Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yet another School Shooting

Every school in the land is a “gun-free zone.” Which means it’s illegal to bring a gun into the school, at any time, unless you are a policeman. But crazies who shoot up schools don’t care about the law. They don’t obey laws that say they can’t take a gun into a school. I predict that the “anti-gun Nazis” will demand even more restrictive anti-gun laws as a result of the shooting on February 23, 2010 at the Jefferson County, Colorado middle school, even though such laws NEVER do anything to stop such people from shooting up a school and, in fact, make such shootings even more possible and likely by assuring the shooter there will be nobody there armed and willing to stop them. There has never been a shooing at a gun show because a potential shooter KNOWS there are guns and people willing to use them in self defense there. A uniformed, armed policeman won’t work because they KNOW he is armed and can take him out first, before anybody is ready.

I’m not suggesting they let the students be armed. I AM suggesting that teachers and staff who have a concealed carry permit be allowed to carry their guns into the school specifically so a potential shooter cannot be sure there will be no one there to stop their rampages. And I suggest those teachers and staff be ENCOURAGED to get a gun and a carry permit so there WILL be someone there who can protect these defenseless students. The same holds true elsewhere. ANYBODY who can qualify for a carry permit should be allowed to carry his gun into what is now a no-gun zone. That way, illegally armed criminals cannot ever be SURE they can shoot people at will with nobody able to defend themselves. Anti-gun laws just do NOT work, so why do we continue to make more and more, every time somebody shoots someone with an illegal gun? (Fox News)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"You Can Take Me At My Word"

That’s what Obama says about gun rights. But his track record for telling the truth is abysmal, so why should we believe ANYTHING he says, about anything? “Obama lied when he said ‘I'm not going to take your guns away’ and ‘Lawful gun owners have nothing to fear...I think people can take me at my word.’ Yet Obama's agenda has a national gun owner registration scheme to authorize the government to ban firearm possession for any person by merely adding that person's name to the terror watch list.” And there is no legal requirement to be met to add your name to that list. I’d bet my name has already been added to this list because I disagree with his policies. (Soda Head)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

He's Following the Same Path

Right now I’m reading the history of the Bolshevik takeover of the Russian government in 1917. They followed the exact same plan Obama is using right now to “collectivize” this country. Lenin was popularly elected and immediately “targeted” the rich, which included ANYBODY who owned property or a business. He told people “only the rich” would ever pay his excessive proposed taxes, then applied them to everybody. Soon his people were taking over and closing businesses at the point of a gun and running the owners out (without compensation). Soon, the owners were “allowed” to live in ONE ROOM of the home they formerly owned. Obama is making much progress in this direction. You can expect the “home and property confiscations” to begin soon. You may say I’m an “extremist” for this, but it is true. People who tried to warn the Russians about the onslaught of communism (a form of collectivism) were called “extremists,” too. If we don’t “wake up” and put some roadblocks in his way, Obama will become the Lenin of the USA. I won’t be here to see it, thank God. I’ll be dead; I hope. Unless it happens quickly. (Just common sense)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's Not The Guns, Stupid!

Anti-gun freaks blame guns for violence, but it’s not the guns. We had violence long before guns were invented. Remember the time when everybody carried a sword and sword fights were a popular way of settling disputes? If every gun in existence were “zapped” and disappeared from the world (an impossibility, but one the anti-gun freaks wish for) bad guys would find other ways to maim and kill people. They talk about “life being cheap,” not mentioning that it was people like that who MADE it cheap when they pushed the killing of the result of unprotected sex, rather than use a rubber. It’s NOT guns that made it cheap. Criminals and crazy bad guys seem always to get a gun when they want to shoot up a bunch of people, usually IN a “gun-free zone.” Has anybody ever successfully shot up a gun show, where everybody was armed? (Guns & Stuff)

Friday, February 19, 2010

I'll Go Out On A Limb

I’m going to go a little bit out on a limb (but not very much) and predict that, as with ALL “random shootings” in “gun-free zones,” the “anti-gun freaks” are going to use this shooting to call for even more limits on gun ownership and concealed carry. Will they try also to ban small planes because of the Austin, TX IRS-targeted plane crash? Logic would tell anybody with a modicum of intelligence that people who are bent on committing a crime aren’t going to be too worried about violating anti-gun laws. But these people HAVE no intelligence. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One Illegal Gun Equals 3 Dead

One illegal gun in the hands or a professor who had been denied tenure killed three other professors and wounded several other people when this professor went on a “shooting spree” in a university meeting. Had just ONE other person in the room had his/.her own gun and the will to use it in self defense, the death toll could have been a lot smaller. But NO! The “anti-gun freaks” think such a person as this professor would OBEY a law that says she can’t be armed. How stupid is THAT? She didn’t, and three people are dead. Criminals and crazies don’t OBEY anti-gun laws. This, they never take into account, and people die because of it. They say without anti-gun laws, it would be a “wild-west shootout” every day. What an ignorant thing to say! That assumes that responsible people who were able to carry guns would use the guns FIRST in any disagreement. That’s a patent INSULT to everybody. It assumes the anti-gun nuts know more than we do. One other thing: I'd "bet the farm" this university is a "gun-free zone." Notice, you never see shooting rampages like this at gun shows where EVERYBODY has a gun. (Mail Times)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Keeping Us Defenseless

That seems to be the goal of most of our governments. When Islamic terrorists come here to kill us, as they will when they realize Obama’s government is not nearly as solid in opposition to that as the Bush government was, we will be completely defenseless. Right now all we have to worry about is “run-of-the-mill criminals” and crazies who occasionally go into places they can be pretty sure have no guns to oppose them and shoot them up. But what will happen when an Islamic terrorist goes into a crowd and starts shooting? There will be no one there to shoot him down and stop his killing, so many will die. One of my fondest memories is of an Israeli woman standing over a Palestinian (Islamic) terrorist, pumping bullets into his face when he tried to start a shooting spree. In Israel, EVERYBODY carries a gun. Another fond memory is of a pretty blond woman worshipping at a church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, when a man came in the church, shooting. She was legally armed, and she shot him, ending his shooting spree

Has anybody ever noticed that such shooting sprees always happen in “no-gun zones?” Places where the shooter can be reasonably sure there will be no unexpected guns aimed in HIS direction? Our politicians need to start using common sense regarding self defense and the means to that end. For some reason they want to keep us unarmed, and thus unable to defend ourselves against the illegally-obtained guns carried as a matter of course by criminals, crazies, and terrorists. In SPITE of all the anti-gun laws, guns are easy to get almost anywhere for those willing to break the law. The tighter the anti-gun laws are in a given area, the easier it is to buy an illegal gun. People bent on breaking laws don’t OBEY anti-gun laws. Only honest people do, and are thus unable to protect themselves against those who flagrantly violate ALL laws. We need to do as Florida has done and make it easy for honest, responsible people to obtain “carry licenses,” so that those who would use their illegally-obtained guns to plunder us will never be able to know if their intended victims are armed and willing to kill them before they can kill us. (Just common sense)