Sunday, August 2, 2015

I Wouldn't Come

Dana Perino, on Fox's “The Five” show, said the other day that if she were invited to the White House today, she would go. That “anybody” who was invited there would go, even if they didn't agree with the current president. WRONG! I wouldn't. I wouldn't pee on Obama if he was on fire, much less respond to a “request” (order) for me to appear. I'd tell his minions if he wanted to see me, he knew where to find me. Some people would say that would be “disrespecting the president.” Okay, so what? Nobody disrespects this president more than I do.

WHEN I BECOME PRESIDENT”: Hillary sez, “I'll let you know my position in the Keystone Pipeline when I become president.” What? That's something like Nancy Peelosi saying, “We need to pass the bill to find out what's in it.” That's the kind of smarmy crap that comes from people who think they're KING and just don't have to let their “subjects” know what they'll do if (when) they get in office. What a cocky old bag she is! “When” she becomes president? With an attitude like that, it'll be NEVER.

$1200.00 HAIRDO? I don't know if this is true, or just a rumor. But it sounds like something Hillary (or many other politicians, mostly Democrats) would do. Pay more than it would take to keep one family fed for a year (in Obama's place of birth) to get her hair done. Where she gets the money to do such a thing would be a mystery if I wasn't aware of how much she STEALS from us. I'm reminded of the time Bill held up an entire airport while he imported a barber to cut his hair. These people think their sh-t doesn't stink, but it does. It reeks to high heavens, and they can't smell it.

BEAT HIM LIKE A DRUM!” Trump answered Obama's boast about winning if he just could run again as only Trump can. He said, “I'd love to run against him.” I'd beat him like a drum. (paraphrased). I think Obama is preparing for a campaign to get the Constitution changed so he COULD run again since (he thinks) the “American people” want him so badly, he “shouldn't be kept out by a technicality.” Which is a PIPE DREAM for him.

LION VS. THOUSANDS OF BABIES: The world is up in arms about the killing of Cecil, the “friendly lion” in Africa, but apparently, they couldn't care less about the murder of thousands (maybe MILLIONS) of innocent babies before they even get a CHANCE at life. All for the CONVENIENCE of the parents, who didn't bother to use a rubber when they had sex and now want to kill the result so they won't have to bother with raising that child. Yes, killing that lion wasn't nice. But killing millions of babies is a lot worse. But convince the liberal media of that.

AWWW....POOR BABY! According to The Hill, the efforts to reject the Iran “deal” are “embarrassing” to Secretary of State John Kerry. Sorry about that. I didn't know it was a sin to oppose anything done by a politician in America. That's only true in other countries; countries run by a DICTATOR or a KING. Which we aren't (yet), although Obama seems to think we are. With his policies of making deals with tyrants without letting his “serfs” even know to what he agreed. Somebody needs to slap him down, right along with his brown-nosing “follower.”

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