Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Right to Self Defense

That’s what the Second amendment is all about. Yes, it does protect your right to hunt. But that was NEVER the primary reason for the Second Amendment. At the time, people were worried about the GOVERNMENT “coming after them for their views” and wanted to be able to meet the government thugs with their own guns. The primary reason was to defend themselves against THE GOVERNMENT! Today, the government is STILL working very hard to take as many guns as possible out of the hands of individual Americans. Their current con is that “Even though Americans have the right to bear arms, reasonable limitations still can be placed on gun ownership.” “Reasonable limitations” such as gun locks that make your guns useless against an illegally armed criminal since he doesn’t have to use one. Then there is the requirement that guns and ammunition be stored SEPARATELY, again making the gun useless. “Fast & furious” was a government scheme to make us believe the LIE that most of the guns used by the cartels in Mexico came from the United States. When it failed, that scam was revealed. The Republicans might not be much better than the Democrats, but at least they are not DETERMINED to disarm this nation’s citizens to make it easier for their thugs to come in and take what’s ours. “Joe the Plumber” says gun control by the Nazis was responsible for the “Holocaust,” since Jews could not defend themselves against their GOVERNMENT. Do you want to be put in a similar position to the Jews if, and when THIS government “comes after you?” (Just common sense)

No "Cooperation" At All

The “Twister-In-Chief, Jay Carney, says Holder and the DOJ “have cooperated with Congress.” They have not. They have spent MONTHS “stonewalling” on “Fast & Furious” while attempting still to throw all the blame for their problems AND "Fast & Furious" onto Bush and the Republicans. They say they have sent 7,600 documents in response to Congress' “demands.” They have not. They have created a “document dump” of thousands of documents that have nothing to do with what Congress asked for. Something to waste their time and advance the investigation not at all. Holder is an expert at deflecting questions with 50,000 word essays that do not address the questions asked. He has been rightly designated in contempt of Congress. But will it stick? Doubtful. Obama will come up with SOMETHING to “make it go away.” He’s good at twisting things like that. (The Hill)