Friday, February 27, 2015

No Proof, Just Suspicion

There is a new bill in Congress that would give the Attorney General the right to BLOCK gun sales to people he “SUSPECTS” of being terrorists. No proof required, only his “suspicions.” That means he can BLOCK any gun sale, at HIS discretion, and all he has to do to justify it is say he THINKS that person MAY be a terrorist. This has nothing to do with terrorism. It has EVERYTHING to do with giving the AG the power to DENY the right guaranteed under the Constitution, to self-defense, and to own and use the means to that end, a gun. This is the latest way to “get around the Constitution” for the anti-gun crowd (of which Obama is a prime member) and, if allowed to pass, it will be hard to ”root out.” This is how they “screw Americans.” And they're working on it, every moment, of every day until they finally manage to disarm Americans completely. Every time we "beat them back" in one place, they come up with a new scheme. It's like the "Whack-A-Mole" game. (The Blaze)

"Lassitude and Passivity"

That's how columnist Charles Krauthammer described Obama's reactions to Islamic terrorist atrocities. We needn't even mention him (Obama) going out golfing right after ISIS announced the MURDEROUS beheadings of 21 Christians, exhibiting his complete disdain for the Christians and APPROVAL of the terrorist actions. Throughout, Obama has done many things to HELP the Islamic terrorists, among them refusing to even MENTION the Islamic nature of the terrorism while RELEASING bloody murderers from GITMO (for NO reason) to go back and kill more non-believers. I'm almost reluctant to use the word ATROCITIES to describe what the ISLAMIC terrorists do, because it's so overused. But I can't find a more expressive word that hasn't also been overused.

And they're LISTENING. They even referenced Obama's bogus comparison of the Crusades (which was the Christian RESPONSE to the ATROCITIES BY THE then Islamic terrorists) to their CRIMES, as if there were a good reason to do so. What we need is ANOTHER “Crusade,” less atrocities committed against US, to search for sympathizers. We need to “go after” the Islamic terrorists with EVERYTHING we have, instead of continuing the TEPID RESPONSE Obama has tried, so as not to hurt them too much, while keeping his “plausible deniability” about his APPROVAL of their atrocities. We need to treat this as the World War it is, instead of just trying to “limit” them and “control” them. We need to DESTROY them, “root and branch.” Another thing we need to do is see to it ALL Americans can be armed, to defend ourselves when they come to our shores to kill US. They have promised to do so, and I BELIEVE them. Frankly, I think many of them are already here, just hiding and waiting for orders. (Just common sense)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mall of Americas Bans Guns

Do they really think that will keep the terrorists who have threatened them away? Al-Shibab has already threatened to attack them. That's against the law. Do they really think a sign saying guns are banned will make them stop and say among themselves, “Hey! They don't allow guns here! So we'd better go somewhere else.” How stupid ARE they? Frankly, ALL “no-gun zones” are stupid. They presume that LAWBREAKERS will OBEY their “rules?” Not a chance! Such rules and posted signs are an INVITATION to those who want to come in and shoot up the place. Moreover, they should be REMOVED for the safety of their customers. Their customers should DEMAND it! For their OWN safety. And they should do their shopping somewhere else if they refuse. Are they REALLY as stupid as to think that a CRIMINAL, who disobeys laws by his very profession, will OBEY their “no-gun” rule? (Washington Times)

More "Suspected" Terrorists

They're preparing to take guns away from honest Americans by saying they “suspect” them of being terrorists. NO proof needed, Just their “suspicions.” Which explains them saying “right-wingers” are “terrorists.” It gives them backing to say YOU are a terrorist because you are against big government, high taxes, and all the other atrocities the liberals impose on you. It's yet another “go-around” of the Second Amendment, like Obama's “administrative” ban on certain kinds of ammunition. If you're determined to disarm the nation, ANYTHING that will make guns useless works. They're doing everything they can to make it hard for American citizens to have the means of self-defense at a time when Islamic terrorists are threatening to bring their atrocities here, where the only thing that stopped the Japanese from invading the mainland was the idea of “a gun behind every blade of grass.” Mark it. Obama is going to get you killed. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Stupid Mayor

I know that's a misnomer, because there are MANY stupid mayors (and other politicians) out there, who think they “know it all,” when they don't. Mayor DiBlasio of New York City is now telling his cops to “close their eyes and take a breath” when confronting angry people. Meanwhile, they're laughing up their sleeves because they know that's one of the best ways of getting yourself KILLED. But this mayor is so incompetent he doesn't know that. He has never been confronted by an angry person who might be armed (he has his own armed people to do that for him) so it doesn't occur to him that closing your eyes while confronting an “angry person” is the quickest way to get yourself dead. Why the hell do we (not me) keep electing these stupid, INCOMPETENT people? Damn! He calls that “smart policing.” I call it SUICIDE. (Weasel Zippers)

"All Gun Owners Are Criminals?"

That's what “ironically-named” Leah Gun-Barrett, head of “New Yorkers Against Gun Violence” thinks. She actually SAID it recently. She's about as stupid as the politician who said that “right-wingers” are worse than Islamic terrorists.” If that's true, maybe we should put all the cops and government agents in prison. What? her statement didn't include them, you say? That's about as stupid as SAYING it. I know those who think a LAW will stop a CRIMINAL, who doesn't OBEY laws, from having a gun are really stupid, but this shows a level of stupidity I didn't think existed. The “anti-gun crowd” all think there is NOBODY who is responsible enough not to kill people over trifles if they were able to carry their own guns. Which just illustrates how STUPID they are. But to come right out in the open with it? That's just ABYSMALLY stupid. (Bearing Arms)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Why Must She Be Half Naked?

I Just watched a video that showed a foxy female shoot a gun and almost kill herself when the recoil made the gun hit her in the nose. But the most interesting thing is that she was almost NAKED from the waist up. Above the waist, she was wearing only a black bra while the MAN in the picture was fully dressed. Don't get me wrong. I like seeing a foxy chick half (or all the way) naked as much as the next guy. I just question her being that way in this situation. It's like my criticism of the new Fox show called, “Outnumbered,” featuring four sexy women wearing dresses that go no further than five inches below their crotches when they sit down, and ONE man, fully dressed. It's almost like that is a “dress code” for women involved in ANYTHING. The man is always fully dressed, and the woman is half naked. It's the same in magician shows, and dance shows. I think that's unfair to women. It's not that I want to see MAN half-dressed (ick!), I just feel insulted by the way they treat women. (Bearing Arms)

Anything to Criticize

The family of a burglar who got shot practicing his “profession” are now complaining that the homeowner didn't “warn” the criminal before shooting him. How STUPID is that? Why the hell SHOULD they “warn” him? He knew that was a chance he was taking by breaking into somebody's home. He didn't NEED warning. It goes with the territory. If you're going to break into somebody's home, you're taking a chance on being shot by a frightened homeowner. I would certainly shoot an intruder before he could hurt me! It's only human nature. Maybe a COP, who has a lot of training and experience in confronting criminals, might be able to have the presence of mind to “warn” a criminal before he shoots him, but not an elderly man, home alone at night, with a stranger climbing in his window. Apparently this crook's family thinks breaking in does not merit “deadly force” being used, But Texas law disagrees.. This story wouldn't even merit mention if not for the burglar's family's ignorant reaction. (Bearing Arms)

Monday, February 23, 2015

"Pop Tart" Gun Bill

In Nevada, they are trying to pass a bill into law that would forbid “school authorities” from punishing kids for pretending different things (such as pop tarts, or even their fingers) are guns. It will also protect kids who wear clothes with images of guns to school. All the things “school authorities do that are STUPID. It's really too bad they have to make a LAW to prevent “school authorities” from being STUPID. “States including Florida and Texas have passed similar legislation after a highly-publicized 2013 incident in which a Maryland second-grader was suspended over a half-eaten Pop-Tart chewed into the shape of a gun.” Politicians are well known for wasting time arguing and voting on unimportant things. Some people argue THIS is an unimportant thing. But it IS important, to protect “school authorities” from their own stupidity. (Reno Gazette-Journal)

Citizens With Guns

I don't like to publish stories about how a private citizen foiled a crime in progress with a gun, because they have become so common. It's like “shooting fish in a barrel.” And there are other sites who do that very well. But they never faze the anti-gun fool crowd. They just ignore them and go right on saying it never happens while it's happening, all around them. But this case merits attention because this business owner who was legally armed, saw a notice by the cops about this criminal, whom he recognized from the cop's output, ”got the drop” on him, and therefore stopped a real “crime spree.” The “takedown” was not perfect, as noted in the article. But apparently the “bad guy” didn't know the things noted. (Ammoland)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

"Background Checks Don't Work"

But the Washington Post still supports them, as well as several other anti-gun laws that don't work. I guess they, like other anti-gun fanatics, just don't care if their useless laws don't work to accomplish their stated goals. They just want to disarm everybody who OBEYS laws, as criminals do not. At least two foreign reporters say, “In Europe, getting a gun may be difficult, but terrorists still don't have much trouble getting guns.” Foreign reporters have always been a lot smarter than American reporters. It's instructive that the recent terrorist attacks in France were committed with fully automatic rifles that are ILLEGAL in France. So what the hell good did their anti-gun laws do for those eleven people who were murdered in the name of Allah? Reporters note that these killers, who used to be small-time crooks, got their guns with “relative ease.” (Daily Caller)

Crook's "Risk Assessment"

A recent study that asked convicted criminals what they feared most in committing a crime proved (again) what I've been saying, all along.” Their answer was, to a man: “the possibility of an armed victim.” One small Pennsylvania town is listening, and is DOING something about it. In most other towns, they're purring up signs saying “this is a gun-free zone” and getting people killed. This town is putting signs up saying, This is NOT a gun-free zone” and criminals are staying away from it like it was a “Plague” zone because they FEAR any place where their intended victims MIGHT be armed. Of course, one fearful liberal just had to whine, ”I think it gives the area a feeling that I’m not sure the people want to convey,” Deb Garber said. “Knowing guns are around doesn’t make me feel any safer.” Naturally, she blames the guns, and not the people (crooks). This is typical liberal knee-jerk reaction. (Raw Story)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Comedian Blows Gun-Grabbers Away

I swear, the anti-gun fools will say ANYTHING to get their false and useless “gun laws” passed. They're claiming the founders only meant MUSKETS should be freely owned. That they were so STUPID they couldn't possibly have foreseen the improvements in gun technology. But the Constitution applied to the type of guns that are in use in ANY time period. It's also obvious that they KNEW gun technology would not remain the same to this day so the Constitution was made to apply to those guns IN USE at any given time period. Anybody with ANY intelligence knows they wouldn't make the Constitution apply ONLY to guns in use in THEIR lifetime. That WOULD be stupid. To think so is STUPID! But they don't really think so; they just want US to think so. Maybe somebody needs to remind them that CRIMINALS don't OBEY laws. Naaahhh! They wouldn't listen. They hear only what they WANT to hear. (Freedom Outpost)

"Killed Over Road Rage?"

The anti-gun fanatics say that if everybody were able to carry a gun, we'd soon have people shooting each other for being “cut off” on the highway,. But it doesn't take “everybody having guns” for that to happen. It DID happen in Nevada, where a guy shot and killed a woman because she honked at him and, as this is written, they have this guy's house surrounded and are ready to “go in and take him down.” So far, nobody has revealed whether or not the gun he used was licensed, but that's not important. What IS important is that if this woman had had her own gun, the story might have had a very different ending. Her son did, but he was only a peripheral player. The whole point is, fools will overreact to a minor slight, whether or not everybody is able to have a gun..Responsible people don't kill others over trifles. Now the word is, she knew her killer and was a "mentor" to him.  Now he's not supposed to be a "stranger." It's hard to know WHAT is real in this case. (WQAD 8)

Friday, February 20, 2015

Ask A Dumb Question

One question being asked on the Internet today is this: “Would you go into a restaurant that allowed guns?” My answer is an emphatic “Yes.” “Gun-free zones” are an INVITATION to those who would VICTIMIZE people stupid enough to believe good people with guns are dangerous to anybody but a criminal. So, yes. I WOULD go into a restaurant that allowed guns so, so I wouldn't be like a woman doctor in Texas, who had to watch while a shooter murdered her parents because Texas law wouldn't allow her to carry the gun she was LICENSED to carry into the restaurant. It is stupidity like this that gets people KILLED. We''re living in an increasingly dangerous world, as witness the man who walked up to some people waiting for a bus just outside Detroit and stabbed them when they answered, “No” to his question, “Are you a Muslim?” More and more it has become obvious that we MUST have our own weapons to be safe, today. (Just common sense)

"Constitutional Carry" Passes

But it's not over yet, not by a long shot. Passing the Senate in Colorado is just one step in the process, and you can count on the fact that the anti-gun fools are “gearing up” to make sure it doesn't go any further. The governor is KNOWN to be anti-guns,” but whether or not he signs it if it passes the other House is still in question. He knows which side of his bread holds the butter and he knows the majority of Coloradans want it to pass and be signed into law. He's definitely a typical “tax and spend” Democrat, but he's not so strong on the anti-gun issue as are other Democrats in this state, which is mostly Democrat, in Denver, but decidedly conservative elsewhere. So it's possible for it to happen, but I'm not holding my breath. I know one thing. If it becomes law, I'll buy a gun the same day, before they change their minds. (USACarry)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Still Arguing About Guns

College officials are still creating “gun-free zones” on their campuses so would-be shooters can come in and kill their students at will without fear that those students (or staff) might be armed. Most of their students are ADULTS, and should be allowed to defend themselves. But, NO! The “powers that be” don't agree. They're STUPID, but they're “in charge” on campus. So their students are in imminent danger, which they deny in their ignorance. Even would-be shooters agree that they would prefer to go where there is little chance of guns being used against them when coming on campus to kill people. But are the “officials” listening? Not hardly, while people die. (Just common sense)

They Can't Ban Guns

So they want to ban bullets. The gun-haters will do anything to make the guns they can't ban by law USELESS. They're making it obvious that they want to ban guns, in spite of the fact that they can't. There's no REAL reason why they SHOULD ban the ammunition for the AR-15 except to make them useless in our hands. They give an exemption for ammo that is used “primarily for sporting purposes. What that has to do with anything is a mystery to me. That's a typical politician's answer to not being able to do what they want, in spite of the law. Somebody needs to “rein in” these damned fool politicians who keep wasting time and (our) money trying to ban the guns that are SPECIFICALLY protected by the Constitution. We (not me) need to quit electing these FOOLS. Way back in the 1800s when they started talking about getting rid of guns, they were roundly ridiculed. Today, not so much, though they ought to be ridiculed for their stupidity. They will NEVER LEARN that they will NEVER eliminate “gun violence” with a LAW, until they start making those laws punish USE of guns in crimes, rather than trying to keep guns out of the hands of EVERYBODY. All today's gun laws ignore the fact that the reference to an “organized militia” in the constitution referred to “ALL THE PEOPLE,” not just to members of a type of militia that was unknown at the time it was written. (The Patriot Post)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Yet Again

I forgot this Tuesday, and for that, I apologize. Once again, I was stymied in my effort to bring you the truth. This time by a silly incompetent installation of a bathtub faucet a couple of weeks ago. They ended up taking out half a wall in the bathroom, which shares a wall with my office—the one against which my desk sits. This made it impossible for me to do any work Tuesday. My apologies. I'm only one guy with a computer and it doesn't take much to slow me down, though it's impossible to stop me as long as I'm breathing.

One More Story

The gun grabbers hate it when somebody stops a crime with their own gun. They hate it even more when that person happens to be an 11-year-old girl. That happened recently when a thug broke into a house and was confronted by a small girl with a very BIG gun. He'd still be running if he hadn't been caught. This little girl was “home alone” when he openly drove his pickup into her driveway before breaking into the house. Undaunted, this little girl picked up her shotgun and hid in the bathroom. When he opened the bathroom door, he saw her. It's a good thing he was in a bathroom, considering what he probably did before he fled the scene. I'd have LOVED to have seen his face when he saw her.

He probably left a brown trail out to his pickup. Made him easy to find. Liberals will probably tell their usual tale about how this little girl could have hurt herself with that gun, but more important is that she didn't, and “ran the robber off” with it. The liberal opinion has more to do with lack of proper training in the handling of guns, which is something they see to with their insistence that children never know anything about guns before a certain age. The NRA takes care of that, which is why they hate them. Frankly, I don't like to run stories about the use of a gun to stop crimes. They're too numerous, in spite of the propaganda put out by the gun grabbers. (Right to Bear)

"Grumpy Cat" Is Smart

I knew there was a reason why I liked that “Grumpy Cat.” It's because he's much like me. They just call me a “grumpy old man.” There is much to be grumpy about in this ongoing “Obama world,” and this collections of Obama comments, followed by reactions by the “Grumpy Cat” (found in “One Political Plaza, posted by RETW, in Elk, Washington. I love cats, anyway. But this one takes the cake. Of course, I like dogs, too, even if both think I'm crazy to like the other. I hear that the “Grumpy Cat” now has his own web site. I'm glad. He deserves it. I hope he makes a lot of money from it so he can “live a life of Reilly” for the rest of his life. He deserves it. I know this has nothing to do with guns, but he deserves the exposure. (One Political Plaza) Scroll down.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Gun Law Stupidity

In an example of how STUPID the gun-grabbers are, a 72-year-old “antiquities collector” had an antique flintlock pistol he had purchased for his collection in his glove box. It was unloaded and wrapped in a rag. A cop stopped him and asked for permission to search his vehicle. Not thinking about the stupidity of the anti-gun crowd, he said okay. The cop asked him the usual question about, “Is there anything in there I should worry about?” Not thinking an antique pistol, unloaded, was a danger, he answered, “No.” When the cop found the gun, he arrested him for “Legal Insurrection,” whatever THAT is. (after thinking about it for a day and consulting with other gun-grabbers).”. That is a FELONY carrying a ten year sentence, which, for a 72-year-old man amounts to a LIFE SENTENCE.

For a useless ANTIQUE gun, that was UNLOADED. What they arrested him on what was a “SUBJECTIVE LAW, where the COP decided the gun was “dangerous” and arrested him for lying to him. In reality, the gun is a RELIC, and if you tried to fire it, you'd probably lose a hand. “But that makes no difference in New Jersey. "New Jersey has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, and it classifies antique firearms the same way it classifies regular guns [Can you imagine how STUPID that is? -RT]. Attorney Evan Nappen, who specializes in gun law cases, said despite the antique nature of the flintlock pistol, Van Gilder is 'facing the same draconian penalty as if he had a .44 magnum loaded on his person … There’s no distinction'.” Which is about as STUPID as it gets. I think New Jersey Governor Christie ought to pardon him (if he has any sense at all) and see to it these laws are REPEALED, as too stupid to exist.

Gun laws as they are now constituted are stupid enough. Really STUPID gun laws are quite something else. Where this guy made his first mistake is in giving his PERMISSION for the cop to search his car. I wouldn't do that under ANY circumstances. It's NOBODY'S BUSINESS what I carry in my car, and it's my RIGHT to deny them permission to search it, even if the cop thinks I would only refuse if I had something to hide. I care NOT what that cop thinks. That's not law.. He should have said, “No” and not lost the LAST ten years of his life to a really STUPID charge, by really STUPID people. Even if Christie does the right thing and pardons him, he will have still lost a lot of time and money defending himself. And if he DOES go to prison for ten years on this BOGUS charge, that will REALLY be an ATROCITY. (World Net Daily)

"Lassitude and Passivity"

That's how columnist Charles Krauthammer described Obama's reactions to Islamic terrorist atrocities. We needn't even mention him (Obama) going out golfing right after ISIS announced the MURDEROUS beheadings of 21 Christians, exhibiting his complete disdain for the Christians and APPROVAL of the terrorist actions. Throughout, Obama has done many things to HELP the Islamic terrorists, among them refusing to even MENTION the Islamic nature of the terrorism while RELEASING bloody murderers from GITMO to go back and kill more non-believers. I'm almost reluctant to use the word ATROCITIES to describe what the ISLAMIC terrorists do, but I can't find a more expressive word that hasn't also been overused.

And they're LISTENING. They even referenced Obama's bogus comparison of the Crusades (which was the Christian RESPONSE to the ATROCITIES BY THE then Islamic terrorists) to their CURRENT CRIMES, as if there were a good reason to do so. What we need is ANOTHER “Crusade,” less atrocities committed against US to search for sympathizers. We need to “go after” the Islamic terrorists with EVERYTHING we have, instead of continuing the TEPID RESPONSE Obama has tried, so as not to hurt them too much, while keeping his “plausible deniability” about his APPROVAL of their atrocities. We need to treat this as the World War it is, instead of just trying to “limit” them and “control” them. We need to DESTROY them, “root and branch.” another thing we need to do is see to it ALL Americans can be armed, to defend ourselves when they come to our shores to kill US. They have promised to do so, and I BELIEVE them. Frankly, I think many of them are already here, just hiding and waiting for orders. (Just common sense)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Computer Got Me--Again

Yesterday, my computer wouldn't even start. And I spent the entire day trying to find out why. Turns out ir wasn't the computer itself, this time. It was a “thumb drive” the computer wouldn't start while it was in there. As soon as I pulled it out, it worked—at least as well as usual. Sorry about that. Oh, well—that thumb drive was mostly a copy of what's on the other one, which is still in, and working (so far).

New Spying Technology

We've known for a long time that the government is spying on us everywhere, and now are using new technology to photograph license plates in the parking lots at gun shows so they'll know who attends them—at least those who come in their own cars. Frankly, I don't care if they know if I attend a gun show. It isn't against the law—YET. That doesn't mean I HAVE a gun. Maybe I do, maybe I don't. But photographing my license plate at a gun show doesn't prove anything. It's just more evidence that our government has become our enemy, spying on us all the time, sticking their nose where it doesn't belong, especially to see if we have ANY interest in having a gun, so they can target us when “gun-taking” time comes. (The Right to Bear)

Gun-Grabbers Lose--Again

“After a long legal battle, in 2014 Illinois passed legislation allowing citizens to legally carry concealed firearms. Since last March, the state has issued approximately 91,000 concealed carry permits. Gun control advocates feared the new law would lead to increased crime, but now, with some experience behind them, state officials are are saying the fears were unfounded.” Surprise, surprise! I'm proved right, again! But will the anti-gun fools admit it and go home to “lick their wounds?” Not a chance! Those stone heads want to disarm the citizens of the United States, for whatever reason. (I know the reason, but nobody listens to me). They've got it in their heads that allowing the general population to be armed legally will “put a crimp in their style,” and they're determined to stop it, whatever they have to do.

They found that the 91,000 concealed carry permits they issued in just this one state did NOT cause a significant increase in violent crime. McClean County Sheriff Joe Sandage says, “We haven’t seen any abuses of (the law) or people carrying into places where they’re not allowed to,” Sandage continued, adding that “by and large, the people getting concealed-carry permits are responsible gun owners, and they’re going to follow the law as it’s written.” “It's all been a 'non-event,' says Decatur Police Chief Brad Sweeny. “Legalization has not caused mass chaos, according to Sweeney.” Now we just have to brace for the gun-grabbers' next move. It will attack a peripheral, but one that is necessary for a gun to be useful—like banning or severely controlling AMMUNITION, which is NOT protected by the Constitution. They don't care if we have guns, as long as they're made useless. (Second Amendment Insider)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Teachers Arm Themselves

No, not here. We're not smart enough, for the most part. PAKASTANI school teachers are arming themselves in the wake of the Taliban (Islamic terrorist) attack that resulted in the deaths of 150 innocent children AND teachers in Peshawar. And in Israel, they “relaxed” the rules on guns in the wake of Islamic terrorist (Palestinian) attacks there that involved the murders of four Orthodox Jews and a policeman in a TEMPLE by four men armed with knives, axes and a gun, recognizing (rightly) the protective value of “good guys with guns.” Which makes me wonder: why can't OUR politicians recognize this simple truth? Why do they continue to think the average American would “go wild” if he had a gun and cause a “wild West atmosphere” where you can get shot over a fender-bender? (That happens now, with ILLEGAL guns!) They're STUPID to think that way, but how do you “smarten them up?” You can't. Stupid is stupid. You can only get RID of them and find politicians who ARE smarter. As long as we keep electing stupid politicians, we will HAVE stupid politicians, and more of us will DIE from their stupidity. (Daily Caller)

Signal to Thieves

It's okay. Go ahead and steal from us. We won't try and catch you. We'll fire anybody who does. That's the message Wal-Mart sent when they fired one of their managers for following, and catching a shoplifter who ran with $1,000.00 worth of merchandise. They told the world that was against store policy. He should have left that to the cops—who weren't there. They usually aren't. They're so afraid of being SUED for something, they'd rather let a thief get away. The manager was fired for “gross misconduct,” which means no other Wal-Mart can hire him. If I were him. I'D sue them for improper firing and overstating the reasons. If they're so worried about being sued, I'd give them an even better reason. To fire a man for “gross misconduct” for doing something that SHOULD be approved, and costing him his $50,000.00 salary is, in my opinion, actionable. This is like their stupid “gun-free zone” in their stores. That sends criminals a different message. (Last Resistance)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Now It's "Terrorism"

Since Obama was elected, most objections to anything he does (and now anything any liberal does) is “racism.”: But now they've got a new word: “terrorism.” The pro-gun people in Texas are being called, “terrorists” because they want the means to self-defense, a gun—and the right to carry it. Do these fools really think we BELIEVE this crap? They love to throw around words like this, meanwhile accusing US of “inflammatory rhetoric.” they're so easy to see through, it's surprising that they make ANY progress whatsoever. By doing so, they minimize the effect of REAL terrorism like the murder of 3,000 people at the World Trade Center, of the public burning of a Jordanian pilot—or the BEHEADING of CHILDREN by Islamic terrorists. It's an INSULT to our intelligence to call pro-gun people “terrorists,” but they don't care. They just want to advance their agenda by ANY means necessary (Daily Caller)

Another Scam Struck Down

Eric Holder had many scams and schemes devoted to disarming the populace of the United States so he, and his cohorts (including Obama) could do as they wish with us without fear of meeting a gun and a bullet in the process. This is another one struck down. In this one, they tried to make it illegal to buy a gun outside the state of residence. . That was patently unconstitutional, and the court recognized that. Holder is sorry he wasn't able to “make guns illegal” during his stint as AG. Of course, it's not his JOB to MAKE laws. It was his job to ENFORCE them, and he SELECTED the ones he would enforce. Judge O'Connor said in the decision: "The Court finds that the federal interstate handgun transfer ban burdens conduct that falls within the scope of the Second Amendment." Virginia attorney Alan Gura, representing CCRKBA (Citizen's Right to Keep and Bear Arms) said, "It is bizarre and irrational to destroy the national market for an item that Americans have a fundamental right to purchase," (Freedom Outpost)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Panic On Campus

The anti-gun fools have done a lot to whip up panic about guns. So much so that somebody on campus at Christopher Newport University “thought he saw” a man with a gun and the locals went crazy. They “locked down” the campus for 90 minutes and sent out e-mail alerts to everybody on campus. They used campus loudspeakers to “inform” even more people. The 8 AM classes were canceled. Then they sent out a notice: “Never mind. No threat discovered.” It was all caused by somebody saying they saw a black man walking on campus holding a gun The description would fit many people. But, hey! He was never found, nor was he seen by anybody but the person who reported it. This is an example of how they create panic and how it's self-perpetuating. (13 News Now)

Already Too Many Guns

The anti-gun fools whine about there being “too many guns” out there if we okay “concealed carry” laws. I got a clue for them. There are ALREADY too many guns out there, and they're ALL illegal, and in the hands of CRIMINALS. All that will happen if we start allowing honest, responsible people to carry guns in self-defense against those illegally armed criminals is that there will be fewer cases of criminals robbing and shooting honest people because they're defenseless. It's like Russia and the U. S. having “mutually assured destruction,” but on a local scale. The problem with the anti-gun fools is that they don't have any confidence in the ability of honest, reliable people to resist shooting one another over piddling things if they're armed. Even the CRIMINALS don't do that, for the most part, with their ILLEGAL guns. These people need to wake up to reality. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

"My Single Failure"

Eric Holder says, “Not passing gun control is my single failure.” his “single failure?” What a damned FOOL he is. But then, we knew that about him. First of all, it is not his job to MAKE laws against, or for ANYTHING. It is his job to ENFORCE laws his betters have made. It's hard to figure out his SINGLE failure while in office as Attorney General. He has so MANY. One of those is his failure to properly investigate Obama's “gun-running” operations in Mexico and Syria. Another is letting Obama and Hillary get away with letting four Americans DIE in Benghazi through INACTION. Yet another is his IGNORING all the times Obama violated the Constitution, which he COULD have stopped. I could go on and on, listing all the things he COULD have done if he was doing his job, but I won't. You get the idea. (Minutemen News)

Is ISIS Here?

I only use the term “ISIS” because it's shorter than “Islamic terrorists.” But the question is: “Are they here? The answer is, ABSOLUTELY! And it won't be long before we're fighting them in the streets, like they are in Iraq and Afghanistan, France, and other countries they have infiltrated. Think I'm nuts? Know this: cops have open cases about Islamic terrorism in 49 of the 50 states! Most of them concern actual Americans, many of which were recruited out pf prisons, where most of the misfits are, and who went to the Middle East to train, then returned to work with “advisers” already here, secretly. There's no telling how long it will be before one of these “cells” does something horrific, aided by home-grown terrorists, but it's coming. You can count on it. If you don't have a gun, you'd better get one. Maybe more than one. Anti-gun fools say, why would you need an AR-15? The answer is simple: THEY will have them when they start their dirty work. Best you have at least equal armament, and know how to use it. It's a WAR, and it is coming here. Be READY! (World Net Daily)

Monday, February 9, 2015

Bloomberg: "Disarm Blacks"

Former New York City Mayor Bloomberg wants to disarm all minorities (translation: blacks) because they seem to be the group that commit most gun violence. It's still going on, folks. Nothing changes. The ORIGINAL wish to “control guns” was designed to keep guns out of the hands of “those nasty blacks.” And, while it has broadened a lot since, the basic wish to disarm blacks continues in the person of Bloomberg, who has spent MILLIONS to disarm America. Oh: you liberals who want to hassle me for saying “blacks” instead of your “recommended” word—what is it today? Negro? Colored? African-American? What? Know that I don't subscribe to your “political correctness” crap. I use the best word available for all things). I won't be told what words to use. Take your “PC” and stick it. (Truth About Guns)

They're Doing It Again

Lawmakers in Washington, DC never learn. What's that “:definition of insanity?” doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result? They lost the last time they attempted to put an arbitrary limit on the size of magazines for use in the guns of HONEST people (completely ignoring the fact that CRIMINALS don't OBEY laws), which will mean that when a crook confronts an honest person with a gun, all he has to do is wait until he fires ten shots, then he'll be disarmed, as usual, so he can then go out and kill him with his extended capacity magazine gun, obtained ILLEGALLY. They've “dusted off” the old, tired law limiting all guns to ten-bullet magazines and are trying to get it passed, again. It probably won't happen, for the same reason it didn't pass before. But, hey! They can always say they're “still trying” to “stop gun violence,” can't they? (Gunalizer)

Sunday, February 8, 2015

How Rumors Get Started

I just read a “report” where they claim that the FIRST “gun freedom” group was the Black Panthers, who marched upon the California legislature with openly carried guns, causing REPUBLICANS to sponsor the FIRST “gun control” laws in California, That may all be true, but those laws were NOT the first hint of “gun control” activity. Liberals were rumbling about “controlling guns” back in the 1800s. This is how rumors get started: somebody publishes an erroneous “report,” news media gets hold of it and spreads it, because it helps advance their agenda, and soon it becomes “truth” to gun control advocates. Then the gun grabbers latch onto it and spout it as “fact,” and gullible people buy it. (Truth About Guns)

Panel to "Stop Gun Violence"

As if that's all it would take. They discuss many things, and what they usually come up with is the same tired, old, fatally flawed measures, that depend on LAWBREAKERS to OBEY LAWS, which predictably fail. But hey, they TRIED, didn't they? So they congratulate themselves for trying, even if their findings do NOTHING to strop gun violence. They speak of “stopping those with an elevated potential for violence from being able to purchase or possess firearms. As if a LAW will do that. Anybody can go out and find another criminal from whom to buy their ILLEGAL guns. They speak of “keeping guns out of the wrong hands” as if their laws have done so in the past, and would in the future. (Philadelphia Tribune)

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Law Makes No Difference

In Louisiana they made a law to take guns away from people convicted of domestic violence, hoping to reduce the instance of domestic violence that way. Well, it didn't work. In fact, domestic violence cases have gone UP since the law was made. Not only that, some problems with the law itself have come up, making it difficult to enforce it. In spite of the numbers showing that increase, a “domestic violence reduction” promoter says the law has already reduced domestic violence (not surprisingly). Of course, as usual, the law goes too far, prohibiting the ownership of guns for people subject to a “protective order,” something we know are issued like lollipops to children in barber shops. As usual, this law, and others made for the same purpose, ignore the fact that those bent on murder are NOT going to worry about violating a piddling law against them having guns. That's a fatal flaw in ALL the anti-gun laws made in recent years. (Greenville Online)

S. O. S. (Same Ol', Stuff)

Ranking Democrats on Capitol Hill, and gun control advocates from the Newtown Alliance got together and wasted a lot of time trying to come up with a new approach to “ending gun violence.” Instead, they came out with the “same ol' same ol',” limiting the size of gun magazines—something that has never worked], and never will. The problem with the fools who TRY and “reduce gun violence” is that they all seem to be affected by the same blindness to reality that their usual scams never work. So they get together and try to come up with something new, and predictably FAIL. Next week, they get together again, and come up with--nothing--after which they congratulate themselves for “trying” and go about their other business until time for the next ballyhooed “meeting.” (Guns)

Friday, February 6, 2015

Fatal Mistakes About Guns

The anti-gun fools make several fatal mistakes about guns and gun ownership. The first is the whole idea that the guns, themselves, are the problem, and are evil. WRONG! If guns themselves were evil, why are cops and government agents armed, sometimes to the teeth? Second is the theory that CRIMINALS will OBEY the laws they make and forego the use of guns because there is a law against it. These people are CRIMINALS. By DEFINITION, they do not OBEY laws, of any kind. So why would they obey a law that says they can't be armed? It's really stupid to think that they will. But today's lawmakers all seem to think that way. And until we can get it through their thick skulls that guns are NOT inherently evil, and that criminals will not EVER obey their current crop of laws, those laws will NEVER work. (Just common sense)

Waiting to Be Arrested

In Washington State, revolting gun owners, now illegal carriers, are waiting for the state to get off their butts and arrest them. ALL. I think they'll have to wait a long time if those “authorities” are smart. There aren't enough jails in existence to hold them all and they don't want to try it and make it plain what we all know. That when they made those laws, they “bit off more than they could chew.” Oh, there may be a spate of arrests by cops who “didn't get the memo.” But I'd bet none of them will get very far unless they arrest ALL of the people defying their law. It'll be a simple case of “selective law enforcement.” I'd give odds that these laws will not last out the year before being repealed, as impossible to enforce. There has to be SOMEBODY there with the INTELLIGENCE to see that. (AmmoLand)

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Gabby's Lying--As Usual

That bullet must have really scrambled her brain because she just can't tell the difference between truth and lie any more. I don't know how good she was at it before she got shot in the head—she IS a Democrat, you know. But she has since been known for SEVERAL lapses in truth on the gun issue. Now she's claiming there are 30,000 accidental gun incidents” involving teens, when the actual number is 124—a slight difference (irony ON) But since she is known for “making stuff up,' I'm not personally surprised. It really amazes me how REAL victims of “gun violence” can buy into all the bullcrap the gun grabbers put out there, and generate some of their own). They make the fatal mistake of believing that the way to self-defense is to DISARM yourself. And she has “bought it,” taking hook, “hook, line, and sinker. It's wrong, but you can't convince her of that. And that's so typical of the anti-gun crowd. Concrete heads. (AmmoLand)

"Good Guys With Guns"

When you encounter a “bad guy with a gun,” who do you call? A GOOD GUY with a gun, of course! Why would you call somebody who was DISARMED to counter the threat of an ARMED criminal? Gun grabbers still don't get the truth of that, which is simple common sense. They insist that the way to self-defense is to “dial 9/11—and wait. While that armed criminal continues to threaten you. Of course, you might be DEAD before the cops get there, but they can “clean up” the scene, and MAYBE catch the bad guy, later. But you won't know about it because you'll be dead. The idea that it would be a good thing for you to have your own gun since you're already there and can “take out” the armed criminal—before he can kill you doesn't occur to them. So they keep on making their USELESS laws that CRIMINALS, who don't obey laws anyway, routinely ignore, and say that “reduces gun violence” when it doesn't. All it does is make it easier for the armed criminal to victimize us because we are DISARMED. (USCCA)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Taking Over A Government

Elsewhere, we published an item on things to do to destroy a nation. One thing we didn't talk about there is to disarm the citizens. Even though this is a prerequisite to a “takeover' of a nation. Hitler knew it; Stalin and Lenin knew it, Castro knew it, and every other would-be dictator knows it. They use “good-sounding reasons,” but the REAL reason is so that we will not have guns with which to resist THEIR “takeover” and creation of a dictatorship. They “jump up and down” and call us extremists every time we bring this out, but it has proven to be true so many times it is no longer in question, except in their “fevered minds,” One thing that is a CONSTANT in our society, and that is the attempts, by many of our politicians, to disarm us. The ones who do, are the ones to FEAR as they grab more and more power while working HARD to disarm us. (Brian Knowles)

Chicago Crime Drops

Don't get me wrong: it is still one of the most crime-ridden cities in the nation because of it's tight anti-gun laws. But when the courts re-instituted “concealed carry” and they couldn't do anything about it, thousands of Chicagoans applied for, and GOT a “carry” permit and started carrying their own guns for protection. That scared the hell out of those with ILLEGAL arms who wanted to victimize them and violent crime subsequently dropped, incrementally. Not as much, of course, as it would if they got rid of ALL their anti-gun laws, but, like Democrats like to say, “It's a start.” this proves AGAIN that if you let honest people have the means to defend themselves, criminals will “run and hide,” as they have done again. Will the “anti-gun fools” take note? Doubtful; that would take INTELLIGENCE, which they don't have. (Gunalizer)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Domino's Driver Shot

We just published a story about a Domino's driver who, contrary to Domino's rules, carried her gun while working. She may well lose her job over it, but she's still alive to tell her story. In this case, the Domino's driver, who was UNARMED, was SHOT from ambush while making a delivery, and was unable to defend himself. He is now in critical condition with a chest wound. They probably won't fire him, but if he's smart, he will not return to this job, where they apparently don't care about the safety of their employees. The job of delivering pizzas is the seventh most dangerous job in America, but Domino's (and other pizza companies) continue to insist on this short-sighted policy that puts their drivers in danger on the off-chance they MIGHT be sued by the families of robbers if they shoot BACK. (Bearing Arms)

Girl Stops A Shooting

Sarah Cherry's father was robbed at gunpoint some time ago, so she started carrying a gun to work, at his suggestion. And it's a good thing she did, because three armed robbers tried to rob the Domino's at which she worked. And they ended up dodging HER bullets. They're probably still running. Criminals don't like people shooting at THEM. She, and her father, who also works at this Domino's store, will probably be fired because of Domino's misguided rule that their employees cannot be armed while at work. Her father says, “We'll probably be fired, but we will not stop defending ourselves.” Papa John's reconsidered the same policy for its stores when another female foiled a robbery there with her own gun. They gave her an inside job and offered her counseling. I don't much like telling these stories because they're now becoming too numerous as more and more Americans carry their own guns for self-defense, even if it is against the law. It's getting to the point where people who carry guns are just too numerous for them to arrest them all. I'm not usually in favor of violating the law, but some laws are just too STUPID to obey, (Daily Caller)

Monday, February 2, 2015

Is He Totally Stupid?

Eric Holder has “gone 'round the bend” if he thinks owners of ILLEGAL guns will obey his newest idea for a law requiring gun owners to VOLUNTARILY wear an ID bracelet. This is technology we use to keep track of CRIMINALS on parole, and Holder thinks gun owners should be accorded the same treatment. During the 2015 budget hearings he also said that, in addition to tracking bracelets, things like “fingerprint scanners,” and other “science fiction” ideas were “common sense” ideas. These ideas are INSULTING to gun owners, and they simply would NOT work. Criminals will NOT obey this law. They don't obey ANY law. That's why they're called CRIMINALS. This is the BASIC FLAW in every “gun control” law that has come down the pike lately. They ONLY apply to HONEST people, and they are not the ones who need to be “controlled” in their use of guns. If they ever come up with a law that will really DO something about ILLEGAL gun ownership by punishing the USE of a gun in committing a crime, I'll be all for it. Yes, I know, they do have some of those on the books. But there is no requirement that they be USED, so they're routinely used as “bargaining chips,” dropped to get other convictions. This must STOP. (Second Amendment Insider)

They Call It Stupid

But it might just work, since they don't allow ANY guns to be legally brought into schools, except by UNIFORMED officers, who can be “taken out” early by a potential mass shooter. They want children to bring CANNED GOODS to school as possible missiles throw at a shooter. In the absence of any guns, except those in the hands of the mass shooters, a heavy object like a can of food just might work, although something heavier like a heavy ash tray or a large lamp would work better if the thrower has good aim. I'm sure there are many heavy objects all around schools that could be used, if people can be trained to think that way. A jar of peanut butter would work as well, but only if it was thrown accurately, before the shooter knows what's happening. But it must be done carefully, lest the thrower get shot, anyway. (The Right to Bear)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Cops Don't Carry Giuns

That's true in several countries in Europe, and in France particularly. No wonder we're always having to pull their fat out of the fire. The French government apparently is not too smart. They let their cops decide whether or not to carry guns so they will not be as helpless as are most civilians, because crooks ALWAYS carry guns. It's stupid to disarm the populace, and DOUBLY stupid to disarm the cops, as was PROVED in France the day two Islamic terrorists (self-described) blew away eleven staff members of a newspaper that had the temerity to publish PICTURE of “the prophet. One cop paid the ultimate price for deciding to try and go up against ARMED criminals without his own gun. He was MURDERED, almost as an afterthought by one of those armed CRIMINALS. (The Right to Bear)

No "Wild West Atmosphere"

The gun grabbers keep saying if we loosen up gun control laws that keep honest, reliable people unarmed and defenseless against the ILLEGALLY-armed criminals, there'll be a “wild West atmosphere” where people are shooting each other over a parking space or because they didn't get their order right at McDonald's. I got a clue for ya, folks! We ALREADY have it, but with ILLEGALLY armed gang-bangers doing the shooting. Don't believe it? Just look at ONE weekend in Chicago, where they have some of the tightest anti-gun laws and the MAYOR has signs all over the outside of his home telling about his “armed security” after his SON was robbed at gunpoint right outside his home. Funny; it's about the STATE of Illinois this item is talking, where state politicians are smarter than those in Chicago. McClean County Sheriff Joe Sandage told the Bloomington Pantagraph that people (outside of Chicago) who are getting “carry permits” are operating responsibly and are NOT shooting people over trivialities. Of course, in Chicago, they still are, but with ILLEGAL guns. Decatur Police Chief Brad Sweeny agrees, saying, “After 91,000 permits have been issued since last March, it has NOT caused mass chaos. Will those bone-headed politicians wise up? Probably not. (Daily Caller)