Monday, August 10, 2015

No Sooner Signed

Kansas passed a law allowing honest people to carry their own guns in self defense, and the “anti-gun fools” predicted much “wild gun violence.” As usual, it didn't happen. Instead, a man who had his gun with him stopped an armed holdup. Three men and a girl were robbing a gun store and he decided to take a hand. He stopped the holdup without firing a shot. The thugs ran after dropping the guns they were stealing (with which, no doubt, they planned even more violence). The cops found them close by and arrested them. This story proves conclusively that the “unleashed violence” lie told by gun-haters is a LIE. Which just about everything the gun-grabbers say always is. This guy was “carrying” because the new Kansas law LET him carry his gun without a permit, and he gave due credit to that law. This was NOT a case of “uncontrolled gun violence” as predicted by the gun-grabbers. It was an individual who stopped robbers from stealing a bunch of guns which, no doubt they would have used in future robberies, maybe even murders. The law worked the way it should work. (The Right to Bear)

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