Friday, February 28, 2014

"More Guns, Less Crime"

Aside from being the title of a best-selling book largely ignored by the anti-gun fools, it’s now a documented truth. A recent FBI report confirmed it. Their “Uniform Crime Data” report for the first half of 2013 confirms that gun sales have significantly increased, while violent crime numbers have gone down. “This new information reinforces the notion that not only do guns save lives, their presence in the hands and homes of law-abiding citizens just might be a deterrent to crime,” observed CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “The National Shooting Sports Foundation has been reporting a steady increase in firearm sales for the past few years. Taken as a whole, one cannot help but conclude that the predictions from gun prohibitionists that more guns lead to more crime have been consistently wrong.” I’ve been saying that for many years, but the anti-gun fools have been ignoring me, as they do anything that disagrees with their pre-conceived notions. (CCRKBA)

Sheriff "Swamped"

After the Ninth Circuit Court (even a broken clock is right twice a day) threw out California’s requirement that people “show cause” why they “need” a gun in order to get a carry permit, California residents “swamped” Orange County with applications, which puts the LIE to anti-gun fools’ claims that Americans don’t really want to carry a gun for self-defense. In less than 2 weeks they got 500 applications, which is more than they got ALL last year. But don’t look for a quick increase in approvals because they’re “dragging their feet,” claiming the vast number of applications is “slowing the system.” If you believe that, I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell you. (Bearing Arms)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Gullible Anti-Gun Writer

A writer who works for gun-hater Michael Bloomberg, apparently thinks all you have to do is ASK people if they have guns and they’ll tell you. (Hearty har-har!) How stupid IS he? That employee, one Paul Barett, thinks people will give an anonymous pollster all intimate details about their lives, including how many guns they have, just for the asking. Torrid gun sales in the first Obama term tell a different story than that “learned” by this pollster; which means they’re NOT telling him what he wants to know. But he believes it. The furor to buy guns has “leveled off,” but only because everybody who wants one now has it. This guy thinks gun owners will be honest with a stranger who calls on the phone and asks them how many guns they have. And I have a nice bridge in Brooklyn I want to talk to him about if he calls me. (Bearing Arms)

Gun Grabbers Still At It

Colorado gun-grabbers apparently didn’t learn their lesson when they lost THREE of their number last year because of their gun-grabbing activities. They’re still “in denial” about the REASONS why two were summarily recalled and another quit rather than face a recall election. Politicians are positive geniuses at denying the obvious. They say, “They weren’t recalled because of their anti-gun activities (although that was clearly the stated reason), but because of their politics in general. What ignoramuses these politicians (including Governor Hickenlooper) are! Now they’re going after it on a “mental health” basis. They want to make a law that will make ANY mental health issue a REASON to take away the gun rights of the person involved. Even a TEMPORARY thing, at the REQUEST of that individual does it. It’s a complete “backdoor” method of further restricting gun rights. What part of NO LAW don’t these fools understand? I guess we’ll have to crank up the recall machinery again. (RMGO)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Are Guns Really the Problem?

Professor Walter E. Williams doesn’t think so. “When I attended primary and secondary school — during the 1940s and ‘50s — one didn’t hear of the kind of shooting mayhem that’s become routine today. Why? It surely wasn’t because of strict firearm laws. My replica of the 1902 Sears mail-order catalog shows 35 pages of firearm advertisements. People just sent in their money, and a firearm was shipped. Dr. John Lott, author of ‘More Guns, Less Crime,’ reports that until the 1960s, some New York City public high schools had shooting clubs where students competed in citywide shooting contests for university scholarships. They carried their rifles to school on the subways and, upon arrival, turned them over to their homeroom teacher or the gym coach and retrieved their rifles after school for target practice.

Virginia’s rural areas had a long tradition of high-school students going hunting in the morning before school and sometimes storing their rifles in the trunks of their cars that were parked on school grounds. Often a youngster’s 12th or 14th birthday present was a shiny new .22-caliber rifle, given to him by his father.” But today, liberals are so frightened of guns in ANYBODY’S hands (except cops or government agents) that they don’t want guns anywhere NEAR a school, so they make ALL schools “no-gun zones,” which ASSURES that one day a “crazy” will come to a school and shoot it up because he knows there will be NO GUNS there to oppose him, or if there are, they will be in the hands of a uniformed cop who can be located and killed FIRST. That’s why school shootings have become so “routine” these days. (Walter E. Williams)

One Gun A Month

To stop “straw purchases,” the feds want to “ration” gun purchases, allowing only ONE purchase of a gun per month. They really think that will stop “gun violence.” Still no projected laws REQUIRING prosecutors to prosecute criminals who USE guns in committing crimes, rather than use that charge as a “throwaway” to get convictions for other crimes, as they usually do today. They still think limiting the legal PURCHASE of guns will do that, which it has proven NOT to do. Criminals will ALWAYS get their guns, and most don’t go to legal gun shops, anyway. They find another CRIMINAL in an alley somewhere, selling guns out of the trunk of his car. Maybe one day politicians will realize this and start punishing USE of a gun in the commission of a crime instead of disarming honest, responsible people and giving criminals an unending stream of unarmed victims. But I’m not holding my breath. I don’t like turning blue. (Mississippi Gun News)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

CNN Fires Piers Morgan

Looks like one of the most oft-quoted foreign gun-haters has been fired. His anti-gun stance has resulted in him having some of the lowest ratings in the history of cable television, but he’ll never admit that. He just thinks it’s because Americans don’t want to hear a “foreigner” criticizing them, and stopped viewing his show. But he is best-known for his anti-gun stance, no doubt fostered by the fact that he comes from a country that HAS no Second Amendment and he just doesn’t understand it. In any case, they didn’t actually FIRE him, but they might as well have. He says he will be “still around,” doing self-standing commentary. At least, until they completely get enough of him. (LA Times)

Governor In Denial

The figures concerning how many people in Connecticut refused to register their “assault weapons” are a minimum OF 50,000 And a maximum of 350,000, making LOTS of “newly-minted felons.” But the governor disputes that, saying, “That’s a ‘made up’ figure.” He SAYS the crime rate in Conn. Is at its lowest in 46 years. I think THAT’S a “made-up figure.” I think his police agencies are “fiddling the figures” to help him along. Nationally, the places with the TIGHTEST gun laws (like Chicago and New York) typically have the highest violent crime rates, usually involving guns. I don’t think it’s any different here. He says, “It’s going well. People are registering their guns.” I think that’s a load of crap. I hope he’s got plans to build a LOT more prisons if he plans to prosecute everybody who refuses to register what HE has decided were “assault weapons.” Time will tell. He can’t falsify figures forever. (The Blaze)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Politicians Are "Quivering Mad!"

They passed a law (that is unconstitutional) requiring the “registration” of all guns THEY deem to be “assault weapons” but which are not well described in the law and are thus able to be “defined” by the cops as “assault weapons” on the spot, at their whim and non-compliance is near 99%. The politicians who passed this law are STUNNED that so many Americans would “violate the law.” What they don’t understand is that, as one Supreme Court Justice once said, “An unconstitutional law does not exist and need not be obeyed.” I’d like to see them try and imprison 99% of the gun owners in Connecticut. If they want to try, they’d better get right on building a lot of new prisons and hiring lots of new prison guards. (Bearing Arms)

"The State Will Protect You"

What a LOAD of bullderm! That’s what the “anti-gun fools” tell you, but it’s a LIE. The cops will be the first to tell you they CANNOT protect you. All they can do is “document” the crime, clean up the scene, and get rid of the body, if any. They’re usually MINUTES away, while the “bad guy is THERE—NOW. No waiting to be robbed and maybe murdered. Anti-gun fools say if you have a gun handy you’ll probably use it irresponsibly, which is a FANTASY to them. They say you're PARANOID if you want to have a gun for self protection. What they don't say is it's not paranoia if somebody REALLY wants to hurt you, and they do. They think you’re not responsible and shouldn’t be allowed near a gun. That’s a fool notion. And it depends on you believing you WOULD be irresponsible in handling a gun. But the facts don’t back up this theory. Only a miniscule percentage of legal gun owners hurt themselves with their guns. About as many as ILLEGAL gun owners. Don’t fall for their BS. They just want a disarmed populace so the government can do what it wants to us without any kind of opposition.(Bob Owens)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

"Crazy Eddie" Strikes Again!

Senator “Crazy Eddie” Ed Markey (D-MA) wants to make a law FORCING gun manufacturers to make all their guns to use a completely unproved “owner recognition” system he saw in a James Bond movie, but which is NOT yet proven to be reliable enough for general use. It fails 10% of the time, which means once every magazine. His intent is obvious. He can’t just BAN guns, so he wants to make it impossible to make them or sell them. A typical anti-gun fool’s way “around the Constitution.” I predict his legislation will fail because there are still people left in the Congress who are somewhat intelligent. (Bearing Arms)

"Atack of the Zombies" Indeeed!

All you have to do is look at people on the street and most of them (the younger ones) will be walking blindly along with their eyes GLUED to a small screen: their cell phones. The inventor of the cell phone, I’m sure, never envisioned creating these “zombies,” but he has. My own grandson sleeps with his on his pillow and on the table at dinner. One of the basic things in protecting ourselves is “situational awareness.” Being AWARE of what’s going on around you. These people are COMPLETELY unaware of what’s going on around them until somebody walks up and puts a gun in their faces and STEALS their cell phones and everything else they have on them. They not only have no idea there is a need for being aware of their surroundings, they have no idea there ARE people out there who want what’s theirs without working to EARN it. Moreover, they’re completely unaware of LIFE outside of their cell phones and ultimately will LOSE everything to some fool with an illegal gun. If the Supreme Court upholds the Ninth Circuit and allows concealed carry in California, those people will never notice—until some illegally armed criminal shoves his gun in their noses. (Bearing Arms)

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Feds, Stuff Your Gun Laws!

“Utah has become the third state to adopt a law exempting guns and ammunition made, sold and used in the state from massive federal regulations under the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and supporters say about 30 more states have some sort of plan for their own exemptions in the works.” As usual, Obama wants to govern (rule) against the will of the people and it’s going to cost him. He’s already paying his attorneys to sue this state over their law, and everybody who owns, or wants to own a gun for self defense or for any other reason will vote against him in the next election where they can. Local laws trump federal laws in all cases, no matter how much the feds want to make us think otherwise. So I’ll join this state in telling Obama: take your gun laws and regs and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine. Sideways or backwards. (World Net Daily)

If Only He'd Had A Gun

This 86-year-old Korean War veteran was attacked by THREE thugs and beaten to death. He was attacked and stabbed and died 12 days later as the result of complications of the surgery required to repair the damage to his 86-year-old body. The thugs, two black, one Hispanic, and one of them even FEMALE were caught, and no doubt their lawyers will try to say they didn’t kill her, the surgery did. Authorities even dropped murder charges when cause of death was noted. But it seems to me if they hadn’t beaten and stabbed him, the surgery that his 86-year-old body didn’t survive would not have been necessary. Two of the assailants showed NO remorse at his death, and indeed SMILED for their booking pictures. It’s too bad this old vet didn’t have a gun. He could have changed things significantly. (The Blaze)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Wyoming Getting Smart

I have long been a proponent of ALLOWING legally-armed teachers and other staff to bring their guns to school, giving a potential shooter a big problem: he might be shot dead before he can kill as many people as he planned, and from somebody who is NOT in uniform and is not easy to eliminate FIRST, before killing anybody else. That’s the problem with hiring uniformed security. They’re costly, and are easily found and “taken out” before a shooter “does his thing.”  Plus which, armed, uniformed officers cost money, and allowing non-uniformed staff to be armed does NOT. Somebody in the Wyoming legislature has “seen the light” and a law has been made to allow school staff to be armed. I’d bet you won’t see many school shootings in Wyoming soon. (New American)

The ONLY Reason

There is really ONE REASON, and one reason only for the government to deny its citizens the right to have their own guns for self-defense. They couch it in “good language,” saying all they really want is to “stop gun violence.” But the laws they make DO NOTHING to curb “gun violence.” Instead, their laws make it impossible for honest, reliable people to have guns for their own defense, leaving them defenseless against ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. That reason is that when they come for what’s yours, in the future, they don’t want to meet a gun in your hands. They call that paranoid, saying they have no intention to EVER do that. But Hitler said that, too; so did Stalin and Hugo Chavez and other dictators. And all three (and others) MURDERED thousands, even MILLIONS of their defenseless citizens in their separate marches to power. Obama has already taken to calling his “enemies” terrorists, though NONE have ever done any “terrorist acts.” He hopes to convince other gullible citizens he is right when he sends his “private army” out to kill them. (Bearing Arms)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

"Anti-Gun" Crazy Fool

Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) has pledged to introduce a strong federal gun control law and figures there is enough support in both houses and the executive to get it passed. (Heh, heh). That doesn’t seem to have proven to be a fact in recent gun control efforts in Congress. Obama has even bemoaned the LACK of congressional action on his “gun control efforts” and threatened to “act administratively” to get things in effect that he couldn’t do by the legal method of going through Congress, so he'll do it ILLEGALLY (administratively). (Bearing Arms)

Why We NEED to Be Armed!

The situation in the Ukraine is definite proof that all Americans need to be armed, so as to be able to defend ourselves—against the cops—or the army—or Obama’s private army if things get out of control here, as they have there. The Ukranian dictator has decided (in his “wisdom”) that all the demonstrators are “anti-government terrorists,” and has ordered the troops to use their guns to put a stop to the demonstrations. Meanwhile demonstrators are armed with nothing more than stones and “Molotov cocktails.” A little uneven force, there. While we’re at it, I should remind you that Obama has ALREADY called conservatives and ANYBODY who disagrees with him TERRORISTS. Sounds to me like he’s “laying the groundwork” for a similar action against AMERICAN demonstrators against his dictatorial acts that he expects in the future. Which makes it all the more important for the people to be armed, or be completely defenseless when opposed by Obama’s “private army.” (Bearing Arms)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

An Armed America

Is that a more dangerous America? Yes, for armed criminals. But not to the average, honest American. People who are prone to gun violence get their guns, legally or illegally. Where gun laws are the tightest, getting illegal guns is the easiest. That’s a fact. One the anti-gun fools deny all the time. If more responsible people had guns and knew how to use them, there’d be fewer people who use them illegally because the legal gun owners will KILL them or see to it they’re in prison. Making laws to disarm honest, reliable people is stupid, and KILLS innocent people. But don’t try and convince anti-gun fools of that. They’re “tone-deaf” to reason. (Christian Science Monitor)

Gun Control Costs States

It started as a trickle. It’s becoming a flood. So far, only a few gun and ammunition manufacturers have actually MOVED out of states with tight gun control laws, costing those states hundreds of jobs and a LOT of tax money. Beretta was looking at Virginia until Terry McAuliffe was elected governor on the promise of more gun control. Then they marked Virginia off their “short list” and, instead moved to Tennessee, where they were welcomed with “open arms.” They brought all their jobs with them. American Tactical Imports and PTR Industries moved from New York because of their SAFE Act, and, as with Rush Limbaugh, who led the exodus from New York, people in both companies will probably be audited by the New York tax people every year to find out of they did ANY business in New York, to harass them for leaving. I expect the trickle to become a “river” soon. (Breitbart)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Conn. Criminalizes 2nd Amendment

Many Conn. Citizens have REFUSED to “register” their “assault weapons” and have been declared felons, all. I hope they have big prisons in the state where 1700s citizens USED their “assault weapons” of the day (muskets) to overthrow King George in “the Colonies. ”They can’t just ban guns, so they “go around” the Constitution by forcing people to “register” them and putting them in prison if they don’t. Maybe we need another revolution. As of Dec. 31, only 15% of “assault weapon owners” have applied for “registration.” So that makes about 300,000 people now felons. Good luck putting them all in prison, folks! What amazes me is the STUPIDITY of liberal politicians who still think you can make a LAW and “solve” the “gun violence” problem by “registering” LEGAL guns. Which ignores all the ILLEGAL guns out there, whose owners are already lawbreakers and aren't going to register anything. When are these people going to “wise up?” Damn, what stupidity! (

Another Gun Maker Moves

Remington Arms, one of America’s biggest gun makers, has moved out of New York to Alabama, taking 2,000 jobs and a LOT of money with it. Another ammunition maker has moved out of Colorado for Wyoming, taking their 200 jobs with them. And these are not going to be the only ones to do so as liberal politicians make it impossible to survive in states where they cannot sell their products. Maybe politicians will get it soon. But I doubt it, they never have been able to “read the tea leaves.” And they HAVE no logic. Remington, like Rush Limbaugh, who LED the "move out of New York" movement, will no doubt be audited every year for a while to see if they do ANY business in New York. New York does this to harass and intimidate "movers." (Truth About Guns)

Monday, February 17, 2014

UN Wants Your Guns

No matter that we rejected the UN Gun Treaty, they still want your guns. They recently issued Resolution 2117, which mandates member nations collect citizens’ arms and destroy them (like they had that right!) . They don’t want any guns in the hands of citizens when they come in and take over. Look at Australia, Canada, and Great Britain to see that citizen disarmament just doesn’t work to reduce gun violence. But that’s only their “cover story.” They don’t care about that. They just want to reduce the number of civilian guns THEY will meet when they come for their "enemies" in any country. They are authorized to “act as peace keepers within the borders of conflict areas.” And who decides what ARE “conflict areas? THEY do. Without input from the United States, or any other government. Which means they can come in, at their whim, with their guns and use them against us, and we will not have any legal guns with which to defend ourselves against their “blue helmets.” They will, for the first time, be able to use armed force against us. So I guess the only answer is going to be ILLEGAL guns in our hands.  (Liberty Alliance)

Success In California

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, one of the most liberal, and most reversed courts in the nation, has ruled that California cannot ban guns because to do so is unconstitutional. But don’t look for “instant concealed carry.” There are still many local laws in force that must be dealt with specifically. And then there is the possibility that the “most reversed court in the land” will be again reversed. I’m surprised the justices there “came to their senses,” but I don’t have the same expectations for their higher court. (Human Events)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Why I Stay Away From Demonstrations

And why I would like to have my own gun if I got caught up in one. Even cops firing “less-than-lethal” bullets can kill and maim, as these Venezuelan cops did. They have a law against use of “deadly force” used on unarmed demonstrators, but some cps have a very fuzzy definition of what “deadly force” is. Further, those “less –than-lethal” rounds can, and DO do a lot of damage. And there are way too many cops out there who don’t know the difference between shooting a guy in the head with a “non-lethal” round and a lethal round, with fatal results. Venezuela voted their new communist leader into office, as we did. So I guess they (and we—not me) deserve what they get. (Gun Free Zone)

You're A "Domestic Terrorist"

Bryan Miller, one of the top anti-gun fools, says, “only domestic terrorists want high-capacity magazines.” Really? How about people defending themselves AGAINST “domestic terrorists? You can’t defend yourself against a CRIMINAL with a high-capacity magazine unless you have one, too. This is the kind of ignorance preached by ALL anti-gun fools while they continue making their stupid laws that do nothing but DISARM honest people and leave the road free for CRIMINALS, who obey NO laws. We keep telling them and telling them that their laws are STUPID, but they keep “shining us on.” They’re “tone deaf” to reason. They know they can’t ban guns altogether, so they make laws to make them impossible to get into action fast enough, or with enough firepower to repulse an illegally-armed criminal. They’d make all guns single-shot if they could. (Bearing Arms)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Anti-Gun Democrat: "Self-Defense Absurd"

What the hell is she SMOKING? I wonder what she’d think if somebody came up and stuck a gun in her face? Better, does she run around with armed security, as do most politicians? “Bearing Arms” says, “It’s amazing that someone so poorly educated could become the Majority Leader in the Colorado Legislature.” They’re right, but there are MANY such ill-educated people making laws for the rest of us (not them) to follow. She thinks carrying guns for self-defense is “absurd,” without bothering to think about what she’s saying (while operating inside a "bubble" of armed security). If so, why do COPS carry guns? Like most anti-gun liberals, she thinks CRIMINALS, who obey NO laws, will obey the next law she passes to further limit our right to self-defense. England used to have unarmed cops, but "wiser heads" prevailed more recently. (Bearing Arms)

Anti-Gun Mayor A Criminal

 Just so you know it, one of the most virulent anti-gun politicians is, himself, a criminal. Like most criminals, he wants “gun control” to keep disarming people who could end his criminal activities. He was just convicted on 20 federal corruption counts. “The 57-year-old Democrat, who led his city through the aftermath of the 2005 storm, was found guilty of charges that he accepted bribes, free trips and other gratuities from contractors in exchange for helping them secure millions of dollars in city work while he was in office.” Yes, these are not VIOLENT crimes, but they do show his INCLINATION to criminality. Ray Nagin COULD get up to 400 years in the slam, but I’d bet all he’ll get is a “slap on the wrist,” under pressure from other corrupt politicians in his area. (Weer’d World)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

He Didn't Even Flinch

Hinds County, Mississippi Supervisor Kenneth Stokes was talking to reporters at a news conference in a school about curbing gun violence when a shot rang out behind him and he just kept talking. He didn’t even flinch, like he was used to it. As usual, that school had signs all over the place saying, “No Guns Allowed.” Maybe the guy who shot the gun behind him couldn’t read, as is true with so many in our schools, today. Or maybe he just didn’t care, which is more likely. Notice: This is Mississippi, in the “Deep South,” where black people should not have been elected to office according to liberals. And he is black. Good on him! (The Blaze)

Well,They Did It Again

They had the opportunity to do something logical in the battle against armed criminals. In Colorado, they rejected a law to ALLOW teachers and other staff in schools to carry guns if they were licensed and trained in its use. Which would serve to make a potential shooter uneasy about there maybe being an armed person there to shoot THEM if they started shooting up the school. But NO! They opted to keep their faulty “gun-free zones” in schools and have, by so doing, INVITED any shooters who wish to, to come in and shoot our children, as usual. Is anybody surprised at the abject STUPIDITY of those Colorado lawmakers? I guess we need to recall and otherwise get rid of a few more FOOLS. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Califirnia Hurts Gun Business

So what, you say? So what? Because it has limited the LEGAL sale of guns to responsible and honest people while doing NOTHING to stop, or even slow down the ILLEGAL sale of guns, to criminals. This is just the OPPOSITE of what gun laws are supposed to accomplish. But it doesn’t work that way, and all those anti-gun fools out there just can’t see that. They have a “blind spot” about it. They’re “tone deaf” to reason. They think there’s only one way to stop gun violence, and they’re wrong. They couldn’t be more wrong. But they persist in their ignorance, no matter how many people they kill with their ignorance. (AmmoLand)

Anti-Gun Strategy

“Better to silence someone with whom you disagree than engage in honest and open debate.” That’s the strategy they use whenever a pro-gun person makes some progress against their lies. Instead of trying to answer her truths, they “pull out all the stops” to get her taken off the air. This is how they operated when a pro-gun person got her own show on television. Their panties got in a tight wad right away. They immediately tried to get her off the air. Anti-gun fools like Moms Demand Action tried every trick in the book to keep her from telling the world what she thought about the gun “controversy.” That’s what they DO. Better to silence opposition than to try and answer their truth. (Truth About Guns)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

California Hurts Gun Business

So what, you say? So what? Because it has limited the LEGAL sale of guns to responsible and honest people while doing NOTHING to stop, or even slow down the ILLEGAL sale of guns, to criminals. This is just the OPPOSITE of what gun laws are supposed to accomplish. But it doesn’t work that way, and all those anti-gun fools out there just can’t see that. They have a “blind spot” about it. They’re “tone deaf” to reason. They think there’s only one way to stop gun violence, and they’re wrong. They couldn’t be more wrong. But they persist in their ignorance, no matter how many people their laws kill. (AmmoLand)

Anti-Gun Hypocrite

I’ve tried to resolve to use the word “hypocrite” less often this year, but this story CRIES OUT for its use. Dwayne Ferguson, the “face” of New York’s campaign for the “Safe Act,” was arrested for carrying a GUN into a school the other day. How hypocritical is THAT? His friends say he shouldn’t be punished for it, because they’re sure he did it innocently. Innocently? For a man who is so well known to be AGAINST carrying guns and who is an ACTIVIST for it to be CARRYING a gun is first, hypocritical, and second, a completely IGNORANT act. A man who is an “anti-gun activist” CARRYING A GUN? This completely discredits anything he will ever SAY about gun control in the future and he should be punished severely for it. Not just for carrying a gun, but for being an ANTI-GUN ACTIVIST carrying a gun while preaching against it! How incredibly STUPID is that? And get this: Ferguson has a CARRY PERMIT. Why would a man who is adamantly AGAINST everybody else BUT HIM, of course, being able to carry a gun for self-defense, have a license to carry himself and be known to be a “carrier?” That’s the DESCRIPTION of hypocritical! This reminds me of the fiasco when it was found that Sen. Diane Feinstein, one of the best-known anti-gun fools in the country was found to be a licensed gun carrier. This just proves again that liberals make laws for YOU, but not for THEMSELVES. (Eagle Rising)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Armed America

Is that a more dangerous America? Yes, for armed criminals. But not to the average American. People who are prone to gun violence get their guns, legally or illegally. Where gun laws are the tightest, getting illegal guns is the easiest. That’s a fact, not conjecture. One the anti-gun fools deny all the time. If more responsible people had guns and knew how to use them, there’d be fewer people who use them illegally because the legal gun owners will KILL them or see to it they’re in prison. Making laws to disarm honest, reliable people is stupid, unproductive, and KILLS innocent people. But don’t try and convince anti-gun fools of that. They’re “tone-deaf” to reason. (Christian Science Monitor)

Jerkson Wants to Get Rid of Guns

Like many liberals, Jesse Jerkson wants to get rid of guns entirely. He can’t even CONCEIVE of the fact that it can’t be done, not the fact that even if it COULD, you would not eliminate violence. First, CRIMINALS, who break laws for a LIVING, will NOT obey one that says they can’t be armed. And if we were miraculously successful in eliminating ALL guns, criminals would find something else with which to attack others. Like back in the days when everybody who could afford one carried a sword, while those who couldn’t were their victims or used clubs. Violent people WILL do violence, if they have to use a club. I can’t believe so many otherwise intelligent people (Jerkson excepted) can’t understand this. (The Blaze)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

No Such Thing As A "Former" Marine

 This 84-year-old man proved it again when he woke up with a gun shoved in his face. Being a Marine, he refused to go down without a fight. He kicked one of them in the gonads and took the gun away from the other. They fled, but not before taking a few things. Cops have arrested one of them (probably the one with no gonads left, limping along) and will soon screw the name of the other out of him, and get this man’s property back. The lesson here is, don’t mess with a Marine, old or young. They won’t go down easily and you’re going to get hurt. (The Blaze)

Reading the Constitution

The gun Owners of America were responsible for a congressman actually READING the Constitution of the United States in Congress. A document everybody on that floor should already be familiar with, but are not. I don’t know how many congresspeople sat there and read something else, or just ignored it—or how many just walked out, but at least they were given an OPPORTUNITY to hear the document that SHOULD be controlling their actions. Whether or not they did is in question. (Just common sense)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Self-Defense Unlawful?

It looks to me like the “authorities” are working as hard as they can to destroy our ability to defend ourselves. They try HARD to stop us from owning guns but can’t totally because of the Second Amendment. So they make laws that make it near IMPOSSIBLE to get our guns into action fast enough to do any good if attacked. At the same time they try to make ammunition as hard as possible to get hold of and if you CAN get any, they want it to contain expensive “micro printing” that further increases its price. They buy up as much ammunition as they can so it won’t be there for us to buy. They ban it when they can. Lack of ammunition makes our guns useless.

Now they’re trying to get rid of all the “stand your ground” laws and the “castle” laws. ANYTHING that might give us the “upper hand” when faced with an illegally-armed criminal. It’s like they WANT us to remain helpless when somebody (even people wearing badges) point a gun at us. Even the POST OFFICE is now buying up millions of dollars’ worth of ammunition. What they figure to use it for is beyond me. They’re even trying to ban a self defense system that could result in the death of the “bad guy.” It has already been banned in some countries and its originator banned from speaking there. It looks like they want make ALL FORMS of self-defense illegal. As new methods come up, they immediately target them. Why do they want us to be helpless? (Just common sense)

Ending With A Big Lie

Obama ended his presidential re-election campaign with one of the biggest LIES I’ve ever heard him tell. We all know he has spent more money than there IS and has gotten nothing for it. That our unemployment numbers are as high as they’ve EVER been; that MILLIONS are out of work and are losing their cars, houses, and other things that are important to them: that the real estate market is DOWN; people are SUFFERING from the effect of his ignorant policies. He DID NOT "save" the auto industry. GM is still on the brink of bankruptcy He says he created 5 MILLION jobs. WHERE? WHEN? That might sound good when he says it, but it's not enough to even KEEP UP with the birth rate.That in the midst of a big oil crisis, he has made policies GUARANTEEING we will be dependent on people who HATE us for our oil, for years to come. Then he runs an ad saying, “We’ve tried our way and it has worked!”

WORKED? When and WHERE? I haven’t seen a single idea he’s tried that worked (If anybody can show me one I’ll be grateful). “We tried their way and it DIDN’T work.” WHEN and WHERE did they EVER “try their way? He shut Republicans OUT  of every important decision. He says, “We won two wars in the Middle East.” WHEN? WHERE? We RAN from both Iran and Afghanistan! Then he said, “We brought our troops home.” Right; we did it by “running for the hills” while the terrorists were blowing up our consulate and MURDERING our diplomats. Obama LIES bigger and bigger every day. I thought he was a FOOL when he claimed to be able to “lower the sea level,” but nobody ever took that seriously. I’ll tell you what, folks’ if you give him another four years to screw us even more, you’re FOOLS and deserve the biggest FOOL to ever occupy the White House and what that will bring you. He's working HARD to make self-defense illegal. (Just common sense)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Why More Mass Shootings?

It’s almost like Columbine (mass shooting at Columbine High School) signaled the beginning of “the season of mass killings.” Since then there have been many mass shootings, all over the world, several right here in Colorado. The only one in Colorado that was stopped before a bunch of people were killed was in Colorado Springs, where there was ONE WOMAN who was (legally) armed and willing to use her gun and shot the shooter before he was able to murder more than two people. That tells me something: ONE PERSON with his/her own gun could STOP these killings. But don’t even try to tell the anti-gun freaks that. They’re “tone deaf” to reason. We’ve DISARMED ourselves as a means of self-defense. How STUPID!. Anti-gun freaks think laws against gun ownership and carrying will stop such shootings. I got news for them.

They won’t; wherever the anti-gun laws are the strongest, that’s where it’s the most easy to obtain ILLEGAL GUNS. Notice you never (usually) hear about a mass shooting done at a gun show or a police station. Why is that? Simple; would-be shooters know there are many guns there carried by people who know how to use them and aren’t afraid to use them. Most people aren’t stupid. They won’t “go on a shooting spree” just because they can own and carry the means of self-defense, a gun. But they WILL “spring into action” and shoot a would-be mass killer before he is able to kill more than one or two. That was PROVEN in Colorado Springs by a very small woman nobody would expect to be a heroine. The “anti-gun freaks” have a very low opinion of the intelligence and self-control of the average person they think they’ll go out and shoot people every chance they get. But that won’t happen.

Robert Heinlein said once, “an armed society is a polite society.” He tossed that one off as an aside in one of his books but it is a PROFOUND statement. Ignorant people ban guns. They might as well put up a sign that says, “Come on in and shoot us. No guns here!” When are the “Anti-gun fools” going to learn? Probably never, because their minds are closed to ANY suggestion that more guns in the hands of people who know how to use them and aren’t afraid to do so will STOP such mass shootings in their tracks. The would-be mass shooters will DIE before they can kill more than one or two with their either ILLEGAL or legally-obtained guns. I notice that many of these mass shooters got their guns legally, which reinforced my opinion that laws against gun ownership and carrying DO NOT WORK to keep guns out of the hands of such people. If they want to go out and kill, NO amount of anti-gun laws will stop them. They’ll get their guns SOME way, even if they have to STEAL them, as some of them have done. There is no such thing as the ABSENCE of guns in our society. They exist. You can’t get rid of them, physically.

Make all the laws you want, guns will still exist, and the “bad guys” will always be able to get their hands on one (or more). It’s like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube. The only solution is to allow honest, intelligent people to buy and carry the means to their own self-defense (and that of others), a gun. John Lott wrote a book with the title, “More Guns, Less Crime.” It was ridiculed by the anti-gun freaks, but it has proven to be very true. Wherever honest people can carry guns, violent crime has gone down, significantly (In Indianapolis a man held up a gun store and is now on a slab, full of lead). It’s time intelligent people overrode the efforts of the ignorant anti-gun freaks and let people take care of their own self-defense. The cops can’t do it, all they can do is write down the names of the dead and injured when they get there, usually AFTER the violence has been done. They did it in Florida, and many other states. And violent crime predictably went down. (Amazon)

What Do Politicians Have Against the Tea Party?

That they want to continue to have freedom? That they want to continue the free market that has made this country the “destination of choice” for people from all over the world who want to better themselves? That they resent and wish to do away with “big government?” That they want the GOVERNMENT to stop COUNTERFEITING money and diluting (reducing) the value of the rest of the money? That they want their country back from the socialists now running it into the ground? That they want the government to stop spending more money than there IS? That they are “good Americans” who recognize that the people running this country today are NOT? Do they really think they can convince the American people the Tea Parties are “subversive” by just saying so over and over with not one smidgen" (Obama's new favorite word) of proof? What FOOLS are they! (New York Times)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Obama "Whips Up" Racism

Along with every other liberal race-baiter out there, including Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan, and many others, they are making a “mountain out of a molehill” about the killing of a black teenager in Florida. I don’t know ALL the details, and nobody else does, either. The incompetence of the cops “investigating” this situation has GUARANTEED nobody ever will. In any case, George Zimmerman has been “judged” guilty of premeditated murder by everybody concerned (except for the jury), right up to the President of the United states, who took the time and trouble to CALL the parents of the “victim,” something that, while not unusual for this president, is not proper in a local incident. While he didn’t make a stupid remark, as he did in the case of a black professor who was arrested in the break-in of his own home, just the fact of WHO he called tells us his opinion, all the “race-baiters” mentioned above have jumped in the fray, condemning Zimmerman to death, even though an “investigation” shows he is innocent of guilty intent.

The “New Black Panthers” have “put out a hit” on Zimmerman, and if he IS found not to be guilty of a crime likely will not change their $10,000 offer for him, “”DEAD OR ALIVE.” (I will watch carefully to see if Obama or his black attorney general charge them with a crime for ordering this murder or if they will reject any charges against them, since they are “their people"). If people would just SHUT UP about this (which will not happen), maybe some REAL investigation could be done and some real facts be unearthed. Although any facts finding Zinmmerman not guilty of a crime will not be believed by these “race-baiters.” I looked at just the CNN web site and EVERY story on the site was about this shooting, and ALL were against Zimerman. The unappointed judges have decided he's guilty of murder, without facts, even though the proper authorities found him not guilty.. (Just common sense)

Individual Right

A history of the Second Amendment will show you it recognizes an INDIVIDUAL right, not a collective one. Every other right mentioned is an INDIVIDUAL right. Why would they change it for ONE? Having the right to carry a gun for self defense does not require membership in a government recognized “militia.’ Every citizen was ASSUMED to be a member of the “militia” and required to help the “recognized authority” enforce the law. Somewhere that idea has been lost and they now say the only reason for the “right” to carry a gun is to defend ourselves against the GOVERNMENT, which they don’t want. All the cops seem to be be able to do today is RECORD the crime after the fact, and MAYBE apprehend the criminal. But if everybody carried a gun, it would be a much more dangerous profession to be an armed robber. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Chicago Gun Sales Up

They got rid of the ban on gun sales to private individuals in Chicago and gun sales went up accordingly. Even though they coupled it with onerous licensing, the number of licenses “granted” increased, a lot. People were arming themselves to defend their homes and families against illegally armed predators. But did you notice that the item announcing it made NO mention of whether the crime rate went up or down? Not surprising. Anti-gun crazies don’t want you to know that the violent crime rate probably went down. It usually does when honest people are allowed the means to their own defense. (CBS Chicago)

"Pistol Packin' Mama" Kills Robber

In Philadelphia, a 19-year-old man assaulted his last victim when the victim’s mother came out packing a gun and killed him while he was pistol-whipping her son. Her gun was legally registered and the cops have (so far) not attempted to arrest her for killing that robber although that doesn’t rule out the robber’s family suing her for killing him. It wasn’t a “wrongful death,” but they’ll probably try and call it that in an attempt to punish this woman for defending her son from their predatory relative. I guess they’ll figure if the dead kid couldn’t get money out of her son with HIS gun, they’ll do it in court. (KSEE 24)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Most Importnt Thing In the World

Not the sagging economy that is running us broke; not the $16 trillion dollar debt, putting our great-grandchildren thousands of dollars in debt before they’re born; not that we have a “spendthrift president” who is “regulating” and taxing private businesses out of business and running our economy into the ground—on purpose, so he can blame free enterprise for the bad economy and make this into a socialist nation. When Democrats CREATED the bad economy to win the election; nor all the other things our current president is doing to destroy us. No; people are more interested in keeping track of what the BRONCOS are doing than how their president is “running them into the ground.” Some people can even name every play quarterback Payton Manning made in the latest game, but have no idea what our collectivist president and his accomplices in the Democrat Party are doing to us.

They have no idea how far we’ve come toward the SLAVERY of the Soviet Union. Some can't even remember what they Soviet Union WAS. A president who will not even ADMIT we’re in a deadly war with Islamic terrorists who want to KILL us for not believing the same way THEY do. NO wonder we’re going “down the tubes.” Forget we have a president who HATES free enterprise and idolizes collectivism (socialism, Fascism, communism, and progressivism, which is another name for communism) and does everything he can to impose this “institutionalized thievery” upon us. How are the BRONCOS doing? Call me paranoid if you’re that ignorant, but remember: it’s not paranoia if people really WANT to kill you. (Just common sense)

Killing A Jogger, "For Fun"

Three high schooler "wannabe gangsters" (two black, one white) in Oklahoma targeted an Australian basketball player who was jogging in a park, drove up and shot him to death because they were “bored” and wanted to do something to “have fun.” This illustrates the complete LACK or reverence for human life that began when the supreme Court MISREAD the Constitution to allow the MURDER of tiny babies before they even had a chance at life. There are many such killings happening today, and what do GUN LAWS do to stop it? Those teens were not legally able to buy a gun, but they had one. So what good are your damned gun laws? (Gawker)

Monday, February 3, 2014

"Guns Shock and Sicken Me"

That’s what a Washington State Senator admitted during a hearing there. During the hearing, State Senator Jeannie Darneille of Tacoma frankly revealed what lies behind much of the support for I-594 and other gun control measures across the country.  As captured by a video of the hearing, the senator told those assembled, ‘I am not a person who handles guns.  I don’t own guns.  I don’t…they shock me, quite frankly’.” And these fools are the ones who make laws that keep us from being able to defend ourselves against ILLEGAL guns. To a human being, guns are not frightening unless they’re in the hand of a criminal, aimed at you. Lying on a table with no human hand upon them, they’re like a rock. Completely unable to harm anybody. But not to such as Sen. Darneille. She really believes we can completely eliminate guns from existence by making a law. The fact we can’t is lost on her and people like her. Thus we get more and more laws that disarm us, but not the criminals and crazies who like to shoot up schools. (Daily Caller)

Supr Bowl Security

SUPER BOWL SECURITY: The stadium in which the Super Bowl is played is a “gun-free zone”—except for the cops. It was like an armed camp there. What do they use to “protect us” against illegally-armed crazies? LEGALLY armed shooters, including hidden SNIPERS. If anybody “gets frisky” with a gun, guess what: a guy hidden in the rafters with a gun shoots him. Which again proves my theory that more honest people with guns would trump one crazy with a gun and cost a LOT less. But politicians never listen to the “voice of reason.” They think they can stop gun violence by banning guns. You CAN’T ban guns. Criminals and crazies will ALWAYS be able to get their guns out of the trunks of cars in a back alley somewhere. So those laws DO NOT WORK. So why keep making them? Why not make some laws to punish criminal who use a gun to commit a crime more than without? That CAN work. But they ignore that logic in their ignorance. Then they send out lots of expensive people with legal guns to “protect us” in the absence of logical gun laws. (London Daily Mail)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Killing Local Gun Control

In Kansas, they’re trying to kill local gun control altogether. They’re trying to make a law BLOCKING all local efforts to “control” guns, saying the multiplicity of laws already on the books confuses the efforts of the “authorities” to lower gun violence. Which is silly, at best. The entire PREMISE is wrong: The current laws do NOTHING to lower gun violence. To attempt to stop local authorities from enforcing ANY kind of gun laws is short-sighted at best. The emphasis should be on the KIND of gun control laws that are to be enforced. Current laws concentrate on the GUN, while they should be concentrating on the SHOOTER. Punishing people much more harshly for committing a crime WITH a gun, than without. You say there are already laws on the books to do that. Yes, there are. But they’re mostly “throwaway” charges used as a “bargaining chip” to get confessions to other crimes, rather than being ENFORCED. What they’re doing in Kansas will put “gun control” completely into the hands of the feds—which is not a good thing, because they’re worse “anti-gun fools” than anybody. (Topeka-Capital Journal)

Wall-To-Wall Football

You’d think the game of football was more important than what happens in politics; more important than wars, and the poor guys who go overseas to fight this country’s wars and get killed and maimed in the process, the president spending more of our money than there IS, while whining about being given permission to spend even more and working HARD to disarm us in the face of in increasing amount of gun violence. I keep the television on at my elbow as I work, all day, not really watching, but keeping track of that’s the most important thing in the news at any given time. And recently, it’s been ALL FOOTBALL. As if that were the most important thing in the world. Even on Fox. So at the risk of being shot, I’ll say this: What’s so all-fired important about football? It’s just a game, fergawd’sake! I like auto racing, but THAT’S not really “all-important” to me. It’s just a race! People go completely INSANE over football. They paint themselves in their favorite team’s colors and pay exorbitant amounts for tickets to the games. They spend thousands of dollars, traveling across the country to see—football. For me, football bores me. I’ve watched ONE football game: the Superbowl the year the Broncos won it all. But to me, it’s nothing to get excited about: it’s just a game. It’s just entertainment. Yes, I know, it produces millions of dollars in peripheral income. But so does auto racing, basketball, hockey, and many other things. So why do people go INSANE over it? Maybe it’s me. I don’t tend to get overly excited about anything. But that’s because I’ve never seen anything to GET overly excited about in my long life. Now you can start firing on me. (Just common sense)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Less gun Cntrol

That’s what Americans want. That’s what a recent Gallup poll showed, anyway. 55% of Americans wanted less gun control as we know it. Which makes me ask, what’s WRONG with the other 65%? Do they LIKE being defenseless when criminals, who don’t obey laws, come at them with their ILLEGAL guns. Restricting your access to the means for self-protection, a gun, seems to be the “fall-back position” for most politicians, even though they KNOW their laws and regulations don’t work. They do NOTHING to curb gun violence. They KNOW that in areas where the laws allow honest people to be armed for self-protection, violent crime takes a nose-dive.” But they don’t listen. They know it all. They “know” the way to curb gun violence is to not let YOU have a gun. They also know that their laws and regulations KILL people. Their “no gun zones” are an INVITATION to crazies to “come in and shoot us; we aren’t going to be armed.” But logic doesn’t faze them. They know it all and we know nothing, right? (Personal Liberty Digest)

Happens First in California

They are now conducting firearms confiscation raids in California. “Attention residents of the City of Los Angeles and Orange County: We (Ammoland) recently learned that local law enforcement entities are conducting firearm confiscation raids in your area on behalf of the California Department of Justice, as part of its Armed Prohibited Persons System (“APPS”) program. These raids are typically conducted without search warrants. Be prepared!  While these raids are promoted by politicians as intended to disarm dangerous criminals, they actually more often target unsuspecting citizens who present no danger and have no idea that they are prohibited from possessing firearms and ammunition.” Seems some politicians think they are empowered to “prohibit” firearms possession for certain individuals, on their own initiative, for any reason, or NO reason. It’s beginning, folks! (AmmoLand)