Sunday, November 29, 2009

They Just Won't Listen

We tell them and tell them logical conclusions, but they ignore us. They won’t even answer. We ask them what makes them think a CRIMINAL, who makes his LIVING breaking the law, will OBEY a law saying he can’t be armed. We ask them what makes them think the route to self-defense is DISARMING ourselves? And the answer? Silence. And they go right on making their stupid laws, which only penalize HONEST people who DO obey laws. It just makes of them, “easy targets” for criminals, who do not. The ONLY unsuccessful mass shooting recently was stopped by ONE GUN in the hands of a woman not afraid to use it, who ended the shooting spree in a Colorado Springs church by shooting the shooter.

It’s a proven fact that in areas where guns are easy to obtain and legal to carry, violent crime figures GO DOWN. Liberals and other gun-hating fools deny this, but they can’t prove their denials. They just SAY it and hope we’ll believe it. In one case in Texas, where a licensed gun carrier was forced to leave her gun in the car by law when she and her parents went in a restaurant to eat, she had to watch as her parents were gunned down by a man with an ILLEGAL gun, right in front of her eyes. Just think about how different the story would have been if she had been allowed to carry her gun inside. (Just common sense)