Friday, October 31, 2014

Misstating Facts

Liberals like to tell you that a majority of Americans want more gun control. That’s a LIE. According to a Gallup poll, less than half of Americans favor more gun control. And those that do wouldn’t, if they realized that the KIND of “gun control” laws made today made for MORE gun violence. All they do is take guns away from honest people so they will be “easy targets” of criminals, who never have any trouble getting their guns out of the trunks of cars in a back alley somewhere. The one factor their laws never address is the fact that CRIMINALS do not OBEY laws. So no amount or “law-making” will reduce the number of guns in the hands of criminals—only those of the law-abiding. Maybe, one of these days, people will “tumble” to that simple fact. But I’m not holding my breath. Turning blue doesn’t appeal to me. The fact is, the “gun-grabbers” just aren’t that smart. (Gallup Polls)

Against Violence, Huh?

Nichole Adreno and Emanuel Velez, both large people, are leaders in an “anti-violence” group and when they found out Joshua Magraff had burglarized their home to retrieve some of his possessions they would not return to him, they “teamed up” to beat him almost to death. These are people who demonstrate against violence? I guess the only violence they don’t like is that not committed by themselves. Unfortunately, like most “demonstrators” against violence and guns, they don’t include themselves in what they’re demonstrating against. Like Sen. Feinstein, the “queen of gun-grabbers,” who carries her own gun, and that state legislator in Missouri who has sponsored many “anti-gun measures, who was found to be armed when she was arrested while demonstrating in favor of that giant thug, Michael Brown. Then there’s the columnist who has written many diatribes against people carrying guns who shot a burglar who tried to rob him. They’re hypocrites. I hate to use that word so often, but it’s the only one I can use to properly describe such people. (Guns Save Life)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Armed Citizenry Best Deterrent

Fox’s “judge Andrew Napolitano says that the best deterrent to Islamic terrorism is an armed citizenry. It’s too bad judge Nap is an EX-judge. We need more people like him on the bench. There have been way too many judges appointed by liberals, who make their rulings from a liberal position. This is a thing I have been promoting for a long time. The best cure for “criminal gun violence” of all kinds is an armed citizenry. They need to live in a world where they don’t have any way of knowing whether or not their intended targets are armed and able to defend themselves, rather than how it is now, with a majority of citizens being unarmed and at the mercy of ILLEGALLY armed criminals, who don’t obey laws. I’ve always liked judge Napolitano, but now I like him a lot more. He is one of the truly intelligent people on this planet. (Fox News)

Outlawing TOY Guns

This shows how completely STUPID politicians can be. In New Jersey, they’re trying to outlaw TOY guns. That’s right; TOY guns! The new ordinance proposed will ban all “imitation” guns except non-firing antique guns and “prop guns” used in movies or TV. Which will take away ALL toy guns from kids. I guess they think kids using toy guns like real ones are a real problem in Atlantic City. Today’s politicians are getting more and more stupid by the day. Anybody who votes for this ordinance should be strung up by the gonads (if any) and hung, upside down, in the public square for abysmal STUPIDITY, What do they FEED New Jersey politicians to cause them to do something this monumentally STUPID? Are they taking regular stupid pills? Damn! (Guns ‘n’ Freedom)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Gun Owners: Terrorists?

In England, they’re telling their cops to treat gun owners like terrorists by “going after” guns and gun owners, using the “anti-terrorism” laws. You can bet Obama is watching, and if they get away with it there (and they probably will) it won’t be long before they try it, here. Then they'll come for your guns. Anti-terrorism laws are already being used here to deprive American citizens of their rights. Those laws are so loosely written that all it takes is the OPINION of ONE PERSON (a cop or some kind of government agent) that you are a terrorist to do so. Your name goes on a “terrorist list” and is impossible to get removed. And you can guess what that does to your life, because those lists are mostly open to the public. You might even be sent to Gitmo, there to grow old and die—all without any kind of legal action where you can contest the action. We ARE becoming a “totalitarian nation” and most people “who don’t pay attention to what their politicians are doing to them) are unaware of it, and they will remain so until it happens to them. (Guns ‘n’ Freedom)

IRS Doesn't Need Charges

It can take what it wants, when it wants, for its own reasons, or NO reason under the “Civil Forfeiture Act of 2000.” This is patently unconstitutional on its face. But somebody slipped it into law when nobody was looking. And nobody ever looks in this Congress, which is known for passing things into law without reading them. When they do, it’s up to you to spend the money (if you have any left) for lawyers and litigation to prove the money is rightfully yours. Don’t think because you have done nothing wrong, you’re safe. They can do it any time, whenever they wish, whether of not you’re guilty of anything. And it’s up to YOU to prove you’re not guilty of anything, paying lawyer and court fees out of your own, EMPTY pocket. The disturbing thing is that they can take ALL your property, including your guns. This is “backdoor gun control,” and they will be using it in the near future to “confiscate” (steal) as many guns as they can. We now have a totalitarian government, in effect. And most people don’t know it, because they are not “paying attention” to what their politicians are doing to them. Meanwhile, the people we pay to make laws for us and KNOW what’s in them, pass them into law without ever reading them. This is a CRIME, and just about all legislators are guilty. (Bullets First)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"My Gun Ban Worked"

So sayeth the “queen of gun grabbers,” Senator Feinstein. You know, the woman who waved around a loaded automatic weapon in a crowded room one time as she made a speech against guns while carrying her own concealed weapon. But it DIDN’T There have been NO discernible statistics regarding gun violence that can be attributed to her “assault weapons ban” that expired ten years ago. This is the typical method liberals use to take credit for things they had nothing to do with. Something that Obama does blatantly every day. Maybe the ongoing reduction in gun violence is more due to a majority of states making more “gun-friendly” laws recently, while repulsing the punitive laws made by the feds that only make it more difficult for HONEST people to obtain guns for self-protection while doing NOTHING to keep criminals from getting theirs. We really need to get rid of politicians like Feinstein, who want to deny us the right to self-defense, while maintaining that right for herself. (Daily Caller)

Gun-Grabbers Illogical

“Mr. Spock,” in “Star Wars,” was criticized for being “too logical” But you CAN’T be “too logical.” Logic is logic, and the things advised by the gun-grabbers are illogical. They don’t care about logic. They just want to take away our guns. They do recognize that when attacked, you need SOME kind of a weapon, such as a heavy ashtray, a big book, or a rock. But Heaven forbid you have your own gun! We all know Islamic terrorists are making many gains, every day, mostly due to the feeble efforts our “president” is taking to “stop” them. And as long as that continues, Islamic terrorists are a “clear and present danger” to every American, wherever he/she may be. So why should we be disarmed? In Israel, EVERYBODY is considered to be part of the Israeli Army and is thus required to have, and carry a gun at all times.

One of my favorite scenes is one I saw a few years ago, of an Israeli woman, standing over an Islamic militant, pumping bullets into his brain. That should be possible here. When terrorists come here and try to kill us, THEY should die. That can’t happen if we’re not allowed to have and carry the BEST tool for self-defense, a gun. We can’t be defenseless when those low-lifes come here to do their dirty work. You can BET they will be armed, usually ILLEGALLY. Gun-grabbers call us paranoid for wishing to be able to defend ourselves. But it’s not paranoia if people really do want to kill you. And way too many criminals want to do so, and they have guns. And now we have the added threat of Islamic terrorists flooding through Obama’s “wide open borders.” (Liberty Chat)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Gang-Bangers Shoot Themselves

You don’t join a gang because you are intelligent and have career options in life. You join a gang because you’re an idiot who can’t grasp that 'thug life' is only going to lead you to an early grave, or to a government-mandated dating program where a larger, strong inmate is going to name you ‘Sally’.”  Gangbanger Randy McBride learned this by almost neutering himself with a shotgun. Edgar Navarro-Chavoya, another gangbanger who was drunk and playing with his gun, shot himself in the leg. The anti-gun fools are going to try and find a way to blame “lax gun laws” for these damned fool actions, completely ignoring the fact that BOTH of these fools cannot buy guns legally, already. Randy is a felon, and Edgar probably is, too. Both are under age and neither apparently OBEYS laws, anyway. Neither will be carrying a gun for at least a few years while their friends call them “Sally.” I always wondered what A “sally port” was They grow them dumb in Fresno. But they grow them dumb all over. (BearingArms)

"Gun-Free" Fair

In Raleigh, NC, they announced that no guns would be allowed at their State Fair. So naturally, somebody came there with a gun and robbed two people. The “authorities” made sure criminals knew that people coming out of that gate would be “unarmed for the convenience of criminals.” “Disarming people makes them easier targets. Disarming them and then telling the whole world that they are unable to defend themselves attracts criminals.” When are politicians and bureaucrats going to learn this simple truth? How long are they going to stay stupid while people die and get robbed in their stupid “gun-free zones?” When you tell the crooks people will be unarmed, it’s like telling a bee where the honey is. It is really discouraging to try and tell them this simple truth while they never listen and continue to make laws and rules to benefit the criminals. (NC Gun Blog)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Why Do I Love Guns?

I don’t. That’s a MYTH engendered by anti-gun fools because I have a pro-gun blog (The Unarmed Citizen”). I am AGAINST "gun control." At least, the kind of “gun control” pushed by the people now making laws that do nothing but DISARM honest people and make them defenseless against armed criminals, who have no trouble getting their guns in a back alley somewhere, out of another criminal’s car trunk. Do I “love guns?” NO. Even pro-gun people think I do, or should, as witness the fact that I was asked recently to write a blog entry about my love of guns and my fervent wish to own one of the guns he sells on his web site. But I don’t “love guns.” I don’t even OWN a gun, because I don’t want future gun grabbers to have another address to go to and “take away” (steal) a gun. I’m not AFRAID of guns, as some gun-grabbers are.

I have other weapons of self-defense. But I don’t “love guns.” I merely believe in the RIGHT to own guns for self-defense; something that is GUARANTEED by the Constitution, which is the BASIS for all of our laws. Meanwhile, the “gun-grabbers” do everything they can to “get around” that guarantee and make it as hard as possible to even BUY a gun. So we must become criminals ourselves, to HAVE a gun with which to defend ourselves from illegally armed criminals. Of course, the main problem with that is the possibility of buying a gun that has previously been used in a crime, while becoming criminals, ourselves. I don’t want to take that chance. So I’ll concentrate on defending myself with other weapons. (Just common sense)

What Sparks Mass shooters?

Or even “one-time shooters?” Is it the “easy availability of guns?” No, it isn’t. That “easy availability of guns” is a gun-grabber’s pipe dream. No; it’s a lack of reverence for life that starts with the “legalization” of the murder of unborn infants being used as a substitute for the use of a rubber or other means of birth control. They say abortion is “about a woman’s right to say what happens to her own body.” But it isn’t. If it were, prostitution would be legal. It’s about the right of that infant to LIFE. Adoption is much preferable to stopping that child’s heart (murdering him/her) for the “convenience of the parents.” At least one politician right now is running his campaign on criticism of his opponent for being against the murder of babies, “even in cases of rape or incest.” That child should NEVER be punished for the sins of one or BOTH of his parents. He calls being against infanticide “extreme.” I think being FOR infanticide is "extreme." It is this kind of politician who should NEVER be elected to ANYTHING. In any case, this is what STARTED the lack of reverence for human life that results in higher murder rates and mass shootings. NOT the “easy availability of guns,” which is a myth, anyway. (Just common sense)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Gun-Grabbers Revealed

They’re pissed! Not because of anything to do with GUNS, but with a company that is giving away THROWING KNIVES and showing people how to use it. By so doing, they reveal their effort to make ALL of us completely defenseless in the face of danger. I’ve always said that all they want to do is DISARM everybody in America except the cops and “federal agents.” That has now been proven, by their own words. "This is crazy", fumed one gun control advocate who asked to remain nameless [he’s afraid to reveal his (her) name -RT]. "We should be disarming people. Not teaching them how to throw knives." Could it be more obvious that they just want to DISARM America? (Fight Fast)

But We Knew That!

The “gentle giant” who had just finished “strong-arming” his way to a bunch of free cigars, then got shot while trying to “strong-arm” a cop, actually WAS trying to get the cop’s gun (proven by the close-range hole in his hand). But we knew that; if we believed the cop, who was fighting for his life, there would have been no trouble. But the fools in Ferguson seem to outnumber the intelligent people. Of course, this finding will not change anything in Ferguson. The fools will still clamor for the legal lynching of that cop, whose career has already been ruined. If he is ever able to be a cop again, it won’t be in Ferguson, MO. It really amazes me how so many people can be so stupid as to let the criminals take over. But, like the “gun-grabbers,” who are equally stupid, they don’t care about facts if they disagree with their preconceived notions. Of course, the thugs will say the autopsy was “rigged.” They have nothing else. (Bearing Arms)

Friday, October 24, 2014

A "Good Guy With A Gun"

A “GOOD GUY WITH A GUN”: Didja notice one small fact nobody in the media has seen fit to mention? That the “teed-off Islamist” who shot up the Canadian Parliament building was stopped by “a good guy with a gun” after he killed just ONE guy? Not only that, they made little of the fact that this “teed-off Islamist” had his passport removed when they found out he had recently converted to Islam and wanted to go over and train with the terrorists, then come back and kill some ”unbelievers?” Isn’t this something WE should be doing to those “students” who are trying to do likewise? But, NO! We just “commiserate” and diddle around about “what to do.” Yes, their decision did get a man killed )Or so they can claim). But it also accomplished one less ISLAMIST left in the world. I’d say that’s a “net plus.” Islam should be declared a “criminal religion” and BANNED in the United States (and Canada), with people like that imprisoned, to save them from themselves. There’s sure enough evidence for that! (HuffingtonPost)

Anti-Gun Fool Arrested--Wih Gun

As usual, always let a fool declare his/her damned stupidity. Missouri State Senator Jemimila Rasheed was arrested while demonstrating in favor of the legal lynching of an innocent police officer in Ferguson, MO, and was discovered to be carrying a gun and extra ammo. This is a typical anti-gun fool, who says we should not be allowed to carry a gun while she has a “carry permit.” She has supported many “anti-gun bills” in the Missouri legislature to keep us from being able to defend ourselves against illegally-armed criminals, but herself DOES “carry.” Like the “anti-gun queen,” Senator Feinstein, who also has a “carry permit,” she says the right to carry a gun for self-defense is okay for HER, but not for us “peasants.” Wonder what party she is in? Oh—she’s a DEMOCTRAT! Fancy that! (The Blaze)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

They Just Don't Get It

Some people look right at something and get the wrong thing from it. Super model Chrissy Teigan pissed everybody off by using the Canadian Parliament shooting to criticize American gun control. She doesn’t even know that the gun used was a LEGAL gun in Canada. Most mass shootings are done with ILLEGAL GUNS in places where guns are PROHIBITED. Chrissy is a typical anti-gun fool who never met a lie about guns she didn’t like. She says “If you don’t agree with me, that’s your problem, not mine.” And she’s right, in a way. It’s our problem because we can see how stupid she is, and she can’t. Like one tweet suggested, maybe she should just go back to having her picture taken for a living and leave important things to people who have brains. I’m glad she doesn’t have anything to do with making our gun laws. What a dumb broad! (Guns Save Lives)

"More Guns, Less Crime" (Again)

That’s what Canada is learning. Despite rather high rate of gun ownership, Canada has lower gun crime statistics than anywhere else (Or maybe because of it). If that doesn’t prove my contention that more guns in the hands of honest people means fewer gun atrocities by criminals, I don’t know what will. But will that tell the anti-gun fools anything? Not likely. They are “tone deaf” to anything that disputes their preconceived notion that GUNS cause crime. It’s STUPID, but it’s “their story and they’re stickin’ to it.” It just amazes me how so many people can be so STUPID about guns and gun violence. But they are, and the stupid ones include some of the top politicians in the nation and the world. The problem is, you can’t CURE stupid. Stupid people don’t know they’re stupid. That’s part of BEING stupid. They think they’re the smartest people around. (The Atlantic)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"Pre-Crime Gun Confiscation"

That’s what will happen in New York State if a law being considered passes into law. This law allows the state to take away guns from anybody they “DEEM” to be a “danger to himself or others.” It’s similar to a law now in effect in Governor Moonbeam’s California and is a big step toward general gun confiscation. What controls the REASONS guns can be taken with no crime being committed? It’s a fancy term for taking guns from people who have committed no crime, who politicians don't like. I have no problem if that person is certifiably insane (not by the opinion of a layman). But this law allows that to happen by the opinion of a politician or a bureaucrat. They’re “sneaking up on us,” folks. Don’t allow them to pass this law. It will be the END of your right to carry a gun for self-protection if a politician or bureaucrat can, by his opinion alone, declare you unfit to have a gun. (TheRight to Bear)

Too Much Even for Democrats

Democrat incumbent Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH) is in favor of gun control, but she’s trying to distance herself from wildly outspoken former member of Congress Gabby Giffords, who she thinks “goes too far” in her opinion. According to the National Journal, Porter has flatly denied any connection with the ad against pro Second Amendment Republican candidate Martha McSally. Apparently, Sally thinks we ought to be DEFENDING the Second Amendment, rather than trying to destroy it or “get around it.” We seem always to be faced with politicians who want to take away our right to self-defense, and who think they are right to want to DISARM us, although disarming ourselves is NOT the way to self-defense. They can’t seem to understand this simple point. Rather, they ridicule it. (Breitbart)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ebola for Gun Control

It’s twisted reasoning, but the anti-gun fools are now trying to use Ebola as an excuse to enact more and more damned fool gun laws. They’re objecting to one of Obama’s choices for Surgeon General not on his knowledge about Ebola, but because he is “pro-gun.” Conservatives don’t want another because he is “anti-gun.” What that has to do with Ebola, escapes me. But in their twisted reasoning, they want to make sure the next Surgeon General is ANTI-gun. Apparently, to some liberals, EVERYTHING is about guns. They just want NO honest people to be armed, probably because they, or most of their friends, are criminals and don’t want them to encounter armed HONEST people when hey set out to victimize them. (Investor’s BusinessDaily)

Exceeding Their Athority

The cops in Watervliet, NY (where else?) want to know your Facebook password before they issue you a “carry permit.” It really amazes me how some jurisdictions think the Constitution does not apply to them, and they can do what they want, regardless. They make stupid laws, and do stupid things under CURRENT laws, apparently serenely unaware they are breaking the law, themselves. Whatever made them think they could demand this, I don’t know, unless it is the “stupid pills” they’re taking every day. Apparently, they don’t give a damn that it is unconstitutional, since the chief of police there, one Ron Boisvert, replied, “It is what it is,” when told the demand was unconstitutional. And the cops are not alone in this. Way too many potential employers are likewise demanding access to applicants’ Facebook accounts and passwords as a condition of employment. For my part, that would be a “deal breaker” and would cause me to walk out without a word. (Prison Planet)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Phony Warrant

The Secret Service tried to enter the home of an Obama critic they SAY “threatened his life,” using a phony warrant. When he wouldn’t let them in, and closed the door in their faces, they called the Nashville police, telling them he “might have a gun (which he had legally and was on his own property),” which, in some places, would get him shot to death by local cops. They tried to get the cops to kill this guy, using the rumor of a gun as bait, which shows what kind of thugs they are. The Nashville cops were smarter than that. Knowing the SS had no warrant; they withdrew, and later sent information to DC, which was met with total disinterest, something that REALLY disturbs me. I think the SS agents involved should be arrested, and charged with assault. But that’ll never happen. Even if the Nashville cops wouldn’t help in their raid, they didn’t help them complete their lie. But still, they probably aren’t going to “take it all the way.” They DO mostly stick together in covering up such things as this. I expect a visit from a bunch like this myself, sometime in the future. I hope they don’t con the locals into killing me. (Liberty Unyielding)

Durham NC Gets It Right (Finally)

In 1925, in obvious violation of the Constitution, the Durham City Council decreed that gun purchasers must “register their guns” with the County Clerk. This was a “Jim Crow era” law made so the government could keep track of who buys and has guns. It was a localized version of what liberals want for the entire country. It’s WRONG, and it’s unconstitutional. And “wiser heads” decided recently to repeal it, and destroy 100 years ‘ worth of records of gun purchasers, against the whines of anti-gun fools. But the “wiser heads” prevailed, and the records were shredded. As this story says, “Nowhere in the constitution does it say when you buy a gun, that purchase must be recorded in a database.” Gun rights activists know this; liberals don’t get it. and the idea needs to be enforced nationwide. (Right to Bear)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Another Obama Power Grab

Did you know the Obama administration tried to force banks and other lending institutions to stop dealing with gun makers and sellers? This was a “back-room effort at gun control.” They couldn’t do it with law, so they tried it “under the table.” It was called, “Operation Choke Point,” hoping to achieve de facto gun control by choking off their financing. But it didn’t work. The Judicial Watch found out about it, and publicized it, causing it to fail. The Department of Justice under Holder has become the worst violator of the Freedom of Information Act, REFUSING to release ANY information about this effort. but the very fact of uncovering what they could prove effectively stopped the scheme. Gun makers and sellers found alternative money sources and have gone on, largely unaffected by Obama’s underhanded efforts. Remember, the people at which this is aimed have broken no laws. They have only been engaged in activities certain liberal politicians don’t approve of, so they must be “shut down,” legal or not, according to liberal theology. That’s right: “theology.” Liberalism is a RELIGION. And ”unbelievers” are not allowed (Where have I heard that before?). (World Net Daily)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

"Ultimate Hypocrite"

That well describes former New York Mayor Bloomberg as he goes along denying the people’s need for armed security while hiring armed security for himself. He doesn’t want US to have it, but he wants it for himself. I don’t know what kind of reasoning he uses here; maybe it’s that he feels he is worth MORE than the “average American” when it comes to personal safety and therefore, thinks he is more entitled to it than we are. "People are equal, but politicians are more equal than others." Like Senator Feinstein, one of the staunchest anti-gun fools, who has her own “carry permit.” She rails daily about the idea that NOBODY needs to be able to carry a gun for self-protection (except her, of course). It is this kind of hypocrisy that makes their arguments more and more foolish. (Washington Times)

Friday, October 17, 2014

Democrats Shoot Back

Two New Jersey Democrat representatives, newly elected, faced an attempted robbery by three “intelligent-looking” teens. One of the lawmakers is a licensed “carrier,” pulled his gun and shot at the robbers, who fled. These may be the smartest Democrats in the Congress, since one of them had the intelligence to be armed in self-defense, instead of being “shocked and sickened” by guns, like some other Democrats I could name. He’ll probably get a hard time from his Democrat colleagues for carrying a gun, even though it “saved the day.” Anti-gun fools just hate guns with an unreasoning hatred, no matter what (key word, “unreasoning”). My only question about these two is, “Why are they Democrats?” (World Net Daily)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dropping Gun Charges

We have the right kind of anti-gun laws already ion the books, but prosecutors routinely “bargain them away” in their efforts to get convictions on other charges, while the anti-gun fools want to make more and more laws to be ignored by prosecutors, “in their discretion.” This should not be allowed. Certain laws should NEVER be allowed to be “waived” to get other convictions. Criminals who use guns in the commission of a crime need to be incarcerated for much longer periods, just BECAUSE they use a gun. They need to be kept off the streets for a longer period of time. That, alone, would REDUCE “gun violence.” But anti-gun fools have no idea this is true. They wouldn't admit it if they did. (Indy Star)

"Reports" Flawed

[A]ccording to researchers at the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC). CPRC is led by noted gun control researcher and former chief economist with the United States Sentencing Commission, John R. Lott, Jr.” He notes a number of factual inaccuracies, and some outright LIES. Many were “lies of omission,” leaving OUT important facts so as to prove their preconceived notions. One of the “increases” was caused by the FBI changing its designation of a “mass shooting” from one with four or more victims, to that with THREE or more victims, GUARANTEEING higher numbers. This report, from a reliable pro-gun expert, tells us that anti-gun outfits, having no REAL data to support their contentions, regularly “make it up.” You just can’t depend on their figures; ever. Anti-gun fools tell us John Lott’s figures are wrong, but they can’t prove it. Just ask for proof. That’s how to defeat them. (Institutes for Legislative Action)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Giffords Starts New Campaign

Gabby Giffords launches a new campaign, this one aimed at women. Where these people get the money for this foolishness, I don’t know. Maybe Gabby is secretly on Bloomberg’s payroll. It is known he just devoted another $650,000 toward his idea of “gun control.” His idea of “gun control” doesn’t work, and only leads to the death and injury of people who are faced by ILLEGALLY armed criminals and are defenseless. But he keeps “throwing good money after bad.” But he doesn’t care; “gun control” is his hobby, and, like most hobbies, costs money. Gabby (a former senator) was wounded in a 2011 shooting in Arizona and has been an anti-gun fool ever since, kept financially stable by SOMEBODY—I don’t know who. They try to link background checks to reduced numbers of women shot, but their “research” doesn’t play. Background checks only give the cops a name AFTER a victim gets shot (maybe). They do NOTHING to “reduce gun violence” because people who want to do bad with a gun do not buy them from legitimate sources. (Christian Science Monitor)

"So Was Slavery"

Operative word, “was.” Liberals try and get around the constitutional protections against laws limiting our right to have the means to self-defense, a gun, by saying, “Even though gun ownership is in the Constitution, so was slavery, and it was wrong.” That intimates that gun rights are wrong, too. What it ignores is the Amendment about slavery was NOT in the original Constitution, but was added by slave-owning favoring Justices just as the one making abortion legal wad added by Justices who thought mothers ought to be able to MURDER their mistakes, and, was properly removed later(The one on murdering babies is still there). The prohibition against making ANY LAWS against individual gun ownership was in the ORIGINAL Constitution, and was RIGHT UP TOP on rights REGOGNIZED (not “granted”) by the Constitution. The Second Amendment is NOT “wrong,” as WAS the one temporarily making slavery “legal.” It will NOT be repealed, unless anti-gun fools get control in the future. And if they do, I’ll be shooting some of them, myself. (News Busters)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

FBI's False Report

It really disturbs me to see the premier law enforcement agency in this country used to promote a political agenda of the president with a LYING report. That happened recently when the FBI released a report that attempted to show that mass shootings have INCREASED in this country, when they have DECREASED. Many of the “cases” cited did not involve a “mass shooting” at all, but involved a “person with a gun” who shot NOBODY or a single murder. Three-quarters of their “cases” were from the EARLY findings, which is calculated to show a higher number than it would of it included the LATER numbers. One of the things they did was change the DEFINITION of a “mass shooting” to include shootings of just THREE people, down from the definition that required the shooting of FOUR people. Again GUARANTEEING a higher number. This is how the government (especially Obama’s government”) PADS its figures to show what they WANT to show, whether true or not. (New York Post)

Wishing For Another Kill?

VP Joe Biden (BiteMe) says, he “wishes for another high-profile victim” to head up an anti-gun organization, like James Brady, former White House spokesman, or another lawmaker (Gabby Giffords) getting shot at a campaign stop. He thinks such an occurrence would help make “gun control” possible. I guess he never thought about the “inconvenience” of getting shot. Maybe he ought to be the next one, so he then could see how it feels (I’m not suggesting someone shoot him). But if he thought about it in personal terms, maybe he’d think differently. Joe is “gaffe-prone,” and for that reason, nobody should take seriously anything he says. But he’s also vice-president, so they do. Somebody needs to put a sock in his mouth to shut him up. (Guns Save Lives)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Not A Medical Issue

Gun control is NOT a “medical issue,” so why is the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) involved? Because the government wants to MAKE gun control a “medical issue,” when it is NOT. They think if it BECOMES a “medical issue,” that gives them more strength in making laws OPPOSING gun ownership, which is not the problem, anyway. It’s a phony issue, but they’re pushing it. You can’t stop criminals from owning guns by making LAWS, which they don’t obey, anyway. You need to make laws to make USING a gun so dangerous to them that they stop using them. Yes, that might contribute to more murders. But you can’t stop making laws because they contribute to more lawlessness. That’s a specious, damned fool argument, and the people who make it are damned fools. (Daily Caller)

Complete, Utter, Damned Fool!

At least one DC lawmaker wants to disarm DC police. Councilman David Grosso says his staff doesn’t want him to tell you he’d like to disarm the cops in DC, so he didn’t. And he assures us he has “no plans” to try. But the way he said it tells me he does, and he does plan to try it. How he thinks they’ll be able to handle crooks, who will have no such limitations on them, I don’t know. He says he’s just trying to “have a conversation beyond the knee-jerk reactions we have today.” But that sounds a LOT like a “knee-jerk” to me. He thinks the cops should be able to effectively handle armed crooks without being armed, themselves. He cites “other countries” for being able to do that, but fails to mention it didn’t work, and the cops in those countries are now armed, though not so obviously as our own cops. As long as we have such utter, damned fools in places where they can make their “flights of fancy” into law, we are in mortal danger. Watch for one or more damned fools in your own area to try it. (Bearing Arms)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Anti-Gun Hysteria Personified

A five-year-old little girl “drew a gun” in school and was forced to sign a “no murder/suicide contract” at school, while her mother waited OUTSIDE. I thought the law required a parent or child representative to be present at any such action. No, she didn’t “pull a gun” on anybody. She “drew a PICTURE” of a gun—or at least one that RESEMBLED a gun involving a hand and a crayon. And the school officials” went bananas and forced her to sign a paper containing words she didn’t even understand—words like “suicide,” which she asked her mother about, later. Never mind that ANY “contract” signed by a child that young isn’t worth the paper it’s written on, and would not stop anything, anyway—if that little girl DID plan somebody’s death or her own suicide. Like a “restraining order,” it would not stop anything if that child did plan murder or suicide. Signing a useless paper would not stop her. But the whole idea of someone so young contemplating murder or suicide is about as stupid as there is. And these are the people who are TEACHING our children. They ought to be forced to attend an “anti-stupidity class.” (Guns Save Lives)

Gun-Free Zones Work: Right?

WRONG! This nine-year-old child got shot in the head by a stray bullet fired in a “gang-related shooting,” IN a "gun-free zone." “Gang-related” is code for “will never be solved.” Now they want to make laws to stop this sort of thing. Here's a clue, folks: there are ALREADY laws to stop this sort of thing on the books. They don’t work, because they are aimed at the GUN, rather than the fools that have them, illegally. This child was shot IN a “gun-free zone” by kids who CANNOT legally own, or use guns. Of what use were the current laws against this? This case merely serves to prove—again—that “gun-free zones” are a damned fool notion that DON’T WORK, and will NEVER work. They are unconstitutional on their face. The Constitution says, NO LAW shall be made to limit the ownership and use of guns for American citizens. These laws do that, by limiting the places where guns can BE. And they are an INVITATION to people who obey NO laws, to “come on in and shoot us up.” The guns used here were illegal to begin with, so what good would ANY law like these do in “stopping gun violence?” Further, the whole thing happened in one of the tightest gun law areas in the nation. “Nuff said. (My Fox DC)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

How Could This Happen?

Two students, ON CAMPUS, where guns are forbidden, were robbed at gunpoint. What? Didn’t the robbers know guns were forbidden on campus? I guess they just didn’t care. Maybe it’s because criminals don’t obey laws—or regulations. Or maybe they can’t read. This, again, proves how useless “gun-free zones” are in stopping, or even slowing down, gun violence. Maybe one day the fools who make such laws or rules will “wise up” after a few more people are killed because they have nothing to use to defend themselves against these ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. But I’m not holding my breath. Turning blue doesn’t appeal to me. (Lexington Herald-Leader)

Here's A Hint

Don’t pull a gun on a cop. And especially don’t SHOOT at a cop. He’s gonna shoot back, and you may die. Thugs in the St. Louis area don’t seem to understand that simple truth. They think they can shoot at a cop and he won’t (shouldn’t) shoot back. They’re gonna be sorely disappointed if they do. But their disappointment probably won’t last long, because they’ll be dead. And it doesn’t matter how many times the cop fires. He’s taught to “shoot to kill” whenever he pulls his weapon. In the latest St. Louis case, the kid’s mom says he only had a SANDWICH in his hand. I don’t believe that, for a minute, and you shouldn’t, either. But there will be some who think his mom’s word should be taken at face value, even though it’s a proven fact that moms lie to protect their kids on a regular basis. She is not to be believed. (Bearing Arms)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Extreme Stupidity

I’ve chronicled many acts of stupidity on the part of school “officials” regarding their complete hysteria about guns. From stories about children chewing pop tarts into the rough shape of a gun, to children pointing their fingers at each other and hollering, “bang,” to kids drawing PICTURES of guns. And there’s the story about kids playing “cops and robbers” with toy guns within SIGHT of a SCHOOL BUS. But this tops them all. This teacher saw a 5-year-old child draw a picture that MIGHT have been a gun, and later point her finger at another child and cry, “pew. pew!” so the teacher took the child out of class and forced her to sign a “contract” not to kill anybody, nor herself. I’m sure the process was very upsetting to this child, even though she didn’t understand what it was all about. But I do know one thing: if she planned to kill anybody (remember, this is a five-year-old child), this piece of paper wouldn’t make any difference, at all. Just as people violate restraining orders all the time. Do these people take stupid pills regularly, or what? (KSN)

"Riddled With Errors"

The “report” recently put out by the Bloomberg anti-gun fools group that was quoted by Obama as “fact” has been “fact-checked” by the foremost pro-gun researcher, John Lott, and found to be wanting—wanting in facts, numbers, and just about everything else. But the anti-gun fools keep quoting it as if it were true. That’s how they operate. They “make it up,” and tout it, even after it has been proved to be untrue. And they expect uninformed people to believe their BS. They’d be harder to fight if they actually told the truth. But then, they couldn’t retain their fool notions, could they? Notice the source for this is WashPo, not the most conservative newspaper in the land. (Washington Post)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pen Guns

We’re not talking tear gas, here. We’re talking easily hidden guns that shoot real bullets. They were invented in the “anti-gun paradise,” Australia, where gun crime went up 300% after they banned all guns following a particularly nasty shooting. They’re selling them to biker gangs by the dozen, under the table. “The James Bond-inspired weapons are made to look like pens, key rings and mobile phones. Police will allege Shane Kemp, 27, made eight-centimetre pens with the ability to shoot bullets from common items sold at hardware stores.” The ingenuity of criminals knows no bounds. As I’ve always maintained, they will ALWAYS find a way to get their guns while honest people are denied the right to their use and are thus defenseless. They’re crude, and have a high percent chance of blowing up in the user’s hand, but CAN kill at close range. How long, do you suppose, before these unreliable guns (25% liable to blow up in your hand) come here? (Sydney Morning Herald)

No Guns? I Don't Care"

We want more “gun control,” anyway. That’s what chief of “Mommies Against Guns” (or something like that) says. She’s commenting about several disturbances (and lock-downs) at schools that didn’t even involve guns (except in the hands of the cops who eventually got there) She still thinks those disturbances are good reasons to limit gun ownership among people who abide by the law, never mind the fact that criminals, who don’t obey ANY laws, still will get theirs. Some people are just so single-minded in their foolishness that they will never be convinced by facts. Watts wants to “educate women to be against the Second Amendment,” whether or not it is the “law of the land.” People like this foolish female don’t care about the law. They want what they want, and DAMN the law! (Breitbart)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Illegal Gun Ban "Ends" In DC

But they’re still trying to pass another gun ban in DC that will pass muster with the Supreme Court. It has long been the goal of politicians to strip Americans of their constitutionally guaranteed right to own and use the means to self-defense, a gun, by whatever means possible. They succeeded for a long time in DC, but were scotched by the Supreme Court recently and are now feverishly working to come up with a law to replace it. The one they’re working on actually permits owning a gun in DC, but places all kinds of onerous limitations on that right that make it virtually impossible to overcome. Mostly to keep the politicians (“dignitaries”) from getting shot. In a city rife with “dignitaries,” the main prohibition is a 1,000 yard circle around a politician (“dignitary”) where a gun cannot be carried, except, of course, that politician’s “security,” of course. Which guarantees disruption of the day of ANY person who has a “carry permit,” who must go elsewhere when a politician is nearby. They are afraid normal people will just not be able to control themselves when they see a politician if they have a gun in their pocket. (The Right to Bear)

"Screw Off, Moms!"

That’s what Kroger told “Moms Against Guns” (or some such) when they demanded they ban all firearms, including those carried by CCW permit holders. “Moms” founder Shannon Watts got miffed when a local manager told her to “screw off” when she tried to show him some petition signers. She just doesn’t understand that, no matter how many people sign a petition, it is not binding on ANYBODY. “MDA’s efforts have already been successful from the publicity standpoint at Target, Jack in the Box and Starbucks, all of which have issued public statements asking patrons not to carry in their stores. However, it should be noted that none of those businesses have outright banned carry in their stores (meaning nothing has really changed).” If I were a “carrier,” I would ignore their “request,” and I’m sure criminals would, too. That has been proven by all the stories of criminals bringing their guns to stores that have “asked” them not to, and have victimized people there. Especially people who have “knuckled under” to their “request.” Watts was so miffed she vented on Twitter. It should be noted that most of the replies supported the store’s rejection of her wishes. (Guns Save Lives)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Media Ignoring Significant Factor

The fact that a gun was used to put a stop to the killing in Oklahoma. He used a knife, but have you heard any calls for “knife control?” They still blame the gun, even though a gun was used to stop the killing. The fact that the killer used a knife was an “inconvenient fact,” so they made little of it in their accounts, as well as the fact it was gun in the hand of another employee who happened to be a reserve deputy sheriff and, was thus armed. The gun was a friend in this case, but they made light of that because it didn’t fit their narrative. Had this happened in another state, where guns are not allowed in the workplace, many more people would have died. But the liberal media doesn’t point that out. Their efforts to DISARM honest, reliable people would have cost many lives, and does so, elsewhere. Oklahoma is one of the “smart states” that, by law, allow “carriers” to bring their guns to their workplace. And as such, will save many lives. (The Right to Bear)

Racist Gun Control

It has been required for some time—at least since Clinton’s “reign”—that gun buyers disclose their race and ethnicity. But the requirement was largely ignored until recently, when Obama “tightened up” the regulations. Now, every person who “transfers” ownership of a gun in any way, from sale to gift, must disclose his/her ethnicity and race on ATF form 4473. Is this a way of keeping track of how many guns are “transferred” to Hispanics or blacks? They SAY they don’t keep a database on this information, but, as usual, with government, I don’t believe a word of it. I think they want a record so they can know where to go to disarm all blacks and Hispanics whenever they’re ready. There’s no other reason for demanding that information. They deny it, but who believes what the government says, anyway? And Obama in particular. (The Examiner)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Throwing Customers to the Wolves

I will not be eating at Pandera Bread any time in the future. That’s because they have just sent a message to every illegal gun owning criminal in the world: “We will not have any guns here. Come on in and shoot us up.” What’s happening all over America? Are they passing out stupid pills. or what? Why can’t otherwise intelligent people get it through their thick skulls that telling criminals nobody will be armed in a certain place is an open INVITATION for them to come there with their guns and do violence on unarmed people? I’ve said this over and over and they are NOT listening. Stories of thugs shooting people in “gun-free zones” are becoming an everyday occurrence. Why can’t people see this? Probably not until way too many people who THOUGHT they were safe are dead of “gun-free zone” gunshot wounds. I hope, someday, people will “wise up,” but I don’t think it’ll happen in my lifetime. I think stupid pills are the “drug of choice” for too many people. (Right to Bear)

Twisting Truth Out of Shape

That’s what MSNBC is doing now, blaming the NRA for the Ebola problem, since they oppose the new Surgeon General appointee. Did it ever occur to them that that nominee might not be qualified to be Surgeon General? No; they’re liberals, so they think whoever Obama chooses HAS to be qualified, and if the NRA opposes her, they MUST be trying to make the “Ebola problem” worse. This is how they twist the truth into unrecognizable shapes. It’s what they DO. They don’t know what truth IS, so they make up their own version of it. I hold out the hope that one day they’ll start to “get it,” but I’m not holding my breath, since turning blue doesn’t appeal to me. (MSNBC)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Background Checks Sure Work

Don’t they? Then how come cops found a convicted felon in a tent in Washington State, in possession of SEVERAL guns? If he is a KNOWN felon, there’s NO WAY he could pass a background check, right? So how did he get those guns? You mean background checks don’t keep felons from getting guns? That all he has to do is find another criminal willing to sell them to him, or go out and STEAL them? You mean a felon would actually STEAL something? Horrors! (Irony meter now turned off) Anti-gun fools still cling to their belief that background checks, like most of their “solutions” to gun violence, will work, in spite of all the convincing evidence otherwise. Maybe one day they will “get wise,” but I doubt it. They get together every once in a while and take stupid pills. (KOMO News)

Predictions Wrong

It’s been a year now, since North Carolina passed the law allowing licensed carriers to bring their guns into restaurants where alcohol was served. Anti-gun fools predicted many gun fights as a result. What has happened? NOTHING. Not a SINGLE report of a licensed concealed gun carrier misusing his (or her) gun in an alcohol-serving establishment. And only three-tenths of ONE PERCENT of concealed carriers generally being revoked since 1989. Does anybody think these figures will change anything for the anti-gun fools? Not me. I know them for the stupid fools they are. They will just ignore this, as they always ignore figures that show them for the fools they are. (The Truth About Guns)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Criticized By Muslims

Jan Morgan, the woman who owns the gun range where Muslims are no longer allowed, gives an excellent list of reasons why what she did in banning Muslims had nothing to do with religion, because she does not regard a group who are commanded to MURDER anybody who does not believe the exact same way they do IS a religion, and she is right. Islam is a political organization PRETENDING to be a religion so they could criticize this good woman for attempting to protect herself, and her customers, from people who are COMMANDED, by their “Bible,” the Koran, to MURDER “unbelievers. She rightly knows that, since she has no way of separating Muslims who don’t know what’s in their Koran from those who are ardently dedicated to killing unbelievers, she has decided to simply keep them ALL out of her gun range and not provide them with guns and ammunition, lest they turn those guns and ammunition on her and her customers.

The Constitution protects REAL religions from the GOVERNMENT, not from her. Of course, the Muslims, and their friends, the liberals, are complaining. But I never worry about what liberals think. To me, they just don’t count. Muslims, either. Muslims have MURDERED more than 270 MILLION people since their beginning. ALL Muslims are not terrorists, but in recent years, all TERRORISTS have been Muslims ATF gives her the right to choose who she allows in her establishment, and to exclude those she views as a danger. She views Muslims as a danger and has the RIGHT to exclude them, liberal opinion notwithstanding. (Guns ‘n’ Freedom)

Wrongly Stating the Problem

That’s a common ploy of the anti-gun crowd, misstate the problem to create a “straw man,” and argue against the “straw man.” They’re doing that, here, when they say, “The Second Amendment was never intended to create the right to murder.” Funny: they worry about that here, but not in the abortion debate. The Second Amendment does NOT make murder legal, as our abortion laws do. It merely recognizes SELF-DEFENSE as legal and recognizing the carrying of the tool to that end, a gun, as legal, too. Gun registration doesn’t do a damned thing except give the government a list of the names and addresses where the guns are, to make it easier for them to confiscate them when they’re ready. Take what they say in this paper with a big grain of salt, because they are “anti-gun.” (Central Kitsap Reporter)

Friday, October 3, 2014

Afraid of Themselves

Many wonder why the anti-gun fools don’t trust us with guns. That’s easy; they know what THEY’D do if they had a gun handy, and that frightens them. Like this comedienne who stabbed Al Franken in the head with a pencil. She knows that if she had had a gun, Franken would be dead, now. She has a serious problem with “impulse control,” and she thinks we all have that problem, too. Like most anti-gun fools, she thinks if more people were carrying guns, people would be getting into shoot-outs over fender-benders or walking into each other on the street. She thinks the only thing that keeps us from a “wild-West atmosphere” is the lack of guns in our hands. They’re all that stupid. I used to be a “concealed carrier,” and I never killed anybody over him taking the last cookie. (Bearing Arms)

Maybe They're Waking Up?

Naahhh! Gabby Gifford’s husband is just expressing his frustration over their consistent failure to further limit our constitutionally-protected right to be armed in self-defense. I wonder why people like Giffords buy into the useless gun laws promoted by anti-gun fools, rather than look at REAL laws to punish gun USERS who use them for criminal pursuits. Maybe it’s because being shot addles them. It certainly seems to have addled Gabby. But now, even her husband is saying, “We’ll never stop gun violence the way we’re going now” (Paraphrased). He’s right, but I doubt he really thinks so. If he did, he’d get out of the “gun-grabbing” business. I’ll wait and see. (Breitbart)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

More Bicycle Deaths

Than mass shooting deaths. The anti-gun fools highlight mass shootings to promote their USELESS “gun laws, but with more people dying from bicycle accidents and falls than from mass shootings, why aren’t they promoting the banning of BICYCLES? That’s just as logical as banning GUNS because criminals and crazies use them (guns) to commit crimes! Which means it’s ILLOGICAL. But we can expect lack of logic from liberals, and those are the people who push their useless “gun laws.” They just can’t understand that it’s NOT the gun that’s at fault, it’s the PEOPLE who use them for criminal purposes, and make laws to punish the CRIMINALS, not honest gun-owners. But that would take INTELLIGENCE, and we’ve come to expect a LACK of intelligence from ALL liberals (REAL liberals, not their dupes). (Breitbart)

It doesn't Matter

It apparently doesn’t matter to the gun-grabbers that mass shootings are down, since a majority of states have made “concealed carry” more easy to accomplish. Or maybe it does, but they don’t like it. They want less gun violence, but on their terms, only. So even if gun violence IS down, their efforts to take guns away from innocent people are way out of control, fed by the efforts of that Nazi in the White House. It has become obvious that reducing gun violence isn't important to these people, but removing guns from honest people, IS. Obama’s purpose is to reduce the number of guns in the hands of honest people, so that when liberal, socialist thugs come to victimize us, they’ll have less trouble. He’s EXPECTING a revolution, and wants to face fewer guns when (not IF) it happens. (Radix)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Anti-Gun Hysteria Kills Two

That’s “anti-gun hysteria” couples with “gun ignorance” on the part of a cop, who mistakenly identified a BB gun for an AR-15 and immediately killed a boy who was just looking at the bb gun while talking on the phone. Then the mother of a child nearby died of a heart attack while watching this death. Everybody involved, except for the victim, was in the wrong. From the one who called the cops to the cop, himself. It is this kind of hysteria that is responsible for school “officials” suspending students for pointing their fingers, playing like they’re guns, and other students for chewing a pop-tart in the shape of a gun, to a kid who drew a PICTURE of a gun. It leads to ignorance such as this, and gets people killed. The other way anti-gun hysteria kills people is by keeping guns out of the hands of honest, reliable people so they’re defenseless when a criminal comes at them with his ILLEGAL gun. (The Dana Show)

Why Laws Should Be Reciprocal

This woman was arrested when she was found to be in possession of a LEGAL gun in her own state, in a neighboring state. She THOUGHT she was following the law until she realized the neighboring state didn’t recognize the legality in her home state of her right to have that gun, and its possession was a felony in that state, REGARDLESS of its legality in her home state. Fortunately, “wiser heads prevailed,” but only after she was subjected to an unnecessary ordeal and to having to spend a lot of money on unnecessary legal costs. This entire situation was caused by liberal politicians being “instructed” by anti-gun fools, to persecute as many gun owners as possible, hoping to get them to get rid of their guns to avoid harassment. New Jersey has already started  the process to stop this sort of thing, but the law they propose is a “single-issue” thing, and it should be a “federal case.” But with the fool politicians we now have in office, that’s not going to happen, soon. (Julie On Politics)