Monday, March 31, 2014

CCW Holder Stops Stabbing

CCW HOLDER STOPS STABBING: A man stole a drill from the Home Depot in Roseville (I presume Michigan, they didn’t say) and when security stopped him, he started stabbing them with a possibly contaminated syringe. A man with a concealed carry permit saw this and pulled his gun, stopping the stabbing. He made the attacker “get on the ground,” but the suspect ran when he heard approaching sirens and was apprehended by Roseville cops. This proves yet again my contention that ONE person with his own gun can stop crime and apprehend criminals. This guy did it without firing a shot. (Detroit Free Press)

Whipping Up Business

Leland Yee was a well-known anti-gun fool lawmker in California until he was caught “running guns” to terrorists. What a way to whip up business than to get your product banned to make it easier to sell to criminals WITHOUT the controls put on legal gun sales! And this is a California LAWMAKER doing these things. He’s an elected official in that state, and a TRAITOR to boot, selling guns, and even shoulder-fired MISSILES to Islamic TERRORISTS so they can kill more people with them. Every American (or anybody else) who dies from something he sold is “blood on HIS hands.” How many more are there out there like him who haven’t been caught yet? I think a close look at ALL the anti-gun fools is in order. Especially the ones who themselves carry guns or hire gun-toting bodyguards while denying us he same right. This kind of stuff really raises my bile! “Hasten Jason, bring the basin! Erp, slop, bring the mop!” (Bearing Arms)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

"Environmental Concerns"

 They can’t get rid of gun parts manufacturers by laws against guns, so now they’re trumping up “environmental concerns” to use in closing them down or causing them to have to spend so much money defending themselves againstphony environmental accusations they go out of business. The claim here is “high lead levels” from dealing with once-fired cartridges. Of course, those high levels are only detected in “studies” controlled by the ATF and other government anti-gun fool organizations. Are they going to start raiding private reloaders because THEY also are subject to those high lead levels? How about taking loaded guns away from people to “keep them safe” from lead? These people will do anything, try anything, no matter how much of a stretch it is to get our guns away from us on SOME pretext. (Bearing Arms)

Strange Definition

Apparently this judge just didn’t know what a bullet was. It LOOKED like a bullet—albeit without a shell or powder and thus could not have been fired. It was accompanied by several “tubes” that COULD have been shells capable of being fired by an old muzzle-loader, most of which are LEGAL to own in DC. The prosecution came up with a list of muzzle-loaders that were NOT legal in DC, and the judge judged this man GUILTY, though he did not own ANY of those weapons. Sounds like a judge making his own definition of what is illegal and a definite STRETCH. But this is to be expected with Democrats appointing judges who think the same way THEY do. This has nothing to do with the LAW. It’s ONE MAN’S OPINION. That the man is a judge makes it something that will make another man suffer. (Bearing Arms)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

One More Leaves NY

One more gun maker leaves New York because of their new anti-gun law, the “SAFE Act.” American Tactical Imports has moved to SC. It is the THIRD since they passed the “SAFE Act.” That makes how many jobs New York has lost due to their ignorance? Gun makers will not stay where they can’t even SELL their products. They are now happily in South Carolina where politicians are more intelligent than in New York. And I predict this is just the beginning. Soon there will BE no gun or ammo makers in New York, and all the jobs they took with them will never be replaced. When are politicians going to wake up and understand that their INCOMPETENCE is driving more than gun makers OUT of their states, taking their jobs and tax money with them? (Town Hall)

"Political Gun Grab"

Microstamping, now required in many places, is a “political gun grab” since ammunition cannot be made quick enough to comply with this law. “There is no ‘crime stopping’ benefit to it, nor was that the intention. A microstamp is easy to defeat… but it makes it too expensive for the gun manufacturers to make civilian weapons. Thus you get them backing out of states that require it. That is what the purpose is behind it. Nothing else.” They think we don’t know that. But they don’t really care. It’s working for them. Now the only guns that get sold in California will be BY criminals, TO criminals, out of some criminal’s car trunk. Guns NOBODY can ”control.” (WTF?)

Friday, March 28, 2014

"Retrograde Idiots"

“RETROGRADE IDIOTS”: Writing in the Atlantic, Conor Friedersdorf  “lets the anti-gun cult have both barrels.” Of course, he was using his pen (figuratively), rather than a gun.” After the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, many in the American media insisted that the tragedy should prompt a ‘conversation about gun control.’ These articles were written as if there had never been such a conversation. In fact, the issue had been debated for decades. Given the results, I argued, there was no reason to presume that a new conversation would end in more gun control. That conversation has now come and gone.” The result? More laws to take guns away from honest people and NO action to make it more costly in terms of prison time for criminals who USE guns in the commission of a crime. This is “business as usual” for the “anti-gun fools.” (Bearing Arms)

Does It Reduce Crime?

This article asks the question: “Does the increase in self-defense killings of criminals in Detroit mean a decrease in crime?” It certainly SHOULD. Unless the number of armed criminals coming to Detroit rises significantly, it HAS to. For two reasons: one, there’ll be fewer violent criminals alive; and two, those left alive will find something else to do. That’s only common sense, and the new Detroit Police Chief agrees. Violent crime has gotten so high people are arming themselves in droves. Sometimes their guns are “illegal” under current anti-gun laws, but the criminals aren’t any deader than if they were shot by a “certified” gun. Intelligent politicians will notice this and make laws accordingly. Stupid ones (in the majority, unfortunately) will not, and more honest people will die. (The Blaze)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

"Right-Wing Conspiracy?"

That’s what Democrats will call it because no less than THREE California  (Democrat) legislators have been indicted for corruption. Of course, that doesn’t even include the Charlotte, NC mayor, yet ANOTHER Democrat who has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. We’ve been seeing more and more Democrats caught lately (and even a few Republicans), but mostly Democrats, like Ray Nagin, former New Orleans mayor and a NJ mayor. Then there’s the former San Diego mayor, also a Democrat, and former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. I don’t have room here to mention all of them. I guess the current crop of Democrats aren’t as good at hiding their thievery as the old ones were. Leland Yee, the latest Democrat caught, was a known anti-gun fool. (IJ Review)

I May Move to Idaho

The governor there is smarter than most. His legislature has passed a measure PROHIBITING federal agents from “confiscating” (stealing) guns from Idaho residents and he has signed it. So if you’re a legal gun owner in Idaho, they can’t TOUCH you or state cops will arrest THEM. It was a unanimous vote in both houses. Basically, Idaho is telling Obama’s thugs to “go to hell. Stay out of Idaho!” Alaska and Kansas have similar laws, and I’m sure many other states will follow suit. Now they should go right ahead and pass similar laws banning Obamacare and telling the feds they will be in trouble if they try and enforce it on their citizens. It’s time the states told Obama who IS “in charge.” What part of “shall not infringe” does Obama and his goons not understand? (Breitbart)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It's Like the Constitution Doesn't Exist

NJ legislators apparently didn’t know a nearby mike was on when they discussed their efforts at “gun control. One of them actually said, “We need to make laws to confiscate, confiscate, confiscate their guns.” Another was heard to say, All they want is to have their little guns and do what they want.” How arrogant is that? This is the kind of thinking that seems to be rampant in legislatures AND in Congress today. Which is why we’re in such a fight to KEEP our Constitutional right to self defense and to own the instruments for its accomplishment. These self-absorbed pissants have no idea how STUPID they sound. And we (not me) continue to elect them to office! (The Blaze)

Workbook LIES About 2nd Amendment

A school work-book written by a now retired teacher gives an entirely false description of the Second Amendment. This is the full description: “This amendment states that people have the right to certain weapons, providing that they register them and they have not been in prison. The founding fathers included this amendment to prevent the United States from acting like the British who had tried to take weapons away from the colonists.” First of all, no such restrictions were put upon the right to bear arms in the Constitution.  The Second Amendment is simple to understand and says “the right to keep and bear arms WILL NOT BE INFRINGED.” These restrictions this teacher mentions ARE “infringements.” This is the typical kind of lying done by ALL anti-gun fools in an attempt to inculcate children with their lies. (The Blaze)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What Don't They Understand?

What part of “shall NOT be infringed” don’t anti-gun fools understand? The Constitution couldn’t be clearer about the right to keep and bear arms for the American people. Yet anti-gun fools in both parties continue to attempt to make laws to do just that. “The left believes every gun has a mind of its own and will 'go off' at any moment, because they think that people don't control guns, but guns control people. This is why they want to rid society of them, but will never be able to do so. They speak of guns as if they have souls, a will, and a mind to think. It's a subtle way of putting a gun in the “evil” category and bypassing the fact that evil people do evil things with guns, not the other way around. I can’t believe these people aren’t aware of that prohibition, but they continue to ignore it. What’s WRONG with these people? (Freedom Outpost)

Anti-Gun Fools Go Crazy

One Colorado school is doing something right, and that’s causing  anti-gun fools to foam at the mouth: “The anti-gunners would much rather the public school demagogue guns and tell their kids that guns are dangerous and deadly – instead of actually teaching them something!” They like what most schools are doing: LYING about guns and scaring the kids to death over nothing. They DEMONIZE the guns themselves, instead of the CRIMINALS, who never HAVE legal guns. Thus, schools turn out more and more anti-gun fools like themselves. I’m glad to see at least ONE school doing something right. But it will probably not last. When the “higher-ups” get wind of it, they’ll put a stop to it. (Eagle Rising)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Anti-Gun Groups "Faulted"

Anti-gun groups are being “faulted” in the “faltering” of progress in the appointment of Vivek Murthy to be Surgeon General. “Faulted?” They should be CELEBRATED! This is a man who THINKS gun control is a MEDICAL ISSUE. How stupid can you be? He doesn’t measure up to the Nancy Peelosi standard, but his views still show a stupidity that is breathtaking. Harry Reid (Senate Majority Leader and all around display of ignorance in government) has put a vote on this appointment aside because he couldn’t get support from anti-gun “forces” and others And this is a “bad thing?” What’s WRONG with these people? The Constitution clearly states that the right to “keep and bear arms NOT be infringed.” Yet every day some fool introduces another proposed law to infringe it. Others (like Murthy) try and “get around” that by falsely attributing “the gun problem” to things like medical issues. And Reid wonders why he can’t get universal assistance for his attempts to make unconstitutional laws and appoint people who will help in that. (NY Daily News)

Slowing Down Gun Use

It seems like the anti-gun fools are concentrating on making it impossible to get a gun into action quick enough to deal with an illegally armed criminal, since the Second amendment stops them from just BANNING guns. Everything they suggest slows down response; from trigger locks to gun safes to guns that will not fire until you type in a code in a wrist-watch-like thing while holding the gun close to it, which makes accurate fire impossible. They criticize the NRA and ask why they FEAR that badly designed gun. It’s not about fear, stupid. It’s about COMMON SENSE, which anti-gun fools do not have. Do they really think criminals won't know how to make "non-smart" guns to sell ILLEGALLY? Punish CRIMINALS for USING a gun in the commission of a crime, and stop using such charges as “throwaways” to get convictions in other crimes, and you MIGHT do something about gun violence. But the direction you’re going in now, ISN’T. And never will. Nobody’s AFRAID of “smart guns.” They just KNOW they don’t work. Don’t insult us with that “afraid” talk. (Vocativ) The link shown is to an anti-gun fool site, so don’t take anything you see there seriously.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

"Shameful" Congress

“Connecticut Sens. Chris Murphy (D) and Richard Blumenthal (D) on Thursday said it was “shameful” that Congress hasn’t passed new gun control legislation.” Really? It’s “shameful” that Congress doesn’t pass unconstitutional legislation? Notice these senators are both DEMOCRATS. The Democrat Party is well known for their members trying to make UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws. Which are ILLEGAL laws, and therefore, do not exist. If the Constitution had laid on a PENALTY for making unconstitutional laws, as it should have, these politicians would now be among the jobless, at least. Maybe in PRISON.  (Minuteman News)

NJ House Passes Gun BAN

Apparently the Constitution mans nothing to this body. It says, “the right to posses arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.” Yet they plainly passed a law to INFRINGE that right for New Jersey residents. This entire House DEMOCRAT body needs to be REMOVED, for cause. But will they? Probably not. Only DEMOCRATS voted for this measure, The NJ Senate still needs to be heard from on the issue. Will they reject this UNCONSTITUTIONAL law? Probably not, if there are enough Democrats, plus enough Republican FOOLS there. That’s because there is NO PENALTY for legislators who pass KNOWN unconstitutional laws. That’s a failing of the Constitution, in that it did not PROVIDE such a penalty. There should have been such a penalty BUILT IN to the Constitution, automatically REMOVING such people on PROOF being provided the measure they passed is unconstitutional (AmmoLand)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Teen Uses Pepper Spray

A 14-year-old girl was walking on Fillmore St. near 30th in Denver when a man grabbed her arm and said, “Let’s go to my house.” So she shot him with her pepper spray and he let go and ran. If you see a black man with an orange stain on his face in the Denver area, call the cops. I wish I could report this more often, but unfortunately, the liberal media doesn’t think personal defense without a gun is newsworthy so they don’t report it. This report is on a LOCAL television news station, but I predict it will NOT be picked up by the national media. The local media calls it "Mace," but that just shows their ignorance. Like calling a Pepsi "some kind of coke." (The Denver Channel)

About Gun Control

What the hell’s so important for the government to know who has the guns, how many they have, and what kind? Pro-gun people say it’s because the government wants to one day confiscate all our guns. Anti-gun fools say that’s just paranoia. But is it? It’s not paranoia when  people really DO want to hurt you. How do you tell the difference? When they HURT you, and then it’s too late. You have to be paranoid enough to do things to be ready when somebody comes to hurt you. “Plan for the worst and you'll be ready.” You have to FIGHT every effort to make you vulnerable. The thing is, it’s NOT “just paranoia.” History shows it to be a LOGICAL fear. Gun banners say “It can’t happen here.” Buy it already HAS “happened here.” During Hurricane Katrina, cops used the lists of gun owners THEY had to go to people’s homes and CONFISCATE their guns. They make gun laws that are so vague that ANY kind of a gun can be DEFINED as an “assault weapon,” (which seems to be their “target weapon”), so all they have to do is get a law passed to confiscate “assault weapons,” then DEFINE every gun as an “assault weapon,” then go out and steal them. Personally, I think the whole “gun-safety law” thing is a scam to give the cops “probable cause” to come into our homes without warrants and search. They already know who have the guns; they had to tell them when they were bought (except for the illegal guns criminals buy out of the trunks of other criminals’ cars). What do they NEED “registration” for? What’s the big deal over gun registration? Crooks don't register guns, anyway. It’s just a scam. (Santa Clarita Valley Signal)

Friday, March 21, 2014

"The People Approve Gun Control"

That’s what Ovomit says, completely ignoring the fact that a MAJORITY of states have made laws that are lot looser than he wants and he can't seem to get most of his anti-gun laws passed by Congress. In California, the state with some of the tightest “gun control” laws anywhere, as the result of a recent law, is SWAMPED with applications for concealed carry permits. The Sheriff in Orange Country has so many applications people are being told it may be YEARS before their applications can be processed. If so many people approve of gun control, why are so many of them applying for carry permits, just in California? Many sheriffs are waiting for the inevitable appeal, but Orange County is trying to process the ones they receive as quickly as possible. But YEARS waiting tells me their SYSTEM is way too cumbersome and inefficient. (Bearing Arms)

Ovomit's War on the Constitution

I don’t know how he does it, but he seems to be getting a “knee-jerk response” from “authorities, everywhere. In this particular situation, “A High School student at Grand Island High School in upstate New York was recently suspended from school. His crime? Refusing to turn his t-shirt inside out. What offensive images, words or themes appeared on the shirt that were so reprehensible as to deserve a suspension? On the front of the shirt was the NRA logo, and on the back, a crest that said ‘The 2nd Amendment; Shall Not Be Infringed.’ Wow. That kid is one angry, rebellious child. Can you imagine supporting our national constitution while at school? Inconceivable! (Eagle Rising) this is really something to be expected with the liberal influence on what these “administrators” learned when they, themselves were children in school. This must stop, before we “do ourselves in” and, like Nikita Kruschev (Soviet dictator for those uninformed), said, “fall into their hands like a ripe plum.” (Eagle Rising)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

"No Guns Allowed!"

That’s a sign posted on the door of one pub in South Carolina (do they even SAY “pub” in SC?) It goes on to say, “If you’re such a loser that you need to carry a gun with you wherever you go out, I don’t want your business, douchebag.” Okay; you won’t get my business. Any time. Nor will you get the business of any other gun owner. We’ll take it elsewhere, where they are INTELLIGENT. The owner is already “backpedaling” after the backlash he has gotten. He apparently now realizes he has angered MOST of his customers, now and forever. I would not go there, EVER, even if he completely reverses himself. He’s  a FOOL and I wouldn’t do business with such a fool, any time, anywhere. Sorry about that. (The Blaze)

They Burned the Forms

In Saratoga, New York, they sent out about a thousand “registration forms” for their citizens to use in registering their guns. Those citizens promptly built a big bonfire, fueled by those forms. They showed them what they thought about being forced to register their guns. The “authorities” promptly said those people were lawbreakers. Good luck on putting them all in jail. I’d have used the forms as a substitute for toilet paper. That’s a better use than that for which they were intended. Citizen rebellion against gun registration is building all over the country, starting in Connecticut. Obama better learn a good lesson from that and the fact that the American Revolution started immediately during a gun confiscation attempt by the British. If that’s what he wants, it’s coming. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Talking Nonsense

“America has the highest death by guns rate per capita in the world…..fact.”  "That comment – left on a YouTube video – shows the ignorance of people not in America, and those in the Oval Office or the California state legislature. It is a persistent talking point of gun ban activists, and is adopted as fact by people predisposed to believe that (as the same fellow continued) “America is a screwed up society that has an unhealthy obsession with all things violent.”  The only problem with that is, it's WRONG. It’s a popular lie told by anti-gun nuts all over, but it IS a lie. Honduras is the gun crime capital of the world, not America. America, by comparison to the rest of the world, is VERY peaceful. “In their famous Harvard Journal of Law paper, Don Kates and Gary Mauser detailed how firearm availability never correlates with gun deaths. Real data simply doesn’t support the alleged “fact” our YouTube troll stated.” But facts never deter anti-gun fanatics. They make up their “facts” as they go along. Crime data from the United Nations shows that America is 40% as high as the top countries. Actually, relatively calm by comparison. (AmmoLand)

Supremes Get Their Orders

New Jersey Attorney General tells the State Supreme Court NOT to hear a “concealed carry” case. Where the hell he gets the idea he can do that, I don’t know. In his brief, he said, “The Second Amendment does not prohibit New Jersey from requiring applicants to demonstrate a justifiable need before granting a permit to publicly carry a handgun,” You’d think an AG would be smarter than that, but he’s apparently not. The Constitution says to ”pass NO LAW inhibiting the right to be armed,” or words to that effect, the “key words” being NO LAW. New Jersey’s requiring a “justifiable need” does that. He claims the State Constitution is not dependent upon the national Constitution, but that’s VERY WRONG. In order to BECOME a state, New Jersey, like all other applicants, had to agree to abide by the American Constitution in all their lawmaking. This does NOT. He should know that. He apparently does not. (New Jersey Herald)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dumping On the Constitution

In Oregon, that’s precisely what they’re doing. They’re not only making unconstitutional laws to define almost ANY kind of a gun as an “assault weapon,” they’re also passing laws to “allow” the “authorities” to “inspect” the guns owned by ANYBODY to make sure they’re “in compliance.” All this WITHOUT a warrant, which TRASHES the Fourth Amendment. So that’s a brown-stained Second, AND Fourth Amendments. These “legislators” MUST be on crack to think they can get away with making such laws. I predict they will ALL be reversed at the first opportunity, as Colorado’s was. (Gun Free Zone)

Crazy With A Gun

Again, my contention that ONE MAN with a gun and the will to use it (in the crowd) can “make the difference” in how many people get killed when an illegally armed crazy starts shooting up a place. In San Antonio, Texas, a man entered a theater and shot one man. Off duty sheriff’s deputy Lisa Castellano saw him with his gun in his hand after hearing shots and shot him. Yes, it was a sheriff’s deputy. But the same applies if it were not. ONE GUN in the hands of a “good guy” cancels out all the BAD things about a “bad guy with an illegal (or legal) gun. But those stupid politicians will never admit it. They will keep making laws to GUARANTEE there won’t be a gun there in the hands of a person who can stop the mayhem. (The Blaze)

Monday, March 17, 2014

ATF Violates the Law

Ares Armor refused to give up its customer list to ATF, so they took it anyway. Earlier, we reported that they left, after being faced with a restraining order, but apparently, they didn’t. Not being able to intimidate the owners with threats, they just TOOK what they wanted, at gunpoint, as thugs usually do. And does anybody expect anything to be done about it? I certainly don’t; not as long as that criminal is in the White House. He probably told them to do it. This is just one example of how Obama's thugs are "running roughshod" over everybody. Obama thinks he's king, and is acting like it. He needs to be stopped. Is ANYBODY willing to do what it takes? (American Overlook)

Somebody "Got To" the Judge

Remember the judge that granted an injunction against the ATF raiding Ares Armor to get their customer list and $300,000.00 worth of inventory? Somebody got to her/him. I don’t know if they paid the judge off or just intimidated him/her, but get to the judge they did. So now the raid and stealing their customer list and all that inventory (which would BREAK me) is “legal.” But that is a worse situation than ATF just “barging in” in spite of the injunction. It shows that all it takes is one judge’s decision to make the illegal legal. And you can bet Obama has taken notice of that. In fact, I think he ENGINEERED it. The tantrum he staged when he heard about the ATF being stopped by an injunction must have been legendary. He can’t get his wishes done in Congress, so he gets it done illegally (made legal by a judge). (Bearing Arms)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Changing Tactics

Anti-gun fools  can’t seem to win in Congress. They’re lost almost completely every time they’ve tried there recently. So they’ve decided to change direction and start “pressuring” corporations to resist guns. As “The Hill” says, “Congress has locked the door so they’re going through the window.” Or words to that effect. Example: Starbucks told gun owners they were welcome to bring their legal guns into their stores, and within days the “anti-gun fools” descended upon them and they “reversed course” and told gun owners to keep their guns away. NO law was passed, just a corporate decision. Then there’s the “corporate decision” from Visa to sever a “partnership” with the NRA. There are going to be many more “corporate decisions” to restrict guns in their sphere of operation. (The Hill)

Ares Armor Shuts ATF Down

Ares Armor, a San Diego company that makes parts for guns legally made at home, refused to give ATF their customer list, so ATF decided to raid them and take it by force, plus $300,000.00 in inventory. But Ares was ready for them and had a restraining order to stop this raid. ATF was forced to leave. How did ATF figure to legally raid them? ATF “decided” (on its own) that plastic parts were illegal while identical parts made of metal were not. Congress and a law were not involved. It was simply a “decision” of the ATF that “made” those parts “illegal.” Obama’s “pen” in action. Upon being met with the court order, ATF tried intimidation, instead, threatening the owner with prosecution “if he was not satisfied.” In the end, ATF was forced to leave without obtaining either the customer list (which would have put all their customers in danger from their government’s violation of the law) or the $300,000.00 in inventory. I don't think they were satisfied. Actually, I think all they really wanted was that list, but the $300,000.00 inventory would have been a bonus they could have used to augment their budget. Sort of letting the victims pay for their victimization. (Town Hall)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Canada Changes Its Mind

Recently, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) suddenly decided to create a bunch of criminals who had committed no crimes when they decided (on their own) to label all Swiss Arms Classic Green carbines and CZ-858 rifles as banned weapons, subject to “confiscation” or the owners would be subject to fines and imprisonment if they refused to “turn them over. In Canada they don’t have a Second Amendment, so the Mounties could do that, without even the bother of making a law. But the “cooler heads” intervened, giving the "victims" amnesty. Amnesty for committing no crime and breaking no law. They say that the amnesty is just a “bandaid,” until a permanent solution could be arranged. (SUN News)

Cops Approving of Armed Citizens

They’re starting to come around. Cops in the street realize that the more honest, reliable, armed citizens there are out there, the better off we all are. Mostly it’s only the police politicians who agree with the “gun-grabbers.” Cops on the street know better. Now even some police politicians are starting to get the idea. “When President Obama makes a pitch for more gun-control laws, he likes to have a phalanx of blue-uniformed police officers behind him. These press conferences are supposed to convince us that law enforcement believes more restrictions on Second Amendment rights makes society safer. But Mr. Obama's visual is a deception, because only a few liberal, big-city police chiefs continue to put politics over public safety.” I’ve been preaching this for years, but nobody in a position of authority has heard. They’re beginning to hear, and that’s a good thing. They may save a few lives that way. That’s probably why many states have now passed real gun control laws instead of those fool laws that only give criminals a steady stream of unarmed victims. (Mississippi Gun News)

Friday, March 14, 2014

They're Gonna Need More Jails

Connecticut and Maryland have both made laws that make CRIMINALS of law-abiding citizens who have done nothing except refuse to abide by a “non-existent,” unconstitutional law (non-existent by order of the Supreme Court. Mabry v. Madison) to register certain types of guns so they’ll know who has guns, how many they have, and what kind, to facilitate gun confiscation later, when they’re ready. But it ain’t agonna work. Way too many honest citizens are rebelling against being made to be criminals at the stroke of a pen and are refusing to comply. Good luck on imprisoning 100,000 to 300,000 people, all at once. Don’t forget what the British learned before the American Revolution: Americans won’t “surrender their guns easily.”  It was attempted gun confiscation that was the DIRECT CAUSE of the fight for independence for America. Do we need yet another revolution? (Freedom Outpost)

What Don't They Understand?

What is there about the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States that liberals, and especially anti-gun fools don’t understand? How clear can it be? “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Simple and direct. Yet the liberals and the gun haters still manage to twist it beyond belief by citing the reference to “militias.” They want you to believe that if you aren’t a MEMBER of an “organized militia,” you don’t have the right to have a gun for self-defense. Never mind that the concept of an “organized militia” wasn’t even known when the  Second Amendment was written (At the time, a "militia" was ALL the people, make and female). Consequently, ANY law made to limit your right to carry and use a gun is not a law at all, in you are not required to obey it. That, according to the Supreme Court, itself (Mabry v. Madison). But they continue to make, and ENFORCE laws (until they're "officially" declared to be unconstitutional) that, according to the Supreme Court, do not exist. And nobody stops them, so they get away with it.. EVERY "gun law" that restricts your right to own, use, and carry a gun does NOT exist! (The Blaze)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

A "Lone Voice"

A lone police chief in California advises people in his county to get and use guns in self-defense because his people cannot defend them. All they can do is “write up” the incident and dispose of the body or bodies, if any. The Desert Springs police chief, one Dan Bressler, has so stated. I say “lone voice” because he is “at odds” with almost every other cop or politician in California, which is one of the most rabid anti-gun states in the nation. I’m not even sure if state laws will allow what he suggests, even if he does say it. He has a lot of guns displayed on his wall, most of them confiscated from criminals, and many of those stolen; all of them illegally owned, showing just how ineffective California’s anti-gun laws are. (Mississippi Gun News)

Sued Over Michelangelo Statue

Armalite used a photoshopped image of Michelangelo’s “David” in a “tongue-in-cheek” ad recently and earned the wrath of Italy, who apparently think they still own it. But I think the copyright on that image ran out a long time ago. In any case, I think Italy “protests way too much.” Such use of this famous image can only help the Italian vacation and travel industry as people who have never seen this statue travel there to see it. I’ve seen it many times. But I suspect there are many people who have not. I can even remember another ad using it, without showing it’s frontal nudity (showed from the back) with a bunch of people (principally women) studying it closely with amused facial expressions. (Bearing Arms)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Talk About Stupidity!

I’ve heard many stories of stupid school “authorities” who overreact in a “knee-jerk” fashion about ANYTHING connected with guns, but this is about the STUPIDEST I’ve ever seen! A student brought THREE (expended) BULLETS to school; no gun, and no way to cause them to go off even if somebody worked at it. But predictably, the “school officials” went STUPID and panicked, calling the bomb squad while the bomb squad treated it as if it were actually a dangerous situation. There’s no telling the psychological effect on that student, and other students in that school, as the “authorities” showed their stupidity, fostered by over reaching anti-gun fools who are deathly afraid of guns and anything connected with them. One school “official” was heard to say, “I wouldn’t want my kids around it!” Another said, “I just wanted it out of the building,” as if that bullet, by itself, was going to blow the school to smithereens. These statements are "declarations of stupidity" by those school "officials." What the kid brought to school were several chunks of inert metal that can be bought for $3.99 apiece. The blue color indicates they are NOT explosive rounds, and some of the “responders,” who were ex-military,” should have known that. But apparently did not. Frankly, I don’t know if I would trust such members of the military around ANY kind of munitions. Those bullets would not be dangerous unless the kids threw them at one another. (Bearing Arms)

Cops ? Or Army?

Posse Comitatus bans the use of the military against America’s citizens. Nor its use as a “policing agency.” So Obama is quickly outfitting the American police like an army. When you see them coming, it LOOKS like the army, but is not DEFINED that way. Check out the picture above. Does that look like cops? Or an invading army? What’s Obama preparing for? Is this our coming SS (Secret Police/Thug Brigade/Jack-Booted Thugs)?” (Just common sense)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Preaching Your Message

That’s how a president gets more “ink” about his favorite subject. Hire more and more people you KNOW agree with you. So now Obama has hired a Surgeon General who thinks “gun control” is a “health issue,” even though it isn’t. Now this known Obama disciple can go out and lie to the nation with the US Government firmly behind him. This guy was a member of the “Doctors for Obama” and was president and founder of the later-named organization “Doctors for America,” that was an outgrowth of this organization. This article doesn’t say it, but I’d bet he and his organization have given much money to Obama efforts. He has certainly APPROVED of all Obama’s liberal/socialist policies. (Town Hall)

Gun-Hating Cop Suspended

Remember that Conn. Cop who told a war hero “He’d give his left nut to kick down your door and take your guns?” He’s been suspended (as he should be), but not before he “spilled the beans” on the PURPOSE of registering guns. It is so the government will KNOW where the guns are, who has them, how many and what kind they have when “confiscating time” comes, as it surely will when they’re ready. It has always amazed me that there are always people like this cop within law-enforcement organizations, who are not only willing, but are ANXIOUS to violate the law when their bosses tell them to. Similar people were in the SS in Nazi Germany. But there will always be SOME people with that kind of mindset, ready to do the bidding of tyrants. (Freedom Outpost)

Monday, March 10, 2014

Many Changes

In 1998, a majority of Americans were convinced that we needed more anti-gun laws. The majority of “scholarship” on the subject of guns seems to have been written by the anti-gun fools. They taught, and most believed the CRAP that ONLY members of an ORGANIZED militia should be able to own guns, when the existence of an “organized militia” was unknown at the time of the writing of the constitution. But then came a “wave of true scholarship” to the contrary, teaching that all they had “learned” before was a lie. Now  a majority of states have laws that are much more friendly to gun owners (with certain exceptions like Connecticut and New York, which are full of liberals, most of whom are anti-gun fools). We’re WINNING, folks! Even though we still have a long way to go. (Daily Record)

Facebook Caves to Gun-Haters

They have announced new policies with regard to sites advocating “gun rights” and promoting gun sales. And they're treating guns like porno. “The changes, which also apply to Facebook-owned Instagram, include new age limits for posts or pages promoting private sales of restricted items like firearms, alcohol or adult products [porno -RT]. There's new policy language with an emphasis on knowing and following laws related to regulated items like firearms [and porno -RT] and keeping them away from kids. There will be educational messages sent to users who promote the sale of guns and those seeking them out.” It’s a thinly veiled effort to intimidate people who believe the Second Amendment TRUMPS all anti-gun laws. It will LOSE Facebook many users, and I will be one of the first, the very first time their new rules affect me. (Freedom Outpost)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Not So Smart Cop

Remember the war hero who told the Conn. Legislature he “would not comply” with their insane, unconstitutional gun laws? Apparently one cop took offense to that, and told him, “I can’t wait to get the order to kick in your door.” That tells me that cop isn’t too bright. He knows the law he’s talking about is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, and thus is NO LAW AT ALL and nobody is required to obey it, based on the Supreme Court, itself (Marbry v. Madison). Kicking in this guy’s door might be the last thing he ever does when a polite knock on that door might leave him alive. And that’s the whole point of the Second Amendment; defense from corrupt “authorities” who are enforcing non-existent, illegal laws. One legislator, David Yaccarino, displayed significant IGORANCE about the Constitution when he told Cinque that the “Second Amendment was written so the colonists could attack the British” when the Second Amendment was not even written UNTIL after THE American Revolution was OVER. (Freedom Outpost)

207 Anti-Gun Laws in Congress

That’s way too many, and it illustrates the “wild abandon” of anti-gun fools making laws all over the place with no knowledge of whether or not they will actually DO anything to reduce gun violence. Nor do they care. “In the current 2013-2014 congressional session there has been 207 laws proposed related to firearms.  The vast majority of these bills will never see the light of day and were introduced as nothing more than a political move by the sponsor.  But unless we watch carefully, a bill that seem to have no chance of passing can unexpectedly become law.” It really goes to show the complete “out of control” nature of gun haters. They don’t care what the law says, if it limits our right to have and use the means to self-defense, a gun. They don’t really care about gun violence, they just want to ban guns any way they can. (Mississippi Gun News)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

"Misinformation," Misinformation

“Moms Against Guns” put out misinformation when they accused Wayne LaPierre, perennial Vice President of the NRA, of “misinformation:” in his speech before CPAC where he said, “There’s nothing more noble than protecting your children with your own gun” or words to that effect. That is NOT “misinformation,” it’s simply a DIFFERENCE OF OPINION. But, to them, it IS “misinformation.” There IS nothing more noble than protecting your children, with or without a gun. That’s a FACT. But one with which they violently disagree while they make their useless gun laws that do NOTHING to reduce gun violence because they target GUNS, not the people USING them. (Gun-Free Zone)

Finally! A Smart Cop!

The chief of police in Detroit has a message for armed crooks. Use a gun, you May get shot! He says he approves of citizens defending themselves with guns, if necessary, He said, “If you are confronted with an immediate threat to your safety, you’re not going to have time to dial 911,” Craig said. “It becomes an issue of, the threat is here, I have to respond to the threat.” What that means is, he ADMITS the cops won’t get there in time to defend you and you’re going to have to do it yourself, and he is not going to let his officers charge YOU with a crime afterward. He told Detroit criminals two things: One, we are going to “hunt you down” when you commit a crime; and two, you just might get killed by an armed Detroiter and we will approve. Don’t look for us to charge the innocent person with a crime when you get hurt committing one. (The Blaze)

Friday, March 7, 2014

"Killing Zones"

“Gun-Free Zones” are “Killing Zones.” They tell the “bad guys” there will probably not be any unexpected guns there to oppose them, so they can come in and start killing any time without fear—unless they stay there too long until those pesky cops can finally get there and shoot them. “They are fantasy-lands where we draw imaginary circles around ourselves and around our children, and we pretend that the violent criminal and the criminally insane cannot get in to hurt us.” That’s just what they are: “fantasy lands” where we’re supposed to be safe, but aren’t. More people, more kids, have been killed in “no-gun zones” than anywhere else. But they continue to establish them, in spite of the facts. They ridicule us for pointing these facts out. Meanwhile, people who think they’re safe, DIE. Smart criminals don’t go to gun stores to do their dirty work. ONE did, in Indianapolis, and would up looking like a piece of Swiss cheese, as everybody in the store got a bullet in him. Others take a tip from that, and go to “gun-free zones” to do their killing. (Examiner)

Governor Heckled

Gov. Donell Malloy (D-CT) said, at a meeting in Milford, CT, “We have this thing called the Constitution, which makes it difficult to do some of the things you want.” Immediately a female voice rang out, saying, “Then why don’t you read it?” This is the governor who recently signed into law an unconstitutional bill forcing people to register certain firearms. Maybe he DOES need to READ the constitution some time. Then he’ll know what law he CAN’T pass because, being unconstitutional, they don’t exist, need not be enforced, and need not be obeyed. (Marbry v. Madison) By no less an authority than the Supreme Court. Of course, as liberals do, he ignored the taunt and “rolled right on” with his remarks. (The Blaze)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Guns Aren't Evil

Until an evil person aims it and pulls the trigger. This spoof sets out to PROVE that guns, in and of themselves, are harmless until somebody picks it up and pulls the trigger. As if that NEEDED to be proven. Without a person holding it, it can’t even defend itself.  But try and convince anti-gun fools of this. Most of them have an IRRATIONAL fear of guns. All they want to do is “get rid of guns” without even considering that this is an IMPOSSIBLE GOAL. Yes, they might get some laws made to do that, but they’ll never accomplish it. Like the “poor,” there will ALWAYS be guns in existence. Illegal gun sellers will continue to sell their wares in back alleys out of the trunks of their cars, and will do a “land-office business” everywhere anti-gun laws are the most strict. (YouTube)

They Can't do It By Law...

So they resort to illegal pressure. Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” and “Moms Demand Acton for Gun Sense” (They always make it sound good, don’t they?) have joined forces to put pressure on Facebook and other social networking sites to eliminate “gun talk.” They can’t do it by law, so they put all the “roadblocks” in the way of lawful gun owners as they can. But nothing they do does ANYTHING to stop CRIMINALS from getting their guns in the back alleys. They do NOTHING to punish USAGE of guns in the commission of a crime by adding punishment for using a gun. There ARE laws on the books now they could use, but they’re usually used as “throwaways” to get convictions on other crimes. These laws need to be prosecuted fully and impediments to ownership of guns by honest people should be removed. (Personal Liberty Digest)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Unconstitutional Efforts

Liberals (on both sides) continue to make unconstitutional laws to prevent honest, responsible people from having the means to self-defense against ILLEGALLY armed criminals. Some people say they’re just stupid. I don’t believe it. They know most of their laws are unconstitutional, but they think they can “sneak it by” the Supreme Court, or enforce it on unsuspecting people UNTIL it is DECLARED unconstitutional. Otherwise, they pass laws that make guns useless. Banning certain ammo is one way. Another is banning high capacity magazines; or forcing people to put their guns in “hard to open quickly” gun safes, making them useless for self-defense against a criminal, who already has his illegal gun in his hand. They do their best to “get around” the Constitution. I keep saying this, and people keep ignoring it. (Just common sense)

"I Will NOT Comply!"

John S. Cinque, a “fed-up Navy veteran,” told lawmakers, “I will not comply” with your silly gun laws. He asked them if those laws would have done ANYTHING to stop the killings at the Sandy Hook school. And after a lot of hemming and hawing, one legislator, Connecticut State Rep. David Yaccarino (a REPUBLICAN, no less) answered, “Probably not.” Then Yaccarino went on to say, “We have an obligation to do our best to protect public safety.” Which caused Cinque to “go off” on them, saying, “I’m a 30-year public servant, 20-year career fireman, OK? United States Navy veteran, upstanding citizen all my life, three children — and with the stroke of a pen from the ivory tower with the gold top, you’ve decided to create me to be a felon. A class D felony for doing absolutely nothing wrong.” For which he got a standing ovation. They freely admitted their laws would DO NOTHING to stop such as Sandy hook, and then insist that they “have an obligation to do our best to protect public safety.”  So why don’t they DO that, instead of making laws they KNOW would not help? But then preaching truth to anti-gun fanatics falls on “deaf ears.” (The Blaze)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Useless Law

The Brady Law, named for Reagan’s Press Secretary who was wounded in the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan, has been completely useless as a means to reduce gun violence. They CLAIM that their law prevented 2 million legal gun sales, one million of which are supposed to be felons. But that's an exaggeration and also ignores the several million ILLEGAL gun sales made by criminals to criminals in alleys, with illegal guns sold out of the trunks of their cars at inflated prices. These people continually ignore these factors and think LEGAL gun sales are all that count. Criminals usually don’t get their guns from legal sources. They seek out these “back alley” gun sellers who don’t require adherence to any law and buy there. Otherwise, they simply STEAL their guns. Therefore, laws such as the :”Brady Law” do NOTHING to reduce violent crime. But anti-gun fools ignore that, even though they know it. (Investor’s Business Daily)

The "Commerce Clause Swindle"

The feds have always wanted to convince the people that the “commerce clause” to the Constitution allowed federal law to trump state and local laws. It does NOT. It merely allows the feds to control what happens BETWEEN states. Not entirely WITHIN a state. In addition, the Constitution clearly states that state laws trump federal laws in ALL cases. They try to obfuscate the issue, but nothing could be clearer. In N. Dakota there is a “nullification law” that stops them from ANY action regarding controlling guns made WITHIN the state and USED within the state under the “commerce clause.” Other state have made similar laws stopping them from interference in state’s business in this and other areas, such as the light bulb freedom act, the whiskey freedom act, the tobacco freedom act, the healthcare freedom act, and others. Inspired by the MFFA (Montana Firearms Freedom Act), the U.S. is now alive with ‘nullification’ efforts at the state level – state efforts telling the federal government to back off,” he said. I’d have used a different word than “back,:” but you get the idea. The feds need to “bug off” and stay out of state business. The states CREATED the feds. The states RULE. The feds hate that and try to scotch it at every turn. The “Supremes” usually help them, and by so doing violate the very instrument they were created (by that instrument) to protect. (World Net Daily)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Mass Killing In Communist China

You can’t get a legal gun in communist China, but terrorists killed 27 people—with knives before the cops shot them down. Which just goes to prove you don’t need a gun to kill a lot of people while the cops are COMING. Do you think if just one of these people or one who was just there had a gun that the results would be different? As in all cases, the “bad guys were able to kill a LOT of people before the cops could even GET there. And that’s true here, as well as there. But don’t try and convince the anti-gun fanatics of that. They have a way of “tuning you out” when you try and tell them truth. They’d rather pursue their illogical gun laws than do anything REAL about gun violence. (The Blaze)

Gun Registration Leads to Confiscation

Registering your guns gives the government a ready LIST of people who own guns, how many, and what kind. All the easier for them to STEAL (confiscate) them when they’re ready. They’re already using every excuse known to man to “confiscate” (steal) people’s guns at every opportunity. The movie, “Red Dawn” highlighted the fact that keeping lists of gun owners made it easy to find the guns and take them away. Which is why our government is working so hard to GET such a list. On Oct. 12th, 2010, Paul Wojdan’s wife, was stopped for speeding. They arrested him because there was a gun in the car. A LEGAL gun and he had a “carry permit” that listed SIX guns he had at home. They went to his home (all this WITHOUT a warrant) and confiscated ALL of them. They arrested him for having too many bullets in his magazine, using a law that had previously been declared unconstitutional, and thus did not exist (according to no less than the Supreme Court itself in one of its decisions). “Anything passed as law in obvious violation of the US Constitution is not law, but is void.” (Marbury v. Madison) He was judged innocent on that charge by the court, but the cops KEPT his guns. He’s still trying to get them back, 2 years later. The law requiring you to register your guns IS unconstitutional and immoral. (The Daily Dose)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

"Laws for Thee But Not for Me"

"Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others ("Animal Farm")." California makes many laws to limit gun ownership for its citizens; but those laws do not apply to cops and politicians. One of the most notorious (armed) anti-gun senators, FORMER San Francisco mayor Diane Feinstein, who is best known for waving an automatic weapon around in a crowded meeting with her finger on the trigger, doesn’t want ANY of her constituents to have the right to the means of self-defense, although she reserves that right for herself. Stories are rife about well-known anti-gun fools who have used their own guns in self-defense. Some are politicians (those who carry their own guns rather than hire security guards to carry their guns for them), and others are pundits who preach “gun control” for the masses, but not for themselves. They’re “special.” (Ammo Land)

Fear of Guns

I’ve known many people that are simply “afraid of guns.” This is an illogical fear of an inanimate object that is only dangerous when in the hands of dangerous people. There isn’t much to be written about fear of guns except to say “it’s all in your head.” If your mind “feeds” the idea that guns are “scary” and themselves to be feared, you will fear them. But if you learn more about them you’ll see they are, like fire, only dangerous if mishandled or misused. If properly handled and used, they can be a strong force for good and can keep you alive. Never fear them. Only fear the fools who misuse them. (Natalie Foster)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

We're Becoming A "Concealed Carry" Country

Politicians have begun to realize that their position on depriving Americans of the right to self-defense and the right to own and carry the means to that defense, a gun, is not the best way for them to go. In Colorado alone, THREE legislators have lost their jobs directly because of their stance on gun control (two were recalled, and the third resigned in the face of yet another recall). Other politicians all over the nation have been defeated in their most recent elections by pro-gun candidates. Illinois just sent out 5,000 “carry permits” due to a change in their own laws. Anti-gun fool predictions of “gun fights” over traffic altercations have not happened, but they still predict it. At the same time, violent crime rates in most places with better gun laws have gone down significantly, something anti-gun fools deny. But the mainstream media, which would have happily published reports of violent crime rising as a result of “looser” gun laws, have not done so. Responsible people ARE responsible, even if (especially if) they’re armed. As Robert Heinlein said on one of his many books, “An armed society is a polite society.” (Washington Examiner)

Yet Another School Shooting

Every school in the land is a “gun-free zone.” Which means it’s illegal to bring a gun into the school, at any time, unless you are a policeman. But crazies who shoot up schools don’t care about the law. They don’t obey laws that say they can’t take a gun into that school. I predict that the “anti-gun Nazis” will demand even more restrictive anti-gun laws as a result of the shooting on February 23, 2010 at the Jefferson County, Colorado middle school in Colorado, even though such laws NEVER do anything to stop such people from shooting up a school and, in fact, make such shootings even more possible and likely by assuring the shooter there will be nobody there armed and willing to stop them. There has never been a shooing at a gun show because a potential shooter KNOWS there are guns and people willing to use them in self defense there. A uniformed, armed policeman won’t work because they KNOW he is armed and can take him out first, before anybody is ready.

I’m not suggesting they let the students be armed. I AM suggesting that teachers and staff who have a concealed carry permit be allowed to carry their guns into the school specifically so a potential shooter cannot be sure there will be no one there to stop their rampages. And I suggest those teachers and staff be ENCOURAGED to get a gun and a carry permit so there WILL be someone there who can protect these defenseless students. The same holds true elsewhere. ANYBODY who can qualify for a carry permit should be allowed to carry his gun into what is now a no-gun zone. That way, illegally armed criminals cannot ever be SURE they can shoot people at will with nobody able to defend themselves. Anti-gun laws just do NOT work, so why do we continue to make more and more, every time somebody shoots someone with an illegal gun? (Fox News)