Thursday, August 6, 2015

Another Theater Shooting

This time in Nashville, Tennessee. What's the reason? Why are theaters so popular among crazy mass shooters lately? The answer is simple to intelligent people. Most theaters are, by nature, “gun-free zones.” Mass shooters discovered that when a man went into one in Aurora, Colorado and killed 12 people before he was apprehended. Before that, nobody thought about it until that Aurora theater shooting called attention to it. Now, it seems, theaters are a “favorite place” for would-be mass shooters to “do their dirty deeds” without much fear of being opposed by anybody in the audience who has his own gun. That's because law-abiding people OBEY that prohibition while non-law-abiding people do not. Which means theaters are choice shooting spots. In this latest one, the shooter never got a chance to kill anybody, but that was because of the happy accident of the presence of a police officer, who traded shots with him before a SWAT team came in and killed him. But you can't count on there being a cop close by when some fool comes into a theater and starts shooting people. I'm waiting for TWO SHOOTERS to choose the same theater at the same time. Now THAT will be different! (WSMV TV)

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