Monday, September 30, 2013

Punished For Playinbg guns--At Home

These overly-officious school “officials” suspended these kids for playing with BB guns—at home! Not even at school! I thought they didn’t have any authority over kids at home. Looks like they just TOOK it. The school originally EXPELLED them, but when media got into the picture, they changed it to long-term suspension. The father of one of the kids says the action lacks common sense, and I agree. This is a case of “zero tolerance” going WAY too far. They originally suspended them for “firing guns,” but changed that to “firing Air-Soft guns. ”The kids were on the father’s PRIVATE PROPERTY and nowhere near the school at the time. But that apparently doesn’t make any difference to these officious school “authorities.” This incident will stop those kids from being accepted at a college later because the school did not make the distinction between toy guns and real guns. I don’t think the school had any business sticking their noses in this, They should have kept it out. But NO! They just HAD to ruin this kid’s chances at college later. (WAVY)

Chicago Massacre

No, it’s not one crazy going in and shooting up a “no-gun zone.” It’s several “crazies” shooting up a PARK in a BIG “no-gun zone.” Chicago has some of the tightest anti-gun laws in the nation, yet gun deaths (using ILLEGAL guns) remain high. THIRTEEN people (including one THREE-YEAR-OLD) were shot down by ILLEGAL guns just last night (as this is written) in Chicago! NOBODY but cops and government agents can carry guns in Chicago legally, but it seems like EVERYBODY has a gun. Everybody, at least, who doesn’t bother to obey the law, that is. In Chicago you can buy an illegal gun on almost any street corner. This is true of ANY place where anti-gun laws are tight. MAKING tight anti-gun laws is an INVITATION to illegal gun sellers. Chicago was recently named the WORST city in the nation for gun violence while having the tightest anti-gun laws. If this doesn’t prove my thesis that anti-gun laws, as currently made, don’t work, NOTHING ever will. (Chicago Tribune)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

"Workplace Violence?"

That’s probably what Obama and his fools will call it after a black man went on a killing spree, saying, “I hate white people!” Just like he called Ft. Hood the same while the shooter shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he killed those unarmed soldiers. We really need to get rid of this pissant who pretends to be president, having CONNED his way into the White House with a tissue of lies and who does everything he can to kill the capitalist society so he can blame it and turn us into a SOCIALIST society and later into “Soviet America.” In this case, the shooter was shouting that he wanted to kill white people but he wasn’t very good at it; nobody died. Apparently the cops weren’t very good at it, either. They shot him, but HE’S still alive. Had this been a white man killing black people, the liberal media would have gone bananas. But it’s not, so they ignore it and no “hate crime” charges have even been added. (Last Resistance)

Cops In Schools?

Obama is devoting yet another $45 million to put uniformed cops in schools all over the United States in a move to make people THINK he is “doing something about the school gun violence.” But it is a typically stupid move by a typically stupid politician. A UNIFORMED, armed cop would be the FIRST TARGET for a would-be shooter who wants to shoot up a school. He (or she) would be visible, and his movements known and easy to follow by a would-be shooter. Meanwhile, simply ALLOWING teachers and other people already there who HAVE concealed carry licenses to carry their guns (unknown to a would-be shooter) into the school would create a situation a would-be shooter could not overcome. And best of all, it won’t cost us $46 million dollars to put cops in schools for a year or so (to be paid by someone else later or fired). (Fox News)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Don't rob A Marine

That’s a lesson one man learned the hard way one night when he and a girlfriend (who was also wanted by the law) tried to steal this Marine’s truck. But the lesson won’t do him any good, he’s dead. And the girl is in jail. The so-called “former” Marine (there is no such thing: once a Marine, always a Marine) shot him to death in an exchange of gunshots. He missed. The Marine didn’t. The cops, who got there AFTER the action (as usual) took him (the Marine) into custody for “investigation” to see if the shooting was justified. Shouldn’t take a lot of :”investigation.” The news item noted that if more criminals EXPECTED their potential victims to be armed there’d be a lot less violent crime. They’re right. That info won’t do this perp any good, though. (Eagle Rising)

And They Blame the NRA

The Navy Yard shooter and the Ft. Hood shooter both should have been committed. They’re insane! But instead they were LEGALLY on the bases they shot up, killing many people in their insanity. The Navy Yard shooter, while insane, passed all government background checks and was issued a PASS to get on the base without any kind of search before he shot up the base. He had already demonstrated he was a danger to himself and others, but nobody noticed. "Instead, he passed the government security background check … and the government's firearms check … just like the monsters of Aurora and Tucson. They all passed the same system the political elites want expanded! The same check that will never include violent criminals, the mentally ill and the deranged bent on mayhem."  And some FOOLS still blame the NRA for fools such as him! How STUPID can you be? (USA Today)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Little-Known Gun Facts

These are facts anti-gun fools don’t want you to know: 99.9% of guns in America are NOT used in violent crimes; 99.8% of all guns are not used in any crime at all; guns are used 4 times as often in self-defense, and usually without even having to be fired; anti-gun fools say a gun is likely to be taken away from the victim by the criminal but that happens in only 1% of cases; when guns were BANNED in the UK, gun crime ROSE 40%; only 4% of guns used in crimes were obtained legally These are facts anti-gun fanatics would rather you not know because they make them look like the fools they are. They lie on a regular basis to take away your gun rights. (Source, FBI and Cato Institute).

Man Shoots Burglar In the Face

I’m getting bored reporting all the instances where honest people with their own guns (where they’re allowed by the silly politicians in charge to have them) are able to defend themselves and the headline doesn’t read, “Gunman shoots homeowner.” They’re so ubiquitous (for those who don’t know what ubiquitous means, it means, “all over the place.”) that it gets boring reporting them. Of course, you don’t see the reports in the liberal media, but that’s not where I get my news. This case is about a man who was ON THE PHONE with 9/11 while three thugs broke into his home. He shot one in the face (while the cops listened) and the others lit out for the tall and uncut. They have yet to be found. The cops DID get there eventually and wrote up the incident. They arrested the one he shot when his buddies “dropped him off” at a local medical center. (American Overlook)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

"AR-15 Crazy"

That pretty much describes the “anti-gun fools” in both the government and the liberal media. They think every gun ever used in those ubiquitous “mass shootings” is an AR-15 despite the fact that it rarely happens. They’re AR-15 crazy. If somebody used a FLINTLOCK in a shooting, they’d call it an AR-15, which makes them FOOLS. But we already knew they were fools, anyway. ANYBODY who thinks making a LAW against carrying a gun will make a CRIMINAL, who obeys no laws, not carry a gun is a FOOL. But they do, as witness the target in ALL their “gun laws,” the gun—not the shooter. If somebody used a HAND GRENADE, they'd call it an AR-15. (National Review)

Gun Group Sues Colorado Governor

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners (of which I happen to be a member) is SUING Governor Hickenlooper to get rid of his new gun laws they say are unconstitutional. They want them repealed. The laws involve extended background checks and limit the size of magazines. Last May, 64 sheriffs in rural, “gun-friendly” counties filed a similar suit wherein they said the law “lacks clarity” rather than on constitutional issues. Colorado voters recently removed two Democratic state lawmakers from office — Senate President John Morse and Sen. Angela Giron — and replaced them with Republicans who are gun-rights supporters. Those former senators insist they were only removed because of “voter fraud.” Funny—aren’t they the ones who insist there IS no “voter fraud’ when we try and pass laws requiring picture ID in order to vote? I guess to them, it only exists when it is convenient for them. (Fox News)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

270 Million Guns

Spread out among 300 million people. “Even with these gaudy numbers of guns and gun owners, gun violence in America among legal gun owners is statistically insignificant. In fact, the vast majority of gun crime is committed by criminals who carry their weapons illegally. Meanwhile, in America, a gun is 7 times more likely to stop a crime than to commit one.” This is information the anti-gun fools don’t want you to know. Which tells me they aren’t interested in stopping gun violence. They just want eliminate honest, RELIABLE gun owners from the equation. In the case of politicians, that tells me they have plans in the future to come and take what belongs to American citizens and don’t want to run into a gun in the hands of their intended victims. This is an all-too-transparent campaign by the government to disarm us, as Hitler did in Germany, and Lenin did in Russia before they murdered MILLIONS of their citizens. Of course, if you believe the bullsh-t put out by liberals, you’ll think this is a “right-wing” propaganda source. But the fact is, they tell the provable TRUTH. (Eagle Rising)

"Getting Around" Congress

King Obama thinks Congress is “lazy” because it won’t pass his unconstitutional anti-gun legislation. It doesn’t enter his head that they might—just MIGHT think his gun control issues are a lot of hooey. “Gun-control legislation failed loudly following the Newtown school shooting, but that has not stopped President Obama from leaving Congress behind to launch a broad gun-control campaign of his own. Between the December 2012 massacre and the Navy Yard mass shooting Monday, Obama has taken 25 separate gun-control initiatives, all of which came from executive actions that did not require congressional authorization.” In there he has committed many impeachable offenses, but until SOMEBODY “grows a pair” and DOES something, he will continue to get away with his lawlessness. He's counting on that. (Eagle Rising)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Obama: "Full Of Himself"

He thinks the only opinion worth a sh-t is his. And if you don’t agree with him there is some other reason other than HIM being wrong. Most likely you're either a racist or just want to "mess with him." He’s truly acting like a King or a dictator and he needs to be slapped down. By impeachment, if somebody will “grow a pair” and start REAL proceedings to that point. But lacking that, the only chance we have to stop his atrocities is to prove he was born other than in the United States and that STILL requires somebody who has the gonads to oppose him positively. I don’t recommend assassination, but as many atrocities as he has committed, I’m surprised he IS still alive. You federal thugs reading this note: I DID NOT recommend his assassination.  I merely wondered why, with all the things he’s done, why a crazy hasn’t “offed” him yet. Leave me alone! (Eagle Rising)

Taller Than A Man

 That's how tall the pile of pages is in a recent law passed by Congress without reading. This is a typical Obama-style bill that is presented to Congress with maybe ONE DAY to read it before it is brought to a vote. Could you read a bill like this in one day? I couldn’t read it in six months! That’s all part of the plan to get laws passed that are AGAINST the will and rights of the electorate. If Congress DOESN’T vote in the “required time,” they are in for media criticism. Nothing is said about the SIZE of the bill they are forced to read in one or two days. They just get criticism for NOT reading it. This is one of Obama’s most popular scams. this is how he passes the gun laws he selectively enforces.  (The Blaze)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Wrong Direction

As usual, the “anti-gun fools:” are aiming in the wrong direction. They always have been. Back in the 1800’s, only Westerners had the right idea to defend yourself: a loaded gun on every hip. Yes, there were a few gunfights. Not nearly as many as people would have you believe by reading those lurid “penny-dreadfuls” then published. But the result was generally the death of a fool troublemaker or simple criminal who would, in the absence of a gun in the hands of an honest man, terrorize people. Responsible people usually didn’t get into gunfights. Some people blame today’s “gun violence” on the NRA because the NRA fights disarming honest, responsible people every day while the “anti-gun fools” do NOTHING to disarm criminals and crazies, who are the ones who USE guns for crime and violence. The fact is, when you examine mass shootings, gun laws would NOT have done anything to stop them. Without some deranged or criminal fool pulling the trigger, a gun cannot harm anyone and is statistically more likely to STOP gun violence than to CAUSE it. Making lists of gun owners is a fool thing because that ALSO does nothing to stop gun violence. All it does is help FIND the human who HELD the gun during the violence AFTER it happens--sometimes. All AFTER the fact and people are either dead or injured. What they need to do is PAY ATTENTION to the "signals" such people send out BEFORE they commit their atrocities and DO something BEFORE they shoot somebody up instead of making lists of gun owners where you HOPE to find the name of the perpetrator AFTER he has done his damage.

An increase in all kinds of violence followed the closing of many—let’s call it what it is—insane asylums, turning crazy (yeah, I actually used the word “crazy” so PC Police, jail me) people loose on the world with no controls on them taking their medicine. Every time somebody does a mass shooting it is one of those “crazies” that do it. But the gun gets the “bad rap” while the other crazies walk around thinking their dire thoughts making deals with criminals on the streets to get the guns they use ILLEGALLY. As usual, they make more and more useless gun laws after every time a crazy shoots up a school or other “gun-free zone” that’s nothing more than an INVITATION to such people to take out their foolish notions on innocent people, only to be stopped when somebody else with a gun shoots them.  Usually after they've killed a lot of people. Taking care of mentally disabled people instead of “turning them loose on society” would go far to reduce gun violence while “cracking down” on illegal gun sellers. Criminals will never have trouble getting their guns, so honest, reliable people should be allowed their own guns to use in defending themselves and their peers. (Just common sense)

Indoctrinating Children

They are indoctrinating them to accept gun confiscation.” Rather than honoring the United States Constitution and teaching students the proper place for guns in our society as intended by the Founding Fathers, as further expressed in the Second Amendment, students are being increasingly indoctrinated to believe that individuals should be never be allowed to possess guns.” This effort has been running since the 1800s, a time when Western people had the right idea on self-defense: a gun on the hip of every person who knew how to use it and was a RESPONSIBLE user. The others were eventually shot to death by those responsible people. Not today. Today the schools are fast conditioning out impressionable children  to believe that NOBODY but “officials” should be allowed to carry a gun. The Japanese, during WWII, refused to invade the U. S. mainland because “there would be a gun behind every bush” and they were right. That should still be true, but isn’t. The “anti-gun fools” have conditioned way too many people to their way of thinking, that self-defense involves “getting rid of guns.” Actually, getting rid of guns in the hands of honest people simply gives ILLEGALLY-armed criminals a steady stream of UNARMED victims. How can they argue against this common sense? (Dave Hodges)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Why Is It Always "Black On Black?"

 In Chicago, the “mass shooting” that wounded thirteen people including a three-year-old, happened in the black community. Political correctness prevents liberal media from coming right out and noticing this, though I notice the people who were there and the people who were injured are black. Political correctness is going to be the death of us because it prevents the news media from even NOTICING such things; therefore preventing people from doing something about it. Most people who “knuckle under” to political correctness will predictably call ME a racist for taking note of this and actually (shudder!) REPORTING it! But the fact remains that the largest number of shooting incidents are IN the “black community” where blacks “wall themselves off” from whites, many willingly. This hatred of white people is inimical to good order and remains the cause of what strife there is among blacks and whites and is PROMOTED by Barack Obama (the "half-black" white man). The PC police don’t even want me to USE the word, “black.” That’s STUPID. I judge people as INDIVIDUALS, not by the group they’re in. Past injury may give them what they think is good reason to hate whites, though most whites today did not participate in that and are not due their hatred. (MSNBC)

Zimmerman Prosecutor Under Fire

She had no idea what she was doing, and consequently lost—and lost BIG in a case Obama WANTED to win, at all costs. Now she’s :under fire” for her incompetence in losing what Obama thought was an easy case to win with the media on his side. Angela Corey tried to prove Zimmerman picked this young man (who just HAPPENED to be a drug-using thug with unarmed self-defense training and a record of breakins) to whom to do harm but couldn’t; so now SHE’S in trouble. She was FIRED from her last job because she abused her interns and wouldn’t apologize so they thought she would be easy to manipulate. She was, but she still couldn’t win. They needed a “scapegoat,” and she was it. (Eagle Rising)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Gun-Free Zones Kill

I’ve said this many times (and so have many others) and nobody listens. Every mass shooting that killed many people happened in a “gun-free zone.” The only one I know of that happened in a gun store (a stupid move) resulted in the shooter being made to resemble “Swiss cheese,” which is the reason shooters usually don’t go to such venues to kill people. They want to be pretty sure nobody will be there with their own guns and the will to use them in self-defense. So it’s a GIVEN that they’ll HUNT  a “gun-free zone” in which to kill people. The Aurora theater killer certainly did. That theater was the only one in the area with a rule against guns. He drove PAST several theaters to get there (and I live less than a mile away so I know that’s true). Why do the fools we (not me) elect refuse to listen to good advice? Because they ARE incompetent and merely want people to THINK they are trying to curb gun violence when what they’re doing is trying to assure themselves and their fellow politicians they won’t meet a gun when they come to take what’s ours. (Eagle Rising)

Zimmerman Prosecutor Under Fire

She had no idea what she was doing, and consequently lost—and lost BIG in a case Obama WANTED to win, at all costs. Now she’s :under fire” for her incompetence in losing what Obama thought was an easy case to win with the media on his side. Angela Corey tried to prove Zimmerman picked this young man (who just HAPPENED to be a drug-using thug with unarmed self-defense training and a record of breakins) to whom to do harm but couldn’t; so now SHE’S in trouble. She was FIRED from her last job because she abused her interns and wouldn’t apologize so they thought she would be easy to manipulate. She was, but she still couldn’t win. They need a “scapegoat,” and she’s it. (Eagle Rising)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Why Gun Laws Won't Work

Gun laws, as constituted today, can do NOTHING to stop gun violence such as happened at the Navy Yard. But don’t try and tell the “anti-gun fools” that. They have the idea they can stop CRIMINALS, who obey NO laws, from carrying guns by making a LAW. They’re DELUSIONAL. All those laws do is stop honest, reliable people, who don’t go out and randomly shoot and kill innocent people from having the means to their own self-defense, a gun. They seem to have ideas that are “set in concrete” and will never waiver from their beliefs, regardless of common sense. Simply making it more costly in terms of prison sentences and actually ENFORCING that law might be more effective. But they don’t listen. They think their theories are the only ones to consider while the laws they make only cause more gun deaths to people who cannot defend themselves against the illegal guns in the hands of criminals. (National Journal)

AR-15 Crazy

That pretty much describes the “anti-gun fools” in both the government and the liberal media. They think every gun ever used in those ubiquitous “mass shootings” is an AR-15 despite the fact that it rarely happens. They’re AR-15 crazy. If somebody used a FLINTLOCK in a shooting, they’d call it an AR-15, which makes them FOOLS. But we already knew they were fools, anyway. ANYBODY who thinks making a LAW against carrying a gun will make a CRIMINAL, who obeys no laws, not carry a gun is a FOOL. But they do, as witness the target in ALL their “gun laws,” the gun—not the shooter. If somebody used a HAND GRENADE, they'd call it an AR-15. (National Review)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Talk Of" Impeachment

According to the “Conservative News & Views, “talk of impeachment is quietly growing.” So what? We’ve been “talking” about impeachment almost from the first day of Obama’s “reign.” But nothing has been REALLY done about it and Obama continues to do impeachable things every day while people just “talk about” impeachment. Soon we’ll reach the point where impeachment will do nothing because there will not be sufficient time left in his “reign” to achieve it. Obama commits impeachable offenses every time he does things to “get around” Congress, such as his “executive orders” aimed at further restricting the buying and using of an “AR-15,” which was not even one of the guns used at the Navy Yard. Obama and his accomplices have been trying to demonize that specific gun for a long time and continue to do so. (Conservative News & Views)

Selling Us Down the River

We’ll vote for ANYTHING that “sounds good.” That’s why they give their onerous bills that, if passed, remove from us basic rights that the Constitution said they may not have "good-sounding" names. Such as the “Parental Rights Act,” which is about ANYTHING BUT parental rights. It’s written in the usual complicated “legalese” that is difficult to understand (they plan it that way so you’ll get bored and stop reading), but clearly enumerates our RESPONSIBILITIES to our children, not our RIGHTS. (This use of the word “enumerated” having nothing to do with the “enumeration of powers” written into the Constitution). DO NOT allow this to be implemented unless you want to LOSE your parental rights over your children. READ the Act, no matter how boring, and EXAMINE what they’re saying DEEPLY. This is an UNCONSTITUTIONAL law on its face if you take the time to do that. DO IT! They’re passing it quietly, without much notice from the liberal media. PAY ATTENTION to it and STOP IT! Somehow, somewhere, they ALWAYS have something like this “in the works” and you need to be ALERT to this kind of subterfuge and con games. (Freedom Outpost) Notice the source for this is the “alternative media.” You won’t find it in the liberal media.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Shhh! Don't Talk About It!

If roads were collapsing all over the country, we’d soon be talking about ways to stop them from collapsing and nobody would tell us not to “politicize” roads collapsing. Nor would they blame the roads. Not so with guns. They quickly tell us not to “politicize” the tragedy when we talk about ways to stop wanton shooters from indiscriminate killing and immediately try to ban GUNS. Not the people who misuse them. It’s NOT “politicizing it” when you try and find ways to stop the gun violence without disarming honest, responsible people while ignoring the fact that criminals will ALWAYS be able to get their guns. The fact is, the “powers that be” have no idea how to stop crazies from getting guns and killing innocent people. These shooters have, in MANY cases, been stopped by ONE PERSON there who had his (or her) own gun and could shoot straight. Without those responsible armed people being there, those mad killers would probably still be killing people. (Just common sense)

"Gun-Free Zones" Are Poison!

They are an INVITATION to people like the Navy Yard shooter to come in and murder people.. They do nothing but tell these fools there are no guns there so you can come in and kill us at will and there will likely be no guns there to oppose you. ALL mass shootings have happened in “gun-free zones.” But don’t try and tell that to the “anti-gun fools.” They don’t listen to reason. They even deny the very existence of reason. It’s time we got rid of these fools, and you can always identify them by their rhetoric. I don’t understand what motivates such people as Senator Feinstein, who obviously knows NOTHING about guns, yet wants to disarm every honest, reliable American, KNOWING crooks and crazies have no problem getting their guns. You tell them and tell them, but it does not penetrate their hard heads. The only time I’ve ever seen a man try a mass shooting in a gun store happened in Indianapolis last year. He managed to wound ONE clerk, and everybody in the store, including that clerk, made “Swiss cheese” out of him. That conclusively PROVES my thesis, but the people making those stupid “gun laws” couldn’t care less. (Mediate)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Surprise! Smart Politicians!

In one small town in Arkansas, it is now law to allow school teachers and other staff to be armed. It is, in spite of the “warning” by the state’s Attorney General that this law applies only to private business. An unnamed “state board” decreed this. When this ruling first came down they tried to make their schools into “private businesses” to get around that limitation, but this board “ruled,” instead, that it DID “apply to school districts.” The original law supposedly applied only to security guards and this ruling made the school’s teachers and other staff INTO “security guards.” It’s a good illustration in how to “get around a law” by renaming things. This time for good, not ill, as it’s usually used by liberals. (Fox News)

More Proof That Gun Laws Don't Work

What 17-year-old do you know who can legally buy a gun? I don’t know any, yet this 17-year-old KNOWN thug had a gun, found a defenseless old man, and shot him to death, in broad daylight, after stalking people on a parking lot, trying to find somebody to kill. Not to rob, to kill. He was probably “auditioning” to get in a gang. The “anti-gun fools” insist that their stupid laws will stop this sort of thing from happening. They are, tragically, wrong.  But reasoning with these fools is futile. The victim is a Cuban refugee! He escaped the Cuban dictatorship only to be murdered by an illegally armed kid who didn't even say a word to him. And the "getaway vehicle" is a BICYCLE! This kid has a long and violent record and is now in jail. I don't think he expected that. Will he get a long sentence this time? Or will he get the :”minimum” dictated by his age?  If he had been sentenced to longer terms in the past, this man might still be alive. I don’t think there should BE any “minimum” for killers under 21. Murder is murder and the victim is dead, no matter how young the killer. A teenage killer is still a killer and should be treated as one. Including the death penalty. (Independent Journal)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Here We Go Again!

The “anti-gun fools” are getting yet another excuse to make even more futile laws that do nothing but DISARM honest people and make it easier for illegally armed criminals (who have no trouble getting illegal guns) to victimize them. Two (they think) shooters are “running amok” in the Navy Yard, one of the most tightly secured places (outside of the White House and the Pentagon) on Earth. We don’t know yet the age or sex of the shooters (one is male, and is dead), or whether or not they got their guns legally but either way, it’s more evidence liberal anti-gun laws don’t work. I notice in this picture the cops are doing what they do best—standing around wondering what to do. Remember, these are the people who are supposed to be PROTECTING us. Nothing has been said on the possibility of this being an Islamic terrorist shooting, but I suspect it is, though not connected to an international terrorist organization. I’ll be watching. (Washington Post)

Colorado Floods

Some of you who know I live in Colorado wonder if I’m “high and dry” or if I’m “drowned out.” The word is “high and dry.” Apparently I’m too far away from the flooding streams. We haven’t even had a power outage where I live. So it’s “business as usual.” I have my own personal disaster to contend with, however. Due to an unexpected repair bill for my car, as of today I’m flat broke until the first of the month. From what I can see there will BE no money for me until then. I hope I make it. This is NOT a plea for money. I’ll make it some way. This is only temporary. I couldn’t find any Denver Post coverage of the floods; I wonder why? I DID find a Denver Post story but I had to really look for it. (New York Times)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

"It Happens FIRST in California"

That’s the claim made by California advocates. But what happens FIRST in California are not always good things. Like the way their anti-gun laws used to be written (it may still be the same, I don’t know) is that “Anything that can be projected at a person that can make him or her uncomfortable” is banned.) Now, since they are barred from going after people’s guns, they now want to make guns useless by banning lead bullets. But what they’re too dumb to know is that lead is not the only substance a bullet can be made from. (This is a typical example of how liberals “get around” that pesky Constitution.). They HATE the Constitution because, more often than not, it “ties their hands” when they want to make laws that further limit our rights. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Typical Liberal BS

Angela Giron had a “breakdown” on TV the other day after a disgusted anchor cut her off in mid-rant while she was claiming she only lost because her supporters “couldn’t make it to the polls.” Why is that? Maybe because they had “seen the light” and didn’t support her Nazi-style laws any more. In any case, her statement is “typical liberal BS,” making a broad statement without ANY proof, expecting people to believe it on her unsupported word alone. Her supporters, if they did WANT to vote, would have had no more difficulty in reaching the polls than would ANYBODY. “Voter suppression” is only in her imagination—or at least this election showed her own voter suppression didn’t work. And it’s common for the Post to publish this kind of BS without comment from the other side. Why they allowed it in this case, I don’t know. (Denver Post)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce Law

Sheriffs in New York State have refused to enforce the stiff anti-gun law that Governor Cuomo signed into law last January. They say it’s “too broad” and limit the ownership and use of too many kinds of guns. But sheriff: don’t you know they PLANNED it that way? So they could “confiscate” (steal) any kind of gun they want? This is how liberals do things. Make their laws so broad they’re subject to “INTERPRETATION” by the enforcer. That way they can DICTATE what’s legal and not legal. (Breitbart)

Legislative Stupidity

In Iowa, they want to allow the BLIND to carry guns. They say “discriminating” against people who can’t see is in violation of the “Americans With Disabilities Act.” That’s a stupid as forcing banks to put Braille on DRIVE-UP WINDOWS to accommodate BLIND DRIVERS! And they DO it! Can you imagine a blind person trying to hit a target that he can’t even SEE (or driving up to a bank ATM)? I wouldn’t want to be anywhere in range of his gun. They keep honest, responsible people from having the means to self defense, but they want to allow people who can’t SEE to have guns! Damn, we (not me) have really elected some STUPID politicians! (The RAW Story)

Friday, September 13, 2013

"Don't Mess With Our Guns!"

That’s the message sent to anti-gun fanatics who think they can “willy-nilly” remove our gun rights with impunity. They can’t. The two Colorado lawmakers who were in the forefront of making the most recent tight gun laws have been FIRED by the voters. They thought they could further limit our constitutional right to “keep and bear arms,” the means to self-defense. They couldn’t, and voters told them that in Colorado’s FIRST successful recalls in history. They still bluster that they did nothing wrong, and blame their recalls on other things, like low voter turnout. But the voters told them otherwise. That’s a fool idea. Hopefully this will “Send a message” to other anti-gun fanatics” who think they can “do their thing” without a response from the people. (

Robber Not Too Happy

He was industriously crawling through the “doggy door” in a man’s house when he looked up and saw that homeowner standing there pointing a gun at him. I’d say that kinda ruined his day. But I guess the robber can thank his lucky stars that the homeowner was such a lousy shot, since he shot at him several times and missed with every shot. Maybe that homeowner ought to take a course on how to hit your target. But this robber won’t have to worry about it for a long time, until he gets out of prison, along with his accomplice, who never even got into the house. Which just goes to prove that sometimes even a lousy shot can repulse a criminal by making him “run for his life.” (The Blaze)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Fool Speaks

Debbie Wassermann Schultz, Democrat Chair (and queen of voter suppression) says Colorado’s recall of two (Democrat) anti-gun senators is “voter suppression, pure and simple.” Of course, she has not showed any PROOF of that, but that’s the ”modus operandi” of liberals (Democrats): make a statement, show no proof, and expect everybody to believe the lie. We expect that kind of thing of Debbie. Debbie "does" everybody. Democrats are not surprisingly incensed at what happened in Colorado because it hurts their agenda, which is to disarm ALL Americans and CRIMINALIZE gun ownership for ANYBODY but cops and federal agents so they won’t meet privately owned guns when they come to take what’s ours. (The Blaze)

Gffords And Husband For Gun Control

That bullet must have addled both their brains. What they’re pushing for won’t stop a SINGLE shooting like the one in which she was injured. People like Laughner (the killer) get their guns in any case. If they can’t buy them legally as Laughner did, they find some guy who is selling illegal guns out of the trunk of his car at inflated prices. There is NO WAY you can stop criminals and crazies from getting guns, but you CAN increase the punishment  meted out to them when they do use them to commit crimes, while allowing honest, responsible people to carry guns for their own protection. If ONE PERSON had been there with a gun he could have shot Laughner before he could shoot more than one person and that federal judge he killed, or that innocent nine-year-old girl (not to mention Gifford's staffer) might not have died. There WAS one guy there legally carrying, but he arrived after it was all over, unfortunately. There ARE laws on the books to increase the penalties for using guns in violent acts, but they are usually not enforced, and are used as a “bargaining chip” to get convictions in other crimes. This has got to stop. (CNN Blogs/Jake Tapper)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

They Wonder Why We Don't Like Them

Muslims are very different from the rest of us. They stick their rear ends in the air and pray to a non-God five times a day. They oppress their women. They MURDER their own children for doing things the “religion” says defames them. They sell their little girl (children) to older men for sex. They hide their women from the world because they’re sorely AFRAID somebody will want them. They are THAT fearful and weak. They DEMAND we “believe” the exact same way they do, or they want to kill us if we don’t. They’re FOOLS; all of them, to believe the crap their Imams tell them. That’s how I feel, and, even in a country that says I have the right to say what I wish, even if it offends somebody, they want to KILL me for saying it, or even just THINKING it. I'm getting a gun, with which I will defend myself against them when they come to do it. (Just common sense)

Recalled Senators Defiant

The two Colorado state senators who were recalled because they pushed the anti-gun fools’ cause are still defiant. They say “We’ll win in the end because we’re on the right side.” But they’re not. Their laws don’t work. All they do is penalize honest, reliable gun owners for wanting to have the means to self-defense, a gun, while still allowing it to be easy for criminals to obtain theirs illegally. They’re now talking about the governor being recalled next. They’re “sending a message” to the anti-gun zealots that their gun rights will NOT be messed with. Hickenlooper better start listening, or he WILL be the next to be recalled. He has added MILLIONS of dollars in taxes to Coloradan's payouts and they don’t like that. To mess with their gun rights on top of that can mean his political death. He “came out of nowhere” and became Denver’s mayor, then was elected governor. He can go back to obscurity just as quickly.(The Blaze)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

MD Gun Law Won't Work

"On Oct. 1, just under a month away, SB281, passed by both houses of the Maryland legislature and signed by Gov. Martin O’Malley, will become law. This bill reinstates the so-called assault weapons ban, makes it even more stringent and adds other measures restricting the purchase, ownership and transportation of covered firearms in Maryland. While there are significant Second Amendment issues with this bill, such limitations might be at least somewhat justified if there were clear evidence that they would result in a significant drop in firearms-related crime. The problem is, there is no such evidence. In fact, most of the association between what have been dubbed “assault” weapons and violent crime is a mirage, or perhaps an extrapolation from TV and movie drama." (Carroll County Times)

"Don't Mess With Our Guns!"

Two Colorado lawmakers who supported the passage of tough gun laws in Colorado are now facing recall elections. Coloradans are very adamant that they want to KEEP their right to bear arms. State Senators Angela Giron (D-Pueblo) and John Morse (D-Colo Springs) are in danger of losing their jobs over this vote. The NRA is for it and NY Mayor Bloomberg is against it (what is HE doing messing around in Colorado politics?). Surprise, surprise! The Colorado legislature passed several restrictive gun laws last year without ANY Republican support and the bills were signed into law by Democrat Governor Hickenlooper. It was an ALL-Democrat move and they will probably suffer for it. Even if they win, this sends a definite message to the anti-gun fools: “Don’t mess with our right to self-defense!” (

Monday, September 9, 2013

Letter to Anti-Gun Fanatics

This letter is an attempt to overcome the very effective tissue of lies  told by anti-gun fools designed to demonize gun ownership and make those opposed to it seem like fools, and thus not worthy of listening to. It is written by a doctor who is unalterably AGAINST restrictive gun laws that DISARM honest people while criminals, who obey no laws, get their guns easily in the back alleys of cities. He hopes to reverse the trend created by earlier works by the American Psychiatric Association AGAINST guns, hoping to correct the misinformation they have provided the world. Of course, he will be called a fool, but if you read this letter completely you’ll realize the real fools are those why try to DISARM us in order to defend us. (JPFO)

Gun Control Myths and Realities

The anti-gun fools tell a lot of lies to promote their fool actions and the laws mistakenly made by lawmakers that are taken in by their lies. This article has been written to “wake people up” to those lies and stop the move towards DISARMING us in order to defend us: a damned fool notion. But one that prevails among anti-gun fools. The main problem is that “what you know” about gun control is not true if you get your information from the liberal media and you need to learn the true facts about the ADVANTAGES of gun ownership. Not hunting, which even PRO-gun people promote, but self-DEFENSE, which they do not. Yes, lots of people hunt, and don’t want to lose the right to own and use the tools for hunting. But more important is that there be more guns in the hands of honest, reliable people who can “balance out” the proliferation of guns in the hands of criminals and crazies which is not going to be stopped by disarming their victims. More importantly is that the criminals and crazies should not know which people are armed (as with uniformed cops, who can be targeted first). It takes a lot of truth to counter the lies told by the anti-gun fools, and this article is just a start. (CATO)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

"Study" Finds Common Sense

The Journal of American Surgeons and Physicians did a survey, and guess what? They found out that guns do not cause crime; PEOPLE do. Why did they need an expensive “study” to find that out? Intelligent people already know that. But apparently those doctors and surgeons are educated beyond their intelligence if they didn’t already know that. It’s people ( mostly liberals) who DON’T know that who will cause the demise of this society by DISARMING us to “protect” us. What is a bunch of doctors doing running a survey abut guns, anyway? They should stick to their own knitting. (AmmoLand)

Chicago War Zone

Chicago, IL, the home of some of the most restrictive anti-gun laws in the nation, is also the home to one of the highest levels of gun violence in the nation, too. But don’t try and tell that to liberal politicians and anti-gun fanatics (a redundancy, there) who run things there because they aren’t listening. But there’s a reason for that; they’re not interested in curbing gun violence. They just want to disarm Americans so they won’t get a gun in the mouth as one would-be robber did recently when they come to steal what’s ours. Example: this week alone, there were 6 people killed and 27 wounded in ONE WEEKEND in Chicago and that included one 7-year-old boy, who was shot in an area considered to be a “safe area.” Frankly, I wouldn’t live in Chicago. It would be like a permanent assignment in a “war zone.” And disarming honest, responsible people will not keep anybody alive. (5NBC Chicago)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Another Crook Out Of Business

Because there was an armed man (who happened to be an off-duty cop) in Chicago. If he hadn’t been there, they might have had yet another gun violence incident to report this weekend. This guy isn’t dead, but he ain’t gonna be robbing anybody for a while. After his long stay in the hospital, I expect there will be another long stay in prison before he can resume his life of crime. Oops, wrong; the guy IS dead, and will leave a hole in the ranks of robbers. He was seen struggling with an unarmed female security guard and was shot by an off-duty cop who was also working part-time as a security guard for extra money. The shooting is the third police-involved shooting since midnight and the fourth in the last 24 hours. Hopefully they were all killed and reduced the population of armed criminals in Chicago. (5NBC Chicago)

Protection for Firearm Makers

Oklahoma House has passed a law to protect firearms makers from frivolous lawsuits aimed at bankrupting them to hurt the gun industry. “This legislation would provide that lawsuits may not be brought against manufacturers, distributors or sellers of firearms if such suits are based on criminal or unlawful use of the product by a third party.  However, these protections would not apply to actions arising from the unlawful sale or transfer of firearms, or to instances in which the transferor knew, or should have known, that the recipient would engage in the unlawful sale or transfer of the firearm, or would use, or purposely allow the use of, the firearm in an unlawful, negligent, or improper fashion.” It would protect them from criminals suing them because the CRIMINAL misused a gun. Such suits are a common tactic of anti-gun fools to try and put gun makers out of business. Such laws need to be made elsewhere. (NRA-ILA)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Democrat Shoots At Guns

Democrat Colorado Majority Leader Dickey Lee Hullinghorst (puff, puff!) says, “Carrying a gin is unnecessary since authorities can protect you.” This shows a level of stupidity I would expect from some liberal politicians. She completely ignores the fact that the cops are usually MINUTES away when danger strikes and can only document your murder or assault AFTER it happens, and MAYBE apprehend the guy who did it LATER. Operative word, LATER. That just is NOT good enough. But like most liberal politicians, she doesn’t know any better. It’s a bad thing that we (not me) elect such people and they get put in powerful positions where they can control things. That’s why we have so many STUPID anti-gun laws on the books. We need to get RID of such people. (The Blaze)

It doesn't Take A Gun

In Houston, TX, three people were stabbed in a fight at the Spring High School. One died, three were injured. They think this is “gang-related,” which is code for “don’t expect us to solve this.” NO guns involved. So the anti-gun fools in the media aren’t interested. This story won’t advance their agenda to demonize guns. This is so typical of the media. If it doesn’t advance their gun-hating agenda, they don’t care that somebody got killed with a knife. They’ve already got knives down to three inches. They don’t think a knife shorter than three inches can kill anybody. But as usual, they’re wrong. But since knives are so insignificant in their scheme of things, that’s okay with them. Since their agenda is to disarm America, they’re satisfied. If there had been a gun involved (on the killer’s side), they’d be screaming to high heavens. (The Blaze)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Don't Rob A War Vet

 He's killed more people than you'll ever think about. so you ain't gonna cow him. This man went into battle FOUR TIMES and came out alive. So when a man walked up to him and pointed a gun at him, he pushed the gun away and shoved his own gun in the robber’s mouth. I think that would-be robber is still running, hoping he doesn’t get a bullet in his butt. This robbery attempt didn’t last long, which again proves my contention that we need more guns in the hands of honest, reliable people. If there were, more would-be violent criminals would either go into other lines of “work” or be dead. But don’t look for today’s crop of incompetent liberal politicians to agree. (The Blaze)

"Mayors Against Guns" Screwed Up, Big

New York Mayor Bumberg’s “Mayors Against Gun Violence" have completely discredited themselves by including the name of one of the Boston bombers among the names of “victims of gun violence” when his death was from POLICE actions in their attempts to arrest him for multiple murder and mayhem. They had already been criticized for running ads that were way too offensive rather than TRYING to “reason” with pro-gun people. Of course it’s not unusual for fools like Bumberg to screw up like that, since they are blinded by their zeal to get rid of ALL guns not in the hands of the cops or federal officers, no matter what they had to do. (Nashua Telegraph)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Boy, Is Obama Mad!

 He can’t seem to get his anti-gun laws passed in Congress, so of course, “Congress is lazy.” He doesn’t even consider that Congress might—just MIGHT disagree with him and THAT’S why they won’t pass his piss-poor anti-gun laws (Oops—sorry about that).. Maybe they READ them. I guess the Emperor will just have to do what he wants without Congress like he does on most things. He doesn’t need them, anyway, so why does he keep asking them to vote on things? He’s the boss, right? Maybe we could balance the budget (if we actually HAD one that is) if we fired Congress for “sloth” and just let him go ahead and make the laws he wants that Congress always seems to keep him from. In case you’re wondering, this item was hard to write with my tongue so far in my cheek. I think I hurt something. (Washington Times)

One Smart State

Mississippi has made “open carry” legal. What that means is ANYBODY can carry a gun openly as long as it’s not hidden. One former cop says you should watch out for someone taking it away from you and using it on you; to which I reply, “You should always be aware of your surroundings at all times, gun or no gun.” Somebody could always sneak up on you and attack you if you’re blissfully unaware of what’s going on around you. He says he would never carry a gun into a bar where drinks are served. Why? Because some fool would get in an argument and shoot somebody? All the more reason TO carry your own gun to stop that fool from killing you. One thing we need to remember is Robert Heinlein’s remark that “An armed society is a POLITE society.” Only fools use guns wrongly and most Americans are NOT fools. Anti-gun fools need to learn that. (American Overlook)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pro-Gun People Take Over Rally

Blanche Luczyk and a few other members of Mayor Bloomberg’s phony “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” organization (that is filled with crooks and felons POSING as mayors) came to Ohio (what are they doing there?) to promote a national gun owner’s registry. But they were soon outnumbered by pro-gun people, who took over the rally. There were about 50 pro-gun people there. Which goes to show that news media reports to the contrary, the MAJORITY of American people do NOT approve of the national gun registry. The anti-gun fools are lying about it, as usual. Samuel Adams said all it took was “an irate, tireless minority” to stop the progress of tyranny. But this is no minority. It's a MAJORITY. Lying politicians like Bloomberg will soon get their comeuppance. (Political Outcast)

Disarming the Citizens

If you look carefully into what our politicians are doing, you’ll see their REAL agenda: to DISARM all Americans so there will be nothing to stop them as they steal everything we have and give it to people who will vote to keep them in office so the “goodies” will keep coming. Look at Obama’s “second coming” in 2012. Combine the fact that he got re-elected in spite of all he’s done to destroy this country with a report that more than HALF the population of this country is today on some sort of “government dole,” it becomes clear what his agenda is. His biggest constituency is the MOOCHER and he is the chief LOOTER who takes what people EARN and gives it to those who DON’T earn. Taking our guns away is just part of his plan—and he has a lot of help from other LOOTERS who found their way into our government. We need to get rid of these LOOTERS so they will stop supporting the MOOCHERS who want a “free ride” and will vote for any fool as long as he promises to keep the goodies coming. (Just common sense)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Fools Raging against Guns

Anti-gun fanatics have many excuses for not using guns in self-defense. One is, “The cops will protect you so you don’t need a gun.” That is one of the most foolish. The cops CAN’T protect you because they can’t always be right there when you need protection. Another is: “If people carry guns, there will be killings over parking spaces and neighborhood baseball games.” I got news for them. There already ARE such shootings, and all involving ILLEGAL guns. Criminals do not obey laws saying they cannot be armed, so they get their guns, anyway. Neighborhood gang members are ALL armed (illegally) and shoot people for the most trivial reasons. One day in Denver a kid asked a man on the street for a cigarette. The man, who didn’t smoke, told him he didn’t have any. So the kid shot and killed him. What they predict will happen if honest, responsible people are armed is already happening, with people using ILLEGAL guns. So what’s their point? Cops can’t protect you. They can only document your murder AFTER it happens. So it’s always best to have your own gun. Responsible people don’t shoot each other over traffic accidents. (Just common sense)

Self-Defense Without A Gun

Most people think the only way to defend yourself is with a gun; and if you don’t have one, you have no chance against an armed attacker. WRONG! Yes, attackers who have guns are dangerous. But there are effective weapons all around us if we will just see them. For instance, a well-aimed heavy ash tray can KILL an attacker. A metal flashlight, too, if you hit him hard enough. I once stopped a robbery attempt when I was driving a cab in the fifties by hitting the robber with a plastic five-cell flashlight when he looked for the door handle to get out after robbing me. He never spent a day in prison. They don’t put people who can’t think in prison and my flashlight put him in a three-month coma that he never really came out of properly. I once took a course in how to INDENTIFY possible weapons in my surroundings, and it has proven to be time well spent. It can be a cup of coffee, a coffee or hot water pot, a can of beans, ash trays, flashlights, etc. Most heavy items can be thrown of used as clubs and can be very effective. If you carry a cane, you can use it very effectively. And there are many disguised self-defense items for sale. Like stun guns disguised as cell phones, pagers, etc. Or pepper sprays disguised as lipsticks. All this is available just for the looking on the Internet. (Just common sense)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Incompetent Politicians

Why do we (not me) keep electing these incompetent politicians who think the way to stop gun violence is to take guns out of the hands of honest, responsible Americans? What FOOLS are they who think DISARMING us is the way to help us defend ourselves while they run around with their “hired guns” to protect them? The best defense is a gun in the hands of honest people. But lacking that, people can buy, and carry devices made to allow them to divert an attacker’s attention for an important split second that allows them to “get out of there.” I’m 75 years old. I was driving one day when a fool passed me on the right and cut in front of me. I just shook my head, which apparently made him mad. He blocked me to the curb and ran toward me with “blood in his eye.” He reached in my window, intending to jerk me out and beat the hell out of me, I guess. I took that opportunity to zap him with my stun gun (disguised as a cell phone) sending 800,000 volts through his arm. The last I saw of him as I drove away, he was standing in the street, wondering what just happened. These things work. Get one, or a pepper spray, which also works well as long as these incompetent politicians won’t let you have a gun to use in self-defense. (Just common sense)

No Respect for Life

It began with the Supreme Court creating law (Roe v. Wade) in the case that allowed people to use murder as a substitute for using a rubber. The respect for life in this country has gone down and down ever since and more and more people are dying for insignificant reasons, killed by people who have no reverence for human life. They figure if their parents can kill them before they are even born, why can’t they kill, just for fun? That seems to be the reason for killing in the case linked to here where a gang randomly shot a student dead, “just for fun.” Well, those teenagers who murdered him for no real reason will die themselves, but for a very good reason. They acted “for fun” and ended their own lives. All because the Supreme Court said it was okay to murder babies while still in the womb, and that decision has progressed to the point where they can be murdered on the table after surviving the original murder (abortion) attempt. Youth gangs are notorious for their disdain for human life. They KILL people to get into the gangs, and kill more people as gang members. They ALL carry guns illegally because most of them are too young to be able to buy one legally. This is a sad day for America, (The Blaze)