Saturday, August 22, 2015

With Police Chief's Blessing

In Detroit, they've finally got the right idea. With the number of cops on the streets dwindling, due to budget cuts necessitated by the city's impending bankruptcy, the citizens, who are tired of being victimized by illegally-armed criminals, are arming themselves and killing criminals who try and victimize them, with the blessing of the police chief, who, in December, 2013, sent out a “call to arms,” which was answered by citizens. This call, coupled with easing of the restrictive Democrat/liberal “gun laws” that effectively DISARMED the citizens, meant they could “arm themselves” and do what the cops couldn't. One man in particular, has done so TWICE, once killing a car thief who was about to shoot him as he drove off in his car. And nobody even THOUGHT about charging him with a crime. Overall crime rate figures are not yet available (and may never be, with Democrats still in charge), but home invasions are down, due to burglars being “uneasy” about breaking into homes, where they might be killed by the homeowner. I'd be willing to bet money that the overall crime rate (which Democrats will try and hide) will go down precipitously in the near future. Something people like me have predicted, and which ALWAYS happens where citizens are made able to carry their own guns for self-defense. (Fox News)

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