Saturday, August 22, 2015

Murder Rates going Up

That's in Canada, where they have no “Second Amendment,” and gun ownership is considered a “privilege,” not a right. One such limitation is that it takes 60 days from the beginning of a purchase to actually getting the gun, with some of that time involved in taking a class on gun ownership. And I'd bet there are other laws restricting gun ownership for honest people, but not for criminals, who obey NO laws. They THINK their tight gun laws have “insulated them” from the mass shootings we see in America, but that's a “pipe-dream.” Criminals, and people who want to do mass shootings still have no trouble getting their guns in Canada, where gun stealing is on the rise. And you can bet that guy in the back alley with a trunkful of illegal guns for sale is all over Canada, too. Toronto can't figure out why murder rates are going up, while other kinds of crimes are going down. Politicians are notoriously blind to such facts. (CBC News)

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