Monday, August 17, 2015

Cuomo Intimidates Pro-Gunners

They got together to protest NY Gov. Cuomo's latest attack on the Second Amendment. 3,000 of them came, and many brought “replica” guns with them. Cuomo had his pet state cops harass them and even confiscate their toy guns under his law. All this was not only UNLAWFUL, it was also UNCONSTITUTIONAL, and was done ONLY for the “intimidation factor.” But Cuomo doesn't care. He's taking a page out of Obama's book. He's IGNORING the Constitution, because he CAN. Because there's no PENALTY for a politician who does it. Maybe he'll be reversed later, and maybe he won't, if the judge that hears the case is sufficiently anti-gun, him/herself. That's the way it is in the Northeast. That's the way it has been for CENTURIES.

Even back in the 1800s, when Westerners went about with guns on their hips and periodically shot it out among themselves, Northeasterners derided gun ownership and tried their best to make laws against guns and gun ownership (except for the CRIMINALS, of course, who obey NO laws, and LOVE their anti-gun laws because they DISARM honest people and create more DEFENSELESS victims for those CRIMINALS to abuse). They will never learn the obvious truth (obvious only to INTELLIGENT people, that is) that disarming honest people only plays into the hands of the CRIMINALS, and makes it easier for the Islamic terrorists who have PROMISED to come here and kill as many of us as they can, and “raise the terrorist flag over the White House” to do so. What a bunch of FOOLS live in NY! (Town Hall)

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