Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Making Guns Useless

The government can't just BAN guns. They know the Constitution makes that blatantly illegal and, in this case, they'd never survive ignoring the constitution. But they've tried every way they can to “get around” that constitutional prohibition on taking away our right to self defense and to own and use the means to that end, a gun. And failed. Obama says his biggest disappointment in his administration is his failure to disarm America. HIS FAILURE TO DISARM AMERICA! Good for America. So now he's trying to make the guns we are legally allowed to own WORTHLESS. In that popular sitcom, “Mayberry,” Andy wouldn't let his “dumb as a box of rocks” deputy have but one bullet, and that was not allowed to be IN his gun unless Andy let him load it. That's the purpose of Obama's latest efforts to eliminate AMMUNITION from America.

To that end, the government is buying up as much ammunition as it can, banning other kinds (bullets are not mentioned in the Constitution), and forcing manufacturers to add prohibitively expensive micro-printed “identification” to every bullet they make, making ammunition itself prohibitively expensive, as the makers “pass along” the added cost. This has been a lot more successful than just prohibiting guns, themselves. Guns are just good doorstops” without bullets, and his people have most of them—until Americans get “on the ball” and make more that he doesn't know about. When the government prohibits things we think are necessary, as we did when the government prohibited booze, it creates a market, and some people are always willing to “jump in the breach,” and supply that market. Unfortunately, as with prohibition, these people are criminals. And the government's efforts only create more criminals. (Daily Caller)

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