Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How They Think

“Black Lives Matter” promoter Deray McKesson thinks when a black criminal is shooting at them,cops should just stand there and take it. How stupid is THAT? He thinks cops should just leave their guns in leather and let the criminal KILL them. This is an example of how such FOOLS think. They can't give a good reason for that kind of thinking, they just insist they're right. He (and other fools) maintain that Officer Darren Wilson was guilty of murder when he shot Michael Brown in self defense. He also questions the facts in the case of Tyrone Harris, Jr., saying the cops LIED when they said Tyrone was firing at them. This is an example of an activist whose mind is made up and you can't “confuse him with facts.” He'll just call you a liar. He can't prove it, but that's what he thinks, so that's how it IS, according to him. And of course, this guy (and other race whores) were in Ferguson when a bunch of black men started shooting at cops and got what was coming to them. (Mediaite)

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