Friday, March 31, 2017

Her Death Was "Safer"

Anti-gun fools stupidly tell us people are safer without guns in the house. They think we're all stupid enough to shoot ourselves, instead of the bad guys. So this woman had no guns in the house when her abusive boyfriend came in one day and hacked her to death with a machete. The anti-gun fools would say “she died in safety.” Just a few minutes before he murdered her, she was on the phone with state's attorney victim advocate, discussing a restraining order she wanted to take out against him. A restraining order that would do no better than “paper against scissors,” it seems. If you're planning bloody murder, would a paltry restraining order slow you down? The advocate was still on the phone with her while she was being murdered. The advocate could actually hear the killer's voice, arguing with the victim, just before the call “came to the end.” The killer thought he had to kill her so he could move on with his own life. He will be able to do that--in prison. And maybe will die there, hopefully. (Palm Beach Post)

Anti-Gun Stupidity

In Hoke County, N. Carolina, they raise many stupid people, it seems. And many of them are working in school systems. That's why a FIVE year-old girl got suspended because she used a STICK to represent a gun while playing a game, and actually POINTED it at somebody! School “officials” said that was “dangerous” and suspended her. This is a good example of the anti-gun hysteria that abounds in schools that are run by liberal “educators.” They're still blaming the gun for violent crime when they should be blaming the violent CRIMINALS. But they don't know any better, I guess. They'd rather victimize little girls that go after the REAL cause of the crime. Mom says she wants the school to apologize to her daughter. Good luck with that, mom! Stupid people never apologize.(ABC News)

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Trump Gun-Control Bill?

Democrat Joe Munchin is hinting that Trump might solve his problems between the Democrats and the Freedom Caucus by sponsoring some anti-gun legislation. And Munchin is just the man to spearhead it. Trump is “between a rock and a hard place with Congress, between the Freedom Caucus and the Democrats , who seem to all want to stop or delay everything he tries to do, and Munchin seems to think anti-gun legislation will help resolve those differences. Especially if it goes the way Democrats want it to go. But there's a problem; if he DOES allow more restrictive anti-gun legislation, he's going to lose a big part of his loyal followers. He will certainly lose me. I want to see him succeed, but not at the expense of our gun rights, which are guaranteed by the Constitution. Not that he's worried about my support, but there are a BUNCH of people who think the same way I do, and in numbers, there is strength. (Hot Air)

"Trace" Gets It Right

I don't usually talk positively about The Trace, because it's mostly an anti-gun fool mouthpiece. But I guess even a broken clock can be right, twice a day. Now they're running a story saying that “gun control doesn't work.” Maybe some of them are waking up to reality. Their specific complaint is that, in SPITE of stiff laws against guns and high-capacity magazines, cops are STILL confiscating record numbers of such guns and magazines. Noticeably absent in this article is reference to other anti-gun laws such as “no-gun zones” and all others in force now that similarly do NOTHING to “stem gun violence.” The reason for that is a “deadly fallacy” in ALL such laws; the idea that CRIMINALS, who break laws for a living, will OBEY the gun laws. Meanwhile, all the high capacity magazines coming in from other states likewise are ILLEGAL. Criminals just don't give a damn about their anti-gun laws, as we know them, so far. (Trace)

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Feinstein Misquotes Scalia

She took a quote on an earlier case where he was QUOTING somebody, to prove just the opposite of her contention that automatic weapons have no place in the hands of individuals and purposely MIS-quoted it to prove HER point in questioning Judge Gorsuch. Actually Scalia, in that same quote, when read entirely, affirms the fact that their mention of a “militia” meant ALL the people able to fight, so they could bring their own lawfully-owned guns with them when called up. This is the type of subterfuge anti-gun fools use regularly, so as to fool people who don't know any better into supporting their efforts to make everybody in America defenseless. (Second Amendment Foundation)

The Fallacy of Gun Control

There is a basic fallacy in ALL the “gun control laws” as we know them, today. That is that criminals, who OBEY no laws, will somehow obey a law saying he cannot have a gun, and has to give his name and a lot of other information about himself to the government, making him legally liable for the crimes he commits, using that gun. If you ask an anti-gun fool about that, they have no answer, so they just call you names. For instance: in Connecticut, they're trying to make the type of gun used in the Newtown Massacre illegal to buy and own, as if making it illegal to buy and own that kind of gun would stop somebody bent on killing a bunch of kids from doing it. If the potential killer can't get his gun legally, he will simply get it ILLEGALLY. And their laws don't cover that possibility. All they do is DISARM law-abiding people, making them DEFENSELESS against such people as the Newtown killer. Gun-free zone” laws likewise, depend on the “bad guys” OBEYING their piddling laws when he is out to violate a much more serious law, that of mass murder. They're INSANE if they think their laws will make a piffle of difference. (Fairfield Citizen)

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Gun-Totin' Left Wingers?

That's what they say they are. They say they're “fighting white supremacy” and some other fuddled stuff that I can't translate into logical thought. But “gun-totin' left-wingers? Armed white men “fighting white privilege?”  NowI know they've “gone bananas.” But I didn't think they had gone this far “into the woods.” How do armed white men “fight white privilege?” sounds like the usual crap, to me. They just want to make trouble and create dissension in the ranks. They don't care why, so they come up with something that sounds good to ignorant minds and push it to the hilt. This outfit, which is called the “Phoenix John Brown Club,” preaches the same gobbledegook as other liberals, but with a deeper meaning. They're actually the Ku Klux Klan under another name, using the “soft racism” of claiming “black folks ain't intelligent enough to do things on their own and need our help." (Gun Free Zone)

They Don't Mind

The Center for Disease Control (an organization whose mission should have nothing to do with guns) is one of the favorite outfits anti-gun fools like to quote, even though they are so often WRONG. In fact, they don't CARE if they're wrong. They were recently caught putting out false stats, and when people went back to see if they were changed, guess what? They WEREN'T They were still there, in all their phoniness. In 2014, gun expert John Lott notified them that they had made a mistake in quoting accidental gun deaths that amounted to 100 more deaths than there were. It was an important factor, but when he checked back in 2016. they had yet to correct that error, leading to other organizations that used their figures to also be wrong. This is the sort of sloppy statistics-handling that makes their conclusions WORTHLESS, but they are still widely used. And frankly, I don't think the anti-gun fools even care, either. (Crime Prevention Research Center)

Monday, March 27, 2017

Terrorist's Favorite Weapon

No, it's not the gun. Not in this country, anyway, yet. And any difficulty getting guns has nothing to do with it. They just like killing us with things we wouldn't want to ban, like trucks. Or cars. Or knives. It's not the ease they have in GETTING them, it's just the whole idea of killing us with everyday items like that, or even a pressure cooker bomb. They will still use guns, of course, as they get further along in their plans to kill as many people who don't believe in their silly “religion” as they can. Unlike other religions, intelligent people refuse to “knuckle under” and so, must be threatened with DEATH if they don't “convert,” leading to mostly “conversions on the outside,” but not in the inside. People who CLAIM to have been “converted” so they won't be murdered, but who still believe otherwise. They only “go through the motions” of being Muslims. Letting people have guns for self defense will remove that necessity—but the anti-gun fools will never hear of that. (Wall St. Journal)

Trying A New Tack

Now the anti-gun fools are trying to say that, since handguns didn't exist when the second Amendment was written, it doesn't cover them. But as usual, it's a fool try. Handguns DID exist at the time, but just not in the numbers they do now because they were so big and bulky, and hard to conceal. And that wouldn't make any difference, anyway. They speak of “being armed.” They don't detail what “being armed” actually MEANS. They meant that Americans should NEVER be debarred the ownership and use of firearms, no matter what form they take. It was for the purpose of self defense, and even self defense against the GOVERNMENT, as well as other criminals. They've got people working 24 hours a day trying to come up with a “magic bullet” that will allow them to disarm all Americans except those working for the government, at all levels. That's pretty obvious, since, every time they find people using alternative methods for self defense, they try and ban those, too. (Irons In the Fire)

Friday, March 24, 2017

"It's A Black Problem!"

This article says the “gun problem” in Chicago is a black problem” because absolutely most of the people who get shot, and do the shooting are black. It says the numbers exceed the numbers in Honduras, the most dangerous country in the world, but are not noted in the national numbers as such, so that doesn't make news. They say the “problem” is “negligible” in white areas. And they're probably right. White people as a rule, aren't as quick to shoot, and aren't as often members of the street gangs, who do most of the shooting. They say most researchers don't delve deep enough to get into the LOCAL figures. Which obviously could alter the national figures a lot, if such figures are noted. I don't cite the Trace often, because it is largely an anti-gun fool mouthpiece. But in this case, they seem to be right. Of course, if we report this, we will be called racist. (The Trace)

Clinging to Their Ignorance

That's what all anti-gun fools do. In this case, it's a preacher, who pretends to know what Jesus would say. And he says Jesus would say, “Put up your guns. Those who live by the gun will perish by the gun.” Of course, those who “put up their guns” WILL perish by the guns of people who don't. He fully supports “gun-free zones,” one of the silliest of the anti-gun laws. They just can't understand that the “bad guys” don't OBEY their laws, and especially their “policies” not to allow guns in certain areas. Bad guys just IGNORE such restrictions, so they get to do what they want in those areas, sometimes wantonly KILLING many people, none of whom will be armed and able to oppose them, if they abide by the law. That's the fallacy in ALL their “gun laws.” that the bad guys will OBEY those laws. The bad guys will NOT. They BREAK laws. That's what they DO. So why should they obey those insipid “gun laws?” (Valdosta Daily Times)

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Many Stupid Politicians

It's really stupid to ask your policemen to go up against possibly ARMED criminals without having guns, themselves, to oppose them. That fact was displayed grossly in London the other day, when an UNARMED cop tried to stop a killer from killing any more people, and became the next victim to be killed by him—just before he, himself, was shot to death by other cops who HAD guns. The cops' guns ENDED the threat. The unarmed cop only could give his own life in defense of the public, without being able to stop the killer. In France earlier, when Islamic terrorists were intent on killing people at a newspaper for printing a PICTURE of Mohammed, the first responders, being unarmed, could do NOTHING to stop the carnage. Thus, 11 innocent people were cruelly murdered, while they watched, while hiding behind their cars. This is not a criticism of the cops, for to have engaged the killers would have only meant their own deaths, without stopping the killing. Politicians who even CONSIDER disarming their cops are ignorant—no, they're STUPID. And any UNARMED cop killed in the performance of his duty will be “blood on their hands.” (Just common sense)

Broke In, Got Surprise

Security video shows a brazen thug breaking through the door of a woman's home in broad daylight, right beside a busy street in Miami Gardens, FL. He finally got the door opened, then immediately turned and lit out for parts unknown. They found the stolen Mercedes that he had brazenly parked in her front yard later, in Miami. Where he went from there is not known, only that it is far from this lady's home. You can see the shotgun in her hand as he shot away in his stolen car. When asked why she didn't just shoot him, she told the reporter she didn't want to traumatize her children any more than they already were. Seems to me the bad guy got a bit traumatized, too. He may be still running—maybe underwater. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

No Charges In Killing

A judge has cleared a civilian in the shooting death of a man who was beating the hell out of a sheriff's deputy and trying to get his gun to shoot him to death, according to reports. A local judge cleared him of murder charges in the death of the attacker. The sheriff publicly thanked him for saving his deputy's life. That he even had a CHANCE to face murder charges in this incident is a travesty, since he was saving this cop's life by killing the suspect, who refused to stop beating on the cop and trying to get his gun. The shooter had a carry permit, so no gun charges were indicated. At no time were there any 911 calls about this incident, although one person did stop to videotape it. That tells me a lot about the mentality of many people, who wanted to see a cop maybe killed, but didn't bother to call for any more help. Thank God this guy was there. Anti-gun fools continue to say these things don't happen. (Bearing Arms)

Death to Their Cause

Liberal anti-gun fools (a redundancy, there) hate judge Gorsuch, because they know he is “death to their cause” of disarming every man or woman in America. They know that, if he is confirmed, it will make the Supreme court more “friendly” to non-liberal causes for a long time. And they can't have that, so they're trying everything they can to derail his confirmation. I don't know who they think will arise after him in this administration to replace him if they succeed, but he will probably be worse, for their purposes, than Gorsuch. For them, it's a losing proposition. And looking forward to the NEXT Supreme Court appointee is even worse, for them. Because if it comes while Trump is still president (which it probably will, with two current members already talking about retirement), it will change the makeup of the Court for decades to come. They KNOW Gorsuch is a “gun-friendly” judge, and they are TERRIFIED he will be confirmed. Which will ruin their chances to make Americans defenseless for a long time, as he rules properly on the Second Amendment, and creates rulings that will make it even harder on them. (National Shooting Sports Foundation)

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

More Bloomberg Rejection

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, now the chief anti-gun fool in the country, has suffered many defeats to his extreme intentions. All of them lately in his anti-gun efforts. He should have stayed in New York, where he was a little more successful (running for an ILLEGAL third term, and winning). His latest defeat is in New Mexico, where they rejected his latest effort to get his gun control bills passed into law, making it harder for people to be able to buy guns (and thus be DEFENSELESS against all the ILLEGAL guns already out there). His proposed laws would have only taken guns away from law-abiding people, and would have done NOTHING to stop, or limit gun sales made ILLEGALLY. Which is a feature of ALL the gun laws I've ever seen. He spent a quarter million dollars this time, which is “pocket change” for him. It was a half-hearted effort for him, maybe because he's getting “tired of losing,” and he knew he had NO chance in a state like New Mexico, which has a long history of being “gun friendly.” (NRA-ILA)

Disarming America

That seems to be the goal of the anti-gun fools. Every law, every regulation they propose, make Americans defenseless against the millions of ILLEGAL gun already out there in the hands of all kinds of “bad guys,” none of which wish us well. I don't know how they figure that will stop gun violence. You CAN'T stop criminals from getting guns. They usually don't get their guns legally, anyway. But every law the anti-gun fools promote make honest people defenseless, while doing NOTHING to hinder the use of guns by the “bad guys.” In fact, their laws make it easier for them to victimize honest, law-abiding people. Gun-free zones, for example. The theory is that, is people aren't allowed, by law, to bring their guns there, that will solve the problem. But the “bad guys” don't OBEY laws, leaving law-abiding people defenseless against them. Gun safes, trigger locks, and all the other devices they force us to use, likewise. They make it impossible to get the guns we do have in operation fast enough to effectively oppose a “bad guy,” who doesn't follow the rules. By so doing, they simply get people killed, while doing NOTHIING to “stem gun violence. You'd think they'd learn that, but apparently they don't have sufficient intelligence to do so. (Just common sense)

Monday, March 20, 2017

What Do Doctors KNow?

Yeah, I know. Doctors are, for the most part, smart fellas. But they, as a group, know NOTHING about guns, so why would anybody accept their pronouncements about them? They're now saying, “Automatic weapons belong on the battlefield, and ONLY on the battlefield.” Next, they'll be echoing those judges who said automatic weapons are NOT guns, and are not protected under the Second Amendment. These are generalizations, and the generalizations don't work. What if an Islamic terrorists or just a criminal or crazy comes at you with a fully automatic weapon? Without your own, you wouldn't stand a chance. And that's not something that will never happen, the way things are going today. With Islamic terrorists flooding into this country, disguised as “refugees,” the RAPE figures are going steadily up, as are the murder rates, although nobody has yet seen fit to connect that with the entry of Islamic terrorists into the country. The whole idea that you can defend yourself by DISARMING yourself is absurd. (New Haven Register-News)

Feelin' Their Oats

New York politicians are getting cocky where gun rights are concerned. They think they have the power to ban guns, even though the Constitution, the basis for ALL of our laws, says they can't. And they also think they can ban the use of “Tasers” and other stun guns, also. Now they're arguing that people don't have the right to have a gun in their homes, OR a stun gun. They forget there is an inherent right to self defense (a “right of birth”), and guns or even stun guns are the means to that end. The obvious purpose of this is to take away people's right to self defense, period. They want to ban EVERY means of self defense, making their people DEFENSELESS against the millions of ILLEGAL guns already out there, in the hands of the “bad guys.” When somebody suggests that, they never give a cogent answer. They just :laugh it off” as if it doesn't exist, and they don't need to give an answer. They'll be reversed by a higher court, of course—if that court actually rules according to the Constitution, which they are bound to do. But in the meantime, Many people will die, because they have no means of self defense. One day, if heavy ash trays are used to stop an attacker, they'll ban heavy ash trays. They just want to keep people defenseless. (Ammoland)

Friday, March 17, 2017

British Hypocrisy On Guns

They don't want most of their cops to be armed. They have almost a total ban on private gun ownership, though they have very high gun violence rates. Not only that, they're the biggest manufacturer and exporters of guns in the world, outside of the United States. The British arms industry employs 350,000 people spread over 11,000 firms, and as many as 1.2 million people relying on guns for a living. Britain has sold 3 billion pound's worth of guns to countries where the most human rights violations take place. So CHILDREN in “developing countries” get guns, to use in killing adults AND children. While Brits get no guns—except for all the ILLEGAL guns sold there by criminals, for criminals., which number in the millions. (Truth About Guns)

Blame It On Trump

You probably heard about “Gander Mountain” going bankrupt. Gander Mountain relies heavily on gun sales and hunting for their business, and, according to the “wizards of smart” in this article, you can blame Trump for that. Why? Because Trump pledged to protect the Second Amendment, so people are no longer afraid of more and tighter “gun laws” by the feds. Thus, they're buying fewer guns and hunting less. Which puts Gander Mountain's failure squarely on Trump. That's how liberals think. ANYTHING that goes against their “scholarly rhetoric” is somebody's fault. They're right, about Trump's policy being responsible for reducing gun sales, but that's not something to be BLAMED on somebody. As to Gander Mountain's bankruptcy, has anybody ever heard about bad management? Gander Mountain is not the only company to go out of business lately, and it's because of OBAMA'S policies, not Trump's. Obama's bad management of the government is responsible for MANY bankruptcies, many of them in the insurance business, due to his disastrous Obamacare system. Other bankruptcies are part and parcel of his policies, and Gander Mountain is not unusual. Some of America's biggest businesses have gone out of business in the last eight years. Businesses we thought were “forever.” (The Street)

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Backdoor Gun Control

Some anti-gun fools sit on the bench. That is proven by a recent “ruling” by the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals. They ruled that certain automatic weapons aren't guns, and thus aren't protected by the Second Amendment. The AR-15 is a gun. What part of “gun” don't they understand? Never mind. Their ruling demonstrates their bias and their ignorance. And it ignores previous rulings and “gives the finger” to the Constitution. It creates “backdoor gun control," if a bunch of black robed fools get to define a gun as “not a gun” so they can rule against it. I don't know what these judges are smoking, but it I were a druggie, I'd want some. Maybe we need to start drug testing judges—or even INTELLIGENCE testing. This is an incredible stretch to gut the Second Amendment, and tossed common sense out the window, while making their own rules. This decision again points up the need for some CONTROL over out-of-control judges, who rule AGAINST the Constitution and define words to suit themselves. (ADN)

Determined To Be Stupid

Chicago's top cop, who should know better, opposes a law now under consideration to apply longer sentences” for criminals who use guns in the commission of a crime. You'd think that would be a “slam dunk, wouldn't you? Because it puts the onus squarely on the shoulders of the lawbreaker, not the law abiding citizen, as most anti-gun laws do. He seems to think it's just another way to put black men in prison. Maybe so. But if black men use guns in a crime, they DESERVE it. In Chicago in 2016, 4,378 people were shot, resulting in 717 dead. Most of them black men shot by black men, except for the black women shot by black men, and a few white men and women. That means somebody was shot every two minutes, with somebody killed every 12 minutes. Most of them black men killing black men. And he thinks this is just an effort to send more black men to prison? “If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.” That's a well-known saying, and it's true. (Bearing Arms)

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Violates First Amendment

That's what they say about making laws barring doctors from asking you about guns. Next, they'll make laws FORCING you to answer truthfullyuabout your guns, or face action for lying under oath. And they'll put you in jail for refusing to answer. But for now, if your doctor asks you about your guns, just tell him (her) it's “nonaya business.” He may have a First Amendment right to ask you, but any effort to DEMAND an answer violates the Fourth Amendment. For my part, I don't care what kind of laws they make, my answer will still be the same if my doctor asks about my guns. It's not his business to ask, and it has nothing to do with my health. The government is getting way too far into my personal business, and I'm not going to allow it. So they can jail me if they can. (Daily Caller)

"Only Whites Are Racist!"

The University of California, Davis, says that blacks can't be racist, thus proving their colossal IGNORANCE. Blacks certainly CAN be racist! Not against blacks, because that would be really stupid. But against WHITES. And that's the kind of racism PROMOTED by Barack Obama, and the “Black Lives Matter” crowd. It's being promoted by blacks wanting to discredit all cops and destroy their effectiveness, because so many of them are criminals (not all, of course, THAT would be racist). A certain percentage of blacks (and even some whites) have taken up Obama's promotion, working HARD to “prove” that ALL whites are racists, which is also racist, on their part. They say blacks can't be racist because they don't have the power. But that's wrong. They're gaining power every day, through rioting, demonstrating, and LYING about cops “hunting blacks to shoot,” which is supremely stupid. It's the new kind of racism, and they're promoting hell out of it. (Daily Caller)

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Everything They Can

To make life difficult for people who want to LEGALLY buy a gun to defend themselves against the millions of ILLEGAL guns already out there in the hands of the “bad guys.” Now lawmakers in New York want to force legal gun owners to buy expensive “liability insurance,” thereby making gun ownership even more expensive. This, of course, assumes that LEGAL gun owners are the most likely to MISUSE their guns. It ignores the fact that MOST misuses of guns are on the part of owners of ILLEGAL guns, who can't be made to buy expensive liability insurance because they usually can't find them—and if they do, they usually take those guns away. As usual with most anti-gun laws, this law only applies to LEGAL gun owners, who aren't usually the problem. (Ammoland)

Common Sense On Guns

The anti-gun fools will confidently tell you to “Forget about getting a gun for self defense because the cops can protect you.” But when they say that, they're stupidly wrong. And the cops will be the first to tell you they're wrong. They know the cops need time to get there when called. All they can do is “clean up the scene” and MAYBE catch the bad guy, AFTER he has done his dirty work. And maybe dispose of the body, if necessary. The “rank and file cops” know this. The police politicians often don't. Some of them even were never cops on the street, but they pretend to know everything there is to know about policing. The cop on the beat likely tells his own family to go armed, because he KNOWS they are their own FIRST line of defense against the millions of ILLEGAL guns, already out there in the hands of the “bad guys.” Another stupid assumption on the part of anti-gun fools is that, if they can just get rid of all guns, crime will stop. It will NOT. Back when there were no guns, there was crime. When they wanted to kill, they used other means. In cave man days, they used clubs and big rocks. Today, they use guns, because there ARE guns, and anybody who thinks a law will keep guns out of the hands of the “bad guys” is dangerously deluded. (Slow Facts)

Monday, March 13, 2017

Savaging Gorsuch

For his careful examination before ruling. He was called, in 2014, to rule on a case where a man was given a “deferred judgment” and successfully completed the requisite time passage without incident, and the conviction was expunged. Not, however, to bureaucrats. He served with distinction in the Navy, and was a gun instructor. He had several guns in his home (because he didn't know he was still considered a felon in their eyes) when the cops raided it, and he was charged with being “a felon with a gun,” when he actually was NOT. That conviction had been reversed, but they kept it on the books for banning his ability to own guns purposes. Gorsuch ruled in his favor, and anti-gun fools hate him for it. They've been searching diligently for something, ANYTHING to keep him from the Supreme Court, and this is what they came up with. But, far from making him ineligible to serve, it CEMENTS his eligibility to make intelligent decisions, at least to intelligent people. (The Hill)

The "Muslim Ban" Fantasy

It amazes me how liberals keep on pushing their fantasies, even to the extent of pushing them on foreigners. The pipe dream that Trump was pushing a “Muslim ban” is one of those. It has been debunked, over and over, but they still insist on saying there IS a “Muslim ban, when there is NOT. Their ignorance is demonstrated yet again on “Good Morning Britain,” when Piers Morgan suggested that a gun ban would be a more important step to self defense than Trump's “Muslim ban.” It is that fiction that has already led to many deaths, through the disarmament of many Americans. But Australian immigrant Nick Adams set him straight on the importance of the Second Amendment to personal defense against Islamic terrorism, as well as domestic criminals and crazies. But Morgan will most likely go right on believing in the non-existent “Muslim ban.” (Bearing Arms)

Friday, March 10, 2017

It's A "Good Cause"

When I got a carry permit in Indiana years ago, they required me to come up with a “good reason” why I needed it. Not being very political in those days, I didn't question the requirement. I just told them I had occasion to have a lot of money on me on weekends, since banks weren't open on weekends then, and night deposit was a hassle. But this case is all about that requirement, and the fact that it is an “infringement” on our constitutional right to be armed in self defense. The Ninth Circuit (bless 'em) upheld the decision of a lower court, saying the constitutional right was “sufficient “good cause” and nothing further is needed. So it is going to the Supreme Court now, and one can only hope they consider it after Judge Gorsuch is on the Court. (Breitbart)

"Down the Rabbit Hole"

It has happened. MOMS Against Guns (or something like that) want to ban MEN. They tell young women who are looking for love that all men are out to kill them, so they should “stay away.” They have come up with a figure (from I don't know where) that if they are in a relationship with a man, there's a 50% chance he will kill them, so they need to get rid of THEIR guns (those that have them). Seems like a damned fool argument, to me, but then, every argument I've ever heard from liberals is a damned fool argument, and is against logic. I seriously doubt their figures, but experience tells me they will insist on spouting them, They figure if they say it, we MUST believe it. even if we prove them false. And PROOF? Liberals never provide proof of their expostulations! So MOMS has “gone down the feminist rabbit hole.” That comes with frustration, and as many fights as they have lost, they MUST be frustrated. (Gun Free Zone)

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Back To Five Days

I admit it. I'm getting old. I can no longer do seven days a week. It takes a lot of research daily to keep up with these blogs. Several years ago when I worked two days a week for Avis, it was easier. But I was younger. My biggest problem was walking. Not writing and researching. So starting this weekend, I'm reverting to a five day schedule, which might let me get a little ahead on my research with the two days gained. I need these blogs to stay alive. But not seven days a week. It's worked so far.

Major Overreaction

In San Antonio, Texas, they found 75 old bullets in the basement of a house. Really dangerous, huh? Old bullets have killed many people from just “sitting around,” haven't they? So they evacuated the whole neighborhood and called in the bomb squad to dispose of them. The picture I saw showed many thousands of dollar's worth of unneeded responders and their vehicles and equipment to dispose of 75 BULLETS that probably wouldn't even fire any more, anyway. Not to even mention how much money it takes to PAY all those cops to stand around with their thumbs where they sit. This is an excellent example of the silliness of the thinking of anti-gun fools who have offices where they can panic like this, and make it into a “big thing.” (Fox San Antonio)

Rising Gun Thefts

From cars. “Gun free zones” pose TWO dangers to humans. First of all, the danger that they will be unarmed when a criminal, crazy, or Islamic terrorist comes in a place where he can be pretty sure law-abiding people will not be armed, to kill people. That's the first, and most obvious danger. The second is the rise in gun thefts from cars as people who carry guns go into places where guns are not allowed. They put their gun in the glove compartment and go in to do their business. A thief breaks into their car and steals the gun. Next week, he might bring that same gun into the same place, in front of which he stole it and do HIS business with the gun. That “gun-free zones” create a new opportunity for gun thieves again, is obvious. It is an unintended consequence of gun-free zones, along with all the people KILLED in gun-free zones by guns. Meanwhile, putting a gun safe in your car is an absurd suggestion. But look for anti-gun fools to make it. And DEMAND it. As soon as they realize what's going on. (“Shall Not Be Questioned”)

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Determined To Disarm

Everything the anti-gun fools do is designed to make people DEFENSELESS against the millions of ILLEGAL guns already out there in the hands of criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists. But they have no suggestions as to how to defend yourself if faced by one of those illegal guns. In Wisconsin, a bus line forced people who already held concealed carry permits to disarm themselves before boarding their buses, even though that is against state l;aw. Statistics show that on a bus is one of the most likely places for people to be accosted by a thug with an illegal gun, so forcing people to disarm themselves to ride their buses is illogical, to say the least; life threatening, at worst. Fortunately, the Wisconsin Supreme Court thought differently, and that bus line's prohibition goes away. There's no telling how many lives that ruling may save, over time. (Ammoland)

Illogical and Stupid

The measures sponsored by the anti-gun fools are illogical and stupid, as is their basic premise. Their basic premise is that, if they can get rid of all LEGAL guns, crime will go away. But that completely ignores the MILLIONS of illegal guns already out there, in the hands of “bad guys.” Their laws are not designed to protect ANYBODY, but are simply designed to make it more difficult for people to get their LEGAL guns in action quickly enough to oppose a criminal with an ILLEGAL GUN, or to keep them unarmed, period. They are designed to make them defenseless, and have killed many people by disarming them. They think the way to self defense is to be disarmed, and that''s about as stupid as it gets. When asked to tell us what their laws are supposed to do to protect us, they can't give a cogent, logical answer. They just spout their nonsense about making the world “gun free,” which is the worst thing they can do, because their idea of “gun free” does not count those ILLEGAL guns the “bad guys” already have. There is absolutely NO WAY to get rid of ALL guns, but that is their illogical dream. Meanwhile, their laws and regulations are killing many people. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Why Is A Law Needed?

In Arizona, they have made a law against infringing on gun rights. My question is, why the hell do they need a LAW to stop states from infringing on constitutional rights? Doesn't the very fact that the Constitution PROHIBITS infringement on gun rights in America rule? Will a LAW be obeyed any more than a constitutional provision? If any LAW is needed here, it should be to PUNISH legislators who make laws that DO infringe upon constitutional protections. They should not need a LAW to keep people from violating the Constitution, and make enforcement MANDATORY. The constitutional prohibition alone should do it. Seems to me they just want to complicate things by making more and more LAWS to do the same things already covered. (Bearing Arms)

Fearing Guns

Those who fear guns, themselves, are abdicating their responsibility for their own safety. It is an IRRATIONAL fear. Some call it “Hoplophobia.” That isn't a recognized medical description, but neither are the made-up words, “Islamaphobia,” “homophobia,” or “xenophobia,” words used to “criminalize” people who don't agree with somebody. I say “irrational fear” because they fear ALL guns, wherever they're pointed. You should NOT fear a gun pointed away from you, or just sitting on a table. Without somebody's hand on it, it can't hurt you. This irrational fear is purposely instilled in some people, usually as children. Anti-gun fools make a big thing out of children finding guns and killing themselves or others, in their lack of knowledge. Yet they are adamantly AGAINST the NRA training that can prevent this. And they make up numbers by calling a 35-year-old woman gun victim a CHILD victim. (The Federalist)

Monday, March 6, 2017

Gun To A Bar Fight

Martin Knowles, in Idaho Falls, Idaho, got mad when he got kicked out of a bar for arguing with a man in a cast after stepping on his injured foot. So he came back later with an automatic weapon and a handgun, threatening everybody in the bar including that injured man's wife. So they took his guns away and beat the hell out of him and called the cops. The cops arrested him, charging him with many things, including menacing, and being a felon in possession of a gun. Knowles was charged some time ago with drug charges, and was therefore not allowed to legally have those guns--but he had them, anyway--until he pulled them on those bar patrons. Thus proving (again) that “gun laws” do NOTHING to prevent such people from getting their guns. And this guy was also an incompetent at handling those guns, because that guy in a cast took them away from him before the rest of the bar patrons beat the hell out of him. Cops ignored that beat-down when they got there. (Truth About Guns)

It Is NOT True!

Anti-gun fools claim that this country is a growing crime-infested nation, which is why they want to take away our right to have and use the means of self-defense, a gun. But they're wrong (again). It is not. In fact, as gun sales rose as a result of Obama's anti-gun activities, violent crime dropped significantly. Gun sales to black men are still increasing because of Trump's election. Mostly for self defense against other black men who use ILLEGAL guns. States, all over the map are considering and PASSING measures to get rid of “gun free zones” and allow concealed, OR open carry, which is making violent crime go down, even more, America ranks 99th on a list of countries with intentional homicides, out of 191! That's down to the 50% level. That's far from a “gun frenzy.” And most of the countries on that list have very tight “gun control laws.” Some ban guns, altogether. (The Observer)

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Enough Is Enough!

“This is a message to the Left. To Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Brown, Kamala Harris, Maxine Waters, Diane Feinstein, Eric Garcetti and all the Leftist Socialist Communist politicians in California and throughout the nation: WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR LIBERAL POLICIES TOWARDS ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS AND CRIMINALS - YOU ARE GETTING OUR POLICE OFFICERS AND INNOCENT CITIZENS KILLED!!!” This is something they will deny to their dying day (unless somebody with an ILLEGAL gun kills them soon), but it is true. They are getting people killed by the hundreds, even thousands. And among them are lots of cops who have fallen to ILLEGAL guns lately, in more numbers that before, because of the rhetoric of “Black Lives Matter” and other left-leaning propaganda mills. The way to self defense is NOT disarming yourself in the face of all the ILLEGAL guns already out there. (Totally Right)

Killing Spiteful Lead Ban

On his last day in office, Obama signed an order banning the use of lead in bullets to “make life miserable for hunters.” They CLAIM it was to “save the lives of animals. But aren't bullets MEANT to kill? Seems like an unnecessary rule, meant only to throw a “last shot” at the new Trump administration. So Trump's new Interior Secretary (who rode to work on a horse) immediately reversed the ban and scotched Obama's plan, “nipping it in the bud.” It is said that this order was a last parting shot of a frustrated anti-gun fool to help make life more difficult for Trump, as well as hunters and fishermen (the ban extended to fishing lures). This action is just one in many that will be needed to reverse Obama's harmful “rules,” imposed WITHOUT being passed by Congress, that are not so obvious as this one, and must be “ferreted out” before reversing. But they will be found, and dispensed with. Count on it. (Bearing Arms)

Friday, March 3, 2017

The Arrogance of California

As it stands today, if you have a license to carry a gun in any state, you CAN'T carry it in California unless California gives you one of their precious concealed carry licenses (which will cost you a bundle), which is something I wouldn't hold my breath for, since turning blue doesn't particularly appeal to me. But if the act now introduced in congress passes, and Trump signs it--which he most likely will--they will then be able to concealed carry in California, as well as all other 49 states (or 57, according to Obama). This causes much vomiting in the anti-gun fool camp. The very THOUGHT of Americans being able to carry guns in larger numbers gives them the willies. That's because they think disarming yourself is the best way to defend yourself from all the ILLEGAL guns already in the hands of criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists. (Totally Right)

Ending Gun Control

Trump has promised to end gun control, as we know it, today. And he is already working on a measure to end "gun-free zones" in public schools, nationwide. Other anti-gun laws are in his sights. But the fight is far from over. Local "authorities" are still dominated by anti-gun fools who will continue to make their illogical and stupid "anti-gun laws." Gun-free zones, for instance, have been a massive failure. Every mass shooting but two, so far, have taken place IN a "gun-free zone." Potential mass shooters SEARCH OUT gun-free zones in which to do their dirty work. Many other gun crimes have taken place there. Such as in Wal-Mart or Target Store parking lots.

But even though Trump knows better, local politicians and bureaucrats do NOT. They don't care how many innocent people they get killed with their silly "flights of fancy" they call, "common sense gun laws." Pressure from above in the next four, maybe eight years will have an effect on that, but it will not be total. The locals will continue to make their silly laws, and private organizations will still fall for the "gun-free zone" myth, and the other anti-gun myths that become law. So you need to be alert, and get rid of known anti-gun fools in your legislatures. One anti-gun writer says the Aurora Theater shooter said nothing about CHOOSING a gun-free zone as evidence that gun-free zones are not "chosen" by mass shooters. as if what he SAID or did not say was evidence of his thinking. But if you listen closely tho what he DOES say, he did. (Politifact)

Thursday, March 2, 2017

"No Evidence to Support It"

That's a favorite statement for liberals. They say, "There's no evidence to support" this, and "no evidence to support" that, when there IS, and they ignore it, so they can say that. Such is the case here, where they say "There's no evidence to support the theory that a 'good guy with a gun in the crowd' can stop a BAD guy with a gun," while there IS evidence it is true. MASSIVE amounts of it, which they roundly IGNORE, while spouting their lies. They still think that, if the average person were allowed to carry a gun legally, they'd "go insane" and kill somebody over a trifle, like a fender-bender or an argument over a parking space. They discount all the MILLIONS of guns there are already out there in the hands pf gang members, who do, and others, who are simply criminals. In a church in Colorado Springs, CO, an armed worshiper they CALLED a "security guard DID stop such a mass shooting, before the shooter could kill more than two. And there are uncountable such instances, which they ignore. (WTSP TV)

Why Women Buy Guns

One of the largest groups buying guns now are women. One reason is that some men like to rape them (especially today, Islamic “refugees” who pretend not to be terrorists), others like to beat on them and even KILL them. And without something like a gun to protect themselves, they're defenseless. As more and more Islamic terrorists pretending to be harmless people fleeing the terrorists are allowed in, the rape figures predictably rise, as they have in Europe, where they welcome them with “open arms.” Another group that CAN'T have their own guns are young boys. It is a “cultural thing” to Muslims to rape little boys, and even chain them to their beds to be raped again, later. That was proven in Iraq when an Iraqi COP was found to have a small boy chained to his bed and was raping him regularly. When found and punished, the locals objected, saying raping little boys was “a cultural thing,” and nothing should be done about it. There are many “bad dudes” in this world, and women want to be able to defend themselves against them. So more and more of them are getting guns,—and rightfully so. (Bearing Arms)

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Keeping Students Defenseless

Mike Bloomberg is determined to keep college students defenseless in the face of the growing threat from crazies who just want to kill a lot of people, to Islamic terrorists who want to kill everybody who doesn't convert to their phony “religion.” His deluded women's branch, MOMS Against Guns (or something like that), is similarly determined. He's putting a lot of money in several states to keep them from passing “concealed carry” and “constitutional carry” laws. Common sense tells us that the BEST defense against an ILLEGAL gun, brought to school, is a LEGAL gun in the hands of a responsible student, teacher, or other staff. Not a uniformed officer, who can be isolated and “dealt with” before any actual shooting of students or staff can begin. I don't know what keeps Bloomberg going, except stupidity, and the need to have SOMETHING to do, since he can't ILLEGALLY run for mayor of New York, any more (they're onto him). (Breitbart)

Of Course It's Racism!

With liberals, EVERYTHING is racism if it disagrees with their perverted views. So, of COURSE more gun freedom is racism, And the NRA is guilty of racism, AND “fear mongering.” Ever since Obama got elected, partly on the promise that electing a black man (him) would END racism in this country, forever, like most of his lies, that didn't happen. In fact, he helped it INCREASE. The white against black racism we had almost conquered, and the new Black against WHITE racism he, and his accomplices created. Obama figured would help Democrats (and of course, himself) by further dividing us, and fooling us into fighting among ourselves, so we would have no time, or interest in watching him, as he destroyed this country, as we knew it. (Salon)