Sunday, November 30, 2014

"Getting Around" the Constitution

Gun grabbers work HARD to “get around” the Constitution on gun control. Most of them know they can’t just make a law to BAN guns altogether, although that’s what they’d LIKE to do. So they make laws to HINDER people in their use and make them useless. Like making people “register” when they buy ammunition, or ban ITS manufacture or ownership “It’s not a gun, huh? Therefore, it’s not covered by the Second Amendment. But if you don’t have ammunition, your gun is a good doorstop, right? Now the Los Angeles Council wants to make an ordinance to force gun owners to DISABLE or “lock up” their guns, which also is not unconstitutional, but has the same effect. We need to “register” or “disable” the politicians who want to do this. Better, let’s just not elect them, in the first place; or DE-elect them if they ARE elected. (LA Times)

How Can This Happen?

Chicago has some of the tightest anti-gun laws going. So tough, in fact, that one of them was recently reversed by the Court. I thought such laws were supposed to make such things a distant memory. All anti-gun fools say so, so it must be true. But apparently, it’s not. Just ask the woman whose boyfriend shot her to death in a Nordstrom’s Store in Chicago recently. Oh; I forgot. You can’t; she’s dead. Maybe somebody should have told her boyfriend it was illegal to have a gun in Chicago. Oh yeah; it’s also illegal to KILL someone, anywhere. Apparently he doesn’t give a damn about a trivial little law against carrying a gun because he was bent on violating a much more serious law against MURDER. Do you think these fools will ever learn that? Doubtful. They’re not too smart. (ABC News)

Saturday, November 29, 2014

"Who Needs A Gun?

A question often asked by anti-gun fools is, “Who needs a gun in a bar?” Of course, the answer is simple, but the gun-grabbers aren’t smart enough to figure it out for themselves: Somebody might come into that bar to rob people and having your own gun can put a stop to it. That’s what happened, here, and nobody else was armed, so nobody could stop the shooter. If there had been ONE person with his own gun in that bar, watching football with the others, he would have been able to put a stop to the robbery. But under usual current laws, a bar is especially considered a place where guns should not be allowed. I say, if they were allowed, even a drunk could not terrorize the bar, because someone else would likely be there with his own gun and be able to stop it. (WOWKTV)

Facebook Bans Gun Safety

They stopped a gun store from advertising a gun safety class “because it linked back to a place that sold guns.” In their message about it, it said, “This decision is final. Please consider this the final message about your ad. In other words, they’re KING, and there’s no chance of appeal of their decision. Don't ask. Maybe that gun store should just close their Facebook account and tell them to “go to hell.” That’s what I’d do if something like that happened to me. They need ME. I don’t need THEM. They think they’re “big stuff” who can make their own rules, contrary to common sense. Policies and actions like this will be the “death of them” as more and more people close their accounts because of it. Fortunately, Facebook is not the government, and you can still talk about guns and share photos of them on Facebook—until they decide, in their infinite wisdom, not to allow it. Just don’t try and publish an AD there with ANY connection to guns, no matter how thin. Their stupidity knows no bounds. But then, they’re liberals. What else can you expect? (The Right to Bear)

Friday, November 28, 2014

"Outfoxing" the Feds

Eleven states are “outfoximg the feds” on their gun control laws by using the ”commerce clause” against them. The feds have long misused the commerce clause, twisting it all out of shape to allow themselves to interfere in state business by citing ANYTHING that has ever been SHIPPED interstate allowing them to act. But it’s not working on guns manufactured WITHIN the state, which they cannot touch. “Under the Constitution of the United States, certain limited powers are held by Washington, D.C. By default, all other powers rest in the individual states. The Founders understood the dangers of too much power being held by a central government, and they crafted the Constitution to ensure their newly emerging country would be protected from out-of-touch autocrats.” Of course, those autocrats have “gotten around” that clause for years, in many ways. Now it is being used against them. Additionally, some sates have made laws BANNING the enforcement of federal gun laws. (The Right to Bear)

CCW Could Have Stopped Shooting

At Florida’s Florida State University, they have a “no guns” policy that kept students and staff from carrying legally carried guns onto campus. But that didn’t stop the guy who came on campus armed and shot two students before the cops arrived with their guns and killed him. There were at least TWO students who had CCW permits who COULD have stopped this guy before he was able to shoot two people, while the cops were still en route. But NO! They weren’t allowed to carry their guns on campus, and were thus as defenseless as those shot. Students For Concealed Carry excoriated the “school authorities,” saying those students could have stopped the shootings early, but for the school’s “criminal friendly” gun rules. (Bearing Arms)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Trevon Martin: The Truth

The media did a good job of criminalizing George Zimmerman by lying liberally about him, AND Treyvon Martin. Much of the evidence to show the jury the truth was kept from them, some on very thin “reasoning.” In fact, a prosecutor who insisted on turning over “exculpatory evidence,” which prosecutors are REQUIRED to do, was FIRED for it. Also kept from them was the fact that Martin was a KNOWN thug, burglar and drug dealer; that Zimmerman was NOT “stalking” him, and even if he was, it wasn’t grounds to beat him to death, which Martin was trying to do when he was shot. Evidence PROVES that, just by the injuries Zimmerman suffered, countered by the almost complete LACK of injuries to Martin, except the bullet hole and some abrasions on his hands, which was evidence that He was the aggressor, not Zimmerman.

Additionally, Zimmerman was NOT a “self-appointed” neighborhood watch member, but was duly appointed by the proper authorities and even offered a quasi police car and uniform, which he refused. Then add that Zimmerman himself was part black, on his mother’s side, and Martin was sent to live with his father because he had gotten in trouble at home, and you have a ready picture of a small-time hood that had ATTACKED Zimmerman. Many are the facts that were hidden from the jury AND the world, but he was acquitted, anyway; which infuriated the public, that had been “brainwashed” by the media. The same thing is happening in Ferguson, MO, to a REAL cop, who killed a giant thug who was trying to kill him, and was halfway there when shot. (Backwoods Home Magazine)

Open Carry Arrests Reversed

Cops in Texas (TEXAS, of all places) arrested several people (one in a wheelchair) for carrying TOY guns in September, but they didn’t charge them with carrying guns. They “got around that by charging them with that “catch-all” charge, “disturbing the peace,” even though the only people there disturbing the peace were the cops, who were overreacting to a DEMONSTRATION against gun laws. (You know, “disturbing the peace” could be anything from running around killing people to farting in public, at the discretion of the enforcer).This charge is designed to allow the cop to arrest ANYBODY, for ANYTHING, or NOTHING. Just because he wants to. They could call it “contempt of cop” and that would be right. But elections mean something. Those seven have had all charges dropped. Did you know that THIRTY states allow open carry WITHOUT a permit required?

And only SIX states don’t allow open carry at all (but at least one , Florida, makes getting a permit easier). FOURTEEN states allow open carry with a permit. That tells me many politicians are “getting wise” to the fact that America does not want those oppressive gun laws that only keep HONEST people unnamed, while doing NOTHING to stop CRIMINALS, who obey NO laws, from getting, and carrying their illicit guns. Maybe someday ALL politicians will learn that their laws don’t work and start thinking about passing laws that DO. But I’m not holding my breath. Turning blue doesn’t appeal to me. The “hard core” gun-grabbers aren’t amenable to reason. They just want to DISARM Americans, for ANY reason, or no REASON at all. (Gun Watch)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Stopping Ferguson Rioters

Rioters in Ferguson, MO, have destroyed countless businesses, most of them owned by minorities that had nothing to do with the killing of that giant thug who was trying to KILL a policeman, who was ALONE, at the time. They rampaged in the city, burning business after business, until they came to the Louis Tattoo Studio and County Guns. These businesses were protected by “good guys with guns” so the rioters decided they didn’t want to get shot, and went elsewhere, seeking easier targets. Businesses that weren’t protected by armed owners. This, of course, proves the truth of what I’ve been saying, all along: that “good guys with guns” can stop “bad guys with guns” every time, without a shot being fired. (Bearing Arms)

Nullifying Federal Gun Control

One more state has passed a law to nullify federal gun laws. Texas has joined other states that have made laws PREVENTING the feds from enforcing ANY federal laws against gun ownership. The feds maintain that they can’t do that, that federal law TRUMPS local law, but that’s a LIE. The Constitution clearly states that STATE laws trump federal laws, and what this law does is prevent the feds from enforcing their useless and unconstitutional gun laws. The ownership and use of guns is a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT. They can’t get around that, although they try, every day. It is the absolute goal of many politicians to DISARM all honest Americans who OBEY laws, KNOWING that CRIMINALS, who obey NO laws, will still be armed. This must STOP! Such politicians must be sent home in disgrace. (The Right to Bear)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Gun-Grabbers At Fault

Recently, a ten-year-old boy was killed by cops who shot withut thinking when they saw a “gun-shaped object” in his hand. It turned out to be  TOY gun; something many small boys have in their hands as the play ”cops and robbers.” For a cop to shoot so quick is due to the influence of the gun grabbers, who have made so many people so frightened of what is an inanimate object until it finds its way into the hands of a criminal or a crazy. The basic fault is with that cop who killed this BOY unnecessarily. But maybe he wouldn’t have been so quick on the trigger without all the propaganda put out by anti-gun fools in their efforts to disarm ALL honest Americans, all the time knowing their useless laws will do NOTHING to keep guns out of the hands of CRIMINALS, who OBEY no laws. (The Truth About Guns)

Couldn't Do It One Way

They couldn’t get Washington State’s legislature to pass I-594, a law to make people register every time they put a gun in someone else’s hand, anywhere. So they spent millions to get it done by “initiative.” And that initiative was financed by out-of-state millionaire gun-grabbers. Washingtonians didn’t like it, so 5,000 of them are going to violate it at the same time and DEFY cops to arrest them all (Hint: they’ll need a bunch of new jails). “The Facebook page for ‘I-594 I Will Not Comply’ states, We will rally at the capitol, openly exchange guns, unveil and plan to break apart the entire legislation and violate I-594 in every possible way … We will buy and sell guns from whom we please, we will not submit to background checks, we will not give up our rights, WE WILL NOT comply’.” It’ll be interesting to see the chaos this creates among gun-grabbers. They’ve already got their panties in a twist. (The Right to Bear)

Monday, November 24, 2014

Promoting Racism

Talk about PROMOTING RACISM! “[S]tudents at the University of Pennsylvania held a ceremonial funeral on Friday afternoon for ‘black and brown bodies’ oppressed by 'the evils of capitalism and the racism of police officers'. Forget about all the police officers, white AND brown, who have been killed by illegal gun-wielding black criminals. I guess if you want to promote racism, you can just ignore things like that, as liberals and gun-grabbers usually do. This kind of thing always enrages me because it is SO unnecessary, and only serves to “whip up passions” that really need no “whipping up,” as witness the riots in Ferguson, MO, over the killing of a large, out-of-control black thug while he was trying to kill a white policeman. What enrages me is that the people who do this never think about such things before they “whip up” such passions. (Minuteman News)

Stupidest Gun Law Ever

In California, since 1923, a gun store is lawfully prohibited from showing a gun, or even a PICTURE of a gun, that shows outside the store. He sells guns, but can’t let his customers know it until they get INSIDE the store. Gun stores are now suing to have the law repealed, on First Amendment rights, not Second Amendment tights, as is usual in such suits. This is a typical example of “getting around the Constitution” used by anti-gun fools. They know they can’t BAN guns, per se, so they do everything they can to make it hard TO SELL, OR buy GUNS—or to USE them, which is the whole point of making it difficult, if not impossible to buy ammunition. Their laws become sillier and sillier to attain this goal. This one has been stupid for a long time, but gun stores are just now getting around to doing something about it. I remember a law back in the sixties against selling, buying, or USING anything that could be projected at a person in such a way as to make them uncomfortable, which made even TEAR GAS guns or pepper sprays illegal. If fully enforced, it would also cover my FIST, as IT can “be projected at a person in such a way as to make them uncomfortable.” I don’t know if they still have that law, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they do. (Second Amendment Insider)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

"From My Cold, Dead Hands'

That saying takes on a new meaning in Buffalo, NY, where cops are going “door-to-door and “confiscating” (stealing) guns from the families of people who have died, saying it’s “so the guns don’t get into the wrong hands.” What a bunch of BS! For my money, they ARE “getting into the wrong hands” when the cops come and take them without having to pay for them, and without any real right to do so.. They are personal property, and should NOT be subject to these “police state practices.” The law they made to allow this is patently unconstitutional, but they don’t care about that. They’ll do what they want, and to hell with the Constitution. “The PRESIDENT ignores it, so why wouldn’t they?” This is further evidence that we are entering a police state and the Constitution is becoming an “outdated document” politicians need not obey, even though they all SWORE to uphold it, (The Right to Bear)

They're "His People"

Eric Holder is still Attorney General, even though he has resigned. And he is still making decisions based on his bigotry. Four members of the gang, “99 Goon Syndikate,” which is part of the “Bloods,” kidnapped and murdered a state police captain and Holder has “ruled” the death penalty “off the table” for them. The killers don’t appear to be black, though their complexions are dark. But Holder still thinks of them as “his people,” since they are minorities. This is what you get when you elect a criminal as president. He then appoints another criminal to be his chief law enforcement officer and that criminal treats HIS office in as lawless a manner as does his boss. Yes, these people will probably go to prison for the rest of their lives—unless a jury decides otherwise. The real atrocity would happen if ANY of them got out of prison, EVER, even if they’re OLD people by that time. What makes this worse is that they didn’t even kill him while he was trying to do his job. They schemed, kidnapped him while he was off duty, and murdered him, leaving his body in the woods, to be found later.(Breitbart)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Gun-Grabbers Pissed

Texas has become the 45th state to legalize “open carry” and the new governor has said he will sign the law. Now “Moms against Guns (or some such) and other anti-gun fools have their “panties in a twist.” They think their wishes should supercede those of lawmakers all over the country, I guess. Colorado is one of those states, but you wouldn’t think so, considering the new laws being made by our anti-gun legislature and signed by the governor. Anti-gun fools keep flailing at stopping American citizens from being able to carry the means for self-protection against those ILLEGALLY-armed criminals that abound in our society, apparently being serenely unaware that a majority of people in this country disagree with them. Maybe someday they’ll wake up to reality. Probably not. They aren’t smart enough to figure out reality. (Breitbart)

Harris-Teeter Gives "Moms" the Finger

You’ve probably never heard of Harris-Teeter unless you live in North Carolina or another Southern state, but they’re a big grocery chain there. “Moms Against Guns” (or some such) told them to stop letting people carrying legal guns carry them into their stores, and they replied quickly that “We have no intention of changing our policy regarding guns or the carrying thereof in our stores.” Which I’m sure pissed “Moms” off mightily. They think you shouldn’t oppose “Moms,” I guess. Other large chains (such as Kroger) have similarly told them to “:go to hell,” and I’m sure that pissed them off, too. They think such things should be handled by lawmakers, not retailers. Maybe outfits like CVC Drug Stores should feel the same way about smoking. They recently announced their decision to stop selling any kind of smoking products, therefore telling their customers they would make their decisions about smoking FOR them. (Breitbart)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Holding DC In Contempt

A federal judge found the gun laws in DC to be unconstitutional and ordered them to make new laws that “conformed to the Constitution. So they got to work and made a flurry of new laws—that DID NOT. Their new laws are just as bad, and restrictive as were the old ones. I guess the politicians in DC are so arrogant they figure they can “flip the bird” to a federal judge, for that’s what they’re doing—in spades. They think they don’t have to obey judge’s orders, since Obama doesn’t. They’re only following his lead in IGNORING the Constitution, and the orders of federal judges. They need to be taught that they do NOT have the right to ignore the orders of federal judges, even if they ARE “the elite.” The arrogance in DC is breathtaking! (Washington Times)

Anti-Gun Hypocrisy

I’ve covered this before, but this kind of thing needs to be covered over and over until people KNOW about it. “The hypocrisy of many Liberal lawmakers is regularly on display, but nowhere was it more obvious than Monday, October 21st in Ferguson, Missouri. Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed is a Democrat who has co-sponsored several anti-gun bills. She was arrested during a protest in front of the Ferguson Police Department and charged with failure to obey a lawful order and walking in the roadway, after she and other protestors refused to move from the street. The big surprise came when police found the senator was carrying a loaded 9mm, along with extra ammunition.” She thinks us “peons” shouldn’t be allowed to carry guns for self-protection, but she also thinks she, as a member of the “elite,” should. This reminds me of when I found, some time ago, Senator Diane Feinstein, one of the most outspoken enemies of “peons” carrying guns, herself carries a gun. Other politicians don’t carry their own gun, but hire ARMED “security.” This kind of hypocrisy is breathtaking. (The Right to Bear)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Restaurants That Allow Guns

“Would you go into a restaurant that allows its patrons to bring their guns in?” Yes; ABSOLUTELY! Criminals bring their guns into restaurants every day, without fanfare or the knowledge of the other patrons. And if they feel threatened, they will take them out and shoot somebody. Crazies will come into a restaurant without regard to it banning guns within, because they don’t OBEY laws, regulations, or rules. I don’t worry about RESPONSIBLE gun owners bringing their guns into that restaurant, because I know they will be there to oppose those criminals if they choose to “shoot up” that restaurant—and the very POSSIBILITY of such armed people being there will make potential mass shooters think TWICE before doing it. The “fallacy of thought” that causes such a question to even be asked is obvious to the INTELLIGENT. But not to anti-gun fools, who don’t fit that description. (Personal Liberty)

Turning It Around

A Muslim fool threatened a woman and her response is not what he planned on: This was his threat: “I'm going to kill you when I find you. Don't think I won't; I know where you and your parents live and all I'll need is one phone call to kill you all.” Instead of cowering and hiding, she told him to “bring it.” She even gave him her address “so he wouldn’t have to find her.” And she told him to be sure and wear body armor because she “has some new ammo she wants to try out.” I love this lady already, and I haven’t even seen her. She shows the kind of “backbone” Americans have, that people in most Muslim-run countries don’t have. That’s why they have so little trouble subjugating them. They won’t find it so easy, here. You can read her entire response at News Max (link below). I think it’s priceless, and guaranteed to make a Muslim terrorist crap his pants in anger and resentment that a mere WOMAN would say such things to him, a MAN! At least, he has the right plumbing to be a man, though I doubt he’s a man in reality if he can’t do anything better than threaten a woman, who basically tells him to “screw off.” (Freedom Outpost)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Disarming America

Obama has signed the UN Gun Control Treaty, which, under the “rules,” can be ENFORCED while WAITING for Congressional approval (while he doesn’t even ASK for it). “Under the terms of the U.N. treaty, participating nations must set up export and import controls for combat vehicles, aircraft, and small arms. The treaty also requires those nations to ‘establish and maintain a national control system, including a national control list, in order to implement the provisions,’ the Washington Times reported.” The NRA (and I) think, Obama will use this as “an end-run around Congress” to violate the Constitution. The problem is, I don’t think the Constitution has a provision that stops the government from signing and implementing a treaty that patently VIOLATES the Constitution, as this does. There are two basic errors the “Founders” made, and not barring treaties from violating the Constitution is one of them. The other is not providing PUNISHMENT for politicians who violate it in their attempts to legislate against it. So therefore, politicians can pass unconstitutional laws and enforce them until declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court without fear of personal punishment for violating the Constitution other than having their law revoked. (News Max)

No Talk About Constitution

That’s what Connecticut State Police Lieutenant Vance told a caller when she asked him about enforcing unconstitutional laws. But whether or not he wants to talk about the Constitution, he’d better, because it is the BASIS for every law in the land and enforcing the laws he’s supporting is in VIOLATION of it. Earlier he asked her, “What does the Constitution have to do with this?” That’s really a stupid question, because the Constitution has EVERYTHING to do with this. At one point, he told her, “I’m the master!” What a stupid jerk this is! How he ever got to be a Lieutenant in the State Police tells me it isn’t hard to do for stupid people. The cop said his remarks were “taken out of context,” but I have to ask, what is “out of context” about “We’re the masters?” or “What does the Constitution have to do with this?” Damn, this guy is really STUPID! (World NetDaily)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Citizens Refuse to Comply

What do you do when 10.000 citizens refuse to comply with a law? Do you build a few more jails and arrest them all? (You'd need more cops, too) Or do you reconsider your overbearing and stupid law? That’s the decision Connecticut law enforcement has to make when thousands of citizens have signified their refusal to obey Connecticut’s new gun registration law. All this was in response to the Sandy Hook school shooting, which occurred in a “no-gun zone,” proving (again) that laws do not deter criminals and crazies. As many as 250 peace officers in Connecticut have said they will NOT enforce the new laws. So the “authorities” have a big decision to make. Further, all but TWO of the Connecticut sheriffs have said THEY will not enforce it. Those citizens who have refused to comply with this stupid law are ready to go to jail, if necessary. But I sincerely doubt it will be necessary. Wiser heads will ultimately prevail, I think. Or they’d better get to work building more jails. (World Net Daily)

Cops Take Customer List

They invaded the store owned by the company that had obtained a restraining order banning them from doing just that. They came in with guns drawn, even though there were women and children in the store, and “confiscated” (stole) computers and customer lists in violation of that restraining order (and the law). This is how our government operates today under Obama. This self-described “constitutional scholar” violates the constitution (which he swore to uphold) every day one way or another. Does anybody think they will be punished for violating that restraining order? Not a chance. Obama won’t allow it. He does what he wants, regardless of the law against it. He is the worst CRIMINAL in America, but nobody (but me) will admit it. (World Net Daily)

Monday, November 17, 2014

"The Emerging American Police State"

This is being reinforced by their activities. We have a Constitution that is the BASIS for every law or regulation in the land. NO law or regulation can violate this document, no matter how much Obama disagrees, in his position as a self-described “constitutional scholar.” Example: Brandon Howard was exercising his First and Second Amendment rights (while legally carrying two guns, which he did not point at ANYBODY) when he stood on a highway over pass with a banner that read, “Impeach Obama.” Cops forced him to the ground at gunpoint, arrested him, and took him to jail, on spurious charges. Cops work HARD to discourage citizens from carrying guns, though it is unquestionably LEGAL for them to do so. Meanwhile, the cops have no such restrictions placed on them, and get a “slap on the wrist if they misuse their guns.

One of the arresting officers was heard to ask, “What are you doing threatening people on my Interstate?” What he doesn’t realize is it is NOT “his” Interstate. It belongs to the taxpayers, of which Howard is one. And just carrying his legally-owned guns does NOT “threaten” anybody. “A complaint has been filed in U.S. District Court in Richmond on behalf of Brandon Howard over ‘the unlawful arrest and detention’ in violation of the First, Second, Fourth and 14th Amendments. Howard was protesting Barack Obama’s presidency, calling for his impeachment, while legally carrying two guns, according to the complaint filed by the Rutherford Institute.” (World Net Daily)

"We Need More School Shootings!"

That’s what a Democrat billionaire gun-grabber (Nick Hanauer, Seattle billionaire) thinks. Apparently he wants more children KILLED in order to promote his gun-grabbing aspirations. Which shows that gun-grabbers don’t care about the VICTIMS of gun violence as long as it helps them promote their “flights of fancy.” Maybe ALL anti-gun fools aren’t this crass, but this one is. And there’s no telling how many gun grabbers agree with him. What kind of fool WISHES for more children to be killed so he can have it easier to pass his useless gun bills into law? Laws that INCREASE gun violence by taking guns away from HONEST people? How STUPID is this way of thinking? This comment came in a Facebook posting by Hanauer, which was quickly removed when the pressure against it built. If a pro-gun person had said this, it would have been a “news sensation” for days. But a rich DEMOCRAT gun grabber said it, so the liberal media ignores it. Funny: I thought Democrats hated rich people. (World Net Daily)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Making It Hard As Possible

That’s the scam in Chicago after the courts struck down their almost absolute gun ban.” To comply with city rules for having or carrying weapons, citizens must pay a huge fee and take mandatory training at a gun range. However, the city initially banned gun ranges, meaning anyone wanting a gun permit had to travel to another city to get the mandatory training.” That’s what the anti-gun fools do. They’re forced to ALLOW people to have guns, but they put such onerous requirements on gun ownership as to make it financially and physically impossible to own a gun. Therefore, they have the legal right, but can’t afford the requirements. “De Facto gun ban.” That’s how politicians “get around” the law and constitutional restrictions: allow people to own guns, but make it so expensive and difficult to do it, that they give up. Then, if you live in Buffalo, NY, they come and steal your guns when you die. (World Net Daily)

"From Our cold, Dead Hands"

The cops are now preparing to take guns “from the cold hands” of the dead. They’re coming to the homes of people who have died and “confiscating” (stealing) their lawfully-owned guns. “That old saying about someone prying a gun from ‘cold dead hands’ has taken on a whole new meaning in Buffalo, New York, where officials say they will cross-reference the names of those who register handguns and obituaries in an attempt to keep weapons off the streets. What they’ll do is go to the family if someone with a pistol permit has died and confiscate the gun or guns.” There is no law on the books to allow this. There cannot be, since it is an unconstitutional act. “This is tantamount to dancing on someone’s grave and it amounts to taking property without due process or probable cause.” It is illegal on its face, and those cops should know it.

But apparently the “police politicians” in Buffalo don’t know it—or simply don’t care. “ 'This is the kind of behavior one might expect in a police state, but not the United States,' Gottlieb [Alan Gottlieb, of "Citizen's Committee for the right to Keep and Bear Arms"] said. ‘But it proves that the anti-gun mindset knows no boundaries. From now on, no gun control zealot will be able to dismiss and ridicule the concerns of law-abiding firearms owners that there is no reason to fear gun registration, no matter what form it takes. This explains why gun owners are opposed to registration and other forms of record-keeping and permit laws’." (World Net Daily)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Suspicions Confirmed

“More guns, Less Crime.” At least, if the more guns are in the hands of honest, reliable people. The FBI came out with an HONEST report that confirmed that, as the numbers of guns sold legally increases, the number of violent crimes DECREASES. The FBI just released its report on “Crime In The United States 2013,” and the facts are going to make the anti-gun fools “have a large cow.” According to the report, while new gun applications have reached record levels, violent crimes in 2013 DECLINED 44% compared to 2012. The report shows that crime, in general, has DECLINED in the last five years. (Guns ‘N’ Freedom)

"Any Excuse"

“Any excuse is better than none.” St. Louis County sheriff has stopped issuing “carry permits” because the machine that records the fingerprint of the applicant broke down. Good timing, what? They’re expecting the thugs and criminals in Ferguson to riot when the decision of the Grand Jury clearing the cop of wrongdoing  in the killing of the thug who was trying to kill HIM and they don’t want residents to be able to defend themselves from the ILLEGAL guns in the hands of the thugs, so their fingerprint machine goes down, at just the right time. Neat. Can’t let any of the thugs get shot by business or home owners, can we? Of course we know the criminals have already got their illegal guns. So this won't affect them, of course. (KMOV 4)

Friday, November 14, 2014

Holstered Gun Kills Woman

Anti-gun fools keep saying only cops have the know-how to use a gun, and so they should be the only ones allowed to carry them. I’m beginning to doubt that in the case of some cops. This one, in particular, who claims a woman came up behind him and shot herself after grabbing his holstered gun. Several questions remain, the most important one is how did the gun get pointed at HER before it fired? It was in an inside-the-belt holster designed to PREVENT accidental discharge. The second question is, why would she DO such a thing? This article did not say this woman was “at gunpoint” or under investigation for anything. So why did she “grab for the gun,” if, indeed, she did? I’m not a “cop hater,” but I think this cop pulled his gun when he felt somebody reaching for it (if, indeed, she did) and reacted, shooting her. For some reason, it got into his hand and fired, killing this girl. I wonder if this particular cop was sufficiently trained in how to SAFELY operate a gun, and if he completely screwed up and is now blaming the victim. (WXYZ Detroit)

More Evidence

That “gun-free zones” don’t work. Moms Against Guns (or some such) pressured Kroger to make their stores “gun-free zones.” They caved, and here we see a report of a man being shot in a Kroger parking lot (How is that possible if guns are banned from Kroger property?). We’re getting so many stories about people getting shot in “gun-free zones,” that even in the dim minds of the anti-gun fools there should be some kind of realization. But there is not. They claim this is so rare that it makes no difference. But if there were only ONE instance, this shows conclusively that “gun-free zones” just do not work. But the anti-gun freaks never listen to facts—their minds are already made up. They’re not going to be deterred by facts. We got rid of a few of these dolts in the last election, but way too many remain, and will keep on making their inane laws that do nothing but provide more and more UNARMED VICTIMS for the illegally-armed criminals to victimize. (Guns Save Lives)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

"Outdated" Second Amendment

That’s what this liberal calls it. Of COURSE, she is a professor at a liberal university and lives in an “ivory tower,” knowing NOTHING about the real world. “Mary Margaret Penrose, a full time professor of Law with Texas A&M University, has called for the full repeal of the Second Amendment.” She thinks it is “outdated.” Although how she arrives at that opinion is a mystery to me. But then, the thinking of ALL liberals is a mystery to me. I wonder what part of “shall not be infringed” people like this just don’t understand? She says the enumerated right to carry a firearm is responsible for all the gun violence in America. Never mind, almost ALL of the “gun violence” is committed by people who HAVE no right to have a gun, being criminals, felons, and/or minor children in gangs. Like most ignorant liberals, she thinks CRIMINALS will OBEY the laws she wants to pass, and the Constitution prevents her from passing them. She just can’t understand that criminals and crazies don’t CARE about anti-gun laws. They’re out to violate the law, anyway. So why care about piddling anti-gun laws? (Town Hall)

Surprise, Surprise!

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, one of the most liberal courts in the land, actually struck down California’s law banning the “easing” of concealed carry” rules. In the state with the most onerous anti-gun laws, it has now become easier to get and keep a concealed carry permit. It ruled that requiring people to show a “need” was unconstitutional. “In other words, the State cannot restrict an individual from carrying a firearm because a government official doesn't think they face enough threats to justify doing so and affirms carrying a gun in public for self defense is in fact a protected right under the Second Amendment. The ruling based much of its decision on the prior Supreme Court ruling in District of Columbia v. Heller and makes clear that the right to 'bear arms' is equal in definition to 'carrying arms'. Frankly, it surprises me that this court, which is the most reversed court in the land because of it’s “far left” liberalism, actually realized this. But it did, and it is now the “law of the land.” I’m sure that pissed off many Democrats in California, and all over America. (Town Hall)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"Million Moms Against Gun Control"

That’s an actual organization that is unalterably AGAINST “gun control” as we now know it, as long as it involves DISARMING honest people while criminals have no trouble getting unlicensed, unregistered guns. They rightly reference the “Sandy Hook massacre” that happened IN a “gun-free zone.” The shooter had to break the law just to bring a gun in the school, but what did he care? He was going to KILL as many people (including children) as he could. What did he care about a piddling LAW like that? The very idea of DISARMING us in order to protect us is so STUPID it should not have to be even MENTIONED. But liberals will not admit it, and continue to make their USELESS laws to prevent honest people from having guns, with which to defend themselves and their children from ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. Yes, I DO think people SHOULD be allowed to bring their legally carried guns into schools, so a would-be shooter cannot know if there are any guns there to oppose him, and who may be carrying them. Then when he starts shooting, SOMEBODY can put a couple in his head before he can kill as many people. Uniformed cops won’t work, because they can be targeted and killed FIRST, before he starts shooting children. (Daily Caller)

"We Won't Comply!"

Washington State citizens have PROMISED to ignore the newly passed “I-594” law to demand registration of ALL firearms transfers, even between family members and friends—which itself violates a previous, still in effect law. That means if you LOAN your gun to a friend or family member at a shooting range, you have to register that transfer. [T]he law is so ridiculous, burdensome and convoluted that it is unenforceable.” And most of the sheriffs have promised not to enforce it. TPNN (Tea Party News Network) advises readers to obey proper laws. But a law that is in violation of the second Amendment is NOT a “proper law, and this one will be practically IMPOSSIBLE to enforce. I predict that “wiser heads will prevail” and that law will soon be repealed, as unenforceable and illegal. (TPNN)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veteran's Day

On this Veteran’s Day, we take time to honor the guys and gals who took GUNS and went out to defend us in several different wars. Yes, WARS, even if politicians didn’t call them that, so they can escape the legal requirement to have the approval of Congress, as Obama is doing, right now. I don’t say what he’s doing is wrong—only that he didn’t ask permission of Congress, by the simple mechanism of not calling it a ”war.” Liberals STILL say “Bush’s War” in Iraq was an “unnecessary war” because they had nothing to do with 9/11. WRONG! The people who did 9/11 TRAINED there, had a “safe harbor” there, and were given tons of money by Saddam. But that’s not the point, here. The point is that these guys defended us with GUNS while the anti-gun fools still insist that the way to self-defense is to DISPENSE with guns. When people come at you with guns, you need a gun to oppose them. Something they recognized in the “old west.” Gun fights were a lot more rare than portrayed in the many books written about that time. And the ones that did happen usually solved problems we still must deal with today, and can’t, under today’s laws. It strikes me as pretty silly that the cops and the army ARM themselves to deal with these armed criminals, who don’t OBEY laws, but don’t want us to have similar rights. (Moderno)

The Word "Gun" Banned!

Didja know that California has BANNED the word “gun” and even a PICTURE of a gun in that state? This shows you how really STUPID people can be in a state run COMPLETELY by liberals. They have some of the tightest anti-gun laws anywhere, coupled (of course) with the highest gun violence stats in the nation. But do they “tumble” to that fact that those two things are connected? Not a chance. They aren’t smart enough. They just proved that again by RE-ELECTING Governor “Moonbeam.” Banning the use of a word is unconstitutional, but they don’t care—they’ll do it, anyway. Nobody in California will do anything about it, so it will be enforced until it is declared unconstitutional—if it ever is, in that totally liberal state. I’m certainly glad I don’t live there, any more. I don’t even want to go there to VISIT. (World Net Daily)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Is It A Mandate?

It’s now being said that the voters gave Republicans a MANDATE to get rid of gun control as we know it, today. I hope that’s true. Somebody once said, “Gun control is me controlling any gun in the area.” That’s probably more true than anything else. If there is a gun in any area, I want to control it so it can’t be turned in my direction. But is it a “mandate?” Probably; the people who voted this new Congress in are peopled by (hopefully) pro-gun people, and I’d like to think that one of their goals is PROPER gun control, which means guns in the hands of honest people to CONTROL those in the hands of criminals. In any case, I’d hope Republicans work toward INTELLIGENT gun control, which doesn’t mean eliminating guns, but making sure they’re in the right hands. (Breitbart)

It'a A Natural Right

The Constitution gives nobody any rights. It merely RECOGNIZES and GUARANTEES those natural rights we already have, as human beings. Liberals like to tell us the Constitution GIVES us “certain rights” so they can legislate them away. The right to own and carry a gun for self-protection and the protection of this country is but ONE of those “natural rights.” If there were no Constitution, we would still have that right. It would just be harder to restrain the government from taking it from us. As it is, they are forced to legislate all around our natural tight to be armed. Such things as gun registration so they’ll know who HAS the guns when they’re ready to come and steal them all; gun locks, to make it hard for honest people to get their guns in action when faced by a criminal with his ILLEGAL gun; “gun-free zones” where even people who have managed to retain their right to carry a gun are prohibited from entering  it with their guns, so criminals, who obey no laws are “invited” to come in and shoot us. Meanwhile, he signs the UN Arms Treaty, which the Congress will never approve (If they know what's good for them). But they don’t need to, since the way the law is written allows it to be enforced while WAITING for approval. All he has to do is sign it, and not offer it to the Congress for its approval, while enforcing it, or allowing the UN to come in and do so. (Breitbart)

Sunday, November 9, 2014

UN Declares Arms Treaty "On"

Even though Congress hasn’t approved it, they have declared it “in force,” while mandating “signatories” to it must “implement” (enforce) it, or THEY WILL. That means United Nations “blue helmets” coming to your door to “collect” (steal) your guns. If Obama and the Congress (now in session until January) approve it, it will be “the law of the land,” Second Amendment be damned. I don’t know if the Constitution would specifically BAN that from occurring, but unless somebody DOES something to prevent it, they will enforce it as if it were legal, using the “force of arms.” There should be a measure IN the Constitution that ANY measure that VIOLATES any provision of the Constitution is “null and void,” thus preventing a president and Congress from changing the Constitution without the required vote of the American people. With Obama’s record of “giving the constitution the finger,” I don’t put it past him and his current “compliant Congress” to “rush it into (spurious) law” BEFORE they’re forced to leave office. If that happens, I will become a criminal, because I will go out and BUY a gun. (Minute Man News)

What's He Gonna do?

Come down accompanied by men with guns? Actor and anti-gun fool Will Ferrell came down HARD on a gun store that ran an ad featuring his “elf” character. He had his lawyers send them a “cease and desist” order (which I assume came from a court or a lawyer) which implies that if they did not stop running that ad, “men with guns” would come and hurt them, one way or another. The hypocrisy is obvious. But then, other anti-gun fools running around with their own guns as Sen. Feinstein does, or with paid ARMED security, as many other anti-gun politicians do, is hypocrisy personified. They’re losing, and they know it. so they’re getting very “hyper,” reacting strongly to anything they can. Barack Obama, the top gun-grabber in the land, himself “ran guns” to the Mexican drug cartels under the FICTION that it was so he could “trace” them, but with no device on them to ALLOW them to be traced—except when one of them is found at a murder scene (which many of them have been). It was one of the most transparent CONS ever run by a crooked president. (The Right to Bear)

Saturday, November 8, 2014

This Is What You Get

This is what you get when you elect an INTELLIGENT person. New Texas Governor Abbot says he’ll “sign the open carry act as soon as it reaches my desk.” That’s the sign of an intelligent governor, not like the kind we’ve had in many states over the years; ones who incompetently think the way to self-defense is to DISARM ourselves (If that were so, why nor disarm the cops and the military?). Most liberals in government think this way, which is why gun violence has become such a problem. They think it’s because of “the easy availability of guns,” but it is not. And you can’t convince them otherwise. They don’t care about facts; their mind is made up. I really don’t know how so many people can be so stupid, but that’s the way it is with liberals, most of whom are Democrats. That’s why they lost the recent election so badly. The people are “tumbling” to their incompetence. (Breitbart)

"Finding Something"

“They’re working hard to find SOMETHING to arrest me for.” That’s what an open carry activist in Alabama said when they arrested him for LEGALLY openly carrying his gun into a polling place. There is no law specifically banning the open carrying of a gun into a polling place in Alabama, but the cops don’t like it, so they arrest him on a “trumped-up charge” not even related to carrying the gun. He was arrested for “voting obstruction,” (how did he obstruct voting?) and “firearms at a demonstration (WHAT demonstration? They were VOTING!).” I don’t think they ever intended it to go to court, because he was released later and they knew it wouldn't stick. They just wanted to harass him for openly carrying his gun into a polling place. That’s what they do when the laws go against them. Harass anybody who actually DOES what he has a RIGHT to do, charging him with “crimes” not related to his exercising his rights. (Last Resistance)

Friday, November 7, 2014

"Emperor Has No Clothes"

That’s what they’re saying now, after his disastrous election. But he never DID have any clothes, and nobody would talk about it. When he did all the dastardly things he did to us, the press worked HARD to “spin it” to make it look like he was doing “good things.” The elections changed all that. What does this mean to people who respect gun rights? “NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox said, ‘America’s gun owners sent a strong message to Washington, D.C., that their constitutional freedoms must be respected. Michael Bloomberg and national anti-gun groups were dealt a significant blow by Second Amendment supporters across the country. A clear takeaway from these elections is that candidates who support gun control do so at their political peril.” And that’s a lot, considering Obama supports the effort to turn gun rights over to the UN, an organization that has NO POWER except that we give it, and is run by a bunch of dictators worldwide. These people don’t respect rights. In fact, they hate the whole idea of citizen’s rights. So why should they be put in charge of our gun rights with that attitude? It can’t happen under our Constitution, anyway, unless WE (our president and Congress) allow it. With Obama supporting it, if he continued to have a “compliant Congress,” that’s all it would take. But he no longer HAS a “compliant Congress (I think). That can only be good for this country until we can get rid of him, completely. (Guns & Ammo)

"$Millions For the NRA"

Is this illegal? The Business Insider writes about $millions being funneled by the gun business to the NRA. I don’t think it's ikkegak, even if they do. NRA is simply a pro-gun lobbying group, and the gun industry SHOULD be donating money to it. As other businesses contribute to the Chamber of Commerce. But apparently, the Business Insider doesn’t agree. They talk about an “association for sportsmen” becoming a prime defender of assault weaponry. Of course, they’re wrong, on several fronts. First, the NRA is NOT “an association for sportsmen.” That’s an anti-gun fool pipe dream. It is a spokesman for GUN RIGHTS as guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States of America. They talk about the NRA saying they “resist the corporate influence,” but that’s ANOTHER of their pipe dreams. You CAN’T ‘resist the corporate influence” and be a spokesman for gun rights. They talk about “less than half of NRA’s funds coming from memberships, as if that, somehow was wrong. It is NOT. All NRA’s funds come from legitimate sources, even if the Business Insider wants you to think that they are, somehow, getting money from “shady” or illegitimate sources. Again, they’re WRONG. They really work HARD to delegitimize the NRA. (Business Insider)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mandate to Stop "Gun-Grabbing"

The 2014 election was many things. A repudiation of ALL Democrat policies, especially Obama’s. But it was also a mandate top stop the “ gun-grabbers” in their tracks. Many anti-gun politicians lost their jobs because of their stance on gun control as it is today. In any case, “gun control” is not needed. What IS needed is “criminal control” to keep them away from honest people with their ILLEGALLY-owned guns. Making laws against gun ownership for honest people will NOT keep guns out of the hands of criminals, who don’t obey laws, anyway. To think so is to be STUPID. The best way is to make using a gun in the commission of a crime so costly in terms of time spent in prison that they stop using them. And while they're in prison, they're not shooting anybody. All the current laws do is give criminals a steady supply of unarmed, defenseless victims. It is my fond hope that someday the gun-grabbers “tumble” to this. But I’m not holding my breath. (Breitbart)

It's All A Lie

Everything you’ve been told about “gun control” is a lie. When it comes to gun control freaks, the “truth is not in them.” They lie to you every time they open their mouths (just like Obama). And Obama is behind many of the lies, using the FBI, (which we SHOULD be able to trust, but can't) to lie to us. Example: their recently released report that is supposed to be a “statistical analysis” of the data on gun control and is skewed in the worst way by manipulating the figures. Example: their former standard for identifying a “mass shooting” was four or more people being shot. They redefined that to THREE people, thus RAISING the number of “mass shootings” reported. “Of course, they conveniently left out data showing that 92% of mass shootings are in “gun free zones” and that gun murders are at their lowest since 1981.” (Tea Party Bulletin) Of course, the FBI didn’t do these things in a vacuum. I’m sure they were “instructed” to do so by none other than Obama himself. If you want even more details, click the link below: (Tea Party Bulletin)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Slapped Their Teeth Out

There are Democrat teeth all over the floor after last night’s election. Obama had said the Democrats were going to win, but we know he’s deluded. Democrats, including Harry Reid, also told us they were going to win, but he’s deluded, too. The forces of intelligence and competence only needed to win 6 seats in the Senate to take control, but won 7. They won so big in the House that they now have a “historic” majority and Stupid Nancy moves further and further away from the leadership (Thank God!). The only reason she is still IN the House is because she wasn’t up for election this time. Harry Reid is gone as Senate Majority Leader and those 380 House-passed bills still sitting on his desk can now proceed to a vote. Holding all those bills is a CRIME. But he doesn’t think so. One man should NEVER be allowed to create such a “logjam.” Nobody should have that kind of power. There should be a time limit for a vote on House-passed measures so the Majority Leader cannot hold them hostage to his ideology.

Even though the Democrat billionaires among the anti-gun fools did win one victory when I-594 passed in Washington State, forcing background checks for buyers in ALL gun transfers, including between family members. And Obama CAN keep on making executive orders to “bypass Congress, while vetoing everything he can. But we CAN slow him down considerably by de-funding his pipe-dreams, since the Republicans now hold the “purse strings” firmly in their hands. He can’t implement his pipe-dreams if there’s no money to spend. There might even be a chance to impeach Obama with an all Republican Congress, though I still think Congress doesn't have the gonads. What happened to the “war on women?” You probably noticed that, among the Republicans elected were several WOMEN. If that “war on women” that was supposed to exist in the Republican Party was real, that couldn’t have happened. There’s a lot of work yet to be done to reverse all the damage Obama has done, and I sincerely hope the Republicans (among which are several “Tea Partiers”) are up to the job; and the Tea Parties likewise. Who do you think is responsible for the Republican “blowout?” I will have much more to to say as I consider these results further. (Just common sense)

Gonna Be A Few Years

Apparently, Colorado Governor Hickenlooper has been re-elected, keeping pro-Second Amendment Bob Beauprfez out of the governor’s mansion for a few more years. Which means until we can get rid of him, we will keep suffering under the stupid gun laws people like him pass into law. Hickenlooper  ignored the advice of many sheriffs in Collorado when former NYC Mayor Bloomberg conned him into passing a law requiring universal background checks and limiting the size of gun magazines, He also got passed, some of the worst TAX laws ever seen. And I’m sure he and his crowd have even more restrictive gun laws to be put on the books to increase the gun violence in Colorado. He denied talking to Bloomberg, then three days later, admitted it. He also admitted that his “tiny magazine” law was “unenforceable.” Then a few days later changed that to “hard to enforce.” I’m beginning to think he just doesn’t know what’s going on. Well, I guess Nathan Dunlap, the “Chucky Cheese” mass child killer, will not have his sentence commuted, since Hick seems to have been re-elected. You’ll remember, Hick threatened to commute his sentence if he was NOT re-elected. (Breitbart)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Voting Today?

Don’t think your vote doesn’t count. Vote-stealers steal every single vote they can, and your no-vote (if you oppose Democrats and gun-grabbers) counts as a vote for THEM. Meanwhile, the gun-grabbers are working “night and day” to limit your access to self defense and the means to it, a gun. They will continue to do so as long as your vote (or lack of it) keeps them in office. Last year, a Democrat poll worker (Melowese Richardson, in Hamilton County, Ohio) was sentenced to five years in prison for voting FIVE TIMES. A few months later her sentence was reduced to probation (they don’t say, but I’d BET it was by a Democrat-appointed judge after Democrat activists reacted) and she appeared at a Democrat fund-raiser and got a STANDING OVATION. Al Sharpton even gave her a hug. I can guarantee you they didn’t reduce Obama’s vote count by the number of fraudulent votes she cast. If you’re against the kind of “gun control” current gun-grabbers favor, you’d BETTER vote, or what you get, you bring on yourself. (Cincinnati .com)

Tilting toward Terrorists

Taking guns away from honest, responsible people not only kills people, it “tilts the playing field” in favor of Islamic terrorists, who are coming into this country by the hundreds, even thousands, every day, through Obama’s “porous Southern border.” For some reason most people don’t understand (though I do, even if people don’t believe me) Obama seems bent on getting as many of us killed as he can. Either by making us defenseless against from-grown criminals with their illegally=obtained guns, or to Islamic terrorists who are bent on killing EVERY person who does not believe exactly the same way they do—or by importing Ebola patients for treatment here when they could just as well be treated where they are, using our technology and skills, without endangering Americans. Sending 4,000 American citizens (soldiers) who have NO knowledge of how to stop Ebola over there to “fight Ebola” and present themselves to be infected, I guarantee it will get some of them killed. Everything he does seems to be aimed at killing Americans. Don’t believe me? Look at what he does on a daily basis. (Crime Prevention Research Center)

Monday, November 3, 2014

What Happened to the Guns?

What happened in that highly-touted “gun buyback” in New Orleans? It made a lot of news when somebody contributed $100,000.00 for a private gun buyback. More news was made showing all the single-shot shotguns and the odd AR-15 and even a few old, mostly useless handguns “turned in,” and showed the guns being put in garbage cans and rolled out the door. But after that—NOTHING. What happened to those guns? Were they destroyed? Or did the people who bought them take them out sell them? Nobody knows. It was all a big PR stunt. Legitimate “gun buybacks” also make a big news event when the guns are destroyed. But this one didn’t. “”Veddy interesting!” Personally, I think it was a way for this guy to get a bunch of guns, cheap, so he could sell them and make a bundle. But who listens to me? (Gun Watch)

It's Turning Around

Democrats still claim that a majority of Americans want gun control, although that’s not, in any way, true. But still, the gun-grabbers still got elected, mostly because many Americans just don’t think gun rights are as important as other things. But gun rights are becoming more and more important to Americans, and it is showing in the polls. At least THREE anti-gun governors are in danger of losing because of their anti-gun policies. Hickenlooper in Colorado, Malloy in Connecticut, and Brown in Maryland. All promoted strong anti-gun measures after  the “Sandy Hook massacre,” and all three are now fighting for their political lives. Hickenlooper has even threatened to commute the sentence of child-killer Nathan Dunlap (killer of four at "Chuckie Cheese's") if he was not re-elected. That is evidence of desperation and that lame-duck politicians should be stripped of their powers after such an election so they can’t do something like that in revenge. Two senators in Colorado were recalled because of Hickenlooper’s legislation, and another chose to resign rather than be recalled. Americans are “showing their muscle” at the ballot box, and anti-gun fools are suffering—and will continue to suffer as long as they don’t “wise up.” (Bearing Arms)

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Stupid Response

In Chicago, they’ve discovered that anti-gun laws don’t work. So now they want to make more of them. A bunch of criminals broke into a gun store and stole $40,000.00 worth of guns. So now they’re calling for more laws to create “gun registries.” As if gun registries would stop those criminals from STEALING guns, to be sold to other criminals out of their car trunks in a back alley somewhere. Damn, what STUPID people these “gun grabbers” are! People STEAL a bunch of guns and they want to make more gun registry laws. Don’t they know the definition of INSANITY is doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result? That pretty much describes the anti-gun fools. Crooks prove, over and over, that their “laws” don’t even slow them down,” but they keep making them. How stupid is THAT? But then, we've come to expect stupidity of gun-grabbers. (Fox13)

What? He Was A Felon!

I thought felons weren’t allowed to HAVE guns! Then how did this FELON accidentally shoot himself AND his son the other day? I thought making a law against something was supposed to stop it from happening. I guess it doesn’t. They haven’t figured out yet, that criminals don’t OBEY laws. And a felon is a CRIMINAL. I hate to keep repeating this over and over, but the anti-gun fools just can’t understand simple English. You have to repeat simple facts over and over before they have any chance of understanding. And THEN they don’t understand because they don't WANT to understand. You ask them “What part of ‘criminals don’t obey laws’ don’t you understand?” And if they were truthful, they’d answer, “All of it.” But the truth is not in them. They just ignore facts and go right on making their useless laws that only get innocent people killed. (Selling the Second Amendment)