Saturday, September 24, 2011

What You don't Know About Islam

They SAY it’s a “religion of peace.” But to them, peace is only possible when ALL countries are under Sharia Law and ALL people have converted to Islam, willingly or not. The Koran allows Muslims to LIE to “Infidels” (unbelievers) to conceal their goals. There are other things you need to know and this video tells you about many of them. Islam is NOT a “religion of peace.” Not by OUR definition of peace. It is a religious DUTY for Muslims to work to impose Islam on the entire world. They say one thing in their own meetings in their own language and quite another here in a language we understand. (Patriot Action Network)

Typical Expectations

"I'm confident of winning a second term.," Says Obama. The way Obama’s dupes talk, this sounds a bit like what they probably expect. They think he’s the reincarnation of the Messiah and can do anything. His failure to do so in so many cases doesn’t seem to disabuse them of this notion (or maybe what he HAS accomplished, that WE deplore, is counted as success to these ignorant people). I feel sorry for those people who are still driving with “Obama 2008” stickers on their cars. It will be even harder for me when I start seeing "Obama 2012" stickers begin appearing. If I had done something as abysmally stupid as voting for Brraaaccck Obama I certainly would not be advertising my stupidity this long afterward. I feel even more sorry for them because they STILL can’t see their error. (Mallard Fillmore)