Saturday, August 1, 2015

Why Govt. Hates Guns

They're the biggest buyers of guns, but they want fervently to deny us, the citizens (peons, to them), the right to own and use them for the same reason they do, to defend ourselves. Why do they think they have the right, but deny it to us? It's the old “us and them” thing. To them, the world is divided into two groups: first, the cops and government agents (at all levels) and second, the peasants. Government people have the “imperial right” to be armed against the peasants, but the peasants have no right to be armed against the government, or anybody else. Further, some of the things they do are sure to foment a revolution, and they want to make sure they're the only ones who have guns when it happens. Some of the most “gun-hating politicians” are themselves armed (Such as Sen. Feinstein (D-CA), one of the most vociferous gun-haters in other people's hands, who has her own "carry" permit). And most of them go around in the center of a circle of armed security. But one thing they can't control is the fact that CRIMINALS don't obey laws. Only honest people do. So those left owning guns are the worst kind of people. (Just common sense)

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