Friday, August 21, 2015

Chief Blurts Out Truth

DC Chief of Police Cathy Lanier blurted out the truth liberals don't want us to hear. That all the tight gun laws have done NOTHING to reduce the amount of guns available to criminals in DC. Actually, since those laws went into effect, there has been a 30% INCREASE in murders. She admitted, in a press conference, that DC had seen “a huge influx in guns and high-capacity magazines,” something which I, and other INTELLIGENT people predicted. If that trend continues, DC will have a SIX-YEAR HIGH for the city. Lanier doesn't understand why homicides are so plentiful, even though she notes, that at least TEN new homicides were committed by people who had been previously held on murder charges. It doesn't dawn on her that RELEASING murders could lead to MORE murders. It is incompetent people like Lanier, who seems to be CLUELESS, that leads to high murder rates. The answer is the DEATH penalty, sooner, rather than later. After you EXECUTE murderers, they cannot murder again. (Freedom Outpost)

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