Thursday, July 31, 2014

"View" Panelists Promote Guns

Three of four panelists on “The View” the other day said that women should get themselves a gun for self defense. (What?) The only dissenter was Lara Spencer, visiting from “Good Morning America.” I notice Whoopi Goldberg was conspicuous by her absence this day. Maybe she just didn’t want any part of the subject matter to be discussed and took the day off. Whoopi (whose name reminds me of breaking wind) is a real “firebrand” and is KNOWN for her anti-gun sentiments. So maybe that was a good move on her part. I’m surprised the producers of that ultra-liberal show would let this on the air. Maybe they wanted to make us think they were “fair and balanced,” which they are NOT. (Media ResearchCenter)

Doctors Asking About Guns

That’s one of the more insidious things in Obamacare. One of the things Nancy Peelosi said we’d have to vote the act into law to “find out what’s in it.” Giving DOCTORS orders to question patients about their gun ownership. And if the doctors disobey, they can probably be disciplined. The same way they’re forced to tell “authorities” about possible child abuse in their young patients, if they have ANY suspicion it might be there, even if they don’t think it is. That’s so CPS can then harass the parents unmercifully, as they’re wont to do. For my part, if my doctor asked me about guns, I’d tell him to “screw off” and if he insisted, I’d get a new doctor. (Breitbart)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Comparing Gun Control Fools to Nazis

Venture Capitalist Nick Hanauer talks about “gun control,” promoting it. “Hanauer talks about his family, and they’re from Germany. They had a pillow manufacturer in Germany. And in one of the last paragraphs he talks about his family being run out of Germany by the Nazis. It’s like [slapping noise; laughter]. How stupid can they – you know? Now he’s funding, he’s put half a million dollars, toward this policy, the same policy that led to his family getting run out or Germany by the Nazis. You know, it’s staggering to me, it’s just, you can’t make this stuff up. That these people, its like any Jewish people I meet who are anti-gun, I think, “are you serious? Do you not remember what happened?” And why did that happen? Because they registered guns and then they took them. And now you’re supporting gun con – you come to this country and you support gun control? Why did you have to flee to this country in the first place? Hello! Is anybody home here? It’s just—I don’t know.” He’s like many people who have been the victims of people wielding ILLEGAL guns. They think denying HONEST people the right to have guns for protection will somehow keep CRIMINALS (who obey NO laws) from having giuns. Nazi Germany relied on this kind of person to “get rid of guns” in Germany, then they went out and took (stole) the guns before killing millions of people (mostly Jews). People like Hanauer don’t understand that disarming the populace LEADS to murder BY the government—and that’s the direction in which we’re heading, now. He just doesn’t understand that NRA people are trying to keep him from suffering the same fate, again. (The Stranger)

Just Two Remain

Three armed guys went into a home in Indianapolis, hoping to score big. They did, but not in the way they had planned for this home invasion. Inside were two well-trained and well-armed men, who knew how to repel invaders. There are now only two thugs left in this gang as they “ran for the hills.” They haven’t been seen or heard from since. The third member of their gang is dead at the scene. Once again, guns in the hands of HONEST people stopped a crime and took at least one criminal off the streets, putting him in a cemetery. That’s the price you pay if you screw up, as these ill-trained gun bearers did when they invaded this home. They didn’t do their homework (they didn't even notice the sign on the vehicle outside), and one of them died. It’s a good start. (Guns Save Life)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

They Never Learn

DC courts have ruled the DC gun ban unconstitutional—again. The anti-gun fools didn’t “get it” the fist time, and they’re not likely to get it this time, either. Look for them to regroup and reorganize and come up with yet ANOTHER unconstitutional anti-gun law. And I hope the courts are as intelligent then as they seem to be, today. The cops can see through all the crap in the news media and they won’t enforce the DC gun ban. But they also know ho=w stupid the anti-gun fools are, and how well entrenched they are with lawmakers who think the same way they do. It takes a real STUPID lawmaker to make laws the cops REFUSE to enforce because they KNOW they will fall before the courts. (Christian Science Monitor) The link is to a publication that is, itself, anti-gun. So when they editorialize, don’t take them too seriously.

Death Sentence Called for?

Many people who have never themselves been confronted by a criminal in their own homes ask the question: “Is burglary a death sentence case?” Which shows a certain ignorance of reality. When confronted by a criminal, you don’t have a chance to poll him on his intentions. You can’t ask him if he plans to kill you to cover up his crime. You have only the time it takes to RESPOND to his invasion of your home. If that response it to shoot him, so be it. You don’t know whether or not he has a gun. If he dies from your shot, so be it. You didn’t break into HIS house. That’s what “castle” law is all about. Your home is your “castle” and you are entitled to use deadly force to defend it. If local laws say otherwise, they’re WRONG. In this case, the homeowner shot this woman in the back as she was running away. The “Castle Doctrine” ENDS when there is no longer a threat, as in this case. So in this case, it does not apply. This WAS first-degree murder. Responsible gun use MUST recognize this. You CAN’T kill someone just because he/she broke into your house, after the threat is gone, as this man did. Of course, any jail sentence would likely be a death sentence, for him. That’s HIS fault. (The Sun)

Monday, July 28, 2014

Colorado Gun Laws A Flop

After a flurry of gun violence, Colorado Governor Hickenlooper  bought into former New York Mayor and chief national anti-gun fool Bloomberg’s advice and passed a strong gun registration law. But it didn’t work. Surprise, surprise! Democrat lawmakers are trying to put the failure down to “fiscal mismanagement” in the “enforcement” of the law. Main sponsor of the bill, Democrat State Rep. Rhonda Fields, says she is “still optimistic,” though she “did admit” to the possibility of fiscal mismanagement. Oh, yeah! Blame it on everything except what it is. As predicted, it had done not much of ANYTHING to reduce gun violence in Colorado. If anything, it has gone up. She said that even though numbers are low, it does show that Coloradans are “obeying the law.” Really? It shows intelligent people something entirely different. I’m sure gun violence has gone UP in Colorado, and sure seems that way to a Colorado resident like me. I’m sure the numbers would show that if anybody actually KEPT such numbers. Anti-gun fools won’t, and it’s hard to do for anybody else. But personally, I see NO cessation in the numbers of shootings reported locally. All I see is innocent people being UNABLE to resist CRIMINALS and their ILLEGAL guns. (Daily Caller)

Journalistic Ignorance About guns

That’s exactly what this is. They know absolutely NOTHING about guns, yet they pretend to tell you how to “beat the NRA.” This is an excellent example of the journalistic IGNORANCE the anti-gun fools use to put pressure on people who ALSO know nothing about guns to make their useless gun laws that only serve to keep HONEST people unarmed. They say Derringers are one the most dangerous guns out there. Does ANYBODY use a Derringer any more? Outside of “riverboat gamblers,” who might keep one up their sleeves? This is a “lesson learned.” To examine what they put out CAREFULLY to find the lies it contains, and to NEVER believe ANYTHING the anti-gun fools put out. If they can’t find FACTS to support their ideas (and they usually can’t), they just “make it up as they go along.” The story of Kayree Reid is a good example of my thesis that if more honest people had guns, much gun violence would stop. They didn’t tell the whole story here, about the MOTIVE of the shooter, if any. But if Reid had had a gun, the story might have been a lot different. Frankly, I think this was a gang shooting and I KNOW the shooter was in possession of an ILLEGAL gun. I think being shot so many times in an indication of the CULTURE in which he lives. I’d BET he’s a gang member and those shootings were retaliation. (Rolling Stone)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Armed Robbers Rob Students

Where? On a “gun-free” school campus, of course. Do they go where guns are allowed? NO; they only go where they’re pretty sure there won’t be any guns to oppose them. People intent on breaking the law anyway don’t worry about breaking the law that says they can’t bring guns on campus. That’s a given. Laws like that only work to make SURE their intended victims won’t be armed. They only work on people who OBEY laws. When will the anti-gun fools figure this out? Maybe never; they just aren’t intelligent enough. We point that fact out to them time and time again, but they continue to make their USELESS anti-gun for honest people laws, which do not apply to those who don’t obey ANY laws. Surprise, surprise! (Personal Liberty Digest)

Waiting Period Burdens Constitution

A judge last year ruled that “waiting periods” burdened the constitutional right to keep and bear arms for self defense. The Constitution says the government must NOT make ANY LAW that inhibits the right of citizens to be armed. This law DOES make such a limitation because it FORCES people to WAIT while trying to obtain the means for self defense in a timely fashion. There have been many cases where people have been KILLED by the person they feared, BEFORE they could legally get their gun. In at least one case where that person went ahead and got an ILLEGAL gun, her life was saved, since he tried to kill her while she waited for her gun license (World Net Daily)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Congresswoman Calls Cops

On Larry Pratt, CEO of “Gun Owners of America,” for this statement: “I have never encouraged, or even suggested, that anyone harm anyone. Rather, my speech was designed to educate citizens, and politicians, that it is the fact that Americans are armed that allows them to resist efforts to be dominated, intimidated, or controlled by politicians.” His letter came after Maloney reported him to Capitol Police and the House Sergeant-at-Arms because of his statements in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. She told them Larry was telling people to attack elected government people. He was not. He wqas telling them they COULD, if those government people exceeded their authority egregiously, which was one of the  well known main purposes of the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, which she was SWORN to “uphold and defend.” Apparently she hasn’t even READ this document, which is normal; since congress people commonly don’t even read the bills they pass into law. The cops explained to this congresswoman that this was a constitutional guarantee, that no danger to HONEST politicians was eminent, and that no action was indicated. I suspect they had a good laugh after they hung up. (World Net Daily)

Doctor Returns Fire

A man walked into a hospital annex and opened fire, killing his caseworker, Whereupon a nearby doctor took out his legally carried gun and shot him, ending his rampage. Again proving that ONE gun, operated by someone who knows how and is not afraid to use it, can put an END to a “shooting rampage.” Nobody knows how many people this shooter would have killed if this doctor hadn’t shot him. This doctor was legally armed, although it was “against hospital policy” for him to be armed, though it was a good thing he was. The local police chief credits this doctor with saving a lot of lives. This doctor’s annex had no metal detectors, as the hospital itself, did. There seemed to be a direct entrance from there to the hospital, which seems to me to be an outrageous security lapse. (Mail News)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

They Never Learn

This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard—except for something Nancy Peelosi or Harry Reid might say on any given day. That’s only a fairly close quote from this article, but it truly describes a store that put up “No Guns Allowed” signs AFTER a legally armed CUSTOMER used his gun to stop a robber from stabbing the store’s manager without a shot being fired. AFTER the stabbings, and the intervention of the LEGALLY armed customer, they posted signs that said, “No Guns allowed,” thinking, no doubt, that SIGNS would deter armed criminals. If those signs had been in place BEFORE the stabbing, that store manager would no doubt be “pushing up daisies” now, instead of posting stupid signs for his boss. If I were him, I’d be looking for a different job, where the employers had some sense. (Last Resistance)

Changed Their Minds

A Jersey couple used to be staunch anti-gun fools—UNTIL they were robbed and she was sexually assaulted in their home by ILLEGAL gun-wielding criminals. They thought their burglar alarms, security cameras and special security lighting would be sufficient to keep them safe, and they wanted nothing to do with guns. After being sexually assaulted, she was able to dial 911 while her husband was being beaten to a pulp by the armed invaders, who fled when they noticed. Who was she calling? People with guns, of course! They moved to Ohio and now keep a gun in their bedroom. They’re wiser now. Calling the cops never stops the crime. All they can do is DOCUMENT the crime and clean up the scene, getting rid of the body or bodies, if necessary. Security cameras MIGHT help apprehend the criminals, later—AFTER they have committed their crime. But a gun in the house can make the criminals sorry they ever went for a life of violent crime. These people learned that lesson—almost too late. (Last Resistance)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Some Games Too Dangerous

One teen learned the hard way that the “knockout game” was a “dangerous game”-- for HIM. He ran up and slugged a man who had a “carry permit” and got a big surprise: two bullets. He did survive, and is spending a year in jail. He, himself, says, “It’s a lesson learned.” He did it because he was “bored.” He’s lucky to be alive. The intended “victim” in this game was waiting on the school bus to pick up his daughter. What if he had had a weak heart, as did one sixty-year-old man who was the victim of this “game,” and died from it. Then this little girl would have to grow up without a father and this 17-year-old kid would have to live with the knowledge that he had killed a man—if he cares. Liberals say “carry permits” won’t stop violent crime. In this case, it did. The kid says he’ll never do it again (if he's not lying) after doing it 6 or 7 times before without consequences. (Patriot Action Network)

Yet Another Gun Maker Moves

Beretta has had their manufacturing facility in Maryland for many years. But when the State of Maryland made the importation and sale of products they sold to customers all over illegal, they said, “It’s time to move.” And move, they’re going to do. To Gallatin, Kentucky, a more “gun-friendly” state. The Kentucky facility won’t open until 2015, but the action will affect hundreds of jobs now in Maryland/ Maryland’s loss is Kentucky’s gain. Beretta makes many guns for the United States government, but the new laws makes that impossible. So now they have to move, and take their jobs with them. (Daily Caller)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Anti-Gun Fools "Coming Unglued"

According to Barack Obama, the biggest frustration of his administration was his failure to get meaningful anti-gun legislation passed. Really? I consider that one of the best things about his administration. If there are, in fact, ANY “good things” about Obama’s presidency. They’re so angry about their failure, they’re now attacking pro-gun people personally. You pro-gun people wonder if ANY of your efforts have ANY effect on anti-gun legislation. Be sure it DOES. They even mention it themselves in their whines. The evidence is the very frustration of people like Obama. But the job is not over. It is NEVER over. The anti-gun fools NEVER give up. If the facts don’t support their position, they make up “facts” that do. Gun Owners of America is even gaining the support of at least one NASCAR racing team, as David Gilliland will drive the GOA car at Irwindale. (GOA)

Reid Didn't Get His Way

So he blocked a vote on gun control law repeal completely (He took his ball and went home). He wanted to get “a consensus” between Democrats and Republicans on the matter but he couldn’t. So he just “shut the door” on a vote, completely. This is how Harry Reid works. If he doesn’t get ghis way, he just “shuts Republicans down,” since he is the MAJORITY leader in the Senate and controls just what, indeed, can even BE voted on. Yes, Democrats ARE in the majority in the Senate. But that should not give them the right to stop even a VOTE on various matters. That puts way too much power in one man's hands. Harry would like to be a DICTATOR, and his position in the Senate is as close as he’s ever going to get—and he’s going to make the most of it until he is voted out in an election he CAN’T control. (Breitbart)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Don't Let UN Take Over Gun Control!

The United Nations “Small Arms Treaty” threatens to allow the United Nations to “take over” gun control in the United States with the APPROVAL of Obama and his Congress. This CANNOT happen! You can’t “bypass” Congress by making and ratifying a treaty if doing so violates the Constitution, There is only ONE WAY to change the Constitution and that is by the president signing it, and 2/3 of the states, in an open election, ratifying it. Signing a treaty will not accomplish it—UNLESS they do it anyway by violating the Constitution and the Congress does nothing in opposition. This will not be LEGAL, but if NOBODY opposes it effectively, it will be ENFORCED as it it WERE legal. This must be “nipped in the bud” BEFORE Obama gets a chance to put his plan into action! This treaty again demonstrates Obama’s contempt for our individual, Constitutional freedoms. If he allows it to go into effect, that ALONE should be grounds for impeachment and removal from office. (Washington Times)

Lousy shots

I hate to keep repeating this, but the anti-gun fools keep ignoring it, while making their USELESS gun laws that do nothing more than give the criminals and crazies an unlimited supply of UNARMED victims. Chicago has some of the TIGHTEST gun laws in the country, in spite of the “hiccup” the court gave them by recognizing their gun ban as unconstitutional. Nevertheless, 40 people were shot and 4 were KILLED by gunfire last weekend in the “Windy City” by the lake, including an eleven-year-old girl. What that shows, beyond the unalterable fact that most shooters there are lousy shots, is that their gun laws are USELESS to keep guns out of the hands of people who would use them illegally. People who plan on committing crimes don’t worry about the LEGALITY of the way they get their guns. They don’t obey ANY laws, so why should they obey a law that says they can’t be armed? When are these fools going to figure that out and begin making laws that WORK? Probably never. All they want to do is disarm EVERYBODY (except those with “pull,” of course). (Breitbart)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

We're the "Ignorant HIllbillies"

The liberal news media thinks of us (anti-gun control people) as being “ignorant hillbillies.” Former New York City mayor Bloomberg says we all live in the “backwater” of America, “in places that don’t even have roads (which illustrates his abysmal stupidity).” This is the disdain in which they hold us. Meanwhile, they make no effort to find out REAL facts about just who is being killed with guns. They just print whatever is put out by the “gun control flavor of the month.” Therefore they get it all wrong, and they have no idea they are getting it wrong; or they just don’t care, so long as their figures make them think they’re right. (Gun Free Zone)

Lax Colorado Gun Laws?

Are these people really STUPID? Yes, that’s a documented fact. But to think Colorado has “lax gun laws” after Gov. Hickenlooper was suckered into making some of the tightest gun laws in the country (outside of Chicago and New York City) by the former MAYOR of New York (HIck claims otherwise) is about as stupid a thought as possible. But these TIGHT gun laws didn’t prevent these horrific killings, as predicted by more intelligent people. These laws didn’t do a THING to keep Damon Blake from getting the guns he used in his killing of a pregnant woman AND her unborn child, and another man. Just as the TIGHT gun laws in Chicago and New York don’t stop them from being the “murder capitols” of the United States, maybe the world. But do the anti-gun fools learn from this experience? Not a chance. They keep on making their insane laws that keep HONEST people from getting guns with which to defend themselves from armed CRIMINALS, who don’t obey laws. This killing presents law enforcement with a problem: do they count that inborn child as a murder or as an abortion? (Gun Free Zone)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Law By Executive Order

Obama made law (again) by executive order when he BANNED AK-47s by Executive Order #13662. He couldn’t get it done by congress, so, as threatened, he “did it administratively.” It’s ILLEGAL, and cannot be LEGALLY enforced. But will that stop Obama’s goons from enforcing it? Not a chance! They really believe they can make laws “administratively” and they will be LEGAL. That they’re INCOMPETENT if they think that, nobody talks about it (except people like me). They will enforce this unconstitutional “law” until the Supreme Court SAYS it’s unconstitutional (if they ever do), but the damage will have already been done, and maybe some people killed. But they don’t care. Obama should be IMPRISONED for things like this, not impeached. The “law” doesn’t ban current ownership, only the sale of new guns or parts. “If you like your guns, you can keep them.” But don’t expect to ever again be able to get parts for them “legally.” (Freedom Outpost)

The Cop Army

The police all over are becoming more and more militarized, as a result of Obama giving them an increasing number of war machines and training them militarily. Posse Comitatus PREVENTS the military from acting as a police agency (And they're trying to get THAT repealed). But nothing stops POLICE agencies from acting as an “invading army.” This was proved recently by a “police invasion” of a SCHOOL! “Residents of Livingston, IL., population 850, were shocked to see agents from Homeland Security, the US Customs and Border Patrol and local police agencies swarm a field belonging to a grade school yesterday, with one local telling news channel KTVI, ‘When all the armored trucks started showing up and everything it made me kind of nervous’.” The Homeland Security agents refused to give a reason for this “show of force,” although it was later learned it was a “practice session” for a planned raid on a house a few miles away. Nobody knows why. “Back in May, Indiana Police Sergeant Dan Downing admitted that the militarization of domestic law enforcement was partly to deal with returning veterans who are now seen as a homegrown terror threat. A local Fox affiliate reported that the cops were now “armed for war” against such threats.” RETURNING VETERANS! People we trusted to DEFEND us from foreign threats are now though to be a DANGER to us because WE taught them how to kill. What a damned fool notion THAT is! But we can expect that kind of thing from the INCOMPETENTS now running our government, (InfoWars)

Friday, July 18, 2014

They Gave A Poll

And nobody answered the way they wanted. MSNBC was STUNNED! They only let people vote once, and they got 99,000 votes, 88% voted “YES” to the question about whether or not people should be armed for their own safety. Liberals think most Americans agree with them that Americans should NOT be armed. To find out they were this wrong shook them to their cores. Whenever you listen to liberals talk, you’d think that all Americans are AGAINST people having guns, in spite of the constitutional provision guaranteeing that right. Apparently not. Do you think that will change their opinion about guns? Not a chance. These people don’t live in the real world. They want to live in a world of their own making. They'll "shake it off" and keep doing what they do. (The Right toBear…)

How They Get Their Figures

Anti-gun fools make a “big thing” out of the number of CHILDREN who are killed by gun violence in the United States. Sounds bad, doesn’t it” But think about this: they consider gang members up to age 19 to be CHILDREN. That they’re shooting at EACH OTHER with ILLEGALL;Y-OWNED guns doesn’t seem to matter to them. Anything to make their point, even if it’s a LIE; which, of course, means that you can’t trust ANY of their figures. Do your OWN research, NOT in places they control. They can’t be trusted. Funny: It’s easy to fight such people. They have no actual FACTS, so they make them up as they go along. Yet they still insist you believe things that are easily disproved. And the liberal media gulps it down like a hungry dog gulps his dinner. And they NEVER give up, even when they're defeated. (Daily Caller)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

They're Wrong, As Usual

Anti-gun fools are screaming that “It’s time to stop abusers from getting guns!” after the Texas murders in which four children and their parents were murdered, and his plan to go on to their grandparent’s house and kill them too was only thwarted when one of his earlier victims did not doe and notified authorities of his plans. So what good do they think a LAW will do to keep things like this from happening? Yes, maybe it would make it a little more difficult for this crazy to get his guns, but people like that don’t bother to obey laws when they plan bloody murder. This guy was under a “protective order” but he still got the guns he used. This article doesn’t say HOW he got them, (legally or illegally). But I’d bet if he WAS banned from owning firearms, that wouldn’t have even slowed him down, since people like that don’t even THINK about obeying any laws. Meanwhile, guns are easiest to get ILLEGALLY in areas where the gun laws are tightest. With his record of violence, HE should have been dealt with more severely to make it IMPOSSIBLE for him to commit this crime. But despite much warning, he was not hindered in his efforts to kill his wife. (Care 2)

Holder Still Guilty

Many liberals (principally Rep. Elija Cummings, who has staunchly defended administration figures right along), say Eric Holder is innocent, because he really DIDN’T know about Obama’s “gun-running” operation known as “Fast & Furious,” which was mounted to support Hillary’s lying claim that “most guns used in crimes in Mexico came from gun dealers in the United states.” Well, maybe he did know about it, and maybe not. But he IS guilty of obstructing the investigation into it, and as such should still be punished. Holder has a “knee-jerk reaction” to ANY opposition to Obama, or ANY suggestion that he authorized something illegal, regardless of the facts. So he SHOULD be punished for his interference. He should be ENFORCING the law, not defending illegality. (CBN News)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Guns Up, Crime Down

According to Fox News (who else would report it?), A study by the Crime Research Center has found that with the advent of more people being allowed to legally carry guns in self-defense, violent crime rates have gone down significantly. These are findings the anti-gun fools don’t like, so they ignore them as if they didn’t happen. The study found that 11.1 million Americans now have “concealed carry” permits and, at the same time, the number of violent crimes went DOWN 22%. The anti-gun fools ignore that and keep on touting the phony numbers about people being killed by guns that we’ve previously debunked. These people are never deterred by facts. They report things the way they WANT them to be. States with NO license required to carry a gun have the LOWEST violent crime rates, as criminals either go into other kinds of crimes or move to places like Chicago, where the tight gun laws kill the most people and make it easier to  get guns illegally. (Fox News)

Total Gun Control

That’s what they THINK they have in Venezuela. They closed all the LEGAL gun stores, and don’t allow ANY of their citizens to have guns (legally). But, as usual, that does NOTHING to stop criminals from getting their guns, either through theft or in a back alley somewhere in a “gun store” the government can’t close. They should make a law against bodies falling out of morgue trucks. That would be about as effective as their gun laws in keeping bodies from falling out of morgue trucks.. In spite of (or maybe BECAUSE of) their tight gun laws, Venezuela is second in the WORLD in murders. This is what you can expect if we make similar laws. (Gun-Free Zone)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gun Control Truths

This report from CATO Institute was written in 2000, well BEFORE the anti-gun fools promised to have a “Million Man March” on Washington that fizzled due to a lack of interest. They PRETEND that they have a lot of support for their hair-brained schemes, but they don’t; and when the “Million Man March” fizzled, they went right on as if it didn’t happen. They don’t mention it any more. They tell many LIES to fool Americans, and the biggest one is that “A majority of Americans FAVOR gun control.” They’re talking about THEIR BRAND of gun control, which only gives ILLEGALLY-armed CRIMINALS a steady stream of unarmed victims. A majority of Americans ARE in favor of “gun control” of the RIGHT KIND, not their kind. This report details several of their LIES. (CATO Institute)

Somalia In America

People talk about the violence in Somalia. They’re afraid to go there because of it. Some of those people complaining live in Chicago, one of the most violent cities in America because of the tight anti-gun laws. The killings went down a bit when the Court threw out one of their gun laws, but they have enough left that they can maintain the large numbers of killings and woundings. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were MORE gun killings in Chicago than in Somalia. The incompetent liberal politicians don’t understand that their laws HELP those CRIMINALS, who don’t bother to GET licenses to buy, and carry guns get them. Laws against gun stores don’t help. Criminals usually don’t buy their guns from stores. They get them in back alleys out of the car trunks of other criminals—or they STEAL them, (B96)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Archie Andrews Killed!

What a horrible thing! (Tongue firmly in cheek) The liberals that draw Archie comics promoted many liberal causes in their comic books and messed with the heads of many impressionable children with their crap. Now they’ve decided to “kill off” Archie to get even more attention for the liberal brand of “gun control” that manages to kill many people by denying honest, reliable Americans the right to be armed in self defense against CRIMINALS, who never have any trouble getting their guns because they don’t obey ANY laws. Consequently, the only effect these laws have is to DISARM honest people, giving criminals a steady stream of UNARMED victims. Of course, Archie will remain very much alive in other Archie comics, his death notwithstanding. (MailNews)

"Going Gun Crazy"

That’s what the L. A. Times says about Kansas’ new law strengthening the Second Amendment in their state. But you can expect that kind of a illogical response from Californians, They’re “ANTI-gun crazy.” They say: “The concept would be laughable if there weren't so many people taking it seriously. The idea is that states have the right under the 10th Amendment to unilaterally reject federal laws on issues not expressly reserved for the federal government in the Constitution. It's an old idea — it had a lot of currency among segregationists during the Civil Rights era — and has been debunked by the Supreme Court.” (LA Times) But not in this case; the point is, states have the right to regulate guns THEMSELVES and don’t have to obey federal laws on guns that don’t cross state lines. Defending the Second Amendment IS “crazy” to anti-gun fools, which abound in California. (LA Times)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

"Never Happens," Huh?

The anti-gun fools say people with legally-carried guns NEVER stop criminal acts, and are more likely to shoot themselves with their guns, They’re universally wrong, and this is but one more proof of it. This guy tried to steal a cell phone by using a stun gun to zap the owner. A licensed carrier who didn’t want to be identified lest he be fired pulled his gun and confronted the robber, who gave the phone back and ran away. This guy saved the day, but is afraid of being fired for it. What kind of a world are we living in? There are so many examples of licensed carriers stopping crimes in progress I don’t talk about it for the most part because I’d bore you. You’d think the anti-gun fools would “get wise,” wouldn’t you? But NO! They’re not smart enough. It’ll never happen. (Easy Bake Gun Club)

Defeating Harry Reid

When the “Harry Reid Preservation Act, (S 2363) went down in flames, I’m sure Harry Reid sat down and cried. He was so counting on that bill to get more Democrats elected in “red states, so as to keep his job.” S. 2363 would have allowed hunting on federal lands—UNLESS Obama determined that guns were dangerous. Considering Obama’s usual stance on “gun control,” how much chance is there he will allow it? We’ve defeated Reid many times lately on “gun control” legislation. You’d think he’d get the idea that we are, as a nation, AGAINST the kind of “gun control” he offers. In a desperate effort to keep the bill alive, Harry said, “A vote against this bill is a vote against veterans, women, and gun dealers, a transparent LIE. Obama has whined in public about our ability to stop most of their anti-gun bills, saying (lyingly) that we’re for “free shooting” in America. What we’re FOR, is self defense against ILLEGAL gun users. (Gun Owners of America)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Concealed Carry Up, Crime Down

In the states that allow concealed carry, violent crime is down. According to the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC), where concealed carry permits are up 130%, violent crime is down by 22%. That pretty well puts “paid” to Bloomberg’s (and other anti-gun fools’) efforts to disarm America. They’re going to have to come up with another LIE to fool legislatures into making more of their useless gun laws. The FACTS show that anti-gun fools either aren’t very good at math, or they’re LYING when they tell us otherwise. Data shows that legal gun carriers are much more law-abiding than the average citizen and—get this—policemen, too! In Texas, cops are SIX times as likely to commit crimes than the average citizen, and in Florida, TEN times more likely. Finally, states with the highest number of concealed carry permits have the LOWEST murder rates. (The Daley Gator)

Target Stores Robbed

When was the last time somebody robbed a Target store? Right after announcing themselves to be a “no gun zone,” of course. That was so predictable it didn’t even need to be considered news. The Pit, in Durham, NC, recently banned guns, and were robbed at gunpoint within DAYS. Jack-In-The-Box announced a “no-gun policy,” and was robbed at gunpoint within two weeks. I’m wondering why the robbers waited that long. This is becoming so :old hat” that it is no longer ANY kind of news, and shows AGAIN that I was right when I said, “no-gun zones” should be called, “come rob us” zones. Most of these places had signs posted telling people no guns were allowed, but I guess either the robbers couldn’t read, or just didn’t give a damn about their policy. Does anybody wonder why so many SCHOOLS are being shot up? That’s easy: they’re “no gun zones.” Will the “anti-gun fools” take note? Surely you jest! They aren’t smart enough. (Last Resistance)

Friday, July 11, 2014

No Reparations for Slavery

Liberals say we need to “pay reparations” to blacks to atone for slavery. That’s a LUDICROUS suggestion. Nobody who held slaves is still alive, and people who are now alive aren’t, in any way, responsible for slavery. All that is, is yet another scheme to suck more money out of us by “tugging at our heart-strings.” I know I wasn’t responsible for slavery, and I don’t know ANY of my ancestors who were slave-holders, either. In fact, I’m pretty sure some of them fought to FREE the slaves. Slavery, in fact, is still going on all over the world, and I think this is the first country to make slavery illegal. Our government pays many people handsomely to come up with more, and better ways to suck more money out of us. This is an old idea that has been tried, unsuccessfully, before, and for good reason. Like taxing cow farts, it should be ignored. (CNN, of course)

They Knew He Was Dangerous

Ron Haskell had a violent history. Anybody with a modicum of intelligence KNEW he would one day kill somebody, but nobody did anything REAL about him. When he tied down and choked his own mother unconscious, she filed for a restraining order (a useless document given out like candy that doesn’t work) on him. He ignored it many times, and he wasn’t even arrested after choking his mother. Society needs to take situations like this a LOT more seriously than it does. I don’t mean punish the object of the order more severely, but I DO mean watching him much more closely than before so if he keeps on giving us signals, we can get to him BEFORE he kills a lot of people and himself. In this guy’s case, he has now murdered SIX of his wife’s family members (most of them children), and only the fact one was not dead when he left to go to the grandparent’s house and kill them, too, did they survive. One of the suggestions in this article is to “arm yourself,” which, I’m sure, angers the anti-gun fools. (Daily Mail)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

They Lie Every Day

The anti-gun fools LIE every day. They make up figures that never were “found” in ANY “study.” They tell easily disproved lies with a straight face when they KNOW we know better, and they continue with these lies long after we have proven them to BE lies. The “Brady Bunch” does it, too. They think they have the right to lie of it “keeps guns off the street.” The only problem is, it does NOT. The laws they sponsor do nothing but KILL people who rightly should be able to be armed in self-defense. Meanwhile, gang members all over carry guns ILLEGALLY and kill people every day. Sometimes for no reason other than they’re BORED. The anti-gun fools SAY there are NINE CHILDREN shot every day. Turns out the number is closer to 8, and that included TEENS up to 19, which they CALL “children.” Knock two years off their estimate of what CONSTITUTES “children and the number DROPS significantly. If they use the federal government’s definition that they are “children” until age 26, the number would RISE significantly They’re “playing with numbers,” which IS lying. You can’t believe ANYTHING they say. (Gun Free Zone)

Make Gun Buying Hard

They can’t just ban guns because of the Second Amendment. So they just make the buying of a gun as hard as possible. If they made voting as hard as they make gun buying, fewer people would vote—but you’d hear a loud hue and cry about it. But Americans seem to have ACCEPTED all the red tape involved in buying a gun, for some reason. Maybe they think it SHOULD be hard to buy a gun, I don’t know. This is how the government “gets around” the prohibition on making ANY law that prevents people from owning a gun. None of their requirements PREVENTS buying a gun—it just DELAYS it. Sometimes for a YEAR or more, which is stupid. And it discourages potential gun owners. But they don’t mind—they have MANY stupid laws on the books. (Gun Free

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Why Is "Gun Control" Failing?

That’s a question asked in an article in the Business Insider article recently, that is obviously pro-“gun control.” So I’m not going to link it here. You’ll have to Google it yourself if you want to read it. But (not having read it myself) I suspect it contains nothing new. But the real answer is that current (and past) efforts at “gun control” are aimed at the wrong target. They’re aimed at disarming HONEST, reliable people while doing NOTHING to keep criminals from getting their guns ILLEGALLY. There are many laws that COULD reduce gun violence already on the books, involving harsher sentences for USE of a gun in the commission of a crime. But they are largely used as “bargaining chips” and are dropped, to get convictions in other crimes. This is not the direction in which we should be going. We need to encourage the ability of honest, reliable people to be able to own and carry the means to their own protection, since the cops can’t protect them—and they will be the first to say it. But the anti-gun fools use scare tactics, saying that if everybody could carry a gun there’d be “High Noon” type shootouts every day over trifles. But that’s a foolish notion. Responsible people don’t “shoot it out” over a fender-bender, no matter how much they insist they would. If they ever get their laws aimed in the right direction, I’d be the FIRST to support them. (Just common sense)

Do We Need "Knife Control?"

That question was asked in a report about yet another knife attack, as a ludicrous question. If somebody wants to kill and can’t get a knife, they will use a baseball bat; or a tree branch; or they’ll run over their victim with a car! They WILL find a way! Obviously, you can’t “control” knives like you do guns. Knives are all over the place, and are useful tools (like baseball bats) for many professions other than killing, including butchery and surgery. I even have a two-ended weight sold as a page holder  in a book store, but which would be an excellent SAP. Metal flashlights are excellent tools to brain someone, but laws aren’t made to make them a weapon. And we ALREADY have “knife control laws.” I’ve long known I was not allowed to go around carrying a knife with a blade longer than 3 inches (with which I could still kill someone). But I don’t think that law (or regulation) has stopped a SINGLE knife attack. Knives are a useful TOOL and not to be banned, in any way. So are guns. But the anti-gun fools aren’t so ignorant about knives BECAUSE they are a recognized tool. (Last Resistance)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Is Media Out of Touch?

If they aren’t, why do they push so hard for “gun control” when 70% of their readers think otherwise? The Feds say a majority of Americans FAVOR their brand of gun control when what they really favor is LOGICAL laws ro punish USE of guns in the commission of a crime. We know these people are INCOMPETENT, but are they totally out of touch, as well? I believe so. We point out the illogic of their laws, but they keep making them and insulting us when we oppose them. It makes me wonder when so many SUPPOSEDLY smart people think the way to reduced gun violence is to take guns away from honest, reliable people while doing nothing to stop criminals from getting them ILLEGALLY. WHY do we (not me) elect such FOOLS to high office? so we can continually have to fight them to retain our Constitutionally guaranteed rights? (The Examiner)

Chi Fights to Keep Gun Laws

They’re fighting HARD to overcome the court’s ruling that said it was unconstitutional to keep gun stores from opening in Chicago. “When you want to see the moral retardation of the gun control cult in all its depravity, look at Chicago. Right now, the city council and mayor are doing their level best to make sure no one can run a legitimate gun store in the city. All the while the body count from armed gangs and thugs keeps mounting.” And Chicago is becoming “Mogadishu in America” with gun deaths mounting ever higher, none of which are done with LEGAL guns. Which proves again my point that where gun laws are the tightest, it’s easier to buy a gun out of the trunk of some criminal’s car in an alley somewhere. But Chicago’s liberal politicians can’t even conceive of that being true. They’re “rockheaded stupid.” (The Daley Gator)

Monday, July 7, 2014

Stereotypes and Ignorance

That pretty much describes the anti-gun fools and all that they do. All their stereotypes are BASED on their ignorance. Like the SWAT-Team member-like figure in the cartoon shown in the article linked below. That might apply to one or two ignorant people on our side, but they’re in the minority. Of course, their stereotype is a fat, white guy smoking a cigar (Oops, you can’t see the cigar, here). This ignores the very proper argument that we need guns to defend ourselves against the ILLEGAL guns in the hands of gang members and other criminals and crazies that seem to abound in our cities and towns, and who love to victimize unarmed people, who the anti-gun fools supply them with, in large numbers. It would be funny if they didn’t actually BELIEVE the stereotypes their IGNORANCE produces. (Weer’d World)

Why Do We Need Guns?

Liberals just can’t understand why most people want to be able to have, and carry, the means to self-defense in this “civilized” nation. The answer is simple: it’s not as “civilized” as they imagine. Bad guys are all around us, who would kill you for your pocket change, or just for the fun of it. Gang members abound, and  some kill you for initiation into the gang. They look just like other people until they shoot you, and we can’t identify them until they point their ILLEGAL guns in our faces so as to victimize us. We want to be able to defend ourselves against that. Further, the cops rush to the scene when told of a bad guy with a gun, but uniformly they can’t even arrive until the crime has been committed and the criminal has left. Then they MIGHT catch the criminal later, but that doesn’t do us any good if he has killed us. Anti-gun fools say we’re paranoid, for thinking this way; but it isn’t paranoia if people really DO want to kill you. They complain that with the kind of laws we favor, there’d be guns everywhere. But there ARE guns everywhere, now. And most of them are in the hands of criminals, leaving the good people who OBEY laws unprotected. Criminals and crazies don’t obey laws. So making laws against ANYBODY carrying guns don’t make any difference to them. There are many more good reasons, buy you’ll have to read the article linked here to find them. (The Examiner)

Sunday, July 6, 2014

"More Guns--Less Crime"

No, it’s not John Lott talking, though what he says is more true than the anti-gun fools imagine. NO, this was said by a former Homeland Security Director for Indiana, who is now a professor at Purdue University and director of the school’s Homeland Security Institute. He thinks arming about 10% of the staff, plus having a resource officer would do it. His research? The fact that more guns in schools HAS meant FEWER gun deaths. It’s a FACT. There is no arguing with a FACT for people with ANY intelligence at all. And this is a former member of the GOVERNMENT saying this! Showing that SOME members of government are NOT incompetent, though most are. This ought to DESTROY the anti-gun fools’ arguments, but it probably won’t. They’re not smart enough. They will continue their claims, in SPITE of reality. (The Blaze)

How STUPID Do They Get?

 The National Council of Gun victims is now recommending we break a law to protest “open carry.” They tell us to “just leave” without paying in any restaurant that allows open carry and in which an armed person walks in. That’s a crime, and will wind up with many of them in “irons” in the back seat of a police car. Just like the bad advice given gun owners to “fire a warning shot with a shotgun” given by VP Joe Biden, this is bad advice. But this outfit makes Art Bell look like a far leftist. I keep asking, “When are the anti-gun fools” going to wise up?” But when I see things like this I say, “NEVER.” They aren’t smart enough to begin with.(GunFree Zone)

Saturday, July 5, 2014

They Enforce It Anyway

Concealed carry has been declared constitutional in Illinois, but Peter Harper is being prosecuted under those laws anyway. He, along with the Second Amendment foundation is suing, demanding that they not prosecute him under a previously declared unconstitutional law. The case has not yet been adjudicated, but I suspect Harper will win. If he doesn’t, it will be because a judge ruled AGAINST the Constitution. There should be a penalty applied for such a judge, who knowingly rules AGAINST the Constitution. But, as with violation of the Constitution itself, the Founders made the mistake of not including a punishment for judges who violate he Constitution in their very rulings. (Second Amendment Foundation)

Not Teaching Them

The anti-gun fools are killing people by not teaching children about guns and how dangerous they can be—that they’re not toys to be played with. They blame the gun when a 12-year-old boy shoots his brother by accident while playing with a gun. But I blame THEM for making it impossible for children to LEARN about guns. They want to pretend This child was playing with a loaded gun, which he would have LEARNED not to do if the anti-gun fools had allowed them to learn not to do it. They like to pretend guns don’t even exist as far as children are concerned. I remember the very FIRST attempted school shooting back in the 1880s. The attempted shooter was shot to ribbons by the students, who ALL had guns and knew how to use them. Kids all carried their “squirrel guns” to school just in case they saw a squirrel they could add to the family’s table on the way to or from. (State Journal-Register)

Friday, July 4, 2014

He Just Can't Help Himself

Obama never learned how to tell the truth. He would tell a lie when the truth would serve better. He tells the lie that “40% of guns are sold without a background check,” which is a BLATANT lie. It is based on a TINY “study” that took place BEFORE the law requiring background checks was signed into law. He knows most people are aware of this, but he tells the lie, anyway. Then he insults thoae who point out that IS a lie, by calling THEM liars. Like most politicians, he wants to disarm Americans so his thugs will have less trouble when they come after our property  He says, “My biggest frustration has been that this society has not been willing to take some basic steps to keep guns out of the hands of people who can do just unbelievable damage.  We are the only developed country on earth where this happens.” First of all, I dispute that “civilized countries” don’t have good gun laws. But his biggest problem is that anti-gun fools like him aim in the wrong direction when they .make their laws. They go after gun in the hands of honest, reliable people, not those in the hands of criminals, who obey NO laws. (Fox News)

MOMS Lie Again

“Moms Against Guns (or something like that) are doing what they do best: LYING about the “damage” that GUNS do. They say “86 people are killed by guns every day.” Of course, they include SUICIDES in that number on the specious figuring that people who shoot themselves are “multiple personalities,” and so suicides can be included since they were not suicides—they were shot by someone else: their “alter-egos.” It’s that kind of phony reasoning that makes ANYTHING this outfit says questionable. And they’re not the only anti-gun organization that lies like this: just about ALL of them do, because it they told the truth, they would have no points to make. They want us to think they just want to “reduce gun violence.” But what they really want is to get rid of ALL guns, even those in the hands of honest, reliable people who only have them for self-defense. Politicians want to disarm America so they won’t meet guns when they come to take what’s ours, and they have these fools convinced. (Gun Free Zone)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Gun Buybacks Are Stupid

They are done by incompetent politicians who think the people who USE guns in crime will go there and “give up” their guns. They don’t Only honest people who have guns they don’t need go there. A few criminals might “turn in” some old, rusty, useless guns and take the money to go out and buy a new gun from that guy in the allwy selling them out of the trunk of his car. All they do is make ignorant people who can’t see through the charade that those politicians are “doing something” against gun violence. They aren’t. They’re just running a “dog and pony show” to make themselves look good to the rubes. If politicians want REALLY do something, they’ll make laws to make USING a gun in a crime more costly to the criminals, and banning using those charges as “bargaining chips” to get convictions in other crimes. If these incompetent politicians ever wake up, I’ll be surprised. (Miami Herald)

ATF Misuses the Law

They have the power to demand reports on certain kinds of gun sales in SPECIFIC INVESTIGATIONS. Instead, they re interpreting that power to impose yet another reporting requirement on the purchase of two or more RIFLES by the same person. Their mandate is to require such reports for purchasers of two or more HANDGUNS. Nothing is said about rifles. They do this to support Obama’s and Hillary’s LIE that most of the guns in Mexico came from dealer gun sales in the United States. That was also the reason behind the “gun-running operation” Obama ran recently. It was all a sham to convince us of a LIE. Gun Owners of America and Gun Owners foundation protested, saying ATF was doing INDIRECTLY what they were banned by law from doing DIRECTLY. That is creating a database of gun owners. It amazes me the sneaky tricks the government uses to “get around” the law. They’re also barred from creating ANY new databases, but get around that by inducing others to create databases and “share” them with the government. (American Thinker)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Guns Welcome!

“Shooters” Restaurant in Rifle, Colorado, posts a sign reading, “Guns are welcome on premises. Please keep all weapons holstered, unless the need arises. In such cases, judicious marksmanship is appreciated.” This place must be new in Rifle. I was there a few years ago and all they had was a “Veggie restaurant (Pretty good veggies, too; my first veggie burger.).” This is yet another rebellion against the “anti-gun crowd.” Even the waitresses are armed. I’d BET no intelligent criminal (if there are any) would try to rob this place. This restaurant even offers classes required to get a “carry permit.” (CBS Denver)

Gun Show Killing

We’ve always said would-be shooters never go to gun shows, and we’re right. This guy didn’t go there to kill his father-in-law, but he did; because he was not following BASIC gun safety policies, that are TAUGHT at gun shows. The anti-gun fools are using this incident to push their fool notions of gun safety, saying, “Pro-gun folks should quit fighting us and help us ensure gun safety,” We would, if they weren’t so stupid about how to go about it. Gun locks and registration and keeping guns from honest, reliable people are NOT going to do it. Going after HONEST, reliable gun owners isn’t going to do it. Making it worse on criminals who USE a gun in a crime would at least keep the criminal off the street for a longer period of time if the gun violation is not used as a “bargaining chip” to get a conviction on another crime by dropping it. This is just a tragic accident by a man who obviously never took any training in proper gun handling, and his wife’s father suffered for it. (Patriot Action Network)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Another Gun-Free Restaurant Robbed

At gunpoint. What’s wrong with these criminals? Can’t they READ? Or do they just not care? I go with the latter rather than the former. That’s why gun-free zones never work. But don’t tell Chipotle. Even though they got robbed by a criminal with a gun in SPITE of their no-gun policy (or BECAUSE of it), they don’t plan on changing their policy any time soon. Signs saying, “No Guns Allowed” might as well be saying, “We’re unarmed. Please rob us.” But do people like the people who run Chipotle’s learn a lesson from being robbed by a gun-wielding thug in SPITE of their sign? Not likely. I think they’ve gottn into the liberal “Stupid pill” supply. (Last Resistance)

Should Joe Be Suspended?

VP Joe Biden committed a terrible crime according to most school authorities who suspend, even sometimes ARREST children for pointing their FINGER at someone else, or chewing a pop tart into the rough shape of a gun. Or drawing a PICTURE of a gun. Surely actually SHOOTING people with a water gun should draw a HORRIBLE punishment! But no! This is not a school student; it is the Vice President of the United States! Will he be punished for this horrible crime? I doubt it considering the “two-level world” in which we now live. It’s bad enough for him to suggest firing a warning shot with a shotgun, leading to several honest people being arrested for taking his advice. But to actually SHOOT several people, even though it was just a water gun! School officials would have  “field day” with this! (LastResistance)