Monday, August 10, 2015

The Answer? More Taxes!

As usual, politicians equate “solving a problem” to taxing it. In Seattle, they're trying to create a “gun violence tax” on all gun owners and purchasers of ammunition. A thinly disguised attack on gun ownership for HONEST people, which will not get NEAR the owners of ILLEGAL guns, who are the ones responsible for ALL the “gun violence.” As usual, their “solution” doesn't get NEAR a “solution” to the “gun violence” problem, because it targets HONEST people who DO obey laws and pay taxes, even if they are laid for the wrong reasons. In all cases of gun violence, I notice they do not say ANYTHING about the fact that the “gun violence” was perpetrated by UNLICENSED gun owners, which just about ALL gun violence is done by. They couldn't afford to do that, because it would undermine their drive to disarm all honest Americans, by “hook or crook.” (Minuteman News)

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