Thursday, August 13, 2015

Denying Reality

Nancy Peelosi again reveals that she does not live in the real world. She says, “Sanctuary cities are not the problem, GUNS are the problem.” What? Does she mean guns are ALONE the major problem in her (and our) life? Not PEOPLE? Sanctuary cities ARE the main problem, since many murders and other violent crimes are rampant in “sanctuary cities,” as authorities RELEASE violent criminals who are ILLEGAL aliens, instead of PUNISHING them, as they should. The killing in San Francisco (her home town) is only ONE of the violent crimes that can be attributed to “sanctuary cities” by illegal aliens. The killer was deported FIVE TIMES, and the most recent time he was apprehended, he was AGAIN released, because he was an illegal alien. More recently, “authorities” released an illegal alien who “went on a crime spree” right afterward. This again shows the complete INCOMPETENCE of the people “in charge.” (Breitbart)

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