Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's NOT An "Iraq War!

Iraq is just ONE THEATER in an overall “war against terrorists.” It doesn’t matter what we do in Iraq, that war will go on and on until we’ve killed or crippled enough Islamic terrorists to make it impossible for them to continue to attack us. Afghanistan will be the next “theater” in that war, and I’m sure Iran will come soon after. If the “doves” in our society continue to gripe every time we make a move to win this war and this government LISTENS, we will LOSE that overall war and the Islamic terrorists will be bombing indiscriminately in the U. S., which they have not been able to do up to now because Bush kept them busy in Iraq and Afghanistan. What is it about “self defense” these “doves” don’t understand? These are the same people, no doubt, who think the way to personal self defense is to DISARM yourself while CRIMINALS, who have no problem violating a law that says they can’t be armed, see us as “easy targets.” I’m getting sick and tired of these “doves” running things while making it more dangerous for us to live. If I arm myself to avoid becoming the victim of one of these illegal guns, then I become a criminal who will go to jail if the cops find me armed. That’s a load of bull droppings. (Just common sense)

Zapping Coyotes

Coyotes are becoming a major problem in Colorado lately, coming into settled areas and attacking people and animals. Now they have come out with (“new”) device (which has actually been around for a while, designed to stop human predators) they mistakenly call a “Taser.” “Taser” is a registered trade name for one of the first of its breed, the stun gun. Just the sound scares off some animals (though maybe not human animals). But the “shocker” is that it carries a 150,000 volt bang that will put down the biggest animal, human or coyote. Works on dogs, too, and is a lot better than shooting them, according to the cops. (Just common sense)