Friday, December 30, 2016

Gone Fishin'

Again, it's time for me to spend some time with my family. I don't get to do that nearly as much as I'd like, so I'm again taking the next two days off. Again, I'll be back Monday, rarin' to go! Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

They're Worried About Guns

A liberal prosecutor in St. Louis is worried about the guns out there (legally), so she wants to do away with the "castle doctrine" law that allows people to defend themselves if they feel threatened. It doesn't seem to matter to her that the guns she needs to worry about are mostly the ILLEGAL guns. Her concern was sparked (this time) by a situation in which a homeowner shot and killed a 13-year-old boy who was going through his car in the dark--and did it with an ILLEGALLY-owned gun. Due to an old felony conviction this man was barred from owning a gun, but he did, anyway, violating the law.

Still, the law protected him from a murder charge, only subjecting him to a gun charge. This prosecutor thinks, with so many LEGAL guns out there, that a traffic squabble would result in a shooting, where it wouldn't if they could do away with most LEGAL guns. Not so. It is the ILLEGAL guns that are the problem, and none of their laws have done anything about that, and won't. This man saw several what he thought were MEN going through his car and when he shouted at them, at least one ran TOWARD him, so he shot him.The mother of the victim says, "What he did was bad, but does rifling a car merit a death sentence?" No. It didn't. But the gun as ILLEGAL, and illegal guns cannot be covered by any laws about keeping guns out of the hands of LEGAL gun owners. That's the fallacy in the thinking of ALL anti-gun fools. (The Trace)

Wrong Decision, As Usual

In Chicago, they have the highest gun crime rate in the country, in spite of also having the tightest gun laws in the nation. That doesn't seem to tell these ignorant political flacks running Chicago anything. They have been "reducing policing" for a long time, in hopes of stopping criticism of the cops, and simply don't understand that reducing policing is the CAUSE of much of their gun crime, with their tight gun laws being another. So now they're making it official, ANNOUNCING it, as a policy. So now, their gun crime rate will go even higher, and they STILL won't know why. As usual, liberals can't see what's as obvious as the noses on their faces, and more people will die because of it. They go after LEGAL guns, while gang members and other kinds of criminals ignore all their laws and get their guns in a back alley, somewhere. The big problem with anti-gun fools is they never learn from their mistakes. (Patriot Tribune)

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Wonderful Christmas Gift

Donald Trump's election as president was the best Christmas gift for people who wish to be able to own guns with which to defend themselves against the millions of ILLEGAL guns already out there, in the hands of the "bad guys. With the help of several pro-gun organizations, we managed to cause Obama's anti-gun juggernaut to grind to a halt. Almost ALL of the anti-gun legislation, on a federal level, at least, was stopped. Obama is bitter about not being able to strip us of our right to "keep and bear arms." Which is a good thing. We won, in spite of an overwhelming number of ignorant anti-gun fools who tried every trick in the book to take that constitutional right away, but only were successful in a very few places, where they mostly only made it harder to get our guns into operation fast enough to defend ourselves against the "bad guys," who were under no such limitations. Trump is a FRIEND of an armed populace, and will fight, right along with us, to retain that constitutional right, making it considerably more difficult for the anti-gun fools to make their ignorant, and USELESS laws. (America's First Freedom)

Not About Gun Crime

It never has been. It's about DISARMING the American people and making them easier to oppress. The very "gun laws" they make show it. What those laws accomplish is, simply, to make it IMPOSSIBLE to get the guns we already OWN into action fast enough to defend ourselves against the "bad guys," who IGNORE such restrictions as gun locks, trigger locks, gun safes, and even "gun-free zones." In fact, gun free zones are where almost ALL mass shootings have occurred. Another factor is Obama's pardons. If he REALLY wanted to "to reduce gun crime," he wouldn't be pardoning so many criminals in prison for using a gun to victimize people. In one state, it is easy to get a "carry permit." But the gun carried must be UNLOADED! Tell me: what the hell good is an UNLOADED gun? Will the illegally armed criminal wait patiently while we load our guns? How STUPID is that law? But that is the caliber of "gun laws" the anti-gun fools make. (Bullets First)

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Federal Gun Laws Unconstitutional

All of them. The federal government has no business restricting our gun rights, in any way. What part of "shall not be abridged" do they not understand? In addition, if there is ANY real requirement for "background checks," it should be accomplished at STATE level. Even so, forcing people to pass a background check in order to buy a gun is STILL a violation of the "shall not be infringed" concept. But politicians think they can get around that by saying their laws are "common sense laws." They are NOT. Other laws are simply designed to make it more difficult to get ACCESS to our guns when threatened by someone with an ILLEGAL gun, or to make what guns we have unusable. They think, because they don't just BAN guns altogether, they have followed the Constitution. They have NOT. But most of their laws are designed to make USE of our guns more difficult, rather than do something to stop ILLEGAL gun owners from victimizing the rest of us. The Constitution stops them from just BANNING guns, so they do everything they can just SHORT of it, including making our guns UNUSABLE. Which KILLS people. (Canada Free Press)

They Will Not Understand

Chicago is now up to 50 PLUS shootings and 12 deaths in one weekend, but they have learned NOTHING from this. The Chicago "top cop" just went on record calling for even TIGHTER gun laws. He says, "Obviously, the penalty for using a gun is not enough." Which shows a complete IGNORANCE of human nature. A person bent on murdering someone is not going to worry about how tough the penalty is for using a GUN with which to kill that person! So, yes; make the PENALTY for USING a gun higher and higher, to keep gun-using CRIMINALS off the streets longer, but STOP keeping guns away from law-abiding people so they can defend themselves against those ILLEGAL gun owners! Keeping guns away from law-abiding people makes it EASIER for those thugs to victimize law-abiding people. And allowing the law-abiding to have guns WILL reduce gun crime, after they KILL a bunch of illegal gun-wielding criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists. (CBS Chicago)

Monday, December 26, 2016

Obama Failed!

Obama's biggest failure is that he wasn't able to strip our right to be armed away from us. Many times he tried, and many ties he failed. That should have told him something, but it didn't. He hasn't the intelligence to realize he is not only attempting to legislate against the Constitution, but against the will of the American people, as well. Like a savant, he is very smart in some ways, but completely IGNORANT in others. The whole idea that he SHOULD "strip way our gun rights" is one of those. Fully 16 times, he has had to speak about "mass shootings" that have occurred, and he thinks that requires him to take away LEGAL gun rights, completely ignoring the fact that mostly, the "bad guys" who commit gun crimes are NOT legal gun owners. And the MAJORITY of gun crimes happen in "gun-free zones," where the presence of a LEGALLY armed person might have saved some lives. Now we have someone in that office (After Jan. 20, anyway) who might make a difference. We shall see. You'll notice the source for this is the John BIrch Society. That should not discredit it, for I've found, over the years, that they have been a reliable source, no matter how much liberals hate them. In fact, if liberals DIDN'T hate them, I would be some suspicious of them as a source. (JBS)

Merry Christmas, Chicago!

It must have been a Merry Christmas in Chicago over the Christmas weekend, with more than 40 people shot, and 11 of those killed in gun control's "showcase city" that has some of the tightest gun laws in the land. But they don't make much difference to the shooters, who flout gun laws as they shoot, and often kill people with their ILLEGAL guns. Still, the ignorant politicians keep making their USELESS "gun laws" that do NOTHING to "stem gun violence," but instead make it worse, by DISARMING honest, law-abiding people so they can't defend themselves. It's disappointing after a day in which NOBODY was shot in Chicago, something that actually made news because it's so unusual. But, of course, that didn't last even one more day, in which the criminals made up for their laziness. (Breitbart)

Saturday, December 24, 2016

It's Christmas Eve

I'm almost 80 now, and this might be my last Christmas. So I'm going to hang out the "Gone Fishing" sign until Monday so I can spend some time with my family. I know most of you are also busy with Christmas things and probably won't be reading this, anyway. So Merry Christmas, all, and I'll be back Monday.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Record Gun Sales

Records show 2.6 MILLION guns were sold, just in December--and the month isn't even over, yet. That's the culmination of 17 MILLION guns sold this year! December sales look like there are many people giving guns as Christmas gifts. That "falls behind" the 2015 figure of 2.42 million, which was a record at that time. But it contributed to record overall sales for this year. Researchers say this "uptick" in gun sales is fueled by the recent mass shootings and the "regular" shootings in Chicago. People want NOT to be defenseless when criminal shooters come to their area. And they will. They LIVE there. Nobody talks about the millions of ILLEGAL guns sold each year, because nobody can count them. So they ignore them, and try their best to limit LEGAL gun sales, which does NOTHING to reduce criminal shootings, and instead, INCREASES the number by making law-abiding people DEFENSELESS. The incompetence of the anti-gun fools proceeds apace. (Ammoland)

Mislabeling Shootings

"Everytown Against Guns (or something like that) published a list of "school shootings" which included many shootings that were NOT "school shootings," but were NEAR schools. One, which "Bearing Arms" calls "disgusting," was a POLICE shooting in El Centro, TX, a suburb of Dallas, where a thug killed FIVE police officers, then FLED to a school, where he was found, and killed. At NO TIME did he threaten students, or faculty. But a school was PERIPHERALLY involved, so Everytown called it a "school shooting." Like they did in Ava, MO, where two FORMER students returned to their old school and had a shootout in the PARKING LOT, with one committing suicide. Apparently Everytown adds it to their list whenever a .shooting happens within mile or two of a school. They keep doing this, no matter how many times they're "found out," and insist their lists are "true and accurate." Which tells me a lot about them. Michael Bloomberg, former New York mayor, is at the bottom of this, while he rides around in an armored car, behind a phalanx of ARMED security, while he works HARD to deny us the same right.(Bearing Arms)

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Releasing Gun-Toting Criminals

Obama CLAIMS he is trying to REDUCE gun crime, while his every action is guaranteed to INCREASE it. Many of the criminals he just pardoned, or whose sentences he reduced, were in prison for GUN CRIMES. How does he justify that? He doesn't; he just ignores it. If asked about it, he "clams up" and either says nothing, or "filibusters" the answer. Big cities now have a very high "gun crime" rate, mostly fueled by Obama's home town, Chicago, where, coincidentally, they have some of the tightest gun laws in the nation. So tight, in fact, that some have been declared unconstitutional. Actually, it's not a coincidence; it is a "causative action," meaning those tight gun laws FUEL gun violence. Thus, Chicago is a "war zone" where more people have been killed than IN a REAL war zone, like Iraq or Afghanistan. (America's First Freedom)

Proof of the Pudding

The anti-gun fools keep saying that arming law-abiding individuals will not do anything to reduce crime because they are more likely to shoot themselves than criminals. This in spite of sure evidence it's a LIE. In Texas, people are still getting their guns, and break-in artists (and other armed criminals) are still getting shot. Which reduces the crime that would have been committed in the future by these fools. That's a definite refutation of what the anti-gun fools are saying. And it happens all the time, and not just in Texas. In many states where they are loosening gun laws and allowing honest, law-abiding people to have guns to use in self defense. We've been saying for years that arming law-abiding people are the answer to "gun crime," and the anti-gun fools will not hear of it. They still believe they an stop criminals (who do not OBEY laws) from getting guns by making a LAW. People do not "go crazy" and shoot each other, just because they get to carry a gun, as they say. I had a concealed carry permit once, in Indiana, and I didn't kill anyone over a parking space. Neither do most law-abiding people, which is a good "leveling" action to oppose the millions of ILLEGAL guns already out there. (Wheel Gun)

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Sweeping the Country

School Boards and legislatures all over the country are "considering" and even sometimes APPROVING allowing school staff to be armed. It has been approved and written into law in some places, and is close to being approved in Horry County, SC (what a name!). But they're fighting over who should be allowed, at the school, to say "yea of nay" on each individual who wants to carry his gun into the school. One gun store owner says, "Why should you lose your Second Amendment rights because of your job choice or what building you go into?" He said further, "I think this is a much better choice than to simply advise children to hide under their desks or jump out the window." They may be fighting over details, but they're moving in the right direction. Having armed people NOT in a uniform so they can be "picked off" before the actual shooting begins is the best idea. (WMBF News)

Wailing and Teeth Gnashing

The anti-gun fools are mortified that so many places are increasing the issuance of "concealed carry" licenses. For them, way too many "irresponsible" gun handlers are getting licenses to carry their HATED guns. Now, in S. Carolina, one ignorant REPUBLICAN wants DMV to issue stickers to be REQUIRED to be placed on the license plates of people who have concealed carry permits. What part of "concealed" does this fool not understand? They're so afraid people will have the means to defend themselves against the MILLIONS of illegal guns out there that they want to do ANYTHING to let the "bad guys" know who has that means. It is this kind of damned foolishness that makes it OBVIOUS that their intent is to make honest people DEFENSELESS against those "bad guys." Not "get rid of guns," as they say. If they did want to "get rid of guns" in the hands of malefactors, they wouldn't do stupid things like this. This is very much like the "Star of David" the Nazis required Jews to wear during the holocaust. (Gun Free Zone)

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Obama's "Parting Shot"

Obama can still do a lot of damage to America in the time he has remaining. which is who a politician on his way out should be stripped of his power to do such things between the election and his actually leaving office. One way he is doing it is signing the UN's "Arms Treaty," which gives away the RIGHTS of all Americans, and is not easily reversed by an incoming president, once ratified (Which I hope the Republican Congress will refuse to do). And that's what he's done. At the same time, he has signed several measures into LAW that are inimical to our wishes. He feels that, since he can't be elected again, it doesn't matter how much damage he does before "riding off into the sunset" as the new president takes office, leaving all the problems HE (Obama) created to him to solve. (Washington Times)

Kasich Okays "Campus Carry"

Governor John Kasich has done a lot of stupid things. Like thinking first, that he had a chance to be elected president against the "steamroller" of Donald Trump. And then refusing to face reality as he lost, time and time again, in the primaries, to refusing, again, to face reality after Trump won the nomination. But the other day, he did something right. We've been saying, for a long time, that allowing staff, and in some places, STUDENTS to be armed on campus, was the best way to keep potential mass shooters away from campus. That uniformed "security officers" don't work, because potential shooters KNOW they're armed, and can isolate and "dispense with them" early, before any other killing starts. But not knowing who might be armed is the STRONGEST way to discourage them. Kasich now realizes that, and that's why he didn't veto the "campus carry" bill in Ohio. By doing so, there's no way of knowing how many lives he saved. (Breitbart)

Monday, December 19, 2016

Waiting Periods KILL!

People often buy guns in response to a real threat to their lives. They can't afford to wait to get their guns. It might be the death of them. I remember one case in Denver where a woman tried to buy a gun after being threatened. She was FORCED to suffer a waiting period and, during that waiting period, her threatener came to kill her. Fortunately, she had ILLEGALLY bought a gun in the meantime, and killed him. she got in trouble for having that gun, but at least, she's still alive. Others, who OBEYED the law, weren't so lucky, They're dead. I guess she feared arrest less than DEATH. Anti-gun fools who insist on PASSING laws requiring waiting periods have the blood of those killed during that waiting period on their hands, along with the legislators who are incredibly STUPID enough to pass them. (Dana Loesch)

Guns for Cops Only!

The anti-gun fools maintain that only cops are smart enough to have guns. That if "average people" get to carry guns, it would create a "wild west atmosphere" where people would be shooting each other over parking places and slow service. Cops don't do that, they say. They can't say that any more (though they will), because of the drunken deputy federal marshal who stumbled into a Brooklyn McDonald's (only in New York) and, when he wasn't instantly served, pulled his gun and scared the hell out of the 41-year-old counterman, and the rest of the customers. While he was menacing everybody, his order came up. He paid, and left, but the cops found him and arrested him for menacing, harassment, and violating firearms licensing regulations. I would say his career as a law enforcement agent is probably over now, and for good reason. But this proves cops are just as likely (more likely, maybe) to "go off the deep end" and use their guns irresponsibly. But that doesn't make it something that happens all the time with cops, nor will it happen if normal citizens are allowed their constitutional right to be armed for self defense. (NY Post)

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Making Us Defenseless

They will vehemently deny it, but anti-gun fools have only one purpose in their INSANE laws. They're all designed to make Americans DEFENSELESS against all the millions of ILLEGAL guns out there in the hands of criminals, crazies, and now Islamic terrorists, who have PROMISED to kill everybody who won't "convert" to their phony "religion." They always give us good-sounding reasons for their foolishness, but the laws they promote (and get passed by fool legislators) tell the tale. Gun safes, for example. And gun locks. And "Gun-free ones" where only law-abiding people don't bring their guns, while people who don't obey laws bring theirs, and have no trouble victimizing the people who DO obey the law and are thus DEFENSELESS. (Just common sense)

Guns In the Dorm

Wichita parents are "Raising concerns" about "guns in the dorm" at their children's colleges. And they are right to do so, but their target is (as usual) wrong. It is the LEGAL guns they oppose, IGNORING the fact that there are ALREADY "guns in the dorm," ILLEGALLY. They completely IGNORE that factor. It doesn't even enter into their thinking. And that will get some of their kids KILLED. Frankly, they'd better get their thinking looking in the right direction and start SUPPORTING the current movement to arm school staff, who don't wear uniforms that IDENTIFY them to potential shooters, so they can be "dispensed with" before any other shooting begins. The mere PRESENCE of guns on campus does NOT pose a danger to students. It is the hands those guns are IN that might. And that is what they never consider. (KSNT)

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Root Got His Gun Legally

Even though, in the State of S. Carolina, just being charged with a felony bars Dylan Root (The Charleston mass murderer, recently convicted, who killed several people at one time) from such a purchase. He filled out the required federal form alleging he was able to buy a gun, and the felony charge pending in court was not noted by those receiving the paperwork, so the background check passed. The dealer went ahead and sold him the gun, even though the case was still marked, "unresolved."A series of mistakes the NRA is NOT responsible for, as alleged by one writer, who was HIRED to present the anti-gun fool position. Most mass murderers simply get their guns ILLEGALLY (unless they have no record up to that time), but once in a while, one "falls through the cracks" because of inefficient, and incompetent bureaucrats running things. A law only works when people OBEY it. (The Dana Show)

"Ban Guns Anyway!"

In Chicago, their "gun violence problem" arises out of GANG VIOLENCE and anti-gun laws don't work. So we must work harder to ban guns! That's what a Chicago politician says. One of the recent shootings happened just ONE BLOCK from police headquarters, soon after they confiscated 100 guns from other gang members. It KILLED an innocent woman, who was just getting coffee, and pnly wounded the likely target of the attack, a FORMER gang member. The shooter was a 15-year-old punk gang member out to "prove himself" to other gang members. The national murder rate is expected to rise 13%, with HALF of that coming from Chicago. Kayne West noted, in one of his "songs," that 314 soldiers in Iraq (a war zone) were killed in 2008, while 509 gang members died in Chicago. They fired the police chief last year because of all the gun violence (they needed a scapegoat), but the shootings continue unabated under the new chief. (Newsweak)

Friday, December 16, 2016

"Everytown" Lies: Big News!

Everytown Against Guns (or some such) is lying again. This time, about the number of "school shootings" that have happened since the Sandy Hook massacre, that claimed 26 lives, most of them school children. They say there have been 200 school shootings since Sandy Hook. They even published a LIST, hoping nobody would look too closely at it. It included drug deals gone bad NEAR a school, but NOT on school property, a domestic violence shooting in the parking lot of a school, that , according to the cops, was not connected to the school in any way, the murder of a school official in his office that didn't have anything to do with shooting at students, the killing of one man NEAR a school, but not connected to the school, since the killers were members of a local drug gang, and it happened OUTSIDE the school property. There are many more like these, and The Huffington Post regurgitated their phony story without so much as fact-checking one part of it. This is the kind of "facts" the anti-gun fools put out, in hopes of "inflaming interest" in "getting rid of guns." Some wonder why our source is a gun-friendly" one. That's easy. The liberal media wouldn't carry such a story if their lives depended on it. It doesn't advance their narrative. (Bearing Arms)

Milwaukee Police Chief Lies

He's an anti-gun fool, so why is anybody surprised? He says he "can tell us anecdotally, that there are many shootings involving concealed carriers--and many of them are career criminals."Which means he has NO facts to back it up. And Milwaukee County Sheriff Clarke "calls him" on it, saying, "He's a lying bast-rd." In Wisconsin, as in all other states, people with criminal records can't GET a concealed carry permit, unless they LIE on their application and are not caught--which might be a factor in the City of Milwaukee with such a police chief. Anti-gun fools, which this police chief obviously is, COMMONLY lie when it comes to "gun violence." They hope to use their lies to con people into agreeing to "give up their guns," while those who don't care about obeying laws keep their guns and are able to more easily victimize gullible law-abiding people who do obey even STUPID laws. (Irons In the Fire)

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Statistics Liberals Really Hate

While legal gun sales soared, the violent crime went down 77% They're going to have to work really hard to "finesse" that into something that cons us into accepting more "gun control." which is their scam. Maybe they'll just ignore it, as they usually do regarding facts that prove them wrong, and ridicule us when we point it out. There are many Muslims who DO create false "attacks" on Muslims by Trump supporters, as part of their campaign to discredit him. Hillary supporters, too. since "framing Trump" works in her favor. One of the things they'll do is say the figures are wrong; a "put-up job" by pro-gun people. But that's going to be hard to do, since they came from a reliable source, the Bureau of Justice Statistics. During the period on which they reported, legal gun ownership grew from 192,000 to 350,000. while crime went down 77%. They're going to have a hard time denying that. Another factor is that compiling these figures ENDED when Obama took office, while legal gun sales continued to skyrocket, and crime continued to go down, but that fact was NOT reported by the liberal media. Here's a statistic that never changes: criminals kill fewer people after they've been shot to death by their intended victims. (Breitbart)

"Smith And Wimpson"

Smith and Wesson is trying to "distance itself" from what made it famous, and earned it a lot of money: making guns, by changing its name. They're going to call themselves "American Outdoor Brands, a "generic-sounding" name that looks like a sporting goods maker. Firearms sales are at an all-time high, but legal gun owners are a small percentage of total Americans. Meaning legal gun owners own more than one gun. People buy guns now because they're worried about future limitations on gun purchases. But with Trump's election, they have less to worry about, today. That doesn't mean that anti-gun fools already safely in office for a while yet, won't continue their efforts to make us DEFENSELESS against the millions of ILLEGAL guns out there in the hands of criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists. (Quartz)

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Woman Kills Intruder

She actually called 9/11 and asked if she could shoot the intruder when two men broke into her Oklahoma home. The operator told her to do what she had to do to protect her baby. So she did. She locked herself and her child in a bedroom and waited. When the intruder broke into her bedroom and approached her, she shot him dead. I don’t know if his accomplice bolted or stayed, under her gun. But he was apprehended and now sits in jail. This is what an honest citizen can do under our constitutional right of self-defense with a gun. A right many of our politicians are trying HARD to take away from us. This proves AGAIN what I say about more guns in the hands of honest people cutting down the crime rate. This criminal will break into no more people’s homes, and neither will his accomplice, for a while, at least. He would be well advised to go into another business than crime. (The Blaze)

"Children" Up to 20"

A recent “pediatric study” by Yale spiked their numbers by including “gang-bangers” (we KNOW don’t get their guns legally) up to 20 years of age. Talk about falsifying their findings! And this is TYPICAL of the kind of “research” the anti-gun fools use to fool people about their intentions to take away our ability to defend ourselves against criminals (and gang-bangers) who use illegally obtained guns. We need to start penalizing people who put out FALSE information the press “swears to.” These people send this kind of thing to the media and they print it, without bothering to check their methodology OR truth. And people who do not “pay attention to politics” slurp it up like a dog with a bowl of ice cream. (Bearing Arms)

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


my computer had a stroke. At least it seems like it. It wouldn't do a thing i told it to do, right after I finished posting to the "Bull Cutter." So I had to "skip it" for this, and one more blog. Today, it seems to be working.

No Fly List Unconstitutional

The Fifth Amendment says, in part, "(…)nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; (…)" The No Fly List does just that; it deprives a citizen of the right to fly on an airplane, which deprives them of the right to leave the country, or to travel within the country in a timely manner. all WITHOUT "due process of law." A person's name can be put on the list without ANY due process, at the WHIM of a bureaucrat or politician, and they are not even told when their name is put on the list. They find out the next time they try to travel by plane, and there is NO "appeal process." Once your name is on the list, for ANY reason, or NO reason, it is impossible to get it removed. Worse yet, the list is also used to deprive citizens whose names are put on the list of the right to own a gun for self defense. One way to "get around the law" and BAN guns for people some politician or bureaucrat somewhere doesn't like. This is patently unconstitutional. (Don't Step On Snek)

"Don't Have the Resources"

That's what the cops say when asked why they don't follow up on people who are prohibited by law from buying a gun, try to buy one. It's against local and federal law to do so, but they not only don't follow up on it, they don't bother to notify his potential victim he tried to buy a gun so he/she could be prepared. The cops say they don't have the manpower to follow up on the THOUSANDS of instances where a prohibited person tries to buy gun and is refused. That sounds like an excuse for lax enforcement, to me. They should be prepared to enforce the law, no matter what. But they make excuses for actions (or lack thereof) that put innocent people in danger. That's not doing their job. Provisions should be made to enforce these laws. Except for Obama, you just can't make personal decisions on WHICH laws to enforce, for ANY reason. (King 5)

Sunday, December 11, 2016

No Charges for Trying

Nowhere can there be any charges be found for people who apply to buy firearms when they're prohibited from doing so, as a rule. And they don't even notify their potential victims they have tried. All gun buyers must fill out Form 4473 certifying they are eligible to buy a gun when trying to buy a gun, and lying on that form is a federal crime. But is usually not pursued by the "authorities" in most cases. Just the attempt to buy a gun for such people makes them dangerous to their potential victims, and their attempted purchase SHOULD be followed up by the cops because, if they can't buy one legally, they'll go next to the "back alley gun dealer" who doesn't CARE if they're legally banned, and their potential victims SHOULD be advised, so they can plan accordingly. But, like the laws requiring longer prison sentences for criminals using guns in their crimes that are commonly "waived" to get convictions in other crimes, there is a certain LACK of enforcement of important laws regarding guns. They pass many laws to "stem gun violence," but often don't enforce any of them. (King 5)

Incompetent Bureucrats

Former NSA Director Michael Hayden says gun control "might be" part of defending against Islamic terrorists (my paraphrasing of his words). I'm certainly glad this fool is a FORMER NSA director, with fool notions like that. How DISARMING the population, in any way defends against terrorism, defies common sense. But that's his opinion. He really thinks Islamic terrorists buy guns LEGALLY and will thus be prevented from getting guns when they come here to kill unbelievers. He thinks they don't already have connections to get their guns ILLEGALLY when they get here, set up by terrorists who are already here. These are the kinds of people who will get us killed, if they are allowed to "govern" using their INCOMPETENT opinions. (Breitbart)

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Ohio Getting Smart

After the OSU knife and car attack, Ohio lawmakers have gotten smart, to the HORROR of the anti-gun fools, who want all the guns on campus to be in the hands of people who ILLEGALLY own them and probably wish people ill. Those lawmakers see law-abiding people as a "bulwark" against those illegal gun owners. Anti-gun fools see them as people who will "go nuts" and shoot each other over trifles like running into them in the halls, or over fender bender. They have no faith in the responsibility factor in law-abiding people They don't know, or IGNORE the fact that there are ALREADY many concealed guns on campus, in the hands of people who don't OBEY their fool "gun laws," and allowing law-biding folks to have their own guns only "levels the playing field." They say allowing people to lawfully carry guns will INCREASE "gun violence," and they're right--in way. It will cause a TEMPORARY increase in gun deaths on campus as law-abiding gun owners kill the LAWLESS gun owners who try to victimize them. When all those people are dead, "gun violence" will predictably go down. Let's just hope Governor Kasich is as intelligent as the lawmakers and doesn't veto the bill. (Breitbart)

Why Concentrate On Guns?

There were many more deaths from heroin use in 2015, so why are the "authorities" concentrating so hard on guns? Why don't they make laws to make heroin illegal? Oh; I forgot. They did that, long ago, and they don't work any better than their gun laws do. Has that prohibition made any difference in the amount of drug use? Not one bit. The "authorities" make many USELESS laws, including the ones they make to "limit gun violence" by making law-abiding people DEFENSELESS against the millions of ILLEGAL guns out there. And their anti-gun laws are just as USELESS as their their anti-heroin laws. These people are INCOMPETENT. they spend a lot of time and money making laws that CANNOT work to do what they say they'll do so they can congratulate themselves for having "done something.". Laws against heroin, and laws against guns. With guns, their TARGET is wrong. We don't have a "gun problem," we have a PEOPLE problem, We need to make laws that make PEOPLE unwilling to USE guns to commit crimes, not against the guns, themselves, which are merely inanimate objects until picked up by PEOPLE and used, for good or evil. (Breitbart)

Friday, December 9, 2016

Concealed /carry Unconstitutional

But not for the reason you might think. It is unconstitutional because it should not be needed, at all. The U. S. Constitution clearly says that the right of the people to bear arms "shall not be infringed." And concealed carry, even though it PERMITS people to carry a gun concealed, applies an "infringement" to the right to be armed, as does background checks, gun-free zones, trigger locks, "safe storage" laws, and all the other fool ideas the anti-gun fools come up with. The Constitution clearly states that the right to be armed "shall not be infringed," and all the works of the anti-gun fools "infringe" on that right. You don't need to ask permission to exercise a right, nor need to fill out complicated forms, nor pay a fee to exercise a right. The Indiana Constitution is also very clear on that, without the "militia" qualifier the anti-gun fools pounce upon in their efforts to make all of us DEFENSELESS against ILLEGALLY armed malefactors. (Indy Star)

The Chicago Punchline

Attempts at gun control have failed so miserably that Chicago gun control is a "punchline" for comedians. It has failed so badly that they have plows working day and night to scrape up all the brass left from various gunfights in the city. Chicago leads the nation in "gun deaths," even though it has the tightest "gun laws" in the land. It's a prime example of the futility of the laws the anti-gun fools pass in their feeble attempts to "stem gun violence." Chicago's mayor, Rahm Emanuel (formerly Obama's chief of staff) confidently assures illegal aliens that they're "safe in Chicago" because it is a "sanctuary city." What he doesn't mention is that they are much more likely to be killed by a stray OR aimed bullet than anywhere else in the nation. Chicago is a "war zone." There is more shooting there than IN a war zone. It's so bad that spent shells are piled some places knee-deep. But do anti-gun fools take note of that? Not a chance. They don't have the intelligence. (Bearing Arms)

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Going On the Offense

Donald Trump hs signaled the fact that he is fully in favor of gun rights. So the pro-gun people are "going on the offense" in their efforts to combat the forces wishing to eliminate that constitutional right. One of their first targets is "no gun zones." These zones not only do NOTHING to limit gun violence, they PROMOTE it by keeping law-abiding people DISARMED in the face of the illegal guns already in existence, in the hands of people who wish us ill, and don't care about their foolish laws. Even the "bad guys" admit that they SEEK OUT gun free zones in which to do their shooting. They're also going to work on easing requirements for passing background checks, and making sure concealed carry is recognized from state to state and would be treated the same way as driver's licenses. It's a known fact that the major enemy of the right to self defense and to be armed in order to accomplish it are the Democrats, and you can expect stiff opposition to the efforts of Republicans to retain that right. Democrats want us to be DEFENSELESS, and they must be STOPPED, at all costs. (The Gun Writer)

"Dead Is Better"

The [resident of Ohio State University (OSU) thinks 11 wounded (and maybe some dead) are better than allowing students to be able to carry concealed so they can defend themselves. They call attention to the fact that the cops were on the scene very quickly at that recent stabbing attack, and were able to stop the attacker. But how often does that happen? Usually, it takes the cops several minutes to respond, and in those several minutes many people can be killed. It's interesting to note that the anti-gun fools are using this case, where no guns were used in the attack, to promote gun control. Such gun control that would do NOTHING to stop malefactors from doing their "dirty deeds" because those rules and laws only apply to people who OBEY such rules or laws. Somebody who sets out to KILL people doesn't care about laws, or they wouldn't come there to KILL. (America's First Freedom)

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Anti-Gun Hysteria

In opposition to common sense, anti-gun fools think if you carry a gun, you'll be more likely to shoot yourself than a "bad guy." Of course, this is not backed up by scientific knowledge, but they swear by it. They think a guy WITHOUT a gun can defend himself against a gun-wielding thug by throwing a laptop computer at him. Even a soldier giving a talk about how soldiers can defend themselves in civilian life thinks that, while HE carries a gun off-base, all the time, and wouldn't be without it. That shows that, not even he believes that claptrap. REAL science shows that people who are armed are safer than those who are not, in spite of what is taught by anti-gun fools, who, in actuality, know NOTHING about guns, and their use. They only think what they're taught by other anti-gun fools. (National Review)

Background Checks: No School Shootings

That's what the anti-gun fools are saying, after a "study" provided by an outfit I will not name, because I don't have enough computer memory to do so. Even those involved with the study say they need much more information to confirm the announced "findings," But the anti-gun fools publish the "results" as if they were gospel. That's how they twist the facts to suit themselves. The researchers say this shows a "correlation," not a "causational relationship." What that means is background checks don't CAUSE a lack of school shootings, there is just a "correlation" between background checks and school shootings, which are defined as “an incident when a firearm was discharged inside a school building or on a school campus or grounds.” And they admit that there may have been more such shootings, not reported because nobody died. They also say that "these findings are PRELIMINARY and should not be considered definitive." But not to the anti-gun fools. They treat them as definitive, and release them as final. (LA Times)