Saturday, August 8, 2015

Not Forced To Ask

In Florida, they HAD a law forcing doctors to ask their patients if they had guns. A recent court case was decided that doctors had no reason to ask anything about gun ownership UNLESS the answer actually had something to do with the patient's well-being. That leaves a lot of states with such “directives” still in force. I don't know how it is in my state (Colorado), but if my doctor asks me if I have a gun and demands an answer, I'll tell him it's none of his damned business. What's he going to do? Have me arrested? Fire me as a patient?Report me to the feds? I don't care what he does. If answering questions about things he has no right to ask about causes me to have to get a new doctor, then so be it. The very IDEA of that is an invasion of my privacy, and they can take their questions to hell with them as they go. (The Right to Bear)

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