Monday, February 29, 2016

Their Own Definitions

Anti-gun fools in the liberal media lie to us on a regular basis, and one way they do it is through mis-definition of words and things. To them, a car accident death can be included in figures they give of “gun violence--and has. A gang drive-by shooting that injures three other gang members and the driver of the shooter's car meets THEIR definition of “four or more people injured in one event” to define it as a “mass shooting.” Using this method, they say there have been 400 “mass shootings” in America last year. The actual number of “mass shootings” using LOGICAL definitions? FOUR. There are 300 million firearms in the US, and fully ONE-THIRD of them have been purchased during Barack Obama's tenure (so far) as president. Which pretty much tells you how successful he has been in denying us the right to own and use the means to self defense, a gun. Forget how many of them were purchased by the government, and police organizations. (Bearing Arms)

Armed Security At Oscars

They gave out the Oscars under heavy armed security the other day. Guys carrying automatic weapons were seen walking around, and undercover armed men were everywhere. If somebody had started anything, he would have resembled Swiss cheese in about a second. But the stars, as usual, made it a point to make their brays in favor of “gun control.” Their idea of gun control, that is. Like most anti-gun politicians, they spew their anti-gun propaganda while hiding behind a WALL of gun-toting agents, to make sure THEY'RE safe. Anti-gun fools in the Congress mostly do, as well. They can afford to HIRE gun-toting security, while most people can't. They think, because THEY don't need to carry guns, WE don't either. It's the typical kind of fool thinking that makes most damned fool liberals tick. Sen. Diane Feinstein, for instance, who has been responsible for much of the USELESS “gun control” legislation, in ADDITION to her “army” of armed thugs, CARRIES HER OWN GUN. This is the woman who swung an automatic weapon around the room with her finger on the trigger to show how much she knew about guns, to the consternation of all assembled, who feared for their lives. (Bearing Arms)

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Shooting Himself In the Foot

That's what former NY Mayor Bloomberg did when he made the comment that “We expected more of Governor McAuliffe” when McAuliffe signed the deal to re-recognize out-of-state carry permits in return for a few inconsequential things. A “face-saving move” after he realized something Bloomberg will NEVER recognize; the breadth and depth of the support the NRA has, and which he does NOT have. Bloomberg is fighting AGAINST the American people's will to be able to defend themselves against ILLEGALLY-armed criminals of all sorts. He's now beginning to spend millions, maybe even BILLIONS in a futile quest to get elected president, against a “force of nature” like Donald Trump. He doesn't know he's a LOSER at the beginning, and until he has lost completely, he still won't realize it. he'll blame someone else for his troubles, as all good Democrats do. (Shall Not Be Infringed)

Maybe They're Waking Up

But don't hold your breath, unless turning blue appeals to you. Here's an article where they say “Republicans are 'firmly entrenched' against gun control.” Maybe they're finally realizing they are on the “wrong side” of the argument. That DISARMING yourself is NOT the way to self-defense. They ascribe it to them “being Republicans,” but in reality it is them “recognizing reality,” something Democrats never do. As usual, they're blaming it on “just politics,” which it is NOT. Americans were GUARANTEED the right to self defense, and to own and carry the means to that end, a gun—as long as criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists use ILLEGAL guns against them. There will always be FOOLS who hate guns on principle. Saying “They're made ONLY to kill people.” Completely disregarding the fact that cops use them, too. Since they will be more likely than others to encounter armed criminals. But they don't admit that the average American must have the right to self defense, too. (New York Times)

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Suspicions Confirmed

Anti-gun fools always tell you that law-abiding people carrying guns can do nothing to stop a mass shooter. One problem with that. They do it, all the time. But anti-gun fools will not accept that, and refuse to acknowledge it. They always refuse to acknowledge the truth that happens before their eyes. And they will poo-poo this, too. Mass shooters CHOOSE places where they can expect there to be no guns there to oppose them so they can kill as many as possible before a “good guy with a gun” shows up and kills them. In this case, the (Jihadist fool) shooter said, without hesitation, that he CHOSE a church “because people don't usually bring guns to church." But he was wrong this time, and he paid dearly for it. What he didn't know is he was conversing on the Internet with an FBI agent, who got enough evidence from HIM to put him away for a long time He TOLD the agent he CHOSE a church BECAUSE people “aren't allowed to carry guns there.” Of course, he planned to carry HIS gun into a church, proving what I've said, all along: “bad guys don't obey laws.” They LAUGH at them. Still, it took a speeding stop with a local cop finding his gun to get him arrested. (Click On Detroit)

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Same Ol' Same Ol'

Obama is calling for more “gun laws” in the wake of the Kalamazoo random shootings by an Uber driver, who “took time out” from his killings to carry some passengers to their destinations. Can't stop making mooney to kill some people, I guess. But there's one problem: the “gun laws” Obama wants are the same kind of “gun laws” that are IN FORCE in many [places, that have DONE NOTHING to reduce gun violence. In fact, they have had the effect of INCREASING it. But liberal fools (that's a repetition, there) still insist on making them, even though they've been PROVED to do just the opposite of what he supposedly intends. One of these days incompetent politicians like Obama will get smart and come up with some laws that WILL reduce gun violence. But I'm not holding my breath. Turning blue does not appeal to me. (Washington Times)

Where Do They Get Their Guns?

Anti-gun fools only take steps to remove guns from the hands of law-abiding people, but never ask, “Where do criminals get their guns?” Where DO they get them? If they have nothing in their past to prevent it (as do many mass shooters who walk into a crowd and kill a bunch of people with LEGALLY-bought guns). Great. After killing a lot of innocent people, they wouldn't be able to buy a gun legally. So now they'll have to find a guy in a back alley somewhere with a trunkful of ILLEGAL guns and pay a little extra. Or find a police station that has lax security on their gun locker and steal them. Or steal them from friends if they won't loan them to them. Or they can find a “rogue cop” who has stolen some guns out of the gun locker in his police station and get it from HIM. There are about as many ways to get a gun for people not allowed to buy them legally as there are illegal guns out there. And criminals know ALL the ways. (Daily Caller)

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

This Is How They Do It

Use the law to suit themselves. A Massachusetts resident, who is now the New Hampshire governor, is getting ready to run for Senator. She is originally from New York. Apparently to this anti-gun fool, it doesn't matter where she lives, as long as she can get elected. She's a Democrat, of course. She can't understand why New Hampshire has such a low crime rate. Maybe the high rate of incarceration for minorities might have something to do with it. Like most liberals, she doesn't recognize that the cops have CAUGHT more “minorities” committing crimes than others. She thinks the cops go out and HUNT minorities to frame. Maybe the high number of minorities in prison has something to do with it. Something she abhors, even while that keeps the crime rate low. But the point here is where she lives while being the governor in New Hampshire. I don't know what state she plans to run for senator from. Probably Mississippi. (Weapons Man)

Lying to You again

Anti gun fools are lying to you, again. They tell you that 90% of Americans want more “gun control.” While reality tells you otherwise. Meanwhile, so many people (at least in Idaho) are trying to buy guns, that gun dealers are having trouble keeping guns in stock. The people responsible for issuing “carry permits” are so far behind because of the demand, that they may never catch up. Many people have listened to Obama's pronouncements about how he is going to “go illegal” to suppress gun ownership, and they want to have their guns before that. Others simply want to be able to defend themselves against ILLEGALLY-armed criminals, crazies, government agents, and Islamic terrorists. You know: the ones (hundreds of thousands) Obama insists on bringing here to kill us, even paying their way. People who have demonstrated what they plan for us by raping women (and men, AND children) in Europe, harassing truck drivers on the road, and generally making as much trouble as they can. Anybody who doubts they want to make as much trouble as they can is an IMBECILE. (The Right to Bear)

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Restraining Order Saves Her

Actually, no. She shot and killed her ex-boyfriend, with whom she had several children, when he climbed in a back window and “came at her.” She had a restraining order out against him, since there had been several instances of spousal abuse between them in the past. Obviously, it was “just a piece of paper,” to him. But her gun wasn't. She shot and killed him so he could not hurt her any more. This is the fallacy of restraining orders. They do NOTHING to stop people who really want to hurt somebody from doing it. They DO affect the life of those they are against, and they are given out like candy bars. People under them cannot buy guns, nor can they do other things. Just having had one against you in the past goes on your “permanent record” and serves as a hindrance to you for the rest of your life, whether based on truth, or not. (Tulsa World)

"When It Becomes Clear"

“When it becomes clear something is not working, we have to change direction.” Obama said that in support of closing GITMO. But what about all the USELESS “gun laws” he, and his fools have been making for years, that do NOTHING to stem “gun violence,” while they jump up and down to make even more of them every time a crazy takes a stolen gun or an ILLEGALLY purchased gun and kills a bunch of people. What about THOSE laws that are not working? You ask them about it and they tell you that's different.” That's the liberals' standard answer when you point out their hypocrisy. But when there seems to be hypocrisy on the GOP side, they “shout it to the skies!” (Just common sense)

Monday, February 22, 2016

Gun Control Kills!

How do schools protect your children? How DO they plan on protecting them? Disarm ALL the honest, law-abiding Americans? Make schools one of the best-known “gun-free zones,” so that people who want to kill your lids can be pretty sure there will be no guns there, in the hands of people they don't know about, so they can't “target” them FIRST, before killing anybody else? Ignore all the criminals, crazies, and even Islamic terrorists, who like to kill at random to “make a statement?” What statement killing defenseless children makes is a mystery to me, but that's what they like to do. They ALWAYS look for “soft targets” where they won't meet any real opposition until after they've killed a bunch of people. They're stupid enough to not worry about being killed, but that's AFTER they've killed as many innocent people as possible, first. And there's NO “softer target” than a school full of defenseless children and some UNARMED teachers, janitors, and social workers. The “gun control” crowd don't want “gun control.” They just want CONTROL. They don't care that their laws KILL people every day. They insist on continuing to make them, and will not listen when people suggest arming non-uniformed people the potential shooters cannot know about (like teachers and janitors), so they can kill them before they can kill more people. They think that's a “horrible idea,” completely dismissing the FACT that their usual laws ARE a “horrible idea” that kills people, every day. (Just common sense)

Scalia Wanted Anti-Gun Judge

That's what the liberal media is saying. In a little known interview on CSPAN in 2012, he is supposed to have said that if he could choose the judge to replace him, it would be Judge Frank Easterbrook, of the 7th Circuit. Only one problem. Easterbrook is an “anti-gun nut” the NRA once described as “trying to unravel the Bill of Rights.” Apparently, Scalia didn't know that. Scalia said Easterbrook “thinks the same way I do.” But a perusal of his rulings says different. That he was an ENEMY of “gun freedom,” despite what the Constitution says. The Constitution says, “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall NOT be infringed.” That's very simple, even though liberals have tried for years to use the reference to “organized militias,” which did not exist when the Constitution was written, to obfuscate it. Senator (and GOP presidential candidate) Ted Cruz said, “We are one Justice away from the Court reading the Second Amendment out of the Constitution.” (ABC News)

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Why Do They Do It?

In Michigan, an Uber driver randomly drove around in several parking lots, shooting and killing people he didn't know, while picking up and delivering passengers between killings. Six, maybe seven people dead because of—what? All mass shootings are not Muslim-inspired, and this one probably isn't, either. But what motivated this fool to go around killing indiscriminately? Nobody knows, and probably never will, for sure. But what is common to ALL mass shootings, in schools, churches, or parking lots? Answer: a gun. But in most mass shootings, the gun was not bought legally. And since most mass shooters are not necessarily repeat offenders, no amount of laws DISARMING law-abiding people will stop them from getting guns.

They will only inspire them. Many have nothing yet in their backgrounds to stop the purchase. And after they perform a mass shooting, it's too late, with ALL the possible defenders DISARMED by law by fools who still think the way to self defense is to make yourself defenseless. The answer is as obvious as the nose on the faces of lawmakers: allow ALL people to be legally armed. 3 out of 4 people ARE illegally armed, anyway. So why not allow law-abiding people the arms needed to defend themselves, and others? But our fool politicians are too stupid to realize this. They think if we have guns in our pockets, WE will go around shooting people at random. Why do we keep electing such fools? (MSN)

They're Never Satisfied

Gabby Giffords, the former Congress member who was shot in the face and survived, to be a major spokesman for the liberal idea of “gun control” wants stiffer background checks, even though the says they are not enough. She says we need MORE gun control. Never mind the liberal kind of “gun control” has never worked to reduce gun violence. They have only served to INCREASE it. Criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists usually don't get their guns legally, so they're not constrained by ANY “gun laws.” What WILL slow them down is EVERYBODY being legally armed, so when they go out to commit their atrocities, there will likely be an armed person there to kill them before they can kill a lot of people. But our STUPID politicians will never know this. They think if more honest people have guns, they will “go crazy” and shoot up the landscape on the slightest provocation, as owners of ILLEGAL guns do now. And we (not me) keep electing these fools. (Breitbart)

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Pakistan Politicians Smart

Smarter than ours, anyway. They have ARMED their teachers as a means of protecting their students. Ours aren't that smart, apparently. They still cling to the fool belief that DISARMING yourself is the way to self defense. That belief persists in the face of MANY school shootings, where crazies bring both ILLEGALLY carried, and LEGALLY carried guns into schools to kill people.They are supposed to be “gun-free zones,” for whatever that accomplishes beyond telling the fools who want to shoot up schools that there will be no guns there to oppose them. Except for the UNIFORMED cop assigned there, who can be disposed of from hiding before any other shooting begins. It sickens me that a “backward nation” like Pakistan has more intelligent politicians than does America. (Gun Watch)

Blaming Someone Else

As usual Democrats (liberals) are blaming someone else for their own failings. Valerie Jarrett, former Chicago resident, and current senior adviser to Barack Hussein Obama, blames INDIANA and it's “lax gun laws” for all the gun violence in Chicago. Never mind that Indiana, with it's “lax gun laws,” has a lot LESS VIOLENCE than does Chicago, with it's TIGHT gun laws that keep honest people DISARMED. She fully supports prosecuting those who bring Indiana (and from elsewhere) guns to Chicago to sell out of their trunks in back alleys, as do I. But the problem is NOT with LAW-ABIDING people, it is with ILLEGAL gun sales, whatever the origin of the guns. Forcing people to go through background checks and jump through all kinds of other hoops to get a gun is NOT the answer because criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists don't usually GET their guns in a legal gun store. Nor do they usually submit to a background check, because they PLAN on using their gun to kill innocent people and don't want the government to know who they are. (Daily Caller)

Friday, February 19, 2016

NJ Charges Cop

A Pennsylvania corrections officer drove through a corner of New Jersey while carrying his legally-carried gun (in Pennsylvania) and a drunk driver hit his car. So who was charged with a crime? HE was. Turns out even a COP from out of state can't carry a gun anywhere in New Jersey. What kind of IDIOCY is this? It's almost as bad as laws that prevent retired cops from being able to carry guns after they retire. Never mind that during their service they may have made many enemies. If one or more of those enemies wants to kill them, they are just as defenseless as are the rest of us. Laws about gun ownership and carrying should never be left up to the politicians. Particularly LIBERAL politicians. They are IGNORANT and think the way to self defense is to DISARM yourself.(Daily Caller)

The "Line in the Sand"

If ever there was a “line in the sand” for gun owners and those who wish to be gun owners, it is the effort to stop Obama from appointing another “wild-haired liberal” to the supreme Court. If he succeeds, you can forget about your gun rights, now GUARANTEED by the Constitution. If liberals gain complete control of the Supreme Court, just think about how they can TWIST the meaning of what the Constitution says, to suit themselves. Think about Roe v. Wade, which is responsible for the deaths of MILLIONS of defenseless BABIES! And that was in a court that was not totally controlled by liberals! All they would have to do is “demonize” the Second Amendment and move to delete it from the Constitution. And if they had the majority, it would be easy. And your right to legally own and carry a gun for self defense would be GONE. While criminals, who don't OBEY laws, would still have their guns. You would be as defenseless as were those millions of BABIES. So now is the time to “get serious” about PREVENTING Obama from his determination to appoint HIS kind of Justice to replace the Justice who was a “good friend” of gun rights. (Daily Caller)

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Second Amendment May Disappear

Most people have no idea how much of an effect Justice Antonin Scalia's death may have on this country. Without Scalia, there's only a single Justice left to defend the Second Amendment. When he goes, if it's during a Democrat administration, there may not be ANY Justices left to defend the second Amendment, and the liberals may move to remove it, altogether, from the Constitution. And I have no illusions about which way a Democrat (liberal) would vote, if it came up for action. If liberal Democrats ever gain complete control of the supreme Court, we're doomed. And the fact is, most Americans don't pay enough attention to politics to even be AWARE of the danger. (Reason)

How California Operates

I remember in '69, when I was marketing tear gas guns, how the California gun law read, that made no sense at all, but was wide enough to encompass ANY possible item that MIGHT hurt somebody. It read, (paraphrased) “Anything that can be projected at a person in such a way as to injure him” was considered a weapon under that law, and was thus requiring a permit and to be registered. Under that law, my FISTS were a weapon and a license was required, and so was registration. I don't know if it reads the same today, but what I know about the RECENT gun laws disturbs me greatly. Under current law, ANY chunk of metal that COULD become a gun is required to be registered and licensed. Like a famous artist once said, “A gun is hiding in that block of metal, just waiting for somebody to carve it out.” I always thought that previous gun law was insane and stupid, but this one tops it. (Gun Free Zone)

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

It's Coming, Folks

In Israel and Lebanon, Islamic terrorists are hiding munitions (guns, rockets, and such) in private homes and apartments to support their actions against Israel and, hopefully for them, make Israel hesitant to attack those arms caches for fear of killing civilians. Do you think they’re not doing the same thing here? Yes, we haven’t had many incidents of Islamic terrorists “doing their thing” in America. But never think they are not quietly preparing for some actions in the future. This is yet another reason for every American to be armed, so we can “take them out.” My favorite picture is an Israeli woman standing over a turbaned terrorist pumping bullets into what passes for a brain in his head. Yes, small guns might not be able to repulse a concerted, well-armed Islamic terrorist attack, but most of their attacks are on “soft targets” where they don’t expect any opposition. You need to BE that opposition whenever it is needed. (The Blaze)

Always First In California

They are now conducting firearms confiscation raids in California. “Attention residents of the City of Los Angeles and Orange County: We (Ammoland) recently learned that local law enforcement entities are conducting firearm confiscation raids in your area on behalf of the California Department of Justice, as part of its Armed Prohibited Persons System (“APPS”) program. These raids are typically conducted without search warrants. Be prepared! While these raids are promoted by politicians as intended to disarm dangerous criminals, they actually more often target unsuspecting citizens who present no danger and have no idea that they are prohibited from possessing firearms and ammunition.” Seems some politicians think they are empowered to “prohibit” firearms possession for certain individuals, on their own initiative, for any reason, or NO reason. It’s beginning, folks! (AmmoLand)

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Logical Message

Members of strange-named bands are usually very liberal. And I'd bet Jesse Hughes, front man for Eagles of Death Metal band is as liberal as are most of them. But on one issue he is “conservative,” or ruled by common sense. He recently said, “Until nobody has guns, EVERYBODY has to have them.” That's something liberal gun-grabbers will never learn, and they're mightily pissed.. It's a simple thing, but liberals aren't intelligent enough to realize that DISARMING yourself is NO WAY to defend yourself against the ILLEGAL gun-wielding criminals or terrorists who are bound to accost you at some point in your life. As long as Obama and his fools keep making laws and “regulations” to LIMIT our right to bear arms in direct OPPOSITION to the Second Amendment, armed criminals will successfully rob and kill us, since, when unarmed, we ARE “easy targets.” He survived the Paris massacre, so he ought to know. We (not me) need to stop electing gun-haters to office. Which is easy, if we pay attention. Gun-haters are usually wrong on all the other things they push, too. (Twitchy)

Stupid Liberal Cop

The stupidity of liberals in all positions doesn't surprise me, usually. But when the ten year police chief in Mercer Island, Washington comes out and says, “Americans WANT us to confiscate their guns,” I get a good laugh out of it. He says, “They depend on us to protect them,” when he KNOWS, from experience, nothing could be further from the truth. A gun in the hand of a potential victim is ten times better than in the hand of a cop, who may be anywhere from five to TEN minutes away. If he DOESN'T know that, he has no business being a COP, much less a police CHIEF. You can't protect someone if you are MINUTES away, while the armed CRIMINAL is THERE, and can do much damage in those few minutes it takes a cop to GET there. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out, just common sense. Which, apparently, this police chief doesn't have. (Eagle Rising)

Monday, February 15, 2016

Back to Business

For the last week or so, I've been suffering from a very painful eye infection. One that prevented me from opening my right eye, and made what I COULD see from my left eye out of focus, causing pain when I tried. That made it impossible to type on this computer. Add a missed follow-up appointment with the eye doctor caused by my son's misreading of the appointment notice (which I was in no shape to correct), and we're still trying to get this episode finished. This was not my son's fault, as I could easily have corrected it. But my eye is well enough now so that I can continue my efforts to make liberals wet their panties, so here goes:

Victory for Gun Owners

The Fourth circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that to ban the purchase and ownership of “assault weapons” is a “blatant violation of the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.” Of course, Obama's fools will oppose that, and take it to a higher court, hoping by that time Obama will have nominated, and the Senate will have approved, another liberal, gun-hating Justice to replace Justice Scalia. This just makes it even more important to PREVENT Obama from nominating Scalia's successor. To allow him to nominate Scalia's successor would let the Democrats completely change the makeup of the Court for generations to come and make life worse for people who simply want to be able to defend themselves against ILLEGALLY armed criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists, none of whom OBEY laws, of any kind. (Second Amendment Insider)

The Right Thing to Do

Which, of course, pissed off liberals. The Florida legislature, in an 80-37 vote, passed a bill, in spite of stiff opposition from liberal Democrats, to allow “concealed carry” on campuses. The liberals brought out their old and dusty contention that allowing legal guns on campus would make everybody more unsafe, but what it WILL do is make ILLEGALLY-armed criminals more unsafe. Liberals think people just can't control themselves if they're allowed to carry a gun, but I maintain it's just the opposite. Robert Heinlein once said (through one of his excellent books), “An armed society is a POLITE society” and everywhere it has been tried, it has worked out that way. Anti-gun fools (mostly liberal Democrats, of course) still believe the delusion that the best way to self defense is to DISARM yourself. Something if the cops bought, they'd soon cease to exist, as armed criminals “killed them off.” (Second Amendment Insider)

Monday, February 8, 2016

Sorry About the Last Few Days

I'm suffering from a very painful eye infection that started last Wednesday and got to the nasty point on Thursday. I spent Thursday running back and forth between doctors with my son driving, since I still can't drive with only one eye. It's a little better now but I'm still only down to mostly a half an eye which makes it hard to type, or drive. Its slowly getting better (emphasis on SLOWLY), but I still can't type very easily. It's still painful to keep even one eye open (or closed) It'll be another few days before I can get back to work. Even typing this is hard to do. Keep watch. I'll be back to work as soon as I can. Hopefully by Monday. You know how it is with us “old folks.” Things go wrong.I don't have a big staff. My staff is three: me, myself, and I.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Repealing the Second Amendment?

That's what some liberals are talking about. They remind us that the 18th Amendment was repealed when it was found to be WRONG. But the Second is NOT wrong. If it ever got repealed (and that's a distinct possibility, with all the stupid people there are who vote—and many of them are in the Congress). Of course, if it happened, a lot of honest, law-abiding people would have to become criminals, and buy their guns ILLEGALLY, like criminals do. So they can defend themselves against the ILLEGAL guns the criminals have. The short-sighted people who would vote for this abomination should be the FIRST people to be shot by those criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists who don't care about ANY law. (Bearing Arms)

No Guns, Still Murders

What the anti-gun fools will not tell you is that if guns suddenly didn't exist, those who want to kill will still find a way. Back when the “weapon of choice” was a sword, guess what? Everybody who wanted to kill, as well as those whom they wanted to kill carried swords. Enter, “sword fighting.” People were still murdered. Back in the cave-man days when there were no swords OR guns, the “weapon of choice” was a club. So everybody carried a club, and there was no “anti-club movement.” Murders still happened. Anti-gun fools are convinced that, without guns, murder rates would go down. But just the opposite is true. The more guns out there, the less murders. The number of HOMICIDES would increase, for a while, as law-abiding people with guns killed criminals who had ILLEGAL guns and tried to victimize them. After the number of armed criminals thus were reduced, homicides would also go down. As the chart linked below shows, violence has been steadily going down recently. The anti-gunners won't tell you about that, because it's mostly because a majority of states have passed “shall carry” laws and many more honest people are armed, making life difficult for ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. (Info Wars)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Not A Surprise

Chicago just announced that homicides are up. Again. A new record! Which is not a surprise, with their really tight gun laws that keep everybody BUT the criminals unarmed. It's like a FORMULA for lots of killing by criminals, who don't obey laws. You'd think a “smart guy,” like Rahm would learn his lesson and let more HONEST people buy and carry guns. The murder rate would go down fast after that, although the HOMICIDE rate would go up for a while, as honest people kill the criminals who come to victimize them. Then THAT would go down, too, after a while. But don't expect Rahm to “get smart” any time soon. He's not really a “smart guy,” he's an Obama Democrat, after all. He just wants to disarm honest people so the illegally armed criminals will have it all their way. (Mail News)

Obama Just Got Bad News

He's finally being “called” on one of his unconstitutional orders. The one further limiting our right to own and use guns for self defense. Freedom Watch has filed suit against him personally, for circumventing (bypassing) Congress. A president cannot do that, just because he doesn't like the actions of Congress. Congress is NOT “subservient” to the president, they are EQUAL to the president. If they don't do what he wishes, there's nothing LEGAL he can do about it. He can whine and cry all he wants, call them a “do-nothing Congress,” or just “lazy,” but he can do NOTHING to change what they do, under the law. Of course, Obama is the worst lawbreaking president in memory, so he doesn't care about that. It's going to take somebody with GUTS to “bring him down.” I think Freedom Watch is that. They had the guts to file the suit, and he's going to have to GO to court and testify in his own behalf, unless he finds a way to “squirrel” out of it. Obama thinks he's a king, and he must be disabused of that notion. (Q Political)

Monday, February 1, 2016

It's A Lie, As Usual

Anti-gun fools always say that concealed carry will not make any difference in the fight against armed criminals, and the answer is to get rid of guns, altogether. Here is yet another instance of a man who was legally armed, saving a cop's life instead of running away, as many people would do. And it puts the LIE to their contention. He saw a cop fighting with a criminal and getting the worst of it. He saw the thug reaching for the cop's gun, with which he most likely would have killed the cop. Cops today feel alone in such situations because of the liberal media effort to poison people's opinion of cops Not in this case. This retired Marine, who has faced death before in TWO deployments, rushed to help this cop. The thug ran off, and was later captured. This cop was grateful for his help, and calls him a hero. He was every bit of that, just because of his two deployments, even before he leaped in to save this cop's life. He doesn't think so. (Bearing Arms)

Iowa Gun Sales Soar

It must be because the politicians are all going there. They must think the politicians will take away their guns while there. I don't know if I'd want that many politicians coming to my state. I did survive a Democrat convention in Denver a few years ago by staying away from it, but just barely. And it's not just in Iowa. Gun sales are peaking all over the country. People want to already have their guns after the election, so they can hide them when the politicians come to confiscate (steal) them. Remember, folks: the best way to be able to keep your guns so you can shoot back when Islamic terrorists come to kill you for not being their kind of Muslim is to vote the ones in favor of “gun control” so far out, they'll never be able to run again. The terrorists are coming. Obama has seen to it. You can't make unconstitutional laws or laws that “get around” the Constitution if you don't get elected. (Town Hall)