Thursday, August 20, 2015

The "Unarmed Victim" Lie

The big hooraw about cops shooting and killing UNARMED black men without cause is fast being exposed for the lie it is, in most cases. In this case, the call was an overreaction by the female when this huge black man knocked on her door asking for help, having been in an accident. The cops didn't know that. All they knew was that their Tasers had no effect on him and he was “charging” them. Why, I don't know. Neither did they. Maybe he was mad at being “Tased.” So they fired in self defense. And, of course, their “cop shop” didn't “have their backs” and, like in Baltimore and Ferguson, tried to convict them of a crime. But the facts, when they came out in court, prove otherwise. As they will in most cases. Yes, there ARE a few cases where the cops DO act precipitously. But their bosses (and the press) need to be very careful in ASSUMING the cops are in the wrong. They might not be. They should wait until ALL facts are in before “rushing to judgment,” as the Baltimore state's attorney and the “authorities” in Ferguson did NOT. (Bearing Arms)

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