Sunday, June 8, 2008

Open "Packing"

Did you know that in most states you can carry a gun without any kind of a license as long as it is openly carried? Although you will be accosted by police officers who will try and intimidate you, and irrational citizens who are just "afraid of guns," if you stand your ground and carry a copy of the law that allows it, there's nothing they can do. Private property owners, however, have the right, however irrational, to ban guns on their property (such as "Blockbuster." Who does.). The Los Angeles Time had a story about it recently. Below is my answer: " I think there are way too many people out there who are irrational about guns. It is not "guns" that hurt people; it is the people who USE them wrongly that hurt people. I have a blog called, "The Unarmed Citizen" on Blogspot to talk about such things and discuss other means of self defense WITHOUT the guns our government will not allow us to have and use for self-defense. Their idea is that self-defense is best accomplished by DISarming ourselves and allowing the illegally armed criminals to have a steady stream of unarmed victims." One question "anti-gun zealots" will not (cannot) answer is this: Do "anti-gun laws" reduce violent crime where they exist?" The answer is no. But they'll never admit it, so they just call me names (such as "gun-lover") to avoid answering it. Do "looser" gun laws reduce violent crime? Yes. But that's another one they will not, cannot answer. I was even accosted once by a cop who suggested that the metal flashlight in my pocket could be considered a weapon. I laughed and said, "Sure, if I ever use it to attack someone. We can discuss it then. He laughed and turned away. Fortunately, he wasn't serious and I remained friendly. (Los Angeles Times)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Control CRIMINALS, Not Guns!

Professor Walher E. Williams asks an intelligent question: "The people who murdered Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski were violent convicts released on parole. So what is responsible for his death: guns, or a criminal justice system that cuts soft deals for such criminals?" Unfortunately, this is not a question people who "hate guns" will ever ponder. They think if they can "get guns out of existence (a "fantasy dream"), violence will disappear. It won't. It existed long before guns were invented, and people would STILL find ways to kill each other if guns simply "disappeared" (which isn't going to happen, and is a little like trying to get the toothpaste back in the tube) I have another question I always ask "anti-gun nuts," but which they never seem to be able to answer. They just start "calling me names" without attempting to answer it. It is, "Why would a CRIMINAL, whose entire life is dedicated to breaking the law, OBEY a law that says he can't be armed while committing other crimes?" I asked that question a few years ago of Andrew Hudson, Denver Mayor Wellington Webb's "press flack," and instead of even attempting to answer it, he accused me of "sending spam." Apparently, he can't tell the difference between spam and a personal e-mail. Another irrational thing "anti-gun nuts" do is create "no-gun-zones," such as Virginia Tech (where a crazy man killed 23 people with a gun that was "illegal" on campus) and other schools such as Columbine, where an armed man killed 13 people. Then there's the restaurant in Texas where a woman who had a license to carry had to disarm herself before entering and had to watch while a crazy gunman killed a bunch of people, including her parents, who were eating with her. What kind of stupid people ARE these "anti-gun zealots?" Guns are not what should be banned. Judges who "slap violent criminals on the hand" are what should be banned. (Walter E. Williams)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Metal Flashlight

I used to carry a metal flashlight called "The Mag-Lite"® as part of my equipment back when I was a security officer. It served as an excellent flashlight to help me see in places where the light was low. But also, it served as an excellent "nightstick" if needed. One night as I "walked my post," I encountered a man trying to break into my building. He immediately attacked me, no doubt being of the "oft-repeated" criminal opinion that "rent-a-cops ain't nothin'." But he found out different as I drove the back end of the Mag Light into his throat. He immediately went down, out cold, trying hard to breathe, as I had crushed his larynx. I "cuffed him" and called the police, who came and took him away. Anybody could have done that, and Mag Lights are not illegal to carry (I DID take a course once in "nightstick management," which came in handy this time, as this makes an excellent "nightstick"). I once encountered a policeman in a convenience store in civilian clothes while carrying a 2-cell in my back pocket. He said, "You know, that flashlight could be considered a weapon." I grinned at him and said, "But it's not, unless I use it as an attack weapon. If I ever do, we can discuss it then." He laughed and turned away. My favorite of their line is the 2-cell. It's plenty big enough and CAN be carried in the back pocket. It is NOT a "deadly weapon" unless used to ATTACK someone. If used in self defense, it is not. The smaller ones can be used if you have some knowledge of unarmed self defense. Think about it. (Mag LIte®)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Way to Self Defense

In China many years ago, government made laws against "peasants" being able to defend themselves with weapons. So the "peasants" responded by inventing "unarmed combat," making deadly weapons of their hands, feet, and other parts of their bodies the government could not ban, and which could not easily br identified by the government as a weapon. Today in America, the government has similarly made laws against allowing "peasants" (citizens) to have and use the best means of self defense there is, their own guns, in spite of the Second Amendment recognition that ALL Americans should not be denied the use of arms. So again, we're forced to "get around" these laws by inventing "hidden" devices capable of giving citizens that one or two seconds needed to get away from an attacker. Now there are stun guns that look like pagers and cell phones that will stop an attacker in his tracks. Similarly, there are pepper spray guns that look like pens, pagers, key chains, lipsticks, and rings. As government evolves, they may enlarge "anti-gun" laws to include such items. If you want to learn how to defend yourself with your bare hands, there are excellent books and DVDs to teach you how. You don't have to become a victim. Learn how to defend yourself against violent criminals. I've seen some of these books and DVDs. They tell you how to defend yourself in ways your attacker will not usually know or expect you to know, and which do not require you to learn complicated systems, as do karate and others of the "Eastern Martial Arts." What they teach you are simple moves even an "old duck": like me can still use when attacked (Warning to "bad guys: don't attack that old man with a cane. That cane can be deadly!). One of the things I learned was how to make a weapon out of just about any item within reach. (Personal Defense Consultants)