Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Did You Know?

Chicago, New Orleans, Detroit, and Washington, DC, the four cities with the toughest gun laws in the nation, put us THIRD in the WORLD in murders. Without those cities added, we’re 4th from the bottom of the list. That’s not conjecture or opinion, that’s FACT. But a fact IGNORED by those incompetent politicians who make laws that do nothing but present ILLEGALLY armed criminals with more unarmed citizens than they can rob or murder. These are hard facts. You’d think the people why SAY they want to “curb gun violence” would “tumble” to that and aim their efforts elsewhere than on the guns themselves. Guns, without evil hands holding them, can do NOTHING. They need to make laws to “curb” the PEOPLE who USE those guns for evil purposes by giving them longer sentences for using guns to commit crimes. Don’t ban the use of guns for honest people who OBEY laws by MAKING laws to disarm them. But these incompetent politicians ignore reality and continue to make more and more USELESS laws that kill innocent people by disarming them. What will it take to make these incompetent politicians see reason? Nothing, I suppose, because reason is not part of their lexicon. (Just common sense)

Ignoring Reality

It really amazes me how many stupid people there are out there, and how many of them have the money to push lawmakers (who don’t require much pushing) into making laws that are USELESS for reducing gun violence, but actually cost many people their lives through not being able to defend themselves against ILLEGALLY armed criminals and crazies. They’re aware of this, but they keep pushing these INSANE gun laws that keep getting passed by ignorant legislators. You don’t defend yourself by DISARMING yourself. And keeping honest people (who obey laws) disarmed in the face of the ease with which criminals (who don’t obey laws) get their guns is criminal in itself, and CONTRIBUTES to gun violence. This is REALITY. But these fools ignore it. Gun control, the way it is now known, KILLS more people than do ILLEGAL guns in the hands of criminals, by itself. I can’t believe there are so many STUPID people out there who ignore this REALITY. (High Plains Leader and Times)

Monday, December 30, 2013

A Racist Exercise

You’ve all heard about that new “knockout game” where you’re walking along, minding your own business, when someone in the crowd around you runs up and “clocks you,” usually knocking you cold, then runs off, laughing. Sometimes they (and their friends) stop long enough to kick you while you lay there unconscious or dead. This is how kids who are “bored” relieve that boredom these days. They don’t care if they just knock you out, or KILL you. You’re just some jerk walking along. And if a white guy knocks out a black guy, it’s news; if a black guy knocks out a white guy, it’s not. Does that tell you anything? For my part, I plan to be aware of my surroundings at all times and if somebody decides to clock me, he’s going to learn what time it is—and I don’t care if he’s black or white. I’m going to HURT him. He may THINK I’m just an old man and an easy target for his boredom, but he’ll soon learn otherwise. (The Daily Sheeple)

Who Needs More Than Ten Rounds?

That’s the question being asked by the anti-gun fools now. The answer is simple: Who cares? It’s not somebody else’s place to say how many rounds a man can keep in his gun. What if he ends up facing eleven guys, each with ten of their own rounds? I hate it when people try and dictate what I “need.” It’s not their place to TELL me what I “need,” so shut the hell up! I have a constitutional right to be armed in self-defense. Laws like this one do nothing but make it harder for me to use my gun without banning the gun. As do several other laws, like gun safes and gun locks. When an ILLEGALLY armed criminal confronts me, I want to be able to get to my gun, NOW. Not after a while. I want to be able to CARRY my gun. He has his gun pointed at me NOW. If he shoots me I want it to be the last thing he does in his life. (Gun Free Zone)

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Typical Liberal Operation

Pass an unconstitutional law and enforce it vigorously until somebody gets enough money and support to go to the courts and have it declared so. That’s what they did in Sunnyvale, California recently. Their ordinance is patently unconstitutional, but they’ll enforce it until told by the courts to stop. And those injured by it will remain injured. Nobody will be punished for that because there is no punishment for violating the Constitution except having your law declared unconstitutional. So foolish politicians pass unconstitutional laws somewhere in the United States every day. A law should be made immediately removing such politicians who introduce unconstitutional laws from office immediately with no recourse. But that will never happen because it is those politicians who will have to vote it into law. (AmmoLand)

Making Anti-Gun Fools Mad

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley got a gun for Christmas. That will make the anti-gun fool crowd mad. They just don’t understand people who AREN’T gun-haters. They hate them, so they think EVERYBODY should—even if they’re on “the other side.” Gun-haters are mostly liberals (Democrat). Democrats always think if THEY don’t like something, they should FORCE everybody to not like it. Conservatives, if they don’t like something, they just don’t DO it. You watch: there will soon be a campaign to vilify Nikki, if it hasn’t started already. As the boss of the chief law enforcement in the state, she is ENTITLED to have a gun. They should learn to live with it. (The Blaze)

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Government Won't, Citizens Will

The government won’t protect the residents of Josephine County, OR, so the citizens WILL. The former top cop there (who was forced out because of budget cuts when the county came up $7.5 million short) started the “North Valley Community Watch,” a county-wide organization dedicated to helping citizens in non-life-threatening situations, primarily property crimes,” This after the Sheriff told the community his people would only respond to “life-threatening situations,” and to hell with property crimes; which is an open invitation to property criminals. Critics will call his organization vigilantes, but when they become victimized, they’ll “come around.” The county is 75% owned by the government, so you can understand the INCOMPETENCE in running things. That long-serving officer who was forced out by budget cuts said it all: “Who else is going to protect you when your government can’t?” I’d change that a bit to read, “when your government WON’T.” (The Blaze)

Bloomberg's Outrageous Claims

He says, since crime rate went down while he was mayor, he should be credited with saving 92,000 lives. Poppycock! Numbers can be made to say anything you want them to say, but there are not any numbers available as to how many people DIED because of the stupid anti-gun laws in New York. They don’t keep those numbers so they don’t have to report them. It amazes me how politicians like him can “cherry-pick numbers” to prove something that didn’t happen at all. And they BELIEVE their numbers! Bloomberg MUST be aware that his silly gun laws DO NOTHING to stop, or even reduce gun violence; that all they do is give ILLEGALLY armed criminals and crazies an unlimited supply of unarmed victims, but you’ll never be able to pound such facts into the heads of fool people like him. (Politicker)

Friday, December 27, 2013

Connecticut Registering Guns

They’re lining up in long lines to register their guns and high-capacity magazines. The incompetent politicians there think that will reduce gun violence. I think one guy said it all: “Criminals won’t be registering their guns.” Another said, “If all they want is to know where they are, it’s okay with me.” Which, of course, shows his ignorance at just what massive gun registration means. If they know where they are, it will be easier to confiscate them later. But “knowing where they are” will do NOTHING to stop criminals and crazies from doing their dirty work. When are these stupid politicians going to wise up? Registering guns doesn’t work. Keeping honest people from owning guns won’t work; it will just make criminals, with their ILLEGAL guns, have more unarmed victims. Do we have to “crack their heads?” (The Blaze)

They Think They've Got It

Concealed carry, that is. In Mississippi, they passed a law making it easier to get a license to carry concealed. They thought. But many of the cops are against it, and have set out to make getting that license as difficult as possible. They don’t trust their citizens to carry guns. They only trust cops to carry guns. Even though out of 70,000 licensed gun carriers, there has been only ONE instance of a licensed gun carrier doing something wrong. And THAT was just an accidental discharge and is due to be dismissed. Meanwhile, with only just over 10,000 police officers in Miss., there are EIGHT cases of misconduct with a gun. Two of those involved a man and wife police chief team, both of whom lost their jobs within a month of being named chief; both of which were LEADERS in the “anti-gun” crusades. So who would you trust with guns? (Mississippi Gun News)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

More Evidence Against Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance doesn’t work; Gun-Free Zones do not work. Both are merely “engraved invitations” to would-be mass murderers to “Come in and shoot us; no guns here.” This has become not only obvious (to intelligent people), but real proof of it has been ignored by incompetent “authorities” whose only interest seems to be in improving their power and position while people keep shooting up schools and killing children (in spite of their many useless laws). The University of Florida did a study on “Zero Tolerance” and found that, although the policy resulted in increased penalties, it FAILED to reduce the instances of gun violence in schools. “Trust between the school officials, parents and students is the only way to make schools safer.  School officials have not earned that trust and zero tolerance polices have contributed to that lack of trust. The school principal must have a relationship with their students and parents. They must trust each other.”

That can never happen as long as school officials can be counted on to overreact. Allowing staff who already have concealed carry permits to carry their guns to school, not uniformed officers on school grounds, is the only answer to gun violence on school grounds. Uniformed cops can be “targeted” by would-be shooters, and be the first to die. Only if the shooter doesn’t know if somebody there is armed, and who it is can their wishes to shoot up the school be denied. They trust these people to teach these kids, but not to defend them. This needs to change, but with so many incompetent people running things, will it ever be? Meanwhile, people (including children) will continue to die while incompetent politicians make laws that do not work, and school officials overreact because of "zero tolerance" and "gun-free zone" policies. (Mississippi Gun News)

Can Cops Protect You?

That’s a question asked often in the campaign against gun violence. Always by the pro-gun people. NEVER by the anti-gun fools. The answer is unalterably, NO. The cops themselves (other than the cop politicians, of course) will be the first to confirm that. In most cases, they are MINUTES away, and the illegally-armed criminal is THERE. Before the nearest cop can even start his car the criminal can kill you, hurt you, or just rob you—and all the cops can do is DOCUMENT it. They will take witness statements, clean up the crime scene, dispose of the body or bodies, and (maybe) someday punish the criminal (if they can catch him). Why otherwise intelligent people who seem to be unalterably AGAINST guns, I don’t know. Maybe they aren’t as intelligent as they appear. Or maybe their only goal in their crusade is their own aggrandizement. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

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Monday, December 23, 2013

90 Year Old Kills Knockout Game Attacker

In some places they doubt the veracity of this story. I don’t know why. It’s simple and straightforward: a St. Louis woman, 93 years old, was knocked down from behind by a cowardly kid who didn’t know any better. As she laid on the ground, several of them laughed and talked about what they had done while kicking her. Fearing for her life, she pulled out her gun and shot one in the head. Instant Karma. The others may have reached Indianapolis by now. Maybe Philadelphia. The fools who practice this cowardly game take note: you play the game, you may die. Only cowards sucker punch people from behind, especially old people, then run away. Sometimes the puchee dies; other times the puncher. I personally think this story is true. If it isn’t, it ought to be. The typical victim in this game is usually an old person who probably couldn’t fight back, anyway. And to hit them from behind? That’s pure cowardice. (National Report)

Nosy Doctors

Today, many anti-gun doctors are questioning children and their parents about their gun ownership and advising them to get rid of them. The first question is, who told them to ask? Obama and his thugs? Next question is, what’s it to them? What right do they have to ask these questions? And do patients have to answer them? At least one patient refused to answer and was told to take his business elsewhere, which he gladly did. Nobody wants to patronize a doctor who asks unnecessary nosy questions based on their own political opinion, then give ignorant advice. In Florida, they’ve even made a law against doctors asking, and refusing service if they refuse to answer. Florida seems to be way ahead of the rest of the country when it comes to guns. (Common Gunsense)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

"Carry Craze" Scary

At least, to some people. But it isn’t a “craze.” To call it that cheapens it, and that’s their aim. If it’s nothing but a “craze,” there’s no logical reason for it, except in the minds of those so “crazed.” But it isn’t a “craze.” It’s a logical wish to be able to defend ourselves against those criminals who carry ILLEGAL guns and want to victimize the rest of us. As that Texas woman who had a carry permit but who was forced to leave her gun in the car when she went into a restaurant, and had to watch, in horror, while a criminal with an ILLEGAL gun, who didn’t feel the need to obey this restriction murdered her parents, along with several other people. I read often when somebody walks up to a car and points an ILLEGAL gun at the driver to “carjack” the car. I want that to be the LAST thing that man ever does. I’ve had “carry permits” before. And I have not ever killed anyone in a “willy-nilly” fashion (or any other fashion0. (Mississippi Gun News)

Does Open Carry Increase Violence?

The anti-gun fools think so. So I guess we can expect cops, who practice open carry every day, to start shooting each other all over. No? What’s different between cops and ordinary people? Really nothing. But they don’t go around shooting everybody just because they have the right to carry a gun, something denied to the rest of us. Anti-gun fools think we’re all uncontrollable fools who can’t be trusted to carry guns in self defense without “losing it” whenever somebody angers us. I had a carry permit in Indiana for many years and, except for practice in a shooting range, I don’t think I ever fired it. Am I different? I doubt it. I’m a typical responsible person; the kind of person anti-gun fools don’t recognize. But you’ll never convince them of that. They’re unalterably and illogically AGAINST anybody but cops and government agents carrying guns. That’s illogical, but logic isn’t a part of their makeup. (Jackson Free Press)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ohio Schools Getting Smart

They’re no longer banning guns from their schools. They’re actually LETTING teachers and other staff carry their guns to school with them if they have “carry permits.” Saturday, December 14, 2013 marked the one year anniversary since a coward murdered his mother, stole her gun and her car, then drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. There he broke a window through which he entered the school, murdered several administrators then walked down the hallway and shot teachers before killing a classroom full of children. All told he brutally murdered his mother, six school employees and 20 innocent children before committing suicide.” There are current laws against everything he did that day, including killing himself. Did that stop him, or even slow him down? Hardly. Laws will never slow down such people. The only way to stop them is with a gun pointed in THEIR direction and 2 dozen or more schools in Ohio now realize this and are doing something about it. I’d lay odds any further would-be school shooters stay clear away from this multi-dozen schools. (AmmoLand)

Illinois Schools Not So Smart

They have posted signs prohibiting guns. These signs might as well say,  ‘No Guns Here.” We’re defenseless. Come in and kill us.” How such continually ignorant people get jobs that allow them to do this, I don’t know. Maybe the people who hire them are just as ignorant. It has become obvious to all who can THINK to know that signs and laws banning guns are just INVITATIONS to the “bad guys,” but they keep on doing it while people die all around them. ALL “no gun zones” are an invitation, but you’ll never convince these fools of that. The same kind of people have been railing against guns or a hundred years or more and they haven’t learned a thing. (My Suburban Life)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Another School Shooting

It's just a rumor, this time in Trinidad, Colorado, and more calls for useless, restrictive gun laws. Laws that restrict the right of honest Americans to carry guns for self-protection while criminals still get their guns easily. It’s easier for a criminal to get a gun where gun laws are the tightest because criminal gun sellers flock to places where gun laws are the tightest. They know the local criminals will need many more guns to victimize those honest people who OBEY the laws that say they can’t be armed. They just never learn: the tighter their gun laws become, the more criminals use guns to victimize unarmed people. The looser gun laws are, the less crime there is because honest, armed people keep it down and criminals know that, so they stay away. If politicians learned this simple lesson (too simple for them, maybe?) the “gun problem” would go away in an instant. Robert Heinlein said, "An armed society is a polite society." But they don’t want that. They simply want to disarm honest people and they’re doing it. (KKTV)

"Religion" of Peace?

Islam still claims to be a “religion of peace.” It is not. And has never been. The number of people they have murdered and even beheaded is numberless. Religions, TRUE religions do not behead people and their practitioners don’t DELIGHT in it. If anybody questions Obama’s sympathy for Muslim atrocities, this should convince all but the most stupid. He continues to insist on sending $BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to Syria so al-Qaida can use them to behead innocent people. Of course, they say NOBODY is “innocent” (except “believers,” of course). And apparently they can get away with ANYTHING they do to “unbelievers,” according to the Koran. The “rise” of Islam is the best reason I can think of to allow all Americans to arm themselves so they can kill a few of these fools before they can kill THEM. (Barracuda Brigade)

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hick Admits It

Colorado Governor Hickenlooper admits the fact that gun laws would NOT have stopped the latest school shooing, or any others. But he still won’t do anything toward repeal of those silly gun laws his legislature made last year, and which got three legislators removed from office. This is typical liberal stupidity. They KNOW their laws do nothing to accomplish the goals they claim for them, but they still insist on making them. That shows stupidity beyond belief. But we expect it of liberals. They’re too stupid to realize that they’re stupid, and they’re arrogant, too. (Daily Caller)

Gun Control Kills (Again)

In New Jersey, you must either be in the security profession or have to produce a “justifiable need” before you can get a “carry permit.” Which is actually pretty stupid because how often does a criminal give you warning before he hijacks your car and kills you if you object? Is protecting your family a “justifiable need?” Apparently New Jersey cops don’t think so, even though such a “need” can be amply proved by circumstances. This case, in particular, where a man tried to defend against a carjacking and was murdered. This kind of thing is repeated, over and over, all over the country. But self-defense is STILL denied as a “justifiable need” by anti-gun politicians while people DIE because of it. What kind of FOOLS are these politicians? Their crime is a bigger one because they usually see to the protection of themselves and their own family while denying us the same rights, Constitution be damned. Sen. Diane Feinstein, for instance, one of the foremost anti-gun fools, HAS a “carry permit” and carries a gun. Other such politicians have their own armed security. This is the work of imbeciles and needs to be stopped. (Joe the Plumber)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cop Speaks for Second

Aaron Weiss, currently a cop in Dutchess County, NY and formerly a soldier who “went to war” to defend our rights, spoke out at a meeting of the county legislature as they met to decide whether or not to repeal New York’s “SAFE Act,” that stupid law made in the “dark of night” by legislators in panic over the shootings at Newtown, CT. He emphasized the fact that passage of that law was an act of cowardice, not bravery. He reminded them that the rights they so summarily wish to end were fought for by he and others and some did not come back, to make this argument. We need more people like officer Weiss to speak out and remind anti-gun legislators of the facts of life—and death. (Eagle Rising)

"Grannies" Revolt

And Grandpas, too. They want to end Obama’s “death panels” before they can be formed. They imaginarily hurled well-filled “Depends” at legislators who want to end their lives through Obama’s “death panels” because "it costs too much to keep them alive and they don't have too long, anyway." Obama’s insensitivity to the elderly was highlighted. They would be wise not to mess with this bunch. They’re “armed to their false teeth” with second Amendments and will not hesitate to hurl them at the drop of a bedpan. Don’t mess with grandpa—and I’m one of them. We’ve been around long enough to know ALL the tricks. We were using them long before this current crop of politicians ever dreamed of being elected to office. (Patriot Action Network)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

They Don't Have To Obey

Sheriffs don’t have to obey today’s anti-gun laws and they’re not going to. A growing number of them are REFUSING to enforce unconstitutional anti-gun laws and they’re right to do so. Liberals accuse them of “violating their oath of office,” but I disagree. A law that does not conform to the Constitution of the United States is, according to no less an authority than the Supreme Court, NO LAW and should NOT be enforced. So their actions in refusing to enforce those unconstitutional laws IS adhering to their oath of office. Believe it. And more and more of them are figuring this out. (The Blaze)

What Is WRONG With Reid?

Doesn’t he know a majority of Americans do NOT support his “gun control” measures as written? He equates disagreeing with his proposals with being “AGAINST gun control.” It is not. Disagreeing with his proposals is simply acknowledging that what he proposes is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and that he should go in another direction! As with his opponents in other areas, he wants to DEMONIZE people who disagree with his fool proposals. He promises to keep pushing his insane anti-gun proposals, and that is going to be the death of him, politically, even if Obamacare doesn’t do it.  He keeps saying, silly things like, “The American people will prevail on this issue.” What makes him think the “American people” are WITH him? That reflects his complete IGNORANCE on the subject and how out of touch with the American people he is. (Breitbart)

Monday, December 16, 2013

No "Poll" Needed!

Another new “poll” is showing that more and more people believe that “gun control laws” do NOT “control guns.” We don’t need no stinkin’ ‘poll’ to know that if we’re INTELLIGENT!” Anybody who DOESN’T know that isn’t too bright, and that includes those anti-gun fools. Criminals do NOT obey laws. So what good will a gun law do in keeping guns out of their hands. The best way to do that is to make their hands dead. And the best way to accomplish that is to allow honest, law-abiding people who DO obey laws to have and carry their own guns so they can properly OPPOSE the illegal guns in the hands of the criminals. As long as criminals can so easily get their guns from ILLEGAL sources, that will be true. Trying to keep guns out of the hands of people who DO obey laws is STUPID. (Personal Liberty Digest)

"Murder Magnets"

I’ve only seen TWO attempted mass shootings done where there WERE guns and people who knew how to use them, and those resulted in the would-be shooter leaving with a lot of holes in him, in a hearse. That happened last year in Indianapolis where he shot a clerk in a gun store and when the smoke cleared he looked like a piece of Swiss cheese. In another case in Colorado, a man tried to shoot up a church and was stopped by a legally armed WOMAN who immediately shot him, ending his shooting spree. Both places were NOT “gun-free zones.” “Gun-free zones” are about the stupidest thing I know of that ignorant politicians mandate. They are an INVITATION to would-be mass shooters and a sign saying, “gun-free zone” might as well say, “Come in and shoot us. NO guns here.” They have been responsible for many deaths, but don’t try and convince an anti-gun fool of that. They’ll ignore you and go right on with their silly laws, which mean DEATH to a lot of people. (Biz-Pac)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Head Into A Brick Wall

It really bothers me to offer irrefutable proof of idiocy in politics and have it be totally ignored by people who have the power to make change, and do it every day without seeing ANY changes as a result. A good example is this question, which I’ve asked many politicians without getting a rational answer: “What makes you think that a LAW to keep crooks (who OBEY no laws) from carrying guns will stop them from doing so?” Then they go right ahead and make their inane laws (because they can, the same reason a dog licks his penis) time after time, while SEEING that such laws accomplish NOTHING. I find this all over the spectrum of politics. Politicians are better at IGNORING rational ideas than anybody else I know of; and it’s frustrating. (Just common sense)

Government Overreach

In a typical example of governmental overreach, congress has now banned “wooden cannons” and other kinds of fake guns, the act being signed into law by a signature machine in Washington while Obama is out of the country. “In a fully expected turn of events, Congress reauthorized the Undetectable Firearms Act, or UFA, of 1988 on Monday, and it was signed into law by a signature machine at the White House since the president was out of the country. It seems appropriate that a bill banning imaginary firearms should receive a fake signature, but it is frustrating and disappointing nonetheless, especially in light of the fact that the bill was supported by the firearm industry’s trade association, the NSSF, and unopposed by the NRA.” What does that say about our government when Congress can approve a bill and it becomes law, signed by a ROBOT? Is that even LEGAL? This is how they’re going to disarm us all before killing a bunch of us, as other totalitarian governments have done. (World Net Daily)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Al-Jazeera After Your Guns

This anti-American, terrorist-owned failed network formerly owned by former VP AlGore, the “global warming” swindler that is owned by the royal family of Qatar, asks the usual question asked by our own anti-gun fools: “What are you trying to do? [Effie Steele] said. If you’re trying to save lives, you don’t want to put more guns in the hands of people. If you’re trying to make money, then you can come up with any argument. . .” On the contrary, to save lives you DO put more guns in the hands of HONEST, reliable people to oppose the guns that are ALREADY illegally in the hands of criminals and crazies. I’d ask, “what’s WRONG with these people?” But I know what’s wrong. They’re fools who want only to remove as many guns from the equation as possible to make their OWN guns more effective when they come after what’s ours. Like Adolph Hitler, the dictator who started World War II, they don’t want any guns in the hands of the people so they can more easily subjugate them. (al-Jazeera America)

Another Shooting, More Gun Laws

As this is written, I’m hearing early reports of a shooting at a Denver-area school. Talk about cops running into the school with guns drawn and a perimeter being set up. You can depend on what will come next: calls for more useless “gun laws” that would do NOTHING to keep such things from happening. The “anti-gun fools” are so transparent, I can see them “licking their lips” while dusting off their usual fool laws. They should take the loss of THREE pro-gun law legislators in Colorado and “pull in their horns.” But they never learn. It’s a “one-note song” and we hear it every time some fool goes nuts and shoots up a school. According to early reports, one student came to the school to find a specific teacher, and didn't find that teacher. He shot two students, one of whom who is in critical condition in a hospital, then killed him(her) self. Another person suffered a minor injury . It is reported he was angry over being "cut" from the debating team. (Fox News)

Friday, December 13, 2013

Sorry About Yesterday

I had way too much to do and simply didn't get it all done. Thus, no new posts. That happens sometimes. I had appointments with TWO doctors; one my regular doctor's regular appointment, and the other with my eye doctor who is trying valiantly (with only partial success, I might add) to solve my eye problem. At least I can keep the right eye open (mostly) without much pain. Hopefully soon those problems will be over.

Gun Control Lies

“Earlier in the year, as the gun-control movement tried clumsily to transform an abomination into a cudgel, the Washington Post’s Kathleen Parker distilled its problem into a single sentence. ‘Nothing proposed in the gun-control debates would have prevented the mass killing of children at Sandy Hook Elementary School,’ Parker contended plainly, “and everybody knows it.” But everybody does NOT know it. The anti-gun fools don’t know it. They REFUSE to know it as they go about using Sandy Hook to promote their version of laws that “MIGHT stop gun violence,” maybe. But they won’t Disarming innocent people will NOT keep criminals and crazies from getting ILLEGAL guns, which they can easily buy out of some other criminal’s car trunk in some alley somewhere. It only makes it more probable. (National Review)

Guns For Self-Defense

The anti-gun crowd like to “play down” the number of times people use legally-owned guns in self-defense. But the map shown in this CATO article illustrates that lie. Anti-gun fools keep talking about people being more likely to shoot themselves than the bad guys. That’s a FOOL assumption, made by fools. Like all their arguments, it’s not likely that people who buy guns and get training in their use will foolishly shoot themselves rather than the bad guys. The bad guys are more likely to do that because most of them never get any training in the use of the illegal guns they carry. They keep saying the cops can protect us, and the cops themselves admit that’s a LIE. All they can do is RECORD the crime and dispose of the body or bodies, and then MAYBE punish the bad guys AFTERWARD. That’s not good enough. We need someone THERE who has a gun and knows how to use it to stop criminals with ILLEGAL guns from victimizing innocent people. And that’s what stupid politicians don’t want, for their own reasons. Crooks can get as many illegal guns as they want; more easily in areas where gun laws are tight than in other places where they are not so tight. Illegal gun sellers CONCENTRATE their efforts on places where gun laws are tight. (CATO)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Smith & Wesson Doing Well

With all the hooraw over gun control and “keeping guns out of the hands of criminals,” you’d think gun makers would be suffering, wouldn’t you? Not so. Smith & Wesson, one of the best-known gun makers, is “going great guns” and so are other gun and ammo makers (until Obama successfully ruins their business by banning their raw materials). Gun sales are at their highest in a long time; maybe anticipating a law being made against buying them, period (in spite of the Second Amendment). I guess they hope to hide their guns when Obama’s thugs come to take them on some pretext or another. (Just common sense)

Good Reason for 2nd Amendment

Dr. Ben Carson (one of those this racist would vote for, for president, should he run) says that “Every American should have the right to defend himself, even against his government.” That’s a very basic thing, is self-defense. But liberals, even though they can’t stop us from getting guns because of the Second Amendment, do everything they can to make it impossible to USE our guns in self-defense: from forcing us to store them in hard-to-open-quickly gun safes to making us attach trigger locks that are similarly hard to open quickly to banning higher-capacity magazines (like that will do anything). Now they’re even banning lead bullets, since lead is the primary ingredient in bullets, even though bullets can be made from many different substances—but they’ll get to those, soon. Don’t worry. As usual, Carson is right, and even a bigot like me (liberals have said so, so it must be true, huh?) can understand that. (Washington Times/Ben Carson)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It Ain't Over Yet

The Senate, in a “last-minute action,” (what else is new?) renewed the ban on plastic guns so now people still can’t Xerox a gun and carry it on a plane. Whodathunkit? Their fixation on guns is still strange when you remember how many deadly weapons are all around us on a daily basis. Remember, there wasn’t a single gun involved in the takeover of four planes that resulted in 3,000 deaths on September 11, 2001. But that goes right by the anti-gun fools. The fault in ALL cases is the gun, no matter whether or not a gun was used, or if the gun was there legally. They don’t care. They just want get rid of guns, period. If that were possible. (Lawyer Herald)

Accusing A Target

George Zimmerman is a “prime target” of all anti-gun fools. In this latest attempt to jail him, his girlfriend lied about him pointing a shotgun at her face in order to get quick action out of the police. It did not happen, but the cops bought it, as she intended. At the time. She must have figured out that making such a charge itself was a crime and wanted to CYA. Now she says she was NEVER “threatened” by Zimmerman though her insistence she was got him again slammed to the ground and cuffed. Now “all is forgiven” and she wants to “be with him.” Goody-goody! Love returns. Meanwhile, Zimmerman, who successfully defended himself against a thug who was a known breakin artist got hurt again by more lies. If I had a girlfriend like that, I’d dump her. (Gun Free Zone)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Learning A Lesson

Other politicians are slowly learning the “Colorado lesson” as others are retaliating by FIRING them all over the country. Such is the case in Rhode Island as four members of a city council are facing recall for trying to turn gun permitting over to the state: “Call it a double whammy. Four town councilmembers in Exeter, R.I., not only failed in their bid to get the state to take over concealed-carry permitting for their town, but now they face a recall election Saturday because of it. The story is a small-town version of the drama that played out in Colorado earlier this year, when two state senators behind a new gun-control law were recalled by angry voters in September. A third facing recall resigned last month.” All anti-gun politicians should take note if they value their jobs and careers. (MinnPost)

Underhanded Tactics

The ATF, Obama’s anti-gun agency, in its efforts to disarm all Americans (but cops and government agents, of course, and Sen. Feinstein) are using underhanded tactics to get certain “slow-witted people” to do things to get themselves in trouble, then making an “example” out of them. It’s a classic system of conning people into breaking a little-known law (entrapment) they didn’t even know about, then arresting them for it. And practicing this con on people who are a “little slow.” They’re working very hard and doing everything they can to disarm us, folks. We need to do something to “rein them in.” (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cops Who Couldn't Shoot Straight

In New York City, it’s not a good idea to be the target for the cops. Not because you might get shot, but because probably the safest place to be when the cps are shooting is in front of them with them aiming at you. Not so safe place to be is anywhere near them when they’re shooting, as two “bystanders” to a bunch of cops shooting at a “mentally disturbed man” learned. The cops shot three times at this man, missed all three times, and wounded TWO bystanders. Then their highly intelligent DA, instead of filing charges against these cops for negligence, filed them against this “disturbed man” for being the CAUSE of them injuring two bystanders. Maybe the guy rated being shot at, and maybe he didn’t. But the cops missing him and hitting innocent people TWICE was not his fault. But he will likely spend 25 years in prison because of these “cops that can’t shoot straight.” (Truth About Guns)

It DOES sound Familiar

A judge ordered a retrial of two cops who shot and killed two young kids on a bridge right after Hurricane Katrina and the reason sounds very much like what happened in the Zimmerman trial: “After a jury convicted five other former officers in 2011, their attorneys argued that prosecutors' online comments and leaks to news organizations were part of a "secret public relations campaign" that deprived their clients of a fair trial.” The “vendetta” against George Zimmerman ordered by Obama worked HARD to convict Zimmerman of SOMETHING, ANYTHING so as to support Obama’s agenda to promote the appearance of racism in this country and further demonize guns. But nobody called them on it in the Zimmerman case because their phony case was so weak Zimmerman won. But they’re still trying, every day. They follow him in his car, lie about him in family disputes, etc. He needs to move far away and change his name so they’ll one day maybe leave him alone. But they'll probably hun him down. (Mail Online)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Pepper Spray Big Seller

In Nevada, applications for gun license are BIG. So is the purchase of pepper spray for self defense. People enter a parking lot at night to go to their cars after a long day working in a casino, to meet a “bad guy.” Sometimes that guy has a gun, sometimes not. But the surprise given him when his intended victim temporarily blinds him is a good one (for the intended victim). Yeah, yeah, I know there are some people on whom pepper spray doesn’t work, but they are few and far between (I’m not one of them, and I can tell you that’s bad stuff!). Always use pepper spray responsibly. I cringe when i hear about a crook using it on his victims. But then I think that’s much better than being shot. But it is still a good method of self-defense and should not be abused so we can keep it legal, so foolish politicians don’t make laws against it as they do some places. (8 News NOW)

Joe Says, "They Don't Care"

“Joe the Plumber,” who shot to fame after confronting Obama during his election campaign and forced an admission out of him that he wanted to “spread the wealth” (meaning to steal from the producer and give to the non-producer) now has his own web site, and he has found that, even though it is now a proven fact that “more guns mean less crime” the liberals don’t care. They just want to control you and your having the right to have a gun is an impediment to that. Some people might be surprised at that, but I’m not. I’ve known it all along and have been saying so. That’s one reason why I market non-gun self-defense products on my web site. (Joe the Plumber)

Friday, December 6, 2013

Second Amendment "Misunderstood"

That’s what the university professor who advocates removing the Second Amendment to the Constitution and the whole Constitution itself be “reviewed and changed” since the world has changed so much since it was written says. But she doesn’t give any SPECIFICS as to what is wrong. Liberals never do. They just make broad statements without giving specifics. How IS it “misunderstood?” It’s misunderstood because liberals and other gun-haters WANT it to be misunderstood. The reference to a “militia” is used erroneously (on purpose) since the idea of a “state militia” was unknown at the time. ALL PEOPLE were considered to be members of a militia. But the gun-haters ignore that and continue to insist that it meant “membership” in an ORGANIZED militia, not a VOLUNTEER militia called up in case of attack. That’s the only “misunderstanding” there is: that MANUFACTURED by liberals and gun-haters. (Dallas Observer)

How Liberals Operate

When a vote didn’t go his way, a liberal Democrat just stopped the vote, while in progress. This is, of course, against the “rules of order,” but he doesn’t care. He wanted to avoid LOSING the vote so he “took his ball and went home” like a little kid. They were trying to pass another stupid anti-gun law and they were seeing that it would not pass, so they got mad and illegally stopped the vote so there would not be a recorded vote against their measure. This is “business as usual” for liberals. But it’s just usually done behind the scenes. (YouTube)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Vets Denied Guns

Wounded vets denied the right to have guns because they are wounded while using guns in the defense of our freedom (or some politician’s idea of it). The government “scooped them up,” gave them guns, and sent them out to kill what the government considered “our enemies.” So they did it. And some didn’t come back. Others came back wounded, physically and mentally. So now they are denied the use of guns in their OWN defense because of it. And it is the REPUBLICANS who denied them. The Democrats, surprisingly, voted yes. They are denied because they cannot handle their FINANCIAL affairs after their ordeal. (Biz-Pac Review)

Can He Really Stop guns?

Obama hates guns in the hands of the average honest person. He thinks just owning a gun will make them go “bananas” and go out and shoot up the landscape. He goes on to think he can keep guns out of the hands of criminals who obey NO laws—by making a—wait for it—LAW! He thinks every time some nut goes out and shoots up a school or some other place where innocent people gather that’s a signal he needs to make more anti-gun laws. Even though the ones already in force are only enforced when it suits his fancy. Now a look at reality: “Black Friday” sales of guns were at an the sixth highest in history Is that a symptom that a majority of Americans FAVOR “gun control?” when are Obama and the rest of the “anti-gun fools” going to wake up? Probably never. (Washington Times)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Nazi Gun Control

The City of New York is following the pattern established by the German Nazi Party on how to control a population of people.  On November 27, 2013 the website, "The Truth About Guns" published a letter that NYC is sending to gun owners who have newly created “illegal” firearms and ammunition. (NY City Code – Section 10-306 states,) "No person may possess an ammunition feeding device which is designed for use in a rifle or shotgun and which is capable of holding more than five rounds of rifle or shotgun ammunition," The letter, dated November 18, 2013, gives the recipient three options to dispose of their 'illegal' weapons." [Weapons that have just been made ILLEGAL. -RT] The first option is to turn your guns over to the cops. If you don't, the cops will come to you later to confiscate (steal) them or put you in jail. Will New Yorkers go the way of the Germans did when the Nazi Weimar government made a similar law? (AmmoLand)

Anti-Gun Laws Are Unconstitutional

What do we need to do to “:wise up” our incompetent politicians? Laws to restrict gun ownership for honest American citizens are not only unconstitutional, they are ILLOGICAL. Criminals, who obey NO  laws, are expected to look at their new laws and say, “I can’t be armed, I’d be breaking the law!”  How STUPID is THAT? But they persevere. Every time a mentally disturbed person goes out and shoots up a school or some other place where innocent people congregate, they hasten to make more “gun safety laws” that don’t work and cannot be enforced because they are unconstitutional. The Supreme Court itself said,” Laws that do not conform to the constitution are invalid and of no value and cannot be enforced.” Yet they keep making them and trying to enforce them. In Colorado, a sheriff is working hard to overturn those illegal gun laws, and I hope he keeps going. They accuse him of not upholding his oath to support the Constitution, but it is THEM who are not doing so. (Aspen Daily News)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Nazi Gun Control

Do the gun control tactics of Obama’s government sound familiar? There’s a good reason for that. They’re the Same tactics used by Hitler to find and “confiscate” guns owned by citizens in Nazi Germany before WWII. They use the same tactics on us over and over and we fall for it every time. “The perennial gun-control debate in America did not begin here. The same arguments for and against were made in the 1920s in the chaos of Germany’s Weimar Republic, which opted for gun registration. Law-abiding persons complied with the law, but the Communists and Nazis committing acts of political violence did not.” With the Jews it was easy. Their culture kept them from owning guns so they were “fair game.” And you know what happened to them, no matter how much anti-Jew organizations deny it. But similar things also happened to regular Germans after Hitler took their guns away and made them defenseless—just like Obama is trying to do to us today. If you’re smart, you’ll keep your guns. If you don’t have any, get some. It may keep you alive in the future. (National Review Online)

What Liberals Believe

“Liberals believe the Constitution gives citizens the right to an abortion, even though the Constitution says nothing about it; but they don’t think the Constitution gives you the right to bear arms, even though it says so explicitly. Bottom line: liberals don’t actually believe in the Constitution at all. They just want to impose their will on everyone else.” This comes from the Twitter feed of Bert Bartlett and is copyrighted by Dixon Diaz. I tried to copy it as a photo but couldn’t. But it was too good not to repeat so here it is. The only part with which I disagree is where he says the “Constitution GIVES us the right…” The Constitution GIVES no rights. It only recognizes them and guarantees the government must do so, too. I thank them both for bringing this truth to my attention. (Just common sense)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Back to Work

Well, it’s been a hassle, but I think most of my eye problems (for now) are over. There’s still a definite “presence” there, but for the most part, no more pain. I can open both eyes and (except for the cataract, which was already there), I can see relatively well without pain. That means I can do some work, which I could not do before Thank God there ARE some doctors out there who don’t jump to conclusions as did those at University Hospital. If they had given me the right medicine the first time, I’d have been back at work a week earlier.

California Sheriff Denied A Gun

Sheriff John Lopey, duly elected and certified law officer, applied to buy an M1 Garand rifle through the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) and was refused. He was told he failed to pass the National Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS) background check. This is a county sheriff! Prior to being sheriff he spent 35 years with the California Highway Patrol and before that was an Army Colonel with top security clearance. And he was REFUSED? Does this tell you anything about the competence of the systems they are going to use to keep track of YOUR gun ownership and your right to carry a gun after they get their phony laws made? (Breitbart)

"Can't Ban Guns, Ban Ammo"

If the government can’t ban guns themselves because of the Second Amendment, they do the next best thing. They try to make it next to impossible to get ammunition. Without ammunition, your guns are useless. Ergo, no guns. But typically, they ignore the fact that we know how to MAKE ammunition. But that will be ILLEGAL. So they will have successfully made us into criminals, that can be punished. Frankly, I think that’s a desperate ploy. If they think they can eliminate AMMUNITION, they’ve got another think coming, the “black market” in ammunition is burgeoning and garage-based ammo makers will soon abound. If they think they can stop that, they’re insane. (Breitbart)