Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Mayflower Compact

Aside from the Constitution, the Mayflower Contract, which EVERY potential colonist signed before being allowed to set foot on land, bound them to accept ANY government created by the “Civil Community Politic,” which was empowered to make “just and equal laws, ordinances, Acts, compacts and Constitutions and Offices.” It was this “Civil Community Politic” that created and enacted the Constitution if the United States to be the BASIS for any and ALL laws for the United Sates. What has not been taught is that the original system, which was inherently collectivist, caused the first year there to be a DISASTER because it kept all the land as being owned by the entire group and all persons were given one section (collectivism). He/she would enjoy the “fruits” of EVERYBODY’S LABOR, whether he/she worked or not. This removed any INCENTIVE to work and is why most of the colony, including the governor’s wife, to die of starvation or of illness brought on by malnutrition. So Governor Bradford changed it. The land was still divided up, but the colonist who did not work would have no part in the “fruits” of other’s labors. With incentive returned, the colony prospered. This has purposely not been taught by those who favor collectivism over the free market. And as long as those people (the liberals) control most of the media and education, it will NEVER be taught. (History)

Interpol "Wakes Up"

 Many anti-gun fools think the way to self-defense is to DISARM ourselves. But when we do, we make it EASY for Islamic terrorists to come here and kill us. Interpol now says this: .“For many years, the anti-gun establishment has been putting forth the idea that gun control is necessary for public safety. During an Interpol conference in Cartegena, Colombia, Noble indicated that in an open society an armed citizenry can protect people from terrorist attacks.” This points out something that anti-gun fools will never understand: that an armed populace can ENSURE self-defense. The Japanese realized this during WWII when they refused to attack the American mainland “because there would be a gun behind every bush.” Some liberals say this is a “generalization” and not right. But just the IMAGE of that was enough to keep the Japanese away from the American mainland. We should maintain that image and project it to Islam. While giving our citizens the right to defend themselves from  domestic AND foreign enemies rather than present these vipers with “Easy targets.’ (Eurasia Review)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Unarmed Citizenry

In Russia under the communists, and still under the socialists (which is the same thing with only cosmetic differences) it’s ILLEGAL to have a gun for anybody BUT their “leaders” and the “apparatchik.” And those “leaders MURDERED millions of people who showed ANY tendency to criticize the leadership. I don’t blame this writer for getting mad while reading this story, written by an American who moved to Russia on “phony promises,” which is much like in the United States today with Obama promising everything and delivering nothing. We are entering a period that will, if it is allowed to continue, put us under similar laws and I’m sure our politicians will take full advantage of it. (Gun-Free Zone)

Gun Death Exaggerations

As usual, the anti-gun fools do everything they can to make things look worse than they really are. The feds are now considering people children up to 26 years of age so the anti-gun fools take this up in their figures and include everybody who was hospitalized for a gunshot wound up to that age (even if they were shot by the cops in the process of arresting them). That includes many that the world recognizes as adults in every way BUT buying health insurance, AND the thousands of gang members who are shot (by each other AND the cops) each year. Gang members are usually “underage” and cannot buy guns. Thus, their ownership of guns is ILLEGAL under CURRENT law. So what good do the kind of laws now made DO? Yes, a few REAL children get hurt by guns. But people who have nefarious wishes WILL get guns regardless of laws. Where anti-gun laws are the tightest, it is the most easy to find places to buy ILLEGAL guns. So what they need to do is give people who USE guns unlawfully MUCH longer prison sentences (instead of using current laws that do that as "throwaways" to get convictions in other crimes) rather than penalize HONEST people by disarming them and making of them “easy targets” since they are unarmed. (Gun-Free Zone)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

No Gun Needed

This woman doesn’t need a gun to deal with most purse-snatchers. She just kicks him in the gonads, punches him in the face, and takes back her purse. This guy tried to rob the wrong woman and is now sitting painfully in jail. She hit him in the eye so hard she broke her hand and nearly unmanned him) and the doctor who treated her said, “You’re my hero! The treatment is on me.” The robber was restrained by two men who witnessed the whole thing, while a woman vacuuming her car nearby called the cops. When they (finally) arrived, they took the man into custody, and stopped by the hospital to get stitches for his eye. And I don’t think that treatment was free. This brings up a point: most people who do things like this aren’t armed, because they can’t afford guns. And if they have anything less than a gun, you can beat them. Especially if you are carrying a stun gun or pepper spray. Lacking that, just beat the hell out of them. (The Blaze)

"Squad Car Or A Box":

That’s the choice one concealed carry holder gave a would-be rapist/burglar who was in the process of breaking into his daughter’s bedroom. The main thing behind the crime rate being so high was revealed in this case, where the perp was well-known to the police, since they had dealt with him many times—but he was still free. If the “justice system” was a little more efficient and kept criminals in prison a little longer, this guy might still be in prison and not breaking into young girls’ bedrooms at night and rifling cars next door. This was the kid’s first arrest as an adult, but might not have happened if he had been dealt with a little more severely before. After knocking on doors, cops lodged charges in 11 different crimes (8 felonies, 3 misdemeanors) committed that night, as he went up and down the street, breaking into things. This kid lived in the neighborhood, as is usually the case, and knew most of the people he was robbing. With all his previous brushes with the law, why was this kid not still in prison? (The Blaze)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Intimidation Attempt

What the Texas Rangers were doing here is simple intimidation. They KNEW the so-called “laws” under which they arrested two demonstrators did not apply, thus their arrests were false. But they did it anyway, just to intimidate the crowd. But in fact, the crowd was NOT intimidated, though most of the cops there did their level best to LOOK intimidating while the demonstrators called them the mist vile names. If anybody should have been intimidated here it was the cops. I’m not too sure of the “Daily Sheeple,” but the video speaks volumes. I saw a couple of times when a cop started to hit a demonstrator, especially when one of them made reference to his wife. But undoubtedly he was instructed to ignore ALL insults to avoid a bloodbath. It is just such a thing as this that prompted the American Revolution, and I believe we’re getting close to another one. One of these days a cop isn’t going to “take it any more” and will shoot or assault someone—then it will be ON! It’s a “powder keg” ready to go “BOOM.” (The Sheeple)

Not In Business Much Longer

Well, folks—I may not be in business much longer. Obama doesn’t have the power to make a law against saying anything bad about Muslim extremists. But he wants to. And if he manages to get it done, he will come to me with his guns in the hands of his thugs and I will go to prison because there is NOTHING good I can say about these fools who just want to KILL everybody who doesn’t believe the EXACT same way they do, even other Muslims. And I will continue to report the truth about them. If he doesn’t like that, he can go sit on a spear, sideways. I will never allow ANYBODY to tell me what I can say as long as what I say is not a lie—as is most of what comes out of this fool’s mouth. But he has the guns, and the APPEARANCE of “enforcing the law,” even if the “law” he is enforcing is ILLEGAL. He won’t enforce our immigration laws, but he WILL when it comes to controlling our speech. (Just common sense)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

They'll Try, Anyway

The most recent mass killing, involving a woman and her children, ages 1 to 7, didn’t involve a gun. But the anti-gun freaks will try anyway. I don’t know how they’ll try and twist things to blame guns, but I just know they will. That’s their “modus operandi.” They may try to blame this on “the will to kill” because of “the ready availability of guns and other weapons.” I don’t know what impels these fools, but they have an unreasoning FEAR of guns and a hatred for them, even though without a human holding them, they cannot harm anyone. They’re inanimate objects. There have always been such people around, even back in that vaunted “wild west,” but they hadn’t gained as much power as they have, now. And they only “held sway” in the big Eastern cities, not in the West. Westerners thought they were fools, and they were right. They’ve had an unreasoning fear of guns since the day the first gun was made. (

And Guess Which Cities

Many American cities have more gun violence than do entire countries. And guess which cities they are? The ones with the tightest anti-gun laws, like Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, etc. Aand guess who runs ALL those cities? DEMOCRATS, of course! These figures show conclusively that the gun laws they have made not only don’t work, they CREATE more violence and kill more people. But the fools making these laws aren’t listening. Their minds are made up, so don’t confuse them with facts. What we have to do is start electing intelligent politicians who know what they’re doing, and don’t just “make laws” to make it LOOK like they’re “doing something.” All we have to do is that. But WILL we? (Policy Mic)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Will You Shoot Americans?

That’s a question being asked of soldiers in the military. It is also being asked of their officers and those who answer “no,” are fired. Obama is preparing for a revolution and is trying as hard as he can to CREATE one so he can have an excuse to MURDER civilians and make it LOOK legal. Boy, am I glad I’m old and tired and will probably not survive the war anyway. Obama is a criminal and a fool. It might just be more of a job than he can handle to “put down” the “Second American Revolution.” This has been Obama’s plan since he came out of nowhere and conned his way into the presidency after “buying off” the Democrat Party and “elbowing” Hillary aside (No one knows where he money came from, but  have a good idea). Every move he has made since reinforces his effort to turn this into a socialist nation and with him in charge. Disarming  us is just part of his scheme. He will soon see that I can see through his scam and will probably come after me. But I don’t care. I don’t want to live under what he plans, anyway. Obama is a criminal, like a mob boss and just "gets rid of" his enemies. And that definitely describes me. But I'm old enough not to care. (Just common sense)

More That A Gun Lobbyist

The National Rifle Association in Florida (where they make intelligent gun laws) is much more than a lobbying group. As it is all over the United states, it is a premier gun safety instructing group. It is responsible for millions of well-trained shooters and its training also includes how to know when NOT to use a gun. Anti-gun fools like to make the NRA out to be the “bad guy” because they promote laws that ALLOW honest people to own and use the means to self-defense, a gun. That’s absurd. But then, the anti-gun fools ARE absurd, as we all (except anti-gun fools) know. Other states could well look to Florida for competent gun laws. (WJCT News)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Obama's A Collectivist!

That’s the same as socialist, communist, Fascist, Progressivist. They all involve STEALING from people who EARN and giving that EARNED to those who do NOT earn. There are only “cosmetic differences” between them. And if you don’t understand what collectivism is, and why it’s BAD for you, you’d better find out—quick, because if you don’t you’ll fall for the “key words” and propaganda they use to fool you into APPROVING your own enslavement. I used to not be able to understand why many people DID approve of collectivism (until they had to live under it), but that was before I figured out that a majority of Americans PROUDLY “don’t pay attention to politics.” They figure they’ve got other things more important to think about, like living their lives. Combine that with those who only want “a free ride,” And you have a majority voting bloc, able to win elections and NOT holler when their elected politicians exceed their authority.

I really get tired of saying this, and “preaching to the choir.” But the people I really NEED to get to will not listen. They listen to the crap the liberals (socialists) put out and their minds become closed to reason—even to the point where they believe that reason and logic don’t even exist! Young people today have no idea what collectivism IS. They never had to live under it or even side-by-side with it. They’re blissfully IGNORANT. Yeah, I know that sounds like the “prattling of an old man,” but what they don’t know is that this old man LIVED through it and I KNOW what it is—and I want no part of it in this country. But that’s what Obama is pushing, and pushing it faster and faster. If we don’t watch out, we will be a collectivist country before he finishes his second term and gets re-elected to a THIRD term after getting the law changed. Then a FOURTH, and a fifth, or however many he needs to be “president for life.” Tking our gun rights away is just one of the FIRST things they have to do. (Just common sense)

Charged After Following Veep's Advice

Maybe what she had wasn’t a shotgun, but it seems to me that firing a gun in the air to protect her child should not get HER charged. A group of TEN boys attacked her daughter and, to stop the attack, she shot a handgun into the air, therefore dispersing the attackers. What should she have done? Shoot one or more of them? That would be self-defense, except for the atmosphere created by anti-gun fools. Did she have a license to have the gun? You shouldn’t have to have a license to do what the Constitution guarantees you as a RIGHT. Cops say she should have called 911. And waited . . .and waited while her daughter was being beaten up. Yes, firing in the air isn’t safe. But firing into the attackers is not safe for him. She could have fired into the soft ground just as easily. But it looks to me that the cops just wanted SOME KIND of a charge to put on HER. (Washington Times)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Carry Permits for Politicians

Politicians make many laws to make it hard for you to get the right to carry a gun (a right guaranteed by the Constitution), but THEY (and their spouses) are granted license to do so on a regular basis. “Franklin D. Roosevelt is considered a pioneer of gun control, passing legislation during his presidency that “imposed a tax on the making and transfer of firearms defined by the (National Firearms Act of 1934).” In light of that, it might come as a surprise to some that his own wife possessed a license to carry.” And he’s not the only one: Senator Feinstein (former Mayor of San Francisco, which has very tight gun laws), who is known for waving loaded machine guns around at anti-gun meetings had had her own license to carry and DOES carry her own gun. Other politicians HIRE their guns and people to use them, at YOUR expense. But don’t worry: they work HARD to keep you from doing the same! Click the link and see a facsimile of her license. (The Blaze)

You Need That Many Guns?

That’s a question often asked of people who buy more than one gun. Especially by anti-gun fools. The answer is, “What’s it to you?” Like in other areas where they try and belittle what we do by saying we don’t NEED to do it, it’s not their right to decide what we NEED to do. Thought they try and TAKE that right, simply by asking that question. More people need to answer simply, “It’s not your business.” They hope to “shame you” into thinking their way in areas where they can’t make LAWS to do so by asking you, “Do you NEED that? (The BangSwitch)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Thinking In the Right Direction

In Chicago, they're STARTING to think right. Yes! Chicago’s top cop is now saying "tougher sentences would make fewer gun victims." That’s right! He says Kevin Johnson wouldn’t have been on the street to be shot; he’d have been in jail, and so would the shooter. But he’s right, in a way; both participants in that shooting WOULD still be in jail if the sentences for gun violence had been longer because just before the shooting, BOTH were in jail for OTHER shooting incidents. At least in Chicago, they’re STARTING to think in the right direction for gun laws. What they don’t say is that both participants are gang members. So why don’t they make better laws to control gang activity? (Huffington Post)

"Grenade Walking"

Obama has a new scandal. He sold many guns to Mexican drug dealers HOPING, he said, to trace their movements and find the drug dealers. Unfortunately some clown “neglected” to put any GPS trackers into the guns so it is impossible to track their movements except by the people they kill. Then it’s too late. It’s the same with his more recent “Grenade Walking” scam which similarly had nothing in the grenade parts the US government smuggled over the border and they can only be “traced” by the PEOPLE they kill—which at last count is THREE. Three COPS. Just one more CRIME to pin on Obama. Add that to the list. (Breitbart)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

There's A Pattern Here

And one I don’t like. I’m sure you don’t like it, either. Your children are being punished because of the SUPIDITY of their “school administrators.” They “suspend” them because they chew a pop-tart into a bad shape of a gun; or for using their FINGERS to play “cops and robbers.” And they don’t limit their fool suspensions to things the kids do at SCHOOL. They recently gave a LONG suspension to several kids that played “cops and robbers” AT HOME, but within SIGHT of a school bus. They suspend kids for drawing a PICTURE of a gun. They’re going STUPID with this! And I’d BET they’re being pushed into it by their union bosses, which control their pay. The problem here is, kids will make guns out of almost ANYTHING so they can play “cops and robbers” or “cowboys and Indians (Sorry, PC Police. I don't use your "weasel words").” That’s what they want to do, and they WILL do it, in spite of ANYTHING their school “officials” can do to punish them. Those “School officials” ore only showing their own STUPIDITY by doing this, but they don’t even know it. Stupid people are too stupid to know they ARE stupid. (Huffington Post/Weird News)

They Want to Disarm Us All

And they’re working HARD to do just that. One of the most recent anti-gun laws is in Illinois, where they want to classify ALL guns (except those in the hands of cops and government agents, of course) illegal. “In a bid to fight against criminal and gang possession of firearms on the street, Illinois state rep. Mike Zalewski (D-21st Dist.) is set to propose legislation that essentially labels all firearm possession outside the home illegal.” (he's a Democrat, of course) And what do they hope to accomplish by that? I don’t know of a single gang member who obeys ANY  laws, let alone one that says he can’t be armed. Most of them are ILLEGALLY armed, anyway, being under age. Of course, this fails (again) to answer the perennial question I ask of anti-gun fools, “What makes you think a CRIMINAL, who doesn’t obey ANY laws, will obey one that says he can’t be armed?” But then, they usually ignore the question, call me names, and walk away. (Breitbart)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Bloomberg's Fallacy

New York City (along with similarly gun-law tight Chicago) has some of the tightest anti-gun laws in the nation but they have done NOTHING to “curb fun violence.” Surprise, surprise! This is NOT news, at all. But people like Bloomberg treat it as “big news.” I don’t think it is. In just ONE 24-hour period, 12 people were shot, FIVE were killed, and NONE arrested. This in a city with extremely tight anti-gun laws? This might be an indication that they need to go in another direction to intelligent people; but not to Bloomberg and his ilk. They just keep on making their USELESS laws to disarm innocent people who do obey laws and make them “easy targets” for criminals, who don’t obey ANY laws, much less laws that say they can’t be armed. I get very tired of writing the same words over and over when they “bounce off” these fools like rocks off concrete walls. What will it take to convince these fools they’re going in the wrong direction with their laws? Nothing, apparently, except maybe electing different people to office; people who are more INTELLIGENT than the ones now in office. In Florida, “Wiser heads” have prevailed, and have made better gun laws. Gun crime has PREDICTABLY gone down precipitously. Do we have to hit these politicians on the head with these facts? NO; that will do nothing because their heads are stone-strong when it comes to their useless gun laws. Electing more INTELLIGENT politicians is the ONLY ANSWER. (Breitbart)

You Could Be A Terrorist

If you own and transport a number of guns (which is legal, I might remind you), you’re in danger of being labeled a “terrorist” by the Obama (mis)administration. “This is yet another glaring example, that points to one of the worst presidential administrations this nation has ever seen. Apparently, if you’re an American that exhibits normal behavior, such as owning or transporting a few firearms, the government should have their eye on you. Because it’s potential evidence of ‘terrorist activity.’ Nice. John R. Lott is right to ask: Is this just the Obama administration’s effort to make gun ownership difficult and costly?” Remember, under the “terrorist law,” being a terrorist makes you UNABLE to demand your constitutional rights. They can imprison you for as long as they wish, deny you the right to a lawyer, and forever deprive you of your rights. (Gunalizer)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

"Laws for Thee But Not for Me"

In Illinois, they’re altering their gun laws to allow certain “government officials” to carry their guns concealed in places where others are prohibited from carrying. In other words, the laws are for US, but not for THEM. This is typical of the way politicians make laws: for US, but not for THEM. I guess when Obama sends his thugs to steal out property, he wants to make sure his thugs are armed, but WE aren’t. Just like in Obama’s health care swindle law: ALL government employees are EXEMPTED from it, and are on a “gold-plated” government health care system that costs them NOTHING. (Detroit Free Press) Are they still in business?

Obama's Blackmail Deal

Obama “shut down the government” rather than not get his way. And make no mistake: It WAS Obama’s decision to (pretend to) shut down the government until he DID get his way. After a lot of blab, Republicans finally surrendered and let a bill pass that gave him everything he wanted. EVERYTHING! What’s to stop Obama from doing the same thing to pass an unconstitutional gun ban? That's the next step: use the same scam to get his pet gun ban bills passed into law. Laws he couldn't get passed any other way. Just "hold Congress hostage" until they surrender the way they did here. And they probably will. There doesn't seem to be a SINGLE member of Congress that has a backbone, except for one or two senators in a body where Republicans do not hold a majority  (Just common sense)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Congress Rejects UN Gun Treaty

It didn’t even make it to a vote. Nobody wants to give the UN authority over our constitutionally guaranteed gun rights. To enforce their ideas, national gun registration would be required. The fools in the UN think we will submit to that. Haven’t they been watching what has been going on for years in this country as politician after politician have tried to institute national gun registration? The United Nations is nothing but a “debating society” for dictators. For anything else, they’re useless. To give them the right to control our gun rights is INSANITY. Yet that’s what Obama tried to do. We need to get arid of this fool before he “gives away the store.” (Capitalism Institute)

"This Isn't the Middle Ages"

That’s the argument most often posed by those ubiquitous anti-gun fools out there. They say, “This isn’t the middle ages where you’re likely to be robbed by a highwayman on the way home, so you don’t need to carry a gun.” But you ARE. You might be robbed on the way home, or AT home. Or at work. Or wherever you are. One man was standing on a street corner in Denver when a car stopped in front of him. One occupant of the car asked him for a cigarette; he replied that he didn’t smoke, so had none. Whereupon the occupant shot and killed him—for not giving him a smoke! It is this lack of respect for human rights that began when liberal idiots made it okay to murder infants in the womb that is why we NEED to carry guns, so if someone confronts us with an ILLEGAL gun, we can defend ourselves and not be defenseless. Oh, by the way; they didn't have guns then, but they found ways to kill each other anyway. Only a FOOL thinks DISARMING ourselves is the way to self-defense. (Eagle Rising)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Are Guns A Must?

The article below begins with this sentence: "I'd rather have a gun and never use it than not have one when somebody comes to shoot me (Or words to that effect)." Anti-gun fools stridently scream that gun ownership is NOT a necessity while many people who CANNOT get a gun for self defense are gunned down by criminals, who obey NO laws, let alone gun laws. They SAY that cops can protect us, but they can't. The best they can do is arrive AFTER the crime has been committed, write it up, carry off the body (or bodies) and MAYBE catch the bad guy later. I don't consider that "protecting us." I lie in bed of late wondering what I would do if some Islamic fool who doesn’t like what I write about them in my blogs finds out where I live and comes to kill me for it. What would I do? Attack him with bare hands? I’m 76 years old and can barely walk. I'd be dead. I wouldn’t even make it across my small room to grab his gun. I'm too slow. But if I had my own gun I could shoot him from where I was before he could get off a shot. That gun could make all the difference in the world. With violence increasing day by day, the necessity for innocent people to have their own guns to oppose the millions of ILLEGAL guns in the hands of gang members and other criminals, not to mention the Islamic terrorists who WILL eventually come here to kill us rises with it. Politicians will NEVER realize this truth and make gun laws that actually WORK, instead of those stupid, useless laws that criminals and other crazies NEVER obey, and which kill people. (The Loadout Room)

Concealed Carry Not Public Safety Concern

An Oregon DA has sent a letter to the Portland Oregonian saying that “concealed carry” has NOT caused public safety problems. What that means is that more people carrying guns has NOT created the “wild Western shootout” mentality the anti-gun fools predict. Concealed carriers do NOT “shoot it out” with each other at the slightest chance. They are simply able to defend themselves when ILLEGALLY armed criminals try and victimize them. Picture it: if one or more individuals (not Islamic terrorists) had had a gun and the guts to use it in that Nairobi shopping center, a lot FEWER innocent people would have been gunned down by those Islamic terrorists who took over that shopping center, killing at random. The anti-gun fools say people with their own guns would have been killed quickly. That’s a specious argument, made by fools. With proper training, they could have “picked off” the shooters, one at a time, and ENDED their shooting spree or at least scared them off. From what I saw on the videos that were released, they weren’t in the slightest worried about opposition. They strolled through the stores, talking on cell phones, stopping to pray, etc. There were so many opportunities to “pick them off” it was funny if it hadn’t been so tragic. (Examiner)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

"Anti-Gun" Propaganda

The anti gun fools continue to lie to sell the idea that DISARMING yourself is the way to self-defense. It amazes me how they twist things to suit their fool notions. Like this: On “Yahoo Answers,” this: “Walk up to one of these paranoid gun owners once [starting right out with an insult -RT]. Ask them why they need a gun. I'm sure the first thing your going to hear is about is some highly unlikely event [notice they aren't specific about this "unlikely event." -RT]. Every shadow will hold armed gunmen. A madman with a firearm will be hiding behind every tree [yeah, exaggeration after exaggeration. -RT]. They will need one when they overthrow the entire government by themselves [lie again. -RT]. Reality is if your targeted you will be dead before you have a chance to reach for your firearm [ another lie. -RT]. Reality is that CCW holders don't stop crimes or won't stop that mass murderer.” [Another lie. Reality is, they HAVE. done so, many times. -RT]. The “alternative media” is FULL of stories of concealed carry people foiling crime. But the LIBERAL media won’t carry those stories, so liberals (who only read the liberal media) think it doesn’t happen because they never see it in their media. (Yahoo Answers)

Guns For Teenagers

That’s what the anti-gun fools want you to think the NRA is pushing because they have programs to train teens in proper, safe gun-handling. So what? Remember 100 years ago when EVERYBODY carried and used guns everywhere but in crowded, close-living big cities? And what was the result? Did kids all over kill each other with their guns? NO. they just defended themselves when it was called for. The first school shooting invasion happened back then and the shooter wound up looking like “Swiss cheese” because ALL the kids were armed, and nobody thought anything about it. I think each kid put at least one bullet in him. It was a “fact of life” that kids could shoot as well as adults (sometimes better), and adults COUNTED on that. Yes, kids carrying guns around today is a bad idea. But TEACHING them safe gun-handling IS NOT. The more kids who understand how to handle guns, the less kids who will accidentally shoot each other. Notice that poster they show is a really OLD one. Showing people wearing 1800s attire.  (Wonkette)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Blaming Gun Viollence for 9/11

How stupid is that? As I remember it, there wasn’t ONE GUN involved in the hijacking of those four airplanes by Muslim Terrorists so they could crash them into the world Trade Center and murder more than 3,000 innocent people. The only weapons they had were a few box-cutters.  Did the government ban box-cutters after that? No; because they are the legitimate tools of many trades and guns are only legitimate, in their eyes, for cops and federal and other government agents. But they somehow connect the two. It’s a stretch, but they try it, anyway. The anti-gun fools will use anything they can find to stretch into a reason to ban guns when they should be working to punish USE of guns more and get some of these illegal gun users off the streets longer. (GOA)

They Banned Guns--Crime Went Down

Or did it? Great (?) Britain made a very restrictive law that virtually BANNED guns, entirely (except for those in the hands of some cops and government agents, of course) and crime rose—for a while. Then it started going down, they claim. But that’s a lie, to cover up the fallacy of their mistake in making the law they made. “According to Louise Casey in her 2008 survey ‘one in three (33%) had been a victim of crime, or knew someone well who had been, within the last year”, and “nearly half (45%) knew of someone in their community who had been a victim in the last year.” Casey further reported that “a very significant number [of British subjects] expressed concerns about coming forward more generally to intervene, report crime or give evidence’.” In such a small country, when so many people are victims of armed criminals, it’s hard to maintain the LIE that gun violence is going down among intelligent people. (AmmoLand)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Columnist Wrong

He says he supports the Second Amendment but also likes “gun-free zones” because they “work so well.” What? How many times recently have mass shooters chosen “gun-free zones” in which to ply his foolishness because he was pretty sure there would be no guns there to oppose him? Is he totally blind? Or just brain dead? He’s about 2 million off in his estimate of NRA membership, too. He still pushes the outdated and discredited idea that  the mention of “militia” in the Constitution is saying that gun ownership is only a right if the person is a MEMBER of a state militia. Like anti-gun fools, he forgets that There WAS no such thing as a “state militia” when that was written. A “militia” was ALL the people. What it was saying was that NOBODY could be barred from the ownership and use of guns for self-defense. (Frederick News-Post)

Liberal Faulty Thinking

It’s typical liberal faulty thinking that says, since most “carriers” never have to use their guns to prevent crime, they don’t need them: “Liberals are constantly saying that the conservative argument for carrying a firearm for protection is overblown. Many of us who carry have never had to use our firearm in self-defense and so our argument is invalid, is the way the leftist argument goes. The problem with this rationale is that it is so demonstrably false as to be laughable. Almost every day guns are used to either stop a crime or to stop a criminal in the act of committing a crime.” What do people who have no guns do when confronted with a criminal who has an ILLEGAL gun? They call other people who DO have guns—and wait. Meanwhile, the criminal, who already has his gun, does his damage. Later on, AFTER the crime has been committed, the cops come, and “document it,” carry away the body (or bodies), and MAYBE—some day--catch and punish the criminal. This isn’t how I want it, and I don’t think you do, either. If a criminal shoots me, I want it to be the last thing he does in his life. How about you? (Eagle Rising)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Using ObamaCare to Kill Gun Rights

They doctors who treat you will be REQUIRED to ask you a series of searching questions, the answers to which may forever take away your right to own a gun. And they can penalize you if you refuse to answer them by taking away your gun rights if you refuse to answer! You must answer these questions in order to be treated for ANYTHING. There may even be a fine involved for “refusers.” There are many good reasons to DEFUND OBAMACARE, but these are good ones. DO NOT ALLOW Obama to “take over” the medical profession by forcing you to buy health insurance that will cost you two to three times what the same coverage cost you before. He denies that, but he’s LYING. All it will take to find the truth is to ask for a quote. But under Obamacare, just asking for a quote “signs you up” and obligates you to pay for it forever. You can’t cancel it, ANY TIME. And if you stop paying, the IRS will come after you. They’ll tell you not to believe this because its source is a PRO gun outfit. But research it yourself. (GOA)

"Gabby" Breaking the Law?

As usual, the “authorities IGNORE violations of the law by “anti-gun fools.” Gabby (hard head) Giffords and her astronaut husband were fingering a gun at a New York gun show with Eric Schneiderman, NY Attorney General, looking on. That’s ILLEGAL for someone who doesn’t have a “carry license” (which nobody is likely to have, since they don’t issue any) and which her husband doesn’t have, not being a New York citizen to TOUCH a gun. As with Sen. Feinstein (one of the most virulent anti-gun fools) when the cops helped her obtain several “assault weapons” to use in one of her anti-gun “dog and pony shows,” they look the other way when their FRIENDS ignore gun laws. (GunMart) via Twitter

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Using ObamaCare to Kill Gun Rights

The doctors who treat you will be REQUIRED to ask you a series of searching questions, the answers to which will forever take away your right to own a gun (and they MUST notify the government of your answers). And they can penalize you if you refuse to answer them by taking away your gun rights if you refuse to answer! You must answer these questions in order to be treated for ANYTHING. There may even be a fine involved for “refusers” or people who lie about it. There are many good reasons to DEFUND OBAMACARE, but these are good ones. DO NOT ALLOW Obama to “take over” the medical profession by forcing you to buy health insurance that will cost you two to three times what the same coverage cost you before. He denies that, but he’s LYING. All it will take to find the truth is to ask for a quote. But under Obamacare, just asking for a quote “signs you up” and obligates you to pay for it forever. You can’t cancel it, ANY TIME. And if you stop paying, the IRS will come after you. They’ll tell you not to believe this because its source is a PRO gun outfit. But research it yourself. (GOA)

"Conservative" Pundits?

MSNBC did a segment where they condemned the NRA for “bringing the president’s daughters into the anti-gun fight.” But their first mistake was in calling “Morning Joe” a conservative. Their second mistake was in trying to find ANY conservative on staff at MSNBC, period. But the point in the NRA ad is right and proper. The president DOES have ARMED GUARDS for his kids and we DO NOT. Our kids must go to schools declared as “gun-free zones,” (leaving them defenseless) while his kids likewise are in “gun-free zones” except, of course, for the guns carried by the ARMED GUARDS (Secret Service) there to protect HIS kids. I resent this. Not that the president’s kids are protected by ARMED GUARDS, but that ours AREN’T. These supposed “conservatives” on MSNBC say the NRA is “out of touch,” but in reality, it is people like “Morning Joe” and Mika Brzezinski who are out of touch. (Upworthy)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

LaPierre's Declaration of War

Some people think the NRA is an organization “promoting violence.” Nothing could be further from the truth. The NRA simply wants to help us keep our natural tight to self-defense and the right to own and use the means to that defense, a gun. So we can defend OURSELVES and not depend on the police, who can only get there AFTER the crime has happened, and “write it up” and take care of the body or bodies. Yet the “anti-gun FOOLS” continue to make more and more laws that DISARM honest people and leave them defenseless against ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. Criminals that often include people wearing badges. The United Nations, that organization made up of dictators and Kings, useless in anything except to help people like Obama disarm his citizens so he can rape them at will without being afraid his thugs will be shot by people defending their lives and property, has presented a “treaty,” which no intelligent president would sign.

This treaty turns over our sovereignty to that rogue organization and allowing them to reach right into the United States and harass its citizens. Obama’s Secretary of State was ordered to sign that treaty, thinking it would allow the “gun haters”  (including Obama) to bypass our Constitution just by its signing. That he did, happily, this stupid man. And that allows this “treaty” to go into operation as soon as signed, unless or until the Congress rejects it. That’s the way it works with treaties. But this treaty, violating the basic concept of our Constitution, cannot do so by law, since NO treaty can be in effect in the United States that is in opposition to our Constitution. But Obama intends to use that treaty as COVER while he further erodes our natural right to self-defense. LaPierre, the perennial “Executive Vice President” of the NRA, makes an excellent case against it, and should be heard. But will the liberal media allow it? Doubtful, since they are peopled in the majority by gun-haters and fools. (The Daily Caller)

"You're An Incredible Fool!"

That’s what the REALLY incredible fool Peirs Morgan told the head of one of the strongest pro-gun organizations when he couldn’t figure out how to argue against the man’s logical arguments. But the real fool here is Morgan. Larry Pratt argued against his fool arguments without once asking him the simple question, any answer of which would show him for the damned fool he is: “What makes you think a criminal, who breaks laws for a living, would OBEY a law that says he can’t be armed?” This is the mistake most people make in trying to support self-defense and the right to own and carry the means to self-defense, a gun. Rather than asking them an unanswerable question they try to oppose them by answering THEIR specious arguments while they let those answers bounce off their heads like a nerf ball off concrete. And their heads are just as hard. (YouTube) Thanks to Chuck Burns for this video.

Friday, October 11, 2013

"Women's Guns"

Many gun makers have funny ideas concerning what women want in guns. Some think they just need to be small. But small guns aren’t the kind with stopping power, and that’s what they need. Some make guns with pink handles. They think pink guns are what women want. That’s a sexist thought. Women aren’t any more fond of the color pink than anybody else, breast cancer activists notwithstanding. What they want is a gun that can STOP an attacker; a gun that is “an equalizer,” that makes up for their smaller size and lesser strength. A .22 isn’t going to do it. A .38 might. Yes, larger guns kick more. But they can get used to that through practice. Pink does not do it. (Shooting Illustrated)

Hudak Fights Back

Like most politicians, she doesn’t attack the substance of it. She tries to “shame” people into ignoring her bad decisions. And bad decisions are what caused the successful recall of two other members of Colorado’s legislature. She says it’s “wasting money.” It isn’t. What she and her fellow anti-gun fools do is “wasting money” by denying Colorado’s citizens of their constitutional right right to self-defense and to own and carry the means to that self-defense, a gun. Hudak said, “I'm disappointed that these extreme interest groups feel the need to waste our taxpayer dollars on another costly, manipulative recall process," she said. "This just isn't the way that our government should function." - Sen. Evie Hudak. These people are NOT "extreme interest groups." They are in the MAJORITY or they wouldn't have successfully recalled two previous legislators.  But is IS the way our government should work: getting rid of those who would deny us our constitutional rights as expeditiously as possible so they can do less damage. This recall effort, in view of the previous successes, must be very frightening to Hudak. Would that we could do the same to Obama before he ruins us. (Hold Them Accountable)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Shooters All Democrats (or liberals)

Didja notice? ALL of the “mass shooters” in recent years and presidential would-be assasins (I don’t know about earlier) have been Democrats or liberals. Does this tell you something about how liberals think, even if only a few act on it? In 1863 a Democrat shot and killed Abraham Lincoln; in 1881, a left-wing radical shot and killed James Garfield; in 1963 a left-wing radical killed John Kennedy, and he was, himself, a Democrat. In 1975 a Democrat shot at Gerald Ford, and missed; in 1983 a Registered Democrat tried to kill Ronald Reagan. And those are just the PRESIDENTS shot by Democrats. ALL the “mass shooters” in recent years proved to be Democrats. Not a Republican, a Tea Party member, NRA member, or any other kind of conservative was ever involved in such a shooting. And Democrats say WE are the “enemy?” Maybe we need to make a law denying the right to carry a gun specifically aimed at DEMOCRATS and other liberals. (Just common sense)

You Gotta Be Careful

If you’re a holdup man, you gotta make sure the guy you’re trying to hold up isn’t an armed cop. The one in this story didn’t do that and now he’s in the hospital with gunshot wounds and will be going from there to the county jail, then state prison. Several undercover cops were walking down the street when this unnamed crook tried to rob them. A fight ensued and he was shot (non-fatally, lucky for him). I would think that, when he eventually gets out of prison, he will be more careful in picking his targets. (9WAFB)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kids Suspended for Nine Months!

This, for playing with TOY GUNS—at HOME! Not at school. They’ll never be able to overcome NINE MONTHS absence from school. And they weren’t even on school property and didn’t bring their toy guns to school. Why did the school intervene in what was a HOME problem? I guess it’s because they want to make as much problems for anybody who has anything to do with guns as possible and exercise what "authority" they have. Damn, I HATE the STUPIDITY displayed by such people! They don’t like guns and they want to force others not to, too. Somebody needs to rein these fools in! But with most politicians today being liberals and gun-haters, it’s not going to happen soon. They call this “zero tolerance,” but it is not. It is taking in more territory than you’re allowed. (WAVY)

Rocker Criticizes "Gun People"

“Pearl Jam’s” Eddie Vedder criticizes pro-gun people for ”hiding behind the Second Amendment.” So what should they do? Let Obama and his friends disarm hem and leave them defenseless against ILLEGALLY-armed criminals (some even wearing badges)? Should they let the government take away their right to self-defense? And that’s what it really amounts to. Does Vedder have armed guards protecting him? I’ll bet he does. All these people who can afford to HIRE guns to protect them think they are so far above us “common folk” they can criticize us for not wanting to allow government to take away our rights. This guy is a FOOL and is advertising it to the world. This fool should stick to making “music”—IF he’s even good at that. With the kind of “music” there is today, I seriously doubt it. Just like the kind of “gun laws” they make today do NOTHING to stop gun violence, but instead, INCREASE it by disarming innocent people. He’s too dumb to realize that, but dumb people are usually too dumb to know how dumb they are. (AmmoLand)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

They Don't Know Who Their Friends Are

Schools apparently want to keep themselves defenseless when some crazy comes to shoot them up and kill their students. They HATE the NRA and have even been known to force a young girl wearing a NRA shirt to take it off and have suspended her for “promoting violence.” But is she? Not even! She’s “promoting self-defense.” That school is just another “gun-free zone” and an INVITATION to would-be shooters to come in and kill their students. They’re too dumb to realize that’s what they’re doing. Actually, they’re too dumb to know how dumb they ARE. Simply letting teachers and staff who are already legal “carriers” bring their guns to school would be a cheap way to defend themselves, but they’re not smart enough to figure that out. Potential shooters would not know WHO was armed and could not “take them out early” as they can with uniformed cops. But this kind of thing is lost on people who are AFRAID of the guns, themselves. (Eagle Rising)

Self-Defense Without Guns

Most of us are still without guns these days because fool politicians think the best way for us to defend ourselves is to disarm ourselves. Or they think if we have guns we will “go nuts” and shoot up the neighborhood for no reason. They’re damned fools, but they ARE running things—for now. California seems to be against ANY method of defending yourself from illegally armed criminals. It even makes a FELONY the carrying of a fixed-blade knife, of ANY size, and similarly ANY item that “can be used to make a person uncomfortable or injure him.” But there are many such items available in any household or place of business. They can’t make all of them illegal. A large, heavy ashtray, for instance, can be thrown at his head. ANY large, heavy item can be similarly used. Even a book can be thrown to get his attention off you and let you get away, even if you miss his head.  ANY kind of knife, fixed-blade or not, can be used effectively. A jack handle or a heavy metal flashlight; or, in emergency, a plastic flashlight. The lead in the batteries makes it an effective bludgeon. I once put a holdup man in the hospital for three months in a coma (and he never did come all the way out of it) with one of those Radio Shack five-cell plastic flashlights they used to give away. I was driving a taxi at the time. ANYTHING within reach, of any weight at all (or even very little weight) is a good candidate. A coffee pot (especially a hot one), a canister of coffee or sugar, a radio, a fan, etc. You get the idea. Just look around you and think about it. A broom handle can be deadly. Fool politicians don’t want you to be able to defend yourself but they can’t ban ALL possible items of self-defense. (Just common sense)

Monday, October 7, 2013

He Made A "Cutting Remark"

A deli clerk pulled a machete on an armed robber who tried to rob his store, and the robber didn’t shoot him. He must not have had any bullets left. The clerk’s actions weren’t too smart if the robber’s gun HAD been loaded. But they were effective. The robber fled. They say he fired a shot, but I couldn’t see it in the video. The clerk, who was obviously very mad, chased the robber all the way across the parking lot. He may be still running. I’d bet he doesn’t try to rob this deli again after he cleans out his pants and gets out of jail. (4New York)

Colorado Prosecutor Refuses to Prosecute

Apparently not being as “anti-gun” as some prosecutors, he refused to prosecute people whose homes were damaged in the recent Colorado floods under Hickenlooper’s overly broad law when they stored their guns at their friend or relative’s home while their own homes were being repaired. This wide open law would allow him to prosecute those people for “illegal gun transfer” if they did it. But an INTELLIGENT prosecutor would not prosecute people under this law, and he didn’t. Other prosecutors, being “anti-gun,” would jump at the chance. Hick needs to get this law changed to reflect reality, but will he? I doubt it. He’s an anti-gun Democrat, after all. (NRA-ILA)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Gun Ban Stops Crime

Right? WRONG! They passed yet ANOTHER gun ban law in DC in 1975 and the gun crime rate went up 134%! You’d think they’d learn., but our INCOMPETENT POLITICIANS never learn. They just keep making laws that not only DON’T stop violent crime, they cause MORE of it. They can’t NOT know that these gun bans create more defenseless victims of gun crime, but they keep making them. What’s WRONG with them? Are they COMPLETELY incompetent? If so, we need to get RID of them. And that applies, right up to the president. It’s a forlorn hope for us to think our incompetent politicians will ever wake up and make the right kind of gun laws, not the kind they’ve always made. The worst thing is, it’s not only in gun control these politicians have shown their abysmal incompetence, it’s in EVERYTHING. Like in Waco, TX during Clinton’s administration where they unleashed military people (whatever they called them) AND MURDERED 100 PEOPLE. 14 of them CHILDREN! While trying to apprehend a religious fanatic they could have taken any time, in town. This kind of thing CAN’T continue. If we don’t get some capable people in there, we’re lost! (Wikipedia)

The UN Gun Ban Treaty

It was taken off the table before the 2012 election because it was rightly felt it would hurt Obama’s re-election prospects. So he got re-elected and they put it back on the table a day later. I guess he figured since he didn’t need to get elected again he could violate our Constitutional rights with impunity. Now his Secretary of State has SIGNED the treaty and all that’s left is for Congress to approve. Do you think they will? Congress has shown their ignorance in many ways in recent years, what do YOU think? I’ll tell you one thing: if any “blue Helmets” come looking for my guns, I’ll give them to them, one bullet at a time.(GOA)

Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Knife As Self-Defense

Many people say a man with a knife who is not trained in its use is asking for trouble. Maybe so. Training is always better. But a knife can make all the difference in the world if your attacker doesn’t know you have it and he doesn’t have a knife or a gun while not being a trained knife-fighter himself. He relies on his bigness or “toughness” to overpower you, but a quick slice to his throat or other vulnerable places like his stomach or even his crotch can stop him. And knives are good for so many other things: like opening boxes, for instance. Cut food, do limited woodwork, etc. They can also be used to enlarge a hole when installing a lock or cutting food like an apple. There are basically two ways to hold a knife for self-defense. They don’t necessarily work in a knife fight with a skilled adversary, but will work with an unarmed attacker who doesn’t know you have it and is not trained himself: the “hammer” grip. Like you’d hold a hammer for stabbing into the stomach or neck or the reverse hammer grip, for slashing. Don’t try to give him “the death of a thousand cuts.” Just “rip him” if you’re being attacked. Anywhere you can cut him WILL hurt, and make him think twice about attacking you. Any heavy item is good for throwing or striking. Just remember, there are many good weapons always within reach. You just have to recognize them and use them properly. (Just common sense)

The Book Page Weight

One of the best concealed weapons I’ve seen that you can carry without a license is the book page holder, designed for holding your book open when both your hands are occupied. Yhis particular one looks like a backjack and, indeed, does have two heavy pieces of lead like a blackjack in a leather holder. It has the decided advantage that it can be “explained away” to overzealous cops (and judges, if necessary and is not, itself, banned. I bought mine at a well-known national bookstore for less than $5. I hope they still sell them and have not bowed to pressure from officious politicians who don’t want any of us to be able to defend ourselves. Oh yes; you can get one from Amazon. (Just common sense)

Friday, October 4, 2013

Shotguns Work, Too

Vice President Joe Biden recommended buying a shotgun and using it to “fire a warning shot” to stop burglars from breaking in. For a change, Joe was right; at least, in this case. Four men were trying to break into a man’s home and he took a shot at them with a .410 shotgun. He missed, but they left four brown trails as they “got gone” from there. They might still be running if the cops hadn’t caught them shortly thereafter. By the way: this is the 35th defensive gun use in Michigan alone this year. And without killing anybody (though maybe if he had been a better aim . . .) (Guns Save Lives)

Touting Gun Control

Obama used a speech at a memorial service for Navy Yard shooting victims to tout his idea of “gun control.” But would ANY of his gun control ideas have done ANYTHING to stop this abomination? Absolutely nothing. The shooter LEGALLY owned his guns; he had a clearance that allowed him on that base without a search—even to the point where he could carry a “long gun” onto the base. Current gun laws prohibit guns in the hands of personnel on that base (and others) not on duty to have guns, to make sure he would have no opposition when he came in to kill innocent people. He was “certifiably insane,” which means he should not have been ALLOWED on that base, but those laws were IGNORED. Tell me again—what would “Gun laws” have done to stop him? (Daily Caller)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Talk About Overdoing It!

In a Georgia school district (they don’t seem to want to name), they want to introduce (gasp!) “ASSAULT RIFLES” to protect the kids! I predict some of the “liberal heads” in our erstwhile news media will EXPLODE, on the air because they think the very EXISTENCE of a gun kills people. The locals think because of the long, open hallways, an “assault rifle” will do better than the handguns their “resource officers” are using. As usual, they pick the most expensive way possible. It won’t cot them ANYTHING to just allow teachers and other staff who are LICENSED carriers to bring their guns to school, but they’ll never think of that. They think if these people have guns there will be gun fights in the hallways between staff. But they trust their cops implicitly. The trick is, if staff are carrying, a would-be shooter would NOT KNOW if anybody is armed, or who might be. But a uniformed “resource officer” can be “stalked” and killed BEFORE the main shooting begins. Think about it, people. That’s IF the ”authorities” in schools CAN think. (Eagle Rising)

Blame It On Us

The Islamic terrorist group Al-Shebab falsely blames the United States for their actions in killing 67 INNOCENT PEOPLE at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya. How stupid do they think the world is? There is NO justification for wanton murder. Yet that’s what Islamic terrorists do every day. They aren’t good enough to defeat armies, so they go after “soft targets” that can’t fight back. What they need is to run into some people who have their own guns and know how to use them. But that isn’t likely as long as today’s “anti-gun fools” keep making laws that take guns away from individuals and make them unarmed victims of illegally-armed criminals like these. (Truth Out)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Kids Doing What Kids Do

 And they get suspended. It just goes to prove that if you take all the toy guns away from kids, they’ll use their fingers—or something else like a stick You can’t take away their imaginations, no matter how much the stupid “school authorities” want to do so. I read the other day about a school that gave kids a long suspension for playing with toy guns—AT HOME! Every time I wonder just how much more stupid “school authorities” can be, they amaze me with their stupidity AGAIN. From suspending students for making guns out of “Tinker Toys” or their equivalent, to chewing their Pop Tarts into the shape of a gun, they’ll ALWAYS make SOMETHING to represent a gun—just like adult criminals will find a way to get REAL guns whatever the law happens to be if they want to commit a crime. Honest people won’t, so they’ll be “easy targets” for the illegally-armed criminals. (Opposing Views)

Taking In Too Much Territory

Don’t move to the Oakwood Apartments in Castle Rock, Colorado. They have taken to kicking people out if they don’t get rid of any guns they might own. And they answer no questions when the press comes around to ask them about their usurpation of their tenant’s rights. They refuse to answer the door “cowering” behind the door until he leaves, and if a newsperson does get in, they say they “have a policy of not talking to the press.” Isn’t that convenient? Their tenants ought to tell them they “have a policy of telling them to go to hell” and tell them to sit on it. For my part, I would not want to have anything to do with this outfit and if they don’t want my business I would never move in—and I would recommend nobody else do, either—guns or not. What makes them think they have a right to do this, I don’t know. They may have a LEGAL right, but not a MORAL one. Robbers, be sure to do your business here! There are no guns there! At least, that’s what the apartment managers are saying, realize it or not. Update: After all the publicity, the Oakwood Apartments have changed their "policy" and are now allowing guns (Isn't that SPECIAL!). So robbers, must now stay away. (9 News)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

She Helped the Burglar

A burglar was working hard to break into Betty Collins’ home so she opened the door for him and pointed a .357 Magnum into his face. He followed orders quite well then, lying face down and waiting for the cops to show up—eventually. “It is very likely every mother's worst nightmare. To wake up in the middle of the night, having heard a noise just outside the safety of the walls of your home and knowing that you are likely all of the protection you and your children have. A call to the police may work, but how long might it take for them to respond? Five minutes, ten? Even less may be just too long. That is the nightmare that Toledo, Ohio mom, Betty Collins, has had to live through not once… but twice in the last four months. She was ready, both times, and there are now TWO burglars who don’t have to worry about where their next meal is coming from. It will be provided by the state. Cops willingly admit they can’t protect us. All they can do is “write it up” and MAYBE catch the criminal AFTER the crime has been committed and maybe somebody killed. A Mom with a gun can STOP crime—at least to her family. But the “anti-gun fools” aren’t listening. They just want to disarm people like this Mom, saying people doing this is a myth. Who’s right? It’s a “myth” that was very real to two burglars. She helped them see the light. (Eagle Rising)

Are Guns REALLY the Problem?

The “anti-gun fools” say the main problem is curbing gun violence is the gun itself. Not the illegal gun-wielding criminal bent on violence. That’s a fantasy and proves their ignorance. A gun, sitting on a table, without the hand of a criminal on its handle, is a INERT OBJECT and cannot hurt ANYBODY. But they persist in making useless laws that do nothing except take away our right to own and use the means of self-defense, a gun. In a recent case, a Mom twice held off, and captured two burglars with her .357 Magnum, without ever firing a shot. That gun changed the equation of CONTROL from the burglar to this small woman. But they don’t listen. They keep making their insane laws that kill innocent people. The NRA gets blamed for much of the gun violence, but they do more for GUN SAFETY than anything else, while they campaign for the INTELLIGENCE of PROPER gun laws, rather than the ones constantly being made by people who just want to take guns out of the hands of HONEST people. (Walter E. Williams)