Monday, August 31, 2015

"Increased Gun Violence"

Liberals decry the “increased gun violence” in this nation, and it's a LIE, promoted BY those same liberals. And Barack Obama TOLD that lie again the other day. Gun violence is DOWN (DOWN!) all over the country, and that's attributable to the wise actions of SOME politicians in making it easier for honest, responsible people to have, and carry guns for their own protection so they won't have to depend on police, who can't be everywhere at once, and thus can't protect us. They can only “clean up” the scene after we have been victimized, and document the crime. But if the crime is murder, we're still dead. The ONLY answer is to have OUR OWN guns so we can defend ourselves from criminals, who never have any trouble getting THEIR guns. Letting honest people have guns will NOT increase gun violence, except to criminals. It will only allow them to defend themselves. (National Review)

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