Tuesday, August 25, 2015

VA Taking guns?

The Veteran's Administration is using a specious scam to “confiscate” (steal) guns from people who USED guns to protect our rights because they don't handle their own finances. I can think of numerous reasons for a senior citizen to let somebody else handle their finances that do NOT make them “unfit to have a gun.” But the VA is doing this on Obama's orders, and Obama is using everything he can think of, legal and ILLEGAL, to reduce the number of guns in the hands of honest, reliable citizens. They trusted this guy with a gun (which THEY provided) when they depended upon him to fight for them and his country, and then they INSULT him by saying that, just because he lets somebody else handle his finances, he is now “not fit” to own a gun. It's a feeble excuse, but Obama doesn't care, as long as it lets him confiscate guns. (Second Amendment Insider)

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