Sunday, August 9, 2015

Despotic State

The reason Obama wants to disarm as many people as he can is that he is a “despot in waiting.” He knows he cannot take COMPLETE control over all of us if most of us are armed. Tojo said he didn't want to invade the American mainland because “there would be a gun behind every blade of grass.” And he was right. He is also right when it concerns would-be despotic “rulers.” It has been said that “gun control is inherently an aspect of state despotism." It's not about self defense against criminals, although that is a factor. It's being armed to make would-be despots think twice before trying to control us all in our every move, every day of our lives because we are well-armed and able to repulse his thugs. They SAY it is to “reduce gun violence,” but they know it isn't. The gun laws, as they are today, and as the current gun-grabbers want them to be do not “stem gun violence.” They only increase it by disarming innocent Americans while criminals never have any trouble getting their guns ILLEGALLY. They'll deny it to their dying day, but that's the real purpose of “gun control.” (Second Amendment Insider)

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