Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Carson Not Against Guns

Dr. Ben Carson, former brain surgeon who is running for president because it was DEMANDED, made some regrettable mistakes early on in his campaign, that Democrats seized upon in an effort to deplete his support among gun owners and would-be gun owners. He said, “Actually, my stance has never changed. My stance was articulated in an awkward way early on, when I entered the political fray, I subsequently learned that when you talk about things like the 2nd Amendment, your first statement is, “The 2nd Amendment cannot, in any way, be compromised.” It is such an important part of our freedoms. It was Daniel Webster who said that people of America would never suffer under tyranny because they are armed, and I believe that with all my heart and would never compromise the 2nd Amendment. What I did say is that I would prefer not having a situation where dangerous weapons fell into the hands of unstable people, because then they’re likely to wreak havoc with them." But, you know, that’s way down the line in terms of things that I think are important, and I simply, early on, didn’t recognize that you can't assume that people know what you're talking about.” (Breitbart)

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