Thursday, March 31, 2016

"You're Too Old!"

That's what the anti-gun fools are telling senior citizens in an effort to stem the increase in senior citizens buying and training to use guns in self-defense. They can't be basing that on anything concrete because a gun is the ONLY thing that will “even out” the odds for them when their attackers are usually young and strong. It doesn't take a lot of strength to pull a trigger. Not as much, for instance than it does to wield a baseball bat or especially to fight back against a younger, stronger adversary WITHOUT an easily used weapon like a gun. As usual, these fools are making statements unsupported by either facts or logic, and insisting we believe them. Repeating it over and over, as usual. This is how they make LIES become “truth.” In the comments section there, there is the usual propaganda put out by anti-gun fools, parroted by uninformed fools, saying that these old folks will misuse their guns or have them taken away from them and used against them. Which is also devoid of logic or truth. (Gawker)

It Just doesn't Work!

Not a single “gun control” law that is passed by legislators ignorant about guns has ever worked. But they keep on making them, while honest, law-abiding citizens DIE from the guns held illegally by criminals. A very few make laws that DO work, yet the “run-of-the-mill" anti-gun fools ignore such successes and continue to make their USELESS laws that get people killed. They accuse “pro-gun people” of “wanting people to be killed,” completely ignoring the fact that the laws THEY make are the ones that DO kill people. But the pro-gun people fervently wish they would make some laws that DO work. I, like all pro-gun people wish they would make some laws that would work. If they did, we'd “fall right in line” with them. But I'm not holding my breath until they do. Turning blue doesn't appeal to me. And they've proved to me they're too ignorant to do so. (Town Hall)

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Seniors Grabbing Guns

Senior citizens know they're the top “targets” for criminals, since most of them are less than robust and are less likely to be able to defend themselves, if attacked. So they're afraid, and they know having a handy gun is a good way to make the difference when attacked by a young and able criminal. I'm “pushing 80,” and I know the idea frightens me. And if a criminal shoots me, I want it to be the last thing he does in his life. So now there has been a massive upswing in seniors buying guns and going to the range to learn how to use them. They know something the anti-gun fools do not. The best method to reduce gun violence is to KILL the criminal when he tries to victimize you. Anti-gun fools have no faith in the elderly (or anybody else, for that matter) being able to use a gun responsibly, even though they are the ones most likely to BE responsible in gun handling (senile elders excepted, of course, and they can be excluded). I think it's an outstanding idea and can undoubtedly save a lot of lives. (Wall Street Journal)

Guns In Church?

Some people are asking the same question they asked about McDonald's”: “Why would anybody want to carry a gun to church?” the answer is the same: “In case some fool comes in with his own gun and shoots the place up.” which happened recently at one McDonald's. But the danger to churchgoers is even more intense. Churches usually being “no-gun zones,” they are prime targets for such fools. There have been many such shootings in churches. And in one, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, a small woman who had her own legally carried gun stopped a “killing spree” a man planned for her church by shooting him, causing him to kill himself when he saw it wasn't going to work. She saved many lives that day, probably including her own. Because she brought her gun to church while she worshiped. In Jackson, Mississippi, they're making a law to ALLOW guns in churches. Somebody there is “smarter than the average bear.” (WTVA)

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Safety for None

California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom's “Safety for All” law is “safety for NONE.” This new law “ramps up” California's already ignorant “gun laws” that make law-abiding people HELPLESS against ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. It “confiscates” (steals) high capacity magazines and requires background checks for buyers of AMMUNITION! His bill is firmly apposed by the California State Sheriff's Association, which says it would, “put peaceful citizens on the wrong side of the law without curbing violent crime.” Of course, ALL of the California anti-gun laws do that, so does anybody think anybody will do anything against the law based on that? What drives fools like Newsom is beyond me. It almost seems like ALL liberals have “drunk the Kool-Aid” about gun control and continue to make their USELESS laws that only disarm HONEST people while doing NOTHING to stop “gun crime.” (Bearing Arms)

Capitol "Shooter" A Liberal

Which is, of course, a fact the liberal news media doesn't want to report. The "shooter," who didn't even have a real gun, was a “minister” who “wasn't all there, whose elevator didn't go all the way to the top, and had made trouble in Congress before. There was a “stay away order” against him because of it—which, of course, did nothing at all, as they never do. If a fool wants to commit a major crime, such orders are merely a “piece of paper” and are useless. He thought he was “above the law” in a “state of grace.” He was also a $15.00 an hour minimum wage fool. One source said he did what he did to get the cops to deliver a letter to a girl friend. I don't know how true that is, but I probably won't find out, since they are suppressing reports about this event. I'll wait to see further developments before making a final determination. (Weasel Zippers)

Monday, March 28, 2016

Pope Blames Gun Makers

Pope Benedict, shown kissing the shoe of a Muslim, blamed gun manufacturers for the Brussels killings. Never mind not a single gun was used to kill people (except maybe a Muslim terrorist or two). He's forgetting the fact that “gun laws” are very tight in Belgium, and are as stupid as they are here. Other laws are just as stupid. As is the one that doesn't let cops conduct raids on the homes of suspected criminals in Brussels after nine at night, until morning. Tell me the criminals don't use that in their favor. Add the fact that the Pope has no business sticking his nose in our politics and you have a paradox. He has also stuck his nose in the “global warming” swindle, on the side of the swindlers. He's ignorant on a lot of subjects, but that doesn't stop many Catholics from taking his pronouncements, even lacking facts as they are, as Gospel. They take seriously the fiction that the Pope cannot be wrong. And THAT'S wrong. The story is, he “can't be wrong on religious dogma,” though several Popes have proven to be wrong, even there. (AmmoLand)

More Gun Stupidity

In Louisville, KY, they're holding a “Put Down the Guns” walk, hoping that will stop the “gun violence" there. This is about as stupid as thinking making a LAW will stop criminals, who obey no laws, from getting their guns. The obvious answer to “gun violence” is to kill or imprison all the criminals who commit it. To do that, they have to let more law-abiding people carry guns in self defense, so they can kill as many criminals as possible and thereby reduce gun violence, since if criminals are dead, they can't cause “”gun violence.” But they don't trust law-abiding people to responsibly use their guns. So they remain helpless against all the ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. And they keep holding marches and rallies against guns, making silly laws that do NOTHING to reduce gun violence, and then they say, “We did something.” Meanwhile, more people die from gun violence. (WDRB)

Sunday, March 27, 2016

California's Gun Idiocy

It's fortunate that this bill will probably never become law, but anything is possible in California, which is a bastion of ignorant liberals. The law, if passed, contains many lesser idiocies, but the one that will kill the gun industry in California is the requirement that gun sellers get insurance (that does not yet exist and would be VERY expensive) to cover the criminal acts of second, third, and fourth parties using a gun from the store in question even if that gun store was the VICTIM of the crime or the gun or ammo was STOLEN from the store. This entire bill is the work of damned foolery, produced by stupid people. You know, people who think they can eliminate “gun violence” by passing a law. There are many damned fool gun laws in California, but this is the worst. And I wouldn't bet on it NOT being passed with the damned fools in their legislature. (AmmoLand)

Sign Didn't Work. Bullet Did

This woman had a sign on her front door: “We Don't Dial 911” with a replica gun hanging below it. A clear message to criminals, huh? That sign didn't work. An ignorant and badly gun-trained criminal broke into her house, and when he came back out, she was there. He shot at her and missed. She shot back, and didn't. That worked. She hit him several times, but did not kill him. He's lucky to be alive. If she had killed him there would be one fewer criminal on the loose (after he gets out of jail). It's nice to see this from my own home town, and it makes me happy that the gun laws there at least allow for this to happen instead of hearing about her being brutally murdered by this criminal. (Daily Caller)

Saturday, March 26, 2016

I May Move to Idaho

The legislature there woke up to reality and [passed a law allowing people to carry concealed (or unconcealed) guns so they could defend themselves against criminals, crazy mass shooters, and Islamic terrorists that Obama is importing by the hundreds of thousands. And the governor signed it into law. I live in a state (Colorado) that is still living in the “dark ages” gun-wise. What can you expect? It's run by Democrats. If I move to Idaho, maybe I'll be able to keep from dying by gunshot while being unable to defend myself. That is the fools don't reverse it in the next legislature, as I'm sure they have planned. (Bearing Arms)

Definition of Insanity

Anti-gun fools are insane! They want to ban TOY guns for children. Never mind children will make guns out of STICKS if they have nothing better. You just can't keep toy guns out of the hands of children. It isn't natural. They're so panicked about guns that they want to eliminate anything that even LOOKS like a gun from the world. In New Jersey, they arrested and prosecuted an ACTOR who was using a PHONY gun in a movie scene, on a gun charge. They won't be satisfied until there isn't a gun left in the world, which means they will NEVER be satisfied, because their quest is IMPOSSIBLE. It's like putting toothpaste back in a tube. Guns exist. You can't “uninvent them.” If you somehow destroyed the LEGAL gun industry, gunsmiths everywhere will still be making guns and selling them on the black market.. Next, they'll want to ban ALL movies using guns in their plots. They've already gotten rid of most toy guns in toy stores, to the disappointment of kids, everywhere. (Eagle Rising)

Friday, March 25, 2016

Proof of the Pudding

In Australia, they had a big “gun buyback.” But the result is not what they planned. It predictably (among people of intelligence, at least) created a massive “gun black market.” Criminals brought in their old, mostly unusable guns and got good money for them, which they used to buy NEW guns on that gun black market, and continued to use them to rob and kill people. So the "authorities" financed their purchase of new guns. Which reminds me of their almost complete gun BAN. Which resulted in a 300% INCREASE in ”gun violence” as people who wanted to use a gun to commit a crime bought theirs ILLEGALLY or stole them, and used them against the law-abiding, who were mostly UNARMED, by law. What nobody tells you is that gun bans only DISARM honest people, who DO obey laws, while doing NOTHING to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, who DON'T. Every law most politicians propose make it easier for armed criminals to rob and kill because most of their intended victims will not be armed. They INCREASE “gun crime.” (Reason)

Journalistic Malpractice

It's really too bad there is not a law about journalistic malpractice in some of the STUPID things they publish. The Washington Post is now saying “it is patriotic to question Scalia's decisions about gun rights" when it is clearly NOT. There are way too many liberal fools in the liberal media—which is why it IS a “liberal media.” the liberals have taken over many of our most basic entities, including the media and our schools, at all levels. They make phony pronouncements and they are taken as gospel by other liberals, and repeated, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. Liberals are NOT in the majority. But the ones there are, are in key positions that allow them to “mold” public opinion, since most conservatives are not as vocal. But that will not last forever. The people who go about their own business every day and IGNORE the depredations of liberals, are starting to take notice as liberals go too far. And soon they will destroy everything liberals have worked for—and rightly so. (Breitbart)

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ask A Stupid Question

Some people are asking, “Why would you ever need a gun in a McDonald's?” That's one of the stupidest questions ever asked. The answer is simple: “To be prepared when some SOB brings HIS illegal gun in a McDonald's to victimize people.” Which one SOB did here. It would be a good idea for any honest person to carry his/her gun into a McDonald's as it would be anywhere else, and for the same reason. In the case report linked below, THREE thugs walked into a McDonald's and tried to rob a guy, shooting two people. It is only a testament to their lack of good marksmanship that these two are still alive. If somebody else had been there with a gun, the result could be a lot different, with one or more of the SOBs dead or injured, instead of the innocent people.(ABC)

Typical Liberal "Get-Around"

They can't ban guns because of the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. So now they're starting a campaign to get the Second Amendment repealed. I'm surprised they didn't think of that a long time ago. It's so TYPICAL of liberals. If something impedes you from doing what you want, get rid of it. Typically too, is the fact that what they want to get rid of is the only thing that has kept the government from disarming ALL law-abiding Americans while ignoring the fact that criminals, who obey no laws, have no trouble getting guns. Which will leave us all (the law-abiding ones) completely DEFENSELESS against them. But at the same time, it will leave us defenseless against government (criminal) agents, too. And that's what they want. They come to take what's ours, as they have been doing in Texas, and we oppose them with guns. They don't like that. Which is why they murdered that rancher and put another in prison for an imagined debt. If the people didn't have guns, they could have “swooped in” and just TAKEN those ranches. Instead, they had to commit MURDER and trump up a criminal case.. I think if they manage to get that done, it will cause the Second American Revolution. And if I weren't so old and crippled up, I'd be in the forefront of it. I'm still in their corner, if mostly immobile. (Washington Post)

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What Is Obama DOING?

Everything he does regarding self defense seems designed to make us as helpless as possible. He can't NOT KNOW that criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists LAUGH at his “gun laws,” yet he continues to insist on making more and more of them, and that's ALL. Even to the extent of ILLEGALLY issuing “Executive Orders” that operate as laws. Something that only works when his cronies are willing to “enforce” them, even if they are illegal. At the same time he is working HARD to make sure as many Islamic terrorists as possible are imported into this country, hoping to KILL as many of us as possible. even to the extent of using OUR tax money to pay their way here while others of their stripe kill and rape all over Europe. His “gun laws” only keep guns out of the hands of law-abiding people, not people who get them illegally and wish to do us harm. He MUST know that, but he keeps on doing it. There should be a law against a president installing policies that will KILL many innocent Americans so we could STOP this insanity. (Just common sense)

NRA: "Evil Giant?"

The NRA is painted as an “evil giant” by anti-gun dolts who only want to deny the right to self-defense to law-abiding Americans. That's because NRA opposes the “flights of fancy” they call laws. And they're largely successful. Liberals say NRA wants even criminals to be able to buy guns legally. Any laws sponsored by NRA will exclude known felons from being able to buy guns legally. So they'll simply ask other criminals where to find an ILLEGAL gun dealer in a back alley somewhere, as they do, now, and get their guns anyway. NRA teaches gun safety classes, so gun owners won't shoot themselves in the foot while trying a “quick draw,” and children won't kill each other because of their curiosity about guns, which is satisfied by these classes. But they oppose the anti-gun fools, so they MUST be “nasty,” according to them. (Columbus Dispatch)

Monday, March 21, 2016

LA Murder Rate Rises

Are you surprised? I'm not. It's entirely predictable that murder rates will rise significantly (especially gun murder rates) in cities with tight gun laws that DISARM honest, law-abiding people so as to leave the way open to ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. Intelligent people understand that. Anti-gun dolts do not, and they never will. Chicago is such a city, and every news cycle tells us of more and more gun murders. Even “shootouts” between the criminals and the cops. Now we're hearing about Los Angeles, another city with very tight gun laws. Whenever somebody gets gunned down, politicians call for more of the same kind of “gun laws” that have failed so miserably right along, to stem gun violence. They KNOW they're USELESS laws, but they keep making more and more of them. And no amount of common sense pounded into their thick skulls changes their minds. Their minds are made up. Don't confuse them with facts. (America's First Freedom)

"It's All Gang Violence"

That's what politicians say about the fact that the gun violence against cops in Chattanooga is more than TWICE that of other comparable cities. But I say,  “So what? Gang violence is just like violence from other sources.” Gun violence with ILLEGALLY-owned guns will NOT be stopped by disarming honest, law-abiding people. A description that does NOT describe gang members, who NEVER have legally owned guns. Disarming honest people leaves the way open for ILLEGALLY-armed gang members, who WILL take advantage of it. I'm not sure what the gun laws are like in that city. I Googled it, but there were no entries for that. But I suspect they are the same kind of gun laws as are all over this country. If not, it would be news—at least, for the non-liberal media. Which, I'm sure, contributes to these numbers. And it doesn't matter if it's ALL “gang violence.” Gun violence is gun violence. Calling it “gang-related” is usually “code” for “We'll never solve it,” just as “Mafia connected” used to mean the same. (Times-Free Press)

Sunday, March 20, 2016

They're Going for Guns

In Raleigh, TN, a suburb of Memphis named for a town that used to be at it's center, they're promoting gun safety classes and as many residents who can qualify, getting “carry permits” because of the rising crime rate. They note that there have been 40 homicides this year in Memphis already, many of them in Raleigh, and they want to send a message to armed “bad guys”: “Go somewhere else to commit your crimes. We're armed in Raleigh.” Not too many municipalities take this approach, to their detriment. Most of them simply want to disarm everybody. Except for the criminals, of course, who always get their guns, anyway. That imbecility has been responsible for many deaths. But they will not admit that, thinking that their way is best—while people die. We need to replace those imbeciles with politicians of the same stripe as those who live in Raleigh. (WMC Action News)

Flapping Their Wings

And accomplishing nothing. That's what people all over the United States are doing, trying to reduce “gun violence. But they aren't accomplishing a thing because they're moving in the wrong direction. In St, Louis and many other places, they're having “marches against gun violence,” as though that will make any difference, at all. In other places, they're having rallies, trying to figure out what to do about “gun violence.” And all their talk doesn't stop a single act of gun violence. They make laws to do all kinds of things, hoping that will stifle gun violence. They're dreaming. There's only ONE WAY to stop gun violence, and that is to stop the CREATORS of gun violence, by killing them, or putting them in prison for long stretches. But our politicians, in most places, won't even hear of letting honest, law-abiding people own and carry guns for self defense, so they can “clean up” on the criminals who create the gun violence, either killing them or imprisoning them for long periods. As long as they're dead or buried in prison, they won't be committing gun violence. In Raleigh, TN (a Memphis suburb), they have the right idea. They're PROMOTING gun safety training, and as many citizens getting “carry permits” as are qualified. Thus sending a message to gun toting criminals to “Stay away. Or we'll END you.” (CBS Local)

Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Impossible Quest

Anti-gun fools really think they can eliminate guns from the world by their actions. But nothing is more silly than that. But they think silly thoughts. One is that the way to self defense it to DISARM yourself. Another is to think that making LAWS against guns will stop people from making, and buying them. They're easy to make. I could make some if I knew how. I could learn how, easily. And there are many craftsmen who DO know how. One of the current efforts of the anti-gun crowd is to make a law allowing victims of “gun violence” to sue gun makers for damages done by their guns. That would only force gun makers underground, where they can't be found by fools who want to sue them while leading to suits on auto makers for accidents caused by the owner's damned foolishness. And “gun crime” would go on, without letup. Prohibition did more to INCREASE alcohol use in the United States and cause the rise of organized crime than did anything else. The same is true of the drug trade. Ban guns and create yet another illicit market that will dwarf both. (Gun Watch)

Guns In Classrooms

Anti-gun fools wet they\ir [ants and get very nervous at the thought of guns in classrooms, in the hands of students. But they're wrong. That isn't the source of danger from guns in classrooms. The danger comes from guns brought in by outsiders, who want to kill people they can be pretty sure won't be armed and able to defend themselves. But they're wrong, too. More and more college students are arming themselves for just such an occurrence. And they ARE bringing their guns to class with them. A mass killer just hasn't run into any of them, yet. The anti-gun crowd doesn't know about them because they have kept their “killer instincts” under control, and haven't killed anybody because of something unimportant. Anti-gun fools have no confidence in the ability of these honest people to keep their passions under control. But they're projecting their own passions onto others. They don't trust THEMSELVES not to shoot somebody over fender-bender or an insult, if they had a gun in their pocket, and they project that onto others. (Weapon Blog)

Friday, March 18, 2016

No Gun Needed

Again proving my contention that if there is no gun available, “bad guys” will “do their dirty work” with whatever comes to hand. In this case, it was a knife used to kill 14 PEOPLE! Anti-gun fools think what's at blame in mass killings is the gun, since most mass killings happen with the use of a gun. But that's only because a gun makes it easier. If guns disappeared today, people would still kill people, would still rob people, using whatever tool came to hand. Anti-gun fools aren't intelligent enough to realize that. It's a classic case of putting the toothpaste back in the tube. It can't be done. But those fools keep trying it, and failing. But that doesn't stop them. They try it again, and fail again. Then again, and again. In spite of constitutional guarantees otherwise, (CNN)

The Most Powerful Lobby

That's the “gun lobby,” according to Hillary. But she just can't figure out WHY the gun lobby is so powerful and why she can't beat it. The answer is simple. The “gun lobby” represents most of the people in America, who DEMAND the right guaranteed them by the Constitution to self defense, and to buy, hold, and carry the means to that end, a gun. She just doesn't understand that MOST AMERICANS are AGAINST gun control. She thinks just because she favors it, she should be able to “ramrod” through her proposals to take guns away from honest people to let them defend themselves against the holders of ILLEGAL guns, people who commit most of the crimes. (The Hill)

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Garland Is An Anti-Gun Zealot

They're trying to paint Garland as a “moderate,” but that's “code” for liberal undercover. He's also an anti-gun zealot, and always has been. If he is confirmed, that will spell the END to our Second Amendment right to self defense. Garland has a long record of anti-gun judgments, and his confirmation would mean the DEATH KNELL for most of Scalia's best decisions. In 2007, Garland voted to keep a clearly unconstitutional law in DC BANNING guns, even in someone's private home for self defense. He has shown a long record of hostility to gun owners (the LEGAL kind, that is). Scalia said once that he would NOT like to see someone appointed who would UNDO all his good work on the Court. And Obama has appointed just such a man. Our Second Amendment RIGHT is ONE JUSTICE AWAY from being destroyed. And Garland is that Justice. (American Thinker)

"Shoot 'Em All!"

That's what members of “Moms for Action” against whatever says they ought to do to the pro-gun activists at the SxSW Festival (whatever THAT is) in Austin, Texas. Which proves their complete idiocy on the subject of “gun control.” And they have no idea what a complete cancellation of their aims that is. They're not intelligent enough. They think the government should use the very tools they want to take away from the rest of us to do away with our opposition to their damned fool ideas. And they can't see the irony in that, which PROVES what I say when I call them “anti-gun FOOLS.” That's like “Big OIL” haters saying, “Drown 'em in oil!” Their ignorance knows no bounds! When they say that, they add, “These people are crazy.” What is real is THEY are the crazy ones, to advocate using the very things they are AGAINST to get rid of their opposition. You just can't make this stuff up, folks! It's like Global Warming fools wanting to PROSECUTE “global warming deniers” because they don't know how to refute their facts. (Breitbart)

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Awwww, Poor Baby!

The family of a burglar who got shot to death while “plying his trade” is whining about it. “I don’t care if she have her gun license or any of that [of course not, the whole family thinks the law should favor only them. -RT]. That is way beyond the law… way beyond,” said Johnson’s cousin Nautika Harris [No, it's NOT. -RT]. “He was not supposed to die like this. He had a future ahead of him. Trevon had goals… he was a funny guy, very big on education, loved learning.” Maybe he should have thought of that when he decided to burglarize this woman's home, and not obeying when she told him to stand still until the cops arrived (eventually). “Beyond the law?” Not a chance! According to Florida law, the family CANNOT even file suit against this homeowner as some fools have done in other states. Although why a criminal's family should be ABLE to sue a property owner when they shoot a burglar committing a crime, I don't know. There should be laws in EVERY STATE barring the family from suing people for exercising their rights while burglars are NOT exercising theirs. A person committing a crime should NOT be able to sue people for repulsing their crimes. The very COMMISSION of a crime should BAR a suit against the property owner or individual protecting him/herself or property. (Bearing Arms)

By Jove, He's Right!

Patrick Neville is a survivor of the mass shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado and is now a lawmaker who is AGAINST the peculiar brand of “gun control” most lawmakers are pushing. Instead of taking away guns from law-abiding citizens like many of them, he is FOR arming people in schools, so that when mass shooters come in to kill people, they can be killed before they can kill a lot of people. Also in Colorado, a tiny female parishioner the church “co-opted” as “security” while she worshiped when they found she was legally armed, saw a shooter coming into her church to kill people and shot him with her legally-carried gun, ending his killing attempts. Neville (and this woman) know that the very best way to stop a mass shooter is for there to be SOMEONE in the crowd with a gun and the will and know-how to use it, to defend those UNARMED victims. Not a “uniformed cop,” who can be dispensed with FIRST, before shooting anyone else, but another citizen that can't be identified by the shooter as a defender. Anti-gun fools are frightened of this, not having ANY confidence in legally armed people to resist the temptation of “shooting up the place,” on a whim. But criminals and crazies do it, anyway. And no amount of “gun laws” will stop them. They don't care about laws, which is evident in their attempts to kill innocent people. (Guns 'n' Freedom)

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Second Amendment "Unclear"

That's what CBS says. But, they're WRONG, as usual. The Second Amendment has NEVER been “unclear” to people who have any degree of intelligence. The only thing that makes it SEEM unclear is the anti-gun fools' contention that The founders meant that ONLY members of an “organized militia,” which did not exist at the time the Constitution was written, had the right to be armed, so they COULDN'T have meant that. At that time, a “militia” was ALL THE PEOPLE, who could be “called up” in time of trouble, and they wanted them to bring their own guns. That's not hard to understand, except to the dedicated anti-gun fools. They've been trying to obfuscate that easily understood amendment since before the ink dried on it's writing, unsuccessfully. But they've used that obfuscation to keep their fool notions alive. (Breitbart)

Shootout In Chicago

In a city with the stiffest “gun laws” in the land, you'd expect “peace and quiet,” wouldn't you? At least, that's what the anti-gun fools tell you. But it doesn't work that way. All that does is DISARM law-abiding citizens and leave the way wide open for criminals, who don't OBEY laws. And “gun crime” goes up. Then you have statistics like 15 people shot in one weekend, and a big “shootout” between the cops and one of the illegally-armed criminals, where the criminal is killed. No doubt because he just had the gun, but not the knowledge on how to properly use it. Illegal gun owners seldom take “gun safety” classes. In a city with such gun laws, you wouldn't expect to get shot immediately when questioning a suspected drug dealer—right? WRONG!

Three cops did just that, and shot the crook to death. One more criminal gun (and criminal) off the street—unless some crooked cop sells it out of his trunk in a back alley somewhere to another criminal. This is yet another demonstration of the fact that the kind of “gun laws” now being made not only do NOTHING to “stop gun violence,” they actually INCREASE it by DISARMING honest, law-abiding people. Chicago is the anti-gun fool's “showcase city,” they think. Actually, it is OURS. The people trying to pound some sense into the heads of anti-gun fools. A city with some of the tightest gun laws in the country, coupled with the highest murder rates in that country. (Mail News)

Monday, March 14, 2016

Cutting Gun Violence 90%

Anti-gun fools say the passage of just THREE LAWS would reduce gun violence by 90%. The “Lancet" claims that. The laws they refer to all involve “lists.” Lists of gun owners, gun buyers, ammunition buyers, etc. As usual, they're completely WRONG. We've had such laws in many places for years and they've FAILED to reduce gun violence. In fact, they've INCREASED it, by keeping guns out of the hands of law-abiding people, and leaving the field wide open to ILLEGAL gun-wielding criminals. It's the same old, tired BS they've been peddling for decades. Another thing that doesn't work is “gun-free zones.” Schools are “gun-free zones” all over the country, and where do the mass shooters go? SCHOOLS! Because they KNOW that's where they won't find guns in the hands of honest people they can't identify on sight and “take out” first. They SEEK OUT “gun-free zones” in which to kill as many people as they can. It's an OPEN INVITATION to mass shooters to “come on in and kill us!” (Immortal News)

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Questions for Obama

Barack, I'm sure you can understand that making laws against gun ownership will do NOTHING to “stop gun violence.” why then, do you insist on making them? Is it your way of making people think you're “doing something” when you're not? You KNOW how easy it is for criminals, crazies and Islamic terrorists to get their guns ILLEGALLY in some back alley somewhere but the laws against that are the ones that are “weak.” Why is it at the same time you are taking away our right to have and carry the means to self-defense, you're importing by the hundreds, of thousands, Muslim terrorists? And don't even TRY to tell me they're NOT terrorists! To believe that is STUPIDITY. You're even paying their way here.

I'm an old man. If I'm confronted my a terrorist with a gun, I'm dead. I have NO DEFENSE without a gun in my hand, and I'm not going to “bend over and get screwed.” The same applies to being robbed by somebody who is carrying the predictably ILLEGAL gun. And “old folks” like me are their primary targets, because they figure we're “easy targets.” And they're right, as long as people like you keep us disarmed. You, and people like you say if you let us have guns (as if you have the right to deny us), we'll start shooting each other over trifles. Nothing could be more IGNORANT. The truth is, the whole campaign against gun ownership by law-abiding people is ignorant. At least the way you people run it. (Just common sense)

Again...And Again

Anti-gun fools keep telling us that law-abiding people owning guns will not make any difference when illegal gun-toting criminals come to call. And daily occurrences prove them wrong. Again. And again. In this case, a woman opened her door and started out to walk her dog, the criminal punched her in the face, knocking her back into her house. What the dog did, I don't know. Whatever, she can be forgiven for not “cleaning up” after him. She ran to where she kept her gun and the “bad guy” found himself facing an angry woman with a gun in her hand. He then did what any good coward would do. He “set sail for the tall and uncut,” not to be seen again (yet). As usual, we don't know what he had in mind for this woman, but suffice it to say he didn't get to do it. Honest people with guns win again! (Bearing Arms)

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Banning Guns Doesn't Work

You'd think the anti-gun fools would get the idea that making laws banning gun ownership for known felons does NOT work. But intelligence isn't in their ballpark. They're dead set on passing their USELESS “gun laws,” even though they don't do ANYTHING to keep guns out of hands of the the criminals, who just go find an illegal gun seller to get them. Gun buyback programs don't do anything, either. So they insist on wasting money doing it. Now they're trying to do a NATIONWIDE gun buyback program. They think honest, law-abiding people will “go nuts” and start shooting at the drop of a hat if they're allowed to have guns, which is ignorance, personified. Liberals are convinced that disarming yourself is the way to self defense. That's not ignorance, that's STUPIDITY! (WIN 98.5)

They're Lying Again

The anti-gun fools keep telling us that arming Americans will not help a bit when armed criminals come to rob and kill us, Meanwhile, every day there are numerous occurrences where armed individuals DO stop criminals. In this case, a burglar (or maybe a potential murderer) made noise outside the house to draw attention and, when occupants (most of them) went out to see what was happening, sneaked into the house and found himself looking down the barrel of a shotgun. There's no telling what would have happened without that shotgun in the hands of the homeowner. But what DID happen is that they held him for the cops. He's now in jail on a $75,000.00 bond, and the occupants of the house are unharmed. (WWMT News)

Friday, March 11, 2016

Sorry About Yesterday

My cable AND Internet was out most of the day and I could not get any work done. This one wasn't my fault. I was “rarin' to go,” but couldn't.

The "Real Solution?"

People like to say different things are “the solution” to gun violence. But most of them don't work. Here's one that DOES work, every time. In one case, a woman had a restraining order against a man, but it didn't work. He attacked her, anyway. So she shot him to death. That worked. Statistics show that criminals stop committing crimes after their intended victims shoot them to death. The message here is unmistakable. Gun registration doesn't stop killers. It only MAY help catch him AFTER he has killed. That doesn't help the guy or gal he killed much. Gun free zones are only an “engraved invitation” to killers who would rather kill people without being killed immediately, themselves. Making LAWS that keep guns out of the hands (maybe) of known criminals don't even slow them down. They all know exactly where they can get an ILLEGAL gun. And disarming ourselves is the stupidest idea there is, when it comes to protecting ourselves that would only work if the “bad guys” disarmed themselves, too. But that ain't agonna happen. Count on it. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Blame the Guns (Of Course)

Former NYC Mayor Bloomberg is predictably “blaming the guns” for the fact that black shooters account for more victims than whites. Now he's saying blacks should not have guns, period. Like he can keep ANYBODY from getting guns if they want to shoot somebody. They talk about black killings being 16.1 per 100,000 people versus 4.27 per 100,000 for whites. What they don't mention is how few of the guns used were LEGAL. To admit that most of them were illegally owned and carried would destroy their false narrative that making laws will stop gun violence. And many blacks agree, as do :progressives” (Or whatever else liberals call themselves to fool us.). Intelligent people know it is NOT the guns, but the people USING the guns that are at fault. But don't try to tell the anti-gun fools that. There is a reason they're called, “fools.” And he has revealed himself as a real racist in the bargain. (Ammoland)

They're Lying Again

The anti-gun fools keep telling us that arming Americans will not help a bit when armed criminals come to rob and kill us, Meanwhile, every day there are numerous occurrences where armed individuals DO stop criminals. So many, I'm getting tired of reading about them and writing about them. In this case, a burglar (or maybe a potential murderer) made noise outside the house to draw attention and, when occupants (most of them) went out to see what was happening, sneaked into the house and found himself looking down the barrel of a shotgun. There's no telling what would have happened without that shotgun in the hands of the homeowner. But what DID happen is that they held him for the cops. He's now in jail on a $75,000.00 bond, and the occupants of the house are unharmed. (WWMT News)

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Overriding the Veto

In W. Virginia, “permitless carry” has become law. This law was vetoed twice by the same governor. But this time, it didn't “take.” The legislature overrode the veto and soon everybody will be able to carry a gun, concealed or otherwise, without the necessity of getting a permit. It's the only right thing to do, since the Constitution prohibits ANY law interfering with the American people being armed. It has caused the liberals' heads to explode. But who cares what liberals think? They managed to get around that for years. But America is waking up to that and going “over their heads.” Yes, that law does allow criminals to buy guns legally. But all that will do is make for less business for ILLEGAL gun sellers. They never have trouble getting guns, anyway, and nothing will change there. This law is NOT the “disaster” the anti-gun fools will paint it. (Breitbart)

More MFG. Overseas

Hillary wants to make a law making it possible to SUE gun makers every time one of their guns injures or kills somebody. That will mean the END of the LEGAL gun business in America, and the only guns available in the world will be made in foreign countries. Which is a BOON for overseas gun makers, who won't be liable under their new laws. Illicit gun importers will profit handsomely, too. If Hillary thinks that will reduce “gun violence,” she needs to have her brain removed (IF she indeed has one) and tinkered with so she can recognize reality. Even if she manages to destroy the American gun industry, what makes her think gunsmiths everywhere can't make and sell guns on the QT? You can't sue a gun-maker if you can't find him, just like with drugs. Americans have a way of “getting around” restrictive laws they don't like, even if this action doesn't cause another American revolution. I smell a revolution coming. (Breitbart)

Monday, March 7, 2016

The "Gun Lobby Myth"

The NRA is not a “gun lobby,” although it does have a lobbying section. It is a “member-driven” and supported organization that teaches gun safety and trains people in that. It also educates people in the TRUTH that the “anti-gun fools” do not have that knowledge. They lie on a regular basis and the NRA corrects the lies. They are an organization that protects the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which says categorically, “The right of the people to bear arms shall NOT be infringed.” How much more plain can you be? The anti-gun fools DAILY work HARD to “infringe” on that right. Thanks to the NRA, they have not been successful in their efforts, and they HATE that, lying again in their attempts to discredit the NRA. The anti-gun fools still think the way to self-defense is to DISARM ourselves—which would leave the way clear for the ILLEGALLY armed criminals to kill us at will. We are seeing an influx of extremist Muslims into this country, supported, and PAID FOR by their subversive lackey, Barack Obama, and we'd BETTER be ready to defend ourselves against their attempts to KILL us for not believing in their phony “religion.” (Daily Caller)

Gun Buy Backs

That's another myth that does NOTHING to limit the number of guns on the street. It's a “feel good, I did something” dog and pony show. They have these highly touted “gun buy-back programs” where people (usually armed criminals) bring in their old, useless guns, and sell them, getting money to buy newer, better guns to use in killing the UNARMED law-abiding people. Meanwhile, the “authorities” they sell them to often later have a “gun sale” where the guns end up back on the market, to be bought by other criminals. Sometimes COPS “appropriate” some, using them as “throwaways” to drop next to a dead body they mistakenly shot to make it look like he was armed when they shot him. Otherwise, the cops' security is so bad, many of them get stolen and wind up back “on the street,” that way. I wish this wasn't second in the linked article, but just scroll down. (Daily Caller)

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Obama: Best Gun Salesman

He has been responsible for more gun sales than ANYBODY. Every time he makes a speech about “gun control,” gun sales increase. He's well known to be the best gun salesmen EVER.. I'm sure that's an “honor” he wishes he didn't have. Maybe he'll one day wake up and realize that every move he makes to limit gun ownership in the United States sells more guns. Probably not. America's will is decidedly AGAINST limiting gun ownership in America. But he'll never “tumble” to that. He lacks the intelligence, as do the other anti-gun fools. Hamid Peseshk, a long-time gun dealer, in spite of more restrictive gun regulations now in place, is selling more guns than ever. And he gives Obama and his anti-gun cronies the credit for it. He says—and he's right--”It's not the job of law enforcement to protect us. That's an impossible job, since they can't be everywhere, at once.” All they can do is “clean up the scene,” get rid of the body, and document it, MAYBE catching the criminal, later. That does NOT “protect us.” cops will be the first to say this. (Arkansas Matters)

Fewer Guns, More Stabbings

Proving my prediction, the tighter gun law are, the more lawbreakers will use OTHER weapons to kill or intimidate people. And New York Mayor DiBlasio has confirmed that. If there were no guns, at all, people who want to hurt other people will use the next best thing. In this case, a knife. Criminals WILL do their “dirty work,” no matter what they must use to do it. Back in Medieval times, there were guns. But they were few, and far between, because of the difficulty in using them. So everybody carried knives or swords. And sword fights became an almost daily occurrence. You can't stop people who want to hurt others by taking away their weapons. If they want to kill you, they'll find a way, if they have to use their bare hands. (Fox 5)

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Doctors Snooping?

They made a law letting (letting?) doctors question their patients about gun ownership, and then tell the feds, and anybody else that wanted to know about it. But that law was judged to be unconstitutional by one court, then upheld by another. In a surprising move, a three-judge panel of the 11th Circuit Court decided to hear the case. Frankly, it's not surprising to INTELLIGENT people. Doctors have NO BUSINESS injecting themselves into the “gun fray,” and especially not in breaching doctor/patient confidentiality in giving that information to others, no matter what silly laws liberals have passed. Frankly, if my doctor asked me about gun ownership, I'd answer him, all right. I'd tell him it was none of his damned business and if he threatened to stop seeing me, I'd find another doctor. Immediately. But I don't think that would happen. I know my doctor, and he would not be taken in by that foolishness. (Gun Watch)

Oh, Damn!

Now they're questioning the meaning of the words, “bear arms” in the Second Amendment. One of the methods they use in their attempts to discredit the Second Amendment is to twist the very meaning of the words used. Now they're working on the words, “bearing arms,” saying that is a “military term” and doesn't apply to civilians. They try to ignore the fact that the Founders considered ALL CITIZENS to be a “militia” and subject to call up in the event of trouble, so a military term DID apply to them. But that's something the anti-gun fools don't understand—or PRETENDED  not to understand.. Even if so, it doesn't change anything. And it is NOT so, in any case. The term was NOT used to refer specifically, and ONLY to a military. (Tenth Amendment Center)

Friday, March 4, 2016

They Lied Again

Akiel Denkins was shot and killed by a Raleigh, NC police officer. Witnesses say he was shot SEVEN TIMES while running away. But forensics tell another story. Yes, he WAS “running away, but turned and tried to kill one of the cops chasing him but couldn't figure out how to disengage the safety on his stolen gun. He was shot in turn, fatally. Just like in Ferguson, MO, the “witnesses,” most of them his friends or cohorts, LIED to incriminate the cop, and, again like in Ferguson, were “found out” as they tried to incriminate a good cop who was doing his duty. They even got the number of shots wrong. This is all part of a spontaneous drive to make cops slower to fire their weapons at felons who are trying to kill them, while the “Black Lives Matter” crowd incites more and more criminals to sneak up and kill ANYBODY wearing a police uniform and a badge. But it's backfiring. It's making the cops more and more nervous and alert, and QUICKER to shoot, knowing they all have targets on their backs. The criminals, like this one, who died because he didn't know how to operate his gun, will die in the attempt to kill highly-trained cops, who DO. (Bearing Arms)

They Say It Doesn't Happen

Anti-gun fools commonly say “concealed carriers” can do nothing to stop crimes, and are more likely to shoot themselves than a “bad guy.” This lack of respect for the ability of law-abiding people to handle their guns is rife among them. But it DOES happen, and it happens all the time. In this case, a bunch of young thugs (most likely gang members) tried to carjack a woman's car at gunpoint. The 13-year-old “point man” (who is lucky to be alive) was shot and injured by the man in the car, who was legally armed. He learned, not only that his crimes might not be as easy as he thought, but his friends would not help him as he lay bleeding in the street. They “lit out for the tall timber.” Who knows what these young punks had planned for this woman, but thankfully, it didn't happen, thanks to “a good guy with a gun.” Something anti-gun fools say never happens. (Bearing Arms)

Thursday, March 3, 2016

W. Virginia Angers Anti-Gunners

The legislature passed (again) a measure to stop requiring adults to have a “carry permit” in order to carry a gun. It passed a similar bill before and it was vetoed by the governor. The same governor has to sign this one into law. Will he (or she, as it were)? It is predicted that this will NOT cause the “doomsday scenarios” claimed by the opposition, and crime (violent) will predictably go down, as it has elsewhere where getting guns is made easier for the honest people. Criminals will still find it easy to get their guns illegally. But the anti-gun fools don't realize that. It's not part of their “religion.” They'll fight this all the way to their graves, which will no doubt be caused by gunshots. We sincerely hope other states have the intelligence to do the same, but we're not holding our breath. Turning blue doesn't appeal to us. (Captain'sJournal)

Suing Gun Makers

That's what the anti-gun fools want to be able to do: sue the gun makers for every crime committed by a criminal with an ILLEGALLY-obtained gun. Boy, what a “slippery slope” THAT would create! If that ever gets into law, people will start suing CAR makers every time somebody is injured or killed in a car accident. And the owners of other products will “have a field day” suing manufacturers when THEY misuse their products and get hurt. People who get drunk and kill somebody with their cars will sue the liquor makers AND the car makers. As usual, liberals never think their ignorant measures through and never see the possible ramifications of them. They just go about making laws, “willy-nilly,” without regard for the long-range effect they will have. (Gun Watch)

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

"Gun Control Controversy Over"

That's what liberal writer Dan Hodges thinks. He recently wrote: “Sandy Hook marked the end of the U.S. gun control debate. Once America decided killing children was bearable, it was over.” That'll surprise the hell out of Mike Bloomberg and the other anti-gun fools. What abortion has to do with shooting children like “fish in a barrel” in their school, I don't know. But the “gun control controversy is NOT “over, and as long as there is a SINGLE person who wants to defend himself, and another that doesn't want that, it never will be. As long as the people making the laws are so ignorant they think the way to self-defense is to DISARM yourselves, it never will be. If those fools were ever to make a law that really WOULD do something about controlling the illicit use of guns, I'd be right with them. But the laws they inevitably make serve only to make it worse, by DISARMING honest, law-abiding people while doing NOTHING to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, who don't OBEY laws. (Joe Huffman)

A Reason for More Gun Laws?

The recent shootings in Kansas are NOT a reason to talk gun control for a couple of reasons. One, it was NOT a “mass shooting,” because four people did not die. Only 3 did. Second, the shooter was BLACK, and everybody knows ALL mass shooters are white, right? Or at least that's what liberals say. Obama will stomp around the Oval Office and whine and gripe for days because he can't use this one as an excuse to bray about his USELESS “anti-gun laws” that don't work, anyway. Why? For the reasons mentioned above, PLUS the fact that this shooter was a FELON, and it was against the law for him to have a gun, anyway. But that didn't make any difference. He still had one, despite the law. Of course, that points up my contention that his “gun laws” won't stop somebody who wants to kill a bunch of people because the laws he intends to break are WORSE than those for just having a gun. But they keep on making them, in spite of the fact that they do nothing to limit gun violence, and really only INCREASE it. (Tea Party Politics)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Stupid "Gun -Free Zones"

Business owners who post signs making their businesses “gun-free zones” are telling people several things. They're telling “concealed carriers” they don't want their business. Take their money elsewhere. They're telling ALL their customers that theirs is a “more dangerous” place to be, because their sign is telling people who want to come in and shoot up the place there will most likely be no guns there to oppose them. So “come on in an shoot us up.” Gun-free zones have PROVEN to be more dangerous than other places, so people should stay away if they want to stay alive. People who want to bring their guns and kill people are much more likely to seek out a “gun-free zone” in which to do their “dirty work.” Known mass shooters have SAID they “seek out” such places because they want to be able to kill more people while the cops are “on the way.” But fools who believe in “gun free zones” are oblivious to facts. They want to think they're “doing something” about “gun violence.” One hopes they do not DIE from their ignorance. (Eagle Rising)

"Screw the Second Amendment"

Democrats apparently don't think the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution means a thing. Both Democrat presidential candidates say “We need to BAN all guns not for sports use or hunting.” As if the Constitution didn't exist. Which is one more reason NOT to vote for either of them, in ANY case. Obama thinks he can get away with ignoring the Constitution, and so do they. King George tried to take away the guns from the American colonists, and “ran into a buzz-saw” that began the crumbling of the British Empire. Democrats will do likewise for the Democrats if they persist in their efforts to disarm the American people. I smell a revolution coming. How about you? The Constitution is very specific in it's words when it said, “The RIGHT of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.” Liberal efforts to confuse the issue with their phony insistence that the Founders meant only members of an “organized militias” could be armed aside. Such a body DID NOT EXIST when then constitution was written. They considered ALL THE PEOPLE a militia that could be called to serve in an emergency and wanted them to bring their own guns. Better give it up, liberals. You're screwing yourselves. (The Weapon Blog)