Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gun Laws CREATE "Gun Problems"

The “anti-gun fools” and their tight gun laws actually CREATE the “gun problems” they profess to want to stop by creating more and more unarmed victims for CRIMINALS, who don’t obey gun laws to take advantage of. Gun laws are tight in New York City, but they have one of the highest gun violence rates in the country. Chicago, too, has very tight gun laws, but is ALSO laboring under a “shooting problem” with gun violence being one of the highest in the nation (second only to New York City). In Simi Valley, California, gun crime is low. Why? They’re subject to the same stringent anti-gun laws as the rest of California, aren’t they? The reason is that a LOT of ARMED police officers from other jurisdictions LIVE there. Criminals know this and stay away. They are AFRAID of guns in the hands of their intended victims. Kennesaw, Georgia REQUIRED all heads of households to have guns (except for felons, religious objections and handicaps, etc.) Critics predicted a rise in gun violence. It didn’t happen. Instead, gun violence went down significantly. Why is this? Because for some reason, criminals don’t want to get shot by their intended victims and tend to go where anti-gun laws are the tightest. (Political Outcast)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm Getting A Gun

Frankly, up to now, I haven’t really felt the need to own a gun, or carry one. I thought my disguised self defense items (which I sell) would be sufficient. Items such as stun guns disguised as cell phones and pepper sprays disguised as lipsticks and other items. But after the Aurora, Colorado killings in a movie theater, I see that death can be dealt out by crazies anywhere, and might some day be dealt out where I am. I know that ONE GUN in the hands of a person who knows how to use it and is willing to do so, can end the life of someone who would randomly kill people before he can complete his plan, by putting a bullet in his brain after his first shot. I want to be that person if a shooter ever starts shooting where I am. I want a result like we saw in Colorado Springs some time ago where a lone woman who had a gun shot a “random killer” before he could kill more than two people in a church. If someone starts shooting at me, I want it to be the last thing he does in his life. Oh, and why do I say “he?” Because there has never been a female shooter commit a mass murder that I know of. So far, it is completely a male activity (Just common sense).