Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"It Shall Not Be Named"

The anti-gun fools don't want children to even know guns exist. And they think that will stop kids from killing themselves through curiosity when they find a gun in their homes. And if you leave them where they can be found, you're contributing to that problem. They hate the NRA, but the NRA teaches people about properly securing guns to keep that from happening. And they train children (and parents) in the proper handling of guns, so the kids won't feel the curiosity that comes from knowing absolutely NOTHING about guns and what they are. Principally that they can be deadly, and are NOT “playthings.” The anti-gun fools continue to think that children should not even know guns exist, let alone understand the danger they can present. Which leads to the death of many. In Detroit, they have a real epidemic of children accidentally shooting themselves and others, because of that ignorance about guns. Now they're swearing to do something about it. What are they contemplating? They think it is a “public health issue.” The usual silly thinking. They think “child access prevention laws” will solve the problem. They don't even THINK about proper training for children (and parents). They maintain their “guns shall not even be named” policy, to the detriment of many children. (The Independent)

Keeping Us Ignorant

Obama's best-known gun-running scheme is little known. There's a good reason for that. The liberal media won't talk about it, except to try and make light of it. Meanwhile, 69 people have been killed in individual murders, both in Mexico and America, using the guns he ran to the Mexican drug cartels. There have been 20 mass shootings using them. But you didn't hear about most of it, because they don't want you to know about it. It would be contrary to their narrative. Outside of that, look at Chicago, where the “gun laws” are as tight as they are anywhere. They're in the middle of a “shooting spree” that is attaining panic proportions. Meanwhile, the anti-gun fools are demanding we make more of the same useless laws that haven't had ANY effect on that gun violence. Every time somebody gets killed, they insist on making more of those ignorant laws, even before any of the facts are in. In one case, a man STABBED another man to death and the anti-gun fools were out instantly demanding more laws be made against guns, even though a gun was not used. (Patriot Post)

Monday, May 30, 2016

Honoring Our Vets

On this day of mourning for the thousands of young men who9 gave their livers that we might remain a free nation, Obama goes around mouthing the platitudes that all presidents are expected to mouth on this day, while spending the rest of his time making rules that get nore and more of these fine young people killed because they're not ALLOWED to fight back, effectively. He praises the dead, but his words are meaningless because he doesn't care. If he did, he wouldn't make “rules of combat” that inhibit their ability to fight effectively while the enemy beheads us, kidnaps our people, put them through hell, and ransom some if they can. He goes about the world APOLOGIZING for the deeds that WON the wars we were forced to fight. He BOWS to kings and dictators all over the world. People we should be killing. He sends a message that, as long as he is in office, or has any effect on policy, we will NOT fight terrorism and despotism. He hates everything we stand for, and is working HARD to destroy everything those vets fought and died to accomplish. The sooner we rid ourselves of this menace, the better. It is good that the election is near. (Just common sense)

More Guns, More Violence?

What a crock that is! More guns in the hands of honest, law abiding people equals LESS VIOLENCE. Especially after most of the criminals wielding their ILLEGAL guns are killed by LEGAL gun owners. The anti-gun fools want us to believe we're having an “epidemic of gun violence.” We're NOT. According to FBI figures, murder rates are at their LOWEST in many years. These are facts. But facts contrary to their damned foolishness never seem to slow down the anti-gun fools. They just keep lying, and falsifying figures. Anti-gun fools tell us guns are designed to kill people. What they don't tell us is guns are also designed to PROTECT people from gun-toting CRIMINALS and crazies. Yes, we have the highest gun ownership of any nation (90 per 100 people), but we don't even come close to being the highest in the number of homicides. Honduras has that ignominious “honor.” One thing they are very careful NOT to tell us is that 92% of mass shootings between 2009 and 2014 happened in “gun-free zones,” which are a MAGNET for mass shooters. (iPatriot)

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Disabling A "Smart Gun"

I'd be afraid to use a “smart gun” to defend myself because the “bad guy” could easily disable it and make it useless. Current technology to disable a drone, could just as easily disable a “smart gun” by interfering with the signal between the gun and the bracelet or other device it listens to when you ask it to shoot. And don't think there aren't some criminals or other “bad guys” out there smart enough to do it. Or buy it done by others, so they could use their illegally-gotten guns without opposition from honest, law-abiding people. If I had a “smart gun,” I'd always be afraid the “bad guy” I'm facing had such technology, which would then be the death of me. If you're smart, no matter what people like Obama and Sen. Feinstein, or that brain dead ex representative who got her brains scrambled by a bullet, pass into law, never buy a “smart gun.” If that means getting your gun illegally, so be it,. The “Drone Defender” doesn't just work on drones. It can disrupt cell phone signals, and other kinds of signals, too, and that includes the signal between a “smart gun” and it's master device. Which makes it very unreliable as a self-defense item. You'd be smart to stay far away from them. (WBAY)

"Pro-Gun, or Pro-Life?"

The Record Searchlight asks the silly question, “Can you be pro-life and pro-gun?” Assuming that guns are ONLY for people to use to wrongfully kill people. Which is silly of them. Guns are for SELF-DEFENSE, too. To keep a criminal from killing you or your family or friends. For keeping them alive. If that means shooting the “bad guy,” so be it. And the answer is, “Yes. You CAN be pro-life AND pro-gun.” If you're a THINKING person, not somebody who doesn't think it through before asking stupid questions. That's the anti-gun fool way: ask stupid questions of people who pay no attention to politics and get ignorant responses. (Record Searchlight)

Friday, May 27, 2016

Blood On Obama's Hands

Obama is the worst serial killer ever! And that's a fact. He masterminded “Fast & furious,” which was supposed to be the same as Bush's scheme that didn't work because the Mexicans found, and removed the GPS devices from the guns, so he stopped it. Then Obama did it again, this time not even bothering to put in GPS devices. What he hoped to accomplish, is strange. What he DID accomplish was 68 killings, in Mexico AND the U. S., and 20 MASS MURDERS. All that is blood on Obama's hands. This in ADDITION to the people who have died because of his other stupid policies. His stated goal was to point out the guns that were sold by U. S. gun stores and used in MEXICAN crime. To do so, he coerced U. S. gun stores to sell to “straw buyers” they ordinarily wouldn't even talk to. People they'd throw out of their stores. It was a scheme to paint the U. S. gun stores as selling guns that wound up doing Mexican crimes, so he could “strengthen gun laws” in the United States. It failed on all counts, because he was “found out” and his scam was publicized. Did that stop him? No. He may nor be selling guns to the Mexican drug lords any more, but he has never addressed the questions asked about it. No doubt the numbers would be even higher if we could depend on Mexican numbers. (Truth About Guns)

Abolishing the Second Amendment

Donald Trump's spokesman says that's the ultimate goal of “gun control.” They know that, as long as it exists, they can never just take our guns and ban them, so they ultimately want to get rid of it. Hillary Clinton is the only politician who has actually come out and SAID it, that she'd like to abolish the Second Amendment (Talking out of both sides of her mouth, she also says she doesn't want to take away your guns). But, say it or not, that is the ultimate goal of the anti-gun fools. Forget that where gun laws are tightest, the black market in guns is the most brisk. They think they can magically stop violent crime by making guns magically disappear. That getting rid of guns is a “pipe dream” is something they'll never admit, but which we know. It's like putting toothpaste back in the tube, It can't be done. They learned that in Australia, where they essentially banned all guns after a nasty mass shooting, and the violent crime rate skyrocketed 300%. Great Britain, which has such severe penalties for just OWNING a gun, is now complaining about guns “hidden all over England.” You just can't stop human beings from defending themselves, and since all the “bad guys” have their ILLEGAL guns, they want guns, too, because guns are the best defense. (Mediaite)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Liberals Get It Wrong

What do liberals get wrong about guns? Answer: EVERYTHING. Their first mistake is blaming the guns, not the criminal HOLDING the gun. Their second mistake is taking away the right to self-defense from law-abiding people when the criminals never have any trouble getting their guns out of a back alley somewhere. They maintain the futile belief that a CRIMINAL, who obeys NO LAWS, will obey a law that says he can't be armed. They think delaying law-abiding people in getting their guns into operation when an ILLEGALLY-armed criminal attacks them is doing something that will keep “gun violence” from happening. Gun safes, trigger locks, and allowing people to carry guns concealed only if they're UNLOADED is “common sense.” It isn't. It's illogical. But they aren't smart enough to know that. Obama is allowing hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists to come here, under the FICTION that they're “refugees.” And he's paying their way, with OUR money. The fact that 100% of these “refugees” are Muslims seems to escape them. Soon, they will be on our streets, raping little girls, boys, and grown women, and killing people for not believing in THEIR religion. It's coming, and we will need to have our own guns to defend ourselves against it, in addition to the everyday “gun crime” caused, not by law-abiding people, but by criminals. (Just common sense)

"Ending Gun Violence"

A testament to stupidity in the minds of anti-gun fools is the “March To End Gun Violence” in Champaign, Illinois. They really think such marches will have an effect! They went door-to-door in a high crime area and gave out soap samples and such, while praying to (not with) the residents. The illegally-armed criminals in that area must have been having a good laugh. These “marches” are just as futile as all the other ideas anti-gunners have to stop gun violence, starting with “registering guns.” Criminals, who get their guns ILLEGALLY, don't register their guns so that does NOTHING except give the government lists of legal gun owners to use when the time comes for them to come and take them. I would say I can't believe people are so stupid as to think these “dog and pony shows” will have any effect on the “gun violence” they SAY is increasing, while is is going down, and has been for many years, but all their ideas have proven futile and they don't know it. It's just publicized more, today, except they keep happening while nothing happens as a result. (Fox Illinois)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Obama's White Flag?

The fact that 14 AGs wanted DC to fund research into “gun violence” so they could make more and tighter “gun control laws,” and “Ol' Joe” replied that that probably wasn't going to happen because he didn't think they'd get much done on gun control in the time Obama has left. Do you believe that? Remember, this is Ol' Joe saying this, not Obama. And even if Obama himself said it, I'd believe it when I saw NO ACTION in that direction for the remainder of his “reign.” Obama's a pathological liar. Remember, “Ol' Joe” was the guy who told people to shoot “warning shots” with a shotgun. Something that a few people who followed his suggestion got into serious trouble doing. Now he's telling them that, if they suspected a criminal was at the door, they should “shoot him through the door” without even knowing who it is. That this could result in the death of many innocent people goes without saying. Joe is not too smart in some of his pronouncements. He blamed the current lack of action toward taking away our guns on a “dysfunctional Congress.” Not on the stiff opposition from the American people, who enjoy constitutional protection from such action. (Washington Times)

"Guns In Church?"

In 2015, a “lone wolf” shooting in a church sparked calls for more useless gun laws by anti-gun fools, who used it as a means to raise more money. They're now wondering what can be done to stop fools from coming into churches and killing people. But they ignore the simplest solution: allowing concealed carriers to bring their guns along when they go to church. They did that in Colorado Springs, Colorado, a few years ago, when a man came in to shoot up the church. The concealed carrier who was in the crowd, shot him, preventing any more murders than had happened outside the church on his way in. The main problem is, potential mass killers KNOW that most churches are “no gun zones,” so it's unlikely there will be any guns there to oppose him,. If there were, and it was known, he might decide not to do it. But they panic at the very thought of law-abiding people bringing their guns to church. They think there's no reason to have a gun in the church. Which shows how ignorant they are. In this place at least, pastors are allowed to be armed, but this one was not. The killer was not allowed to own a gun, but that didn't stop him from getting at least one. So it's unlikely more laws would have stopped him. (USCCA)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How About "Gunphobia?"

There are several organizations who want to stifle dissent to their plans who have come up with phony names for their critics. A couple of note are “Homophobia,” and “Islamaphobia.” It is their hope to paint their critics as somehow “mentally deficient” if they criticize them. I expect a new one to be created soon: “transgenderphobia,” to describe people who object to men in women's restrooms and changing rooms. Okay, so why can't the people who want to defend themselves against ILLEGAL gun owners, all of whom are thugs and criminals, have one of our own. Only this one is REAL. Anti-gun fools ARE “mentally deficient.” The only problem is that they have “wormed their way” into positions where they can make laws and rules to back up their mental aberration. The laws they make seem only to affect LEGAL gun owners, and ignore entirely the millions of ILLEGAL gun owners, who are really the problem. (iPatriot)

The Wromg direction

The article linked here is anti-gun. It talks about “random gun violence” that goes unreported because it is mostly “gang-related.” That's code for “it will never be solved,” just as “mob related” used to mean. It blames “the easy availability of guns” for the problem, but ignores completely the fact that the guns used in all cases are ALL illegally owned and carried, usually by kids too young to be ALLOWED guns, in the first place. The shootings cited are NOT shootings done by LEGAL gun owners in defense of their lives and families as they defend themselves against these underage gang members. They emphasize the fact that the “reasons” for most of the shootings are unimportant, hoping to build an image of shootings in the general population (including legal gun owners) for trivial reasons. They fail to note that most of the offenders are too young to be able to figure out the difference between right and wrong, and are subject to the “gang culture,” which values “face” above all else, and are willing to kill for the most trivial slights, real or imagined. Adults and honest, law-abiding people are not subject to this culture. But, being “gun-haters,” they can't see this. All the violence cited here is done using ILLEGAL guns, not guns registered to their owners or that have gun locks or trigger locks. As usual, they're aiming in the wrong direction. (Tampa Bay Times)

Monday, May 23, 2016

"No Guns, No Suicides"

That's another lying myth promoted by the anti-gun fools. They want us to think that someone determined to kill him/herself can't figure out a way to do it without a gun. How stupid ARE these people that they think we'll believe such pap? One recent such suicide attempt in Santiago where a man stripped naked and jumped into a lion cage in an attempt at suicide is a good example. It was foiled, and the man survived, though he was in “grave” condition at a local hospital. He was saved by the lions being—wait for it—SHOT by zoo keepers. They tried to tranquilize the lions, but managed to tranquilize him, instead. So they finally shot them to death. I hate that it had to go that way, because the lions weren't at fault. They were just being lions. But the whole point here is, that when fools want to kill themselves, they'll find a way, and lack of guns (if that were even possible) would not deter them. (The Sun)

Two-Man "Backlash"

Politico says there is a “backlash” in the NRA against the endorsement of the NRA for Donald Trump for president. Out of FIVE MILLION members, TWO are against it, so Politico declares that as “a backlash.” They're really getting desperate. Folks! TWO out of FIVE MILLION is NOT a “backlash.” If only two people out of that many oppose an action it could be expected. There is NO ACTION an organization can take that will please 100% of its members. They're really reaching for ANYTHING they can find, to discredit the NRA. But it won't work. Americans, especially NRA members, are too intelligent to buy their lies. Intelligence always wins out, but the anti-gun fools aren't intelligent enough to realize that. (Breitbart)

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Concealed Carry "Dangerous"

Yet another anti gun fool LIE. That honest, law-abiding people carrying guns would be “dangerous.” Yes, it WOULD be dangerous—for ILLEGALLY armed criminals when they attack gun owners. The anti-gun fools think people will suddenly go “kill crazy” if they have guns on their hips, and that's a LIE. They would be horrified if they knew exactly how many ILLEGAL guns are being carried every day by kids who think they're “big time” because they're in gangs, who have shown NO hesitation to kill people—including other gang members. To be armed in self defense is NOT “dangerous,” except to the “bad guys.” Hillary is echoing these sentiments, while telling us she “doesn't want to take away our guns.” You have to watch what politicians DO, not what they say. (Herald-Dispatch)

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Journal of Stupid Questions

Anti-gun fools have a real long list of stupid questions they ask. One is, “Why would a teacher need a gun in school?” The question itself shows a complete lack of knowledge about mass shootings that have occurred in schools. A derivative of that same question is, “Why would ANYBODY need to carry a gun?” Again, simply asking that question shows a complete ignorance of reality. A teacher in a school was found to be assaulted and sent to the hospital recently. If he had had a gun, that might not have happened. People on the street are subject to being mugged by ILLEGAL gun-wielding thugs, at any time, especially if they're aged, which young thugs view as “easy targets.” I'm “pushing 80,” and I've never been mugged—yet. But knowing young thugs view me as an “easy target,” I know it's only a matter of time before one of them targets me. And that will be his last mistake. There are other things that can help guys like me to be able to react, and I have most of them. (Time)

I'm Mad, Too!

The writer of the article linked here is angry at the state of journalism these days. That, no longer can you find an unbiased reporter in any newsroom. All of them have an agenda, true, or not. That's why he got out, and went into Internet reporting, where he could write the truth, without being overruled by an editor with an agenda. I've always been in Internet reporting, for the same reason. The lack of objectivity in the liberal media is the very reason I started my blogs—to do what I can to “go around” the biased reporting out there. One thing that makes me angry too, is the fact that anti-gun fools not only look at things wrong, they INSIST on it, and think they're the only ones right—while they're not. They have their blinders firmly fixed. They think the USELESS laws their friends pass, supposedly to “stem gun violence” are “the cat's pajamas,” and we're some kind of stupid to oppose them. In reality, THEY are the stupid ones for thinking what they call “gun safety laws” actually help. They do not. And they will not listen to common sense when we tell them that. Their opinions are “set in stone.” Meanwhile, they call their abortions of laws “common sense laws,” when they're anything but. It makes me angry that these biased people have a platform, from which to spout their horse manure, and that does have an effect. It gets people killed, both from ignorance about what REAL “gun control” would be, and because, unbeknownst to them, makes it easier for ILLEGAL gun owners to victimize law-abiding people. (USCCA)

Friday, May 20, 2016

Making Guns Useless

They can't just ban guns. The Constitution, which is the BASIS of all our laws, prohibits it. So what are fearful politicians to do? They can't have private citizens going around with guns in their pockets. That will make it more difficult for their thugs to victimize them. So what can they do? Idea! Make them useless by requiring them to be stored in such a way as to make them useless for defending against criminals (some wearing badges) who come to steal their property, while using their own guns. Further, require “trigger locks”: and separate storage for guns and their bullets! If “concealed carry is allowed, require that the gun be UNLOADED. What the hell good doe an UNLOADED gun do you:? That's a question they refuse to answer. It'll get you killed!The important thing to these frightened politicians is that an unloaded gun is USELESS to you in defending yourself, and that's what they want. They will have successfully “gotten around the Constitution.” (Just common sense)

Going Gun Stupid

In Brighton, Colorado, they're so panicked about guns that the “school authorities” suspended a FIVE-YEAR-OLD student under their “zero tolerance for guns” policy for bringing a transparent BUBBLE gun to school. Terrible to think that a student might be struck by an errant BUBBLE! What the HELL are these people THINKING? I used to think some of the “school authorities” in my school were “half a bubble off plumb,” but these people truly ARE. Anybody who thinks a BUBBLE GUN is dangerous needs to be “:put away,” themselves. Their dangerous STUPIDITY will get somebody (maybe their students, maybe themselves) hurt. I can't believe the rampant STUPIDITY that I SEE among today's “school authorities.” And these are the ignorant people who are running our children's schooling! (Twitchy)

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Now That's REAL Racism!

The Seattle Times had a piece by a black man, if you can believe that, which was billed as saying “black men should not get guns.” Now, that's REAL racism. Not the phony kind put out by Obama, his thugs, and his followers. Not the kind represented by the “Black Lives Matter” movement, which gets very angry when someone corrects that to read “ALL Lives Matter.” This article bemoans the “fact” that so many guns used in gun crimes are stolen, as if it's OUR fault thugs stole our guns. They cite a figure that a large percentage of people are shot by kids FIVE and under, as if what they call “easy access to guns” was at fault, instead of the action of anti-gun fools to make guns a word “that shall not be spoken” to kids, so they'll always be enthralled if they find a gun at home and play with it as if it were a toy. If the people whose guns were stolen had attended a NRA “gun safety” class, they'd KNOW that keeping information about guns from their children PROMOTES their use by young children to ACCIDENTALLY kill each other. That if they learned proper gun handling and storage, their guns would not be so easily stolen. You can't “reduce gun violence” by hiding their very existence and being sloppy in their storage at home. But these fools will never know that. Their minds are solidly CLOSED to common sense, although they label their USELESS laws as “common sense gun laws.” (Seattle Times)

Nunaya Damned Business!

They're telling doctors to ask you if you have guns, and how many you have. They think they have the right to do that. Of course, with the way Obama ignores our constitutional rights, they make “regulations” not backed by law, to do many things that are unconstitutional. Ant they're enforced until the courts declare them to be so. And they never take back the punishment they imposed. So doctors questioning you about your guns will become common. What should also become common is to tell the doctor, “None of your damned business,” and refuse to answer. The anti-gun fools say that “gun violence is a health issue, so doctors questioning patients about their guns is right and proper.” Which is a typical bunch of horse manure. Whether or not you have a gun at home is none of their damned business, and telling them to ask about it is the government's way of buttressing their already extensive database of gun owners so they can come and get them when they figure out how to get away with it. This article suggests you simply LIE to the doctor. Which works. But I believe it is NOT your doctor's business whether or not you have a gun in your house. And he has NO RIGHT to question you about it. (Hot Air)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Flouting the Second Amendment

That's what Washington, DC does on a regular basis. Therefore, they get “slapped down” by the Supreme Court, also on a regular basis. In 2008, the Court struck down a COMPLETE BAN on citizens owning guns as unconstitutional. After that, they enforced a ban on carrying firearms in public, until the Court, in 2014, struck THAT down. They just never learn. And this is the place where ALL our laws are made, and they should know better. But they apparently don't. The anti-gun fools criticize the NRA, which is the most instrumental organization in the country protecting our Second Amendment rights, FOR doing so. They try every scam they can to discredit the NRA, but, so far, they haven't made it. Next, they required citizens to have a “specific reason” to want a “license to carry,” which functioned as an almost complete ban. They're like that game where you hit a figure in one hole with a hammer, and he pops up in a different hole, almost immediately. Shut them down in one scam, and they immediately come up with another. Limiting the law abiding on carrying guns does NOTHING to reduce gun violence, all of which is conducted by CRIMINALS, who don't OBEY laws. But they'll never learn that, and will continue their efforts to “get around” the prohibition on banning gun rights that is so simple, and prominent in the Constitution. (NRA-ILA)

No Guns, Now Pot

San Francisco's last gun shop is closing. And it's being replaced by a “pot shop.” Apparently, the restrictions on selling pot aren't as “draconian” as they are on selling guns. So now, instead of selling guns to legal gun buyers, it will sell POT to misguided kids who just want to get high, and will STEAL the money to buy it if they don't have it. They CALL it “medicinal pot," but how many kids who want to get high will “come up with” medical excuses to buy it? How they figure this improves the safety of San Francisco residents is a mystery—to everybody EXCEPT the liberal fools running things in that city. Now the cops and security agencies that offer armed security will have to go outside SF to get their guns, and bring them right back into SF. Meanwhile, CRIMINALS will go to the same ILLEGAL gun seller in a back alley somewhere (in SF), and buy their guns out of the trunk of his car (or steal them), since he is not affected by this misguided situation fostered by anti-gun FOOLS. (NY Daily News)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Anti-Gun Round Table

Gabby Giffords, the former congresswoman who got her brains scrambled by a gunman some time ago, is hosting a “round table” on “gun control” in heavily anti-gun Los Angeles. Likely they will discuss the same tired, old, USELESS gun laws that are being made all over the country, which not only do NOTHING to “reduce gun violence,” but in fact, INCREASE it. Their minds are “set in stone” that these useless laws work, in spite of SURE EVIDENCE that they don't. She holds “round tables” and other kinds of meetings, all over the country, but she can't show a single percent REDUCTION in “gun violence” as a result of these meetings. But she feels like she's actually DOING something. It's nice to have a goal in life, even if it's a futile one. And it will be futile until they get smart and come up with something REAL in place of their USELESS gun laws.(CBS)

No, We're NOT

The writer of the article linked here says, “Americans are being duped by the NRA.” Actually, we're NOT. The NRA teaches gun safety courses, and courses on safe gun handling and storage. They teach kids about guns, emphasizing the fact that they're NOT TOYS, and not to be “played with,” which has saved many lives—which the usual “an item that shall not be named” policy of anti-gun fools does not. In fact, that policy INCREASES the killing of one child by another, who, without instruction, doesn't understand that a real gun is not a CAP gun. And they spend a lot of time and money opposing the UNCONSTITUTIONAL efforts of anti-gun fool politicians to make existing guns USELESS, since they can't just BAN them. Politicians are constantly trying to “get around” this constitutional prohibition on DISARMING the populace, and this article is just one such effort. While the NRA isn't the only organization to oppose them, it is the most influential—which is why the anti-gun fools try so hard to discredit them. (The Guardian)

Monday, May 16, 2016

Couric Is Deluded

She is now saying that, “The claim that armed good guys with guns can stop bad guys is a specious argument.” Is it? Then why are there so many stories in non-liberal news sources on it happening, every day? In Chicago recently, with it's very tight “gun laws,” an ILLEGALLY-armed thug was robbing a convenience store and threatening a clerk with death when a LEGALLY armed customer shot him to death. Specious argument, huh? Maybe you oughta do a little honest research, for a change, Katie. Then maybe you'd know the truth, and stop telling LIES. There are stories like that in the news every day. Just not in the places YOU read. They're in HONEST news sources, which you DON'T read. Wake up to reality, Katie. You're supposed to know of what you speak, and you're miserably ignorant. (Breitbart)

Teaching Kids About Guns

In many places, they are teaching kids as young as NINE about guns, and actually letting them SHOOT them. HORRORS! Some newspapers are “having a cow “ over this. Everybody knows youngsters often find guns at home, and in their ignorance shoot each other or themselves. "So we should keep gun knowledge from them as long as possible." That's what anti-gun fools think and say. But why DO kids shoot each other and themselves so often? Because they know nothing ABOUT guns, by design! And, to them, they're often considered playthings, like cap guns, which have now almost disappeared from toy store shelves. But if they were TAUGHT about guns, and taught gun safety, that might not happen. They might then respect a gun as the dangerous instrument it can be, and not “play with it.” Hiding gun information from kids promotes killings, through ignorance. One of the things the NRA is big on is teaching gun safety, as well as safe gun handling. But anti-gun fools want to pretend guns don't exist for kids. And that gets many of them killed. (The Guardian)

Sunday, May 15, 2016

"It's Racism!"

It really amazes me the abysmally STUPID things that are thought and said by some of our elected representatives. There ought to be proof of intelligence requirements people must pass before being ALLOWED to run for an office that involves making, OR enforcing laws. This particular one, Kimberly Gardner, a Missouri state representative, is commenting on “gun control” legislation in that state. She says, “constitutional carry is racism.” Where she gets that is a mystery. Maybe she actually BELIEVES the BS put out by Obama, for whom EVERYTHING that disagrees with him is racism. And we KNOW citizens owning and using guns is against his policies. They SAY racism today is “on the rise.” But that's only because Obama has significantly widened the DEFINITION of just what IS racism. It's not that racism really IS “on the rise.” It's because they are now defining everything they can think of as racism. In any case, this ditzy broad is deluded, and crazy as a bedbug, and should be removed from office before she can do more damage. (Truth About Guns)

Why Don't They Learn?

Anti-gun fools are never deterred in their quest to DISARM the American people when the laws the get passed cause death and destruction by taking guns away from HONEST people, leaving the way wide open for CRIMINALS, who obey NO laws, to victimize them with their ILLEGAL guns. Surely, they're not that ignorant or stupid. There must be another reason why they ignore common sense in the laws they get passed in SPITE of sure proof they pass USELESS laws. That purpose is clear to me. They want to eventually come for what's yours, and they don't want you to be able to repulse them when they do. That's the ONLY reason I can see for taking your guns away, in opposition to the constitutional guarantee that we have a RIGHT to be armed. They refuse to see that their laws are USELESS in reducing gun violence because that's not their intention, at all. That's their story and they're “stickin' to it. (Just common sense)

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Gun Laws Don't Work

I'm sure that comes as a big surprise to anti-gun fools, but the amazing thing is that they don't know it, and can't comprehend it. Criminals don't obey laws, while they have a “child-like belief” they'll somehow obey their gun laws. They have an unreasoning hatred of the very idea of private citizens owning, carrying, and using guns in self defense. They think we'll be more likely to shoot ourselves than the “bad guys,” which shows a certain IGNORANCE about the competence of citizen gun owners. They know THEY would be incompetent in gun handling, and assume we will also be incompetent. Of course, all this IGNORES the fact that millions of criminals who live among us are ALREADY armed, with ILLEGALLY-obtained guns. Which is why the common citizen needs their own guns in order to defend themselves against them. If they did, they could significantly reduce gun violence, by killing off the “bad guys” who use their ILLEGAL guns to victimize them now, knowing most of us will not be armed. (AmmoLand)

Chicago Overwhelmed

The City of Chicago, Illinois, which has such tight “gun control laws” they are regularly being deemed unconstitutional by the courts, have so many gun deaths in their city that only about 11% actually get investigated. There just aren't enough hours in the day to investigate them all, nor enough cops to be ABLE to investigate them all. So a large number of gun murders go uninvestigated, and the killers go unpunished. Chicago is a prime example of how today's “gun laws” not only don't work, they actually PROMOTE gun crime. The anti-gun fools have no idea what to do about that, so they just keep on making their USELESS gun laws, that only DISARM honest people, and get them killed, while criminals run free and use their illegally-gotten guns to victimize unarmed law-abiding people. Maybe we need to start getting guns the same way they do. I'm sure the criminals who sell their illegal guns don't care who they sell them to. (Breitbart)

Friday, May 13, 2016

Happens Every Day

The anti-gun fools keep telling us that private ownership of guns is futile because it won't help in reducing gun violence. That we are more apt to shoot ourselves than a robber. But the fact that they're not only wrong, but STUPIDLY wrong is evinced every day with stories like the one linked below. This private citizen reduced “gun violence” a little bit by killing an ILLEGAL gun-wielding criminal. And statistics show that criminals kill fewer people when their intended victims have killed them. This happened in Texas, where a well-known motto is, “Don't Mess With Texas.” And it's a good idea not to. One shooting such as this won't “reduce gun violence” by much, but every little bit helps. Multiply this by it happening somewhere every day, and it will SIGNIFICANTLY reduce gun violence. So much for the LIES of the anti-gun fools. (Gun Watch)

They Never Learn

Anti-gun fools never learn from experience. Their minds are permanently closed to reality. They think that all the have to do is make a law and everybody will obey it, Hey, dummies! Criminals don't OBEY laws. That's something that applies to ALL criminals. So if you make a law against carrying guns in a certain area, ILLEGAL gun owners SEEK OUT that area in which to commit their crimes because they can be pretty sure nobody will be LEGALLY armed there, to oppose them. Former mass shooters have told us they DO “seek out” no-gun zones. It's easier to kill and otherwise victimize people in those “zones.” Many “big box stores” such as Target and Wal-Mart have declared themselves to be “gun-free zones,” and the number of “gun incidents” on their property have predictably increased significantly. Will anti-gun fools learn by this? Not a chance. They aren't intelligent enough. Their lack of intelligence is proven by their insistence on creating more and more “gun-free zones,” and believing they will not CREATE more gun violence. (Yahoo Answers)

Thursday, May 12, 2016

It Doesn't Happen?

That's what the anti-gun fools want you to believe. That private citizens with guns CAN'T defend themselves, using their guns. They say they're more likely to shoot themselves, which reveals a certain disbelief in their competence in handling a gun that is just plain stupid. In fact, private citizens with their own guns can, and DO not only protect themselves, but protect police officers, too! There is NO EVIDENCE of legally-armed citizens being a danger to police officers in traffic stops, no matter how much the anti-gun fools say there is. But criminals , with ILLEGAL weapons, HAVE endangered police in traffic stops, while citizens with LEGAL guns have HELPED them.

They can't provide such evidence, and there is AMPLE evidence that armed citizens have HELPED the cops with their guns. This post was originally on a web site called “Ohioans for Concealed Carry” but has been removed from there. It contains figures up to 2008, but has not been updated since then. But it contains some interesting information about citizens HELPING the cops with their guns. I wish somebody had updated this article, but it has ample evidence of armed citizens coming to the aid of cops trying to apprehend criminals. (Gun Watch)

Then Who Is Obama?

Rep.Don Beyer, (Democrat, of course) tells us, “Nobody is talking about taking away your guns.” What about Barack Obama? Or Hillary Clinton? Or any number of other anti-gun fools out there including Bloomberg and that scrambled brain female who was shot in the head who ARE TRYING to “take away our guns?” This is a typical attempt by an anti-gun fool to “muddy the waters by “parsing” the words of the anti-gun fools. Yes, they're not talking about “confiscating our guns” because to do so would be unconstitutional. But they ARE doing everything they can to make the guns we DO have USELESS. Just look at what the laws they pass do: gun locks slow down our response time when we're attacked by an ILLEGAL gun-wielding criminal. So do gun safes. In one state they allow concealed carry, but the gun must be UNLOADED. What the hell good is an UNLOADED gun?

In other places, the gun must be stored, unloaded, in almost inaccessible places, with the ammunition in a DIFFERENT PLACE. All designed to slow down our response to an armed attack by someone who doesn't obey laws. That these laws get people killed is without a doubt. Then there are “no gun zones,”: where law-abiding people don't take their guns, but again, criminals, who don't OBEY laws, bring theirs, and victimize those who don't. This fool says, “There's nothing in the Constitution that says gun makers have the right to make guns.” As if they NEEDED constitutional permission to make them. All the Constitution does is guarantee rights, not GIVE them. Gun makers already HAVE the right to make guns. They don't need the Constitution to give them permission. (CNS News)

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hillary's Futile Fight

Hillary has signaled that she is going to “fight the futile fight” her husband lost, and Obama lost, to disarm the American people. Democrats always think they can “bypass” the Constitution on many issues, chiefly the issue of gun ownership for honest, law abiding people. They insist on passing the same USELESS laws as the last, ignorant politician (mostly Democrats), and if they DO manage to get their pipe dream laws passed (for a time, until declared unconstitutional), they won't do a single thing to “curb gun violence.” All they'll do is make it easier for criminals, who don't OBEY laws, to victimize law-abiding people, who DO obey laws, even if they're stupid laws. She'll “flail about” for a while, just as Bill and Obama did, then whine about “the American people” not cooperating in their disarmament. Then she'll go on to something else for a while then, with big fanfare, make another attempt on our constitutional gun rights. And lose again. It's a sure thing. (Reason)

Gabby's Stone Stupid

That bullet must have really “scrambled her brain” because now she's saying, “Background checks aren't enough, we need gun confiscation.” Never mind gun confiscation is unconstitutional, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. What makes her think we can just “bypass” that to confiscate guns after passing out a “special protective order” is beyond me. I guess she thinks they can make issuing ANY kind of a “protective order” can be used as an excuse to confiscate people's guns. Of course, protective orders are “passed out like candy to kids” by most courts. My own son was the subject of one years ago, on the unsupported word of his first wife, whom he NEVER assaulted, even if she richly deserved it. Fortunately, a protective order wasn't used as a reason to confiscate his guns at the time, and he kept his job as an armed security guard—which was her target. I'm really glad Gabby isn't able to actively pass any laws today, because she is patently unable to understand the laws of this country. She's just plain incompetent. (Breitbart)

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Not A Second Amendment Issue

That's what this ACTRESS says about gun control. Actress Julianne Moore (who?) says, “Gun control is not a Second Amendment issue. It's a SAFETY issue.” She also said that “Nobody carrying loaded guns in public is a good guy.” Somebody must have told this “B” actress she was smart, or something. Gun control IS a Second amendment issue, NOT a “safety issue.” You're NOT safe if you're unarmed when an ILLEGALLY armed criminal accosts you. And today's “gun control laws” do not address that reality. Vester Lee Flanagan, the man who killed the son of Barbara Parker, the woman who accompanied Moore to the meeting at which she made this absurd claim, noted that Flanagan PASSED a background check to get his gun.” Which only proves again that today's “gun control laws” don't work to keep guns out of the hands of criminals—and the way they're structured, they never will. That's because all they do is DISARM honest, law abiding people who OBEY laws. They do NOTHING to stop criminals and other fools from buying their guns ILLEGALLY, or stealing them. Cops “walk around with loaded guns” and without them, we'd all be in a lot of trouble. They ARE “good guys.” But fools like Moore and Parker will never know that. Notice from the sign on her lectern that she is a Hillary supporter. That marks her as stupid right away. (Breitbart)

Insane Intentions

Obama and his accomplices are talking about making laws that would instigate numerous suits by victims of gun violence, guaranteed to run gun makers and sellers out of business. Those suits would be for “damages” suffered by those victims by the guns they manufacture. The unintentional consequences to this would be the makers of other products where users MISUSED them getting sued, too. Makers of automobiles, for instance. Can you just imagine the effect it would have on them if everybody who screwed up and ran their car into a tree or ran a stop light and got nailed sued the car maker?

If gun makers were sued by everybody victimized by people who MISUSED their products, it would RUIN them, and that's what Obama and his accomplices want. Of course, that would mean that police agencies and federales would have to get THEIR guns from foreign sources, who would be immune from such suits, or have no guns. Meanwhile the disarming of the American people would be complete—except, of course, for all the ILLEGAL guns there are in the hands of criminals, crazies, and the Islamic terrorists Obama is importing by the hundreds of thousands, even paying their way with OUR money. (Gun Mart)

Monday, May 9, 2016

MOMS Against Guns

Or something like that, marched across the Brooklyn Bridge to rally against guns. They were PROTECTED by—guess what?--gun-toting COPS. Men with GUNS! Nobody thought about this contradiction, except people like us. People who are INTELLIGENT. The “boss” of Moms says people want to rape her. That she has gotten lots of hate mail containing death threats. So she needs PROTECTION when she marches. Protection by MEN WITH GUNS, of course. Gun protection is important when it protects THEM, but not when it protects us “lesser mortals.” Like most anti-gun fools, she still thinks passing a LAW will keep guns out of the hands of CRIMINALS, who, by definition, don't OBEY laws. What we really need are more guns in the hands of responsible, law-abiding people that criminals don't know are armed, so we can get rid of some of the criminals when they use their ILLEGAL guns to victimize us. (Pix 11)

Dangerous At Cracker Barrel

It is more dangerous today to eat at a Cracker Barrel restaurant. They have decided not to allow people who legally carry a gun to eat in their restaurants or shop in their specialty stores that are attached. That means people who ILLEGALLY carry guns can come in at will, because they usually have their guns well hidden. That means they care not for the safety of their customers. Too bad. This WAS one of my favorite restaurants because their food was about as close to “home cooked” as you can get in a chain outfit. But now if I go there, I know I will be less safe than before. Since they don't keep ILLEGAL gun owners out, but DO keep LEGAL gun owners out. I figure it will be only a matter of time before some fool shoots up one of their restaurants with his ILLEGAL gun since he knows there will probably be NOBODY there who has a LEGAL gun.. (Captain's Journal)

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Smart Gun Jammers

Have you ever seen an electronic weapon that can't be jammed? Electronic devices work on radio waves from one point to another. In the case of the Smart Gun, it's from the gun to a wrist watch-like device, and back. All somebody who wants to prevent your “Smart Gun” from firing needs to do is figure out how to interfere with the signal that goes between these devices. And you can bet there are plenty of people smart enough to do that, and make your “Smart gun” a “dumb gun” and unable to fire. You can also depend on the fact that the GOVERNMENT will have some of those people working for them, so THEY can make your gun USELESS on demand. I'm sure they know this, and are working HARD toward that end. They can't just BAN guns, so they make them useless in our hands, while theirs remain fully functional. Of course, what better way to take away our guns than to REQUIRE all guns to BE “smart guns": and in one “fell swoop” make ALL guns not smart guns illegal to own? Liberals are clever. They will always find a way to get around prohibitions on their actions. They will always accomplish their aims in some way. Of course, none of this means anything to those who use ILLEGAL guns, and don't obey laws. They will still have non-electronic guns that can't be jammed by the government, or anyone else. (Truth About Guns)

"They Want To Rape Me!"

The leader of the “Moms Against guns (or some such), Shannon Watts, thinks all men want to rape her because she wants to disarm them. Sounds like she has a little bit of “puffed up importance,” to me. Sitting in my chair is one guy who wouldn't rape her, even with somebody else's equipment. She's just not that “hot.” Where she gets that idea, I don't know. Maybe the same place she gets the LIES she tells about guns. If the news media didn't prop her up, she'd be a “small voice in the wilderness” with her silly ideas about gun control that are aimed in the wrong direction (the ideas, not the guns). The “problem” is not with LEGAL gun owners. It's with ILLEGAL gun owners, who don't bother to obey the silly laws she gets passed. Maybe if she ever came up with some LOGICAL gun laws, somebody might be interested in listening to her. But that'll never happen. She isn't intelligent enough. She claims to have been inundated with death threats. But, as usual with liberals, she can't provide any EVIDENCE that's true. We're expected to just take her word for it. (Breitbart)

Saturday, May 7, 2016

"Biggest Con Job Ever!"

The Australian gun confiscation is one of the biggest con jobs going (outside of AlGore's global warming swindle). It's been in effect for almost 20 years, and they claim it is a success because they haven't had another “mass shooting (except for the man who killed his wife, three children, and himself just the other day) since. Of course, several other countries have had similar mass shootings, have not confiscated weapons, and STILL have had no “mass shootings” in the same time period. I wonder if they define “mass shootings” the same way we do: four or more people killed)? That has a lot to do with their claims. Like most “gun laws” today, their law has done NOTHING to stop armed violence. But they don't admit that. They use very narrowly defined figures to back up their phony claims, just like Obama and his clones do. (The Mercury)

Purposely Misunderstanding

The “reverend” who said, “How can you be “pro-life” and “pro-gun?” is purposely misunderstanding those who want to be able to defend themselves against users of ILLEGAL weapons. He focuses entirely in guns KILLING, while IGNORING the fact that guns in the hands of honest, law-abiding people can KEEP THEIR FAMILY ALIVE. It's not about killing. It's about defending yourself against people who want to kill YOU. Having guns for self defense is NOT contradictory for people who object to the MURDER of unborn infants before they even have a chance at life. I don't think he's really that stupid, so he's got to be PURPOSELY misunderstanding the whole thing. (Local 8 Now)

Friday, May 6, 2016

Guns Aren't the Problem

People with guns are the problem. So maybe we should stop trying to keep guns out of the hands of honest, law-abiding people who aren't the problem, and make it more difficult for DISHONEST, non-law-abiding people to get their guns in a back alley somewhere, out of the trunk of the car belonging to another criminal, who ARE the problem. The gun is not the problem. People who want to use them to rob and kill people are the problem. There is NO WAY we can stop criminals from getting guns, so we need more guns in the hands of honest, law-abiding people so they can defend themselves from those who would use a gun to victimize them.

Today's anti-gun fools can't see that, and never will. Their minds are solidly against it, thinking those law-abiding people are the problem, while criminals still freely buy their illegal guns in that back alley. Did they make laws against ROCKS after Cain killed Abel with a rock? A rock, like a gun, is an inanimate object that can harm nobody, until somebody picks it up and uses it to hurt somebody. I'm getting tired of saying this, but the people who today make all the “anti-gun laws” are IGNORANT, because they think that all they have to do is “make a law” and that will solve all our problems It doesn't work that way, but they'll never know that. They're not smart enough. (Just common sense)

"More Guns to Steal"

Some anti-gun fool came up with the idea that “more guns in the hands of honest people are just more guns out there to steal.” As usual, putting the worst spin on it, forgetting that more guns in the hands of honest people also means more dead criminals, which WILL significantly reduce gun violence. Statistics show that criminals don't use guns to intimidate many people after they're shot to death by their intended victims. Their idea ignores the fact that there are ALREADY many guns out there for other criminals to steal, and they are, themselves, illegal guns. As usual, they ignore this. Like their fantasy that legal gun owners will more likely shoot themselves than criminals, this idea is pure fantasy. But they believe it. They believe many things that are fantasy. They think honest people are incompetent fools when it comes to handling guns, completely ignoring the fact that owners of illegal guns are the REAL incompetent fools. They think that all they have to do is “make a law,” and that will solve all their problems, ignoring the fact that criminals don't OBEY laws. (News 5)

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Patterns In Gun Laws

There are several basic patterns in the gun laws they keep making, if you look closely. One: they just about all don't do anything to stem “gun violence.” Two: they only affect honest, law-abiding people who OBEY laws, and those people aren't the problem. They do NOTHING to stop criminals from getting their guns illegally, and they ARE the problem. Three: they work to make the guns you have USELESS in opposing criminals and their illegal guns. Examples: gun registries. These give the “authorities” a list of LEGAL gun owners, most of whom do not use them to commit crimes, while ignoring ILLEGAL gun owners, who DO. Gun buybacks: They give criminals the opportunity to get rid of guns they have used in crimes and make money doing it. These “buybacks” are usually “no questions asked,” so the cops can't even prosecute people for the crimes that are on those guns. Other guns turned in are old and useless guns which the money they get allows them to buy newer, usable guns.

Then the criminals use that money to buy new guns, usually without crimes on them. Gun safes and gun locks. This is designed to make it impossible for an honest person to get his gun into operation quickly if he is attacked by an illegal gun owner. It takes seconds, or even MINUTES to get them in operation while the criminal is shooting his ILLEGAL gun at you. In at least one state I know of, concealed carry is allowed—IF the gun is UNLOADED! Tell me: what earthly good is a concealed weapon that is UNLOADED in an emergency? Could you ask the criminal to “Wait while I load my gun?” Will he cooperate? Doubtful. This is typical of the ILLOGICAL thinking that goes into ALL “anti-gun laws.” They can't just BAN GUNS, so they pass laws that make them USELESS to honest people. Notice that NONE of these laws affects the criminal, who doesn't register his illegal gun, nor does he obey their silly rules. Only law-abiding people do. So of what use ARE they? (Just common sense)

She'll Go Further

Hillary is promising to “go further” than Obama did in using executive orders to “stem gun violence.” In other words, she intends to violate the Constitution worse than Obama did. Do we really want this monster as president? Liberals simply want to DISARM honest people so they can't fight back when “federal agents” come for their property. In many countries, they succeeded in disarming the populace, and mass executions soon followed. Do you want that to happen here? Why do we (not me) keep electing such fools when we KNOW they're going to screw us at every opportunity? WE know Hillary is a socialist. She won't admit it, but just listen to the “freebies” she's promising. THAT'S socialism. The bad thing is that right behind her is an ADMITTED socialist who, if elected, will do even worse things than she will. Gun bans are illegal in this country, so liberals do everything they can to make the guns we HAVE useless.. Laws like that in Illinois, where “concealed carry” is legal—IF the gun is UNLOADED are good example of the USELESSNESS of today's “gun laws.” What the hell good is an UNLOADED gun in an emergency? (Breitbart)

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

"Beating A Dead Horse"

That's what Gabby Giffords is doing after getting her brains scrambled by a bullet fired by a man who wanted to assassinate this former congresswoman. I don't think that bullet did permanent damage to her thinking processes, but something did. She works DAILY to disarm honest, law-abiding people, while nothing seems to ever get done about ILLEGAL gun owners, and their ability to get their guns out of a back alley somewhere. She never even CONSIDERS the fact that everything she does plays right into the hands of the “bad guys,” who firmly SUPPORT the kind of gun laws she pushes because it makes it easier for them to get their ILLEGAL guns, Wherever gun laws are the tightest, it's easier to get ILLEGAL guns, because the illegal gun sellers flock to those places. (Pioneer Press)

Rushing To Be Stupid

The liberals want men to be able to go into women's restrooms and changing rooms where women are sometimes naked, or near naked, and liberal politicians everywhere are RUSHING to be stupid and make provision for their friends' stupidity to become common. In St. Paul. Minnesota, the Johnson High School has designated ALL restrooms as “gender neutral.” Changing rooms are not mentioned, but I can only think they are included. So men who SAY they “think” they're women can enter and drool over the young, high school age girls in their naked or partly naked state—IF the girls continue to BE naked, knowing this. Of course, ALL schools are “gun-free zones,” so “bad guys” are going to bring their guns in, knowing there will probably not be any guns there that they don't know about, to oppose their murderous intentions.  (Pioneer Press)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

More Laws, Less Gun Violence?

Do more laws equal less gun violence? The short answer is no. But liberal politicians don't agree with that, so they keep making more and more of them, and they do NOTHING except make life easier for armed criminals, who get their guns ILLEGALLY, and don't obey laws. Anybody who believes they will is feeble-minded. But they keep getting elected, and keep making their USELESS “gun laws.” This makes life easier for those criminals, as well as the crazies who want to shoot up groups of people, and Islamic terrorists, who just want to KILL "unbelievers." People that Obama is importing by the hundreds of thousands, and at OUR expense. The MYTH that “gun violence is out of control” is promoted by the liberal media, but it is NOT.

Gun violence has been going steadily DOWN in recent years, but they don't want us to know that, so they keep blasting us with their LIES and phony “statistics.” One of the things the writer of the article below linked found that “gang activity” was the TOP cause of gun deaths. Drug activity second, and third, “criminal on criminal activity." The chances of the “average person” being killed by a gun is WAY less than 1%. If you were paying attention, you'll see that unless you're suicidal, your chances of being killed by a gun are astronomically LOW. As long as you stay out of gangs and away from illegal drugs. If you do these things, your chances of being killed by a gun are 28 in 700,000. An extremely small number. Which does not jibe at all with the phony numbers put out by the anti-gun fools, who just want to disarm HONEST people for their own purposes. (Full 30)

"Shall Not Be Infringed"

The Constitution clearly states that the right of Americans to be armed “shall NOT be infringed.” It is read to be a ban on stopping people from owning and using firearms in self defense. Anti-gun fools read that as being ONLY a prohibition on banning guns, altogether. So they do everything they can to make life difficult for those who DO buy firearms to use in self defense against those who get theirs ILLEGALLY. Every law they make, such as background checks for ammunition buyers, mandatory gun safes, trigger locks, a requirement to carry an EMPTY GUN in places where concealed carry is “allowed,” ARE an “infringement” on the right of Americans to be armed. “Infringement” doesn't have to be a total BAN on the purchase and use of a firearm. It can take many forms, including applying silly limitations on carrying and using them, so as to make them USELESS. (GOPUSA)

Monday, May 2, 2016

They Call It "Gun Violence"

But it isn't. It's CONTROL. They also call it “common sense,” but it isn't that, either. There's no common sense in disarming honest, law-abiding people while criminals. Crazies, and Islamic terrorists have no trouble getting their guns, ILLEGALLY. He continues to make USELESS anti-gun laws and regulations, KNOWING they're useless to “curb gun violence,” but ARE useful in helping him control the population. If they don't have guns, they can't oppose his efforts to “redistribute THEIR wealth.” His “big thing” is “Smart Guns” that will only fire in the hands of their owner. It uses a computer chip to do so. He's REQUIRING everybody to have a “Smart Gun” in the future, including cops.

It uses computer technology. Have you ever seen a computer that didn't occasionally “crash?” If this computer crashes, you could be dead. Because the criminals won't be using “Smart Guns,” and they'll just shoot you. He's extending the federal background checks, which he ALSO knows doesn't save a single life. While we're importing Islamic terrorists by the hundreds of thousands at Obama's behest, and AGAI9NST the wishes of the American people, even paying their way with tax money, Obama is conspiring to reduce the number of LEGAL guns we have to use in opposing them. It's as if he WANTS the Islamic terrorists to win. And I believe he does. I believe he is a “closet Muslim” who CAME HERE to help them win. (KUTV)

Sponsors Pro-Gun Bills

This guy has a bright future in politics, if he can survive the wrath or his anti-gun colleagues. He has sponsored not one, but TWO pro-gun bills in the Illinois legislature. Rep. Jerry Costello sponsored one to prevent local governments from making gun purchases more expensive by adding a “fee” on top of taxes to gun purchases. Then he added one to allow concealed carry on public transportation, a place where ILLEGAL guns are often used to intimidate and rob, sometimes KILL riders. Both bills are currently in a House Committee. I hope they don't “die” there. We need to elect more intelligent legislators like Costello, instead of the “brain dead” ones we now have, who keep introducing, and passing, many USELESS anti-gun bills that actually PROMOTE gun violence, instead of prevent it. (WSILTV)

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Violating the Constitution

What do you do when a presidential candidate PLEDGES to violate the Constitution on her first day ion office (IF she ever makes it to the Oval Office, that is)? The answer is obvious. You vote against her and, if she wins anyway, and carries out her pledge, you IMPEACH her. Hillary is like a lot of politicians, mostly Democrats, who think they have a lot more power than they do, and think they can just VIOLATE THE CONSTITUTION at will.  The founders added the Second Amendment for a good reason: there will always be a deranged  demigod like Hillary who thinks running things AGAINST the will of the people is their right. They're wrong. Which is why Obama has FAILED miserably to do what she PROMISES to do during his two terms. Americans are a free people, despite what Democrats think. It is our RIGHT to be armed in self-defense, whether of not Democrats think so. We (not me) have elected far too many fools like Hillary in the past, and we need to ELIMINATE all candidates who threaten to go against that right. (Breitbart)

Why Is It, You Think?

Chicago, Baltimore, and DC have some of the tightest “gun laws” in the nation. And between them, they account for just about HALF of the murder rate increase in the country. Is that POSSIBLE? Gun laws prevent people from killing each other with guns, don't they? Don't criminals read the signs saying, “no guns allowed here” and take their guns back home before entering? Don't they unload their guns where open carry is allowed if the gun is unloaded? Do they store their guns in “gun safes” and use “trigger locks” on their guns? Not a chance! Criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists don't OBEY laws. They take their guns with them everywhere they go, and they're ready to use them at the “drop of a hat.” And sometimes they even drop the hat. Anti-gun fools are convinced that all they have to do is make a law against something to stop it. They're deluded that way. We need to get rid of those fools. (AIM)