Saturday, August 1, 2015

Why Do Some People Hate Guns?

It seems like some people are BORN hating guns. Why, I can't figure. Guns themselves, without input from a human being, are simply an inert object, incapable of hurting anyone. But that means nothing to some people, who are so frightened they wet their pants at the mere SIGHT of a gun not in the possession of a cop or other government agent. And what difference does being in the possession of a cop make? I recall a recent story about a guy getting on a bus wearing a loaded cartridge belt. Not a gun in sight. And the cartridges were phony. But people who saw him called the cops, and the cops cooperatively arrested him. Wiser heads eventually prevailed and he was released, the phonied-up “charges” dropped. In another case, a man simply walked into a Wal-Mart with a gun on his hip in a state where concealed carry was LAWFUL without any kind of a permit. The cops there also arrested him, charging him with disturbing the peace, a “catch-all” charge they use when nothing else fits. But why are people so afraid of the very SIGHT of a gun? And moreover, why are so many LAWMAKERS also afraid of guns to the point where they make, and continue to make, USELESS “gun laws,” calling them “common sense gun laws,” when they are anything BUT “common sense?" They IGNORE real common sense and evidence that they are WRONG, and keep on insisting on making USELESS LAWS that only serve to keep HONEST people, who DO obey laws disarmed, and “easy pickings” for CRIMINALS, who DO NOT. They refuse to listen to reason while people DIE every day because of their silly laws. (Just common sense)

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