Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Criminal Learns Lesson

The lesson is, not everybody is an ”easy target” for a home invasion. But the lesson is lost on this criminal; he’s dead. But it is a lesson other criminals can learn from; don’t break into this guy’s home and start beating him up. He’ll KILL you. This is a lesson that needs to be learned by more criminals, hopefully for them, without them being killed. This criminal broke into a man’s home in Hickory, NC, and started beating the owner, one Paul Ohla, who had a gun and shot him. Ohla is a “senior citizen” and was slightly injured. But the  attacker is dead. More proof my contention that more guns in the hands of “goods guys” will either convince criminals to go into another line of work, or make them dead. The criminal’s family will probably say Ohla should have “warned” the criminal that he had a gun and would shoot him, which says it was HIS fault, not that of the criminal. Some things never change. (The Blaze)

Another Crime Stopped

A son used his father’s gun to stop a home invasion in Texas, where criminals ought to know better. Three men pushed their way into this home and started pushing people around, starting with this boy's mother.  Meanwhile, the son was in the bedroom, getting his dad’s gun, with which he shot and killed one of the intruders while the others “lit out for the tall timber.” The cops found them soon after and they are now in jail, feeling lucky to be alive. They found out what ALL criminals need to learn, that not every one of their intended victims will be unarmed, and thus defenseless. I’d wager the two who survived will go into another line of work after they get out of the slam in a few years. The lesson here is, “Don’t mess with Texans, most of whom are armed.” This father laments the loss of a young life, but I don’t. This “young life” was lost the minute he decided to go into a life of crime and it would have happened sooner or later.(KHOU TV)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

What's WRONG With These Politicians?

Our illustrious politicians ALL seem to be under the DELUSION that the way to self defense is to DISARM us. That notion is not only IGNORANT, it is DELUSIONAL. Yet these INCOMPETENT politicians “cling to their gun bans” and other laws that make it impossible for honest people to defend themselves against CRIMINALS, whether or not they wear badges. It’s not that they aren’t aware that gun laws as they make them DON’T WORK. They do know. They just don’t CARE. They just keep making these laws that are IMPOSSIBLE to enforce upon CRIMINALS, who don’t OBEY laws. Do they really BELIEVE their laws will stop “gun violence?” No; they’re not STUPID, just IGNORANT and their laws DO work to enforce THEIR will upon us, since law-abiding Americans DO abide by the law, even if they think it is WRONG. Meanwhile, our incompetent politicians go about, merrily making more and more laws to prevent law-abiding citizens from defending themselves. They say, “let the cops defend you.” But we all know the cops can NOT defend us. They can only “take names” after the crime has been committed. We need to GET RID OF those incompetent politicians who are AFRAID of “armed citizens” and elect some who have some common sense. (Just common sense)

Citizens 4, Robbers 0

Four would-be robbers in Detroit were shot down by two legally-armed citizens who decided, some time ago, not to “bow down” to robbers. One of the robbers was killed. Those robbers left alive will, when released from prison, no doubt go into a different business than armed crime. This proves my theory that more armed citizens will seriously reduce the amount of armed violence created by criminals. Sometimes by convincing them of the “folly” of their ways, and other times by simply KILLING them. In any case, violent crime WILL be reduced. By allowing Americans to DEFEND themselves, not by DISARMING honest people and giving criminals an unending supply of UNARMED victims. (The Blaze)