Sunday, August 9, 2015

Reality Intervenes

Susan Gonzales hated guns with a passion. Until one night, a gun-wielding thug invaded her home and tried to kill both her and her husband. He had already shot her husband, when she grabbed her husband's gun and shot the attacker, who later died. It's a little different when it's not happening to “the other guy.” The other guy is usually what gun-grabbers always are talking about when they talk about the need—or lack of it—for honest citizens to have their own guns, with which to defend themselves from criminals and their ILLEGAL guns, which they usually have no problem getting. Until reality intervenes and gun-haters find themselves in mortal combat with a thug who has a gun he obtained ILLEGALLY, either by buying it from another criminal, or STEALING it. It's amazing how fast people change their minds, then. (Second Amendment Insider)

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