) has been described as taking away the right to self-defence, infringing on property rights, rights of privacy, and other infringements of constitutional rights. Under the Firearm Control Act a firearm owner can be presumed guilty until he proves himself innocent. The FCA provides for search and seizure without a warrant, and extraordinary penalties for otherwise law-abiding citizens who may have infringed on the excessive demands of the FCA." Make no mistake: we're moving in the same direction in this country. So we must stay ahead of the unconstitutional laws they make that make it harder for us to defend ourselves against strong-arm robbers. We need to invent more disguised self-defense devices, faster than they can make laws against them. In California, they've got it pretty much covered. There, no one can carry anything that can be "projected at a person in such a way as to injure or disable him, permanently, or temporarily." Defined absolutely, that meansyour fist could be considered a deadly weapon. This law cannot be fully enforced, but you can count on the anti-gun politicians to enforce it as much as they can, unconstitutional or not. The United Nations is unalterably opposed to personal self-defense because it is an organization made up of mostly countries ruled by brutal dictators, who are deathly afraid of their citizens being armed. Look at the picture of the anti-gun" statue at U. N. headquarters. Naturally, the "disabled gun" is a civilian weapon, not a military one.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Are Tasers Getting a Bad Name?

I don't think so. Even though some cops are using them too quickly and when they don't need to, all they're doing is showing just how well they work in the hands of a responsible individual who needs to defend him (her)self. A friend of mine asked this question and opined, "My own point of view is that the tasering of the student was unjustified. Even if he was just being stupid and annoying, he wasn’t endangering anyone." My friend is right. He was completely surrounded by at least six cops and was being held down. They didn't need to "taze" him. Just as the big, burly cop didn't need to use his stun gun on a small woman he was trying to arrest (shown on national television). Just because some cops overreact, doesn't mean that stun guns aren't an effective countermeasure to the danger (fomented by ignorant politicians who don't understand that criminals, who break the law for a living, will not obey a law that says they can't be armed) presented by thugs who use intimidation and beatings to ply their trade (Only about 17% of all violent crime involves a gun in the hands of the thug). I suggest more and better training for the cops who are indiscriminately using their stun guns when they don't need to, even though deciding when it is proper to use one is simple. If you are not in danger, don't use it. And don't use it for frivolous purposes, such as for "shocking the dog" (That dog will hate you forever). That student might have been hurting, but at least he is still alive. If they had shot him, he might not be. My friend also said, "Getting tasered might be painful, but at least you get to live." I wonder how many times in the past, people have been shot to death because stun guns hadn't been invented yet. Just remember this lesson: Tasers are very effective when used responsibly. Always use yours responsibly.

This is My Story

This is my personal story: The other day, a driver came out of a side street, passed me on the right at high speed, then cut in front of me into my lane. I just shook my head as I followed him. Apparently, he didn't like this old man shaking his head at him so he slammed on his brakes and stopped short. I had to lay on the brakes to keep from rear-ending him. He jumped out and ran toward my driver's door with "blood in his eye." I took out my "Runt" and waited. He reached through my door to grab me and I shocked him for about a full second. He screamed and jumped back, wondering what had happened to him. I backed up and drove around his car without injury. I guess he thought I'd be "easy meat," since I was obviously an old man (I'm 70 years old) and he was young and muscular. He definitely got a surprise. My son (a former police officer) was irritated at me when I told him about this because I didn't get the guy's license number so he could be arrested for the several felonies he had committed. But I figured, leave well enough alone. If he tries it again, I will.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Why I started this blog

I get very agitated when I read stories about things that happen to unarmed citizens who would have been able to "fend off" their attacker if the politicians in government had obeyed "The Law of the Land," the Constitution of the United States when it said "[T]he right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Subsequent politicians have quibbled over the unnecessary addition of a reference to a "militia," pretending that a "militia" was only the State-sponsored militias we know today. The truth is, the term "militia" that was in use when this document was written referred to all Americans. It was put in there specifically to make sure that American citizens could be armed for self-defense -- even against the government itself, if necessary. Today it seems, it is "unthinkable" for every American to be armed for self-defense, even though it is laughingly easy for criminals to get guns "on the street" to use in their nefarious actions. It amazes me that politicians think the way to self-defense is for all Americans is to disarm ourselves. But like the Orientals, hundreds of years ago, we have come up with a good substitute: the disguised stun gun or pepper spray. Personal Defense Consultants has one of the best lines of such items.

If You're Prepared, You'll Never Be Surprised

A businessman recently said, "If you’re prepared, you’ll never be surprised." How right that is. Thugs are basically cowards and they expect to be able to injure us through intimidation, thinking we won't have "the difference" when they attack us. I remember a story about a New York woman who wasn't intimidated when a thug attacked her. She commenced beating up on that thug, surprising HIM by fighting back instead of just "Ducking and covering" as many (most) people do. She beat him so badly HE was screaming for the cops, who "rescued" him and arrested him. The reason this is a story is that no one expects a woman to be able to beat up on a thug as this one did. But those who carry "The Difference," can fend them off and give themselves time to get away. "The Difference" is a 300,000-volt cell-phone stun gun, a 350,000-volt "Runt" stun gun disguised as a pager or Blackberry. If you carry one of these, you'll never be surprised, but the thug definitely WILL be.