Thursday, July 26, 2012

Georgia Grandma Shoots It Out With Robbers

The “bad guy” told her to give him her money so she gave him her gun, instead; one bullet at a time. He filled her car with bullet holes but failed to hit her. If he’s going to continue as an armed robber (after he gets out of jail) he’d better learn how to hit what he aims at. He’s “in custody,” but his accomplice (who fled when the shooting started) is still at large. This woman owns several convenience stores and never goes out unarmed. I presume she is licensed because nothing was said about charges against her (surprise, surprise!). The “accomplice” better stay away from this grandmother if he wants to stay healthy. (CBS Atlanta)

"Bloody Gun-Free Zones"

“Gun free zones” are anything but that. They are the scenes of bloody mass murders all over the world. Gunners do not go to gun shows or police stations where they know there are plenty of guns carried by people who not only know how to use them, but aren’t afraid to do so. One such “gun free zone” was the theater in Aurora, Colorado, where a Jim Holmes opened fire and murdered ten people while putting another 50 or so in the hospital. This theater has a “policy” of not allowing guns into the theater in the hands of individuals (even if they have a “carry” permit).He did not go to a police station, which was close by because he knew he wouldn’t survive his first shot. He went where he KNEW there was only a SMALL possibility of ANYBODY in the theater being armed. Think about that as you look at just where the “gun-free zones” are, and compare that with the locations of the mass murders. (Just common sense)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Why More Gun Crimes?

Seems like every day or so, somebody takes a gun and starts shooting people at random. Is this a reason to make the gun laws tighter? Not even! It’s because of the LACK of guns in our society in the hands of honest people. A situation CREATED by the anti-gun fools. You don’t defend yourself by disarming yourself. You get more guns into the hands of honest people and shooters like the one in that Denver-Area theater will think twice before attempting his evil plans. Notice they never go in and shoot up gun shows or police stations. That’s because they know there are many loaded guns there in the hands of people who know how to use them and are willing and able to do so. They go where they KNOW there will be no guns to oppose them. Remember that shooter who went into a church in Colorado Springs to kill people? ONE WOMAN there who shot him after his first two victims probably prevented the killing of many people. EVERYBODY in Israel is armed and are considered to be part of their army, man or woman. My favorite memory is of a woman standing over a Palestinian who tried to take her hostage, pumping bullets into his brain. More honest people having guns is NOT going to create the “wild west atmosphere” they predict. As writer Robert Heinlein observed, “an armed society is a polite society.” (Just common sense)

It's Not the Gun's Fault

I’m actually a little surprised that the anti-gun fools aren’t out “singing their tunes” more about all their stupid reasons why we should BAN all guns—which, of course, will NOT do ANYTHING to stop such things as the Aurora theater slayings. Anybody who thinks a CRIMINAL, such as this shooter, will OBEY a law that says he can’t be armed, is about as ignorant as they come. Anybody who is determined to KILL, will find a way, in spite of hell.. In places where gun laws are the tightest, that’s where illegal guns are the EASIEST to get your hands on. Criminals don’t OBEY laws. But more guns in the hands of people willing to use them in their own defense or even the defense of others (that such shooter don’t know are there) would make a big dent in their ability to kill at will. I’d like to have been in that theater with my own hog-leg. That shooter would have died after firing his first bullet and maybe 10 of those 12 dead would have survived. (Just common sense).