Friday, August 14, 2015

Pushing What Doesn't Work

Castle Rock, WA police are distributing FREE gun locks, and have been so doing for a long time. What nobody tells you is that gun lock are like most “anti-gun” measures today, they only make it hard for HONEST people to get their guns in operation when confronted by an ILLEGALLY-armed criminal, who doesn't bother with such foolishness because he doesn't OBEY laws. Any laws. That's the one fatal flaw in ALL their foolish “gun laws.” They don't work like they're intended to. They're supposed to REDUCE gun violence, but all they do is INCREASE it by keeping honest people DISARMED, while criminals have no trouble getting their guns out of the trunks of other criminals in a back alley, somewhere, or by STEALING them.

They used to have a law in New York City that DID help keep guns out of the hands of criminals. It was called the “stop and frisk” law, that depended on the instincts of experienced police officers who could tell, by body language, if a thug on the street was armed, and were ALLOWED to stop him and frisk him. That did more to take guns out of the hands of CRIMINALS than anything I've seen, before, or since. But insipid, limp-wristed liberals put a stop to that, so the cops couldn't “stop and frisk” anybody, based on their instincts. They had to have real “probable cause,” which put a stop to almost ALL “stop and frisk” actions, which usually only affected thugs on the streets. (The Daily News)

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