Sunday, July 31, 2016

How About "Gunphobia?"

There are several organizations who want to stifle dissent to their plans who have come up with phony names for their critics. A couple of note are “Homophobia,” and “Islamaphobia.” It is their hope to paint their critics as somehow “mentally deficient” if they criticize them. I expect a new one to be created soon: “transgenderphobia,” to describe people who object to men in women's restrooms and changing rooms. Okay, so why can't the people who want to defend themselves against ILLEGAL gun owners, all of whom are thugs and criminals (not the legal gun owners), have one of our own. Only this one is REAL. Anti-gun fools ARE “mentally deficient.” The only problem is that they have “wormed their way” into positions where they can make laws and rules to back up their mental aberration. The laws they make seem only to affect LEGAL gun owners, who are NOT the problem, and ignore entirely the millions of ILLEGAL gun owners, who are really the problem. Gun registries only register legal guns. (iPatriot)

How Stupid Is "They?"

This schoolteacher was born a woman. But now she “identifies” as a man. So she wishes to be referred to as “they.” What kind of stupidity is this? Other teachers refused to accept her stupidity, so she sued. And a damned fool judge “awarded” her $60K. Upon further reading, she didn't even need to sue. The school district simply awarded her the $60K for the “:harassment” she “suffered” in not being called what she wanted. We're really going too far into national stupidity in these cases. Who the hell CARES what such a fool wants? It enrages me that such a fool is not FIRED. She is still allowed to teach, and influence our children at a very impressionable age. There HAVE to be standards, and there are apparently NOT, if this jerk can be given so much of OUR MONEY because wiser teachers will not participate in her stupidity. The fools are coming out of the woodwork, and making themselves known. If we make an example of a few, maybe the others won't be so damned cocky as to DEMAND others participate in their stupidity, or get a “big payday.” Yes, I know, this is not precisely about guns. But it does show how stupid people can be, and that can extend to the idea that all we have to do is make a law and criminals, who don't OBEY laws, will somehow obey the anti-gun laws. (Guns 'n' Freedom)

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Get Ready for WAR!

We're in a war, even if Obama still refuses to acknowledge it. BECAUSE Obama refuses to acknowledge it. He's playing right into the hands of the enemy, whether he realizes it, or not. And I think he DOES. I think denying the danger is part of his plan to “take over,” not as president, but as DICTATOR. The “anti-cop” campaign is part of his war. And criminals happily cooperate because that means they get to kill as many cops as they can. The number of shootings, mass and otherwise, have increased so much that they are now a DAILY occurrence. And the answer is NOT to disarm Americans. Quite the opposite, in fact.

We need to arm as many law-abiding Americans as we can, as quickly as we can. But that will never happen as long as Obama is allowed to influence the “useful idiots” who are anti-gun fools. He does everything he can to disarm us, while at the same time, importing Islamic terrorists, by the hundreds of thousands while ridiculing those who see through his scheme and want to stop it. And he is releasing as many violent FELONS as he can, too. He stirs up the already resident criminals to kill cops, making cops “nervous,” knowing they now have targets on their backs (or chests, as it were). What that does is CREATE the very situation they SAY they hate, “itchy finger cops” who shoot first, and ask questions later—if anybody's left alive. If we don't arm ourselves and get READY for war, we're going to lose it, and end up living under the “iron heel” of despotism. (Just common sense)

Columbine Survivor Pushes Guns

Patrick Neville was a student at Columbine High School in 1999 when two damned fool students came in and shot the place up, killing 13 before they killed themselves. He survived that massacre and is now a lawmaker in Colorado. And he doesn't agree with the anti-gun fools who think that event is a good reason to DISARM all Americans. He is now sponsoring a bill that, if passed, anti-gun fools will hate, because it will allow authorized individuals to carry their guns into schools, so they can defend themselves and our children if “Columbine” happens again. If Columbine's principal had had a gun when he peeked around a corner and saw one of the shooters shooting into a roomful of students, he could have “put a couple” into his head, and many lives might have been saved. “The only thing that is going to stop murderers intent on doing harm is to give good people the legal authority to carry a gun to protect themselves and our children,”Neville said in a statement, according to The Hill. Neville is apparently the only intelligent individual in the Colorado legislature, and, because he lived through the worst possible day in the world, he needs to be listened to. But I predict that he will not be. There are too many fools in our legislature. (Guns 'n' Freedom)

Friday, July 29, 2016

Cop Killings Up 76%!

And ambush killings are up 300%! And the criminals are still whining about their kind being killed by cops. Most of the killings they point out, the thugs had guns and were trying their best to kill the cops. But they don't tell you that. Even the ones that were “unarmed” were a distinct danger to the cops. Example, Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. Michael Brown was a GIANT, and was trying his best to take that cop's gun and kill him when he was killed for his trouble. But then the other thugs started that “hands up, don't shoot!” crap, and the rest of the criminals all over the country “bought it,” and spread it liberally. The “Black Lives Matter” crowd spread it as far and wide as they could, and still are. They react violently when anybody suggests that ALL Lives Matter.” All they're interested in are “black lives.” Meanwhile, black men ambush and kill cops. Some of them while they do such mundane things like fueling up their cars. (UPI)

Abolish The Second Amendment!

That's what liberals want. They say it's “outdated and should be abolished, and hope we'll never need it.” What they don't know is it's NOT “outdated,” and we DO “need it,” right now, to keep our idiot politicians from taking away our right to be armed in order to defend ourselves from individual criminals, mass shooters, cop-killing blacks, and Islamic terrorists, that Obama insists on importing by the hundreds of thousands. The anti-gun fools are notoriously short-sighted, and think the way to self defense is to DISARM ourselves. That same philosophy was apparent in the move to get rid of nuclear arms during the cold war. Meanwhile, the “mutual destruction” concept backed by our nuclear arms superiority WON the cold war. Just the other day, a thug had a cop down and was trying hard to kill him, when a legally-armed citizen put a stop to it, something anti-gun fools assure you doesn't happen. (Andover Townsman)

Thursday, July 28, 2016

You'd Think They'd Learn

New concealed carry permits have reached an all-time high, while Obama and the other anti-gun fools are still working HARD to take our gun rights away. You'd think that would tell them something: that the majority of Americans will NEVER willingly give up their right to be armed for self-defense. Against the GOVERNMENT, if it comes to that. Gun sales are at all-time highs, too. But nothing gets through the thick skulls of the anti-gun fools—except a bullet in the head of Gabby Giffords, scrambling her brains, and convincing her she can eliminate all guns from the world. She can't, but she'll never learn that. Yes, she got shot by a gun. But it was held by a misguided fool. He shouldn't have even been free, as crazy as he was. But that's not her target. Her target is that “inanimate object” that can't hurt ANYBODY until picked up by a human being. (Washington Times)

The Big Gun Lie

“Gun violence.” There is no such thing as “gun violence, “anti-gun fools aside. There IS “criminal violence,” and “crazy man violence,” and “Islamic terrorist violence.” Sometimes guns are used (mostly gotten illegally), sometimes not. If the violence is done with a knife, do they call it “knife violence” and want to ban all knives? Not even. They just ignore it in favor of the next shooting. They whine about the high level of “gun violence” in Chicago, but never mention that Chicago has some of the tightest gun laws in the nation. So tight, in fact, some of them have been DECLARED unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Not only that, they don't mention that MOST of the “criminal violence” is done by GANG members, in “turf wars.” And NONE of their guns are gotten legally, so no amount of law-making is going to stop them from getting them. If they'd start concentrating on the HOLDER of the gun, and take steps to change what they do, putting them in prison longer for gun use in committing a crime, I might be standing right beside them. But, since I don't want to get shot, I'll stay away from them. (America's First Freedom)

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Get Over Herself

Pop Singer Kesha (whom I never heard of until I read this) says, “We'll decide who gets f-cking guns!” Get over yourself, Kesha. You, or your liberal friends, don't get to make ANY such decisions! The Constitution took that decision away from you, and other anti-gun fools long ago. What makes liberals think they get to say who can own guns generally is beyond me. I guess they're just deluded. They still think the Constitution is “outdated.” In that, they ARE deluded. Actually, they want to get rid of the Constitution, altogether. But they can't do that without a bloody revolution, during which they will be the first to die. I get really tired of fools like Kesha thinking they can “rule the roost” in spite of the “Founding /document” that DICTATES what ALL our laws can be. Americans voted that document in, and there's nothing she can legally do about it, no matter how big and ugly her mouth is. (Breitbart)

Only 6 Turned Out

Maybe Gabby Giffords will get the idea that Americans generally are AGAINST her idea of “gun control” if she holds any more anti-gun rallies and nobody shows up Even her own members to her anti-gun organization couldn't bestir themselves to show up at her latest. Only 6 did. Of course, Gabby isn't really very intelligent. I don't know if that dates from the day she got her brains scrambled by a bullet, or if it predates that. But she just can't get it through her thick skull that nobody's interested. That gun that fired the bullet that almost killed her couldn't hurt anybody without the MAN holding the gun. If the laws she sponsors did anything about the MAN, I might l;ine up right beside her. But she still believes we can completely eliminate guns—which intelligent people know is impossible—but she doesn't. (Temple Update)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Florida Nightclub Shot Up

What is it about nightclubs in Florida? There has been yet another mass shooting in a Florida nightclub. This time, in Ft. Myers. This time, the fool shooter only managed to kill two people. But 15 were injured. Now check this: it was “teen night” at this club, guaranteeing some teenagers would be hurt. Sick, right? Well. anybody who would shoot into a crowd of people is sick. The hospital says the victims ranged in age from 12 to 27. Now that is really sick! Some say, 12 to 17! This kind of thing is getting very tiresome, in that it has become “routine.” So routine, in fact, that this shooting didn't even get “all day coverage” on Fox News like Orlando did. Cops say they have detained two “suspects.” If shown to be guilty, they should revive the firing squads for such crimes, with orders to the shooters to aim for the stomach, so the perp will be “gut-shot” and will die a long, and painful death. They deserve it. Look for the anti-gun fools to jump right on this to get some more USELESS “gun laws” passed. (Daily Caller)

Deluded Liberals

The Huffington Post has come out with an article saying that. “Open and concealed carry increase gun violence.” And they're right, to a degree, but not the way they think they are. As more and more honest, law-abiding citizens get guns to use in self-defense against all the ILLEGAL guns out there in the hands of criminals, who obey no laws, Gun violence will rise, for a time, while they “kill off” the criminals why try to victimize them. Then the “gun violence” will “drop like a stone,” since most of the troublemakers will be dead. Fools like those running the Huffington Post just don't understand that it is NOT the HONEST folks carrying guns that are the troublemakers. It is the CRIMINALS, who obey NO laws. Honest people owning guns aren't likely to be victimizing other honest people, while unlicensed CRIMINALS are. (Huffington Post)

Monday, July 25, 2016

Let's Do It again

One of the most popular articles I wrote a few years ago covered the idea of making effective weapons of ANYTHING close at hand. This 86-year-old woman, when accosted by a younger woman in a grocery store, who obviously knew she had just taken her pension check out of the bank, grabbed the nearest....uh, pack of BACON and started hitting her with it. She kept hitting her until she wisely “ran for the hills” and was not seen, nor heard from, again. This is an excellent example of my contention that, in the absence of legally-owned guns for people like this woman, you can use ANYTHING that has enough weight, to defend yourself in most attacks. If the robber has a gun, all bets are off, unless you have some skill in disarming an attacker. But guns aren't always used, and if he has anything else, grab the nearest heavy ash tray and brain him with it Or a heavy lamp. Or a book. You can obtain some half-inch ball bearings in a sporting goods store and throw them like rocks. Come to think of it, there are many ROCKS usually close by you can pick up and hold in reserve. You can KILL with a rock if you throw it hard enough, and have good aim. Practice with a head-sized target.. If you're in a grocery store and are carrying a plastic bag full of groceries, hit him with THAT. and keep hitting him until he runs away or is unconscious. You can use a ball-point (or any other kind) pen to put out his eye. If he's trying to rob you, he's got it coming. Look around you. There are probably MANY good weapons within reach, right now, if you just LOOK at them properly. (Liftable)

MOMS Blames Pence

Moms Demands gun confiscation (or some such) blames Mike Pence., She calls Indiana a “feeder state” for gun sales and imports into Chicago, as if they didn't have enough illegal guns already there to kill a lot of people with all their stupid gun laws. It's as if they couldn't get their guns from other sources. Mike can't control the flow of ILLEGAL gun sales any more than Illinois can. The difference is, he ADMITS it. Chicago and Illinois doesn't. They don't even LOOK for ways to stem the flow of ILLEGAL guns. They just want to disarm honest, law-abiding people and SAY they're “doing something about gun violence.” But they actually have NO IDEA how to “end gun violence,” but they won't admit that. They just spend people's money and make USELESS laws and CLAIM they're “doing something.” Gun-haters are FOOLS, and use ANYTHING to promote their “flights of fancy” that kill honest people by keeping them disarmed against the ILLEGAL guns in the hands of criminals and crazies. And now the Islamic terrorists Obama insists of importing by the hundreds of thousands.(Gun-Free Zone)

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Gun-Hating Politicians

Why do we keep getting them? Why ARE they gun-haters? Why are so many politicians (mostly Democrats) afraid of ordinary citizens, who OBEY their laws, having the right (that is guaranteed them by the Constitution) to carry a gun to defend themselves against the CRIMINALS who get their guns ILLEGALLY and do all the “gun violence? Why do those politicians hate gun ownership for the “common man” so much? Honest, law-abiding gun owners do not, as a rule, commit crimes with their guns. What makes them think they can violate the Constitution and get away with it? They go out and make unconstitutional laws against guns they KNOW are unconstitutional, and enforce them UNTIL somebody coughs up enough money to get their evil laws into the Supreme Court, to be reversed, after much damage has already been done. Are they AFRAID of us? Somebody once said, “when the government fears US, we have freedom,” or some such. It seems so, to me. We need to stop electing candidates with an anti-gun history, completely, no matter how much we might approve of their other actions. (Just common sense)

Pandering to Gun-Haters

I don't know how many times Hillary has shown her gun-hating tendencies, but if you need one more reason to vote AGAINST her in the next election so she will NEVER become president, notice that she has asked the mother of that giant thug who tried to kill a cop in Ferguson, MO, Michael Brown and got himself killed, instead, to speak at the Democrat National Convention. That is such an obvious pander to the gun-haters, it doesn't even need to be said. I've said before that we need to stop electing politicians who show ANY tendency toward anti-gun bias, and that goes double for Hillary. If she is so against guns she asks this woman to speak at the convention, she's definitely not to be voted for, under any circumstances. That's even putting aside her tendencies toward socialism and”freebies for all,” with YOUR money. (Minuteman News)

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Just Like We Figured

The anti-gun fools predicted much gun violence at the Republican National Convention because there was “open carry” in force in Illinois. They figured people coming in with openly carried guns on their hips would be a disaster as armed people got in spats with others over such trivial things as floor space and started shooting. But, as WE predicted, there was no problem at all concerning the “open carry” people The convention went off without a hitch and those with guns were “just there.” Nobody shot anybody for being jostled in the crowds.. The anti-gun fools were wrong again. As usual. But they'll never know about it, since they're among the “snowflakes” who cower at the very thought of opposition and retreat to their “safe spaces” to avoid any possible “negative thought.” (AmmoLand)

"Guns Aren't Needed!"

That's what Doughtery County Assistant district Attorney Cortney Elam thinks. Not for shooting sports, nor for self defense. She told a crowd at the Albany “Crime Stopper's' meeting that 51% of the guns in existence are in the United States and less than 10% of guns stolen are ever recovered. That's important to her, how? Notice all her figures are based on LEGAL guns, which means they don't count the ILLEGAL guns out there. She says that “Less guns means a safer world.” Which is entirely NOT true. It completely ignores the fact that the only guns that cause trouble are in the hands of ILLEGAL gun owners, who will not be affected by gun confiscation, and are the criminals of society. Then how do we defend ourselves? How stupid is her opinion? I don't know what she bases her opinion on, but, like all anti-gun fools, she is WRONG. The ONLY real defense against all the illegal guns out there in the hands of criminals is MORE guns in the hands of honest, law-abiding people. But people like her will never hear about that. Ttheir minds are made up, so don't confuse them with facts. (Albany Herald)

Friday, July 22, 2016

Eight Times Larger

You can tell what a politician is thinking by watching what he DOES, not by listening to what he says. And Obama's actions are telling. He says he doesn't want to take away your guns, while his “gun control team” is EIGHT times larger than his “anti-terrorist” team. Which means he is more fearful of law-abiding gun owners than he is about crazy Islamic terrorists who have promised to kill us all and take over our country. And I don't think it is political myopathy. I think it is INTENTIONAL TREASON. He WANTS the Islamic terrorists to win, and set up their “caliphate,” possibly with HIM as the caliph (thus again showing his ignorance). Why the people around him don't see that is a mystery. Maybe they're blinded by political myopathy, I don't know. In any case, they are setting us up to be killed by making us DEFENSELESS against the Islamic terrorists, while REFUSING to effectively fight them. (Truth and Action)

Proof Again I'm Right

That gun laws, as we know them today, don't work. The gun laws in Germany are very tight. Much tighter than any in the United States, making it SO easy for criminals and would-be mass killers to get their guns ILLEGALLY. It's a known fact that the tighter the gun laws, the easier it is to get guns ILLEGALLY. As this is written, the killer is still “on the loose” and able to continue killing innocent people. They think they have him “cornered,” but there's no confirmation of that. All of Germany is a “gun-free zone,” making Germany a Mecca for illegal gun-wielding fools. There is no word YET whether this is related to Islamic terrorism, but I'll go out on a limb here, and say, “Who else” hates people enough to do a mass shooting, today​?” I think we're going to learn that this IS Islamic terrorism connected. If I can accurately predict this, why can't those, “Oh, so smart politicians? If I'm wrong, I'll tell you, myself. (CNN)

Thursday, July 21, 2016

"Rebranding" Gun Control

Gabby Giffords and her husband, the loudest anti-gun fools in the country (outside of Sen. Feinstein and “MOMS”), are dissatisfied with the “gun control” effort. So they're going to rename it. They call that “rebranding” it. This is what politicians do when they find their plans being stiffly opposed. They just rename it so for a time, they can “travel under our radar.” They're frustrated that so many “gun control measures” have been defeated handily in the Congress. They just don't understand WHY there is such stiff opposition. That a MAJORITY of the citizens of this country VALUE their right to be armed for self-defense, and they will not give up that constitutional right easily. Barack Obama, their best-known “partner” in their efforts to take away our right to self-defense has SAID that he is “disappointed that America has so often rejected his gun control efforts.” He too, just can't seem to understand that his efforts to take away our guns is “not who we are.” And we will “go down to the wire” to defeat all efforts. (Politico)

Trucks And Pressure Cookers

Do we need to ban these important, and useful tools? If we follow the faulty reasoning of the anti-gun fools, we do. Whenever some fool kills somebody with an ILLEGAL gun, they immediately want to ban LEGAL guns. They can't be talking about banning ILLEGAL guns, because criminals don't obey laws. More people are killed with KNIVES than anything else. Should we ban all knives? No. That is a useful tool, too. Nor should we ban trucks or pressure cookers, because of the MISUSE of a few by fools. It's not the gun's fault, nor is it the fault of a pressure cooker that a couple of damned fools bombed some innocent people in Boston. Nor is it the fault of trucks because one was used to kill innocent people. If these people would get off their dead butts and THINK a little, they could figure this out for themselves. But they're not into thinking. They just look at something that might appeal to other fools and do it, thinking that they're “doing something” to stop gun violence, when they're not. All they're doing is DISARMING honest, law-abiding people and making it easier for criminals to use their ILLEGAL guns to kill them. (The News-Star)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Trump Nominated

You can retire the word, “presumptive” in referring to Donald Trump's nomination to be the Republican candidate for president in the national election. He needed 1237 votes, and he got more than 500 more! He got more than 1,600 votes! A LOT more than he needed. In other words, he beat them “handily,” as usual. This guy the “wise men” told us would never make it through the primaries not only DID it, he did it “in style,” getting more votes than any candidate in history. They've been wrong, all along, and they'll be wrong again when he doesn't lose to Hillary in November. For once, we didn't nominate a “rabid anti-gun fool” for the top office. Which means we probably won't have as many attempts to take away our gun rights in the next four (hopefully 8) years as usual. (CNN)

Ban Umbrellas!

Two million people die in accidents involving umbrellas. Only 365K in gun incidents. Using the logic displayed by the anti-gun fools, we need to BAN UMBRELLAS! Whenever a gun is involved in violence, they immediately start screaming about “getting rid of guns,” ignoring the fact that a gun, without a HUMAN aiming and firing it, doesn't usually harm ANYBODY. Often, umbrellas don't need a human being to kill. Another killer instrument is the automobile. There are so many people killed by automobiles, it's a wonder to me they haven't banned them a long time ago. It's the same with knives. Whenever some guy who wants to kill somebody can't get a gun, he uses a knife. Why haven't they been banned? I'm aware you know this is a parody. But the anti-gun fools don't. They think I'm dumb enough to be serious. THEY are the biggest parody out there, with all their fool notions, like “no-gun zones,” “gun locks,” “safe storage of guns,” allowing concealed carry, but only with UNLOADED guns (one of the single STUPIDEST measures I've ever heard of). (Fox News

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Nobody Showed Up

They called an anti-gun demonstration and nobody showed up. Okay. I'm wrong, FOUR people showed up. A “clear majority” of people who hate guns, of course (hee, hee). It's the same with “Moms Against guns(or something like that)”. They can't seem to get nearly as many people to their demonstrations as they used to. Poor babies! Moms called for a “massive showing” and reserved a large space for all the people they expected. They even told people they'd have to register in advance for a planned showing of Katie Couric's selectively edited anti-gun “documentary” due to “lack of space.” Then ONE PERSON showed up, and that one was an “anti-Trumper.” It must be supremely frustrating for Shannon Watts, “leader” of “Moms.” That she can't get people to demonstrate for her silly ideas. The local paper (The Courier-Journal) even gave her space for free advertising, in the form of a timely op-ed, and even wrote supporting articles, themselves. It didn't work. That's what happens when you're working against the will of the people. (KAKE/CBS)

"NRA's Twisted Vision"

That's what the Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence calls the NRA drive to retain our Second Amendment rights, which they're trying HARD to take away. They call it a “twisted vision,” in hopes of diminishing it in people's eyes, which is all they've got. Actually, they're the ones with a “twisted vision.”The “laws” they get passed don't work. Instead of REDUCING “gun violence,” they INCREASE it. But they'll never admit it, because that will mean the blood of those killed is on their hands. They can't find a real way to make a law against gun ownership that will keep guns out of the hands of criminals, who don't OBEY laws (neither can I). But they keep trying, making the same old laws that don't work, thinking they're “doing something” when they're not. Maybe some day they'll wake up. But I don't think so. They've proven themselves to be not smart enough. They con people into creating “gun-free zones,” which actually operate as an “engraved invitation” to “bad guys” to “come in and shoot us,” since there probably won't be any guns there to oppose you. (Breitbart)

Monday, July 18, 2016

Go On to New Zealand

That's my advice to Justice Ginsberg, who uncharacteristically revealed her bias the other day in the New York times. First of all, she “promised” to move to New Zealand if Donald Trump was elected. Then she revealed her unalterable opposition to the Second Amendment and her intention to vote AGAINST any measure regarding it that came before the court, including the “Heller” decision. This, from one of EIGHT Justices whose word is LAW. Justices who SHOULD know what the Constitution says, and UPHOLD it. Way too many judges rule AGAINST what the Constitution says, instead of doing their jobs and upholding it. Any judge or Justice that rules demonstrably against the Constitution should be summarily removed, with prejudice. They have ONE JOB, and that is to UPHOLD the Constitution. If they don't do that, what are they worth? (Truth About Guns)

Violence Creeping Closer

Liberals just don't understand Americans wanting to be able to defend themselves against the known violence that is creeping closer. Criminals are growing more cocky and violent as the “killing cops” movement grows larger. Add to that, the fact that Obama is importing hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists who have pledged to KILL us if we don't “knuckle under” and convert to their phony “religion.” Plus he is releasing as many violent felons as he can, on specious grounds, and they KNOW that gun violence is going to increase, and they want to be ready to “ward it off.” The “Black Lives Matter” fools think ONLY black lives matter. Liberals are okay with killing innocent cops, just because they're wearing that uniform with a badge (target) on their chests. Obama hopes all this will create enough new violence that he'll get to make more laws and regulations to hamstring legal gun carriers so his minions will not meet as many guns when they come to take what's ours. And the “usefu idiots” who are “anti-gun” play right into his hands. (Alaska Dispatch News)

Sunday, July 17, 2016

The War Against Cops

It's a wonder any cop goes out on the streets wearing his obvious uniform with a convenient “target” on his chest, driving their distinctive cars that are well marked, and offer no protection from insane criminals, who think they should not exist, so they can commit their crimes unobstructed. People are mad in Baton rouge, Louisiana, because it looks like cops wrongly killed a man who SUPPOSEDLY had a gun. Which may be true, but is an isolated incident, and should not bring such a drastic response. So they went out and MURDERED 3 cops (so far), and wounded four more. Which is the SECOND such ambush of cops in ONE WEEK. Obama supports this action. His words confirm it, although he vehemently denies it in the face of sure evidence it is true. The blood of these cops is on his hands. Cops will now be “on edge,” and quick to shoot. Something their detractors claim they were doing before, but they weren't. Watch for the anti-gun fools to “make hay” with this, as they always do, assuming these fools got their guns legally. Any such event involving guns, they will use. (News 9)

Stupid Politicians

Oregon Governor Kate Brown, who was appointed, not even elected, has declared gun owners to be “terrorists.” How short-sighted and stupid is that? Never mind that the gun owners she's talking about are LEGAL gun owners, who obeyed the law, while the ones causing all the trouble are the ones ILLEGALLY owning their guns and are not affected. How do people who are so stupid manage to get into positions of power? Gun owners are not “terrorists.” TERRORISTS are terrorists, while gun owners merely defend themselves FROM terrorists and other criminals. Politicians like this governor only illustrate their stupidity by such statements. They're still blaming the GUN, rather than the gunner, but they, in their stupidity, think they are “doing something” about gun violence, while what they ARE doing is adding to it. By making it harder to LEGALLY own a gun, they're making it easier for ILLEGAL gun owners to victimize people. (OPB FM)

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Increasing Violent Crime!

Seems like Obama is doing everything he can to increase violent crime. First off, he is trying to disarm all law-abiding people. Next, he's importing Islamic terrorists by the hundreds of thousands. People who have sword to kill us because we don't conform to their idea of a religion. He's being told that's a dangerous thing to do, but he refuses to listen. On top of which, he gets rid of government employees who disagree with him. And then he sets about releasing as many felons as he can, many of them violent felons, from prison. If this doesn't scare the hell out of you, you're dreaming. And so is he, if he doesn't see the danger he's putting all Americans in by his actions. Any other president who had done the things he has done would have been long since impeached, convicted by the Senate, and removed from office. Forcibly, if necessary. Then be indicted for inciting to murder, and after conviction, sent up for a long prison term, or maybe executed. (Just common sense) 

"Truck Control"

We need new laws to keep trucks out of the hands of Islamic terrorists, and other criminals! The massacre in Nice, France, didn't involve much use of guns, except for the cops killing the truck driver who killed 84 (so far) people by “mowing them down” like wheat with a truck. So, going along with the current thinking, we need to keep trucks out of the hands of “bad guys.” It's all the truck's fault, just as all the other mass killings are the gun's fault, not the fault of the fool who used it to kill people. We need to specify places where trucks cannot go, register truck buyers so we will know who owns trucks, and a truck ignition lock beyond the usual ignition key. We need a way to delay would-be truck drivers so they can't just get in and drive over people. We need a “safe storage” law for trucks, so nobody will be able to accidentally drive one over a bunch of people. That's the same “reasoning” that's behind all the anti-gun laws now in existence, or being made. (GRA America)

Friday, July 15, 2016

Things They Never Tell You

The anti-gun fools talk about black men being “five times more likely to be shot by cops,” but what they don't mention is that cops are five times more likely to be shot by black men. They complain that many more black men are in prison than white men, but fail to mention that more black men commit crimes than do white men. They can't tell the truth and sell their crap, so they just IGNORE factors that don't advance their agenda. I get very tired of saying these things over and over again, but, for the most part, they fall on deaf ears in the anti-gun fool community. So I have to repeat them over and over to be heard by anyone. The whole idea that the way to self defense is to DISARM yourselves is absurd. But that's the imbecility they're selling. How do they sell such damned foolishness? Simple: by LYING about everything. And they lie very well. (Just common sense)

Gun-Grabbers Enraged

They had a massacre in France, and didn't use a single gun (except the cops). The killer used a truck. He drove into a crowd of people and “mowed them down” like cutting down wheat, until the cops lined up in front of his truck and filled him full of holes. The only guns used here were used to stop the massacre. 84 people (so far) died, including some children. Is it Muslim terror? The French think so, and they're probably right. Only time will tell. But the gun-grabbers won't be able to use this one to promote their agenda to disarm all law-abiding citizens. Still. I wouldn't be surprised if they do. They might object to the number of bullet holes in the windshield of that truck, complaining that the killer didn't get the benefit of arrest and trial, even though he denied it to those he “mowed down.” Oops! He DID use a gun, but it only did minimal damage. It was way down in the CBS story, but that was based on French news output. But I'm sure it will be played up mightily in other American news reports, even though the most deaths were from being run over by the truck. Obama condemned the massacre, saying it was a “horrific terrorist attack.” Still missing was the word “Islamic,” even though we know who is in the “killing business.” It's instructive that the killer's first name is Mohammed. (CBS)

Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Stupidity of Gun Control

Gun control, as politicians now practice it is a “flight of fancy.” You can't defend yourself against illegal guns by disarming yourself. If you don't believe that, just try it once. And once is all you'll get, because that illegally-armed criminal will KILL you. Anti-gun fools think that all you need to do is “make a law” against guns and it will solve the “gun problem.” It won't. Wherever “gun laws” are the tightest, guns are the easiest to get, and are much more available than elsewhere. Just look at Chicago, where the gun laws are the tightest, while gun violence is the highest in the nation. “Gun-free zones” are an “open invitation” to wannabe mass shooters to “come in and shoot us up” because chances are, there will be no guns to oppose you. Target Stores and Wal-Mart are good examples of that, as shooters commonly go there to do their “dirty business.” They SEEK OUT gun-free zones because they KNOW that's the safest place for them to kill innocent people. (Just common sense)

Reducing Violent Crime

Did you know that 76% of police chiefs admit armed citizens reduce violent crime? There are more intelligent police chiefs than there are political hacks in that job. They KNOW they can't be everywhere at once, and it takes from minutes to HOURS (in some places) for them to get there with their guns. A criminal, armed ILLEGALLY with a gun, can do a lot of damage in the few minutes it takes them to arrive. They usually get there just in time to clean up the scene, dispose of the body or bodies, and document it. Which doesn't help the victims very much. The cops are a necessary ingredient to our safety, but not usually in instant response. They can usually apprehend the “bad guy” AFTER the crime has been committed, and prevent (maybe) some repeat crimes. But without them, we would be lost, unless all of us want to live in an “armed camp” and be ready to “repel all comers” ourselves. You can be sure that if there were no cops, that is how we'd have to live. (Media Research)

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

It's a FACT!

But one ignored and denied by the anti-gun fools, who want to DISARM Americans. Firearms purchases skyrocket, while gun violence plummets. Figures prove it, but anti-gun fools deny it, in their quest to make us defenseless in the face of the thugs who come at us with their ILLEGAL guns. Guns they've bought in a back alley somewhere, or just stolen. These fools think all you have to do is make a law, and criminals, who break laws for a living, will somehow OBEY this one. In just one city (among many), they're proved wrong, and they deny that, too. Chicago has some of the tightest gun laws in the nation, and at the same time, the highest number of gun deaths in the nation, as well. They don't know how to answer that, so they immediately start calling us names if we bring it up. “Gun lover!” “NRA member!” As if that were a bad thing. (Breitbart)

Not On CNN!

Don Lemon, on CNN has listed 11 mass shootings that happened on Obama's watch. They didn't mention this, but ALL happened in “gun-free zones,” thus proving, again, that what I say over and over is true. “Gun-free zones” are an open INVITATION to wannabe mass shooters with the assurance that there will most likely be no guns there to oppose him while the kills randomly. One time, a former mass shooter was asked about it, and he told the questioner that he LOOKED FOR “no-gun zones” in which to do his killing. He rejected other places where there were lots of cops and other armed people. Gun shows, especially. There has never been a successful mass shooting at a gun show. And if I have to tell you why, you're lost. If you're reading this, I don't think you are. (Breitbart)

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

More Gun Foolishness

They're now saying that the Dallas gunman was just “fighting tyranny for the NRA.” What “evidence” they use to back that up, I have no idea. Neither do they. Probably, like most assertions by liberals, nothing. They just make their assertions and defy us not to believe them. It's like Harry Reid claiming Mitt Romney never paid his taxes, based on a “tip” from an imaginary person. This is how liberals stoke public opinion. Lie to them with no facts back of it, and insist it's true, insulting those who disagree. They can't prove anything, but they say it, anyway. It's how they operate. How such people can be taken seriously is a mystery. How they take THEMSELVES seriously is also a mystery. They're blaming the NRA for the “gun grab” and killings in Michigan, too. Many people, who pay no attention to politics, but vote, anyway, will believe them. (Breitbartt)

Ignoring Facts, As Usual

The anti-gun fools don't tell you that while Dallas has open-carry laws, they also have very low, and falling crime rates. They never tall us that. In fact, they DENY the fact that where citizens are allowed guns for self defense, crime rates “drop like stones.” They keep talking about people shooting one another over trifles. Something that does NOT happen as a result of carry laws. It happens NOW with UNLICENSED gun carriers. They're deathly afraid of the average citizen having the right to carry guns for self defense while most of those who make the laws against it hire other people to carry their guns for them. They just don't understand the disconnect there is in that. They maintain their right to be defended, but want to remove ours. Meanwhile, places like Chicago, which has some or the tightest gun laws in the nation, also have some of the highest gun crime rates. But they don't notice this. They're wired NOT to. (Town Hall)

Monday, July 11, 2016

"No Guns for Blacks"

That's what our erstwhile black president, Barack Obama says. He says the reason that innocent man in Minnesota was killed by a frightened cop is because it's so easy for blacks to get guns (This from a black man who has us pay for the guns carried by Secret service agents who protect HIM). As if that were the problem. The problem REALLY is, there are too many criminals selling illegal, untraceable guns out of the trunks of their cars. They rarely get them legally, and so escape their “common sense gun laws.” That's where criminals get the guns the use to victimize honest, law-abiding people. The “laws” they make only seem to apply to LEGAL gun owners, not those criminals who are the best customers for those selling ILLEGAL guns. If they want to do something abut the “easy ability to get guns,” maybe they ought to concentrate on that, instead of hindering the ability of honest people to defend themselves. That cop saw that gun, even though he had already been advised of it's existence, as well as the legality of that man carrying it. It gets pretty bad when the mere SIGHT of a gun causes a cop to kill somebody. This only feeds the crap the “Black Lives Matter” crowd is putting out. It's an isolated incident, but they will make the most of it. (Zero Hedge)

How Can They Tell?

They say Kenya has the highest number of guns in the hands of private citizens in Africa, and has rising gun attacks. Really? How can they tell? Their figures only reflect the number of LEGAL guns in civilian hands, which, if this country is an example, is only a small number of the guns in civilian hands. That's the problem with the anti-gun fools all over the world. Their figures only reflect LEGAL gun ownership, and ignore ILLEGAL gun ownership. That way they can DISARM honest people and give criminals free rein to victimize them. And sometimes the criminals are wearing badges. Damn, I get tired of pointing this out, while only INTELLIGENT people are listening. Apparently, that does not include the anti-gun fools who make their “common sense gun laws.” They just keep right on making their USELESS gun laws that do nothing except leave honest people defenseless against the ILLEGAL guns wielded by criminals and other “bad guys.” (GunMart)

Sunday, July 10, 2016

"Gun-Free Zones" Again

The Maryland mall which a shooter entered (with a gun) and murdered two people and himself, after shooting and wounding several people, was a “gun-free zone.” How many people must die before ignorant politicians discard the “gun-free zone” as an INVITATION to people who want to shoot up the place? In only ONE case in memory (Indianapolis) did a would-be shooter try to shoot up a place where there WERE other guns in the hands of people willing and able to use them in self-defense, and that guy only got off one shot before he was made to resemble Swiss cheese by everybody in the gun store he was trying to shoot up, including the clerk he shot. We keep telling and telling these FOOLS who make their stupid laws that they don’t work, but it bounces off their heads like a rubber ball against concrete. They’re “tone-deaf” to reason and logic. (Bearing Arms)

They Don't Understand

People in other countries where they aren't guaranteed the right to own and use a gun for self defense, just don't understand our “passion for our guns.” they know nothing about the right to self defense, and to own and use the means to it, a gun, that the Founders made sure we had. They don't understand that the only REAL defense is to be equally armed when a criminal or terrorists approaches you with his ILLEGAL gun because they've never had that right. They accept the crap the anti-gun fools feed them that it's only “passion for guns” and not the “will to self defense” that drives us. That's their loss. They'll never know the power that comes from being able to defend yourself, and not wait for the cops while some fool with an ILLEGAL gun victimizes you. The cops themselves, will tell you that they can't be everywhere, and the very best means of defending yourself is YOU, and your right to own the proper tool for it, a gun. Salon is a liberal rag, so take what they say with a huge grain of salt. (Salon)

Saturday, July 9, 2016

"NRA Is At Fault!"

It's the same old song they've sung hundreds of times. Any time somebody gets killed by a gun, be it in the hands of a criminal, terrorist, or even a COP, it's got to be the fault of the NRA. In the case of the cop shooting that killed a black man who was only reaching for his ID after he told them he had a legally registered gun in his pocket, they blame the NRA for what seems to their little minds a good reason. If not for the NRA, he wouldn't have BEEN a licensed carrier and that poor, frightened cop wouldn't have shot him. Thus again, blaming the gun, for an ill-trained cop's panicked killing of an innocent man, just because he was carrying a gun. You could hear the panic in that cop's voice as he tried to justify his shot. He screeched, “I TOLD him not to reach for that!” when he DID. He TOLD him to give him his ID. That's not the fault of the NRA, it's a failure of TRAINING, coupled with the panic, created by the “Black Lives Matter” crowd putting ALL cops “on edge,” knowing that they have a target in their chests. (New York Daily News)

"Blacks Are In Danger!"

"So DISARM them!” That's apparently what that dismal fool, Obama, is telling us. He's preaching the same tune the “Black Lives Matter” crowd is preaching, that cops are bent on killing as many black men as they can, which is totally FALSE. A lot fewer black men are killed by cops than are killed by OTHER black men. That's what the figures tell us, but the BLM fools don't want us to know that. And the politician's answer to ALL gun violence, even at the hands of the cops, is to DISARM the citizens. Don't they know that will INCREASE the incidence of gun violence and death? Obama is importing hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists, who have vowed to KILL us for not converting to their religion, and at the same time, is trying HARD to DISARM us. What his purpose in that is, is unclear. I think he WANTS more gun violence so he can make more laws against guns and tax them at a higher rate. And he doesn't care how many people die for him to accomplish his goals. (Truth About Guns)

Friday, July 8, 2016

Open Season On Cops

The :Black Lives Matter” crowd claims that cops have a campaign on to kill black men. That's foolishness. It's the other way around. The “Black Lives Matter” crowd's rhetoric tells already unstable people that it's now okay to kill COPS. So they do. They go out LOOKING for cops to kill. And cops accommodate them by running around in well-marked cars, wearing uniforms with convenient shiny “targets” on their chests. If they're not diligent and aware every second, they get shot and killed from ambush, often from behind, with NO CHANCE to defend themselves. So they're nervous, and quick to shoot. Something those fools CLAIM is already true. And the “Black Lives Matter” crowd thinks this is okay. They're CREATING the very situation they CLAIM they don't like: cops running around, nervously looking over their shoulders because around the next corner there might be a fool waiting to kill them for nothing except that they're cops. The anti-gun fools tell us that law-abiding people carrying guns are a danger to us, when they're NOT, for the most part. It's the people carrying ILLEGAL guns that ARE. And their current laws do NOTHING to “stem the tide” of gun violence. (Truth About Guns)

More Gun Control

Within HOURS of the Dallas police massacre Obama was out calling for more gun control. As if the guns used to kill those cops were bought legally and could have been kept out of the hands of the killer. The anti-gun fools, of which Obama is the number ONE, are completely blind to the idea that it isn't the GUN that's at fault, it's the FOOL holding the gun. He thinks, in his ignorance, that getting rid of the legal guns will solve the “problem.” It will not. The “bad guys” will still get their guns, ILLEGALLY and keep on with their killing ways. If those fools ever come up with some REAL “gun laws,” I'll be right with them. But they aren't smart enough. They've proven that, time and time again, while people with ILLEGAL guns keep on killing people. I'm really getting tired of saying this, and being ignored by the fools who make those absurd “gun laws” that do NOTHING to stop gun violence. (Robert Farago/TTAG)

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Envying Incompetence

The mayor of Louisville, KY is dissatisfied with the gun laws that are prevalent in his “neck of the woods.” He wishes they had laws more like those in Chicago. If that doesn't illustrate INCOMPETENCE, I don't know what would. Yes, Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation. So tough, in fact, that some have been declared unconstitutional. Yet, at the same time, Chicago has some of the WORST gun violence statistics in the nation, and that doesn't tell this mayor they aren't working? Yet he wishes they had similar (non-working) gun laws in his city. That's incompetence! Chicago's gun death rate has risen right along with the “toughness” of their anti-gun laws, but people like this mayor wishes they had similar laws in their city? What kind of a FOOL is he? Anybody with a modicum of intelligence (which apparently doesn't include this mayor OR other anti-gun fools) realizes that ALL their anti-gun laws not only do NOT reduce gun violence, but instead, INCREASE it. The number of homicides in Chicago EXCEEDS that of Los Angeles and New York City, COMBINED. There have been 2, 026 gunshot victims SO FAR in 2016 alone! If this mayor, who is a Democrat, thinks such laws are a SOLUTION to crime problems, he should contact me about that bridge in Brooklyn that I have for sale. (Breitbart)

"Shoot Up the NRA?"

Adjunct Professor James Pearce, at Southern State Community College (SSCC) has advocated “Shooting up the NRA and making sure they're all dead.” He didn't use those exact words, but that was his meaning. Leave it to anti-gun fools like this to advocate using GUNS to eliminate people who favored GUNS in defense of themselves. And they don't understand the “disconnect” from reality such a thing exhibits. This is not the first time an anti-gun fool has advocated SHOOTING a pro-gun person. They're kind of stupid that way. They're so deep in their unreasoning hatred of guns they're blind to the contradiction. They think killing everybody at the NRA will stop Americans from their work in maintaining our constitutional right to be armed for self defense. To do that, they'd have to murder MILLIONS of people. They'd have to go after other prominent organizations with the same goal, too. Those executives they want to kill would quickly be replaced. The shooters would be killed by the armed NRA executives on the scene,and the work of the NRA would continue. They just can't understand that. SSCC is considering his termination. (Campus Reform)

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Bad Gun Laws

Or is that a repetition? ALL gun laws, so far made, are bad. “Gun-free zones,” for instance. How may mass shootings have happened in areas that are “gun-free zones?” ALL of them. Potential shooters who plan on mass murder aren't going to worry about an "unimportant little law” that says they can't bring their guns in a certain area. In fact, according to one mass shooter, they SEARCH OUT gun-free zones” in which to do their outrages. The area in which the Orlando killer murdered 49 people and wounded as many more was a “gun-free zone,” and he bought his guns legally because he had not, as yet, done anything to give him a criminal record. That's the biggest problem with ALL “gun laws.” They only apply to honest, law-abiding people. Those who are not the problem, at all.

Anti-gun fools have a hard time making their gun laws today, because people (other than them) know they are USELESS. Most of them are Democrats. “The difficulty the Democrats face is that, stripped of the emotion and politically driven posturing, their legislative demands either flagrantly violate the Constitutional rights of law abiding citizens, or are hopelessly ineffective and unenforceable against would-be terrorists and mass murderers.” Liberals (Democrats) rejected the whole idea of “reasonable suspicion” when they managed to outlaw “stop and frisk” in New York City (a very effective crime fighting tool). But that's the very thing they want to base their putting people's names on a “no-fly list” on, which is as they use it, a “no-gun list.” If they ever come up with a law that WILL do anything, I'd be right there with them. But as long as they come up with these duds, I will not. (Reformer)

Schumer Doesn't Understand

Senator Schumer (Democrat) apparently doesn't understand how the Constitution works. He thinks you can routinely violate it in an “emergency.” He says other constitutional measures have been ignored “in an emergency,” and he's right. But that doesn't make it legal. Politicians routinely violate the Constitution when it pleases them, because the Founders failed to prescribe a PUNISHMENT for doing so. They only provided for a reversal of an unconstitutional action, not a PUNISHMENT for the politician who did it, or TRIED to do it. Schumer, who is in the business of making laws, really should understand how the Constitution, on which ALL our laws are based, works. But he doesn't. He thinks you can legally violate it, just by declaring an “emergency.” (National Review)

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Original "Homeland Security"

The original “homeland security” was the “armed citizens.” They were subject to being called upon to defend their country in case of emergency, and the fledgling new government wanted to make sure they had their own guns. Which is the basic reason for the Second Amendment. A secondary reason was so their own government could not oppress them, since they were armed, sometimes better than government troops. That purpose remains, today, although the liberals want to destroy it, so THEY can “oppress” them. They SAY they want to “make us safer.” But the more they try to disarm the citizenry so those with ILLEGAL guns can victimize us, the LESS safe I feel. People who want to do bad things with guns will ALWAYS be able to get them, and no laws will ever stop them. Many nations have successfully disarmed their HONEST citizens. And usually that is followed by tyranny and death. Some more recent disarmament (like in Australia) has yet to become despotic governments, but it is only a matter of time. (Just common sense)

Gun Laws Absolutely don't Work

Chicago has some of the toughest anti-gun laws in the nation. some of them are so tough, they have been declared unconstitutional. Yet over the July 4 weekend, 33 people were shot (Later figures show more). I hate to keep harping on this, but if I do, maybe some day somebody will actually notice, and DO something about that. Where did the shooters GET their guns? And how? ILLEGALLY, of course. Criminals don't obey laws. So laws making it illegal to own guns only affect honest, law-abiding people, not the criminals. So the only common sense way to reduce the deaths of innocent people at the hands of those criminals is to give the potential victims the ability to fight back. That means allowing them to have, and carry their own guns. Yes, that will INCREASE gun violence—for a while—as those honest people kill the users of illegal weapons who try to victimize them. Then it will go WAY down, and stay there, because most of those who do that violence will be dead. It's a simple solution, but one the anti-gun liberals won't even hear of. They think if everybody was armed, they would shoot each other over trifles—which criminals do, now. But, as Robert Heinlein said, “An armed society if a polite society,” for a good reason. It will no longer be a case of an armed man against an UNARMED person. All the current laws are USELESS to do the job for which they are designed. They know that, but they keep making them. If I had a dime for every time I said this, I'd be a rich man, now. But nobody's listening. (Chicago Tribune)

Monday, July 4, 2016

Advocate: "No Guns for Gays"

Even the “gay intelligentsia thinks gays getting guns for self defense is a bad idea. They really think gays are stupid, and can't handle guns, just as they do the general population. The Advocate says (no, I don't read it as a rule), “In the wake of the massacre at Orlando's Pulse nightclub, some pundits, activists, and presidential candidates have trotted out the reliable red herring that the deadly rampage could have been thwarted if there had only been some 'good guys with guns' inside the LGBT club.” “Reliable old red herring, huh? There's a good reason why it's so “reliable.” It's TRUE, no matter how anti-gun fools deny it. They just want to disarm everybody, and gays are going against the “common knowledge” the anti-gun fools think is true. Guns in the hands of people potential mass shooters don't know are armed, can, and DO put an END to a mass shooting by killing or incapacitating the shooter. But they can't accept that, because it denies on of their favorite lies. Honest armed people don't do what armed criminals, crazies, or even Islamic terrorists do. They go about their lives quietly, and are usually LESS violent that ILLEGAL gun owners, but they ARE “ready” when somebody tries a mass shooting in their crowd. (The Advocate)

"Two In the Chest"

And call me in the morning (if you can). That's the prescription this fool got filled at this pharmacy. He tried to rob a pharmacy in Waynesboro, PA and a pharmacy employee gave him two bullets instead of medicine, or money. A legally armed employee who was there when the gunman started demanding money and drugs, grabbed his own gun and put four in the robber. The robber was only critically injured. Too bad. If the guy had been a better shot, there'd be one less robber out there. As it is, he'll be able to rob again after he gets out of prison. This pharmacy had previously been the target of holdup men, and employees decided to do something to get ready for the next one. This situation probably won't make the media outside of the locals, because it doesn't advance their agenda to disarm Americans. This proves again, my contention that armed citizens holdup men don't know are there can make ALL the difference. (Concealed Nation)

Sunday, July 3, 2016

"Common Sense" Gun Law

Anti-gun fools like to call their stupid gun laws “common sense gun laws” when they're anything BUT “common sense. Senator John Cronyn's REAL “common sense gun law” was rejected, but is being reintroduced next week. His law was to force the “authorities” to PROVE terrorist activity before putting a name on the terrorist watch list, which would have scotched Obama's effort to use that list as a means to deny Second Amendment gun rights to honest people. Currently, all they have to do is have some bureaucrat DECLARE, in his own opinion, that a person is a terrorist to get his/her name on that list, and therefore be banned the right to own a gun for self defense. That bill would also require a yearly review of the names ON that list to see if the listing is still viable. But that's REAL “common sense,” so naturally, the anti-gun fools want to block it. (Breitbart)

"No Weapons of War"

Obama says, “Weapons of war do not have any business on our streets.” Maybe somebody should tell the “bad guys” that. More and more they're GETTING “weapons of war” and the cops need to get some of their own in self defense. Further, just recently, a mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, that killed 49 people and wounded as many more was brought to a somewhat successful close when the cops brought up a “weapon of war.” Obama needs to wake up to the fact that we are at war, and local law enforcement NEEDS equal weapons to that of the “bad guys.” Remember that LA bank robbery where the cops were completely outgunned, and had to go to a local gun store to get guns the equal of what they were facing? This statement sounds like the usual Obama incompetence to govern. (Just common sense)

Saturday, July 2, 2016

"Abortion Yes, Guns No"

That's what it seems. Abortion is systematic MURDER of defenseless infants. How is it possible for that to be protected by the Constitution, when the right to own a gun is NOT, especially since the Second amendment, that SUPPORTS gun rights, is as simple and easy to understand for intelligent people? Where, in the Constitution, does it say it's okay to MURDER defenseless infants? They SAY it's a matter of “a woman's right to choose” what happens to her own body, but it's NOT. If it were, prostitution would be legal. It's about that infant's right to LIFE. An abortion is just as hard on her body as is child birth, so what's the problem? The problem, for the mother, AND the father, is that childbirth requires them to take responsibility for the result of their unprotected sex and actually RAISE that child. With abortion, they only have to “get rid of the tiny body.” And in most cases today, they can SELL the tiny body parts if they go through Planned Parenthood. (Net Right Daily)

You Didn't Hear About It

You didn't hear about this shooting much in the liberal media. Why? Because it was stopped by a legally-armed person in the crowd, who shot the shooter, which puts the lie to the anti-gun fools' contention that people like that can't stop mass shootings.. Jody Ray Thompson opened fire on a crowd outside a nightclub after getting into an argument with another man. This won't be put on the list of “mass shootings,” because nobody was killed. Mass shootings are defined as a shooting in which four or more people are killed. So it won't be added to the “mass shooting statistics.” But it proves yet again that somebody in the crowd with a legal gun can make all the difference in the world. It also shows the way to stop, or at least slow down gun violence would be to get rid of all the “gun-free zones.” Anti-gun fools and their willing accomplices in the liberal media aren't interested in shootings like this because it reveals their ignorance. (Personal Liberty)

Friday, July 1, 2016

Changing Sides

Republicans are traditionally pro-gun people. They usually believe in our right to self defense, and to own and carry the means to that end, a gun. Now a few Republicans have joined Democrats in supporting “gun control issues.” You know, the bills th, when they become law, only serve to disarm honest people while leaving them wide open to the depredations of criminals, who don't OBEY laws, by definition. Those Republicans probably hold other liberal views, as well. And if they were honest, they'd go over to the Democrat Party. Eight Senate Republicans have joined 44 Democrats in support of laws that allow the government to put your name on “no-fly lists” at will, with no control over their decision, and deny you the right to buy a gun (legally). I have even supported laws that allow the FBI to put those who have been investigated for serious ties to terrorism on a list for further scrutiny if they buy guns in a suspicious manner—but NOT a “blanket ban” on your ability to own and use a gun in self defense. And if they DO allow them to combine the “no-fly lists” with the “no-gun lists,” at least apply MEANINGFUL limits on just HOW people could be put on that list, and for cause. (New York Times)

Water Is Wet

They did a study recently that found that criminals don't get their guns from gun shops, gun shows, or the Internet. That they do is a common phony claim by anti-gun fools and, of course, it's a LIE. It has been proven many times that they get their guns in a back alley somewhere, out of the trunk of a car owned by an illicit arms dealer, or just STEAL them. They just do NOT go to legal sources, and that is the only place their “gun laws” affect. So all their highly vaunted “ gun laws,” which are aimed in the wrong direction, are USELESS. But they keep making them, because “we have to do SOMETHING!” It's like a duck in water. On the surface, nothing is happening. But under water, his feet are moving furiously. They APPEAR to be doing something, but they aren't. And they can still raise money from other “anti-gun fools” who mistakenly think, like them, that all they have to do is “make a law,” and that will solve the problem. They know it won't, but it LOOKS like they're doing something. (Guns Save Lives)