Thursday, August 31, 2017

They Just Don't Get It

The anti-gun fools just don't understand people who actually SEE the need for a gun for self defense against those millions of ILLEGAL GUNS out there in the hands of the "bad guys." They really think that all they have to do is keep guns out of the hands of the LAW-ABIDING and that will solve the "gun crime" problem. It will NOT. They have no idea how to stop the criminals from getting their guns, so they don't even try. It will only make it easier for those "bad guys" to victimize the law-abiding because, since they will actually OBEY their laws, they will be unarmed. I, and many others have tried diligently to beat that little fact into their thick skulls, but they have resisted penetration completely. Their minds are made up, so we can't "confuse then with facts." Now MOMS Against Guns (or something like that) is taking a new tack in their efforts to disarm ALL law-abiding Americans. Now they have a "new hashtag. #StopCCR. They're even blocking people who don't agree with their fool notions from their Twitter account, thereby silencing ANY opposition, there. (Breitbart)

Who Cares What The Left Thinks?

The left is "outraged that one school took some kids on a field trip to a gun range. They're outraged that Trump pardoned former sheriff Arpaio. The 2017 NRA Expo was a rousing success, and THAT outrages them. Some bakers refuse to bake cakes for gay weddings after they searched so diligently for the ones who won't, so they can ruin them. They're angry because there is opposition to their plan to let MEN into women's most private places if they "think" they're women that day. They get angry when somebody tells the truth about Muslim outrages, and even want to CRIMINALIZE telling the truth about Muslim outrages. Then there's the very IDEA that people should want to own and use the MEANS to self defense, and that outrages them, too. The same is true for those who don't buy the bullcrap about global warming/climate change. They want to criminalize them, too. Think of ANYTHING human beings could do that is NATURAL, and to do it outrages them. Frankly, whenever I see something that outrages the left, I want to go out and DO it. I couldn't care LESS about what outrages them. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Double Down On Stupid

That's what they're doing in Seattle. Their highly touted new gun law not only did not work, it cost the city a lot of money, while not doing a single thing to stop gun violence, or even slow it down. So what do they do? Blame the gun industry and double the fees. Of course. It's the fault of the gun industry that so many criminals MISUSE their products. Not mentioned is the fact that most of those misusing guns get, and own them ILLEGALLY, which means most of them were not even purchased directly from a member of the gun industry. Again, not mentioned, is the fact that most of the shooters are street gang members, shooting each other. Then there are the ordinary people who get caught in the cross-fire. They have NO IDEA how to stop gun violence, but they PRETEND they do, while their laws and regulations do nothing but make "sitting ducks" of law-biding people. You know: the ones who DO obey their laws, and get shot by the ones who do NOT. Now they're DOUBLING that FAILED gun tax and adding a fee of $10.00 per bullet. Like anybody with INTELLIGENCE is going to keep buying their guns in Seattle. I certainly would NOT. I'd go to the nearest more "gun-friendly" place to buy my guns. And they would NOT be licensed in Seattle. No way! (Bearing Arms)

It's All About Control

Anti-gun fools want to stop calling their abominations "gun control" and start calling it "gun safety." But "gun safety" isn't anything close to what they always propose. Every law, every regulation they propose is more CONTROL over what we do, and how we do it. All their laws and regulations depend on people who break laws for a living OBEYING their short-sighted and useless laws. Every law or regulation they propose ONLY applies to law-abiding people who DO obey laws, leaving them "sitting ducks" to be victimized by those who do NOT. They have to know their laws do NOTHING to "stem gun violence," yet they keep making them. The only answer as to their purpose is to CONTROL us, and what we do. They care not that their laws and regs get people killed by disarming them, while the "bad guys" have no trouble getting their guns, illegally. But they ignore that, and are satisfied to keep the law-abiding disarmed. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Insanity Prevails

Any politician who fosters gun laws that do nothing but make honest, law-abiding people defenseless against the millions of ILLEGAL guns already out there in the hands of the "bad guys" who use them to victimize people MUST be insane. They have to know their laws only get innocent people killed by making them "sitting ducks" to be victimized by the "bad guys" and their illegal guns, but they insist on continuing to make them, The very definition of insanity is "doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result." They also insist on new gun laws where no guns were used. Like Charlottescille, Paris, Spain, and Britain, where vehicles were used to mow people down like wheat in a field. Yet the damned fool politicians go out and demand more anti-gun laws--as if they would stop Islamic terrorists from using vehicles to kill people. They have no idea what to do to reduce gun violence--or violence, period, but they think they do, while people die from their ignorance. (American Thinker)

More Impediments

The Constitution says, the right of the citizen to be armed, "shall NOT be infringed." Yet states infringe on those rights every day, and get away with it. One such infringement is a high fee for "allowing" you to exercise your rights. Another infringement is forcing you to take expensive training courses in order to be "allowed" to exercise your rights. And high fees seem to go right along with the "training" requirements. They purposely make those high fees and the cost of the expensive training so as to make it difficult for us to exercise our rights. Thirty states now have "shall issue" laws to allow people to be able to carry guns for self defense, but all the many "training requirements" and fees that approach the sky are DESIGNED to keep us disarmed, as long as possible, while "grudgingly" issuing "licenses" to us so we can exercise our right to self defense and to buy and use the means to that, a gun. (Slow Facts)

Monday, August 28, 2017

Many Wrong Directions

As usual, anti-gun fools go off in many directions in their quest to disarm all Americans, never "tumbling" to the fact that the biggest bunch doing almost ALL the shooting is the street gangs. They talk about "steering their kids away from guns," as if that would help. The gangs RUN the streets, and it's very difficult for those kids to resist the efforts of the gangs to recruit them, or kill them. And with gang membership comes access to ILLEGAL guns. Stop a gang member, and you'll find a gun. That's a fact of life. In Brooklyn recently, many people "came together" to discuss "gun violence," that included cops, politicians, and several parents of gun victims. They discussed many "causes of gun violence" and went away feeling good about themselves, while actually doing NOTHING to stem gun violence, because they dilute their efforts and do not give street gang violence enough of their time. (NY Daily News)

They Found GUNS! Horrors!

Actual headline: "Federal Agents Raid Gun Store, Found Thousands of Guns!" Surprise, surprise! They found GUNS in a gun store! What the hell did they expect to find there? Cookies? Pennsylvania is is more gun friendly than its neighbor, New York State, but that friendliness apparently doesn't extend to the damned fool liberal media, there. There are way too many hair-brained anti-gun fools in the liberal media, everywhere. The "average American is not "terror filled" at the thought of the average American being armed for self defense, but the fools in the liberal media apparently are. Actually, the number of guns stored were about 300. How that became "thousands," nobody seems to know. One wag Tweeted, "Now I'll know where to go when the Zombie Apocalypse happens." To which another replied, "They're already here. Haven't you heard about liberals?" I think that pretty well describes liberal gun haters. (Truth About Guns)

Friday, August 25, 2017

It Damned Sure IS!

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer says, "The Second Amendment is not about the right of an individual to keep a gun beside his bed." But it IS! It is SPECIFICALLY about that! The Founders knew that a disarmed population was one easy to control, and they didn't want that--and it is not the government's place to tell them where to store their guns, no matter how much the anti-gun fools think it is. This is yet another instance of evidence that there are anti-gun fools everywhere, even in the Supreme Court. Which is one reason we can't afford to let our guard down because Trump is in the White House. Yes, maybe the feds will let up on gun owners, but the states and locals may not--and he will have a hard time controlling that. So more ignorant "gun laws" will continue to be made, and innocent people will DIE because they're "sitting ducks" for those who IGNORE their gun laws, all of which DEPEND on LAWBREAKERS to OBEY them. (PJ Media)

Judge's Personal Defense

In Ohio, a gunman shot a county judge outside the courthouse and got the surprise of his life. The judge turned and shot him to death. Now the chief justice of the State Supreme Court is advising courthouse employees and especially judges to go armed, because of the "real potential for violence against them." Right. But what about the "real potential for violence" against the rest of us? Don't we deserve at least as much protection as do judges and other courthouse employees? Apparently not, according to anti-gun fools, who wet their panties at the very thought of the average citizen carrying their own guns for protection. They think that would create a "wild West atmosphere" where people would be shooting each other over trivial things. what they ignore is the fact that probably one out of ten people on the street are ALREADY armed, illegally. And it is those people we need to be protected against. People who IGNORE all their vaunted "gun protection laws" and victimize the rest of us. Why should a judge or a courthouse employee have more rights than the rest of us, especially when the Constitution says our right to be armed "shall not be infringed." Every law they make to disarm us is an "infringement." They'd better learn that. (ABC News)

Thursday, August 24, 2017

A Mental Health Problem

That's what Chicago's politicians now think that is behind gun violence, which is running rampant in their city. Which is one reason WHY it is running rampant in Chicago. The politicians either REFUSE to realize what the REAL cause is, or they're just too STUPID to understand. If they had the intelligence to examine just WHO the victims are (those who aren't just caught in the crossfire, that is), they'll find they are GANG MEMBERS, and the locations of MOST of the shootings are IN gang areas of the city. Which should tell them it is GANGS at war that is responsible, NOT "mental health," unless you consider all gang members to be insane. That also applies to other cities with growing "gun violence" problems, and taking guns away from private citizens isn't going to do ANYTHING to put a stop to it. In fact, it will only serve to make it worse,by making innocent people "sitting ducks" for those who IGNORE their laws--who are many. (PBS)

Vehicle Attacks

The recent increase in vehicle attacks makes the ongoing debate over gun control even more absurd than ever. You CAN'T stop people from killing each other by "taking away their toys." They'll just find some other toys and keep on killing. They want to wipe guns off the face of the Earth, thinking that, by doing so, that will "stop the killing." It will NOT. And they CAN'T ban all motor vehicles. That would cause the downfall of civilization and move us back to the "stone ages." But that seems to be what they want. Terrorists use cars, trucks, even airplanes to kill people. The 9/11 attacks were carried out WITHOUT guns, using BOX KNIVES. One of the worst terrorist attacks in history, and not a single gun involved! So where are all their highly-touted "gun laws?" All this simply proves my contention that you have to target the PERSON who wishes to kill, not the TOOL. But, as usual, the dimwit politicians can't see it--or won't. (CNN)

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Gun Control Is Racist

Liberals like to attribute everything to racism, so maybe we can do the same thing. The difference is, we have facts to back up our contentions. Back when the slaves were freed, Congress made laws to keep "freedmen" from being able to legally own guns, so they'd still be defenseless against white men. A Republican Congress scotched that by making laws allowing them to be armed for self defense (thereby making a LIE out of the Dumocrat contention that Republicans are automatically racist, just by being Republicans). In several states, they got around that by making guns the freedmen could afford unavailable to them while white men already had their guns, having kept them from the war. In S. Carolina, a black man caught with an illegal gun would end up on a chain gang, while a white man so found would get a small fine and a sore wrist for a couple of days. Other laws were made to specifically deny blacks the ability to have and use guns, and it was understood (though not spelled out in the laws) that those laws did not apply to whites. And such things continue to this day. (Keep and Bear)

Gun Free Zone Fallacy

One of the biggest fallacies in "gun control" is the "gun-free zone." It's supposed to save lives by preventing law-abiding gun owners from bringing their guns into them. But it does nothing to stop lawBREAKERS from using guns within them. What it DOES is create a "killing field" for ILLEGAL gun owners who want to kill a few innocent people, to do their dirty work. It's a well-known fact that mass shooters SEEK OUT gun-free zones when they look for places to kill innocent people. Convicted gun violence criminals willingly tell us this when asked. As with all their other "common sense gun laws," they get people killed, but the anti-gun fools take no notice of that. They're consumed with the wish to disarm ALL Americans and make them DEFENSELESS. That is, if they OBEY laws, which the "bad guys" do NOT. Why they expect people who disobey laws for a living to obey laws that say they can't use a gun in committing their crimes is beyond me, Maybe they're just stupid. They're certainly ignorant. The difference between ignorance and stupidity is knowledge. If they KNOW their laws don't work, and keep making them, they're stupid. If they DON'T know, they're ignorant. Such people shouldn't be making ANY laws. (National Review)

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

"Guns, No; Libs, Yes

Liberals and other anti-gun fools tell us that "campus carry" will frighten students away from those schools that allow it. But, as usual, they are far from right. Which again proves they don't have any idea what's going on. Conversely, schools that have seen a lot of liberal unrest HAVE seen reductions in enrollment. Which tells one thing: if potential students fear anything, it is liberal unrest, not campus carry. Which is just the opposite of what the anti-gun fools told us. One would think they would "wise up" when things like this happen. But NO! Like most facts contrary to their narrative, it just doesn't penetrate their thick skulls. They have to be aware of this, but they keep on telling us the LIE that campus carry scares students off, while it doesn't. In so doing, they reveal their REAL goal. to disarm ALL law-abiding Americans and make them "sitting ducks" for the guys who IGNORE all the restrictions they make on buying and using guns for self defense (Gun Free Zone)

Proving It Yet Again

I've told the anti-gun fools time and time again that all their draconian gun laws that keep honest, law-abiding people disarmed and defenseless do NOTHING to stop, or even slow down "gun violence." But they aren't listening. They have to know that this is true, but they ignore it and go right on making their USELESS laws and regulations while law-abiding people die because all their laws--all their regulations--do nothing to stop criminals and other bad guys from getting their guns. You can't stop the bad guys from getting and using their guns by making laws for the law-abiding to obey, while the bad guys ignore them. In San Francisco, proving it yet again, none of their draconian "gun laws" have done anything to stop car-to-car shootings on a weekly basis. If there were anybody in that bunch who had an ORIGINAL idea, somebody might come up with something that would work. But I don't see that happening in my lifetime. (America's First Freedom)

Monday, August 21, 2017

Shut Down Gun Debate?

That's what Dumocrat fool Elizabeth Warren wants, anyway. They can't win anybody over with facts, so let's shut them up. As with the global warming/climate change swindle, they want the government to make laws making it ILLEGAL to disagree about gun control, in spite of the constitutional guarantees that say the American people's right to be armed, "shall not be infringed." Then there's the First Amendment, which says we can say what we want without government action against us. She doesn't care about that. She wants to make all Americans defenseless against all the ILLEGAL guns out there, and she doesn't want anybody to tell her what a FOOL she is. As with global warming, she has no facts to back up her argument, so she thinks she can "shut up" the debate by making it illegal to say anything against gun control. This is typical of Dumocrat politicians. There are no good arguments to support ANY of their contentions, so they just want to shut up any opposition. She says they are the ones with "science on our side." But they aren't. And even a majority of scientists agreeing with them doesn't get it. Science is not something on which to be voted. Things either ARE, or are ARE NOT. (NRA-ILA)

Spending Money for Nothing

OUR money. Politicians love to spend money that isn't theirs, to do things they think will actually accomplish something, but which will not. It's only OUR money, so they don't give a damn that their ideas don't work. They just keep offering them and spending our money. Such a thing is San Antonio's "ShotSpotter" program, that was supposed to be able to "spot" gunshots from a distance, and locate them so the cops could go in and solve any problems that have arisen. But there's one problem. It didn't work. And it "only" cost us $546,000.00 and resulted in FOUR arrests. That's about $136,000.00 per arrest. So they'll come up with yet another expensive idea to try next. It doesn't matter to them that they've wasted a lot of money--it isn't their money. So they'll come up with another hair-brained idea and spend a lot of money on it. (Gun Watch)

Friday, August 18, 2017

WERE There Guns There?

News reports insisted that many of the participants in the riots in Charlottsville were openly carrying guns--and even some were carrying automatic weapons. I saw a lot of the videos of those riots and I saw a lot of "big sticks," but NO GUNS. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe claimed that the cops were "outgunned" by the rioters, which is why they didn't "crack down" earlier. Now he's changing his story, saying there were guns "stashed" all over the place. But the cops, who searched diligently for those guns, didn't find any, which makes Terry a liar--again. Like most anti-gun fools, he lies a lot, because he has nothing FACTUAL to back him up. Frankly, I think he WANTED to make it look as bad as possible, so he could advance his anti-gun narrative. The only guns I saw there were on the hips and in the arms of the cops, and nobody got shot. So there's no reason to make gun ownership for the law-abiding more tight while ignoring the ILLEGAL gun ownership by the "bad guys." (Reason)

One In Six Armed

Wouldn't it have been fine if there were an armed policeman every football field length along the truck driver's route in Barcelona, Spain, as he ran people over? They say his carnage took place in SIX football field's length. One of those six cops could have "taken him out" (shot him to death) in the FIRST football field length as he drove. Now think about having ONE armed CIVILIAN at each of those six points. Cops can't be everywhere. And there probably WERE several ILLEGALLY armed individuals on that route, who didn't react, for fear of being arrested. Anti-gun fools wet their panties at the very thought of law-abiding people being armed, but completely ignore all the ILLEGALLY armed people out there already that they don't know about, because those people never register their guns. Legally armed people along that route could have ENDED the rampage before it got started--but the fools making the laws will never realize that. They're not intelligent enough. (Daily Mail)

Thursday, August 17, 2017

We're "Dumb As Rocks"

That's what Shannon Watts and her gun-hating bunch think, apparently. They recently told Colin Noir that the main difference between him and Shannon is that he got paid, while she was a "volunteer." Funny. I wonder how many "volunteers" are paid $347,000.00 a year? That's according to her tax records. But then, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that they would lie about this, since they lie about everything else. And then there is the fact that she can't seem to draw a crowd to her "stupendous" rallies and other meetings that don't seem to be really very "stupendous," since they only draw 15 to 50 "dumb as rocks" supporters. Maybe the rest are finally tumbling to the fact that she lies to them so much. I guess she can't be blamed for lying so much, since she has no real facts on her anti-gun fool side. She says she is just interested in "reducing gun violence," but that is another lie. She has to know the measures she promotes that have become law in many places do nothing of the kind, and instead cause many DEATHS of the innocent people they disarm, while criminals continue to get their ILLEGAL guns, easily. (Gun Free Zone)

Gun Control Is Futile

That has been proven, time after time, by events, but it has never made a dent in the resolve of the anti-gun fools to disarm all Americans—except the criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists, of course. As long as everything they do depends on LAWBREAKERS to obey their laws, gun control will be futile. That is not better proven than the fact that the MOST mass shootings in America came under Clinton and Obama, two of the most virulent anti-gun fool presidents. Obama's many attempts at gun control so frightened Americans, who only wanted the means to self defense, that he became the best “gun salesman” ever. Something he hates, I'm sure. Americans bought guns in record numbers under Obama, and almost as fast under Clinton. Gun sales have sagged a little under Trump, because Americans are less frightened about losing their right to own and use this means to self defense. (Gun Mart)

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Ignorant Actions

In Texas recently, a POLICE CHIEF was asked to leave his doctor's office because he was carrying a gun. Stupid, stupid! He had his ID hanging around his neck and his badge clipped to his belt, but it didn't dawn on them that he was a cop. They knew he was a cop after he made it clear, but they insisted he leave his gun in his car, or leave. Texas cops are allowed, by law, to go anywhere and bring their guns, although private enterprise is allowed to have “gun-free zones” wherever they wish. It is unclear whether or not cops can be armed there, in spite of that. The doctor apologized later, but the police chief plans to find a different ENT specialist. This would be funny of it were the only such case, but it's not. Recently, a cop was asked to leave a sports stadium because he was armed while on duty there, Virulent anti-gun fools put themselves and others in danger by their inordinate fear of an inanimate object, a gun. (Police One)

The War's Still On

In Baltimore, MD, as in Chicago, the street gangs are engaged in a war. “Authorities” tried to get them to have a “72 hour cease fire,” but the urge to kill was just too much for some gang members, so there have been several killings this weekend. What good they thought that would do is anybody's guess, but obviously it failed, because the guys with all the ILLEGAL guns ignored it, as they do their anti-gun laws. None of their highly-touted laws do ANYTHING to stop, or even slow down “gun violence,” but they keep making them. They also do things like this “72-hour cease fire”—which are ALSO failures. Another obvious failure anti-gun fools ignore is the fact that their “gun-free zones” are not “gun-free,” but are KILLING ZONES because those with ILLEGAL guns can be pretty sure law-abiding people will not be armed there, so they can bring their guns and kill at will. Everything they have done so far, has been a failure. Their only accomplishment is to get law-abiding people KILLED by DISARMING them in the face of all the ILLEGAL guns out there in the hands of “neer-do-wells.” Their laws DEPEND on such people, who break laws for a living, to OBEY the laws they pass and they predictably (to those with intelligence, anyway) ignore them, making them look like the FOOLS they are, and always have been. (Channel 4 Washington)

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

They Can't Buy Guns

So they use hammers to murder three women in NY City. Guns are hard to get (legally) in New York City, so this murderer used a hammer. As I said, if they want to do harm to someone and can't get a gun, they'll use something else, as this murderer did. Which AGAIN proves that it is the HUM,AN who holds the gun (or hammer) that should be looked at, not the gun itself. If you somehow magically eliminated guns altogether, people would still hurt and kill one another. One of the women he killed was his mother, who had thrown him out because he was becoming increasingly violent. When he came and tried to get in, he found the locks changed and went into a rage, killing his mother, sister, and a friend who was visiting. Then he went out to his car, parked nearby, and fell asleep, where the police found him later. (Fox News)

Gun Control's Real Goal

They've always got a “good reason” to take away your rights, but, as usual, the “good reason” is never the REAL reason. In gun control, that is as true as anywhere else. “Gun control is about money and power and control over you, and making you SUBMIT to government control, all the while making progress in the left's effort to reduce your individual rights, your Constitutional rights, and your freedoms.” It's as simple as that. It's all about POWER. The power to tell you what you can, and can't do. And their “laws” never stop, or even slow down “gun crime,” because they DEPEND on lawbreakers to OBEY their laws. A good example is “gun-free zones,” which would be better called, “killing fields,” because shooters NEVER hesitate to bring their guns in there and shoot people. In fact, they SEEK OUT gun free zones because they can be pretty sure the law-abiding won't be armed, there. They want to take away ANY possible weapon you can use for self defense.  (Totally Right)

Monday, August 14, 2017

Gun Control Doesn't Work!

Again, events prove that statement. In Jamaica, all the draconian gun laws the anti-gun fools in America favor are in effect, but they have done NOTHING to limit the number of guns available in that country. They have no “Second Amendment” there, and their laws allow the army to cordon off entire areas while the cops search every house for guns, without a warrant. Yet they have a WAR going on there involving gang members (like they do in Chicago) and the killings go on, unabated. Prime Minister Michael Manley promises to win the war on guns, but he doesn't say how. That's because he doesn't KNOW how. He says, “There isn't a place here for the gun, now, or ever,” unintentionally displaying his LACK of knowledge about guns. As usual, the target is the GUN, not the people using them for ill. That does not work, but you'll never convince the anti-gun fools in either country of that. Their minds are made up. Don't confuse them with FACTS. (Truth About Guns)

"Democrats Are For Gun Safety"

That's what Dumocrats in Wisconsin say as they oppose a law that allows children to be taught about gun safety. The bill allows the state to cooperate with an organization to teach those classes, and you know that will involve that “evil old NRA.” of course, because there's none better than them to teach gun safety. And since the anti-gun fools think the NRA is “evil,” they want nothing to do with them. What a big, juicy, stinky load of brown stuff THAT is! These people aren't for gun safety, at all. They're for keeping all la-abiding people DEFENSELESS against the millions of ILLEGAL; guns already out there. They NEED those illegal guns in the hands of criminals because “gun control” is big business and certain people don't want to lose their jobs. They make too much money opposing legal guns while IGNORING all those illegal guns. (Gun Free Zone)

Friday, August 11, 2017

If Ya Gotta Say It

Then it's usually not true. Especially if you're an anti-gun fool politician trying to get laws passed to do just that. Many liberal politicians who are KNOWN anti-gun fools insist they are not trying to take away our guns while they are engaged in doing just that. Obama said it many times, but he is KNOWN to be a virulent anti-gun fool. So much so that he sparked a gun-buying surge not seen in many years, by people afraid he was going to take away their guns. The unexpected consequence of his actions was to make him the best gun salesman around—something I'm sure he hated with a passion. Gun sales have lagged somewhat since Trump was elected, but the problem is not resolved. Local lawmakers include many anti-gun fools who are STILL trying very hard to get more anti-gun laws on the books, even though intelligent people have to know NONE of them work. In fact, they do just the opposite of what they SAY they will do, and get many innocent, law-abiding people killed by making them DEFENSELESS against the MILLIONS of ILLEGAL guns already out there in the hands of the “bad guys.” (Just common sense)

Emulating the Russians

The Soviet Union was well known to use “mental illness” as an excuse to imprison people whose views and actions they didn't like. Now New York State is doing the same, to “confiscate” (steal) the guns of people they SAY (without any kind of proof) are “mentally unbalanced. It happened to retired 70-year-old Viet Nam veteran Don Hall when deputies showed up with an order to take his guns due to mental illness. He told them there must be a mistake, that he had never had any trouble with mental issues. The deputies fell back on that old excuse, “We're just doing our jobs.” as they took all his guns. Turns out it WAS a mistake, that it was another Don Hall who had mental issues, but he had the “burden of proof,” and had to go to court, with all the attendant costs and waste of time, to prove it. Nobody is sure which New York law is responsible. They have such a mish-mash of anti-gun laws there, it's hard to tell. Liberal New York is usually the first place such laws appear, so you can probably expect to hear more about such actions across the country. (Keep and Bear)

Thursday, August 10, 2017

"Gun Violence to Increase"

That's what the anti-gun fools say as state after state legalizes the carrying of guns by law-abiding people. And, surprisingly, it's true—IF you use the anti-gun fool definition of “gun violence” as ANY use of a gun, even in self defense. What is going to increase, at least for a while, is the instances of law-abiding people killing “bad guys” who try to victimize them. Studies have shown that bad guys who have been killed don't shoot too many people in the future. So, much to the chagrin of the bad guys, such killings are going to increase—for a while, at least, until many of the bad guys are dead or in prison for long stretches. And with most of the people who use guns for crime are dead or in prison, crime generally will go down. Certain anti-gun cops will fight it, tooth and nail, even to the extent of charging people who shoot home invaders and other crooks in self defense with a crime. Anti-gun police politicians—usually the higher-ranking officers, are doing all they can to discourage citizens from using their LEGAL guns in self defense. But the rank and file, who are actually “in the trenches,” mostly disagree. (Just common sense)

Unintended Conequences

I think this is a definitely unintended consequence of Obama's stance on guns. His presidency, and all its attempts at new and tighter gun laws has been very good for the gun industry and for gun owners—and would-be gun owners, period. The more he railed against gun ownership for law-abiding people, the more they bought guns. Why? Because they feared being HELPLESS against the MILLIONS of ILLEGAL guns, already out there in the hands of people who wish is ill. He, and the rest of the anti-gun fools discount that. They look upon suggestions that we arm the law-abiding with horror, as if they would “go wild” and create what they call a “wild west atmosphere,” where people get their guns out and shoot each other over a fender bender or something else minor. They don't think the bad guys would do that, even though they do, every day. Which is why gun deaths in Chicago and other liberal strongholds are so numerous. Chicago already HAS all their favorite “gun laws,” yet they also have one of the highest gun death numbers. But they're too damned stupid to realize this. (Washington Post)

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

"Run, Hide, DIE!"

In some places, they recommend you “run, hide, tell” in case a mass killer comes and starts shooting up the place where you are. This usually doesn't work out very well for most people, since these things happen very quickly, usually before the cops *(with their guns) can even get there. And if the shooter finds where you're hiding, he'll kill you. In other places they replace “hide” with “fight.” To what end, I don't know, because against a man with a gun, an unarmed person usually has no chance. Unless he can find something heavy enough and is a good aim—and he'd better be a good aim because if he misses, he's dead. As usual, the anti-gun fools ignore the most obvious and most effective way to oppose a mass shooter: be armed, trained, and able to hit your target. The very idea of the average, law-abiding person being armed makes them wet their panties. They think they will “go wild” and cause a “wild west atmosphere.” They discount the existence of the millions of ILLEGAL guns already out there in the hands of the bad guys. They just want to take your guns away. (Daily Caller)

Anti-Gun Pipe Dreams

You'd think a university professor, especially one who is also a researcher, would know what he's talking about, wouldn't you? Well this one obviously does NOT. Stanford University professor and researcher John J. Donohue says that UNARMED people stop mass shootings more often than do ARMED people. Donohue's suggestion can be proven wrong, not only through logic, but through EXPERIENCE. It's basic premises are false. He says that “most people are not armed.” And then. “SOME mass shootings are stopped.” there is no “causal relationship” between the two. This is yet another effort by an anti-gun fool to prove something that is not so, relying on his position as someone who SHOULD know to bolster the lie. Anti-gun fools rely on false statistics because there are NO real ones that favor their position. (Breitbart)

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Gun Rights Created America

What a lot of people don't know, because the anti-gun fools never talk about it, and the liberal media goes out of it's way to avoid reporting it, is the unalterable fact that what STARTED the Revolutionary War was the British attempt to take away the guns owned by the colonists. The “shot heard around the world” was fired by a colonist at a British soldier trying to take away his gun. So it was an attempt at “gun control” that CREATED the United States of America. Anti-gun fools deny this truth, but it is self-evident. And they've been trying to take away our guns, and with it, our right to self defense, ever since. While at the same time, others are trying to maintain that right, and are criticized for it. Liberals HATE the NRA because they do (mostly) such a good job of it. Liberals always want to demonize any group that EFFECTIVELY repulses their wish to take away our rights. (Just common sense)

Gun Control's Next Step

Blame the owner when guns are stolen. A recent report by John Podesta, once Obama's chief of staff and Hillary's campaign manager, says, “Gun thefts are a scourge on our society” and he wants new laws (Surprise, surprise!) made to punish OWNERS when their guns are stolen—not the crooks who steal them. They still think a LAW will stop the bad guys from stealing people's guns to use in victimizing others. He recommends all sorts of measures to put the blame on gun owners when their guns get stolen, as if that will actually DO something to stop it. As usual, their ideas for laws DEPEND on the CROOKS obeying them or penalizing the innocent LEGAL gun owners when their guns get stolen, instead of the criminals. ANYTHING to avoid placing the blame where it belongs—on the CRIMINAL. The one thing that WOULD work, arming the law-abiding, they will not hear of, in their ignorance. (The Gun Writer)

Monday, August 7, 2017

Discovering the Truth

CBS accidentally discovered the truth about gun control in a recent article. They asked a typical “street person” where he got his gun, and he answered, “On the street. People sell them.” Which tells us exactly why the “gun problem” is so hard to solve. Those trying haven't the slightest idea in the world, HOW to solve it—yet they keep making USELESS laws that do NOTHING to stop, or even slow down the problem. CBS says, “The problem is the gun,” Which reveals their perfect IGNORANCE about guns. The PROBLEM is NOT the gun. It is the PERSON who ignores laws and still gets his gun, ILLEGALLY. Something they can't seem to do anything much about. An ADMITTED FELON said that “getting guns is easy.” Just buy them illegally. It's NOT the fault of the gun. Without the people holding it, pointing it, and shooting it, it is just an inanimate object. Like an ash tray. Is an ash tray “the problem” in smoking? Not if you have any INTELLIGENCE at all. The same is true with guns. But the anti-gun fools will never learn that. (Bearing Arms)

Dream On, Gun Grabbers!

The headline is, “Gun Buybacks Will Help to Slow Violent Crime.” Oh, right? When has one EVER? Like all the laws the gun-grabbers make, this doesn't work, either. In THEORY, it should, but in PRACTICE, it doesn't. Bad guys turn in their old, useless guns, and use the money to buy new ones that work, and are less likely to blow up in their hands. “Gun crime” goes right on, unabated. And they go right on, PRETENDING it makes a difference while it does NOT. NJ Attorney General Christopher Perrino admits that they are not a complete solution (ya THINK?) but can do a lot to help law enforcement keep guns off the streets (not a chance!). Criminals just get the money to buy new guns and gun crime continues, while politicians pat themselves on the back and take a “victory lap,” while ignoring the continuing crime numbers. (Guns)

Friday, August 4, 2017

Illegal Gun Kills Child

With a little help from the child. Anti-gun fools are making a big thing out of a fatal shooting of a child through the negligence of his mother's boyfriend in storing his gun, according to CBS News. Her boyfriend negligently allowed his gun to be picked up by the child, who subsequently fatally shot himself. They, as usual, whine about the gun not being properly stored, but that's not even the question. The boyfriend was ON PROBATION for a previous crime, and shouldn't have had a gun, in the first place! But he did, meaning he owned the gun illegally, and, since he could not buy a gun legally, BOUGHT the gun illegally. That's TWO CRIMES he committed, just in his ownership of that gun! It's the usual failure of “gun laws” that depend on CRIMINALS, who are lawbreakers by definition, to OBEY their laws, rather than make laws that discourage criminals from owning OR using a gun illegally because of “draconian” punishment for that usage--something a criminal cannot ignore. Depending on lawbreakers to obey their laws is the fatal flaw in current anti-gun laws, but the anti-gun fools who make the laws will not admit it, nor change the direction of their laws. If they ever made such a law, I'd be right with them. But I'm not holding my breath. Turning blue doesn't suit me. (CBS News)

Gun Deaths Up

Blame Trump. He said, “The carnage ends here—now!” But gun deaths didn't magically go down in the first few days after he said that, so blame him. Gun deaths are up 12%; children under 12 shot by a gun up 16%. while defensive use of a gun is up 30%! They call that "gun crime."And they don't think that will have an effect on the other numbers? As usual, they fail to note how many of these dismal figures are caused by LEGAL guns. They NEVER do that. The fact is, MOST of them are caused by ILLEGAL guns, in the hands of gang members and other criminals, not guns legally owned and duly registered, while their owners have their names duly noted in “background checks.” Gun crime caused by ILLEGAL guns are not likely to be lowered by laws DISARMING honest, law-abiding people. They will, in fact, INCREASE, as long as the dim-witted “gun laws” are STILL in effect. Trump has a lot on his plate, INCLUDING the “gun problem.” He can't get to all of it, overnight. So blame those figures on the foolish “gun laws” now in effect, not on Trump. (Washington Post)

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Keeping People Defenseless

I've come to the conclusion that this is the main objective of the anti-gun fools in governments in the United States. It seems like every time a citizen shoots somebody, even in self defense, the cops TAKE the gun they used, calling it “evidence,” and often do not ever give it back. That occurs even if that person is still in danger and NEEDS something for self defense. Furthermore, any time a citizen uses something, like a metal flashlight, in self defense, they take that away, too. One time, I was in the line at a convenience store and a cop standing behind me saw the metal flashlight in my back pocket. He said, “That could be considered a weapon, you know.” To which I replied, “Yes, and if I ever DO use it as a weapon, we can discuss it then.” He just laughed, but his comment points out an unfortunate fact: If I DID use it as such, they WOULD take it away from me. I have an item that is weighted at both ends I use to hold the pages down while reading and eating, when I have to use both hands to eat. I don't carry it as a weapon, but if a cop ever saw it in my pocket, he would ASSUME I carry it as a weapon and take it away from me, maybe arresting me in the bargain. It has become evident to me that they want to remove ANY means we might have for self defense so we will be DEFENSELESS. Logic confirms that. (Just common sense)

Licensed or Unlicensed

The anti-gun fools make a big thing out of whether gun laws reduce gun crime. They do NOT. They cause it to INCREASE, by disarming honest, law-abiding people, leaving them at the mercy of ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. They try and convince the world that when gun laws are loosened, gun crime rises. It does NOT. In Missouri, they loosened the gun crime laws and crime rose 20%. this, the anti-gun fools blamed on those now loosened gun laws, forgetting entirely, other factors, such as increased gang membership, fueled by “Black Lives Matter” rhetoric. It is NOT the licensed gun owners that account for the increase, it is the increased numbers of street gang members, with their ILLEGAL guns that are responsible. The simple fact is, honest, law-abiding people with guns are NOT the ones causing the crime figures to rise. It is the CRIMINALS, who never register their ILLEGAL guns, nor get training in their use. Those are facts the anti-gun fools IGNORE. It is simply true that the gun crime increases come from the ILLEGALL;Y-owned guns, NOT the legally-owned ones. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Weenie Judges

One of the reasons gun crime is so prevalent in Chicago is the judges. They just aren't serious when it comes to convictions on gun crimes. It seems that in 30% of cases where the judge decides guilt or innocence and the sentence on a gun crime, the offender gets off easy or the gun charge is just dismissed. This will not work, if they want to ever reduce the instances of gun crime in Chicago. To do so, the penalty for using a gun in a crime must be “draconian.” If the gun charges are reduced, or just eliminated, criminals have no reason NOT to use a gun in committing their crimes. The only other way is to allow law-abiding people to be armed for self defense, but the anti-gun fools will not hear of that. Arming law-abiding citizens will cause the deaths of armed criminals to rise, and studies have proven that dead criminals don't shoot very many more people. And honest, law-abiding people are NOT less responsible in their gun handling than are ILLEGALLY armed criminals, no matter what the anti-gun fools say. (Chicago Tribune)

"But Not For You"

I thought about using the headline, “Okay For Me But Not For Thee” for this, but I've used it before, and I don't want to wear it out by overusing it. This story is about a politician thinking he's better than everybody else. This is a REPUBLICAN, fergawdsakes! And he thinks he's better than the rest of city employees, many of whom actually come in contact with people who violate city ordinances, and are far more likely to NEED to be armed, but to whom he wants to deny that right. There's a new ordinance up for a vote in Fresno, California, to allow city employees involved in ENFORCING city ordinances to be armed, just in case. The mayor is opposed. This wouldn't be as much of a problem except the MAYOR is armed, and carries his gun all the time, saying he is “more exposed.” I don't know how “more exposed” he is than people who are daily face-to-face with violators, but this is a good example of how certain politicians reserve such rights for themselves, while denying them to others. This happens regularly involving anti-gun fools, who want to deny this right to EVERYBODY, while carrying guns themselves, or hiring gun-toting “security.” Such a one if Sen. Diane Feinstein, who is one of the most notorious anti-gun fools, but carries her own gun, AND has an armed detail surrounding her at all times. (Breitbart)

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Liberal Government Gone Wild

I thought it was stupid for a federal judge to send Sheriff Arpaio to PRISON for doing his job, but some liberal COP has just done something even more stupid. A man wrestles a gun away from criminals who tried to rob him in his HOME, then gets charged with attempted MURDER! How stupid is THAT? This happened in Porter's Lake, CANADA, where they have no Second Amendment. But it's still stupid! Kyle Edward Munroe and a friend were in his house and, when three criminals came in to rob them, wrestled their guns away. Shots were fired, and the criminals set out for the tall timber. Cops were called, and they arrested Munroe on a litany of charges, INCLUDING attempted murder of the CRIMINALS. Damn, there are some incredibly STUPID people enforcing the law in some places! Halifax “authorities” say the charges are just “pending” and may not actually be brought, but just the thought they COULD be brought is INSANE. (Keep and Bear)